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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
Twillingate District
ASHBOURNE Wm, J. P. South Side gen dealer
ASHBOURNE Arthur Farmer's Arm clerk
ADAMS Arthur Durrell's Arm fisherman
ANSTEY Alfred Purcell's Hbr Fisherman
ANSTEY Edward Purcell's Hbr fisherman
ANSTEY William Purcell's Hbr fisherman
ANSTEY Willis Purcell's Hbr fisherman
ANSTEY Andrew Purcell's Hbr fisherman
ANSTEY Philip Purcells' Hbr fisherman
ANSTEY Peter Purcells' Hbr fisherman
ANSTEY Jas, of John Purcell's Hbr fisherman
ANSTEY Fredk Bluff Head Cove fisherman
BLANDFORD George South Side manager
BUTCHER John jr South Side fisherman
BROMLEY Oliver Farmer's Arm fisherman
BROMLEY Samuel Farmers' Arm fisherman
BROMLEY James Farmer's Arm fisherman
BATH George Little French Beach fisherman
BATH Frederick Little French Beach fisherman
BOURDEN William Jenkin's Cove fisherman
BOURDEN John Durrel's Arm fisherman
BOURDEN Isaac Durrel's Arm fisherman
BOURDEN Samuel Manuel's Cove fisherman
BOURDEN Kenneth Manuel's Cove fisherman
BOURDEN John Manuel's Cove fisherman
BOURDEN Andrew Manuel's Cove fisherman
BARNES John Ragged Point fisherman
BARNES H George Ragged Point fisherman
BARNES Norman Ragged Point fisherman
BAGGS Richard Bluff Head Cove fisherman
BAGGS Edwin Bluff Head Cove fisherman
BULGIN James Farmer's Arm fisherman
BULGIN Wm, of Jas Farmer's Arm fisherman
BULGIN Abra, of Jas Farmer's Arm fisherman
BULGIN Frederick Farmer's Arm fisherman
BULGIN John Farmer's Arm fisherman
BULGIN Wm of Samuel Farmer's Arm fisherman
BULGIN Abraham sr Farmer's Arm fisherman
BULGIN Matthew Farmer's Arm fisherman
BULGIN Joseph Farmer's Arm fisherman
BULGIN Robert Farmer's Arm fisherman
BLAKE Frederick Farmer's Arm fisherman
BLAKE William Durrel's Arm fisherman
BLAKE James Durrel's Arm fisherman
BLAKE Bartholomew Durrel's Arm fisherman
BLAKE George Durrel's Arm fisherman
BURTON Alfred Durrel's Arm fisherman
BURTON John Durrel's Arm fisherman
BURTON James Durrel's Arm fisherman
BURTON Thomas Durrel's Arm fisherman
BURTON John, of Wm Durrel's Arm fisherman
BURTON William Durrel's Arm fisherman
BURTON Eli Hart's Cove fisherman
BURTON Arthur Hart's Cove fisherman
BURTON Abel Hart's Cove fisherman
BURT Silas jr South Side fisherman
BURT William Wild Cove fisherman
BURT Silas sr Wild Cove fisherman
BURT Jonathan Purcell's Hbr fisherman
BROWN G William Bluff Head Cove fisherman
BROWN Emanuel Bluff Head Cove fisherman
CARTER George J Bluff Head Cove general dealer,
(see Herring Neck)
COOPER George South Side fisherman
COOPER Thomas South Side fisherman
COOPER William South Side fisherman
COOPER Elias South Side fisherman
COOPER Andrew South Side fisherman
COOPER James sr Farmer's Arm fisherman
COOPER Philip Farmer's Arm fisherman
COOPER John Farmer's fisherman
COOPER Eli Farmers' Arm fisherman
COOPER Samuel Farmer's Arm fisherman
COOPER George Farmer's Arm fisherman
COOPER James jr Farmer's Arm fisherman
COMPTON John Little French Beach fisherman
CHURCHILL Philip Farmer's Arm fisherman
CHURCHILL Jas, of Philip Farmer's Arm fisherman
CHURCHILL Thomas Farmer's Arm fisherman
CHURCHILL Hanibal Farmer's Arm fisherman
CHURCHILL Philip, of Jn Farmer's Arm fisherman
CHURCHILL Isaac, of Jno Farmer's Arm fisherman
CHURCHILL Wm, of Jno Farmer's Arm fisherman
CLARK Richard Farmer's Arm fisherman
CLARK Peter Farmer's Arm fisherman
CLARK Frederick Farmer's Arm fisherman
CLARK William Farmer's Arm fisherman
CLARK Jonas Farmer's Arm fisherman
COLBOURNE James Purcell's Hbr fisherman
COLBOURNE John Purcell's Hbr fisherman
COLBOURNE Josiah Purcell's Hbr fisherman
CONWAY J Andrew Manuel's Cove fisherman
CONWAY Philip Manuel's Cove fisherman
CHAPPEL George Kettle Cove fisherman
CHAPPEL Elias Kettle Cove fisherman
CHAPPEL Reuben Kettle Cove fisherman
CHAPPEL Arthur Kettle Cove fisherman
DAILEY James French Beach fisherman
DAILEY George French Beach fisherman
DAILEY Thomas French Beach fisherman
DAILEY Mark French Beach fisherman
DAILEY William French Beach fisherman
DAILEY John Blow Me Down fisherman
DAILEY Robert Blow Me Down fisherman
DAILEY Elias Blow Me Down fisherman
DAILEY Thomas Durrell's Arm fisherman
DAILEY Andrew Durrell's Arm fisherman
DAILEY Elias Durrell's Arm fisherman
DAILEY John Durrell's Arm fisherman
DOVE Israel Jones' cove fisherman
DOWLAND James Little Harbor fisherman
EARLE H J South Side merchant and general
dealer (See Fogo)
EARLE Leonard South Side Manager, H. J. Earle 
ELLIOTT John South Side fisherman
ELLIOTT Matthew Robin's Cove fisherman
ELLIOTT Robert Robin's Cove fisherman
ELLIOTT Eli Little Harbor fisherman
EARLE John sr Farmer's Arm fisherman
EARLE John jr Farmer's Arm fisherman
EARLE Thomas Farmer's Arm fisherman
EARLE George Durrell's Arm fisherman
EARLE William South Arm fisherman
EVALEIGH John Purcell's Hbr fisherman
FROUD William Hart's Cove fisherman
FROUD Charles Cottell's Island fisherman
FROUD W John Hart's Cove fisherman
FROUD Joseph Manuel's Cove fisherman
FROUD Andrew Manuel's Cove fisherman
FROST Eli Durrell's Arm fisherman
FLYNN James Bass Cove fisherman
GUY Frederick sr South Side fisherman
GUY Geo, of Fredk South Side fisherman
GUY James South side fisherman
GUY Stephen South Side fisherman
GUY Robert South Side fisherman
GUY Charles South Side fisherman
GUY Alexander South Side fisherman
GUY Frederick jr South Side fisherman
GUY Thomas South Side fisherman
GIDGE John Durrell's Arm fisherman
GIDGE Joseph Durrell's Arm fisherman
GIDGE Joseph Durrell's Arm fisherman
GILLOTT James Durrell's Arm fisherman
GILLOTT Samuel Durrell's Arm fisherman
GILLOTT George Farmer's Arm gen dealer
GILLOTT James Farmer's Arm fisherman
GILLOTT Louis Farmer's Arm fisherman
GILLOTT Martin Farmer's Arm fisherman
GILLOTT William Farmer's Arm fisherman
GILLOTT Philip Farmer's Arm fisherman
GILLOTT Pleaman Farmer's Arm fisherman
GILLARD John sr Gillard's Cove ferryman
GILLARD Jno jr, of Jno Gillard's Cove fisherman
GILLARD Elijah Gillard's Cove fisherman
GILLARD William Gillard's Cove fisherman
GILLARD Isaac Gillard's Cove fisherman
GILLARD Charles Gillard's Cove fisherman
GILLARD Abraham Gillard's Cove fisherman
GILLARD John, of Thos Trump Island fisherman
GILLARD Alfred, of T Trump Island fisherman
GREENHAM Elijah Trump Island fisherman
GLEESON Richard Manuel's Cove fisherman
GREENHAM Richard Manuel's Cove fisherman
GREENHAM Isaac Manuel's Cove fisherman
GREENHAM Andrew Manuel's Cove fisherman
GRANVILLE Henry Wild Cove fisherman
GRANVILLE Robert Wild Cove fisherman
HOUSE CHARLES, REV South Side Methodist Minister
HAWKINS Henry Hart's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Stephen Hart's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Hadley Hart's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Josiah Jenkins' Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Edgar Jenkin's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS William Jenkin's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Martin Cod Jack's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Samuel Cod Jack's Cove fisherman
HAYWARD Robert South Side cooper
HAYWARD Edwin South Side fisherman
HANRAHAN James South Side fisherman
HUGHES William South Side cooper
HODDER George sr South Side cooper
HODDER George jr South Side shoemaker
HODDER John South Side blacksmith
HODDER C James South Side cooper
HODDER William South Side cooper
HODDER Brett South Side cooper
HULL George South Side fisherman
HULL William South Side fisherman
HULL Jno jr. of Geo South Side fisherman
HULL Andrew South Side fisherman
HULL John sr Bluff Head Cove fisherman
HULL H Jno. of Jno Bluff Head Cove fisherman
HYNES William Manuel's Cove fisherman
HYNES Andrew Manuel's Cove fisherman
HYNES Joseph Manuel's Cove fisherman
HYNES Frederick Manuel's Cove fisherman
HICKS Thomas Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS James jr Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS James sr Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS John jr Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS John sr Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS William Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS Samuel Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS Archibald Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS James Burt's Cove fisherman
HOWLETT Harry Durrell's Arm gen dealer
HORWOOD James Durrell's Arm fisherman
HILLIER John (Capt) Durrell's Arm fisherman
HILLIER Joseph French Beach fisherman
HILLIER Fredk Cambellton fisherman
HILLIER Israel Cambellton fisherman
HALLETT Ambrose Little Harbor fisherman
HALLETT George Little Harbor fisherman
HALLETT Mark Little Harbor fisherman
HOPKINS Henry Kettle Cove fisherman
HOPKINS George Kettle Cove fisherman
HOPKINS Charles Kettle Cove fisherman
INGS Theophilius Durrell's Arm fisherman
INGS Reuben Kettle Cove fisherman
JACOBS Ephraim Hart's Cove fisherman
JACOBS Kenneth Hart's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Elijah Blow Me Down fisherman
JENKINS Nathaniel Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS James sr Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Fredk Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Obadiah, of Fd Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Mark Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Abraham Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Titus Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS George Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Elias sr Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Jas, of Jacob Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Joseph Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS John Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Samuel Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Peter Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Thomas Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Alfred Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Elias jr Jenkin's Cove fisherman
JENKINS Isaac Durrell's Arm fisherman
KENDALL Elijah Hart's Cove fisherman
KEEFE Abraham Little Harbor fisherman
KEEFE Robert Little Harbor fisherman
KEEFE John sr Little Harbor fisherman
KEEFE Geo, of John Little Harbor fisherman
KEEFE Jasper Little Harbor fisherman
KEEFE Michael Little Harbor fisherman
KEEFE D James Little Harbor fisherman
KEEFE John jr Little Harbor fisherman
KEEFE Thomas Wild Cove fisherman
LAMBERT Thomas South Side fisherman
LAMBERT James South Side fisherman
LAMBERT Charles South Side fisherman
LOYTE William Hart's Cove fisherman
LINFIELD Robert Jenkin's Cove fisherman
LINFIELD Alfred Jenkin's Cove fisherman
LINFIELD Albert Jenkin's Cove fisherman
LEGG Matthew Farmer's Arm fisherman
LEGG George Farmer's Arm fisherman
LEGG James Farmer's Arm fisherman
LEGG Frederick Farmer's Arm fisherman
LEGG Andrew Farmer's Arm fisherman
LEGG Robert Farmer's Arm fisherman
LANGDOWN Eli Lowland Cove fisherman
LANGDOWN Willis Lowland Cove fisherman
LANGDOWN Stephen Lowland Cove fisherman
MOYLES Joseph South Side fisherman
MOYLES William Manuel's Cove fisherman
MOYLES Jno. of Wm Manuel's Cove fisherman
MITCHARD John South Side fisherman
MITCHARD William South Side fisherman
MITCHARD Thomas South Side fisherman
MITCHARD Andrew South Side fisherman
MITCHARD George Hart's Cove fisherman
MITCHCELL James Durrell's Arm fisherman
MINTY John jr Durrell's Arm fisherman
MINTY Joseph sr Durrell's Arm fisherman
MINTY Joseph jr Durrell's Arm fisherman
MINTY Samuel Durrell's Arm fisherman
MINTY William Durrell's Arm fisherman
MINTY James Durrell's Arm fisherman
MINTY George Durrell's Arm fisherman
MINTY Harry Durrell's Arm fisherman
MINTY Frederick Durrell's Arm fisherman
MAIDMENT Samuel French Beach fisherman
MAIDMENT John French Beach fisherman
MAIDMENT Elijah French Beach fisherman
MAIDMENT Andrew French Beach fisherman
MORGAN James Sandy Cove fisherman
MARSH Charles Purcell's Hbr fisherman
MARSH William Purcell's Hbr fisherman
MAY Alfred Manuel's Cove fisherman
MAY Elijah Manuel's Cove fisherman
MOORES Samuel Ragged Point carpenter
MOORES Mark Sandy Cove fisherman
MOORES Samuel Bass' Harbor fisherman
NOTT B George South Side clerk
OXFORD James Gillard's Cove fisherman
OXFORD Henry Farmer's Arm fisherman
OAKE William Farmer's Arm fisherman
OSMOND James Robin's Cove fisherman
OSMOND Jacob Robin's Cove fisherman
PHILLIPS John South Side fisherman
PHILLIPS Frederick South Side fisherman
PHILLIPS James South Side fisherman
PHILLIPS Joseph South Side fisherman
PHILLIPS Martin South Side fisherman
PIPPY Philip Robin's Cove fisherman
PIPPY Charles Robin's Cove fisherman
PIPPY John Robin's Cove fisherman
PIKE James Ragged Point fisherman
PRIMER James Ragged Point fisherman
PRIMER Robert Ragged Point fisherman
PRIMER Richard Durrell's Arm fisherman
PARSONS Peter Jenkin's Cove fisherman
PARSONS John Jenkin's Cove fisherman
PENNELL Samuel Farmer's Arm fisherman
PENNELL William Farmer's Arm fisherman
PENNELL Robert Farmer's Arm fisherman
POND Adam Farmer's Arm fisherman
POND Philip Farmer's Arm fisherman
POND Pierce Farmer's Arm fisherman
POND Edward Farmer's Arm fisherman
POND Isaac Farmer's Arm fisherman
POND William jr Farmer's Arm fisherman
POND George Farmer's Arm fisherman
POND Abel Farmer's Arm fisherman
PELLEY Thomas Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY George Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY Charles jr Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY Stephen Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY John Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY Wm of Stephen Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY Saml, of Jno Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY Edward Sandy Cove fisherman
PEARCE Joseph Bluff Head Cove fisherman
PECKHAM Joseph Jones' Cove fisherman
PARDY Stephen Little Harbor fisherman
PARDY John Little Harbor fisherman
PARDY James Little Harbor fisherman
PARDY George Little Harbor fisherman
PARDY Samuel Little Harbor fisherman
POOLE George Little Harbor fisherman
POOLE William Little Harbor fisherman
POOLE Peter Little harbor fisherman
RANDALL Isaac South Side fisherman
RANDALL George South Side fisherman
RANDALL Levi South Side fisherman
RENDALL William South Side fisherman
REID John Farmer's Arm fisherman
REID Joseph Farmer's Arm fisherman
REID Jacob Farmer's Arm fisherman
REID Peter Farmer's Arm fisherman
REID George Farmer's Arm fisherman
REID Matthew Farmer's Arm fisherman
REID Louis Farmer's Arm fisherman
ROGERS Thomas Durrell's Arm fisherman
ROGERS Obed Durrell's Arm fisherman
ROGERS Thomas jr Durrell's Arm fisherman
ROGERS James sr Blow Me Down fisherman
ROGERS James jr Blow Me Down fisherman
ROGERS John sr Burnt island Tickle fisherman
ROGERS John jr Burnt Island Tickle fisherman
RICE P Richard, J P. South Side fisherman
RICE Frederick South Side lobster packer
RICE John Durrell's Arm fisherman
RICE Joshua Durrell's Arm fisherman
RICE Thomas Durrell's Arm fisherman
RICE William Burt's Cove fisherman
RICE William Little Harbor fisherman
RICE Jno of Wm Little Harbor fisherman
RICE Samuel Little Harbor fisherman
RICE John Little Harbor fisherman
RICE George Little Harbor fisherman
ROBERTS Jno of Jno Bluff Head Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Geo of John Bluff Head Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Jabez Bluf Head Cove fisherman
ROBERTS G William Bluff Head Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Edgar Bluff Head Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Edward Bluff Head Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Albert Bluff Head Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Elias jr Bluff Head Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Archibald Bluff Head Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Elias sr Bluff Head Cove fisherman
RIDEOUT Robert Bluff Head Cove fisherman
ROBERTS ______,widow Bluff Head Cove  
RIDEOUT John South Side fisherman
ROBERTS Robert Little Harbor fisherman
ROBERTS Samuel Little Harbor fisherman
STAFFORD K Fredk South Side physician
STUCKEY Titus South Side fisherman
STOCKLEY George South Side fisherman
STOCKLEY Jno of Geo South Side fisherman
STOCKLEY Arthur South Side fisherman
STOCKLEY Arch of Jas South Side fisherman
STOCKLEY Fredk of Jas South Side fisherman
STOCKLEY Wm of Jas South Side fisherman
STOCKLEY Thomas Hart's Cove fisherman
STOCKLEY Robert Hart's Cove fisherman
SKINNER John Hart's Cove fisherman
SKINNER Thomas Hart's Cove fisherman
SKINNER Saul South Side fisherman
SNOW George Durrell's Arm fisherman
SNOW William Durrell's Arm fisherman
SLADE Frederick Jenkin's Cove fisherman
SLADE George Jenkin's Cove fisherman
SLADE James Durrell's Arm fisherman
SLADE Edward Durrell's Arm fisherman
SMITH Edward Hart's Cove fisherman
SMITH James Hart's Cove fisherman
SMITH Caleb Hart's Cove fisherman
SMITH John Durrell's Arm fisherman
SMITH James Durrell's Arm fisherman
SMITH John Little Harbor fisherman
SMITH James Little Harbor fisherman
SMITH John Little Harbor fisherman
SMITH Jno of Geo Little Harbor fisherman
SMITH George jr Little Harbor fisherman
SMITH Francis Little Harbor fisherman
SMITH Andrew Little Harbor fisherman
SMITH Willis Little Harbor fisherman
SIMMONS Henry Durrell's Arm fisherman
STUCKLESS George Jenkin's Cove fisherman
STUCKLESS Joseph Jenkin's Cove fisherman
STUCKLESS David Main Tickle fisherman
STUCKLESS Thomas Main Tickle fisherman
STUCKLESS Frederick Main Tickle fisherman
STUCKLESS Jonathan Bluff Head Cove fisherman
STUCKLESS Levi Bluff Head Cove fisherman
STICKLAND Joseph Robin's Cove fisherman
SANSOM Peter Robin's Cove fisherman
SUGG Thomas Durrell's Arm fisherman
SUGG Andrew Jones' Cove fisherman
TROKE James Durrell's Arm fisherman
TROKE John sr Durrell's Arm fisherman
TROKE John jr Durrell's Arm fisherman
TROKE George Durrell's Arm fisherman
VATCHER George South Side fisherman
VATCHER Thomas South Side fisherman
VATCHER Ethelbert South Side fisherman
VERGE Fredk Jenkin's Cove fisherman
VERGE Adolphus Jenkin's Cove fisherman
VINEHAM Charles Durrell's Arm fisherman
VINEHAM Frederick Durrell's Arm fisherman
VINEHAM Philip Durrell's Arm fisherman
VINEHAM J William Gillard's Cove fisherman
VINEHAM B Joseph Farmer's Arm fisherman
WHITEHORN James South Side fisherman
WHITEHORN George South Side fisherman
WHITEHORN Archibald South Side fisherman
WHEELER Joel South Side fisherman
WHEELER David, of Joel South Side fisherman
WHEELER Arthur, of Joel South Side fisherman
WHEELER Peter South Side fisherman
WHEELER Noah South Side fisherman
WHEELER Elias South Side fisherman
WHEELER Mark Farmer's Arm fisherman
WHEELER David Farmer's Arm fisherman
WALSH Samuel Durrell's Arm fisherman
WATERMAN John Durrell's Arm fisherman
WATERMAN William Durrell's Arm fisherman
WEIR Francis Durrell's Arm fisherman
WEIR Thomas Farmer's Arm fisherman
WEIR James Farmer's Arm fisherman
WEEKLEY James Durrell's Arm fisherman
WHITE Charles Farmer's Arm schoolmaster
WHITE Edward Farmer's Arm fisherman
WHITE Thomas Farmer's Arm fisherman
WHITE Jonathan Farmer's Arm fisherman
WHITE John South Side fisherman
WHITE James sr Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Archibald Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Abraham Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE James jr Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Theodore Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Abner Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE George Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Peter Ragged Point fisherman
WITT Elijah Kettle Cove fisherman
WITT Alfred Kettle Cove fisherman
WITT Thomas Kettle Cove fisherman
WARR Solomon Jones' Cove fisherman
WARR Mark Litle Harbor fisherman
WARR Edgar Little Harbor fisherman
WARR Oliver Little Harbor fisherman
YOUNG Abraham Farmer's Arm fisherman
YOUNG Isaac Farmer's Arm fisherman
YOUNG Peter Hart's Cove fisherman
YOUNG William Robin's Cove fisherman
YOUNG Edgar Robin's Cove fisherman
YOUNG James South Side fisherman
YOUNG Louis, of Jas South Side fisherman
YOUNG Simon South Side fisherman
YOUNG Wm of Simon sr South Side fisherman
YOUNG Philip South Side fisherman
YOUNG Joseph South Side fisherman
YOUNG Edw. of Wm South Side fisherman
YOUNG Frederick South Side fisherman
YOUNG Edw. of Fredk South Side fisherman
YOUNG George South Side fisherman
YOUNG Jno of David South Side fisherman
YOUNG David of D Campbellton fisherman
YOUNG G Hy, of Dvd South Side fisherman
YOUNG Wm of David South Side fisherman
YOUNG Elijah South Side fisherman
YOUNG Chas Chance Harbor West fisherman
YOUNG Eli Trump Island fisherman
YOUNG Walter South Side fisherman
YOUNG Stephen South Side fisherman
YOUNG Elias South Side fisherman
YOUNG Andrew South Side fisherman
YOUNG Jos, of Abr'm South Side fisherman
YOUNG Obadiah South Side fisherman
YOUNG Levi South Side fisherman
YOUNG And, of Joseph South Side fisherman
YOUNG Daniel south Side fisherman
YOUNG Abraham sr South Side fisherman
YOUNG Matthew South Side fisherman
YOUNG Arthur Farmer's Arm fisherman
YATES William South Side fisherman
YATES Noah South Side fisherman
YATES Thomas South Side fisherman
YATES Samuel South Side fisherman
YATES Eli South Side fisherman
YATES Shem South Side fisherman
YATES Paul Bluff Head Cove fisherman

525 Entries Complete
[McAlpine's Directories ]

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Maureen Taylor

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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