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Freemasons of Newfoundland Who Served In WW I

Donated by Colin Perrin

Whiteway Lodge, No. 3541, St. John's

Eric Stanley Ayre (Royal Newfoundland Regt.)
Initiated: 23rd May 1914
Passed: 26th June 1914
Raised: 7th July 1914
Address: St. John's
Age: 25
Occupation: Manager
Killed on war service, 1st July 1917

Cecil Bayly Clift (Royal Newfoundland Regt.)
Initiated: 23rd May 1914
Passed: 26th June 1914
Raised: 7th July 1914
Address: St. John's
Age: 21
Occupation: Law Student
Killed on war service, 12th October 1916

Herbert Hunt Goodridge (London Regt.)
Initiated: 23rd May 1913
Passed: 7th July 1913
Raised: 26th September 1913
Address: St. John's
Age: 37
Occupation: Broker
Killed on active service, 7th October 1916

Frederick Courtney Mellor (Royal Newfoundland Regt.)
Initiated: 23rd January 1914
Passed: 27th February 1914
Raised: 28th March 1914
Address: St John's
Age; not stated
Occupation: Cable Operator
Killed on active service, 1st July 1916

James Mould (Worcestershire Regt.)
Initiated: 24th April 1914
Passed: 29th May 1915
Raised: (died before being 'Raised' or to put it another way, before completing his final stage of reaching his 'Masonic rank' of Master Mason)
Address: St. John's
Age: not stated
Occupation: Schoolmaster
Killed on active service, 3rd September 1916

James Elliott Thomson (Royal Newfoundland Regt.)
Initiated: 23rd May 1914
Passed: 26th June 1914
Raised: 7th July 1914
Address: St. John's
Age: 22
Occupation: Foreman Mechanic
Killed on war service, 3rd March 1917

St. John's Lodge, No. 579, St. John's

Gordon Valentine Boone (Canadian Field Artillery)
Initiated: 5th September 1911
Passed: 12th September 1911
Raised: 22nd September 1911
Address: St Johns
Age: 26
Occupation: CE
Killed in action, 24th April 1915

Ewart Gladstone Horwood (Royal Newfoundland Regt.)
Initiated: 7th July 1916
Passed: - (died before being 'Passed' or 'Raised')
Raised: -
Address: St Johns
Age: 18
Occupation: Soldier
Died, 22nd January 1917

Avalon Lodge, No. 776, St. John's

Samuel Joseph Ebsary (Royal Newfoundland Regt.)
Initiated: 9th May 1912
Passed: 11th July 1912
Raised: 16th September 1912
Address: St Johns
Age: 28
Occupation: Store keeper
Died of wounds, 15th October 1916

Hiram Lodge, No. 1281, Burin Bay

Randolph Milligan Winter (Royal Newfoundland Regt.)
Initiated: 26th April 1913
Passed: 27th November 1913
Raised: 18th November 1914
Address: Burin
Age: 25
Occupation: Mechanic
Killed in action, 1st July 1917

Fidelity Lodge, No. 1659, Grand Bank

Edward Nicholle (Royal Newfoundland Regt.)
Initiated: 1st May 1914
Passed: 22nd January 1915
Raised: 29th January 1915
Address: Grand Bank
Age: 21
Occupation: Salesman
Died of wounds in France, 10th October 1917

Twillingate Lodge, No. 2364, Twillingate

Harvey Lionel Hodge (Honourable Artillery Company [infantry] )
Initiated: 2nd July 1908
Passed: 6th August 1908
Raised: 3rd February 1908
Address: Fogo
Age: 24
Occupation: Clerk
Died of wounds, 22nd March 1917


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