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Muster Roll for 31 January 1797, St. Johnís, Newfoundland

Contributed by John Murrans


PRO Ė W.O. 10/306


The Company commanded by Major Thomas R. Charleton in the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Artillery. The company arrived in Newfoundland in August 1789 and went back to the UK in October 1819. At the time roll taken there were 18 in Placentia, 7 in England and 6 in Fort Amherst.

Rank Given Names Surname Place of Birth
Captain Thomas R. CHARLETON  
Capt.Lieut Lucius O'BRIEN England
1st Lieut H.R. DRAKE  
1st Lieut Clive NICOLLS  
Sergent Robert LOMAX  
Sergent Daniel RIELEY Fort Amherst
Sergent John ROSS  
Sergent John SIMMS England
Corporal Samuel CURIONG Placentia
Corporal Christopher DENT  
Corporal John RANIE England
Corporal John WILSON  
Bombardier James ANDERSON  
Bombardier John DAVIDSON Fort Amherst
Bombardier John FORBES  
Bombardier David HODGSON England
Bombardier Sampson LEES England
Bombardier William TORRIE  
Gunner James ACKYORD Guard
Gunner William ALLEN Fort Amherst
Gunner Allen ANDERSON  
Gunner Edward ANDERSON Signal Hill
Gunner Harry ANSWORTH  
Gunner Cornelius BARRON Sick
Gunner Matthew BAXTER Placentia
Gunner William BEAN Placentia
Gunner James BIDEN Placentia
Gunner William BINKLEY Fort Amherst
Gunner William BROWN  
Gunner John BURNS  
Gunner John CLEMENT  
Gunner Gregory COCHRAN  
Gunner John COCHRAN  
Gunner Charles COOK Placentia
Gunner Mark COXSON  
Gunner Thomas DAILY  
Gunner James DAULTON  
Gunner Peter DOYLE Guard
Gunner Michael DUNN  
Gunner Danial ENDWICK  
Gunner William EVENDEN  
Gunner Davidson GARMINSWAY  
Gunner George GEAREY  
Gunner Benjemin GIBBS  
Gunner James GRAY  
Gunner Charles HAPGOOD  
Gunner James HARRIS  
Gunner William HEFFERIN  
Gunner Charles HUGHES Pension
Gunner Benjemin JACOBS  
Gunner Patrick KEATING Placentia
Gunner James KELLEY  
Gunner John KENNY Chainrock
Gunner Robert KEY Fort Amherst
Gunner John LAMB Placentia
Gunner Robert MANN Placentia
Gunner John MARSH Guard
Gunner Thomas MARSHALL  
Gunner Patrick MARTIN Sick
Gunner Alex MacDONALD  
Gunner Jacob MOREY  
Gunner John MORRIS  
Gunner Andrew MOSSMAN  
Gunner Daniel MURREN on Roll 5 Dec.1796
Gunner William NOBLE Placentia
Gunner William PHELAN Placentia
Gunner John POPE  
Gunner James PORTER Placentia
Gunner Richard PURCELL  
Gunner Robert RADFORD  
Gunner John RATTVIE  
Gunner Morris REECH Placentia
Gunner John REYNOLDS Signal Hill
Gunner John ROSE Placentia
Gunner Michael SAXTON Sick
Gunner John SHEA  
Gunner Patrick SHAY  
Gunner Richard SHEA Placentia
Gunner Peter SHARLOCK Placentia
Gunner Robert SINDEN Placentia
Gunner Francis SMILIE  
Gunner Thomas SMITH Fort Amherst
Gunner William ST. JOHN  
Gunner Thomas TEE  
Gunner John WALKER England
Gunner John WALL Placentia
Gunner Thomas WHITTLE Placentia
Gunner William WILLIAMS  
Gunner Peter WISEMAN  
Drummer John CUMING  
Drummer Thomas Rich LIVINGSTONE  
Drummer James STEVENSON England

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