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Newfoundland Navy
World War I

1914 - 1918

Service # Name Address Date of Death
2146X Gabriel, Joseph Stephenville Crossing  
2417X Gale, Daniel Ship Cove, St. George's  
1622X Gale, Edward M. Robinson's Station  
1349X Gallant, Michael    
1238X Gardener, Llewelyn Roxbury, MA  
535X Gardener, Robert Signal Hill Road  
2055X Gardner, Silas Barton, Trinity Bay  
1249X Gardner, William H. British Harbour  
3018X Garf, Alexander S. Vancouver, B.C.  
2799X Garland, Chesley New Harbour, Trinity Bay  
2229X Garrett, Raymond Revere, MA  
1363X Gaulton, Hebert G. 10 Plymouth Road  
1816X Gaulton, Reuben Flowers Cove  
1456X Gearin, Patrick Renews, South Side  
2258X Gelliott, William    
1938X Genge, Henry Flowers Cove  
1080X Genge, Jacob Flowers Cove  
1099X Genge, Lambert Flowers Cove  
1367X George, Albert Dildo, Trinity Bay  
2224X George, Alfred Green's Harbour, Trinity Bay  
2526X Gibbons, Isaac Current Island  
1915X Gibbons, John Current Island  
2451X Gibbons, Nelson Fair Island  
1750X Gibbs, Arthur J. U.K.  
2145X Gilbert, Alexander Come-by-Chance, Placentia Bay  
2794X Gilbert, Alexander Sound Island  
1954X Gilbert, John Come-by-Chance, Placentia Bay  
2121X Gilbert, William Come-by-Chance, Placentia Bay  
2143X Gilbert, William A. Famish Cove, Placentia Bay  
2230X Gillam, John S. Robinson's, St. George's Bay  
1559X Gillam, John T. Channel  
613X Gillam, Kenneth Robinson's, St. George's Bay  
1518X Gillam, William J. Bonne Bay  
2014X Gillard, Bennett Twillingate  
1957X Gillis, Hugh New Waterford, Conception Bay  
1549X Gillis, Hugh D. Highlands, St. George's  
1768X Gillis, John J. Everett, MA  
2266X Ginn, Thomas A.    
2493X Glover, Edward Deer Island, Bonavista Bay  
1066X Glover, John Deer Island  
367X Goldsworthy, Mark 1 College Square  
1277X Gooby, Henry A. 4 Steward Ave  
1582X Gooby, Nathaniel 175 South Side  
2274X Goodall, Joseph J. Montreal  
2125X Goodyear, Adam Little Catalina  
453X Goodyear, Boyd Catalina  
953X Goodyear, Simeos Little Catalina  
876X Goodyear, Valentine 20 Walsh's Square  
357X Goss, Eldred Long Beach, Trinity Bay  
680X Goss, Eleazer 10 Convent Lane  
1752X Goss, Roland Blaketown  
2086X Goss, Roy Spaniard's Bay  
1400X Goss, Walter    
819X Gosse, James Tilton, Conception Bay 15 May 1941
2759X Gould, Elijah River of Ponds, Straight of Belle Isle  
1873X Gould, Isaac Winterton, Trinity Bay  
1471X Grandy, Oliphant    
1265X Gray, James 14 George Street  
1587X Greeley, Archibald U.K.  
524X Greeley, Jacob Montreal  
2348X Green, Adam Winterton, Trinity Bay  
2334X Green, Allison J. Winterton, Trinity Bay  
1414X Green, Ariel Hant's Harbour, Trinity Bay  
873X Green, Barton    
1524X Green, Benjamin Cupids, Conception Bay  
993X Green, Edward J. Little Heart's Ease, Random  
1984X Green, Edward T. Hants Harbour, Trinity Bay  
2780X Green, Eldred Gooseberry Cove, Trinity Bay  
723X Green, Frank Cashin Avenue  
1641X Green, James Red Island, Placentia Bay  
1651X Green, James U.K.  
2352X Green, Jethro St. Jones  
2342X Green, Joseph Winterton, Trinity Bay  
992X Green, Leander Random, Trinity Bay  
2161X Green, Louis St. Jones  
2323X Green, Mark St. Jones  
2798X Green, Peter J. Greenspond, Bonavista Bay  
2436X Green, Peter S. Gooseberry Cove, Random  
2003X Green, Solomon Hillview, Trinity Bay  
2025X Green, Stephen F. Clam Bake Cove  
411X Greening, James    
2532X Greening, John M. Musgravetown, Bonavista Bay  
719X Gregory, Albert Harbour Buffett, Placentia Bay  
2021X Groves, Bernard R.    
2382X Grouchy, Philip Pouch Cove  
1185X Gudger, Robert    
2124X Gullage, Peter 63 South Side  
1173X Gullage, William Sydney, Conception Bay  
1274X Gulliver, H. [Regt] Goodview Street 1948
2268X Guy, Arnold Fogo, Notre Dame Bay  
342X Guy, Ernest Arnold's Cove, Placentia Bay  
1003X Guy, Henry New York  
900X Guy, John Arnold's Cove, Placentia Bay  
630X Guy, Joshua Arnold's Cove, Placentia Bay  

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