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Members of the Royal [Newfoundland] Artillery
1st Contingent Africa

970106 Thomas EG Gnr
970343 Thompson AR A/L/Bdr
970241 Thorne F W/SgT
970401 Tilley AJ Gnr
970242 Tilley FV A/L/Sgt
970310 Tobin GB Gnr
970392 Tobin WA W/Sgt
970154 Tooton E W/S/Sgt
970273 Trenchard JT Gnr
970214 Trenchard W A/L/Bdr
971569 Tucker G Gnr
970321 Tucker GC Gnr
970690 Tucker J Gnr
971065 Tulk F Gnr
970073 Vavasour CV A/L/Sgt
970059 Vavasour EG Gnr
971537 Vavasour IG Gnr
970654 Veitch JJ A/L/Sgt
787268 Venables B BSM
970536 Venters W W/BQMS
970384 Vivian A W/Bdr
970066 Wakely G Gnr
970658 [See more] Walker RV Gnr
970120 Wall FB Gnr
970397 Walsh EF Gnr
970159 Walsh F Gnr
970740 Walsh H Gnr
970737 Walsh JJ Gnr
970014 Wheeler ER Gnr
970488 Wheeler WH Gnr
970255 Whelan AJ A/L/Bdr
970585 Whelan J Gnr
970621 Whelan JJ A/L/Sgt
970176 Whelan JP Gnr
970340 Whelan JR Gnr
970141 Whelan RJ Gnr
970395 Whelan WJ Gnr
970590 White AC Gnr
970563 White AR Gnr
970216 White G Gnr
844995 White H Gnr
970589 White HA Gnr
970390 White JR Gnr
970054 White REJ A/L/Bdr
970673 White TJ Gnr
971322 White TJ Gnr
970085 White WA Gnr
970560 White WI Gnr
970211 Williams CB W/Bdr
970053 Williams JH Gnr
970646 Williams HT Gnr
970279 Williams RG Gnr
970666 Wilson WJ Gnr
970672 Wilson W Gnr
970034 Winter JW Gnr
970430 Winslow GP Gnr
970526 Windsor JH A/Sgt
971321 Wiseman U Gnr
971724 Woodford WJ Gnr
970367 Woodford AJ Gnr
970019 Woolridge FV Gnr
970092 Young A Gnr
970359 Young GJ Gnr
970378 Young RC Gnr

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