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Newfoundland Directory 1936

Containing an Alphabetically arranged Directory and Street Directory
of the City of St. John's and an Alphabetically arranged Directory of the
Districts of the Island

Also a complete Classified Business Directory of Newfoundland
including an Alphabetically arranged Map of District Towns with
their location

Copyright 1936

Newfoundland Directories, Geo H. Andrews, Proprietor

Printed and Published by Newfoundland Directories
( George H Andrews Printer and Publisher)

Water Street St John's, Newfoundland



St. George's Bay District

Surname Given Name Occupation
ABBOTT & HALIBURTON CO LTD THEgeneral merchants exporters and importers packers ad buyers of fisery products (see advt)
ABBOTT M J slsman The Abbott & Haliburton Co Ltd
ABBOTT Michael F Mer dir The Abbott & Haliburton Co Ltd
ABBOTT Wm H Mer Mgr The Abbott & Haliburton Co Ltd
AUCOIN Derry fshrmn
AUCOIN Peter Jr lab
AUCOIN Peter Sr lab
AUCOIN Stan carp
BATES Miss Ellen tchr
BENOIIT Mrs Jane wid
BENOIT Leonard lab
BENOIT William lab
CAMPBELL Michael genl dlr
CASHIN John F mail courier
COLE John lab
COLE Michael lab
COLE Nicholas lab
COMPANION William pier foreman
COSTARD Ralph lab
DeLOUCH Wm lab
DOUCETTE Ambrose lab
DOUCETTE Augustine lab
DOUCETTE Edward lab
DOUCETTE Euseb (sic) driller
DOUCETTE Hubert driller
DOUCETTE Jeremiah driller
DOUCETTE Martin wtchman
DOUCETTE Onezieme (sic) driller
DOUCETTE Roland driller
DOUCETTE Victor tnsmth
DuBOURDIEU J. F. cooll of cstms
DUFFY James lab
DUFFY Chas fshrmn
DUFFY John trkmn
DUFFY Rory lab
FELIX John fshrmn
FRAMPTON Andrew lab
FURLONG John lab
GALE Neal carp
GILLAM Albert lab
GILLIS Daniel frmr
GILLIS David stable boss
GILLIS John fireman
GILLIS Lawrence lab
GILLIS Mrs Margaret wid
HANN Mrs C wid
HANN Clem lab
HANN John lab
HAWCO Edward driller
HAYWARD Gerald frmr
HAYWARD Stamley frmr
HUNT Israel fshrmn
HUNT John fshrmn
HUNT Joseph fshrmn
HYNES Benj fshrmn
HYNES Cecil tmstr
HYNES Chas store kpr Aguathuna Co-Op Ltd
HYNES Chas driller
HYNES Columbus fshrmn
HYNES Daniel lab
HYNES Fred fshrmn
HYNES Harold clk The Abbott & Haliburton Co Ltd
HYNES Henry frmr
HYNES John A driller
HYNES John E lab
HYNES John R lab
HYNES Miss Mamie teacher
HYNES Martin acct The Abbott & Haliburton Co Ltd
HYNES Mrs Mary wid
HYNES Michael driller
HYNES Norman lab
HYNES Philip fshrmn
HYNES Richard fireman
HYNES Miss Rina (sic) tchr
HYNES Stanislaus acct D I S Co
HYNES Stan R lab
HYNES Wilbert lab
HYNES William C frmr
JOY & CO   genl mer
JOY John L genl mer
KENNY Fred blksmth
LaFITTE Thos fshrmn
LEE Herbert lab
LEE Joseph lab
LEE Lawrence lab
LYVER Patrick lab
LYVER Wm pensioned
McISAAC Andrew lab
McISAAC Angus frmr
McISAAC Mrs Clara wid
McISAAC Daniel frmr
McISAAC Hillary trkmn
McISAAC Jas A clk Abbott Haliburton Co Ltd
McISAAC John Store Kpr Abbott Haliburton Co Ltd
McISAAC Miss Margaret postmistree & opr
McISAAC Palmo (sic) trkmn
McISAAC Richard frmr
McISAAC Wm fshrmn
McLEAN Angus lab
MARCH Alexander frmr
MARCH Aloysius Jr lab
MARCH Aloysius Sr fshrmn
MARCH Angus lab
MARCH Cecil lab
MARCH Dougald lab
MARCH Francis fshrmn
MARCH George fshrmn
MARCH Harold lab
MARCH Mrs Henry wid
MARCH Hugh lab
MARCH James lab
MARTIN (sic) John stonedriller
MARCH Mrs Margaret wid
MARCH Mrs Minnie wid
MARCH Stan lab
MARTIN Jonathan lab
MARTIN Philip lab
MARTIN Thos clk Abbott & Haliburton Co Ltd
MARTIN Walter drill foreman
NEWELL William lab
PARSONS Dougald lab
PIKE Miss M tchr C & E school
ROMAINE Albert frmr & mill owner
ROMAINE Arthur tmstr
ROMAINE Chas frmr
ROMAINE Clarence frmr
ROMAINE Mrs Walter wid
ROWE Albert lab
ROWE Alfred lab
ROWE Anthony logger
ROWE Augustine fshrmn
ROWE James logger
ROWE Joseph lab
ROWE Victor pensioned
SHAW Robert fshrmn
SHEA Albert Acting sergt of police
SKEARD Saml lab
WALSH Timothy lab
WHITE Chas frmr
WHITE Michael carp
YOUNG Andrew lab
YOUNG James lab
YOUNG Walter lab

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