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Bell Island Directory - 1913
AHEY CHARLIE Dry goods, groceries, etc. See adv
ALLEN James miner
ALLEN Martin miner
ALLEN Robert miner
AMERICAN BARGAIN STORE Israel Goldstone & Sons props
ANDREWS John S. foreman
ANTHONY Henry W. miner
ANTHONY John miner
ANTHONY Mrs. Sarah A. No Entry
ARMS REV. W.L. Methodist
ASH George teamster
BADCOCK George timekeeper
BARNES John E. electrican
BARNES Walter foreman
BARRETT Charles miner
BARRETT David miner
BARRETT George miner
BARRETT James miner
BARRETT James H. No Entry
BARRETT John miner
BARRETT Josiah road foreman
BARRETT Philip blaster
BARRETT Roger foreman
BARRETT William driller
BARTLETT Bartholemew miner
BARTLETT Isaac carpenter
BARTLETT Malcolm teamster
BASHA Abraham grocer
BASHA Benjamin photographer
BASHA Elias No Entry
BASHA John grocer
BASHA JOSEPH of Joseph Basha & Son
BASHA JOSEPH & SON general dealers
BATTEN Nathaniel teamster
Bell Island Steamship Co J.B. Martin mgr
BENNETT Abraham engineer
BENNETT Alexander farmer
BENNETT EDWARD general dealer see adv opp
BENNETT Mrs. Jessie No Entry
BENNETT John retired
BENNETT JOHN H dealer in dry goods, groceries, provisions, etc. see adv
BENNETT Oliver carpenter
BENNETT Oliver farmer
BENNETT Reuben engineer
BENNETT William farmer
BERSON BERNARD general dealer and importer see adv page 462
BERTEAU Francis F. Sub Collector H M Customs
BICKFORD Edward miner
BICKFORD Edward farmer
BICKFORD Edward miner
BICKFORD Henry engineer
BICKFORD Henry T miner
BICKFORD Hugh miner
BICKFORD Joseph miner
BICKFORD Mark miner
BICKFORD Naomi No Entry
BICKFORD Reuben miner
BICKFORD Samuel No Entry
BICKFORD Theodore miner
BICKFORD William miner
BILLINGSBY William F. salesman
BISHOP Robert teamster
BLACKMORE Edgar miner
BLACKMORE Elijah driller
BLACKMORE Elijah foreman
BLACKMORE George driller
BLACKMORE Henry No Entry
BLACKMORE Herbert miner
BLACKMORE John B. engine driver
BLACKMORE Stephen foreman
BLACKWOOD Thomas prospector
BOWDING James farmer
BOWDING Michael fireman
BOWDING Patrick foreman
BOWDRING Edward teamster
BOWDRING Mrs. Jane No Entry
BOWDRING John carpenter
BOWDRING M foreman
BOWDRING Robert engineer
BOWE George miner
BOWE William miner
BOWN THOS A. mgr Dominion Iron & Steel Co
BRADBURY Edward carpenter
BRANSFIELD Thomas electrican
BRIEN James miner
BRIEN Richard drill foreman
BRIEN Thomas miner
BROWN Ambrose bellman
BROWN George foreman
BROWN Hector miner
BROWN James miner
BROWN John miner
BROWN John miner
BROWN Mathew loader
BROWN Michael ship loader
BROWN Patrick farmer
BUCHANAN Hugh engineer
BUCKLE Alfred fisherman
BUDGET Albert foreman
BUGDEN Richard miner
BUMHAN Ralph surveyor
BURKE Fred storekeeper
BURKE Norbert M. salesman
BURNS Michael miner
BURSELL Albert engineer
BURSEY John driller
BURTON Josiah builder
BUTLER Edward miner
BUTLER Jabez farmer
BUTLER James R. grocer
BUTLER John K. electrican
BUTLER Richard traveling salesman
BUTLER Robert miner
BUTT George miner
BUTT John miner
BUTT John miner
BUTT John W. carpenter
BUTT Joseph miner
BYRNE James miner
CAHILL Alfred hoister
CAHILL Martin electrican
CAHILL Michael machinist
CAHILL Wm electrican
CALLAHAN Harry miner
CARBAGE Abraham shop keeper
CARBAGE MICHAEL general dealer see adv
CARNOCHON William L. physican
CARROLL John shoemaker
CARROLL Patrick foreman
CAVE Jessie miner
CHISHOLM Duncan foreman carpenter
CLEARY Andrew donkey driver
CLEARY Daniel miner
CLEARY George teamster
CLEARY Michael No Entry
CLEMENS Thomas carpenter
CLEMENS William postmaster
CLUTE Daniel miner
CLUTE Martin teamster
COCHRANE Mrs. Martha No Entry
COBEN Nathan grocer, etc No Entry
COLBOURNE John supt Pier
COLE James pipefitter
COLE John miner
COLE Samuel donkey driver
COLLELLY John foreman
CONNERAN Mrs. Margaret No Entry
CONNORS James timekeeper
CONNORS John supt pier
CONNORS Michael farmer
CONNORS William foreman
CONVEY Thomas surveyor
CORBETT Henry iron framer
COSTELLO James bellman
COSTELLO Patrick engineer
COSTIGAN Richard J. tidewaiter
COX Jacob B sergeant police
CRANN John driller
CRAWLEY James foreman
CRAWLEY John engineer
CROTTY James machinist
CUMMINGS (sic) Anthony shoveller
CUMMINS John farmer
CUMMINS John miner
CUMMINS Moses farmer
CUMMINS Richard farmer
CURREN John F. foreman
CURTIS Michael spragger
CUSINE M.J. merchant
DALTON Mrs. Catherine No Entry
DALTON Frederick miner
DALTON William roadmaker
DART Andrew driller
DAVIS Allan No Entry
DAVIS Arthur teamster
DAVIS John foreman
DAVIS John carpenter
DAVIS Mrs. Margaret No Entry
DAVIS Robert storekeeper
DAWE John miner
DELAHENTY Francis miner
DELAHENTY James miner
DELAHENTY Linke miner
DELANEY William carpenter
DENNIBY Daniel foreman
DICKS Albert miner
DICKS Moses woodworker
DICKSON George L. elect engineer
DOBBIN David messenger
DOBBIN David, jr car gripper
DOBBIN Thomas deckheader
DOHERTY John foreman
DOHERTY John, jr miner
DONAHIEN Jeremiah driller
DOOLING Daniel laborer
DOOLING Patrick carpenter
DOYLE Peter photographer
DOYLE Walter miner
DROVER Archibald miner
DROHAN Ferdinand foreman
DROVER John miner
DRYDEN James miner
DUNN Matthew driller
DWYER Mrs. Ann No Entry
DWYER Mrs. Bridget No Entry
DWYER Daniel cabman
DWYER Denis foreman
DWYER Edward engineer
DWYER Edward teamster
DWYER Edward track layer
DWYER Edward stableman
DWYER James driller
DWYER James engineer
DWYER John track layer
DWYER John farmer
DWYER John laborer
DWYER John foreman
DWYER John farmer
DWYER John engineer
DWYER Joseph woodworker
DWYER Mrs. Margaret No Entry
DWYER Martin driller
DWYER Mrs. Mary A. No Entry
DWYER Michael driller
DWYER Michael farmer
DWYER Philip foreman
DWYER Richard cabman
DWYER Robert miner
DWYER Thomas No Entry
DWYER Thomas farmer
DWYER Thos P. farmer
DWYER Wm. engineer
EAGAN John T baker
EAGAN John, jr miner
EAGAN Luke miner
EARLE William woodworker
EUPHRADES Steamship Co. F. MacNamara mgr
EZEKIEL Peter teamster
EZICAL John dynamite foreman
EZICAL Michael shoemaker
EZICAL Michael driller
EZICAL Walter donkey driver
FARNELL William T inspector
FARRELL James J. foreman
FIFIELD James pipefitter
FIFIELD Walter blacksmith
FILYER Abraham driller
FITZGERALD Mrs. Ann No Entry
FITZGERALD Bernard miner
FITZGERALD Mrs. Catherine No Entry
FITZGERALD Mrs. Catherine No Entry
FITZGERALD James farmer
FITZGERALD James farmer
FITZGERALD John driller
FITZGERALD Michael driller
FITZGERALD Patrick farmer
FITZGERALD Patrick foreman
FITZGERALD Peter foreman
FITZGERALD Peter painter
FITZGERALD Peter J. miner
FITZGERALD Richard painter
FITZGERALD Stephen carpenter
FITZGERALD Thomas foreman
FITZGERALD Thomas foreman
FITZGERALD William No Entry
FITZGERALD William miner
FITZPATRICK John engineer
FITZPATRICK William J. electrican
FLYNN James stable-boss
FLYNN Michael engineer
FLYNN Patrick No Entry
FLOOD Patrick engineer
FOOTE Charles storekeeper
FOSTER Richard pumpworker
FOWLER Francis carpenter
FOWLOW Martin miner
FRASER Charles coast clerk
FRASER David A. hauling supt
FRENCH Charles shoemaker
FRENCH William car gripper
FURY John driller
GEANY Samuel mason
GEORGE Alfred foreman
GEORGE Alfred, jr foreman
GEORGE George bellman
GEORGE Jonathan miner
GEORGE William donkey driver
GILLESPIE James asst accountant
GODDEN Samuel storekeeper
GOLDSTONE Harris clerk
GOLDSTONE Henry grocer
GOLDSTONE ISRAEL & SON profs American Bargain Store - see adv
GORMAN Maurice magazine keeper
GOSS Albert miner
GOSS George labourer
GOSSINE Elias merchant
GOSSINE Michael J. merchant
GREEN John blacksmith
GREEN Joseph M. asst ccountant
GREEN Thomas ex-constable
GREENING Alexander driller
GREENING Levi G. machinist
GUTHRO Dr. Henry P. physician
HACCO Bernard driller
HAMMOND James farmer
HAMMOND James miner
HAMMOND James farmer
HAMMOND John carpenter
HAMMOND John T. carpenter
HAMMOND Mrs. Mary No Entry
HAMMOND Michael miner
HAMMOND Michael farmer
HAMMOND Michael carpenter
HAMMOND Peter carpenter
HAMMOND Stephen miner
HAMMOND Stephen over man
HAMMOND Thomas miner
HAMMOND Wm. miner
HANN John engineer
HANN Loyal bellboy
HARVEY Mrs. Bridget No Entry
HARVEY James miner
HARVEY James mailman
HARVEY John walking boss
HARVEY Josiah conductor
HARVEY Peter miner
HARVEY Wm. M. No Entry
HAWCOE Peter machinist
HAYDEN Gerald elect supt
HAYES Patrick miner
HEALY Charles boilermaker
HEALY Edward welldriller
HEALY Francis No Entry
HEALY Mrs. Mary No Entry
HEATH Albert T. barber
HEFFERON Thomas bellman
HIBBS Henry miner
HIBBS James car gripper
HIBBS Samuel miner
HICKEY Mrs. Elizabeth No Entry
HICKEY John laborer
HICKEY Michael car gripper
HICKEY Patrick driller
HICKEY Patrick miner
HICKEY Stephen car gripper
HICKEY Thomas miner
HISCOCK Chesley W. miner
HISCOCK Jas. A. school teacher
HISCOCK Miss Louisa No Entry
HOLLAND Catherine saleswoman
HOLLETT John driller
HUGHES Henry foreman
HUGHES JOHN A. wholesale and retail merchants, Main Rd - see adv
HUMBER Joshua blacksmith
HUNT Thomas engineer
HUSSEY John E. carpenter
HUSSEY William merchant Lance Cove
HUTCHINGS Bertram carpenter
HUTCHINGS John shot firer
HUTCHINGS Mrs. Mary A. No Entry
HUTCHINGS Solomon emp Telephone
HUTCHINGS William miner
HYNES Henry driller
IVANY Ernest blacksmith
IVANY Silas blacksmith
IVANY Walter messenger
JACKMAN David J. merchant
JACKMAN Edward miner
JACKMAN John farmer
JACKMAN Mathew foreman
JACKMAN Peter carpenter
JACKMAN Thomas blacksmith
JACKMAN Walter engine driver
JACKMAN William emp Post Office
JACKMAN William carpenter
JANES James traveling salesman
JARDINE Frederick clerk
JEFFERS Chas S. car gripper
JENKINS Charles driller
JENNINGS William drilltrucker
JOY James miner
JOY Mrs. Mary No Entry
JOY Thomas miner
JOYCE Patrick engineer
KAVANAGH James farmer
KAVANAGH Martin mining boss
KAVANAGH Mrs. Sarah No Entry
KAVANAGH Thomas electrican
KAVANAGH William engineer
KEHOE James miner
KEHOE John engineer
KEHOE Moses farmer
KEHOE Timothy farmer
KELLY John carpenter
KELLY Mathew miner
KELLY Owen farmer
KELLY Patrick miner
KENNEDY David roadmaker
KENNEDY James miner
KENNEDY John miner
KENNEDY John foreman pier
KENNEDY John farmer
KENNEDY John driller
KENNEDY John miner
KENNEDY John miner
KENNEDY Joseph farmer
KENNEDY Leo miner
KENNEDY Michael machinist
KENNEDY Peter tinssmith
KENNEDY T. engineer
KENNEDY Thomas engineer
KENT Edward J. foreman
KENT George tracklayer
KENT George miner
KENT James farmer
KENT John cable boss
KENT John carpenter
KENT John farmer
KENT Mrs. Mary No Entry
KENT Mrs. Mary A. No Entry
KENT Michael farmer
KENT Peter electrician
KENT Peter carpenter
KENT Philip miner
KENT Richard carpenter
KENT RICHARD T. general dealer and importer - see margin lines
KENT Thos miner
KENT William farmer
KENT William foreman miner
KENT William carpenter
KILCUP Benjamin carpenter
KING Bartholemew farmer
KING Edward M. driller
KING Michael miner
KING Michael farmer
KING Peter miner
KING William H. wire setter
LAHY James miner
LAHY John quarryman
LAHY Richard miner
LAMBSWOOD Richard engine driver
LAWLES Edward miner
LAWTON John T. mechanic
LAWTON Louis J. druggist
LEAHY Alexander driller
LEAHY Bernard engineer
LEAHY Edward foreman
LEAHY George engineer
LEAHY James driller
LEAHY John farmer
LEAHY Michael farmer
LEAHY Mrs. Minnie No Entry
LEAHY Patrick engineer
LEAHY Richard farmer
LEAHY Robert driller
LEAHY Walter driller
LEARNY John teamster
LEARY Edward driller
LeDREW John bkkpr
LeDREW Samuel foreman
LeDREW Willis store keeper
LeDREW Archibald miner
LEGROW Joseph woodworker
LEHY John H. merchant Lance Cove
LENNAN James teamster
LENNAN Patrick laborer
LINDSAY William engineer
LUFFMAN Henry carpenter
LUFFMAN Norman miner
MAHONEY Michael foreman
MAIN Cuthford machinist
MANNING Alexander fireman
MANNING Edward miner
MARTIN Alfred teasmter
MARTIN Frederick miner
MARTIN J.B. LTD mining supplies and agents for Bell Island Steamship Co Ltd , Main - see adv page 474.
MARTIN JOHN B. of J.B. Martin Ltd
MARTIN Robert E. saddler
MARTIN W. surveyor
MAY Thomas G. drill foreman
MERCER Henry carpenter
MERCER Richard driller
MEWS James L. engineer
MEWS John C. tel messenger
MILLER James J. chief acct
MILLER Patrick car repaier
MILLER William foreman
MOORE James miner
MOORE Mrs. Mary No Entry
MOORES John shoemaker
MORRISEY John miner
MORRISEY John J. constable
MORRISEY Michael miner
MORRISEY William stenographer
MOSS John miner
MURPHY Andrew farmer
MURPHY James miner
MURPHY John driller
MURPHY John B. tel operator
MURPHY Mrs. Josephine No Entry
MURPHY Michael miner
MURPHY Patrick farmer
MURPHY Pierce foreman
MURPHY Stephen driller
MURPHY Thomas electrician
MURPHY Thomas blaster
MURPHY Thomas miner
MURPHY WILLIAM H. postmaster
MYERS Thomas electrician
McCORMACK Patrick miner
McCUNN Geo. B. mining engineer
McDONALD Angus asst mgr
McGRATH William supt mine
McGRATH Wm. S. tidewaiter
McKENZIE Alexander electrician
McKENZIE Herbert mechanic
McKENZIE John J. mining engineer
McLEAN John No Entry
McLEAN John miner
McLEAN Laughlin under ground mgr
McLEAN Michael pipefitter
McLEAN William cableman
NEARY Francis driller
NEARY John teamster
NEARY Mrs. Mary J. No Entry
NEARY William miner
NEWTON EDWIN C. general dealer - see adv
NEWTON Mrs. Eleanore No Entry
NEWTON Frederick miner
NEWTON James miner
NEWTON Peter J. foreman
NEWTON William F engineer
NICHOLAS John storekeeper
NICHOLAS Walter salesman
NICHOLAS William laborer
NICKOSEY John rock cutter
NICKOSEY Michael shop keeper
NOEL Alex cable splicer
NOEL Josiah tracklayer
NOEL Marcus miner
NOFTALL John miner
NOLAN David roadmaker
NOLAN John foreman
NONNORE Edward J. engineer
NONNORE Francis carpenter
NONNORE George engineer
NONNORE George engine driver
NONNORE Hannibal captain mines
NONNORE Henry farmer
NONNORE James butcher
NONNORE James farmer
NONNORE James teamster
NONNORE Mrs. Jane No Entry
NONNORE Robert farmer
NONNORE Solomon cabman
NONNORE Thomas farmer
NONNORE Thomas retired
NONNORE Thomas carpenter
NONNORE William carpenter
NONNORE William, jr car loader
NONNORE Wm. C. carpenter
NOONAN Edward tel operator
NORMAN William driller
NOSEWORTHY George watchman
NOSEWORTHY Leander miner
NOSEWORTHY John pipefitter
NOSEWORTHY Simeon cable splicer
NUGENT John foreman
O'BRIEN John L barber
O'BRIEN Patrick plumber
O'CONNELL Thomas driller
O'DELL Henry carpenter
O'DONNELL John engineer
OLIVER James timberman
O'NEILL Alfred fireman
O'NEILL Frank car repairer
O'TOOLE Roderick miner
PARNELL Alexander electrician
PARNELL William teamster
PARSONS Albert foreman
PARSONS Alexander painter
PARSONS Allan miner
PARSONS Edward miner
PARSONS Edward miner
PARSONS George farmer
PARSONS George, jr painter
PARSONS George H. No Entry
PARSONS George painter
PARSONS Henry miner
PARSONS Herbert miner
PARSONS Jacob engine driver
PARSONS Jacob farmer
PARSONS John miner
PARSONS John farmer
PARSONS Joseph No Entry
PARSONS Joseph farmer
PARSONS Joseph miner
PARSONS Joseph G. engine driver
PARSONS Joseph W. miner
PARSONS Kenneth farmer
PARSONS Leonard farmer
PARSONS Richard miner
PARSONS Stewart engine driver
PARSONS Theodore painter
PARSONS Thomas farmer
PARSONS Thomas farmer
PARSONS Walter No Entry
PARSONS Walter carpenter
PARSONS William labourer
PARSONS William farmer
PARSONS William F. miner
PARSONS Wylie No Entry
PECKHAM Thomas miner
PEDDLE Joseph miner
PEDDLE Robert machinist
PEDDLE Silas blacksmith
PELLY Alexander engineer
PELLY Frederick machinist
PELLY Ira teamster
PELLY Norman engineer
PELLY Weldon engineer
PENNY Edward miner
PENNY Gregory miner
PENNY John pump foreman
PENNY Joseph miner
PENNY Leo miner
PENNY Mathew No Entry
PENNY Michael miner
PENNY William miner
PEOPLE'S BARGAIN STORE Bernard Berson prop
PERCY Mrs. Levema No Entry
PETRIE John B. chief engineer
PETRO Samuel miner
PICCOTT Thomas miner
PIKE Arthur E. salesman
PIKE Henry stone crusher
PIKE Joseph blacksmith
PIKE Willis H. manager hauling plant
PIPPY Ezekiel fireman
PIRIE Rudolph timekeeper
PITTS Corbett foreman
PORTER George carpenter
POSTAL TELEGRAPH Richard T. Walsh supt
POWER Edward roadmaker
POWER James engineer
POWER Laurence roadmaker
POWER Mathew foreman
POWER Michael farmer
POWER Michael A. farmer
POWER Thomas gate tender
POWER William engineer
POWER William pipefitter
POWERS Archibald F. engineer
POWERS Thomas farmer
PRIDE George driller
PRIDE William detective
PROUDFOOT Reid chief accountant
PURCHESS John miner
QUIGLEY John miner
QUIGLEY Peter customs officer
READER William foreman
REDMOND Patrick miner
REED Joseph foreman
REES Adrian blacksmith
REES Alfred carpenter
REES Alfred carpenter
REES Ananias engineer
REES Archibald tidewaiter
REES Daniel engine driver
REES Dorman miner
REES Edmund farmer
REES Edward carpenter
REES Enos machinist
REES Frederick S. engineer
REES George blacksmith
REES George farmer
REES George fisherman
REES George farmer
REES Herbert machinist
REES Horatio E.H mines surveyor
REES James blacksmith
REES John farmer
REES Leonard miner
REES Norman engineer
REES Pricilla caretaker surgery
REES Ralph storekeeper, Lance Cove
REES Reuben farmer
REES Ronald farmer
REES Solomon No Entry
REES Stephen miner
REES Thomas farmer
REES Thomas farmer
REES Wallace office boy
REES Walter overman
REES William machinist
REES William farmer
REES William farmer
REES William laborer
REES William farmer
REES William F. carpenter
REYNOLDS Thomas foreman
RICHARDS George driller
RIDOUT Abraham J. driller
RIDOUT Andrew miner
RIDOUT James C. miner
RIDOUT John J. electrician
RIDOUT William miner
ROSE James miner
ROSE John miner
ROSE John miner
ROSE Martin timekeeper
ROSS John driller
ROWSELL Archibald carpenter
RYAN James miner
RYAN Michael ore shoveller
ST. JOHN John electrician
SAPP ALBERT C general dealer - see adv
SAUNDERS John carpenter
SEARLE Benjamin farmer
SEARLE Edward miner
SEARLE Joseph electrician
SEARLE Thomas bellman
SELLARS Mark foreman
SEWARD Andrew roadmaker
SEXTON Mrs. Catherine No Entry
SHAHEEN David salesman
SHAHEEN Joseph shopkeeper
SHANAHAN Thomas laborer
SHEA James miner
SHEARING Alexander acct
SHEPPARD John miner
SHEPPARD Joseph blacksmith
SHEPPARD Nathaniel blacksmith
SIMMS James driller
SINCLAIR Richard dryhouse keeper
SITEMAN William acct
SKANES Andrew miner
SKANES Benjamin foreman
SKANES Edward truckman
SKANES Edward car repairer
SKANES Mrs. Elizabeth No Entry
SKANES John E. teamster
SKANES Joseph farmer
SKANES Henry carpenter
SKANES Henry foreman
SKANES Rendell W. miner
SKANES Robt J. miner
SKANES Solomon farmer
SKANES Thomas blacksmith
SKEANS Daniel foreman
SKEANS Wm. H. engine driver
SMART Mrs. Mary A. No Entry
SMITH Archibald teamster
SMITH William car spragger
SMOULCOME Bernard driller
SNOW Cluny face oiler
SNOW Ernest engineer
SNOW James engineer
SNOW John woodworker
SNOW Joseph No Entry
SOMERTON Charles fireman
SOMERTON George inspector
SOMERTON Richard foreman
SOMERTON William J. fireman
SPARKS James farmer
SPARKS William farmer
SPENCER William driller
SPURRELL George miner
SQUIRES Mrs. Catherine No Entry
SQUIRES Henry foreman
STAIRS Henry M. machinist
STEELE Daniel carpenter
STEWART George captain
STEWART JOHN CAMPBELL general merchant - see adv
STEWART Mrs. Margaret No Entry
STONE Edward miner
STONE Mrs. Elizabeth No Entry
STONE Henry teamster
STONE William salesman
STOWE Edward blaster
STOWE Samuel bellboy
STOYLES Mrs. Bridget No Entry
STOYLES Jeremiah electrician
STOYLES Michael farmer
STOYLES William teleph operator
STOYLES William miner
SULLIVAN John G. foreman
SULLIVAN Maurice blacksmith
SULLIVAN Thomas miner
SWEDLIN TEDDY retail dealer - see adv opp
SWEENEY Edward driller
SWEENEY Michael butcher
SWEENEY Patrick foreman
SWEENEY Thomas shotfirer
TARGATE Michael miner
TARGATE Thomas miner
THOMAS Charles face cleaner
THOMAS George driller
THOMAS Gilbert freman
THOMAS Mrs. Isabella No Entry
THOMAS Walter machinist
TILLEY ADJ Salvation Army
TOBIN Nicholas carpenter
TOBIN Thos J. laborer
TRAVERS Henry miner
TRAVERS John driller
TUCKER Algenon acct
TUCKER James paymaster
TUCKER William G. miner
TUMA MRS MARY E general retail dealer and confectioner - see adv
TUMA SIMON E. jeweler, watchmaker and engraver - see adv
There Are No U's

VAUGHAN Martin pumpman
VERGE Ernest laborer
VERGE Harrison laborer
VOKEY John W. laborer
WALSH Edward tracklayer
WALSH Francis teamster
WALSH RICHARD T supt Postal Telegraph
WALSH Timothy miner
WAUGH Philip farmer
WHEELER Edward driller
WHELAN Alexander pipefitter
WHELAN Edward miner
WHELAN James cable carrier
WHELAN Joseph sanitary man
WHELAN Philip miner
WHELAN Richard miner
WHELAN Walter car gripper
WHELAN William No Entry
WHITE Charles No Entry
WHITE Jessie carpenter
WHITE Oliver carpenter
WHITE Philip driller
WHITE William asst surveyor
WILSON Mrs. Elizabeth No Entry
WILCOX Munden machinist
WILCOX Thomas M. electrician
WOODS William L analyst
WYATT Edward No Entry
WYATT Joseph blacksmith
WYATT Waldron No Entry
WYATT William blacksmith
There are no X, Y, or Z's

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