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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
Harbour Grace District
ANTHONY Caleb   fisherman
BARRETT Arch, of David fisherman
BYRNE Henry, of Bernard section foreman railway
BARRETT Hy, of Jn farmer
BARRETT Henry, of J fisherman
BARRETT John, of Jn laborer
BARRETT Levi, of Abram laborer
BYRNE Thos, of Jn laborer
BARRETT Jacob, of Geo fisherman
BUTT Wm, of Josiah fisherman
BUTT Chas, of Josiah fisherman
BARRETT Leonard, of Jn fisherman
BROWN Jas, of Geo fisherman
BAGGS Richd T, of W sea captain
PEDDLE _______ (sic)   school teacher
BAKER Geo, of Henry fisherman
BAKER Henry, of Hy fisherman
BARRETT Matt, of Bethlem fisherman
BARRETT Saml, of Matt fisherman
BARRETT Thos, of Abram fisherman
BUTT Josiah, of Moses fisherman
BUTT Jn, of Moses fisherman
BUTT Josiah, of Jn fisherman
BABB Jos, of Wm farmer
BYRNE Nicholas, of Jn farmer
BARRETT David, of David fisherman
BYRNE Ber, of Jas laborer
BARRETT Thos, of Jn farmer
BARRETT Jas, of Jn laborer
BYRNE Wm, of Jn fisherman
BYRNE Jn Wm, of Jn laborer
BYRNE Ber, of John laborer
BUTT Leonard, of Jn fisherman
BARRETT Noah, of Jos fisherman
BARRETT Abra, of Jos fisherman
BARRETT Jos, of Wm fisherman
BROWN Geo, of Geo fisherman
BROWN Francis, of Solo fisherman
BROWN Solomon, of Solo fisherman
BARRETT Joseph, of Abram fisherman
BARRETT Abram, of Jos fisherman
BUTT Wm Hy, of Josiah fisherman
BRAZIL Jn, of Michael fisherman
BISHOP Saml, of Jos fisherman
BRAZIL Jn, of Mich laborer
BRAZIL Thos, of Thos laborer
BARRETT Abram, of Jn fisherman
BROWN Azariah, of Solo fisherman
CHIPMAN Solo, of Owen fisherman
CHIPMAN Nath, of Owen fisherman
CHIPMAN Levi, of Owen fisherman
CHIPMAN Edw, of Owen fisherman
COLLINS Geo, of Jn fisherman
CHIPMAN Jn, of Jn fisherman
CANE Jos, of T foreman railway
COLLINS Robt, of Jn fisherman
CHIPMAN Jas, of Jas fisherman
CLEARY John Michael, of Thos general dealer
COLLINS Abram, of G fisherman
COLLINS Wm, of Abram fisherman
COLLINS Geo, of Geo fisherman
CHIPMAN Wm, of Levi fisherman
CHIPMAN Moses, of Levi fisherman
CHIPMAN Levi, of Levi fisherman
CHIPMAN Nath, of Jn fisherman
CALLAHAN Wm, of Rich farmer
COSTELLO Matt, of Martin laborer
COMBES Hy, of Richd laborer
CALLAHAN Jn jr, of Jn laborer
DELANEY Jn, of Matt laborer
DROVER A, of Arch fisherman
DROVER Uriah, of Jn fisherman
DROVER Rich, of Uriah fisherman
DROVER Uriah, of Uriah fisherman
DWYER Patk, of Patk laborer
DELANEY Wm   fisherman
FINN John, of Jn fisherman
FINN Edw, of Richd section foreman railway
FLEMMING Richd, of R laborer
FITZPATRICK Jn, of Jas fisherman
FITZPATRICK T, of Jn laborer
FITZPATRICK Ste, of Jn fisherman
FINN Thos, of Jn section foreman railway
FITZPATRICK Mich, of Jn farmer
FITZPATRICK T, of M farmer
FITZPATRICK Elizabeth, wid Richd, of John  
FLYNN Thos, of Jn fisherman
FITZPATRICK Jn   fisherman
GOSSE Geo, of Jn fisherman
GOSSE Mark, of Nath carpenter
GOSSE Eugene, of Mark carpenter
GOSSE Barth, of Jn fisherman
GOSSE Jesse, of Bart fisherman
GOSSE Richd, of Bart fisherman
GOSSE Martin, of Robt fisherman
GOSSE Geo A, of Robt fisherman
GOSSE Lorenzo, of Moses fisherman
GOSSE Jn, of Richd fisherman
GOSSE Richd, of Jn fisherman
GOSSE Joseph, of Jn fisherman
GOSSE Richd, of Wm fisherman
GOSSE Albert, of Wm fisherman
GOSSE Horatio, of Solo fisherman
GOSSE Solomon, of Hor fisherman
GOSSE Wm, of Solomom fisherman
GOSSE James, of Jn fisherman
GOSSE Richd, of Jas fisherman
GALWAY Thos, of An laborer
GOSSE Thos, of Alfred fisherman
GOSSE Jos, of Jos fisherman
GOSSE Moses, of Jos fisherman
GOSSE Esau, of Jos fisherman
GOSSE Jas, of Jn fisherman
GOSSE Moses, of Fran fisherman
GOSSE Josiah, of Jn fisherman
GOSSE Frances, of Moses fisherman
GODSELL Jn, of John laborer
GODSELL Mich, of John laborer
GOSSE Wm, of Solomon fisherman
GOSSE Richd, of Nath carpenter
GOSSE Jesse, of Nath carpenter
GOSSE ---- (sic), wid Jacob, of Nath  
GOSSE Nath, of Nath fisherman
GOSSE Kenneth, of R carpenter
GOSSE Silas, of Jona fisherman
GOSSE Josiah, of Nath fisherman
GOSSE Job, of Richd fisherman
GOSSE Solomon, of Wm fisherman
GOSSE Leonard, of Rich fisherman
GOSSE John, of Jas fisherman
GOSSE Israel, of Moses fisherman
GOSSE Thos, of Jona fisherman
GOSSE Moses, of Thos fisherman
GOSSE Robt, of Jas fisherman
GOSSE Wm, of Jas fisherman
GOSSE Solo, of Robt fisherman
GOSSE Hy, of Robt farmer
GOSSE Robt, of Solo fisherman
GOSSE Theodore, of R fisherman
GOSSE Moses, of Richd fisherman
GOSSE Esau, of Moses fisherman
HUTCHINGS Geo, of Geo fisherman
HIGGINS Wm, of Jn farmer
HIGGINS Reuben, of W laborer
HIGGINS Jn, of Wm laborer
HIGGINS Wm H, of Wm laborer
HUTCHINS Wg, of Hy fisherman
HUTCHINGS Jas, of Geo fisherman
HUTCHINGS Ste, of Ste fisherman
HUTCHINGS Wm, of Wm fisherman
HUTCHINGS Henry, of Hy fisherman
HUTCHINGS Nath Arch   fisherman
HUTCHINGS Mark, of Hy fisherman
HUTCHINGS Amb, of Saml fisherman
HUTCHINGS Jn, of John fisherman
HUTCHINGS Moses, of Ste fisherman
HUTCHINGS Arch, of Arch fisherman
HUTCHINGS Ben Jos, of J fisherman
HUTCHINGS Leo, of Ben J fisherman
HUTCHINGS Eli, of Jas fisherman
HUTCHINGS Geo, of Jas fisherman
HUTCHINGS Amb, of Wm fisherman
HUTCHINGS Wm H, of G fisherman
HIGGINS Thos, of Jas fisherman
HIGGINS Jona, of T fisherman
HUTCHINGS Ebenezer, of H fisherman
HUTCHINGS Jn, of Wm fisherman
HUTCHINGS Wm, of Jn fisherman
JEWER Wm, of Wm fisherman
JEWER Richd, of Hy fisherman
JEWER Jas, of Wm fisherman
KENNEDY Rich, of Jona fisherman
KENNEDY Jn, of Richd fisherman
KENT Jas, of Geo laborer
LEARY Wm, of Thos fisherman
MURREN Wm, of Wm fisherman
MURREN Moses, of W fisherman
MURREN John, of Thos fisherman
MURREN Thos, of Thos fisherman
MURREN Wm, of Thos fisherman
MENTIONS John, of John fisherman
MENTIONS John sr, of Jn fisherman
MERCER Jas, of Richd fisherman
MERCER Jas, of James fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Jona, of Jac fisherman
NEIL Geo, of Humphrey farmer
NEIL Wm, of Geo fisherman
NEIL Josiah, of Geo laborer
Neil Richd, of Hum fisherman
NEIL Isaac, of Richd fisherman
NEIL Wm of Hum fisherman
NEIL Wm, of Wm fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Jas, of Jas fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Geo, of Jas fisherman
NEIL Jacob, of Hum carpenter
NEIL Josiah, of Hum laborer
NEIL Richd, of Geo fisherman
NEIL John, of Geo farmer
NOSEWORTHY Geo, of Jas fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Geo, of Geo fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Jas, of G fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Wm, of Jn fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Hector, of W fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Richd, of G fisherman
NEIL Hum, of Hum fisherman
NEIL Wm, of Hum fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Richd, of Jas fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Jas, of Jacob fisherman
NOSEWORTHY W, of Jona fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Josiah, of W fisherman
NEIL Jas, of Humphrey fisherman
NEIL Josiah, of Jas fisherman
NEIL Thomas, of Jas fisherman
PORTER Jonathan, of Wm fisherman
PEDDLE James, of Richard school teacher
PEDDLE Henry, of Jn fisherman
PEDDLE Jn, of Jn fisherman
PORTER Wm, of Jona farmer
PORTER Jona, of Wm farmer
PORTER Wm, of Wm farmer
PORTER Jas, of Wm farmer
PIKE Joseph, of Robt farmer
RYAN Jas, of Geoffry planter
RYAN Edw, of Geoffry fisherman
FYAN Matt, of Jn gen dealer
RYAN Thos, of Jn laborer
RYAN Matthew, of T laborer
RYAN Jn, of Geoffry fisherman
ROBERTS Jos, of Jn fisherman
ROBERTS Geo, of Jos fisherman
ROBERTS Geo, of Jos fisherman
ROERTS Jos, of Jos fisherman
RYAN James, of Jas laborer
SMITH John, of Geo fisherman
SNOW Thos, of Thos fisherman
SHEPPARD Jn, of Henry fisherman
SHEPPARD W, of Hy fisherman
SHEPPARD John, of Jn fisherman
SHEPPARD Abram, of Jn fisherman
SHEPPARD Wm H, of Jn fisherman
SHEPPARD Simeon, of Jn fisherman
SHEPPARD Jona, of Hy fisherman
SHEPPARD Josiah, of Jn fisherman
SHEPPARD John, of Josiah fisherman
SHEPPARD Mark, of Josiah fisherman
SHEPPARD John F, of Nathaniel general dealer
SHEPPARD Henry, of Jn fisherman
SHEPPARD David, of Hy fisherman
SHEPPARD Josiah, of Hy fisherman
SHEPPARD Wm, of Francis fisherman
SHEPPARD Geo T, of Nath fisherman
SMITH Wm, of Abram fisherman
SEYMOUR Robt, of Jn farmer
SEYMOUR Isaac, of Robt fisherman
SMITH Albert, of Jacob fisherman
SHEPPARD ----, (sic) wid Levi, of Heny  
SHEPPARD Richd, of F fisherman
STRICKLAND Jn, of Benj fisherman
SEYMOUR Jn M, of R carpenter
SEYMOUR Ebenezer, of R carpenter
SHEPPARD Jas, of Jn farmer
SHEPPARD Jn T, of Jas laborer
SMITH John T, of Jesse fisherman
SQUIRES Benj B, of Solomon general dealer
STRICKLAND Benj jr, of B general dealer
STRICKLAND Wm, of Benj general dealer
THOMPSON Michael, of Jn laborer
THOMPSON Jas, of Patk fisherman
VOKEY Jona, of Jona fisherman
VOKEY Philip, of Wm fisherman
VOKEY Jos, of Philip laborer
VOKEY Jacob, of Philip fisherman
VOKEY Philip, of Aaron fisherman
VOKEY Jn, of Wm fisherman
VOKEY W J, of Amb fisherman
VOKEY Philip, of Jn fisherman
VOKEY Wm, of Wm fisherman
VOKEY Isaac, of Wm fisherman
VOKEY Solo, of Emmanuel fisherman
VOKEY Geo, of Emmanuel fisherman
VOKEY Silas, of Emman fisherman
VOKEY Wm, of Philip fisherman
VOKEY Jas, of Wm fisherman
VOKEY Geo, of Henry fisherman
VOKEY Israel, of Wm fisherman
VOKEY Simeon, of Jn fisherman
VOKEY Wm, of John fisherman
WHELAN Mich, of Jas laborer
WHELAN Edw, of Jn laborer
WHELAN Thos, of Jn laborer
WHELAN David, of Wm farmer
WHELAN Mich W, of David lab'r
YOUNG Jas, of Jn general dealer
YOUNG Jas, of Jas fisherman
YOUNG Moses, of Jas fisherman
FINN John   laborer
PEDDLE John   fisherman
PEDDLE Margaret, wid Joseph  
FINN Margaret, wid John  
RYAN Ellen, wid Geoffrey  
PEDDLE Mark   laborer
CAIN Thomas   laborer
DROVER Thomas   fisherman
SHEPPARD Jn, of Wm fisherman
SHEPPARD Nath, of Wm fisherman

305 Entries Complete
[ McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index ]

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Cindi Petrowski

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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