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Newfoundland Directory 1936

Containing an Alphabetically arranged Directory and Street Directory
of the City of St. John's and an Alphabetically arranged Directory of the
Districts of the Island

Also a complete Classified Business Directory of Newfoundland
including an Alphabetically arranged Map of District Towns with
their location

Copyright 1936

Newfoundland Directories, Geo H. Andrews, Proprietor

Printed and Published by Newfoundland Directories
( George H Andrews Printer and Publisher)

Water Street St John's, Newfoundland



Twillingate District

Surname Given Name Occupation
ANSTEY Geo fisherman
ANSTEY Lewis lab
ANSTEY Philip fisherman
BAIRD Austin lab
BAIRD Harold blacksmith
BARRETT Mrs J of A wid
BARRETT John lab
BOYDE Pierce lab
BURT Alex shop keeer
CLARKE Lewis sail maker
COADY Patk branch mgr Bank of Nova Scotia
COLBOURNE A merchant
COOK Mrs Sarah brding hse prop
COOK Mrs S of P wid
CURTIS Frank fisherman
CURTIS Thos fisherman
CURTIS Wilfred fisherman
FACEY Cecil acct Baine Johnson Battle Hr
FACEY Edwin tinsmith
FACEY Silas tinsmith
FIFIELD Alfred fisherman
FIFIELD Mrs E of E wid
FIFIELD Mrs F of E wid
FIFIELD Mrs H of J wid
FIFIELD John fisherman
FIFIELD Levi fisherman
FIFIELD Mrs M of J wid
GARD Geo cooper
HODDER Edgar blacksmith
HAYWARD Ray clk Bank of Nova Scotia
HARBIN Mrs K of Wm wid
HARBIN Mrs O of S wid
HARBIN Miss P Clerk A Manuel
HARNETT Miss R teacher
HARNETT Wm school tchr St P School
HODGE A H Mer Hodge Bros
HODGE BROTHERS importers of dry goods hardware etc exporters of all fishery products Twilingate (see advt)
HODGE C L acct H B
HODGE Miss M music tchr
HOUSE F clk E J Linfield
HOUSE Fred postmaster
HOUSE Wm fisherman
HURLEY Roy carp
LAMBERT Cecil fisherman
LAMBERT John fisherman
LAMBERT Ralph fisherman
LINFIELD E J merchant
LINFIELD Mrs S of F wid
LOVERIDGE John acct Ashbourne Ltd
LOVERIDGE Malcolm clerk Baine Johnson Battle Harbour
LOVERIDGE Miss Millicent clerk Baine Johnson Battle Harbour
LOVERIDGE Sid fisherman
LOVERIDGE S mgr Baine Johnson Battle Harbour
LUNNEN A printer Twilingate Sun
LUNNEN Archibald lab
LUNNED Cyril lab
LUNNED Fred lab
LUNNED Mrs L of J wid
NEWMAN Alfred lab
MALEY Saml sheriff
MANDERSON Jas constable
MANUEL Alfred carp
MANUEL Arthur merchant
MANUEL Fred carp
MANUEL J clk A Manuels
MANUEL Roy undertaker
MITCHARD Mrs L of T wid
MOORS Jacob fisherman
MORGAN Miss N dressmkr
MIFFLIN H I mgr Bank of Noa Scotia
PIPPY Jonathan lab
PIPPY John store keeper
POWELL Pierce fisherman
PRESTON Alfred merchant
PRIMMER Robt prop Primmer Hotel
RICE Thos fisherman
ROBERTS Ches acct
ROBERTS F asst magistrate
ROBERTS Mrs L of J W wid
ROBERTS Mrs L of A wid
ROBERTS Miss M music tchr
ROBERTS Mrs N of E wid
ROBERTS Mrs S of W T wid
TWILLINGATE SUN Stewart Roberts publisher printers & publishers Twilingate (see advt)
RICE Mrs Wm wid
SCOTT Mrs A of W J wid
STIRLING Miss G hsehldr
STIRLING Miss R hsehldr
STUCKLESS A fisherman
STUCKLESS Bennett cooper
STUCKLESS Mrs F of S wid
STUCKLESS Frank merchant
STUCKLESS Miss G dressmkr
STUCKLESS Henry fisherman
STUCKLESS Jos fisherman
STUCKLESS Martin cooper
SIMMS Saml fisherman
YATES Paul lab
YOUNG Eli fisherman
YOUNG Robt lab
YOUNG Wm fisherman
WELLS Mrs G of T wid
WELLS Jas lab
WHEELER Ivy clk A Manuel
WHITE Mrs L of J wid
WHITE John T lab
WHITE Mrs of T wid

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