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Newfoundland Navy
World War I

1914 - 1918

Service # Name Address Date of Death
1375X Cadwell, William    
938X Caines, Lewis V. Halifax  
2101X Caines, Philip J. Meadows, Lamaline  
2325X Cake, Gilbert A. Lamaline, East  
2051X Callahan, William Queen County, N.S.  
1335X Campbell, Frank Nearch's Point  
1463X Campbell, Hugh D. Campbell's Creek  
1731X Campbell, John J. Port-au-Port  
1330X Campbell, Joseph J. Watertown, MA  
1852X Canning, Andrew C. 5 George Street  
6937X Canning, Harry Sydney, Conception Bay  
2308X Canning, Lewis Western Head, Moreton's Harbour  
2771X Cardwell, Ernest 54 Barnes Road  
2260X Carey, Archibald 5 Sebastian Street 21 Mar 1967
2109X Carnell, Stephen S. Ochre Pit Cove, Conception Bay  
1316X Carrigan, William    
1664X Carroll, William J. Bonavista  
729X Carter, Arthur Brooklyn, N.Y.  
734X Carter, Augustus O. Newell's Island, Bonavista Bay  
774X Carter, Benjamin Greenspond  
2425X Carter, Charles Wesleyville  
771X Carter, Frederick S. Greenspond  
2211X Carter, James Grand Falls  
2199X Carter, Samuel W. Port Washington, Long Island, USA  
1294X Cashin, Michael Highlands, St. George's Bay  
2766X Cave, George Upper Battery Road  
2433X Cave, John G. Bay Roberts  
1278X Chafe, Josiah Petty Harbour  
1283X Chafe, William H.    
1939X Chambers, John Flowers Cove  
2039X Chapman, William J. Keels, Bonavista Bay  
545X Chaulk, Alexander    
2000X Chaulk, Charles W. Charlottetown, Bonavista Bay  
742X Chaulk, Ernest    
1191X Chaulk, Heber J. Winterton, Trinity Bay  
1889X Chaulk, Joseph Little Catalina  
1706X Chaulk, L. [Regt # 2567] Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay  
2763X Chaulk, Ronald    
1020X Chaulk, Uriah Lewisporte  
2764X Chaulk, William Millinocket, MA  
1198X Cheater, Baxter 148 New Gower Street  
878X Cheater, James Manuels  
795X Cheater, Jesse Flat Islands, Bonavista Bay  
1739X Childs, George W. Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands  
2419X Childs, Llewellyn Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands  
1965X Childs, Solomon Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands  
1346X Chipman, Levi Spaniards Bay  
2411X Chisson, John W. St. Andrews, Codroy  
2557X Chisson, Julian Little Codroy  
2810X Christopher, William Port de Grave  
2359X Churchill, Albert Portugal Cove  
855X Churchill, Chesley Portugal Cove  
846X Churchill, Frederick c/o Police Force  
1579X Churchill, Ernest Portugal Cove  
2008X Churchill, Ernest Arlington, MA  
1748X Churchill, Nathan Cape Breton  
1005X Churchill, Solomon Portugal Cove  
3010X Churchill, Solomon 24 Bond Street  
974X Churchill, William H. Portugal Cove  
582X Churchill, Zaccheus Portugal Cove  
1101X Clancey, William Plum Street  
2445X Clarke, Edgar D. St. Philips  
1448X Clarke, Frederick 5 Boggan Street  
634X Clarke, James Dunfield, Trinity Bay  
2327X Clarke, James C.    
1160X Clarke, J. [Regt # 3642] Dunfield, Trinity Bay  
1158X Clarke, Joseph J. Dunfield, Trinity Bay  
1109X Clarke, Mark Dunfield, Trinity Bay  
1341X Clarke, Norman A. Gullies, Brigus  
1339X Clarke, Robert A. Brigus, Conception Bay  
1261X Clarke, William G. Little Harbour, Trinity Bay  
1157X Clarke, William J. Dunfield, Trinity Bay  
269X Clarke, Alexander Sudbury Hospital 29 Jul 1954
591X Clayson, James Grand Falls  
2222X Cluett, Albert    
2295X Cluett, William P. Tilton, Fogo  
1614X Cluney, William J.    
1293X Coady, Timothy F.    
1147X Coates, George    
2130X Coates, Harold    
1055X Coates, Philip Eddy's Cove  
621X Cobb, George Joe Batt's Arm 1925
1920X Cobb, Christopher T. Joe Batt's Arm  
1407X Cobbett, Lee F. Verdun, Quebec  
668X Cochrane, Alphonsus South Side  
1682X Cock, George    
1822X Cockerham, Thomas U.K.  
2135X Coffin, Cyril B. 7 Cabot Street  
1906X Coffin, Lot Joe Batts Arm  
2209X Coffin, Stewart B. Boyd's Cove  
2299X Coleman, Ronald J. Pennywell Road  
2069X Coles, Adam    
1776X Coles, Elias Squid Cove  
2758X Coles, Frederick Gander Bay  
810X Coles, George H. Salvage Cove  
1497X Coles, George W. Brooklyn, N.Y.  
1707X Coles, Percy P. Glace Bay  
1858X Coles, Pius Port Saunders  
1891X Coles, William A. Sandy Cove  
1525X Coles, William J. Port Saunders  
1179X Collins, Abraham Stag Harbour, Fogo  
2756X Collins, John F. Spaniard's Bay  
1276X Collis, John T.    
2286X Collis, Herbert G. 11 Prospect Street  
2291X Colton, Ethelbert 102 Pleasant Street  
1477X Columbus, Frank    
1798X Compagnon, George John's Beach, Bay of Islands  
2032X Compagnon, John John's Beach, Bay of Islands  
  Compton, John Englee, St. Barbe  
1858X Connors, Thomas Lawn, Placentia Bay  
Lt. Connors, T. J. S.S. Portia  
2166X Conway, Alexander St. Brides  
1421X Conway, Jeremiah    
2442X Conway, Peter Hearts Ease, Trinity Bay  
1682X Cook, George Halifax  
1427X Coombs, Elijah    
1413X Cooper, Alonzo Halifax, N.S.  
980X Cooper, Caleb Queen's Cove, Trinity Bay  
1051X Cooper, Charley Little Ridge, Trinity Bay  
1475X Cooper, Cyril Elliotts Cove, Trinity Bay  
2044X Cooper, Edward Ireland's Eye  
2102X Cooper, Eliel Ireland's Eye  
952X Cooper, Samuel Malden, MA  
1163X Copley, Thomas    
1470X Costello, Matthew J. Spaniard's Bay  
1709X Costello, William Conception Harbour  
1688X Courage, Frederick Catalina  
3008X Courtenay, B.W. 23 Young Street  
3005X Cove, William J. Gloucester, MA  
1250X Coveyduck, John E. Goulds, Brigus  
2251X Cowan, William U.K.  
2100X Coward, John H. U.K.  
2271X Cox, Simon 56 Bannerman Street  
1940X Cran, Albert N.E. Pacquet  
1612X Cran, Bertram J. Heart's Content  
450X Cran, James Random, Trinity Bay  
887X Cran, Joseph    
1632X Crane, Archibald    
2186X Crane, Joseph    
  Crane, Joseph H.W.    
1016X Crane, Leonard Upper Island Cove  
1803X Crane, Richard South Side E.  
2215X Crews, Alexander L.B.D. Bridge, Conception Bay  
2781X Crews, Kenneth Point Crew, Lamaline  
1030X Crews, William St. John, N.B.  
1242X Critch, Walter D. Random  
1150X Critchely, Thomas Port Washington  
1045X Croak [Croke], Matthew J. 20 Lime Street 1944
1413X Crocker, Alonzo    
2404X Crocker, Archibald Swift Current, Placentia Bay  
2226X Crocker, Francis T.    
1410X Crocker, Fred W. c/o Central Police Station  
2753X Crocker, Gilbert N. Petty Harbour  
2555X Crocker, Henry J. Swift Current, Placentia Bay  
2522X Crocker, Job Trout River, Bonne Bay  
1980X Crocker, Joseph F. Hearts Delight  
1366X Crocker, Samuel P. Harbour Grace  
2187X Crocker, Stanley    
2227X Crocker, Wallace G. Trout River, Bonne Bay  
2750X Crocker, Wallace H. Duckworth Street  
1991X Cross, William    
2356X Cuff, Alexander Carmanville, Fogo  
858X Cuff, Edward Carmanville, Fogo  
820X Cuff, Elias Carmanville, Fogo  
2071X Cuff, Percy Bloomfield, Bonavista Bay  
2791X Cuff, William Bonavista  
2546X Cull, Freeman M. St. Philips  
1094X Cullen, William B. New Gower Street  
1189X Cullimore, Elijah    
1778X Cumby, E. [Regt # 4679] Hopeall, Trinity Bay  
1777X Cumby, Erastus    
785X Cumby, Leonard Hopeall, Trinity Bay  
2154X Curl, John Labrador  
2162X Curnew, John Port-au-Port  
1604X Curran, James E.    
1581X Curran, Martin Conception Harbour  
1314X Curran, Thomas 40 Gower Street  
2208X Curtis, Henry J. Fogo  
499X Curtis, John King's Cove, Bonavista Bay  
1247X Cusick, Grassia J. St. Lawrence  
2452X Cutler, Absalom Fair Island, Bonavista Bay  
2256X Cutler, Archibald Herring Neck  
3004X Cutler, Caleb M. Fair Island, Bonavista Bay  
691X Cutler, Elias E. Montreal  

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