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Newfoundland Directory 1936

Containing an Alphabetically arranged Directory and Street Directory
of the City of St. John's and an Alphabetically arranged Directory of the
Districts of the Island

Also a complete Classified Business Directory of Newfoundland
including an Alphabetically arranged Map of District Towns with
their location

Copyright 1936

Newfoundland Directories, Geo H. Andrews, Proprietor

Printed and Published by Newfoundland Directories
( George H Andrews Printer and Publisher)

Water Street St John's, Newfoundland



St. George's Bay District

Surname Given Name Occupation
ALEXANDER Andrew frmr
ALEXANDER Charles frmr
ALEXANDER Fredk carp
ALEXANDER Henry frmr
ALEXANDER James A frmr
ALEXANDER James D frmr
ALEXANDER John of Joseph frmr
ALEXANDER Joseph A frmr
ALEXANDER Joseph J frmr
ALEXANDER Norman frmr
ALEXANDER Samuel frmr
ALEXANDER Samuel H frmr
ALEXANDER Telesphore (?) frmr
ALEXANDER Mrs W. Y. postmitress
AUCOIN Adolph frmr
AUCOIN Elias frmr
AUCOIN Mrs Elizabeth A wid
AUCOIN Mrs Elizabeth P wid
AUCOIN George frmr
AUCOIN John frmr
AUCOIN John L painter
AUCOIN Joseph L frmr
AUCOIN Joseph O frmr
AUCOIN Leo frmr
AUCOIN Martin frmr
AUCOIN Mrs Mary H wid
AUCOIN Severn (?) frmr
AUCOIN Simeon frmr
AUCOIN William frmr
AUCOIN John frmr
AUCOIN Karl frmr
BENNETT Stanley sawmill owner
BENNETT Mrs Viola wid
BENOIT Alfred frmr
BENOIT Charles Jr frmr
BENOIT Chas M frmr
BENOIT Cornelius frmr
BENOIT Miss Eileen R C tchr
BENOIT James frmr
BENOIT John B frmr
BENOIT Joseph frmr
BENOIT Luke frmr
BENOIT Michael frmr
BENOIT Michael C frmr
BENOIT patrick frmr
BENOIT Stnley frmr
BENOIT William frmr
BERRY Arthur frmr
BERRY Charles frmr
BERRY Patrick frmr
BERRY Richard frmr
BERRY William frmr
BOURGEOIS Clement carp
BOURGEOIS Dominic carp
BOURGEOIS Fredk carp
BOURGEOIS Fredk M carp
BOURGEOIS Gabriel carp
BOURGEOIS Mrs Harriett wid
BOURGEOIS James frmr
BOURGEOIS Marcella carp
BOURGEOIS Martin frmr
BOURGEOIS Peter frmr
BOURGEOIS WSalter frmr
CORMIER Benj frmr
CORMIER Mrs Catherine wid
CORMIER Charles frmr
CORMIER Euzeb D. (sic) frmr
CORMIER Euzeb R. (sic) frmr
CORMIER Harold frmr
CORMIER Joseph frmr
CORMIER Narcisse frmr
CORMIER Patrick frmr
CORMIER Roderick frmr
CORMIER Thomas genl mer
CORMIER Vincent frmr
CORMIER William frmr
DOLLARD Frank frmr
DOLALRD George frmr
DOLLARD Joseph frmr
DOLALRD Richard frmr
DOLLARD Mrs Susan wid
DOUCETTE Daniel frmr
DOUCETTE Felix frmr
DOUCETTE John T frmr
DOUCETTE Mrs Margaret wid
DOWNEY Mrs Edith wid
DOWNEY Justin frmr
GABRIEL Clem frmr
GABRIEL Edward frmr
GABRIEL Frederick frmr
GABRIEL Gordan frmr
GABRIEL John frmr
GABRIEL Mrs Julia wid
GABRIEL Lawrence frmr
GABRIEL Mrs Lucy wid
GABRIEL Norman frmr
GABRIEL Prime frmr
GABRIEL Richard frmr
GABRIEL Stanley frmr
GABRIEL Vincent frmr
GABRIEL Walter frmr
GABRIEL William frmr
GALLANT Andrew mail courier
GALLANT Arsene F frmr
GALLANT Arsene V genl mer and hotel prop
GALLANT Miss Dola Rose tchr RC School
GALLANT Gerard A. frmr
GALLANT Hubert frmr
GALLANT John frmr
GALLANT Joseph carp
GALLANT Miss Mercedes tchr RC School
GALLANT Stephen frmr
GALLANT Stephen J frmr
GAUDET Adel frmr
GAUDET Aloysius frmr
GAUDET Clement frmr
GAUDET Fredk frmr
GAUDET John frmr
GAUDET John F frmr
GAUDET Martin frmr
GAUDET Matthew frmr
GAUDET Octave carp
GAUDET Walter frmr
GAUDON Alfred frmr
GAUDON Amedee frmr
GAUDON Chas frmr
GAUDON Mrs Elizabeth E wid
GAUDON Frank frmr
GAUDON Fredk frmr
GAUDON Gordon frmr
GAUDON Joseph frmr
GAUDON Joseph Ed frmr
GAUDON Miss Magdalen tchr RC School
GAUDON Medrick frmr
GAUDON Michael frmr
GAUDON Patk frmr
GAUDON Paul frmr
GAUDON Peter frmr
GAUDON Saml frmr
GAUDON Walter frmr
GAUDON Wm frmr
LANEY Ed frmr
LANEY J B genl mer
McLEAN Alex frmr
McLEAN Donald frmr
McLEAN Harold frmr
McLEAN John frmr
McLEOD Mrs Elizabeth wid
MADORE Adolph frmr
MADORE Chas frmr
MADORE Henry frmr
MADORE John frmr
MADORE Nath frmr
MADORE Saml frmr
MARCH Mrs Adeline wid
MARCH Mrs Clara wid
MARCH Gerald frmr
MARCH John E frmr
MARCH Louis frmr
MARCH Michael frmr
MARCH Milliage frmr
MARCH Stanley frmr
MARCH Walter frmr
MARCH Wm frmr
MARCH Wm frmr
O'BRIEN Michael frmr
O'NEIL John frmr
O'QUINN Joseph V genl mer
PARSONS Bernard frmr
ROSE Thos frmr
ROSE Wm frmr
RUSSELL Augustus frmr
RUSSELL Celestine frmr
RUSSELL Harold frmr
RUSSELL Joseph carp
RUSSELL Mrs Margaret wid
RUSSELL Norbert frmr
RUSSELL Peter frmr
RUSSELL Thaddeus frmr
RUSSELL Vincent frmr
SCHUMPH David frmr
SCHUMPH Simon frmr
SIMON Mrs Agnes wid
SIMON Albert Y frmr
SIMON Harold frmr
SIMON John frmr
SIMON Wm frmr
THOMAS Alfred frmr
WHITE Aiden frmr
WHITE Albert D frmr
WHITE Albert G frmr
WHITE Alovsius (sic) frmr
WHITE Andrew frmr
WHITE Angus frmr
WHITE Austin frmr
WHITE Chas A frmr
WHITE Chas D frmr
WHITE Chas L frmr
WHITE Chas W frmr
WHITE Columbus frmr
WHITE David E frmr
WHITE Euzeb A (sic) frmr
WHITE Felix L frmr
WHITE Francis I frmr
WHITE Francis O frmr
WHITE Henry I frmr
WHITE Herbert frmr
WHITE Herbert H frmr
WHITE James G frmr
WHITE James J frmr
WHITE James Jr frmr
WHITE James Sr frmr
WHITE James V frmr
WHITE John A frmr
WHITE John frmr
WHITE John of John frmr
WHITE John R frmr
WHITE John Wm frmr
WHITE Joseph frmr
WHITE Joseph Alex frmr
WHITE Joseph M frmr
WHITE Joseph T frmr
WHITE Joseph Wm frmr
WHITE Julia A wid
WHITE Luke frmr
WHITE Mrs Margret wid
WHITE Martin A frmr
WHITE Martin C frmr
WHITE Martin J frmr
WHITE Mrs Marg G wid
WHITE Mrs Mary L wid
WHITE Mattis frmr
WHITE Milliage H frmr
WHITE Morris frmr
WHITE Morris E frmr
WHITE Odell frmr
WHITE Onezieme (sic) carp
WHITE Patk J frmr
WHITE Patk V frmr
WHITE Peter carp
WHITE Richard frmr
WHITE Roderick frmr
WHITE Stanley J frmr
WHITE Stanley L frmr
WHITE Stephen frmr
WHITE Telesphore frmr
WHITE Thaddeus frmr
WHITE Thos frmr
WHITE Venor (sic) frmr
WHITE Vincent frmr
WHITE Walter frmr
WHITE Wm frmr
WHITE Wm H frmr
WHITE Wm J frmr
WHITE Mrs Winnifred wid
YOUNG Alex frmr
YOUNG Fredk frmr
YOUNG Henry frmr
YOUNG Hubert frmr
YOUNG James frmr
YOUNG Michael frmr

This page transcribed by Don Tate (2013)

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