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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
Twillingate District
ANSTEY Samuel sr North Side fisherman
ANSTEY Philip North Side tailor
ANSTEY Elias Paradise fisherman
ANSTEY George Paradise fisherman
ANSTEY Samuel Paradise fisherman
ANSTEY James Back Harbor fisherman
ANSTEY John Back Harbor fisherman
ANSTEY Walter Back Harbor fisherman
ANSTEY Robert Back Harbor fisherman
ANDREWS Charles Crow Head fisherman
ANDREWS Mark Crow Head fisherman
ANDREWS Walter Crow Head fisherman
ANDREWS Robert Crow Head fisherman
BEGARIE REV North Side Methodist
BARRETT William Old House Cove fisherman
BARRETT Archibald North Side fisherman
BERTEAU Francis North Side stip Magistrate
BOYDE James North Side fisherman
BOYDE Elias North Side fisherman
BUTCHER Ambrose North Side fisherman
BURT Alexander North Side trader
BRIDGER John Cat Cove fisherman
BRIDGER Alfred Cat Cove fisherman
BRIDGER Obadiah Cat Cove fisherman
BRETT Robert Paradise fisherman
BRETT Elias Paradise fisherman
BLACKLER William Back Harbor fisherman
BLUCKER Edward Back harbor fisherman
BLACKLER Elias Back Harbor fisherman
BLACKLER Daniel Back harbor fisherman
BLACKLER Arthur Back Harbor fisherman
BAIRD William T Back Hbr Road fisherman
BAIRD W Wm Cambellton sawmill mngr
COOPER George North Side sawmill mngr
COLBOURNE Josiah North Side Justice Peace
COLBOURNE Edwin Millertown Postmaster and Sub-Collector,
COLBOURNE Arthur North Side P.M. & C.H. Offl
COOK John North Side fisherman
COOK Luke North Side fisherman
COOK Peter North Side fisherman
COOK Matthew North Side fisherman
CURTIS John North Side sawmill
CURTIS Frank North Side fisherman
CURTIS Alfred North Side fisherman
CURTIS Thomas North Side fisherman
CLARKE Francis Battrix Island fisherman
CLARKE Samuel Cambellton fisherman
CLARKE Reuben Campbellton fisherman
CLARKE Levi Cambellton fisherman
CLARKE William Campbellton fisherman
CLARKE Amos Campbellton fisherman
CLARKE John Back Harbor Road fisherman
CLARKE Arthur Back Harbor Road fisherman
COLBOURNE Helen Miss North Side hotel prop
DOVE David Snelling's Cove fisherman
DOVE Frank Snelling's Cove fisherman
DOVE John Lower Head fisherman
DOVE Robert Crow Head fisherman
DOVE Samuel Crow Head fisherman
DOVE Michael sr Crow Head fisherman
DOVE Michael jr Crow Head fisherman
DOVE Jno. of Mich Crow Head fisherman
DOVE George Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Reuben Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT John sr Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Arthur Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Isaac Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Benjamin Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Levi Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Jonas Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT George Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Frederick Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Joseph Sleepy Cove fisherman
ELLIOTT John jr Wild Cove fisherman
FACEY Silas North Side tinsmith
FIFIELD John North Side fisherman
FIFIELD Elias North Side fisherman
FIFIELD Eli North Side fisherman
FIFIELD Levi North Side fisherman
FIFIELD Joseph North Side fisherman
FORD Thomas North Side trader
FOX Frederick Back Harbor fisherman
FREEMAN Wm sr Campbellton fisherman
FREEMAN Francis Campbellton fisherman
FREEMAN Philip Campbellton fisherman
FREEMAN William jr Campbellton fisherman
GRAY Andrew North Side clerk
GRAY Norman North Side clerk
GARD George North Side cooper
GUY Joseph Wild Cove fisherman
GUY John Wild Cove fisherman
GUY William Wild Cove fisherman
GILLINGHAM Eliza Wild Cove fisherman
HARBIN Henry jr North Side sea captain
HARBIN Stephen North Side sea captain
HARBIN William North Side wharfinger
HOUSE Fredk sr North Side fisherman
HOUSE Fredk jr North Side fisherman
HOUSE William North Side fisherman
HODGE D Richard North Side Justice Peace
HODDER James Coastal Wharf lobster pkr
HODDER Edgar Coastal Wharf fisherman
HAMLIN Obadiah Crow Head fisherman
HAMLIN Daniel Crow Head fisherman
HAMLIN Uriah Crow Head fisherman
HAMLIN George Crow Head fisherman
HAMLIN Samuel Crow Head fisherman
HODGE J W Crow Head mcht (see Fogo)
HODGER A Crow Head manager
JANES Robert Back Harbor fisherman
JANES James Back Harbor fisherman
LACEY Jas M Back Harbor bookkeeper
LOVERIDGE Andrew Old House Cove fisherman
LOVERIDGE George Old House Cove fisherman
LINFIELD Fredk North Side gen dealer
LOCKE John North Side seal agent
LUNNEN Andrew North Side laborer
LACEY Thomas Back Harbor fisherman
LACEY Alfred Back Harbor carpenter
LUTHER Job Back Harbor fisherman
LUTHER Mark Back Harbor fisherman
LUTHER Theodore Back Harbor fisherman
MAYNE G  D Chas North Side J P manager
MOORES Jacob North Side fisherman
MANUEL William North Side sailmaker
MANUEL Obadiah North Side sailmaker
MANUEL Ernest North Side sailmaker
MANUEL W Titus North Side carpenter
MANUEL Alfred North Side carpenter
MANUEL Arthur North Side fisherman
MANUEL Uriah Snelling's Cove fisherman
MOSS Robert North Side fisherman
MAY James Paradise fisherman
MOORES Robert sr Battrix Island fisherman
MOORES E John Battrix Island fisherman
MURRAY George Davy Button's Cove fisherman
MOORE S Robert jr Black Harbor fisherman
MUDFORD Isaac Crow's Head fisherman
MUDFORD Alfred Crow's Head fisherman
MUDFORD John Crow's Head fisherman
MUDFORD Thomas Crow's Head fisherman
MILLS Ambrose Crow's Head fisherman
MOORES Aexander North Side fisherman
MORRES Garfield North Side fisherman
NEWMAN Stephen North Side fisherman
NEWMAN James North Side laborer
NEWMAN Charles North Side fisherman
NEWMAN Fredk North Side fisherman
NEWMAN Henry North Side sea captain
NEWMAN Richard North Side trader
NEWMAN Pierce North Side laborer
OAKLEY James North Side fisherman
OXFORD John North Side fisherman
OXFORD Thomas North Side fisherman
PAYNE Samuel sr North Side laborer
PAYNE Samuel jr North Side trader
PEARCE Henry North Side fisherman
PEARCE J Andrew North Side Sub Collector
PATTEN Nathaniel North Side Head constable
PRESTON Alfred North Side clerk
PRESTON James sr Long Point lighthouse kpr
PRESTON Allan Long Point laborer
PRESTON James jr Paradise storekeeper
PEYTON William Black Hbr. Insp. Weights, &c
PIPPY Charles North Side seaman
PEYTON Thomas Back Harbor land surv'r
PEYTON Henry Back Harbor carpenter
PRIDE Frank Back Harbor fisherman
PRICE John Back harbor fisherman
PURCHASE Thomas Back Harbor fisherman
PURCHASE James Back Harbor fisherman
PURCHASE Walter Back Harbor fisherman
PURCHASE George Back Harbor fisherman
PIPPY William North Side seaman
ROBERTS Wesley John North Side sea captain
ROBERTS Andrew sr North Side Carpenter
ROBERTS Andrew jr North Side sea captain
ROBERTS Francis jr North Side sea captain
ROBERTS Geo, of And North Side general dealer
ROBERTS Edward Wild Cove fisherman
ROBERTS John sr Wild Cove fisherman
ROBERTS John jr Wild Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Thos, of John Wild Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Joseph, of Jno Wild Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Thos, of Jas Wild Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Jas, of Jas Wild Cove fisherman
ROBERTS George Wild Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Josiah, of F Wild Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Benjamin Wild Cove fisherman
ROBERTS S Robert Long Point lighthouse kpr
ROSSITER Benjamin Back Harbor fisherman
ROSSITER Amos Back Harbor fisherman
RIDEOUT John Back Harbor fisherman
RIDEOUT Geo, of Jno Back Harbor fisherman
RIDEOUT Jno , of Jas Back harbor fisherman
RIDEOUT Mark, of James Back harbor fisherman
RIDEOUT Henry Back Harbor fisherman
RIDEOUT Wm. of Hy Back Harbor fisherman
RIDEOUT Fredk, of Hy Back Harbor fisherman
RIDEOUT Theodore Back Harbor fisherman
RIDEOUT Wm, of Thos Back Harbor fisherman
RIDEOUT John, of Thos Back Harbor fisherman
RIDEOUT James, of Thos Back Harbor fisherman
RIDEOUT George Lower Head fisherman
RIDEOUT Philip Wild Cove fisherman
ROBERTS Selina Wild Cove hospital
SAMWAYS Peter North Side fisherman
STUCKLESS Martin North Side seaman
STUCKLESS Joseph North Side fisherman
STUCKLESS John North Side fisherman
STUCKLESS Edward North Side seaman
STUCKLESS Samuel North Side tinsmith
STUCKLESS Albert North Side fisherman
STUCKLESS William North Side fisherman
SWEETLAND Edgar North Side blacksmith
SPENCER Reuben Back Harbor fisherman
SPENCER Eli Back Harbor fisherman
SPENCER Mark Back Harbor fisherman
SPENCER Henry Back Harbor fisherman
SIMMS Robert Back Harbor fisherman
SIMMS John Back Harbor fisherman
SIMMS George jr Back Harbor fisherman
SHEPPARD John Wild Cove fisherman
SHEPPARD Joseph Wild Cove fisherman
SHEPPARD Samuel Wild Cove fisherman
SHEPPARD Peter Wild Cove fisherman
SMITH Benjamin sr Wild Cove fisherman
SMITH George Wild Cove fisherman
SMITH Robert Wild Cove fisherman
SCOTT , WILLIAM K. J.F. General Dealer Nortre Dame Bay
SMITH Benj jr Wild Cove fisherman
SHARP Uriah Crow Head fisherman
SHARP Wm. of Solomon Crow Head fisherman
SHARP Richard Crow Head fisherman
SHARP Fredk, of R Crow Head fisherman
SHARP Wm, of Richd Crow Head fisherman
SHARP Eli, of Richd Crow Head fisherman
SHARP John sr Crow Head fisherman
SHARP Edward, of Jno Crow Head fisherman
SHARP John jr Crow Head fisherman
SHARP Robt, of Jas Crow Head fisherman
SHARP Jas, of Jas Crow Head fisherman
SHARP Samuel, of Jas Crow Head fisherman
SCOTT Robt Crow Head general dealer
STUCKLESS Norman North Side fisherman
TEMPLE ROBERT, REV CANON North Side Church of England
TIZZARD William Back Harbor fisherman
TIZZARD Zachariah Back Harbor fisherman
TIZZARD George Back Harbor fisherman
VATCHER John Wild Cove fisherman
VERGE Thomas W Wild Cove school teacher
WELLS Robert North Side fisherman
WELLS Thomas H North Side fisherman
WELLS Thomas Back Harbor fisherman
WELLS Samuel Back Harbor fisherman
WELLS William Back Harbor fisherman
WELLS Philip Back Harbor fisherman
WELLS John Back Harbor fisherman
WARR Simon Back Harbor fisherman
WARR George Back Harbor fisherman
WHITE John North Side Postmaster & ry offl
WYATT John North Side fisherman
WYATT Andrew North Side fisherman
WILLIAM G George North Side trader
WHYLES James Wild Cove fisherman
WYATT Alfred North Side fisherman
YOUNG Thomas North Side fisherman
YOUNG Stephen North Side fisherman
YOUNG Andrew North Side fisherman
YOUNG Robert North Side sea captain
YOUNG Archibald North Side fisherman
YOUNG Samuel North Side fisherman
YOUNG Levi North Side fisherman

273 Entries Complete
[McAlpine's Directories ]

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Maureen Taylor

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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