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Newfoundlanders who served in the Canadian Army during WW I

Name Birth Date Residence Next of Kin
NOLAN, Michael Bendy 28 Jul 1896 Fox Harbour, Placentia, Newfoundland Mrs Marggie Nolan
NOSEWORTHY, Leonard 06 Aug 1896 Manuels, Newfoundland Lena Noseworthy
NOSEWORTHY, Robert 22 Nov 1878 Conception Bay, Newfoundland Annie Hatting
O'BRIEN, James 25 Sep 1888 St. John's, Newfoundland Denis Joseph Conway
O'BRIEN, Lawrence 28 Dec 1893 Placentia, Newfoundland James O'Brien
ORGAN, John 05 Aug 1896 Isle Aux Mort, Newfoundland Mrs Annie Organ
PARMITER, Reginald Clarence 05 Mar 1896 St. John'ss, Newfoundland William Parmiter
PARROTT, William Charles 26 Sep 1895 Petley, Newfoundland Samuel Parrott
PARSONS, Joseph 15 Aug 1876 St. John's, Newfoundland William Parsons
PAYN, William Edgar Duder [Ned] 22 Sep 1892 St. John's, Newfoundland William and Jessie Payn
PAYNE, George Frederick 06 Apr 1890 Whitburn, Newfoundland John Payne
PETTEN, Harry 21 Jan 1892 Kelligrews, Newfoundland Mrs Mariam Petten
PORTER, William 15 Sep 1897 Conception Bay, Newfoundland Mrs Helen Porter
POWER, Steward Pasco 09 Apr 1898 Adams Cove C.B., Newfoundland Mrs Leah Power
PYNN, Alfred 20 Nov 1893 Quirpon, St Barbe, Newfoundland Mary Pynn
PYNN, Amos 27 Oct 1888 Silver Dale Newfoundland Leo Pynn
QUINTON, Leslie 22 Jul 1897 Sutherland Bay, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland James Quinton
REID, Bert 23 Sep 1898 Clarks Beach, C.B. Newfoundland Mrs. Archibald Susannah Reid
RENOUD, Peter Maxwell 1895 Cape St. George, Newfoundland William Renoud
RIDDLE, Hurbert 24 Nov 1897 Newfoundland, Victoria Village Mrs Annie Riddle
RONAN, Joseph 20 Dec 1899 Adams Cove, C.B, Newfoundland Mrs Jane Ronan
RONAYNE, Patrick 07 Aug 1899 Tors Cove, Newfoundland Pierce Ronayne
ROSE, Archie 10 Dec 1889 Perrys Cove Carbonear, Nfld Thomas Rose
RUSSEL, George 12 Mar 1898 Victoria Village, Carbonear, Nfld Thomas Russell
RUSSELL, Henry William 01 Jan 1899 Bay Roberts East Conception Bay Nfld Mr J Parsons
RUSSELL, James 01 Aug 1870 Bay Roberts, Newfoundland Albert Russell
RYAN, Patrick 22 Feb 1896 Salmonier, New Bridge, Nfld Sarah Ryan
RYANS, John Hudson 28 Dec 1896 Adams Cove, C.B., Newfoundland Mr Phillip Ryans
SCLATER, Walter Hunter 23 Jan 1890 Topsail Road, St. John's Newfoundland Margaret Mary S Kinger
SCOTT, Herbert 06 Dec 1894 East Bay, Fortune, Newfoundland Samuel Scott
SEXTON, Stewart 11 Aug 1896 Bonavista, Newfoundland Lu Sexton
SIMMS, Isabel May 01 Apr 1885 St. John's, Newfoundland Mrs J S Simms
SKAHAN, William James 17 Oct 1877 St. John's, Newfoundland Mrs Mary Frances Hand
SLOAN, John Joseph 08 Oct 1883 West St. John's, Newfoundland Catherine Sloan
SMITH, Theopohlis 07 Aug 1898 Green's Hr, T.B., Newfoundland Mrs Emma Smith
SMITH, William James 17 Oct 1896 Greens Harbor, T.B., Newfoundland Mrs Emma Smith
SNELGROVE, Samuel 09 Dec 1896 St. John's, Newfoundland Fred Snelgrove
SNOW, Edward Joseph 16 Jun 1889 Harbor Grace, Newfoundland William Snow
SNOW, Walter Henry 07 Aug 1892 St. John's, Newfoundland Mr Everett T Snow
THOMAS, Walter 10 Mar 1897 St. John's's Newfoundland Stevenson Joseph Stevenson
STICKLAND, William 17 Jul 1885 Channel, Newfoundland Emanuel Stickland
STOCKLEY, Gordon 16 Sep 1892 Twillingate, Newfoundland Mrs Basheba Stockley
TEMPLETON, Gordon Stewart 12 Mar 1885 Belleoram, Newfoundland Mrs Elizabeth Templeton
THOMAS, William 09 Sep 1899 Carbonear, Newfoundland Mrs Annie Thomas
THORNE, George 26 Feb 1899 Thornle, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland Willian J Thorne
TOBIN, John Joseph 17 Jun 1890 Habour Grace, Newfoundland Miss Alice Tobin
TOBIN, Patrick 11 May 1894 Ship Cove, Newfoundland Thomas Tobin
TOBIN, Samuel 28 Jun 1901 Main River, Bay St. George, Nfld William Tobin
TUCKER, Ebenezer 08 Jul 1892 Winterton, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland John Tucker
WALSH, Richard 09 Jun 1887 Holyrood C.B., Newfoundland Mrs Margaret Walsh
WILTON, Daniel 20 Sep 1896 Woody Point, Bombay, Newfoundland Elizabeth Wilton
WISEMAN, Llewlyn 29 Sep 1898 Heart Delight, Newfoundland Mrs Edith Maria Wiseman
WOODEN, Robert 19 Dec 1897 Grand Bank, Newfoundland Thomas Wooden
WRIXON, John 04 Nov 1896 Epworth, Burin, Newfoundland Mrs Jessie Wrixon
YOUNG, George 29 Jul 1890 Carbonear, Newfoundland Maggie Young

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