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Members of the Royal [Newfoundland] Artillery
Surname Listing - A

Date of Death
970064 ABBOTT Aiden Alphonsus  
971192 ABBOTT Andrew Wilson  
971189 ABBOTT Edmund  
970762 ABBOTT Robert John  
971013 ABBOTT Ronald  
1075438 ABBOTT Naboth  
971703 ABBOTT Wilfred  
970419 ADAMS Charles Roberts  
1158299 ADAMS Douglas George  
971544 ADAMS Henley  
970437 ADAMS James Augustus  
970764 ADAMS Joseph James  
971284 ADAMS Michael Alphonsus  
1158202 ADAMS Wallace Melville  
970137 ADAMS William Charles  
1158003 ALCOCK John Carl  
970651 ALDERDICE Harold William  
1158103 ALEXANDER Richard Herbert  
971171 ALEXANDER Samuel Joseph  
1158195 ALLEN George Robert  
971896 AYLWARD Patrick Denis  
970973 AMINSON Gilbert Robert  
971803 ANDERSON Charles Samuel  
970402 ANDERSON Henry Johnson  
970375 ANDERSON John Douglas  
970520 ANDREWS Bertram Frederick  
971603 ANDREWS Frederick Short  
970038 ANDREWS Walter  
970622 ANGEL Stanley Joseph  
970381 ANONSEN Balzer Victor  
971266 ANTHONY Frederick  
971279 ANTHONY George Wesley Mar 4, 2000
970161 ANTHONY Llewellyn  
971570 ANTHONY John Aug 17, 2000
971275 ANTHONY William Henry  
1158203 ANTLE Edgar  
970877 ANSTEY Bertram  
970102 ARMITAGE John Harvey  
970810 ARNS Rudolph Adolph  
971645 ASH Angus  
970199 ASH George Albert  
1158104 ASH Gordon Robert 1992
971607 ASH Melvin Claude  
1158204 AUCOIN Ernest John  
971219 AUSTIN Carroll  
971250 AUSTIN William Augustus  
970189 ASH Victor LeRoy  
971704 ATKINS Frederick George  
970074 AUSTIN Maxwell  
971701 AVERY Newman Joshua  
1158005 AVERY Thomas  
970755 AYLES Stephen  
970723 AYLWARD James Joseph  
13051326 AYLWARD John  
1158205 AYLWARD Stephen  
970747 AYLWARD Thomas  
970288 AYRE Gerald Boyd  
1158006 AYRES Edgar John  
970747 AYLWARD Thomas  
970042 AYRE David Stewart  

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