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Captain J. Clift Military Cross
Second Lieutenant J. Mifflin Military Cross
Private T. A. Pittman Distinguished Conduct Medal
Sergeant E. Gulliksen Distinguished Conduct Medal
C.Q.M.S. W. Haynes Distinguished Conduct Medal
Lance-Corporal M. Brazil Military Medal
Sergeant C. Curnew Military Medal
Private F. Bendell Military Medal
Lance-Corporal P. Sullivan Military Medal
Private W. R. Saunders Military Medal
Private N. Yetman Military Medal
Private H. Snow Military Medal
Private S. White Military Medal
Private G. Thomas Military Medal
Private J. Gosse Military Medal
Sergeant D. Burge Military Medal
Lance-Corporal J.G.W. Hagen Bar to Military Cross

Captain J. Frost Military Cross
Second Lieutenant H. Williamson Military Cross
Major H. Windeler Military Cross
Second Lieutenant A. E. Taylor Bar to Military Cross
Sergeant A. S. Rose Distinguished Conduct Medal
Segeant E. Stanford Distinguished Conduct Medal
Private J. H. O'Quinn Distinguished Conduct Medal
Private R. Powers Distinguished Conduct Medal
Sergeant G. L. Greene Military Medal
Corporal W. Joy Military Medal
Lance-Corporal J. O'Rourke Military Medal
Lance-Corporal W.J. Woolfrey Military Medal
Private J. Murphy Military Medal
Private J. E. Mooney Military Medal
Private M. Walsh Military Medal
Private R. B. Reid Military Medal
Private W. Gough Military Medal
Private A. Lee Military Medal
Private J. Clarke Military Medal
Private A. Adams Bar to Military Medal
Private G. Mullett Bar to Military Medal

Page Eighty-Seven
Private T. Ricketts Victoria Cross
Lieutenant A. S. Newman Military Cross
Lieutenant F. A. Hopson Military Cross
Lieutenant G. Hicks Bar to Military Cross
Corporal C. Carter Distinguished Conduct Medal
Lance-Corporal M. Brazil Distinguished Conduct Medal
Private W. Anthony Distinguished Conduct Medal
Private S. Greenslade Distinguished Conduct Medal
Private T. Corbin Distinguished Conduct Medal
Corporal A. Whelan Distinguished Conduct Medal
Lance-Corporal H. Gardner Military Medal
Private R. Powers Military Medal
Private D. Curtis Military Medal
Corporal P. C. Mew Military Medal
Private A. Smith Military Medal
Private H. Trask Military Medal
Private E. O'Brien Military Medal
Private W. P. King Military Medal
Private M. Power Military Medal
Sergeant E. Aitken Bar to Military Medal

Page Eighty-Eight 

Page Eighty-Nine 

Page Ninety


There lies a land in the west and north
Whither the bravest men went forth,
And daunted not by fog or ice
They came at last to a Paradise.
Full two thousand miles it lay
Washed by a sea of English grey;
And they called it Newfoundland at sight,
It's rather the land of Heart's Delight.

I have seen the Mediterranean's blue
Lazily lapping the southern shores,
And groves where the orange blossoms grow,
And the cypress shading cathedral doors.
I have seen the moon in the desert place
Flooding the pyramid's stony face,
And crowned by the banks of the sacred Nile,
Pharoahs, carved in an ancient style;
All I have loved and known.
But on moonlight nights, in the land I love,
I have slept with the stars and trees above,
By a big log fire that sputters and creeks,
And a river that sobs itself to sleep,
And perhaps with frightened eyes that blink
The timid deer comes down to drink;
These I have loved and known.

Page Ninety-One 

I have seen sweet places in foreign lands,
Gardens tended by cunning hands,
Houses old as the hills in fame,
Bearing the weight of a noble name;
All I have seen and known.
But Nature gardens the land I choose,
And gives her names such as lovers use;
Fortune Bay-was the fortune Love?
Conception-borrowed from Heaven above;
Breakheart Point-what a world of woe-
A maiden watching her lover go.
Heart's Content-here they came at last,
When the toil and grief of their life was past;
These I have loved and known.

There lies a land in the west and north
Whither the bravest men went forth;
And daunted not by fog nor ice
They came at last to a Paradise.
A land to be won by the men who durst,
No wonder the British chose it first,
And they called it Newfoundland at sight,
It's rather the land of Heart's Delight.

Page Ninety-Two

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