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Newfoundlanders who served in the Canadian Army during WW I

Name Birth Date Residence Next of Kin
JACKMAN, James 22 Mar 1894 St John's, Newfoundland Philip Jackman
JANES, Howard Le Roy 22 Jul 1896 St. John's, Newfoundland Mary Janes
JANES, Robert Bond 04 Mar 1893 Grand Bank, Newfoundland Widow Lily Janes
JEANS, Robert Roland 14 Oct 1896 Greenpond, Bonivista, Newfoundland Mrs Emma Jeans
JESSEAU, William Jerome 16 Jan 1895 Bay of Islands, Newfoundland William Jerome Jesseau Sr
JESSO, James 22 Jul 1892 St Georges, Newfoundland Annie Jesso
JOY, Walter 26 Oct 1896 Holyrood, C.B., Newfoundland John Joy
KELLY, William 04 Aug 1890 Thor Bay North Side, Newfoundland William Kelly
LACY, Donald 05 Nov 1894 Clark's Beach, Newfoundland Mrs James Lacy
LAITE, Albert 17 Dec 1892 Britania, Smiths Sound, Newfoundland Mrs Jane Laite
LAKE, Hubert MacDonald 24 Dec 1894 Fortune Burin District, Newfoundland John E Lake
LANGER, John 09 Jan 1897 Hearts Desire, T.B. Newfoundland William Langer
LAWRENCE, George Robert 06 Apr 1893 Burgeo, Newfoundland Mrs Sarah Lawrence
LEE, Bernard 20 Sep 1897 St. Mary's, Newfoundland John Lee
LEE, Harry 04 Nov 1896 St. Mary's, Newfoundland John Lee
LEE, William Thomas 09 Nov 1898 Carbonear, C.B., Newfoundland Mrs Mary Lee
LeMOINE, John 30 Apr 1896 Port-aux-Basque, Newfoundland Florence Lemoine
LeMOINE, Joseph 18 Jun 1898 Cape St. George, Newfoundland Mr E Lemoine
LIDSTONE, Walter John 28 Nov 1896 St. John's, Newfoundland William Lidstone
LLOYD, May Grace Theodora 13 May 1887 "Weston", Topsail Rd. St. John's, Newfoundland Mrs G B Lloyd
LOCKE, Clayton Victor 21 Jul 1898 Lushes Bight, Newfoundland Mr Phily Locke
LUBY, Christopher Oct 1899 St John's, Newfoundland Andrew Luby
LYNCH, George Patrick 28 Jul 1893 St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Patrick Lynch
MacKAY, Edgar Leslie 23 Nov 1895 Channel, Newfoundland H H MacKay
MALONEY, Edward 10 Nov 1892 St. John's, Newfoundland Mrs Johanna Maloney
MALONEY, Thos 09 Oct 1897 Baybulls, Newfoundland Thomas Maloney
MARTIN, William   Harbor Grace, Newfoundland Mrs Belle Martin
MASON, Joseph William 14 Dec 1895 Avondale, Newfoundland Mary Mason
MAY, Clemeth 06 Nov 1893 Botwood, Newfoundland Charles May
MAYE, Andrew 18 Feb 1894 St. John's, Newfoundland Mrs Michael Maye
MAYO, John Henry 25 Oct 1881 Fortune Bay, Burin Des, Nfld John Lake Mayo
McCARTHY, Michael 27 Aug 1889 Bay of Islands Newfoundland Annie McCarthy
McCARTY, Martin 31 Jul 1897 Marystown Newfoundland Elizabeth McCarty
McDONALD, Allan Dan 06 Mar 1899 Little River, Cordry, Newfoundland Angus McDonald
McEACHERN, Hugh Benedict 04 Mar 1896 Highlands, Bay St, George, Nfld Margaret Gale
McISAAC, Angus Joseph 22 Jun 1897 Little River, Newfoundland Mrs Angus McIsaac
McNEIL, Dan 20 Mar 1894 Grand River, Codroy, Newfoundland Jessie McNeil
MEANEY, John Thomas 26 Jul 1891 Avondale, Newfoundland Edward Meaney
MENCHIONS, George Willis 20 Apr 1897 Bishops Cove, C.B., Newfoundland Eliza Jane Menchions
MERCER, Herbert 05 Mar 1894 Barineed Long Beach Lond, Nfld Thomas Mercer
MERCER, Thomas 05 Nov 1893 Beaver Cove, Nfld Notre Dame George Mercer
MILMO, James 17 Jun 1887 Holyrood, Newfoundland Matt Milmo
MORGAN, Robert 26 Oct 1892 Seal Cove Conception Bay, Nfld Harriett Morgan
MORGAN, Sam 21 Jan 1895 Seal Cove Conception Bay Nfld John Morgan
MORRELL, William Francis 15 Oct 1899 Port Au Port, Newfoundland Delia Morrell
MORRISSEY, John James 09 Oct 1896 Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Patrick Morrissey
MORRISSEY, William 28 Sep 1893 Holyrood, Newfoundland, Canada Mrs Mary Morrissey
MOSS, John 24 Apr 1887 Grand Falls, Newfoundland Mrs Mary Moss
MOULAND, Clayton 01 Mar 1899 Bonavista, Newfoundland Mrs Catherine Mouland
MOULTON, James 18 Nov 1897 Grand Banks, Newfoundland Lydia Moulton
MULLALLY, John 08 Dec 1897 Bonavista, Newfoundland William Mullally
MULLINS, Frank 31 Oct 1894 St. John's, Newfoundland Bridge Mullins
MURPHY, Fredrick 06 Dec 1892 St. John's, Newfoundland Mrs Esther Murphy
MURPHY, James 15 Nov 1897 Placentia, Newfoundland Mrs Rachael Carrigan
MYERS, James 19 Jun 1898 Harbour, Main, C.B., Newfoundland James Myers

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