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This is another from the First World War.
It is in a scrapbook where my grandmother saved
various interesting articles that I have been glad to share.
The author is unknown to me.
Maurice Charette


Shout loud the praise of Newfoundland,
Our gallant voluteers.
We hail our fellow-countrymen
With loud and hearty cheers.
For in the drive they played their part,
And proved what they could do,
And lost their lives to save the flag,
The old Red, White and Blue.

The gallant sons of Newfoundland,
That day they showed their might,
Our regiment full eight-hundred strong,
Were foremost in the fight.
While some lay wounded on the field,
And more brave lads lay dead,
The fearless youths of Newfoundland,
Did boldly forge ahead.

They marched up to the German lines,
While shot and shell did fly,
And many a brave young volunteer
Gave up his life to die.
But yet undaunted they pushed on,
Up nearer to the foe,
To find them well prepared that day,
To lay our regiment low.

No soldier flinched, not one dropped out,
For none they seemed afraid,
They showed the manly courage,
Of the famous Light Brigade.
Their praise is now on every lip,
For such an heroic stand--
The first brave corps to head the crowd,--
The boys from Newfoundland.

But sad to say, some fine young lads,
Who left their native shore,
In manhood's prime, in health and strength,
Will see their homes no more.
For in that drive they lost their lives,
Up to the cannon's mouth--
"Push on, push on," their dying words,
We hear those heroes shout.

Now resting far from home and friends,
Our brave young warriors lay,
Who lost their lives to save the flag,
Upon that fatal day.
We know they'll see that heavenly land,
That bright and happy shore,
Where all is peace and happiness,
And sorrows are no more.

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