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Newfoundland Navy
World War I

1914 - 1918

Service # Name Address Date of Death
1451X Paddock, Ernest F. Sydney, Conception Bay  
1153X Pafford, Arch North Harbour, Placentia Bay  
2328X Palmer, John B. Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay  
2413X Park, Augustus P.    
2448X Park, Edward H. Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands  
2168X Park, George North Beach, Bay of Islands  
1368X Parmiter, Henley Sydney  
2158X Parnell, Jack Edmonton, AB  
1104X Parrott, Abram Winterton, Trinity Bay  
1981X Parrott, Edward Ford City, PA  
2362X Parrott, Newman O. Brooklyn  
1216X Parsons, Albert Bay Roberts  
2111X Parsons, Albert T. Bauline  
1786X Parsons, Alexander New Aberdeen, Conception Bay  
1180X Parsons, Allan Boston, MA  
1761X Parsons, Arthur 63 Cookstown Road  
687X Parsons, Augustus Pleasant Street  
2512X Parsons, Benjamin Halifax, N.S.  
794X Parsons, Douglas Harbour Grace, South  
907X Parsons, Edward Grand Falls Station  
2783X Parsons, Frederick New Jersey, W.Q.  
2220X Parsons, Frederick A.    
1969X Parsons, George New Bay, N.W.B.  
936X Parsons, James    
932X Parsons, John    
1015X Parsons, John Cambridge, MA  
1110X Parsons, John Bauline  
1035X Parsons, Jack S. Cambridge, MA  
2511X Parsons, Richard Harbour Grace  
2066X Parsons, Robert Shearstown, Conception Bay  
2247X Parsons, Robert R. Perry's Cove  
1443X Parsons, Samuel Glace Bay  
2374X Parsons, Samuel F. Bonne Bay  
1749X Parsons, William Bay Roberts  
1517X Parsons, William R. Port-aux-Choix  
2009X Parsons, William T. Carbonear  
1929X Pasher, Llewellyn B. Sound Island, Placentia Bay  
2524X Patey, Frederick W. St. Barbe  
2209X Patey, Leonard Port Saunders  
1095X Patey, William St. George's  
1850X Patey, William Noddef Bay [sic]  
1795X Paul, James    
1661X Paul, John Bonavista  
2129X Payne, Douglas C. Kentville, N.S.  
2320X Payne, GarlandX Parsons Pond, Bay of Islands  
2554X Payne, Gordon M. Daniel's Harbour  
2265X Payne, Horace W. Fogo  
1917X Payne, James S.X Parsons Pond, Bay of Islands  
455X Payne, Thomas Curling, Bay of Islands  
717X Peach, Archibald W.    
1192X Peach, George R. Spencers Cove, Placentia Bay  
901X Peach, Henry    
2319X Peach, Josiah W.    
1001X Peach, William H.    
1406X Pearcey, Gordon 20 John Street  
2090X Pearcey, William 21 Brennan Street  
2065X Pearcey, Jacob    
389X Peddle, Alexander Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay  
2091X Peddle, Andrew E. Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay  
1119X Peddle, Archer Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay  
2735X Peddle, Harvey Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay  
2541X Peddle, Henry Clarke's Beach  
2073X Peddle, John Notre Dame Bay  
1083X Peddle, Kenneth M. St. John, N.B.  
2475X Peddle, Richard Lockston, Trinity Bay  
2531X Peddle, Robert 38 Brazil Square  
2282X Peddle, Thomas 204 Water Street W.  
2194X Peddle, William Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay  
623X Peddle, William J. Hodge's Cove  
2390X Pelley, Alfred Smith Sound, Trinity Bay  
1041X Pelley, Arthur J.W. Halifax, N.S.  
1880X Pelley, Edgar Boyd's Cove, Notre Dame Bay  
867X Pelley, George    
2117X Pelley, Hubert M. George Brook, Trinity Bay  
3011X Pelley, John Beaverton, Notre Dame Bay  
2220X Pelley, Joseph H. Beaverton  
2389X Pelley, Richard Smith Sound  
2369X Pelley, Victor J. Hant's Harbour  
2113X Penney, Albert St. Barbe  
2483X Penney, Aaron Champney's West  
1591X Penney, Andrew    
510X Penney, Charles W. 50 Spencer Street  
1545X Penney, Clement Carbonear  
2138X Penney, George Cook's Harbour, S.B.D  
1188X Penney, George F. Nassau, N.P.  
1550X Penney, Harold    
1547X Penney, Harold A. Glace Bay, Conception Bay  
1270X Penney, Harry Top Pleasant Street  
1643X Penney, Mark U.K.  
1751X Penney, Rugfus[sic] J. Bloomfield, Bonavista Bay  
1546X Penney, William Chelsea, MA  
2296X Penston, Henry 148 Hamilton Ave.  
1571X Perks, Ambrose    
2085X Perrier, Wilfrid St. George  
1241X Perry, Frederick Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay  
747 Perry, Gerard Port Washington  
937X Perry, Louis Whitney Pier, Conception Bay  
2301X Petten, George Fox Trap  
944X Petten, Hedley H.    
2469X Petten, Henry Kelligrews  
916X Petten, Samuel Bareneed, Conception Bay  
2438X Phillips, John J. Apsey Brook  
1441X Phillips, Robert    
2732X Picco, Henry Portugal Cove  
1006X Picco, Jacob Senglia, Malta  
2446X Picco, Philip Horse Cove, Conception Bay  
985X Picco, Ralph Portugal Cove  
2547X Pickett, Mark Fogo  
1126X Pickott, Percival Fair Island, Bonavista Bay  
1000X Piercey, Charles A.    
2038X Piercey, Peter Winterton, Trinity Bay  
2767X Piercey, Selby Hopeall, Trinity Bay  
2175X Pike, Francis    
2315X Pike, George St. Lawrence  
2707X Pike, George E. 35 Power Street  
1500X Pike, George R. 40 Pleasant Street  
2106X Pike, James St. John, N.B.  
1149X Pike, Leonard M. Burin District  
1725X Pike, Rendall A.    
751X Pike, Reuben Toronto, Ontario  
1878X Pike, William H. Blackhead Road  
3007X Pilgrim, Leonard Boyd's Lane  
1324X Pilgrim, William Carbonear  
630X Pinsent, Frederick Brooklyn, N.Y.  
1987X Pitcher, Archibald    
2037X Pitcher, Charles Kings County, N.S.  
1894X Pittman, Alfred Lynn, MA  
1863X Pittman, Benjamin H. Bonne Bay  
674X Pittman, Ignatius Merasheen, Placentia Bay  
2137X Pittman, John Cook's Harbour  
1573X Pittman, Richard 14 Allan Square 09 May 1968
1494X Pittman, Ronald M. Lynn, MA  
801X Pittman, Silas Bonne Bay  
1087X Pittman, William T. Lamaline  
1360X Pitts, George R. MA  
1958X Ploughman, Edward Port Saunders  
1680X Ploughman, Reuben Port Rexton  
52X Pond, Kenneth Greenspond  
1002X Pond, Nathaniel Brooklyn  
1877X Pond, Thomas Trinity Bay  
778X Poole, John Marysvale, Conception Bay  
1098X Poole, Peter 16 Duggan Street  
2305X Poole, William Burin  
2507X Pope, Frederick G. Stones Cove, Fortune Bay  
2506X Pope, Leo L. Stones Cove, Fortune Bay  
1053X Porter, Albert Port de Grave  
2712X Porter, Alexander J. Port de Grave  
2477X Porter, BertramX Port de Grave  
1924X Porter, Cyril Hibbs Cove  
2762X Porter, John T. 15 Balsam Street  
1963X Porter, Josiah    
2440X Porter, Solomon T. Port de Grave  
1983X Porter, William J. 61 Southside  
1145X Pottle, Martin English Harbour  
1666X Powell, Absalom Bonavista  
1068X Powell, Albert Happy Adventure  
2303X Powell, Baden Happy Adventure  
2246X Powell, Elijah Halifax, N.S.  
1668X Powell, James G. Bonavista  
709X Power, Albert Branch, S.M.B.  
2016X Power, Ambrose J. Brooklyn  
1473X Power, Bartholomew Brooklyn  
2018X Power, Edmund J. Branch, S.M.B.  
1144X Power, Frederick W. Bay Bulls  
1062X Power, George B. Dunville  
2233X Power, Austin J. Boston, MA  
1700X Power, Isaac Bonavista  
1532X Power, JohnX Placentia  
1543X Power, Harold Boston, MA  
1867X Power, James B. North River, Conception Bay  
1334X Power, Joseph    
2275X Power, Joseph J.    
1382X Power, Patrick North River, Conception Bay  
1613X Power, Richard U.K.  
2313X Power, Richard Marystown  
2321X Power, Robert J. Bonavista  
1899X Prasuyon, Arthur J. Spruce Brook  
2339X Preston, John D. Valleyfield, Bonavista Bay  
856X Price, Elijah Loreburn, Trinity Bay  
1408X Price, Frederick J.    
1925X Prince, Christopher G. Charleston  
1973X Prince, Harold H.    
1854X Prosper, Hector R. Curling, Bay of Islands  
1584X Prosper, William Bonne Bay  
2136X Puddicombe, William    
1659X Puddister, Eli G. Broad Cove  
2383X Purcell, Richard Harbour Grace  
1231X Purcell, Thomas St. Philips  
828X Purchase, Joseph    
913X Purchase, Tobias Halifax, N.S.  
2070X Pye, Chesley G. Long Island, N.Y.  
2300X Pye, Edward R. Cambridge, MA  
2259X Pye, Thomas H. Brooklyn, MA  
1855X Pynn, Albert    
1828X Pynn, Albert F. Green Bay  
1464X Pynn, Frederick C. Quirpon  

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