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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
"T" Names for the City of St. John's
TACEY Ralph Ayre & Sons Ltd. 
TACK H. L. emp., R. N. Co. 46 Freshwater Road
TAPPER John W. clerk, R. Nfld. Ry. bds 104 New Gower
TAFF Edward male attendant, General Hospital  
TAFFE Joseph clerk h 25 Holdsworth
TAAFFE T. drug clerk, T. McMurdo h Quidi Vidi Road
TAPPER Harry grocer, 104 New Gower h 104 New Gower
TAPPER John W. clerk, R. Nfld. Ry. bds 104 New Gower
TARAHAN John druggist bds 29 Monkstown Road
TARCHIN Patrick commission-agent bds 34 Tessier Place
TAVERNER Henry G. clerk, Martin Hardware Co. 
TAY Emily clerk, G. T. Hudson bds 2 Belvidere
TAYLOR Abraham ship's carpenter h 13 Cabot
TAYLOR Augustus accountant h 1 Colonial
TAYLOR Albert clerk h 174 Pleasant
TAYLOR Albert carpenter h 29 John
TAYLOR Albert wireman, Electric Department h John
TAYLOR Anthony laborer h 69 McFarlane
TAYLOR Anthony laborer, Reid Nfld. Foundry h Gilbert
TAYLOR & BELL Samuel Bell, John Taylor shipwrights r Water W
TAYLOR Chas. F. Pilly's Isld. Pyritis Co. h Colonial
TAYLOR David laborer h South Side East
TAYLOR Emily wid George h 48 Le Marchant Road
TAYLOR Enos carpenter bds 47 New Gower
TAYLOR Ethel clerk, Steer Bros. bds South Side
TAYLOR C. clerk, George Knowling  
TAYLOR E. F. clerk, Customs h 31 Cochrane
TAYLOR Frank laborer bds South Side
TAYLOR Fraser carpenter h 176 Pleasant
TAYLOR F. Y.  bds 67 Gower
TAYLOR George laborer bds 11 Gilbert
TAYLOR George foreman, Job Bros. h South side
TAYLOR George carpenter 80 Springdale
TAYLOR Giles accountant h 80 Le Marchant Road
TAYLOR Guy watchman h 48 Le Marchant Road
TAYLOR Hedley draper h 21 Freshwater
TAYLOR Henry carpenter h 54 Belvidere
TAYLOR Henry J. manager, W. C. T. U. h 6 Adelaide
TAYLOR Herbert J. shipwright h 3 Barter's Hill
TAYLOR Horatius cooper h South Side
TAYLOR Howard accountant, S. Milley bds 21 Hamilton
TAYLOR Howard cooper h South Side
TAYLOR James tinsmith h 6 Pleasant
TAYLOR James F.   bds 67 Gower
TAYLOR Miss Jean clerk, Dicks & Co. bds Le Marchant Road
TAYLOR Jonathan laborer, Job Bros. South Side
TAYLOR John laborer h 35 George
TAYLOR John captain, S. S. Home h 2 Cabot
TAYLOR John carpenter bds 80 Springdale
TAYLOR John C. machinist, Horwood Co. h 178 Pleasant
TAYLOR John H. clerk, William Frew  
TAYLOR John S. engineer, Job Bros. h South Side
TAYLOR John W. draper h 40 Le Marchant Road
TAYLOR John W. dry goods merchant, 67 New Gower h 40 Le Marchant Road
TAYLOR Johnstone laborer h South Side East
TAYLOR Joseph clerk, G. Knowlings h 83B Pleasant
TAYLOR Joseph laborer h 55 Freshwater
TAYLOR Joseph S. clerk, Martin Hardware Co. bds South Side
TAYLOR Kate wid Corbett h 11 Gilbert
TAYLOR Lenniel clerk, Ayre & Sons h 22 Balsam
TAYLOR Levi laborer h South Side
TAYLOR Maria wid George h 40 Le Marchant Road
TAYLOR Martha emp., B. & S. Co. bds 29 Prescott
TAYLOR Michael shoemaker h 6 Duggan
TAYLOR Michael shoemaker, B. & S. Co. h 6 Fergus Place
TAYLOR Oliveth wid Charles h 29 Prescott
TAYLOR Philip cooper h South Side
TAYLOR Pleman cooper, Job Bros. h 23 John
TAYLOR Richard H. sea captain h 21 Colonial
TAYLOR Robert laborer h South Side East
TAYLOR Solomon fireman bds 11 Gilbert
TAYLOR Stephen moulder h 123 Cabot
TAYLOR Steward musician h 70 Cabot
TAYLOR Thomas laborer h Mundy Pond Road
TAYLOR Thomas accountant, S. Miller h Pleasant
TAYLOR William carpenter h South Side
TAYLOR William shipwright h 10 Duggan
TAYLOR William laborer bds 52 George
TAYLOR William laborer bds 35 George
TAYLOR William John fisherman h 21 Hamilton
TAYLOR William J. sailmaker h 123 Cabot
TEAMS Frances laborer h 55 Cabot
TEFFERY C. E. A. ; C. T.   bds Assistant Master
TELEPHONE OFFICE 313 Duckworth   
TEMPLETON Arthur draper bds 278 Gower
TEMPLETON Robt. General Importer Dry Goods, 337 Water h 280 New Gower
TENODA The Boiler Composition Co. of Glasgow  
TERRA NOVA HOUSE Mrs. John Brown Prop. 11 George  
TERRA NOVA LAUNDRY Miss Annie English Prop.96 King's Road  
TERRA NOVA MARBLE WORKS John Skinner Mgr. 333 Duckworth
TESSIER Miss Annie   h 150 Water
TESSIER Charles W. H. Mgr. Tessier & Co. h Germondale, Waterford Bridge Road
TESSIER & Co. General Importers and Exporters 411 Water 
TESSIER Cyril cashier, Tessier & Co. bds Germondale, Waterford Bridge Road
TESSIER E. M. clerk, Bank of Nova Scotia bds Waterford B. Rd.
TESSIER Germondale clerk bds Germondale, Topsail Road
TESSIER Gladstone accountant h 265 Gower
TESSIER Harold accountant, Tessier & Co. bds Germondale, Waterford Bridge Road
TESSIER Isabella wid John h 62 Rennie's Mill Road
TESSIER Peter   bds 150 Water
THACKERAY Rev. Joseph Congregational h 14 ½ Gower
THISTLE Albert clerk h 220 New Gower
THISTLE Alexander laborer, Job Bros. h South Side
THISTLE Alfred clerk, Ayre & Sons h 16 Barnes Road
THISTLE Archibald laborer h 9 Deady's Lane
THISTLE Daniel of D. Thistle & Co. h 49 Freshwater
THISTLE D. & CO. Importer of P.E.I. and Canadian Produce and Manufac. Lumber of all Descriptions 185 Rear Water Street 
THISTLE John   bds 43 Brazil
THISTLE John grocer, 16 Barnes Road h 16 Barnes Road
THISTLE J. shoemaker, 280 Water h 280 Water
THISTEL Mark laborer bds 48 ½ George
THISTLE Mrs. widow h 128 Water
THISTLE Peter laborer bds 48 ½ George
THISTLE Stephen laborer, Job Bros. h South Side
THISTLE Thomas shoemaker, 128 Water h 128 Water
THISTLE William laborer h 75 Flower Hill
THISTLE William fireman General Post Office
THISTLE William laborer, Reid Nfld. Foundry h Cabot
THOMAS Charles blacksmith h 42 Field
THOMAS Edward A. plumber h 56 Monkstown Road
THOMAS Frederick truckman h 37 Hayward's Avenue
THOMAS George truckman bds 74 Freshwater
THOMAS Henry carpenter h 11 Barnes Place
THOMAS Henry teamster h 78 Carter's Hill
THOMAS James cabman h 11 Cabot
THOMAS James H. builder and contractor h 34 McDougall
THOMAS Matthew farmer h 74 Freshwater
THOMSON Alex clerk, W. E. Bearns bds 44 Colonial
THOMPSON Annie grocery, 33 Wickford h 33 Wickford
THOMPSON Anthony laborer h 8 Wickford
THOMSON Archibald clerk bds 44 Colonial
THOMPSON Arthur farmer h 115 Circular Road
THOMPSON Arthur prop. Thompson's Tannery h Sudbury
THOMPSON Arthur R. manager, Sudbury Tannery bds Sudbury Hall , Water West
THOMPSON Beatrice A. clerk bds 29 Plymouth
THOMPSON Charles R. manager, Boot & Shoe Factory h Sudbury Hall , Water West
THOMPSON Elizabeth wid James h 45 Monkstown Road
THOMPSON Frederick G. machinist bds 29 Plymouth
THOMPSON George clerk h 29 Plymouth Road
THOMPSON James laborer h 8 Wickford
THOMPSON James cooper h 45 Monkstown Road
THOMPSON Margaret wid William bds 44 Colonial
THOMPSON Mary wid John bds 4 Lyons' Square
THOMPSON Maud clerk, G. T. Hudson bds 44 Colonial
THOMSON Minnie dressmaker bds 44 Colonial
THOMPSON Patrick watchman, J. Rooper h 8 Wickford
THOMSON Peter laborer bds 4 Larkin's Square
THOMPSON Theodore accountant h 128 Quidi Vidi Road
THOMPSON Wm. watchmaker bds 29 Plymouth Road
THOMSON William butcher bds 44 Colonial
THOMPSON William seaman h 4 Larkin's Square
THOMPSON Wm. bookkeeper, Nfld. Boot & Shoe Co. h 45 Patrick
THORBURN A. William clerk, Thorburn & Co. 
THORBURN & CO. general exporters of fish, oil &   239 r Water
THORBURN Robert truckman h Thorburn Lane
THORBURN Sir Robt. K.C.M.G. of Thorburn & Co. h Kings' Bridge Road
THORBURN Robert M. cashier, Thorburn & Co. bds King's B. Rd.
THORBURN Miss S. C. L. Marsh 
THORBURN Thomas clerk, Agr. and Mines h 30 Henry
THORBURN Wm. A. storekeeper, Thorburn & Co. bds Devon Place
THORN Charles laborer h 12 Wickford
THORNE George cooper h 36 Barter's Hill
THORNE George clerk, Ayre & Son's Ltd.  
THORN George fisherman h 53 Field
THORNE Henry laborer h 42 Quidi Vidi Road
THORNE Miss Isabella seamstress, Ayre & Sons Ltd. .
THORN James sailor bds 17 ½ Flower Hill
THORNE Joseph carpenter, Ayre & Sons Ltd  
THORN Joseph candy-maker h 45 Lime
THORNE Joseph laborer h 36 Barter's Hill
THORNE Lizzie machine operator, (Parker & Munroe)  
THORN Oscar clerk, Ayre & Sons h 12 Wickford
THORNE William storekeeper bds 179 Gower
THORNE William grocer, Steer Bros.  
THORNE William E. clerk, Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
THORPE David laborer h 287 Water West
THRONBRIDGE John book binder Dicks & Co.
TIBBO Caleb draper, Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
TIBBO John laborer h 12 Tank Lane
TIBBO Richard laborer h 8 Lime
TIBBO Wm. clerk, Ayre & Sons bds 284 Duckworth
TIBBS John laborer h 8 Pleasant
TIBBS Michael cooper bds 8 Pleasant
TIBBS William laborer bds 8 Pleasant
TURNEY Denis steward, 30 Cabot h 30 Cabot
TILLEY Arthur laborer bds 5 Duckworth
TILLEY Edward cooper, Harvey & Co. h 4 Long's Hill
TILLEY Eli laborer bds 1 Barter's Hill
TILLEY Fannie tailoresss, John Maunder bds Bell
TILLEY George laborer bds 1 Barter's Hill
TILLEY George machinist h 10 Duckworth
TILLEY James clerk, Ayre & Sons h 101 Barnes Road
TILLEY James baker h 62 Bannerman
TILLEY Joseph laborer h 14 Damaril
TILLEY William engineer h 5 Duckworth
TILLEY William laborer bds Barter's Hill
TIMMONS Ellen wid Edward h 33 York
TIZZARD Emma tailoress, John Maunder bds Lime
TIZZARD James cooper h 58 Lime
TIZZARD John seaman h 60 Lime
TIZZARD Jn. machinist, Reid Nfld. Fdy. bds Le Marchant Road
TIZZARD John master mariner h Le Marchant Road
TIZZARD Samuel tinsmith h 13 Hayward's Avenue
TIZZARD Stephen janitor, Methodist College h 22 Goodview
TOBIN Bridget, wid John C.liquors, 392 Water h 392 Water
TOBIN Edward laborer h 39 James
TOBIN Lawrence laborer h 8 Nunnery Hill
TOBIN James laborer h 49 George West
TOBIN James policeman h 48 Gilbert
TOBIN James laborer h 6 Pope
TOBIN James laborer h 8 Nunnery Hill
TOBIN James engineer h 11 Buchanan
TOBIN J. J. provisions and liquors, 179 Duckworth h 2 Holloway
TOBIN Johanna   h 14 Stuart Avenue
TOBIN John motorman h 51 Casey
TOBIN John laborer bds 102 Duckworth
TOBIN Maggie tailoress E. M. Jackman
TOBIN Michael liquor dealer, 74 Prescott h 113 Military Road
TOBIN Michael printer h 8 Nunnery Hill
TOBIN Patrick laborer, Gas Co. bds 43 Angel Place
TOBIN Richard seaman bds 102 Duckworth
TOBIN Rodger tel. operator, Tel. Co. bds Bond
TOBIN Thomas laborer h 40 Casey
TOBIN Thomas blacksmith 32 Bond
TOBIN Thomas cooper h 102 Duckworth
TOBIN Thos. J. teamster bds 32 Bond
TOBIN William laborer bds 85 King's Road
TOBIN William baker h 53 Bannerman
TOBIN William shipwright, Sam Bell h 33 Water West
TOBIN William H. accountant, T. J. Edens bds 318 Duckworth
TOGWELL S. cashier, Harvey & Co. h 29 Victoria
TORAVILLE Joseph laborer, Martin Bros. h 6 Falvin
TORAVILLE Olivin, Miss dressmaker, Miss Crotty bds 6 Flavin
TORAVILLE Jessie dressmaker, Miss Crotty bds 6 Falvin
TORMEY Edward city laborer h 33 Mullock
TORMEY James city laborer bds 3 Mullock
TOUCHER James laborer bds 7 Walsh Square, Signal Hill Road
TOUCHER Mary wid Wm. h 36 William
TOUCHER Robert   h 7 Walsh Square , Signal Hill Road
TOUCHER Thomas pilot h 7 Walsh Square , Signal Hill Road
TRACY Hannah tailoress, John Maunder bds Colonial
TRACEY James laborer h 14 Hagarty
TRACEY James laborer h 14 Pleasant
TRACEY Michael H. M. Customs h 32 Colonial
TRACEY Michael coachman, J. H. Monroe bds 14 Pleasant
TRACEY Michael teamster, Col Cordage h Pleasant
TRACEY Michael coachman bds 14 Hagarty
TRACEY Mike coachman h 219 Water West
TRACEY William brakesman, Reid Nfld. Co. h 33 Victoria
TRACEY William tidewaiter, H. M. Customs h 101 Cabot
TRADE REVIEW OFFICE props. M. A. Devine , M. J. O'Mara offices 270 Duckworth 
TRAINER George clerk, 172 Water h 172 Water
TRAPNELL Robert H. jeweller, Water h 2 Queen's Road
TRELEGAN Alice wid Francis h 9 Monkstown Road
TRELLEGAN James liquors, 318 Water h 318 Water
TRELLIGAN John carpenter bds 34 New Gower
TRELEGAN Miss Mary dressmaker, Mrs A. Mitchell  
TRELLIGAN Richard shoemaker, 34 New Gower h 34 New Gower
TRELLIGAN William emp., Boot & Shoe Factory h 24 New Gower
TREMONT HOTEL Mrs. Johanna McGrath prop. 295 Water  
TRENCHARD K. clerk, Bowring Bros. Ltd.  
TRENCHARD Thomas fisherman h 18 Moore
TRIBBLE Francis dressmaker bds 11 Knight
TRIBBLE James fireman, Capt. East End h 11 Knight
TRIM Annie teacher bds 15 Victoria
TRIMBLET John joiner h 14 Walsh Square, Signal Hill Road
TRIMBLET Wm. laborer h 9 Walsh Square, Signal Hill Road
TROPHY Sarah wid Richard h 25 Pennywell Road
TROWBRIDGE Elvina wid Samuel h 65 McFarlane
TROWBRIDGE Frederick engineer h 20 Goodview
TROWBRIDGE Henry cooper h 65 McFarlane
TROWBRIDGE John bookbinder, Dicks & Co. bds 65 McFarlane
TRUSKER Charles shoemaker bds Carter's Hill
TRUSTIE Charlie shoemaker h 2 Lime
TUCK John emp., Crocker's Carriage Fac. h 45 ½ Goodview
TUCKER Abilgail wid Henry h 36 Lime
TUCKER Albert laborer, Ayre & Sons Ltd  
TUCKER Annie nurse, General Hospital  
TUCKER Charles storekeeper, Goodridge's h 36 Lime
TUCKER George teamster, Ayre & Sons bds 17 ½ Princes
TUCKER George moulder, Nfld. Foundry h 275 Hamilton Avenue
TUCKER George laborer h 49 Cabot
TUCKER John fisherman h 20 Pope
TUCKER Joseph laborer bds 42 McFarlane
TUCKER Samuel fisherman h South Side
TUCKER Stephen J. accountant, Horwood Lum. Co. h 70 Le Marchant Road
TUCKER Sybella wid James h 1 Willicot
TUCKER Thomas packer, R Templeman  
TUCKER William laborer h 17 ½ Princes
TUCKER William laborer bds 17 ½ Princes
TUFF Edmund clerk, Butterine Factory h 51 Hayward's Avenue
TUFF Miss Ellie clerk, Dicks & Co. bds New Gower
TUFF Geo. laborer h 41 Cook
TUFF Gertrude clerk, Donald Morrison bds 195 New Gower
TUFF Hedley V. hair dresser, 276 Water bds New Gower
TUFF Henry V. barber bds 195 New Gower
TUFF Joseph grocer, 195 ½ New Gower h 195 New Gower
TUFF Stanley grocer, Jos. Tuff, New Gower bds 195 New Gower
TUFF William A. barber bds 195 New Gower
TUFFIN Mary wid Charles h 44 Mullock
TULK David laborer h 45 ½ Goodview
TULK Eli sidewaiter, Customs House h 46 Freshwater
TULK George blacksmith h 45 ½ Goodview
TULK Harry Reid Nfld. Co. h 46 Freshwater
TULK Job fisherman bds 47 George
TULK John laborer h 7 Temperance
TULK Willie clerk, Dicks & Co. h 46 Freshwater
TULK Noah laborer h 47 George
TURNER Geo. E. clerk, Agr. and Mines h South Side
TURNER John trader h 14 Freshwater
TURNER Joseph sea captain h 128 Bond
TURPIN William seaman h 14 Convent Lane
TYNDALL Theodore   bds Balsam Place , 3 Barnes Road

317 Entries - Complete
McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Mike Howlett

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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