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Distinguished Conduct Medal

Name Rank Engagement
Anthony, William Pte Ledeghem
Bennett, William L/Cpl Gueudecourt
Brazil, Matthew Cpl Ledeghem
Carter, Charles F. Sgt Ledeghem
Corbin, Thomas Pte Ledeghem
Davis, Albert 2nd Lt Cambrai
Dunphy, Thomas J. 2nd Lt Steenbeek
Fitzpatick, Leo J. Sgt  Cambrai
Gardner, Cyril (w/bar - Lesboeufs) 2nd Lt Gueudecourt
Gladney, William J. Sgt Gallipoli
Greene, Walter M. 2nd Lt Caribou Hill
Greenslade, Samuel L/Cpl Ledeghem
Gullicksen, Ernest R.S.M. Armentieres
Haynes, William 2nd Lt Armentieres
Hollett, Levi Cpl Broembeek
Hynes, Richard E. L/Cpl Caribou Hill
Janes, Albert E. C.S.M. Cambrai
Murphy, James J. Sgt Broembeek
O'Quinn, James H. Pte Keiberg Ridge
Picco, Martin Sgt Sailly-Saillisel
Pittman, Thomas Cpl Periodic
Power, Richard Cpl Ledeghem
Purcell, Roderick Sgt Broembeek
Raynes, Harry R. Cpl Steenbeek
Rose, Albert S. 2nd Lt Ledeghem
Samson, Peter C.S.M. Gueudecourt
Spurrell, Charles P. Sgt Broembeek
Stanford, Reginald F. 2nd Lt Keiberg Ridge
Sutton, William Sgt Periodic
Taylor, Albert E. (w/bar) 2nd Lt Periodic
Whalen, Arthur S. Cpl Ledeghem

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