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Newfoundland Navy
World War I

1914 - 1918

Service # Name Address Date of Death
1014X Haggett, Arthur Leading Tickles, Notre Dame Bay  
1315X Haggett, Matthew Pilleys Island  
1320X Haggett, Plemon Halifax, N.S.  
2562X Haines, Christopher St. Philips  
2496X Haley, Benjamin J. Allan's Island, Lamaline  
1997X Halfyard, Alfred E. Curzon Village, Bonne Bay  
1583X Halfyard, George H. Curzon Village, Bonne Bay  
2114X Haliburton, Edgar D. Port au Port  
2343X Hall, John C. Felix Cove, St. George's  
1733X Hall, Richard H. The Highlands, Port au Port  
931X Hallett, Albert    
2139X Hallingham, George U.K.  
2529X Hallingham, William Cook's Harbour, St. Barbe  
2214X Hamilton, Frank    
2733X Hammond, Eli Bell Island  
730X Hammond, Peter Portugal Cove  
1738X Hampton, Robert Calgary  
710X Hancock, Allan    
2340X Hancock, William A. Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay  
2556X Hanlon, Thomas P. Portugal Cove  
2486X Hann, Eli Wesleyville  
2197X Hann, Loil Bell Island  
708X Harding, Alexander 10 Pilot's Hill  
1217X Harding, Henry Bell Island  
797X Harding, Philip Halifax, N.S.  
2288X Harding, Samule    
1952X Harding, William H. Come by Chance  
1942X Hare, Kenneth W. Halifax, N.S.  
617X Harlick, Edward Bambrick Street  
1901X Harnett, Chesley C. St. John's  
1690X Harris, Donald G. Bonavista  
1536X Harris, Edward H. Bonavista  
1352X Harris, Herbert    
1665X Harris, Norman    
1968X Harris, Robert    
2550X Harris, Ward Rose Blanche  
436X Hart, Frank Fogo  
1870X Hartson, Richard L. Colinet  
1605X Harvey, Hedley U.K.  
1430X Harvey, Henry    
1890X Harvey, James J. 63 South Side  
1884X Harvey, John W. St. John, N.B.  
2217X Harvey, Peter F. Washington, D.C.  
1460X Harvey, Thomas L. Detroit, Mich.  
1457X Hatcher, Norman Harbour Grace  
2710X Hatcher, Robert Harbour Grace  
2790X Haulkens, Clement Bonavista  
1239X Hawco, Anthony St. John's  
2103X Hawkins, Francis C. Queen's County, N.B.  
2470X Hawkins, George Jenkins Cove, Twillingate  
1568X Hawkins, Wallace Stephenville Crossing  
2241X Hawkins, Wilfred 50 Flower Hill  
752X Hayden, Laurence Harbour Grace  
1193X Hayes, James Georgetown, Brigus  
1327X Hayes, James J. Westmount P.Q.  
861X Hayes, Thomas Georgetown, Brigus  
1701X Hayter, Joseph Trinity  
1640X Hayter, R. [Regt # 2663] Trinity  
1987X Hayward, Eli Cabot Tower  
851X Head, Francis Joe Batts Arm  
838X Head, Henry Norris Arm  
1235X Healey, William D. Woodford's Station  
  Hearn, M. [Regt] 8 Alexander Street  
2779X Heater, William Verdum, Montreal  
1314X Heath, Ronald Grand Falls  
2271X Hefferton, C.B. [Regt] Detroit Mich.  
1361X Hefford, William H. U.K.  
2087X Hefford, Corbett New Perlican  
2776X Helyer, Elijah Jackson's Cove  
1064X Hemmell, Samuel    
2279X Hemmens, Thomas New York  
1606X Hennessey, Patrick U.K.  
2245X Hennessey, Patrick J.    
1702X Hewitt, George Goose Cove, Trinity Bay  
  Hewitt, George S. Fortune, Trinity Bay  
1639X Hewitt, Robert C. Trinity, Trinity Bay  
928X Hewitt, Thomas West Port, White Bay  
850X Hewitt, William West Port, White Bay  
1066X Hibbs, Edgar Portugal Cove  
737X Hibbs, John Portugal Cove  
690X Hibbs, Jordan Portugal Cove  
2785X Hickey, Hugh F. Goodridge Street  
1561X Hickey, Peter Barron Island, Placentia Bay  
1383X Hickman, Charles C. Fortune  
875X Hicks, Eleazer Carmanville  
1574X Higden, George New Harbour, Trinity Bay  
1398X Higgins, j. [Regt # 5438] Spaniard's Bay  
1796X Hill, Arthur W. Griquet  
1653X Hill, Jacob Griquet  
2338X Hillier, Albert M. Griquet  
1031X Hillier, Alfred Lamaline  
2200X Hillier, Archibald Griquet  
2741X Hillier, Chesley Lamaline  
2326X Hillier, Clarence S. Lamaline  
2218X Hillier, Ernest C. Point-aux-Gaul  
2217X Hillier, Henry P. Point-aux-Gaul  
1946X Hillier, Herbert G. Point-aux-Gaul  
1381X Hillier, Herbert S. Little Bay Islands  
1600X Hillier, Stanley Lamaline  
2083X Hillier, Stanley Isaac Lamaline  
2318X Hinks, Peter Halifax, N.S.  
1635X Hiscock, Abraham Montreal  
2491X Hiscock, Absalom Champneys, Trinity Bay  
1498X Hiscock, Ambrose Grand Falls  
1721X Hiscock, Andrew Trinity  
1415X Hiscock, Harold R. Winterton, Trinity Bay  
2182X Hiscock, Harry Brigus, Conception Bay  
2333X Hiscock, James Random, Trinity Bay  
1764X Hiscock, John    
2495X Hiscock, John W.    
893X Hiscock, Oscar Topsail, Conception Bay  
783X Hiscock, Peter 39 Water Street, W.  
2086X Hiscock, Robert Winterton, Trinity Bay  
2208X Hiscock, Robert Topsail, Conception Bay  
860X Hiscock, Roland Winterton, Trinity Bay  
622X Hiscock, William Trinity  
804X Hiscock, William J. Norris Point, Bonne Bay  
461X Hobbs, Abraham L. Port Blandford  
2042X Hobbs, Cecil T. Keels  
513X Hobbs, John Keels  
2040X Hobbs, John J. Keels  
2045X Hodder, Lionel G. Irelands Eye  
2416X Hodder, Walter New Bonaventure  
2794X Hodder, Walter Deer Harbour, Trinity Bay  
2701X Hodder, William J. 8 Brennan Street  
1390X Hodge, George W. Salvage Cove  
1774X Hodge, James T. Salvage Cove  
1802X Hogan, Henry L. 9 Princess Street  
1627X Hogan, Thomas Sydney, Conception Bay  
2157X Holwell, James Spotted Islands, Labrador  
2234X Hollahan, John Signal Hill Road  
1791X Hollands [Holland], Hughie F. 56 Carter's Hill 04 Dec 1970
2276X Hollett, Albert J. 7 Lower Battery  
1506X Hollett, George    
465X Hollett, Henry E.    
2412X Hollett, Malcom Spencer Cove, Placentia Bay  
2421X Hollett, William A. North Harbour, Placentia Bay  
2 D.R. Holloway, N. [Regt # 250] Musgravetown  
2123X Holloway, Wilfrid Bloomfield, Bonavista Bay  
2064X Hooper, George Rock Harbour, Placentia Bay  
1865X Hooper, Samuel M.    
2298X Horlick, Eli W. Fair Islands, Bonavista Bay  
1374X Horton, Albert E. West End City  
757X Horwood, Thomas M. Halifax, N.S.  
2371X Horwood, William G. Toronto, Ontario  
2502X Hounsell, Frederick G. Fair Islands  
2509X Hounsell, Herbert Fair Islands  
2487X House, Emmanuel Belburns  
2523X House, Jesse Belburns  
2488X House, Luke Rivers Pond  
1345X Howell, Albert J. Brazil Square  
1589X Howell, James Freshwater, Conception Bay  
1710X Howell, Peter J. New Perlican  
2112X Hughes, Layard L.    
1645X Hulan, Edward M.   22 May 1917
2739X Hulan, Sleigh 18 Hamilton Street  
2464X Humber, John A. Benoits Cove  
1372X Hunt, Edward U.K.  
1948X Hunt, Harley    
1986X Hunt, James    
2384X Hunt, John James Harbour Grace  
2728X Hunt, Maxwell    
2510X Hunt, Richard Fair Island  
2757X Hunter, Hedley V. Salvage Bay  
1718X Hurley, Darius Herring Neck  
1233X Hurley, Thomas    
2063X Hurley, Vincent Boston, MA  
1745X Huskins, Edgar    
1724X Hussey, Albert Glace Bay, Conception Bay  
1426X Hussey, John Bell Island  
2315X Hussey, Sidney C. Burin North  
1650X Hustins, Arthur P. Brooklyn, N.Y.  
1510X Hustins, John W. Brooklyn, N.Y.  
2076X Hustins, William C.    
2207X Hutchings, Albert Bay Bulls Arm  
2444X Hutchings, Eli Bay Bulls Arm  
2219X Hutchings, Frederick Hamilton, Ontario  
1838X Hutchings, George A. Sydney, N.S.  
1049X Hutchings, John Spaniard's Bay  
2078X Hutchings, Mark Spaniard's Bay  
761X Hutchings, Stanley Spaniard's Bay  
2350X Hynes, Laurence Griquet  
2761X Hynes, Patrick 67 Lime Street  
1533X Hynes, Walter J. Port au Port  

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