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WWI US Civilian Draft Registrations of those born in Newfoundland.

Contributed by Joanne Connors


United States. Selective Service System. Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918.
National Archives Microfilm Publications: M1509, Washington,D.C.
National Archives and Records Administration, 1987-88.

SurnameGiven NamesBirth DateBirth PlaceCity/County/State
AbbottAlbert John28 Sep 1884Citizen of NewfoundlandLynn #3 MA
AbbottHoratio16 Aug 1882Citizen of NewfoundlandMarboro MA
AbbottJames22 Jun 1880Citizen of NewfoundlandCharlestown MA
AbbottMoses05 Oct 1886Pools Island, NewfoundlandPenobscot #1 ME
AbbottOscar19 Oct 1886Citizen of NewfoundlandLawrence #1 MA
AbbottRobert22 Jul 1888Bonavista, NewfoundlandSuperior #1 WI
AbbottThomas15 Nov 1876Citizen of NewfoundlandNYC Long Island #179 NY
AbbottWalter30 Jan 1888Bonavista, NewfoundlandCambridge #2 MA
AckermanHarry08 Sep 1894NewfoundlandQuincy MA
AdamsJames Ivany20 Jul 1900NewfoundlandNYC Brooklyn #48 NY
AdamsKenneth22 Jan 1890St. John's, NewfoundlandChicago #27 IL
AdamsLewis Mundy31 Dec 1876Citizen of NewfoundlandSomerville #2 MA
AdamsPatrick Joseph04 Jun 1886Dad lives in NewfoundlandKenosha City WI
AdeyWilliam James08 Sep 1886Fosters Point NewfoundlandCambridge #2 MA
AndersonErnest W21 Apr 1888NewfoundlandWashington VT
AndersonJohn Murray20 Sep 1886St. John's, NewfoundlandNYC Manhattan #159
AntleJames Young04 Nov 1892Carbonear, NewfoundlandCaledonia VT
AyersSimeon George03 Nov 1885Citizen of NewfoundlandSeattle #2 WA
AyresJohn09 Jan 1890St. John's, NewfoundlandNYC Brooklyn #40 NY
AylwardStephen26 May 1892St. John's, NewfoundlandNYC manhattan #91 NY
AylwardWilliam17 Jun 1886NewfoundlandNYC Manhattan #91 NY
BabcockJohn30 Nov 1883Citizen of NewfoundlandNYC Queens #173 NY
BabcockThomas25 Oct 1876NewfoundlandSeattle #12 WA
BarnesLuther14 Aug 1893?mity, NewfoundlandKetchikan AK
Besaw?William08 Oct 1873Citizen of NewfoundlandHaakon SD
BolgerDavid08 Oct 1889St. John's, NewfoundlandIditarod AK
BraggHarry18 Jun 1884Citizen of NewfoundlandGrand CO
BrayNorman16 Feb 1885Citizen of NewfoundlankNYC Bronx #1 NY
BugdenEdward15 Sep 1888Placentia, NewfoundlandLetchikan AK
CandowJames Johnson06 Aug 1891Curling, NewfoundlandMcCarthy AK
ClarkWilliam15 Jul 1886Citizen of NewfoundlandEscambia FL
CodyMartin Joseph06 Jun 1881Rel. lives in Bay Bulls, NewfoundlandNassau FL
CookArchibald Boyd26 May 1884Rel. lives in NewfoundlandNye NV
CookWhitfield16 Jan 1891Trinity East, NewfoundlandKetchikan AK
Cronan Thomas Joseph 16 Nov 1887 Trepassey, Newfoundland Providence, Rhode Island
CroninEdward Christopher21 Jun 1890Little Bay, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
CroninThomas James03 Apr 1889St. John's, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
CummingsSebastian06 Feb 1889North River, NewfoundlandBannock ID
DentyGeorge Thomas09 Jun 1895Port ?, NewfoundlandLake FL
DonahoeJeremiah01 Nov 1889Littlebay, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
DooleyHenry11 Dec 1872Citizen of NewfoundlandEscambia FL
Doran Edward 14 Feb 1876 Newfoundland Somerville, Middlesex, MA
Doran John Thomas 02 Jul 1888 Melrose, Newfoundland Boston, Sutfolk, MA
Doran Michael 09 Nov 1888 Melrose, Newfoundland Cambridge, MA
Doran Nicholas 30 Oct 1874 Newfoundland Cambridge, MA
DunphyJohn Thomas09 Dec 1888Littlebay, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
DunphyRonald Thomas14 May 1899Citizen of NewfoundlandShoshone ID
EaganDaniel Francis16 Dec 1887St. John's, NewfoundlandFairbanks AK
EaganJohn Joseph13 Jun 1890St. John's, NewfoundlandFairbanks AK
EaganLuke Joseph20 May 1894St. John's, NewfoundlandFairbanks AK
EvansHerbert Joseph11 Mar 1885St. John's, NewfoundlandNYC Bronx #1 NY
FinleyMichael Joseph02 Feb 1888St. John's, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
FlynnJoseph24 Oct 1894Woodford Sta., NewfoundlandShoshone ID
FreemanFrank18 Feb 1893NewfoundlandNJ New Castle DE
GoodeLawrence Clark22 Jul 1891NewfoundlandWV Washington ID
GreenHenry Joseph02 Sep 1891Placentia, NewfoundlandNenana AK
GregoryJohn Bernard12 Sep 1895Tilt Cove, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
HallNicholas14 Sep 1878Citizen of NewfoundlandNYC Bronx #1 NY
HeadPeter16 Nov 1886Little Bay, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
HoganThomas28 Mar 1886Rel. in St. John's, NewfoundlandWilmington #1 DE
JackmanJohn27 Sep 1887Bell Island, NewfoundlandSierra CA
JackmanMike18 Aug 1886Bell Island, NewfoundlandSierra CA
JensenJens William24 Aug 1882Citizen of NewfoundlandCharles Mix
JonesJames Joseph03 Oct 1879Citizen of NewfoundlandKetchikan AK
KeefePhilip Joseph01 Jan 1888Pouch Cove, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
KellyPatrick31 Aug 1894Middle Cove, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
KentJohn24 Jun 1877Citizen of NewfoundlandNYC Bronx #1 NY
Lane John 06 Apr 1892 Melrose, Newfoundland Cambridge, MA
McGuirePeter13 Oct 1895Torbay, St. John's, NewfoundlandSully SD
McLeanJames Hughie27 May 1880Citizen of NewfoundlandShoshone ID
MelandyDan11 Jun 1890Cape Freels, NewfoundlandKetchikan AK
MonksWalter01 Sep 1893King's Cove, NewfoundlandKetchikan AK
MooreJohn Francis10 Apr 1890Avondale, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
MorganWilliam1880Citizen of NewfoundlandKetchikan AK
MorrisseyMichael23 Dec 1879Citizen of NewfoundlandShoshone ID
MurphyJohn18 Oct 1887Placentia, NewfoundlandKetchikan AK
NeilJames Henry06 May 1881Citizen of NewfoundlandBenewah ID
NormanJames Percy09 Feb 1893Catalina, NewfoundlandJacksonville #2 FL
OsmondPatrick02 Jan 1892Little Bay, NewfoundlandGunnison CO
OsmondVincent Joseph20 Jul 1895Little Bay, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
ParnellWilliam11 Jul 1888St. John's, NewfoundlandKetchikan AK
ParsonsHarry Ainley09 Apr 1874Citizen of NewfoundlandBrown SD
ParsonsJohn16 Aug 1877Citizen of NewfoundlandAnchoragae AK
PatrickRichard Arthur22 Feb 1890St. John's, NewfoundlandNevada CA
PowerEdward Joseph28 Oct 1891Torbay, NewfoundlandIditarod AK
PurdyManuel15 Jun 1891Pacquet, NewfoundlandKetchikan AK
RandellGeorge21 Dec 1883Citizen of NewfoundlandEagle AK
RidoutGeorge Gordon Partor24 Dec 1883Citizen of NewfoundlandVolusia FL
RoacheJohn Joseph24 May 1890Middle Cove, NewfoundlandKetchikan AK
RyanJames05 Apr 1877Citizen of NewfoundlandFranklin FL
RyanJob14 Apr 1893Trinity, NewfoundlandKetchikan AK
Seniar/Senives?Wilson27 Jul 1889Flat Iron?, NewfoundlandOrange FL
SheaThomas Francis14 May 1897Pouch Cove, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
SinclairCharles07 Oct 1892Monroe, NewfoundlandJuneau AK
StormHenry26 Sep 1874Rel. lives NewfoundlandHoward TX
TappenDavid25 Oct 1892Torbay, NewfoundlandNassau FL
TapplarMouge08 Jan 1887St. John's, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
ThorneRobert26 Feb 1893Torbay, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
WellsM10 Jul 1893St. John's, NewfoundlandKetchikan AK
Woodbine/Woodfine?Richard23 Feb 1888NewfoundlandShoshone ID
YeoJohn05 May 1894Torbay, NewfoundlandShoshone ID
YeoPhilip07 Oct 1891St. John's, NewfoundlandSeward AK

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