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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
"W" Names for the City of St. John's
Waband Iron Mines (G. & W. Potts, agents), Water 
WADDEN Augustus, clerk, (McCarthy), bds 98 George
WADDEN Gus, clerk (T. McCarthy), bds 10 Waldegrave
WADDEN Alexandra, tel. operator, 166 Water
WADDEN Alex., messenger, (A.A. Tel. Co.), bds Water
WADDEN A., Miss, milliner, (Royal Stores) 
WADDEN Ernest, printer, (Bowden's), bds 414 Water
WADDEN Fred, clerk, (Wood's Candy Store), bds 10 Waldegrave
WADDEN Fred, clerk, (Wood's Candy Store), bds 98 George
WADDEN James, cooper, bds 28 Buchana n
WADDEN John, cooper, h 28 Buchanan
WADDEN John, shoemaker, bds 205 New Gower
WADDEN Joseph, shoemaker, h 414 Water
WADDEN Lawrence, cooper, bds 99 Pleasant
WADDEN Leo, apprentice, (A. McNamra), bds Water
WADDEN Leo, watchmaker, 166 Water h 166 Water
WADDEN Michael, shoemaker,  166 Water h 166 Water
WADDEN Nicholas, shoemaker, 414 Water h 205 New Gower
WADDEN Patrick, cooper, h 99 Pleasant
WADDEN Patrick, jun., cooper, bds 99 Pleasant
WADDEN Patrick, shoemaker, 10 Waldegrave h 98 George
WADDEN Patrick, shoemaker, h 10 Waldegrave
WADDLETON George, fisherman, h 6 James
WADDLETON John, storekeeper, (Ferryland), h 21 Waldegrave
WADDLETON William, carpenter, (Kenny Bros.), bds 21 Waldegrave
WADLAND Harriet, wid. William, grocer, 106 Duckworth h 104 Duckworth
WADLAND John, school teacher, bds 104 Duckworth
WADLAND Milley, clerk, Duckworthbds 104 Duckworth
WAIL Michael, storekeeper, bds 12 Knight
WAIL James, caretaker, h 12 Knight
WAKEHAM Edward, laborer, h 34 Brazil
WAKEHAM Francis, laborer, h 86 Casey
WAKEHAM James, laborer, h 44 Casey
WAKEHAM Richard, laborer, bds 44 Casey
WAKEHAM Robert, sea captain, h 22 York
WAKEHAM Thomas, laborer, bds 44 Casey
WALDRON Edward, emp., Harvey, Job. Fac., h 24 Gower
WALDRON Henry, emp., Harvey, Job Fac., bds 24 Gower
WALDRON Lewis, emp., Harvey, Job. Fac., bds 24 Gower
WALKER Angus, stonemason, h 171 New Gower
WALKINS Bridget, wid. Henry, h 8 Bannerman
WALKINS Hannah. wid. Martin, h 22 Hayward's Avenue
WALKINS James, cooper, h 8 Bannerman
WALKINS Joseph, checker, (Job's), h 118 Victoria
WALL Albert, fisherman, h 42 Pleasant
WALL James F., cooper, h 74 Bannerman
WALL John, cooper, h 42 Pleasant
WALL Michael, cooper, h 13 Bannerman
WALL Michael, laborer, h 36 Codner's Lane
WALL Nicholas, motorman, (Street Railway) 
WALL Patrick, laborer, h 60 George
WALL Mrs. Peter, wid., h 135 Gower
WALL Peter, clerk, (B. & S. Co.), bds Pleasant
WALL Philip, wheelwright, 8 George h 8 George
WALL Philip, laborer, h 226 New Gower
WALL Thomas J., clerk, (B. & S. Co.), h 79 Springdale
WALL Timothy, laborer, h 28 Joy Place
WALL William, boilermaker, (Reid Nfld. Foundry) 
WALL William, laborer, h 212 Water
WALLACE Aldridge, seaman, h 49 Gower
WALLACE Alice, wid. Arthur, bds 341/2 Buchanan
WALLACE Frederick, diver, 78 Springdale
WALLACE James, cooper, h 10 Allan
WALLACE Patrick, shoemaker, Waterh 220 Gower
WALLACE Patrick, of Sage & Wallace, h 220 Theatre Hill
WALLACE Thomas, foreman, (Job), bds 10 Allan
WALLINSON George, laborer, h 24 Balsam
The Walrus Steamship Co.(J. Browning & Son, agents)  
WALSH Amelia, wid. John, h 3 Quidi Vidi Road
WALSH Andrew, watchman, (Bowring's), h 9 Goodview
WALSH Annie, barmaid, (J. C. Strang 
WALSH Annie, wid. John, h 3 Quidi Vidi Road
WALSH Miss A., clerk, (S. E. Garland) 
WALSH Bart., tanner, (McKeen's), h rear Waterford Bridge Road
WALSH Bridget, wid. James, h 12 Gorman's Lane
WALSH Bridget, wid. John, h 188 Water
WALSH Bridget, wid. William, h 191 New Gower
WALSH Catherine, wid. Patrick, h South Side
WALSH Cornelius, boatman, h Battery Road
WALSH Ed., storekeeper, (J. & W. Pitt's East End premises), h 30 King's Road
WALSH Edward, messenger, (Baird, Gordon & Co.) 
WALSH Elizabeth, wid. Edward, h 9 Job
WALSH Elizabeth, wid. James, h 46 Barter's Hill
WALSH Ellen, wid. Thomas, h 12 Catherine
WALSH Emily, wid. Peter, h 46 McFarlane
WALSH E., clerk, (Marshall Bros.) 
WALSH Frank, machine, operator (Parker & Munroe) 
WALSH George, printer, h 235 Gower
WALSH George, laborer, h 1911/2 New Gower
WALSH Hannah, wid. Nicholas, h 25 Mullock
WALSH Hugh, laborer, (Bowring Bros.), bds 236 New Gower
WALSH Jack, laborer, bds 37 Cook
WALSH James, clerk, bds 47 Mullock
WALSH James, laborer, h 20 Princes
WALSH James, plumber at T. Stephenson's, bds 178 Water West
WALSH James, cutter, (Boot & Shoe), bds 44 Hamilton
WALSH James, laborer, (Bowring Bros), South Side
WALSH James, carman (Thomas Walsh) 
WALSH James, farmer, bds Port Cove Road
WALSH James, stonecutter, bds Portugal Cove Road
WALSH James, painter, h 17 Bell
WALSH James, clerk, h 14 Henry
WALSH James, cooper, h 155 New Gower
WALSH James, laborer, h 1851/2 New Gower
WALSH James, cooper, bds 80 Hamilton
WALSH James, clerk, (J. D. Ryan) 
WALSH James, (H.M. Customs), h 59 Plymouth Road
WALSH James, laborer, bds r Waterford Bridge Road
WALSH John, fireman, h 10 Pleasant
WALSH John, laborer, h 24 Scot
WALSH John, accountant, (Marshall Bros.), 35 Mullock 
WALSH John, stonecutter, h 251 Water West
WALSH John, emp. Butterine Factory, h 24 Barnes Road
WALSH John, laborer, h 48 1/2 Signal Hill Road
WALSH John, truckman, bds 52 King's Bridge Road
WALSH John, baker, (Rennie's Baker), bds Waterford Bridge Road
WALSH John, tanner, (McKeen's Factory), bds Water West
WALSH John, farmer, h 95 Monkstown Road
WALSH John M., accountant, (Marshall Bros.), bds 25 Mullock
WALSH John, seaman, bds 47 Mullock
WALSH John, laborer, h 3 William's Lane
WALSH John, laborer, h 38 Young
WALSH Lawrence, cooper, bds 61 George West
WALSH Lawrence, cooper, h 61 George
WALSH Louise, wid. Patrick, h 52 Monkstown Road
WALSH Lucy, Miss,  bds 127 Military Road
WALSH Luke, clerk, bds 47 Bannerman
WALSH Margaret M., typewriter, bds 25 Mullock
WALSH Martin, seaman, bds Waterford Bridge Road
WALSH Martin, farmer, h Mount Scio Road
WALSH Mary, wid. William, h 178 Water
WALSH Mary, wid. Richard, h 62 Barnes Road
WALSH Mary, h 37 Plank Road
WALSH Mary, tailoress, (Michael Davey), bds Flower Hill
WALSH Mary, widow, h 24 Henry
WALSH Michael, butcher, h 22 Patrick
WALSH Michael, motorman, h 102 Freshwater
WALSH Michael, plumber, h 65 Cabot
WALSH Michael, motorman, (Street Railway), h James
WALSH Michael, seaman, h South Side
WALSH Michael, plumber, (John Rooney) 
WALSH Michael, painter, h 17 Maxse
WALSH Michael, laborer, bds Portugal Cove Road
WALSH Michael, grocer, h 147 Gower
WALSH Michael, farmer, h Mount Scio Road
WALSH Michael, seaman, h 47 Mullock
WALSH Patrick, laborer, bds 19 Bambrick
WALSH Patrick, laborer, bds 57 Colonial
WALSH Patrick, laborer, h 190 Water
WALSH Patrick, shoemaker, 16 Water, h do.
WALSH Patrick, fireman, bds Waterford Bridge Road
WALSH Patrick, laborer, bds 28 Pilot's Hill
WALSH Patrick A. (H.M. Customs), h 47 Bannerman
WALSH Patrick J., clerk, bds 47 Bannerman
WALSH Patrick J., printer, (Gazette), h 180 Gower
WALSH Peter, baker, (Browning's Bakery), h Waterford Bridge Rd
WALSH Peter, carpenter, h 108 Duckworth
WALSH Philip, laborer, h 32 Pleasant
WALSH Richard, clerk, h 25 Water
WALSH Richard, cooper, h South Side
WALSH Richard, emp., Browning's Bakery, h 34 Hutchings
WALSH Robert, caretaker, Post Office, h 9 Colonial
WALSH Robert, baker, bds Sal. Army Depot, George
WALSH Robert, fireman, h 245 Water West
WALSH Rosannah, wid. Edward, h 236 New Gower
WALSH Sarah, wid. James, Portugal Cove Road
WALSH Stanisland, plumber, h 30 1/2 Bannerman
WALSH Thomas, laborer, h 39 Wickford
WALSH Thomas, seaman, h 78 Patrick
WALSH Thomas, coachman, h 52 King's Bridge Road
WALSH Thomas, shoemaker, h 224 New Gower
WALSH Thomas, storekeeper, h 1 Carter's Hill
WALSH Thomas, carman, h Waterford Bridge Road
WALSH Thomas J., steward, bds 25 Mullock
WALSH Thomas, cashboy, (Fortune & Sharpe) 
WALSH Thomas, cutter, (Parker & Munroe) 
WALSH Thomas, jr., assistant storekeeper, (Bowring Bros., Ltd.) 
WALSH Thomas, sr., asst. storekeeper, (Bowring Bros., Ltd.) 
WALSH Thomas, teamster, (Rothwell & Bowring), bds 178 Water
WALSH Thomas, farmer, bds Mount Scio Road
WALSH Thomas, groceries and pro., 18 Water h Waterford Bridge
WALSH Thomas, laborer, h 19 Bambrick
WALSH Thomas, teamster, (Horwood's), h George West
WALSH Walter W., accountant, bds 234 Gower
WALSH Walter, laborer, h 37 Cook
WALSH Walter, cabman, h Lake Avenue
WALSH William, mason, h 10 William
WALSH William, accountant, (City Club), h 57 Colonial
WALSH William, shoemaker, 32 Bannermanh 32 Bannerman
WALSH William, laborer, h 21 Flower Hill
WALSH William, tinsmith, (R. Callanhan), bds 178 Water
WALSH William P., dir., Constl. Fdy. Co., h 207 Gower
WALSH William, porter, h 62 Barnes Road
WALSH William, carman, h 80 Hamilton
WALTERS, George, surveyer h 60 Lime
WAMPOLE, H. K. & CO., Manufacturing Chemists, main office and laboratories, Philadelphia, U. S. A. Branch offices, Toronto, Canada. See adv.
WARFIELD, Thomas, clerk, (T. J. Edens), Military Road
WARFIELD William, shoemaker, 17 Brazilbds 19 Brazil
WARREN Blanche Miss, typewriter bds South Side
WARREN B., Miss, typew'r, (Baine, --ohnstone & Co.), bds South S.
WARREN Cyris, master cooper, h South Side
WARREN Edward, cooper, h South Side East
WARREN Ernest, electrician, bds South Side
WARREN Hettie, clerk, bds South Side
WARREN James, hardware merchant, h 69 Military Road
WARREN Jane, wid. Henry, 47 Stephen
WARREN John, hardware, Waterh 36 Freshwater
WARREN Leah, Miss, h 342 Duckworth
WARREN Miss, milliner, (Miss Andre), South Side
WARREN Patrick, laborer, h 65 Harvey Road
WARREN Richard, seaman, h 211 New Gower
WARREN Samuel, laborer, bds 7 Stephens
WARREN, W. R. Barrister & Solicitor, Agent for Home Insurance Company of New York, 158 Water Streeth 29 Queen's Rd...St. John's, Nfld...
WARRICKE James, painter, h 32 Victoria
WARROL Miss M., Queen's Road
WATERFIELD Joseph S., confectioner, h 23 Henry
WATKINSON Lazarus, clerk, h 119 Quidi Vidi Road
WATSON Alexander, cooper, h 7 British Square
WATSON Ellis D., clerk, (Reid Co.), bds 46 Rennie's Mill Road
WATSON Ellis, Minister Marine and Fisheries, Custom House h 29 Queen's Road
WATSON Harold, Royal Bank Canada, bds 46 Rennie's Mill Road
WATSON James,  h 46 Rennie's Road
WATSON Robert, agent, N. Y. Life Ins. Co., h 29 Queen's Road
WATSON Robert, clerk, (J. C. Strang) 
WATSON William, carpenter, h 18 Penneywell Road
WATSON William W., Manager, Bank of N.S., h 22 Freshwater Road
WATT Arthur, clerk, (Post Office), h 74 George
WATTS Horatia J., clerk, (H.M. Customs), h 124 Gower
WAUGH Edward, moulder, (Nfld. Foundry), h 229 Hamilton Ave.
WAUGH Edward, janitor, (C.E.I. Club Rooms), h 349 Duckworth
WAUGH George, engineer, bds 349 Duckworth
Waverley Hotel James Dooley, prop.), 206 Duckworth 
WAY Alfred, nail cutter, bds 55 Springdale
WAY Charles, clerk, (Steer Bros.), bds 88 Pleasant
WAY Gideon, blacksmith, h 88 Pleasant
WAY John, carpenter, bds 88 Pleasant
WAY Miss Katharine, grocer, 50 New Gower h 50 New Gower
WAY Lewis, steward, bds 88 Pleasant
WAY Philip, plumber, bds 55 Springdale
WAY William, laborer, h 55 Springdale
WAY William, draper, (Steer Bros.), bds 88 Pleasant
WAYTE Edward, sea captain, h 22 Carter's Hill
WEATHERTON Robert, sailmaker, bds 48 Long's Hill
WEBB George, steward, h 38 Signal Hill Road
WEBBER Archibald, painter, h 45 Field
WEBBER Fred, apprentice tinsmith, (W. G. Pippy) 
WEBBER George, clerk, (Royal Stores), h 23 Bond
WEBBER John, clerk, bds 204 New Gower
WEBBER Miss Mary, clerk, bds 204 New Gower
WEBBER William G., accountant, bds 204 New Gower
WEIR Michael, shoemaker, h 39 Young
WEALTHEM Laura, clerk, (F. Parnell), bds 48 McFarlane Lane
WEEKHAM Mary, tailoress, (John Maunder), bds New Town Road
WEEKHAM Richard, seaman, h 8 Lyons' Square
WEEKHAM Robert, laborer, (Bowring Bros.) 
WEEKS Charles, grocer, 136 New Gower bds 136 New Gower
WELLMANE Moses, painter, h 136 Gower
WELLS Emily, teacher, bds 26 Victoria
WELLS James, laborer, h 13 John
WELLS Joseph, pressman, (Daily News), bds 22 Field
WELLS Miss K., clerk, (Knowling's) 
WELLS Mary, wid. Richard, h 26 Victoria
WELLS Nath., watchman, (Marche's), h 35 Cabot
WELLS Thomas, laborer, bds 13 John
WELSH Michael, sr., carpenter, h 186 Duckworth
WELSH Michael, jr., painter, bds 186 Duckworth
WELSH Nicholas, merchant, (Catatina), h 318 Duckworth
WELSH Richard, carpenter, h 160 Duckworth
WELSH S. G., prop. (Moore & Co.), 128 Duckworthh Bannerman
Wesleyan Church, cor Gower and Church Hill  
WEST Andrew, seaman, (Govt. Tug Co.), bds 68 Alexander
WEST Arthur, machinist, (Ried Nfld. Fndy.), bds Le Marchant Rd.
West End House, Mrs. Foote, prop., Carbonear 
WEST Walter B., commission agent, h 151 Le Marchant Road
WESTCOTT Isabella, emp., Harvey Tob. Fcty., bds 78 McFarlane
WESTCOTT John, laborer, bds 78 McFarlane
WESTCOTT Mary, wid. William, h 78 McFarlane
Western Fire Assurance Co. Of Toronto (A. S. Rendell, agt.), Water 
WEKER Emma, wid. John, h 71 Harvey Road
WEKER Frederick, tinsmith, (W. Pippy), bds 71 Harvey Road
WHALEN Elizabeth, wid. Thomas, h 8 Buchanan
WHALEN James, laborer, h 27 Carnell
WHAKEN James, laborer, h "Exon" Cottage, Allendale Road
WHALEN James, laborer, h 18 James
WHALEN James, laborer, (Bowring Bros.), h Buchanan
WHALEN John, emp., B. & S. Co., bds 132 New Gower
WHALEN Martin, boiler maker, h 20 Spencer
WHALEN Mathew, laborer, h 9 Howe Place
WHALEN Mary, wid. Stephen, 1 James
WHALEN Mary Ann., wid. Joseph, h 83 Signal Hill Road
WHALEN Michael, emp., B. & S. Co., h 5 Stephen
WHALEN Michael, clerk, h 34 Gower
WHALEN Michael, cooper, h 20 Spencer
WHALEN Michael, laborer, h 12 Duckworth
WHALEN Michael, shoemaker, h 45 Duggan
WHALEN Robert, shoemaker, h South Side
WHALEN Thomas, laborer, (Bowring Bros.) 
WHALEN William, contractor, h 222 Hamilton Avenue
WHAREN Edward, fisherman, h South Side
WHAREN John, fisherman, h South Side
WHAREM Joshua, fisherman, h South Side
WHEATLEY George (Lloyd's Surveyor), h 14 Gower
WHEELER Archibald V., sailmaker, (Isaac Moore's), h 25 Prospect
WHEELER Arthur, tailor, h 16 Henry
WHEELER James, carpenter, h 79 Long's Hill
WHEELER John, ship's carpenter, h 28 Young
WHEELER Joseph, laborer, h 39 Power Avenue, Signal Hill Road
WHEELER Simon, fisherman, h 40 Lime
WHEELER William, policeman, h 34 Le Marchant Road
WHELAN Edith E., stenographer, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.) 
WHELAN Edward, fireman, h 132 New Gower
WHELAN John, boarding-house, 3 Adealide  
WHELAN T. J., clerk, h 11 Bell
WHELAN William, clerk, (J. D. Ryan's), bds Duckworth
WHITE Ananais, emp. Carnell, h 34 Buchanan
WHITE Arthur M., surveyor, (Agr. & Mines), h 132 Gower
WHITE Catherine, wid. Philip D., h 78 Le Marchant Road
WHITE Charles, blacksmith, h 51 Goodview
WHITE Charlie, clerk, (R.N. Co.), bds South Side
WHITE Denis, wheelwright, h 34 Buchanan
WHITE Dugald, clerk, (Sclater's), bds 97 George
WHITE Dugand, draper, (Sclater's), bds 97 George
WHITE Edward, sr., h South Side
WHITE Edwin, clerk, (H.M. Customs) h 8 Brazil
WHITE Edwin, sea captain, h 156 Le Marchant Road
WHITE Miss Ellie, bds 353 Water West
WHITE Emma, wid. Douglas, h 29 Dick
WHITE Ernest, clerk, (Sydney Woods), bds South Side
WHITE Fanny, wid. John, h 173 Custom House Hill
WHITE Francis, clerk, (Thomas Smyth), bds 47 Military Road
WHITE Frank, clerk, (Hutchings & Blackwood), bds South Side
WHITE Frank, messenger boy, (E. P. Morris), bds South Side
WHITE F., accountant, (Smith's), h 47 Military Road
WHITE Fredk., clerk, (Royal Stores), h 134 Bond
WHITE George, carriagesmith, (S. G. Collier), h 16 Cathedral
WHITE George, engineer, bds South Side
WHITE George, tallyman, (Bowring Bros.), h 21 Hutchings
WHITE Gertrude, clerk, (Slatrey's o ce), bds 1121/2 Military Road
WHITE Hanna, clerk, bds 112 1/2 Military Road
WHITE James, laborer, h 90 Casey
WHITE James, laborer, h 54 King's Road
WHITE James, blacksmith, h 97 George
WHITE Jessie E., typewriter, bds South Side
WHITE John, laborer, bds 97 George
WHITE John, shoemaker, bds 22 Casey
WHITE John, laborer, h 56 Alexander
WHITE John, (H.M. Customs), h 134 Bond
WHITE John, farmer, h 353 Water West
WHITE John, grocer, (E. G. Horwood), 35 Cochrane
WHITE John, blacksmith, h 20 Carter's Hill
WHITE John W., barrister, 315 Duckworthh 52 Long's Hill
WHITE Lawrence, storekeeper, h 112 1/2 Military Road
WHITE Leonard, clerk, bds 7 Charlton
WHITE Llewelyn, clerk, bds 156 Le Marchant Road
WHITE Mabel, milliner, (Jackson's), bds 134 Bond
WHITE Malcom, conductor, (R.N. Co.), h 28 Dick
WHITE Miss Maggie, dressmaker, bds 353 Water West
WHITE Martin, seaman, h 16 Catherine
WHITE Matthew A., baggage clerk, (Reid's), bds Tremont Hotel
WHITE Maud, clerk, (Bearn's), bds Military Road
WHITE Monicia Miss, bds 353 Water West
WHITE Norman, drug clerk, bds 156 Le Marchant Road
WHITE Richard, saddler, h 49 Military Road
WHITE Richard, inspector of lighthouses, (H.M. Cus.), h South Side
WHITE Richard, machinist, (Reid Nfld. Foundry) 
WHITE Robert, operator, (R.N. Co.), bds South Side
WHITE Stanly, clerk, (Templeman), bds 134 Bond
WHITE Stanley, conductor, (Reid & Co.), bds 112 1/2 Military Road
WHITE Stephen, clerk, bds 52 King's Road
WHITE Thomas, fisherman, h 33 Le Marchant Road
WHITE Thomas, seaman, bds 26 Casey
WHITE Thomas M., printer, (Daily News), h 18 Cathedral Hill
WHITE Walter, clerk, (Knowling's), bds South Side
WHITE Walter, clerk, (Bowring Bros.), bds South Side
WHITE William, sr., h South Side
WHITE William, jr., clerk, (Ayre & Sons), bds South Side
WHITE William, conductor, h 67 Gower
WHITE William, laborer, h 61 Lime
WHITE William, emp., Con. Foundry, bds 56 Alexander
WHITE William clerk, (Stabb's), h 41 Alexander
WHITE William, laborer, h 11 Goodview
WHITE William blacksmith, h 31 Woodford
WHITELEY Arthur, clerk, (H.M. Customs), h 7 Military Road
WHITELEY Edward, merchant, fish, bds 5 Military
WHITELY James, engineer, h 33 Temperance
WHITELEY Louisa, wid. William H., h 5 Military Road
WHITELEY W. H., planter, h 16 Gower
WHITEMARSH Charles, carpenter, h 20 Dick
WHITEMARSH Mary, wid. Walter, h 46 1/2 Carter's Hill
WHITEMARSH William, ship's carpenter, h 78 Cabot
WHITEWAY BROS. (Wm. Whiteway, man.), importers dry goods, &c., 297 Water  
WHITEWAY Edwin, grocer, 166 New Gowerh 166 New Gower
WHITEWAY Edwin, seaman, bds 166 New Gower
WHITEWAY Eli, trader, h 81 Springdale
WHITEWAY H. Maxse K., student, bds River View, Rennie's Mill Rd
WHITEWAY James, laborer, h 6 Hunt's Lane
WHITEWAY Jesse, general importer dry goods, &c., 347 Waterh 85 Springdale
WHITEWAY Max., clerk, (Whiteway's), bds Rennie's Mill Road
WHITEWAY Miss, dressmaker, (Royal Stores) 
WHITEWAY & MCGRATH (Sir W. V. Whiteway, James T. McGrath, barristers, Duckworth 
WHITEWAY Robert, clerk, h 27 Victoria
WHITEWAY S. P., teacher, 136 Bond
WHITEWAY Thomas, laborer, h 48 Carter's Hill
WHITEWAY Wilfred, grocer's clerk, bds 166 New Gower
WHITEWAY William, of Whiteway Bros., bds Springdale
WHITEWAY Wm. V. E., civil eng., bds River View, Rennie's Mill Rd.
WHITEWAY William, draper, bds 81 Springdale
WHITEWAY Sir William V., K.C.M.G., barrister, h Rennie's Mill Rd.
WHITHERS John, printer, h Circular Road
WHITTEN Albert, cooper, h 114 Duckworth
WHITTEN Allan, laborer, bds South Side
WHITTEN Arthur, laborer, (Job Bros.), h South Side
WHITTEN Charles, planter, h South Side East
WHITTEN Charles, cooper, h 60 Gower
WHITTEN Charlie, boilermaker, (Reid Nfld. Fndry.), bds South Side
WHITTEN Daniel, fisherman, h South Side
WHITTEN Drucilla, tailoress, h 161/2 Young
WHITTEN Edward, storekeeper, (Goodridge), h 10 John
WHITTEN Eliz., wid. Henry, h South Side
WHITTEN George, cooper, h South Side East
WHITTEN George, fisherman, h South Side
WHITTEN George B., planter, h South Side
WHITTEN Geo. W., Prop. Whitten's Hotel, 2 Water West
WHITTEN Herbert, steward, bds South Side
WHITTEN'S Hotel and Restaurant Opposite Newman's Estate.  
WHITTEN James, fisherman, h 36 Hamilton
WHITTEN James T., watchman, (Job Bros.), South Side
WHITTEN John, carpenter, h South Side East
WHITTEN John,  bds South Side
WHITTEN John, keeper, Poor Asylum 
WHITTEN Joseph, boiler-maker, h 42 Wickford
WHITTEN Kenneth, laborer, (Job Bros.), h South Side
WHITTEN Mabel, teacher, bds 10 John
WHITTEN Mary, wid. Samuel, h South Side East
WHITTEN Mary A. T., wid. George, h 26 Hayward's Avenue
WHITTEN Robert, fisherman, h South Side
WHITTEN Robt., laborer, (Job Bros.), h South Side
WHITTEN Samuel cooper h South Side
WHITTEN Sarah,wid. William bds South Side
WHITTEN Theo engineer, (Job Bros.) h South Side
WHITTEN Thomas laborer, (Baine Johnson) h South Side
WHITTEN William fireman h 212 New Gower
WHITTEN William laborer, (Job Bros.) h South Side
WHITTLE David laborer h 7 Buchanan
WHITTLE Mary wid. Peter bds 39 Buchanan
WHITTLE Peter shoemaker h 20 Hamilton
WHITTLE Peter B. & S. Co. h 21 Hamilton
WHITTLE Richard laborer bds 7 Buchanan
WHITTY Edward laborer, (Bowring Bros.) h 27 John
WHITTY E., clerk, (Geo Knowling)  
WHITTY Jean Miss milliner, (Marshall Bros.) bds 27 John
WHITTY John shoemaker h 23 Job
WHITTY Sylvester cooper, (Moore) h 29 Job
WICKHAM John teamster, (Nfld. Brewery) h 13 James
WICKHAM Margaret, wid Thomas h 54 McFarlane
WICKHAM Martin teamster bds 54 McFarlane
WICKHAM Thomas laborer h 48 McFarlane
WILCOX Benjamin fisherman bds 17 Signal Hill Road
WILCOX Francis fisherman h 17 Signal Hill Road
WILCOX James A. laborer bds 17 Signal Hill Road
WILCOX Mrs head dressmaker, (Royal Stores)  
WILDMAN Henry printer h 231 Gower
WILEY R. clerk, (Royal Bank of Canada) h 54 Freshwater Road
WILEY William coachman, (Outer Bridge) h King's Road
WILKENSON Charles engineer, (Reid Nfld. Foundry) h 94 Hamilton
WILKENSON Edward clerk, (Z Cox's, Water) bds 140 Hamilton
WILKINISON Eliza, wid. James h 7 Prospect
WILKINSON Mary machinist, (Boot & Shoe Co.) bds 140 Hamilton
WILKINSON Mrs. Mary wid. Samuel h 140 Hamilton
WILKINSON William ship's carpenter h 2 New Gower
WILKINSON William moulder h 148 Hamilton
WILLAR Archibald sailmaker h 35 Prospect
WILLAR Frederick cooper h 2 Forest Road
WILLAR, Sydney sailmaker h 12 Holloway
WILLAR William printer h 70 Bannerman
WILLETT Fred clerk, (Jackson & Co.) bds 206 Duckworth
WILLETT J. Clerk, (Geo Knowling)  
WILLIAMS Alfred planter South Side
WILLIAMS Arthur G. accountant h 33 Parade
WILLIAMS Emma wid. Henry h 33 Wickford
WILLIAMS Ernest joiner bds 46 William
WILLIAMS Fred draper, (Marshall Bros.) h 11 Freshwater
WILLIAMS Miss F. clerk, (Geo Knowling)  
WILLIAMS George sr. wharfinger (Job Bros.) h 81 Bond
WILLIAMS George jr. clerk bds 81 Bond
WILLIAMS George fisherman  bds 37 Barter's Hill
WILLIAMS George A. foreman, Gear & Co.) h 46 William
WILLIAMS George clerk, (R. G. Rendell & Co.)  
WILLIAMS George cashier, (Job Bros.), 81 Bond  
WILLIAMS George R. accountant h 32 Gower
WILLIAMS Gerett bookkeeper bds 187 New Gower
WILLIAMS Henry fisherman h 3 Alexander
WILLIAMS Henry T. steward bds 81 Bond
WILLIAMS Jeremiah seaman h 29 Peter
WILLIAMS Johannah wid Martin h 3 Kitchen Place
WILLIAMS John cooper h 152 Hamilton
WILLIAMS John emp., Ropewalk bds 3 Alexander
WILLIAMS John clerk h 29 parade
WILLIAMS John laborer bds 7 Job
WILLIAMS John laborer h 91 Bond
WILLIAMS John clerk, (Bowring Bros.) h 15 Cook
WILLIAMS John A. draper, {Knowling's) h 39 Mullock
WILLIAMS Josiah carpenter, (Davey Bros.) bds 30 York
WILLIAMS J. H. clerk, (Powering Bros.)  
WILLIAMS Lilley clerk, (Taylor's) bds 150 Hamilton
WILLIAMS Louis electrician, R. N. Co.) h 78 Bond
WILLIAMS Martin laborer bds 3 Kitchen Place
WILLIAMS Maud   bds 31 Mullock
WILLIAMS Michael painter bds 3 Kitchen Place
WILLIAMS Moses laborer h 31 Mullock
WILLIAMS Peter clerk, (Johnstone's) bds 46 William
WILLIAMS Phebe emp., Rennie's Bakery bds 31 Mullock
WILLIAMS Philip laborer, (Baine Johnson) h 150 Hamilton
WILLIAMS Philip watchman, (Street Railway)  
WILLIAMS Richard cabman h 13 Spencer
WILLIAMS Robert accountant, (Gear & Co.) bds 46 William
WILLIAMS Samuel shoemaker h South Side
WILLIAMS Samuel laborer h South Side
WILLIAMS Stephen teamster bds 3 Kitchen Place
WILLIAMS Stephen motorman, (Street Railway) h 30 York
WILLIAMS Thomas fisherman h 37 Barter's Hill
WILLIAMS Walter clerk bds 30 York
WILLIAMS Walter watchmaker, 126 Water h 30 York
WILLIAMS Mrs. Walter B. wid. crockeryware &c, Water h 24 Patrick
WILLIAMS Walter B. clerk bds 144 Water
WILLIAMS Wm laborer, (Baird, Gordon & Co.), Water h 24 Patrick
WILLIAMS William seaman bds 31 Mullock
WILLIAMS William G. palnter h South Side
WILLIAMSON James clerk bds 25 Bond
WILLS Alfred fisherman h Battery Road, Chain Rock
WILLS Authur fisherman h Battery road, Chain Rock
WILLS Daisy bookkeeper bds 234 Theater Hill
WILLS David laborer h 7 Damarill's Lane
WILLS Edward accountant, (Browning & Son) bds 234 Gower
WILLS Edwin store-keeper h 48 King's Road
WILLS F. C. coal dealer h 326 Duckworth
WILLS Harry steward, (SS. Fiona) H 45 Wickford
WILLS Henry laborer h 51 Lime
WILLS Henry watchman h 39 Gower
WILLS James fisherman bds Battery Road, Chain Rock
WILLS Miss clerk, (George B. Tarries)  
WILLS Pasco carpenter bds 44 Water
WILLS Richard plumber h 8 Rennie's Mill Road
WILLS Robert H. baker, 234 Gower h 234 Gower
WILLS Samuel fisherman h Battery Road, Chain Rock
WILLS T. George Steward h 49 Lime
WILLS William fisherman h Battery Road, Chain Rock
WILLS W. H. plumber and steam fitter h 351 Duckworth
WILLS W. W. storekeeper, (Bowring Bros, Ltd.)  
WILSON Alex teamster, (J. C. Strang)  
WILSON Alexander clerk bds 8 King's Road
WILSON Alfred shoemaker bds 102 ½ Barnes road
WILSON Andrew sea captain h 30 John
WILSON Andres school principal h 46 Queen's Road
WILSON Daniel laborer h 23 Carter's Hill
WILSON Catherine wid Wm. h 8 King's Road
WILSON Edward student h 2 colonial
WILSON Harry tailor, (John Maunder) bds Barnes Road
WILSON James sea captain h 15 Cochrane
WILSON James clerk bds 15 Hamilton
WILSON James messenger, (Martin Hardware Co.)  
WILSON John V. h 12 Plymouth road
WILSON John engineer bds 8 King's Road
WILSON Mary wid Joseph h 49 Long's Hill
WILSON Mary wid William, grocer h 82 Colonial
WILSON REV THOMAS Principal Queen's College Forest Rd
WILSON Thomas engineer bds 8 King's Road
WINDSOR Louise wid. Augustus bds 148 Pleasant
WINSBORROW Elizabeth   bds 38 William
WINSBORROW Frank draper 38 William
WINSBORROW William C. supt. Telephone Department 
WINSLOW George Board Health officer h 35 Bannerman
WINSLOW George shoemaker h 96 Circular Road
WINSLOW Michael keeper, Hospital h Signal Hill Road
WINSOR Frederick District Chief, Fire Department  
WINSOR Howard emp., Pope's h Brazil's Field
WINSOR James W. clerk, (J. Whiteway)  
WINSOR John miner h 31 William
WINSOR Peter ship rigger h Brazil's Field
WINTER SIR JAMES S., K. C. of Winters & Fenelon h Rennie's Mill Road
WINTER MARMADUKE, of T. & M. Winter h Circular Road
WINTER Minnie clerk, (Knowlin) h 25 Barnes Road
WINTER M. G. Pres. S. S. Ffg. Co., Ltd h Circular Road
WINTER Thomas commission merchant, Duckworth h 2 Park Place
WINTER T. & M. Commission Merchants, Duckworth See adv.
WISEMAN Eliz wid. William h 50 Hayward's Avenue
WISEMAN Ella wid John h 21 James
WISEMAN Henry seaman bds 34 Casey
WISEMAN Henry fisherman h 34 Casey
WISEMAN Hy. printer, (Gazette) h 231 Theater Hill
WISEMAN James laborer h 5 Young
WISEMAN James laborer h 14 ½ James
WISEMAN John tailor h 16 Carter's Hill
WISEMAN John carpenter h 50 Hayward's Avenue
WISEMAN Michael shoemaker bds 23 flower Hill
WISEMAN William butcher h 6 Allan
WISEMAN William laborer h 14 Young
WITHERS J. W. King's Printer h Circular Road
WITYCOMBE Allan trunkmaker h South Side East
WITYCOMBE Charles operator bds 5 Larkin's Square
WITHYCOMBE Hedley trunkmaker h South Side
WITYCOMBE John carpenter h 5 Larkin's Square
WITHYCOMBE William G. trunkmaker h South Side East
WITTY Bridget dressmaker h 12 Hutchings
WOFTALL Henry laborer h 33 ½ Young
WOLGAR Albert bookkeeper, (Barr & Co.) h 64 Patrick
WOLGAR Mary wid. Richard bds 64 Patrick
WOLLEY Thomas gardener h South Side
W. C. T. U. Henry Taylor, Manager h 6 Adalaide
WOOD Albert accountant h 35 Monkstown Road
WOOD Arthur electrician h 16 Pennywell Road
WOOD Eliza M. wid. William h 33 Monkstown Road
WOOD L.O. accountant, (A. Goodridge)  
WOOD Olive A. music teacher bds 33 Monkstown Road
WOOD WILLIAM E. of Wood, Kelly & Mews h 2 Forest Road
WOODFORD John carpenter h 5 Convent Square
WOODFORD William Acting Outport Inspector h 202 New gower
WOODLANDS Moses fisherman h Bazil's Square
WOODLAND Simon fisherman h 77 ½ Casey
Wood's Candy Store (F. B. Woods, Mgr), 187 Water   
WOODS CHESLEY Music and Bicycle Dealer, 13 New Gower h 13 New Gower - See Adv
WOODS Frank seaman h 35 ½ flower Hill
WOODS Fred B. confectionery, etc., 181 Water and 202-204 Duckworth bds Prescott
WOODS Georre (sic)assistant storekeeper, (A. Goodrich & Co.)  
WOODS H. J. B. Hon., of J. Woods & Son, Benistor Place King's Bridge Road
WOODS Jno. & Son, coal merchants 11 Water East  
WOODS Julia teacher, (Meth. College) King's Bridge Road
WOODS Mary A. wid. Richard h 8 William
WOODS Miss. clerk, (Woods' Candy Store) bds Prescott
WOODS SIDNEY General Importer Hardware, &c., 167 Water h Le Marchant Road - See adv.
WOODS Thomas laborer bds 35 ½ Flower Hill
Wood's West End Fruit Store (Miss Power, mgr.) 348 Water  
WOODS William storekeeper h 21 Flower Hill
WOODS William laborer bds 8 William
WOODS William seaman, (Navel Reserve) bds 35 ½ Flower Hill
WOOLDRIDGE Charlott wid. Richard h 8 Gill
WOOLSEY Nicholas general importer h 429 Water
WORRALL Constance school teacher bds 73 Springdale
WORRALL James clerk, (J. Anderson) h 73 Springdale
WORRALL Mabel schoold teacher bds 73 Springdale
WRECK Patrick baker, (J. Eagen h 17 ½ Duggan
WRIGHT A. E. printer, (Times Office) bds Victoria
WRIGHT C. M. music teacher h 27 Cochrane
WRIGHT C. M. Professor of Music, Trinity College bds Cochrane
WRIGHT Peter M. steward bds 37 John
WRIGHT ROBERT jr. of R. Wright & Son bds Freshwater Rd.
WRIGHT ROBERT sr. of R. Wright & Son h Freshwater Rd.
WRIGHT R. & SON Commission Merchants, (R. Wright, sr., R. Wright jr.), 264 Water See adv.
WRIGHT Samuel laborer bds 31 Holloway
WRIGHT Walter seaman bds 31 Holloway
WRIGHT William shoemaker, 20 Colonial h 20 Colonial
WINSOR James cadet S. A. bds 63 Power
WYATT Bros. (William sr., Wm., jr., blacksmiths) 5 Barter's Hill
WYATT Bruce truckman h 13 Pleasant
WYATT Henry accountant, (M. Morey) h 172 Water
WYATT Henry bookkeeper, (Dorey & Co.) h 1 Patrick
WYATT H. J. clerk, (Morey & Co.) h 172 Water West
WYATT William sr. of Wyatt Bros. h 7 Barter's Hill
WYATT Wm jr. of Wyatt Bros. bds 7 Barter's Hill
WYLLIE William painter h 49 Monkstown Road

665 Entries - Complete
McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Carrie Corsby and Theresa Luney

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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