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Newfoundland Navy
World War I

1914 - 1918

Service # Name Address
2023X Rahall, Edward J. Cambridge, MA
1931X Rahall, Thomas J. 4 Nunnery Hill
706X Ralph, Charles  
899X Ralph, Daniel J. 25 Pennywell Road
1130X Ralph, Edmund Angle Brook, Bonavista Bay
987X Ralph, Israel Flat Island, Bonavista Bay
885X Ralph, Silas Port Blandford, Bonavista Bay
1932X Randell, Arthur G. U.K.
Lt. Randell, Egbert 2 Allan Square
816X Randell, Frederick  
1677X Randell, Harold Roxbury, MA
1704X Randell, Israel J. Brooklyn, N.Y.
Lt. C. Randell, John T. Montreal
989X Randell, Loyal  
2176X Randell, Ralph  
841X Randell, Richard 50 Franklin Avenue
1084X Randell, Sidney Little Harbour, Fogo
1663X Reader, John  
1355X Rees, Frederick S. Thorbourn Road
2708X Rees, Hector Bell Island
1358X Rees, William Water Street
1787X Reid, Albert E. Chance Cove, Trinity Bay
1103X Reid, Bernard Somerville, MA
1620X Reid, Bramwell B. Sydney, Conception Bay
852X Reid, Eli Little Catalina
1886X Reid, Ernest Silver Centre, Ontario
2726X Reid, Joseph Little Catalina, Trinity Bay
1468X Reid, Joseph E.  
1619X Reid, Malchus J. Toronto East, Ontario
1388X Reid, Sidney H. N.S.
981X Reid, Walter S. Heart's Delight, Trinity Bay
538X Reid, William J. Catalina, Trinity Bay
1485X Rendell, Charles P. Little Bay Islands
2293X Rendell, Harold E. King's Road
2737X Renouf, Bert Robinson's, St. George's Bay
2408X Reynolds, Levi Come by Chance
872X Rice, Albert Light & Power Co.
627X Richards, Isaac Bareneed, Conception Bay
1834X Ricketts, John J. 19 Mullock Street
1785X Ridout, Bramwell Notre Dame Bay
2013X Ridout, Henry G. Grand Falls
2560X Rioux, Alexander Black Duck Brook
1601X Roche, Charles H. Branch via Placentia
2719X Robbins, Benoni Hatchet Cove, Trinity Bay
1979X Robbins, Elias Hatchet Cove, Trinity Bay
2784X Roberts, Bert  
2481X Roberts, Eli Wesleyville
1935X Roberts, Esau Seal Islands, Labrador
2375X Roberts, Hedley Bonne Bay
2202X Roberts, John E. N.S.
2285X Roberts, Joseph Little Bay Islands
1161X Roberts, Lorenzo Bay Roberts
1585X Roberts, Michael Chester, N.S.
2538X Roberts, Ray Maxwell Twillingate, NL
2376X Roberts, Walter H. Chester, N.S.
1096X Robinson, Stephen Bay of Islands
1607X Roche, Patrick B.  
2353X Roche, Peter Branch
2544X Roche, William J.  
1260X Rockwood, Augustus Hearts Content
2788X Rodgers, John J. St. John's
2273X Rogers, Frederick W. 12 George Street
2474X Rogers, Garfield Fair Island, Bonavista Bay
1075X Rogers, George Fair Island, Bonavista Bay
677X Rogers, John Brooklyn, N.Y.
1300X Rogers, John St. John's
2094X Rogers, Joseph 104 Patrick Street
2508X Rogers, Kenneth Fair Island, Bonavista Bay
1264X Rogers, Noah 17 Field Street
986X Rogers, Richard Head Mundy's Pond
1138X Rogers, Simeon  
2229X Rogers, William St. Chad's, Bonavista Bay
1934X Rogers, William G. Pool's Island, Bonavista Bay
2746X Rose, Alexander St. Lawrence
1871X Rose, Arthur W. Flowers Cove
1956X Rose, Cecil E. Gloverton
1461X Rose, Charles A. Grand Bank
1446X Rose, James  
1520X Rose, John  
2306X Rose, William R. 28 Springdale Street
235X Rowbottom, Frank Notre Dame Bay
1544X Rowe, Allan P. Everett, MA
1626X Rowe, Benjamin Chelsea, MA
1122X Rowe, Charles  
1896X Rowe, Douglas C. Detroit
1846X Rowe, James St. John's
1141X Rowe, Noah Chance Cove, Trinity Bay
2203X Rowe, William St. John's
1966X Royal, Charlie Grand Bank
283X Rumbolt, Ezekiel Corner Brook
1847X Rumbolt, Louis Mass.
2533X Russell, Alpheus Musgravetown
772X Russell, Arthur W. Coley's Point
1747X Russell, Edward 74 Grove Street, MA
2192X Russell, Herbert Bay Roberts
1694X Russell, JohnX Russeltown, Bonavista Bay
1019X Russell, Walter Bay Roberts
3001X Russell, William M. Horwood, Notre Dame Bay
2015X Ryall, Albert G. 21 James Street
711X Ryan, Enos 18 Tessier Place
1907X Ryan, Francis J. Heart's Content
1454X Ryan, John Berwick, Ontario
1943X Ryan, Matthew Spaniard's Bay
1488X Ryan, Patrick J. Ferryland
1290X Ryan, Richard J. Bell Island
1897X Ryan, William 18 Finn Street

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