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Newfoundlanders who served in the Canadian Army during WW I

Name Birth Date Residence Next of Kin
DAVIS, Edward 27 Jan 1899 St. Mary's, Newfoundland William Davis
DAY, John Thomas 03 Feb 1884 Champneys Arm, T.B., Newfoundland Samuel Day
DERMIEDY, John 26 Dec 1885 Little Placentia, Newfoundland Mary Fowler
DEVEAUX, Chas 25 Nov 1899 Searston, Newfoundland Ellen Deveaux
DIAMOND, Leonard 01 Aug 1894 Adams Cove C.B., Newfoundland Mrs Sarah Diamond
DORAN, Michael Francis 12 Oct 1885 St. John's, Newfoundland Miss Mary Doran
DRISCOLL, Absalom 05 Nov 1891 New Melbourne, Newfoundland Elsie Ann Driscoll
DUBE, Theophile 04 May 1898 St. George's, Newfoundland Theophile Dube
DUCY, Michael Patrick 12 Nov 1891 Marystown, Newfoundland Michael Ducy
EDGECOMBE, George 30 Sep 1893 St. John's, Newfoundland Amelia Edgecombe
EDMONDS, Herbert 14 Dec 1897 St. John's, Newfoundland Mrs Susanna Edmonds
FAREWELL, John 30 Aug 1895 Burin, Newfoundland Mrs Caroline Murley
FENWICK, Charles Philip 10 Jul 1891 St. John's, Newfoundland Mark Fenwick
FEWER, Lucas 27 Nov 1897 Harbor Maine, Newfoundland John Fewer
FITZPATRICK, Guss 27 Nov 1888 Bay Roberts, Newfoundland Helen Fitzpatrick
FLEMING, William 17 Feb 1895 St Vincent, St Marys Bay, Newfoundland Mrs John Caroline Fleming
FOLEY, Patrick 15 Aug 1879 St Bride's, Newfoundland Mrs D Foley
FOOT, Levi 12 Mar 1898 Burin, Newfoundland Susan Foot
FOOTE, George 11 Jun 1893 Carbonear, Newfoundland John C Foote
FORSEY, George Aaron 27 Dec 1896 Grand Bank, Newfoundland Mrs Selena Forsey
FOWLER, Michael 01 Mar 1883 Rosters Lane, Newfoundland Minnie Fitzgerald
FOWLOW, Norman S. 13 Jan 1897 St. John's, Newfoundland Mrs Mary Ann Fowlow
FRENCH, William John 29 Jul 1896 Bay Roberts, Newfoundland Mrs Sarah French
GABRIEL, Joseph 27 Sep 1896 Stephenville, Newfoundland Andrew Gabriel
GARDNER, Alexander Llewellyn 15 Jan 1890 Britania Cove, T.B., Newfoundland Mary Gardner
GEAR, Ernest 24 Jun 1888 St. John's, Newfoundland [Regt # 35417] Henry Gear
GILLIS, Daniel Hugh 30 Mar 1893 Highlands, Newfoundland D H Gillis
GOFF, Gregory Ronald 24 Sep 1893 Harbor Grace, Newfoundland Mrs Frances Agnes Sullivan
GOULD, James 03 Jun 1893 Flowers Cove, Strait Belle Isle, Newfoundland Wm Gould
GRACE, Walter 14 Apr 1894 Colliersville, Newfoundland Mrs Margaret Grace
GRAHAM, Thomas William 09 Jun 1892 Duckworth St, St. John's, Newfoundland Mrs Mabel Graham
GREEN, Adolph Gilbert 01 Aug 1897 West Bay, Port of Port Newfoundland Charles Green
GREENE, James 08 Apr 1889 Red Island, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland Joseph Greene
GREENING, LevI 02 Oct 1894 Wabana, Newfoundland Alexander Greening
GRIFFITHS, Michael John 24 Jun 1897 Fox Harbor, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland Mr Thomas Griffiths
HAINES, Robert John 23 Sep 1899 Jamestown, B. Bay, Newfoundland Mrs R Haines
HANRAHAN, Edmund Dowsley 25 May 1897 Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Dr T Hanrahan
HARRIS, William 25 Dec 1886 New Hill Bay Trinity, Newfoundland Mrs Emna Harris
HAWCO, Lewis 05 Mar 1898 Chapel's Cove, Newfoundland Thomas J Hawco
HAYES, Thomas 23 Oct 1882 St. John's, Newfoundland Edward Hayes
HEFFERNAN, John 03 Oct 1897 Goulds, Newfoundland Michael Heffernan
HERON, Robert 29 Oct 1891 Rose Blanche, Newfoundland Adolphus Heron
HIGDON, Hubert 11 Oct 1893 New Harbour, T.B. Newfoundland Martin Higdon
HIGGINS, John Gilbert 01 May 1891 St. John's, Newfoundland Mrs Hannah Higgins
HILLIER, Tom Newton 14 Jun 1892 Fortune, Newfoundland Mrs Catherine Hillier
HODDER, Edwin Charles 20 Nov 1892 Bishop Falls, Newfoundland John Hodder
HODDER, George 02 Apr 1897 Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland George Hodder
HOPKINS, Albert 03 Feb 1898 Greens Harbour, T.B., Newfoundland Maria Hopkins
HUDSON, Harry Cecil Dec 1893 Adams Cove, C.B., Newfoundland Julia Anne Hudson
HYNES, James 04 Jul 1873 Fortune Harbor, Newfoundland Mrs J. Martin
HYNES, Thomas 05 Mar 1890 St. John's, Newfoundland Mrs Richard Power

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