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Members of the Royal [Newfoundland] Artillery
Surname Listing - J

Date of Death
970469 JACKMAN Arthur Redmond  
971414 JACKMAN Michael John  
971841 JACKMAN Valentine James  
949881 JACKSON Philip  
970763 JACKSON Rupert  
1158050 JACKSON Wallace  
970316 JACOBS Clarence Leslie  
1158049 JACOBS Kenneth Llewellyn  
1158302 JAMES Patrick Clifford  
971919 JANES Allan  
970557 JANES Clemeth  
971649 JANES Dermot  
970485 JANES Edward Alexander  
971391 JANES Eugene LeRoy  
971021 JANES Gordon Winston  
1158053 JANES Joseph Wallace  
1158051 JANES Robert Arthur  
971519 JANES Stephen George  
971520 JANES Stephen William  
970722 JANES William  
970494 JANES William Cyril  
1158052 JANES William George  
970561 JARDINE Clifford  
970144 JARDINE Dermot McCourt  
970324 JARDINE William Thorburn  
970079 JEANS Harold John  
971332 JENKINS Alfred Edward  
970946 JENNINGS Thomas  
970454 JERRETT Arthur Simon  
971461 JERRETT Charles Henry William  
1158326 JERRETT David Churchill  
971482 JERRETT Vernon Charles Ruben  
971147 JESSEAU Cecil Albert  
970463 JESSEAU Pius Augustine  
971550 JESSO Hugh  
970474 JEWER Wilson Eli  
971515 JOHN Gregory  
1158166 JOHNSON Allen Edward  
970318 JOHNSON George Francis  
970500 JOHNSON Herbert Miller  
970155 JOHNSON Lawrence Joseph  
970586 JOHNSON Raymond Robert Woodman  
971845 JOHNSON Frederick Harold  
971973 JONES Albert Ralph  
971650 JONES Arthur Lloyd  
1158252 JONES Austin Harold  
971651 JONES John Charles  
980781 JONES Lawrence  
970143 JONES Walter  
971744 JORDAN William Patrick 1955

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