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Newfoundland Directory 1936

Containing an Alphabetically arranged Directory and Street Directory
of the City of St. John's and an Alphabetically arranged Directory of the
Districts of the Island

Also a complete Classified Business Directory of Newfoundland
including an Alphabetically arranged Map of District Towns with
their location

Copyright 1936

Newfoundland Directories, Geo H. Andrews, Proprietor

Printed and Published by Newfoundland Directories
( George H Andrews Printer and Publisher)

Water Street St John's, Newfoundland



St. George's Bay District

Surname Given Name Occupation
CHAFFEY Benj frmr
CHAFFEY Carrol frmr
CHAFFEY Edward frmr
CHAFFEY Eldon frmr
CHAFFEY Fredk frmr
CHAFFEY Geo fshmn
CHAFFEY Howard frmr
CHAFFEY Isaac genl mer
CHAFFEY James genl mer
CHAFFEY Joseph genl mer
CHAFFEY Octavius frmr
CHAFFEY Robt frmr
CHAFFEY Warren frmr
FORTUNE Andrew genl mer
FORTUNE Hubert N frmr
FORTUNE Isaac C frmr
FORTUNE James frmr
FORTUNE Norman frmr
FORTUNE Obadiah frmr
FORTUNE Thos frmr
GILLAM Chas fshrmn
GILLAM Richard T frmr
GILLAM Wm Andrew frmr
HARVEY Bertram frmr
HARVEY Job genl mer
HARVEY Mrs Phoebe wid
HARVEY Richard frmr
HARVEY Thos frmr
HULAN Albert A. frmr
HULAN Arnold E. frmr
HULAN Augustus frmr
HULAN Ford frmr
HULAN Henry frmr
HULAN Leonard Jr  
HULAN Leonard Sr frmr
HULAN Oswald J frmr
HULAN Otto fshrmn
LEGGE Grant frmr
LEGGE Jeffrey B fshrmn
LEGGE Narvel B frmr
LEGGE Salather  
McEACHREN Arch frmr
McEACHREN Cecil frmr
McEACHREN Hugh frmr
McEACHREN John D frmr
MADORE Royal frmr
MADORE Stephen frmr
MORRIS Arthur D  
MORRIS Clyde frmr
MORRIS Herbert frmr
MORRIS James frmr
MORRIS Percival frmr
MORRIS Wm frmr
PARSONS Churchill  
PARSONS Mrs Jane frmr
SHEARS Belman frmr
SHEARS Dudley frmr
SHEARS Geo frmr
SHEARS R. Bissett frmr
SHEARS Mrs Sarah J wid

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