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Royal Newfoundland Regiment

No. Name Next of Kin Address Nature of Casualty
3371 Wm. C. CHRISTIAN Wm. Christian, father 72 Hayward Avenue Died of multiple, G.S.Ws. Fract. Femur on 26/10/18
3512 Jesse NORMAN Theresa Norman, mother Catalina G.S.W., R. Arm, mild, Nov 22nd, 1917
2841 John MILLER Chas. Miller, father 36 Mullock Street G.S.W., L. Arm, mild, Oct. 15th, 1918
Transferred to Foresters, June 1, 1917
3444 Chas. RICHARDS Stephen Richards, father King's Pt., N.D.B. G.S.W., L. Leg, severe amputation, Missing Dec. 3/1917; rep. to Eng. Feb. 1918 with 2nd Battn. 1/4/19
3380 Robt. SIMMONS Wm. Simmons, father Botwood, N.D.B. G.S.W., L. Shoulder Aug. 1917. Demob. 25/4/19
3386 Ward BALL Mrs. Jos. Luscombe, mother Botwood Joined Batt. in Field 2/7/17. Demob. 14/4/19
3425 Pierce PARSONS J. Parsons, father Cat Hr., Fogo Died of wounds 47 CCS, Le Treport, 16/8/17
3251 Ernest PARSONS Mrs. Mary Sharpe, mother Lady Cove, T.B. Ad. Wandsworth G.S.W., L. Hand 15/10/17. Appvd. Demob. 21/6/19
3403 Adolphus LOCKE Philip Locke, father Pilley's Island, N.D.B. Ad. Hosp. Rouen Oct. 11/17. G.S.W., L. Knee. Rep Depot St. John's 12/10/18. Died Pilley's Isld., 3/11/18
3404 A.H. PITTMAN Chas. Pittman, father Pilley's Island, N.D.B. Rep. Miss. 3/12/17. Later rep. K. in A., Auth. Off. German List.
3488 Herbert A. HOUSE Wm. House, father Twillingate Enlisted 22/2/17. Disch. med. unfit 26/4/18
3456 Douglas PELLEY Jabez Pelley, father Springdale, N.D.B. Dang. ill, G.S.W. Chest 29/11/17. Dis. to Base 19/1/18. Ad. Wandsworth 25/3/18. Dis. to duty 25/5/18. Demob. App. 23/2/19
3432 Jos. FORD Stephen Ford, father English Hr. T.B. Demob. approved 19/6/19
3474 C. GREENE Mrs. Ed. King Harry's Hr., N.D.B. G.S.W., R. Leg and R. Arm 5/4/18
3506 G. PAINTER Mrs. A. Painter, mother Hr. Breton, F.B. Demobilised 21/1/19
3389 E. FROUDE Abram Froude, father Old Perlican G.S.W., Leg severe. Adm. 6th Gen'l Hosp. Rouen 11/10/17. Dang. ill G.S.W. Abdomen. Died of wounds 14/10/18
3308 H.C. DUFFETT John Duffett, father Burgoynes Cove G.S.W., Leg severe 10/7/17. Demob. 24/4/19
3394 F. BURT Silas Burt, father Hamilton, N.D.B. G.S.W., R. Thigh, severe, 10/10/17. G.S.W., Back, slight, 30/9/17. Demob. 25/4/19
3387 Kenneth LANGDON Rich. Landon, father Northern Arm, Bot. GSW. Ws. Back & Forehead 27/11/17. Demob. Confirmed 10/4/19
3388 Arch. MANUEL Philip Manuel, father Northern Arm, Bot. GSW L. Leg severe 23/11/17. Demob. 17/4/19
3415 Alpheus HARNETT Saml. Harnett, father Seldom Come By GSW. L. Arm, mild, 22/11/17
3372 W.J. STRATTON Mrs. Jas. Burry, mother Valleyfield, B.B. Died of wounds, 13/3/18
3400 Arthur PITTMAN Geo. Pittman, father Pilley's Island, N.D.B. Discharged med. unfit 17/8/18
3401 Wesley PITTMAN Wm. Pittman, father Pilley's Island, N.D.B. GSW. R. Leg Nov. /17. GSW Head, slight 30/9/18. Demob. 23/5/19
3399 Ford JEWER Jos. Jewer, father Lewisporte Demobilised 14/2/19
8103 Albert PELLEY John Pelley, father South West Arm, N.D.B. Demobilised 11/4/19
3438 Garland PENNEY Francis Penney, father English Hr. T.B. GSW Finger 27/9/17. Demob. 1/5/19
3470 Nehemiah DAY Reuben Day, brother Champney's, T.B. Discharged 11/2/17. Med. unfit.
3544 Neville SAMSON Thos. E. Samson, father Flat Islands, B.B. Killed in Action, 3/12/17
3568 Lorin RUSSELL Arthur Russel, father Princeton, B.B. Demob. 21/4/19
3567 Jos. PRINCE Robt. Prince, father Princeton, B.B. G.S.W., Face and R. Shoulder 1/10/18. Wandsworth Apl. 14th, 1919
3515 Mark LODGE Mary J. Lodge, mother Catalina G.S.W., L. Arm 20/1/117. Disch. permanently unfit October 15th, 1918.
3704 Fred. H. GULLAGE Geo. Gullage, father Catalina Disch. 20/4/19
3768 Whit. HOLLOWAY Mrs. W. Holloway, wife Greenspond G.S.W., L. Wrist, mild, Apr. 19/18. Demob. approved 6/4/19
3839 Dol. J. STUCKLESS Mrs. Emma Watkins, mother Comfort Cove, N.D.B. Wounded Apr. 13/18, later reported missing same date. Presumed dead Nov. 9/18
5200 Jas. THORNHILL Ambrose Thornhill, father Little B.E. Demob. U.K. June 10/19
3439 Wm. BARNES Rich. Barnes, father English Hr., T.B. Demob. 27/4/19
3471 J.C. BUTT Mrs.Moses Butt, mother Henley Hr., Lab. G.S.W., R. Leg 15/8/17. G.S.W., Chest 2/12/17. Disch. med. unfit 3/9/18
3542 Fred J. WHITE Robt. White, father Princeton, B.B. Killed in Action 3/12/17
3566 John PRINCE Saml. Prince, father Princeton, B.B. Demobilised 10/3/19
3525 Alf. E. QUINTON Alfred Quinton, father Southern Bay, B.B. Adm. Jensen Camp 13/6/17. Died 27/6/17
3703 Geo. POMEROY Wm. Pomeroy, father Catalina Missing 3/12/17. Reported P. of W. 13/2/18. Discharged Med. unfit 20/12/18
3702 Harry BLUNDON Theo. Blundon, father Catalina G.S.W. L. Arm, severe 15/4/18. Discharged 3/7/19
3558 Geo. PIKE Mary Cater, mother Grand Falls G.S.W. Chest, 30/9/17, G.S.W. Knee, 13/4/18. Rptd. Hqrs. 1/6/19
5161 E.J. THORNHILL Geo. Thornhill, father Little Bay Islands Demob. Appvd. 20/6/19
3437 Gilbert IVANY (2nd Lieut) Wm. Ivany, father English Hr., T.B. G.S.W. R. Hand, severe, 10/10/17. Retired 11/3/19
3398 H.W. QUINTON (2nd Lieut.) Jacob Quinton, father Red Cliffe, B.B. Retired Mar. 11/19 (see photo below)

2nd Lt. H.W. Quinton
2nd Lt. H.W. Quinton

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