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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
"P" Names for the City of St. John's
PACK Albert tailor bds 21 Duggan
PACK Elizabeth, wid. Albert h 21 Duggan
PACK Ernest clerk bds 370 Water
PACK Josiah grocer, 370 Water h 370 Water
PACK Thomas laborer bds 21 Duggan
PADDON J. A.manager, (Bank of Montreal) h 230 Duckworth
PAGE Francis painter h 14 New Gower
PALFREY Joseph tinsmith h 61 Gower
PARK -- cash dry goods, &c., 237 Water West 
FRANK K. fireman bds Leslie
PARK Samuel engineer h Leslie
PARKER & Co. (Jas. Warren) hardware dealer, 327 Water 
PARKER JAMES F. of Parker & Monroe h 1 Garrison Hill
PARKER John clerk, (Parker & Monroe's) bds 1 Garrison Hill
PARKER Lawrence broker h 54 Prescott
PARKER Margaret, wid. William h 132 Bond
PARKER & MONROE (James F. Parker, D. Monroe), Boot and Shoe Manufacturers, 363 Water West and 195 Water East (see adv.)
PARKER Thomas h 21 Garrison Hill
PARKINS A. E. Druggist, 174 Water h 72 Forest Road (see advt.)
PARMITER AMBROSE Cabman and Livery h South Side. (See advt.)
PARMITER Bessie tailoress bds 2 Belvidere
PARMITER Donald stone-cutter, (J. Skinner's) bds 14 John
PARMITER Emily clerk, (G. T. Hudson) bds 21 Belvidere
PARMITER Emma, wid. Richard h 2 Belvidere
PARMITER William  h South Side
PARNELL Frederick tea merchant h 94 Military Road
PARNELL Alesha dressmaker bds 18 Flower Hill
PARRELL Francis tailoress Lower Battery Road
PARRELL James caretaker, (Renouf Building) h 266 Duckworth
PARRELL James laborer h 22 Tessier Place
PARRELL James laborer h 21 Holloway
PARRELL John clerk, (Post Office) bds 388 Water
PARRELL Mary, wid Patrick "Millinery", 388 Water h 388 Water
PARRELL Michael bds 388 Water
PARRELL Michael laborer h 7 Kickham Place
PARRELL Patrick steward bds 388 Water
PARRELL S., wid. Luke h 18 Flower Hill
PARRELL William coachman h 20 Penneywell Road
PARRETT Samuel seaman h 60 Spencer
PARSLEY William laborer h 6 Hunt Lane
PARSONS Alex. proprietor, Gower House, 31 New Gower  
PARSONS ALEXANDER A., M.H.A. Editor Telegram h 147 Le Marchant
PARSONS Arthur clerk bds 1 Hamilton
PARSONS Azariah cooper bds 65 Plymouth
PARSONS Azarish cooper bds 42 ½ King's Road
PARSONS Azariah laborer h 89 Bond
PARSONS A. D. clerk bds 75 Bond
PARSONS Baxter printer bds 16 Prescott
PARSONS Charles photographer, (S. H. Parsons) bds 136 Water
PARSONS Charles printer h 81 King's Road
PARSONS Edgar storekeeper, (Crosbie & Co). h 21 Spencer
PARSONS Edward laborer bds 230 New Gower
PARSONS Edwin clerk h 34 Bond
PARSONS Ernest clerk, (Royal Stores) h 37 Long's Hill
PARSONS Ernest draper, (Royal Stores, Ltd.) bds 1 Hamilton
PARSONS E. R. clerk, (Royal Stores) 
PARSONS Frank clerk, (Bowring Bros.) h 7 Boncloddy
PARSONS Frederick laborer h 7 Sebastian
PARSONS George laborer h 8 Chapel
PARSONS George boiler-maker, (Reid N. F. Co.) h 39 Alexander
PARSONS George clerk bds 29 Dicks
PARSONS George B hardware, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.) 
PARSONS G. George photographer, (S. H. Parsons) bds 136 Water
PARSONS Harvey clerk, (Baird, Gordon & Co.) bds 25 Bond
PARSONS Harvey T. steward bds 69 Springdale
PARSONS Henry fisherman h 271 Hamilton Avenue
PARSONS Howard clerk, (Paterson, Downing & Co.) h Bond
PARSONS Hugene salesman, (Royal Stores) h 40 Victoria
PARSONS H. clerk h 58 Freshwater
PARSONS James wheelwright, (J. C. Oake) bds Freshwater Road
PARSONS James P. accountant, (J. & W. Potts) 75 Bond
PARSONS Janet wid. J. R. h 54 Le Marchant Road
PARSONS John laborer h 216 Water
PARSONS John laborer h 30 Pleasant
PARSONS John T. photographer bds 24 Dick's Square
PARSONS Mary wid. Edgar h 40 Gilbert
PARSONS M. H. clerk bds 75 Bond
PARSONS Robert grocer, 7 Hayward's Avenue h 9 Hayward's Ave.
PARSONS Robert carpenter bds 271 Hamilton Avenue
PARSONS Samuel clerk bds 66 Brazil
PARSONS Robert laborer bds 81 King's Road
PARSONS Stephen seaman h 16 Prescott
PARSONS S. H. photographer, 136 Water h 136 Water.
PARSONS Thomas laborer bds 65 Plymouth Road
PARSONS T. J. photographer, 1 Hamilton bds. 1 Hamilton
PARSONS Thomas cooper bds 42 ½ Kings Road
PARSONS Walter photographer, 1 Hamilton bds. 1 Hamilton
PARSONS Wilfred clerk, (Sidney Woods) 
PARSONS William seaman h 42 ½ King's Road
PARSONS William grocer, 1 Hamilton boards 1 Hamilton
PARSONS William E. sea captain h 69 Springdale
PARSONS William H. clerk h 84 Forest Road
PARSONS Willis reporter, House of Assembly h 1 Hamilton
PARSONS W. F. foreman, hardware (Royal Stores) h 54 Le Marchant
PARTRIDGE James packer, Royal Stores, Ltd. h 10 Hamilton
PARTRIDGE Joseph cooper bds 10 Hamilton
PARTRIDGE Joseph messenger, (Royal Stores) 
PASHA James blacksmith, (Reid, Nfld. Foundry) h New Gower
PASHER Charles employee, Horwood's Factory h 53 Cabot
PATON Isabel wid. Thomas H. h 54 Casey
PATRICK And. machinist, (Terra Nova F'dy Co.) h 85 McFarlane's
PATRICK Horatio engineer h 174 Le Marchant Road
PATRICK Joseph laborer h 11 Bambrick
PATTERSON, DOWNING & CO. (Colin Campbell, Mangr.) Wholesale Provisions, &c. r Water. - (see adv.)
PATTERSON Ellen, wid. Patrick h 191 Duckworth
PATTERSON Dr. Lamont Bee Orchis Terrace h 3 Queen's Road
PAUL Snow clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling) 
PAULFREY John seaman h 10 Gilmore
PAULFREY Joseph tinsmith, (J. Pennock) h Gower East
PAULINUS M. confectioner, 176 Water h 176 Water
PAYNE Bertram machinist bds 37 Monkstown Road
PAYNE Ernest accountant h 6 Mullock
PAYNE Frank C. cooper, (Tessier) h. 13 Balsam
PAYNE George laborer h 84 Hamilton
PAYNE Gertie draper, Royal Stores bds 50 Gilbert
PAYNE Harry teamster bds 46 Water
PAYNE Mabel artist bds 37 Monkstown Road
PAYNE Peter trader, 46 Water h 46 Water
PAYNE Robert carpenter h Walsh Lane
PAYNE William draper, (Royal Stores) bds 50 Gilbert
PAYNE William cooper h 50 Gilbert
PAYNE William butcher bds 46 Water
PAYNE William foreman, (Bowring Bakery 
PAYNE Wm. B. accountant, (H.M. Customs) h 37 Monkstown Rd.
PAYTON Samuel laborer, (Bowring Bros.) bds Water West
PEACH Henry B. foreman draper, (Steer Bros.) h 148 Gower
PEACH Richard laborer bds 52 George
PEARCE Edward carman, (Ayre & Son) h 23 ½ Adelaide
PEARCE Edward teamster bds 99 George
PEARCE Fanny wid. Aubyn h 23 Garrison Hill
PEARCE Jeremiah, wid. Joseph h 99 George
PEARCE John shoemaker, (William Pearce) h 125 Cabot
PEARCE Joseph wheelwright h 82 George
PEARCE Josiah wheelwright, (P. Walls) h Vine's Lane
PEARCE Robert shoemaker, (William Pearce) bds 35 Lime
PEARCE V. clerk bds 23 Garrison Hill
PEARCE William clerk, (Board of Works) bds 23 Garrison Hill
PEARCE William shoemaker, 236 Gower h 236 Gower
PEARCE W. H. shoemaker 50 Plank Road
PEARCEY Mrs. h 53 Gower
PEARCEY Robert blacksmith h 12 Bannerman
PEARCEY Walter draper, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.) 
PEARSON Michael fisherman h 86 McFarlane's
PEARSON Robert fireman h 88 McFarlane's
PECKFORD Allan grocer, 10 Duckworth bds 10 Duckworth
PECKFORD Joseph grocer, 13 Signal Hill Road h 13 Signal Hill Road
PECKHAM George laborer h 97 Bond
PECKHAM George R. teamster bds 97 Bond
PECKHAM Harry upholsterer, (Callahan & Glass) bds Bond
PECKHAM Matthew butcher h 149 Gower
PECKHAM Robert teamster, (J. Anderson) bds Bond
PECKHAM William seaman bds 97 Bond
PEDDLE Ellen clerk, (Ayre & Sons) bds 22 Flower Hill
PEDDLE John joiner h 6 Bond
PEDDLE John J. clerk bds 6 Bond
PEDDLE Margaret dressmaker bds 6 Bond
PEDDLE Michael laborer h 5 Dammerill's Lane
PEDDLE Patrick laborer h 121 Gower
PEDDLE Peter restaurant h 184 Duckworth
PEDDLE Thomas laborer h 38 Brazil
PEDDLE Thomas laborer bds 2 Tank Lane
PEDDLE William laborer h 28 Angel Place
PEDDLE William carpenter h 6 Brazil
PEDDLE William laborer 6 Power
PEDDLE William laborer, (Bowring Bros.) bds Gower
PEDEGREW Harry druggist bds 77 Gower
PEDEGREW H. drug clerk, (T. McMurdo) h 77 Gower
PEDEGREW Robert laborer h 4 Dammerill's Lane
PEDEGREW William carriage builder h 77 Gower
PEEL T. general dry goods, 220 Water h 22 Cook
PEET Arch. tailor, (John Maunder) bds 87 Long's Hill
PEET Charles clerk, (Steer Bros.) bds 14 Brazil Sq.
PEET Ethel, Miss clerk, (Knowling's) bds 87 Long's Hill
PEET Harold clerk (Nilley's dry goods) bds 87 Long's Hill
PEET James police sergeant h 87 Long's Hill
PEET Samuel blacksmith, 71 George h 14 Brazil Square
PEET SAMUEL H. Blacksmith, 65 George h 14 Brazil Sq. - See adv. Above.
PEET Thomas tailor, (John Maunder) bds 87 Long's Hill
PEET William clerk, (Steer Bros.) bds 14 Brazil
PELLY Enock laborer bds 31 Buchanan
PENDELL James fisherman h 67 Lime
PENDER Alyward, wid. John h 29 Plank Road
PENDER Garrett employee, Reid N.F. Co. h 62 Alexander
PENDER James laborer h 63 Cabot
PENDER John engineer h 54 Alexander
PENDER Mary Anne  h 11 Hutchings
PENDERGAST Edward seaman h 34 Flemming
PENDERGAST Michael clerk, (City Club) bds 200 Water
PENDERGAST Peter laborer h 12 Simms
PENDERGAST Thomas laborer h 25 Simms
PENDERGAST Thomas fisherman h 200 Water
PENNEL Thomas laborer h 81 Casey
PENNEY Abel confectioner bds 21 Tessier Place
PENNEY Abraham carpenter bds 67 McFarlane's
PENNY Albert seaman h 32 Mullock
PENNEY Alexander baker bds 82 Gower
PENNY Edward laborer h 15 Pope
PENNEY Herbert messenger, (A. Soper's) h 21 Tessier Place
PENNEY John seaman h 3 Job
PENNY J.W. clerk, (Royal Store) 
PENNY Kate wid. John bds 220 Water
PENNY Lorenzo painter h 16 Field
PENNEY Mos. wid. h 82 Gower
PENNEY Richard baker bds 82 Gower
PENNEY Richard clerk, (W. E. Bearns) bds King's Road
PENNEY Roland fireman h 21 Tessier Place
PENNEY Stanley laborer bds 21 Tessier Place
PENNEY Sweetie typewriter, (Martin & Co.) bds 32 Mullocks
PENNEY Thomas shipwright h 21 Tessier Place
PENNEY William joiner h 34 Mullock
PENNOCK Harriet, wid. James h 284 Water
PENNOCK, James Tinsmith, 284 Water h 284 Water - See adv. P. 284
PENSTON John engineer h 62 Hamilton
PERCY Annie school teacher 32 William
PERCY Charles joiner bds 16 Flower Hill
PERCY Edgar foreman, Nail Mfg. Co. h 62 Springdale
PERCY Ernest shipwright bds 16 Flower Hill
PERCEY Jasper engineer h 83 Bond
PERCEY Joseph engineer bds 83 Bond
PERCEY Joseph laborer h 101 Signal Hill Road
PERCEY Moses shipwright h 16 Flower Hill
PERCEY Patrick cabinet maker bds 83 Bond
PERCEY Reuben laborer bds 15 Duggan
PERCEY Robert laborer h 15 Duggan
PERCEY Susanna wid. George h 32 William
PERCEY Walter clerk bds 32 William
PERCEY William engineer bds 83 Bond
PERCHARD James laborer h 18 Duggan
PERCHARD J. teamster, (Hon. Geo. Knowling) 
PERCIVAL George jeweler bds 181 Gower
PERCIVAL Mrs. h 181 Gower
PERKS Henry blacksmith 
PRESCOTT  bds 25 Goodview
PERKS Joseph clerk, (Jackman's) bds 25 Goodview
PERKS Mary wid. Henry h 25 Goodview
PERLIN Frank(J. F. Perlin & Co), Duckworth  
PERLIN ISRAEL of J. f. Perlin & Co. h 280 Duckworth
PERLINJ. F. & Co. (Israel Perlin, Frank Perlin) Dry Goods and Clothing , 203 Water (see adv.)
PERLIN J. F. of J. F. Perlin & Co. bds 280 Duckworth
PERREZ Edward engineer bds South Side
PERREZ JOSEPH Capt., Spanish Consul h South Side
PERRY Frederick carpenter bds 2 Atlantic Avenue
PERRY John baker h 17 Cuddihy
PERRY Mary Ann wid. George bds 121 Bond
PERRY William tailor, (W. Shortall) h 83 Pleasant
PERRY William packer, (Boot and Shoe Fac.) h 2 Atlantic Ave.
PETERS Arthur machinist h 30a Colonial
PETERS A. C. book-keeper, (Bishop & Monroe) h 13 Garrison Hill
PETERS Charles H. clerk h 107 New Gower
PETERS GEORGE of Peters & Sons bds 173 Gower
PETERS Joseph storekeeper, (Ayre & Sons) h 73 Bond
PETERS J.E.P. of Peters & Sons h 173 Gower
PETERS R. Alexander tailor bds 53 Springdale
PETERS & SONS Manufacturers' Agents 347 Duckworth(See adv)
PETERS W. H. of Peters & Sons bds 173 Gower
PETRIE Charles inspector bridges, (Reid Nfld. Co.) h 70-72 Lime
PEYTON A. clerk, (Royal Stores) 
PEYTON E. clerk, (Marshell Bros.) 
PHELAN Edward baker bds 10 ½ Simms
PHELAN Elizabeth wid. James h 36 Casey
PHALEN James mason h 27 Field
PHELAN Johanna wid. James h 174 Duckworth
PHELAN John T. grocer, 4 Adelaide h 2 Adelaide
PHELAN Margarette, wid. Timothy liquors, 338 Water h. 338 Water
PHELAN Martin laborer h 25 Barter's Hill
PHELAN Mary Ann wid. Walter h 10 ½ Simms
PHELAN Patrick laborer h 23 Le Marchant Road
PHELAN Pierce capt. Tug Daisy h 39 Henry
PHELAN Robert shoemaker, (Boot and Shoe Co.) h South Side
PHELAN Samuel laborer h 20 Carter's Hill
PHELAN William J. clerk, (J. D. Ryan) bds 174 Duckworth
PHILIP Corcoran accountant, (Jas. Veys) h 46 Livingston
PHILIP E. clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling) 
PHILIP Geo. lumber surveyor h 180 ½ Pleasant
PHILIP JAMES T. Tinsmith, 310 Water h 76 Le Marchant Road - (See Adv.)
PHILIPS J. C. clerk, (H. J. Stall & Co.) 31 Duckworth
PHIPPARD Richard contractor h 182 Gower
PHOENIX Insurance Co., Ltd.Of London (W. & G. Rendell, agents) 75 Water East 
PICCO Charles laborer h 6 Codner's Lane
PICCO George laborer h 58 Carter's Hill
PICCO John laborer 53 Carter's Hill
PICCO Michael laborer h 11 Kickham Place
PICCO Thomas laborer 50 Wickford
PICKERING S. employee, R. N. Co 58 Cochrane
PIERCE Charles laborer bds 35 Lime
PIERCE Edward carman, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.) 
PIERCE George farmer h Allandale Road
PIERCE Herbert laborer h 76 Lime
PIERCE Horace seaman h 35 Lime
PIERCE May tailoress, (Martin J. Doyle) bds 13 Duggan
PIERCE Robert shoemaker h 35 Lime
PIERCE William farmer 39 McDougall
PIERCE William C. clerk, (Board of Works) h Garrison Hill
PIERCEY Alexander clerk, (Royal Stores) 
PIERCEY Carrie wid. Isaac h 32 Wickford
PIERCEY Joseph fisherman h 66 Cabot
PIERCEY Philip fisherman h 38 Lime
PIERCEY Robert carman, (Z. Cox) 
PIERCEY Walter machinist, (Harvey Factory) h. 50 Prescott
PIGEON James carpenter h 28 Prescott
PIKE Alfred laborer h 51 Springdale
PIKE Alfred accountant, (Harvey & Co.) h 50 Prescott
PIKE Annie, wid. James grocer h 35 Pleasant
PIKE Archibald laborer h 122 Barnes Road
PIKE A. Stewart, M.B.C.M. physician h 330 Duckworth
PIKE Enoch tanner h 40 Hayward's Avenue
PIKE Frederick conductor h 42 Colonial
PIKE Frederick draper bds 238 Gower
PIKE Fred accountant, (Col. Cordage Co. Ltd.) h Hamilton Ave.
PIKE Fred clerk, Ropewalk bds 250 Hamilton Avenue
PIKE George draper, (Ayre & Sons) h 41 Scott
PIKE George E. sea captain h 179 Le Marchant Road
PIKE Herbert clerk, (Rennie Baking Co.) bds 250 Hamilton
PIKE H., Miss clerk, (C. L. March) 
PIKE James school teacher h 49 Quidi Vidi Road
PIKE John steward bds 49 Quidi Vidi Road
PIKE John (Robert Prowse & Sons) bds 41 Scott
PIKE John C. clerk, (Robert Prowse & Sons) h 41 Scott
PIKE Leo laborer, (Job Bros.) South Side
PIKE Lorenzo laborer 27 Power
PIKE Mark grocer, (Steer Bros.) h 182 Pleasant
PIKE Mark laborer h Brazil's Field
PIKE Martin teamster, (T. Walsh) h Brazil's Field
PIKE Mary wid. George h 8 Denford
PIKE Miss clerk, (S. E. Garland) 
PIKE Moses printer bds 49 Quidi Vidi Road
PIKE Moses moulder, (Consolidated Foundry) h 35 Alexander
PIKE Moses, Mrs. grocer, 35 Alexander h 35 Alexander
PIKE N. (H.M. Customs) h 41 Scott
PIKE Richard engineer h 40 Plank
PIKE Robert purser h 32 Brine
PIKE Robert laborer, (Job Bros.) bds South Side
PIKE Samuel baker h 250 Hamilton Avenue
PIKE Susanna wid. John bds 34 Bond
PIKE Thomas carpenter h 9 Pennywell Road
PIKE Thomas carpenter bds 179 Le Marchant Road
PIKE William fireman h 21 Barne's Road
PIKE William tinsmith h South Side
PIKE William H. (Ayre & Sons) bds 41 Scott
PIKE William J. telegraph operator h Mundy Pond Road
PILLEY J. C. caretaker, (General Protestant Cemetery) h Topsail Rd
PILLEY William carpenter h 55 Field
PILLEY William seaman h 82 George
PILOT REV. WILLIAM, D.D.D.C.L. h Ordnance House
PINCENT Charles (usher, House of Assembly) h 2 Devon Row
PINCENT Constance Devon Row 
PINCOCK Frederick W. book-keeper bds 179 Gower
PINCOCK Robert draper bds 179 Gower
PINN Annie wid. Richard h 110 Barnes Road
PINN Gustavus carpenter bds 58 Cookstown
PINN James seaman h 125 Cabot
PINN John fisherman h South Side
PINN Newman carpenter bds 58 Cookstown
PINN William (Electric Light Station) h 58 Cookstown
PIPPY Annie wid. Joseph bds. 102 Pleasant
PIPPY Annie employee, B. & S. Co. bds 101 George
PIPPY Charles clerk bds 37 William
PIPPY Francis cooper h 17 Balsam
PIPPY John clerk, (Ayre & Sons) bds 17 Balsam
PIPPY Joseph (H.M. Customs) h 42 Young
PIPPY Joseph mine maker h 92 Freshwater
PIPPY Lewis apprentice, (L. Diamond) bds 12 William
PIPPY Maggie employee, Boot and Shoe Co. bds 68 Springdale
PIPPY Reuben clerk bds 37 William
PIPPY Stewart cooper 68 Springdale
PIPPY Thomas laborer h 101 Georges
PIPPY Thomas A. machinist, 6 Waldegrave h 102 Pleasant
PIPPY William D. tinsmith h 12 William
PIPPY WILLIAM G. Tinsmith, 425 Water h 43 Patrick - (See adv.)
PIPPY William engineer h 37 William
PITCHER Alice sales-lady bds 25 William
PITCHER Elizabeth clerk bds 25 William
PITCHER Harold E. accountant, (Marshall Bros.) bds 25 William
PITCHER Hagean laborer, (Consolidated Foundry) bds 43 Alexander
PITCHER James laborer h 12 Flower Hill
PITCHER John laborer h 11 Duggan
PITCHER Lydia school teacher bds 25 William
PITCHER Miss milliner, (S. Milly) bds William
PITCHER Stanley barber bds 25 William
PITTMAN Anderson shipwright h 439 Water
PITTMAN Arthur plumber, (Gear & Co.) bds 7 Hamilton
PITTMAN Arthur plumber, (Moore & Co.) bds 5 Hamilton
PITTMAN Charles laborer h 47 Cabot
PITTMAN Charles machinist, (R. N. Foundry) bds Water West
PITTMAN Corbett book-keeper h 1 Carnell
PITTMAN Elizabeth bds 6 Bond
PITTMAN Ellen wid. Thomas bds 9 Boggan
PITTMAN Frank book-keeper, (Reid Nfld. Co.) bds 1 Atlantic Ave.
PITTMAN Frederick shipwright h 5 Boggan
PITTMAN George laborer h 1 Princes
PITTMAN Hanna wid. Thomas h 11 Pleasant
PITTMAN James J. barrister, 4 Prescott h Circular Road
PITTMAN John laborer h 6 Sebastian
PITTMAN Joseph laborer bds 1 Princes
PITTMAN Lillian clerk, (Geo. Knowlings) bds 1 Atlantic Avenue
PITTMAN Michael laborer h 6 Lime
PITTMAN Richard laborer h 26 James
PITTMAN Robert reporter, (House of Assembly) h 7 Hamilton
PITTMAN T. E. employee, Reid Nfld. Co., Atlantic Avenue  
PITTMAN William clerk, (Knowling's office) bds 5 Boggan
PITTS C. clerk bds 27 Cochrane
PITTS HON. JAMES S. of J. & W. Pitts h 1 Southern Place, King's Bridge Road
PITTS J. & W., (Hon. James S. Pitts) steamship brokers and commission merchants r 255 Water
PLUMB Albert laborer h 20 Barnes Road
POLAND Francis laborer h 55 Bannerman
POLLARD James watchman, (Duders) h 9 Boncloddy
POMEROY Abel seaman h 7 Young
POMEROY Albert laborer, (Bowring Bros.) 
POMEROY Albert draper, (B. V. Monroe) h 65 Merry Meeting Rd.
POMEROY C. teamster, (Hon. Geo. Knowling) 
POMEROY John clerk, (F. B. Woods) bds Young
POOKE T. S. supt., Electric Station h 150 Le Merchant Road
POOL Charles R. liquors, 193 Water 
POPE Dudley clerk, (A. Goodridge) h 44 Freshwater
POPE'S FORGE 14 Prince's  
POPE Henry cabinet maker, 108 George h. 108 George
POPE Matthew engineer h 10 Gilbert
POPE Richard clerk, (Baird, Gordon & Co.) h 15 Hutchings
POPE Sarah wid. Henry h 108 George
POPE Thomas cabinet maker bds 108 George
POPE Walter blacksmith h 2 Brazil
POPE William employee, Henry Pope bds 108 George
POPLAR HOUSE (Helen J. Baird, prop.) 29 Monkstown Road 
PORTER Fred M. teamster bds 271 Gower
PORTER Garon laborer, (Bowring Bros.) bds Convent Square
PORTER Robert laborer h South Side East
PORTER Samuel laborer h South Side
PORTER Samuel fisherman h 34 Convent Square
PORTER Thomas A. fireman h 16 ½ Duckworth
POTTEL Alexander fisherman h 50 Pleasant
POTTLE Walter clerk h 43 Gower
POTTER James carpenter h 11 Hayward's Avenue
POWEL Ellen wid. James h 15 Brazil
POWEL John grocer, (E. J. Howard) bds 15 Brazil
POWELL John civil engineer bds 121 Casey
POWELL Thos. janitor, Church of England School h 37 ½ Long's Hill
POWELL William laborer h 61 Lime
POWELL Wm. laborer h 27 Bambrick
POWER Aggie clerk, (Dicks & Co.) h 239 Water West
POWER Agnes wid. Patrick h South Side
POWER Alice wid. John h 54 Signal Hill Road
POWER Anthony bds 139 George
POWER Benjamin laborer h 54 Signal Hill Road
POWER Betsy wid. Thomas h 220 Water
POWER Bride  bds 289 Water West
POWER Charles printer, (Trade Review) bds 54 Mullock
POWER David laborer h 14 Catherine
POWER David laborer bds 4 Hunt Lane
POWER Edward laborer bds 4 Hunt Lane
POWER Edward cooper h 54 Bond
POWER Edward farmer h Torbay Road
POWER Edward boiler maker h 20 Hayward's Avenue
POWER Edward grocer h 96 Duckworth, bds 96 Duckworth
POWER Edward laborer h 94 Lime
POWER Edward laborer h 9 ½ Simms
POWER Edward organ grinder h 60 Pleasant
POWER Eliza tailoress bds 14 Catherine
POWER Elihu clerk, (A. Soper's), 26 New Gower h Scott
POWER Elizabeth wid. Charles h 346 Duckworth
POWER Ellen  h 27 Princes
POWER Ellen tailoress bds 54 Signal Hill Road
POWER Ellen, wid. Stephen 59 Cabot h 59 Cabot
POWER Frank cooper bds 139 George
POWER George cooper bds 12 Hutchings
POWER Hedley printer, (Free Press) bds 31 Scott
POWER Helen  bds 259 Water West
POWER James barber, (Richard Collier's) bds 4 Hunt's Lane
POWER James bricklayer bds 37 Victoria
POWER James cooper h 28 Hutchings
POWER James laborer h 1 Deady's Lane
POWER James accountant h 63 Pleasant
POWER James stone-mason bds 113 George
POWER James cooper h 69 Rennie's Mill Road
POWER James cooper h 12 Moore
POWER Jane wid. John h 12 Hutchings
POWER Johanna, Mrs. h 14 Pope
POWER John cutter h 30 Bond
POWER John baker h 70 Bannerman
POWER John baker 27 Waldegrave
POWER John laborer h 18 Bannerman
POWER John book-keeper h 42 Water
POWER John clerk h 13 Bates
POWER John laborer bds 54 Signal Hill Road
POWER John grocer, (Knowling's) bds 218 New Gower
POWER John laborer, (Bowring Bros.) h 19 Brennan's Lane
POWER John seaman h 39 Casey
POWER John laborer h 13 Deady's Lane
POWER Joseph cooper h 48 Colonial
POWER Josephine, Miss   200 Duckworth
POWER J., Miss clerk, (C. L. March 
POWER Katie   bds 289 Water West
POWER Laurence fisherman bds 14 Lyon's Square
POWER Lawrence gardener, (Tessier's) h 113 George
POWER Margaret wid. Nicholas h 8 Prospect
POWER Martha   h 37 Victoria
POWER Miss Mary manager, (F. B. Woods), West End bds Theatre Hill
POWER Mary wid. James h 14 Hagarty
POWER Mary wid. John h 11 William's Lane
POWER Mary wid. Joseph h 14 Casey
POWER Mary wid. William h 10 Damerel's Lane
POWER Matthew cooper h 85 Monkstown Road
POWER Maurice stewart bds 14 Catherine
POWER Michael wharfinger, (Baird, Gordon & Co.) h 8 Le Marchant Road
POWER Michael fisherman h 7 Plank Road
POWER Michael cooper, (Thomas & Hutchings) h 139 George
POWER Michael laborer bds 29 Cuddihy
POWER Mogue liquors h 32 Cochrane
POWER Mrs. wid candy store h 218 New Gower
POWER N. messenger, (A. A. Tel. Co.) bds Patrick
POWER Patrick brewer 70 Bannerman
POWER Patrick butcher bds 37 Victoria
POWER Patrick laborer, (Bowring Bros.) bds Bambrick's Lane
POWER Patrick laborer bds 74 Patrick
POWER Patrick laborer h 14 Lyon's Square
POWER Patrick laborer h 16 Quidi Vidi Square
POWER Patrick laborer h 234 1/2 New Gower
POWER Peter stevedore h 61 Brazil
POWER Peter boiler-maker bds 61 Brazil
POWER Pierce laborer, (Bowring Bros.) h 74 Patrick
POWER Richard blacksmith h 70 Bannerman
POWER Richard blacksmith, (S. Peet) h Cabot
POWER Richard cooper 34 Springdale
POWER Richard bricklayer bds 15 Brazil
POWER Richard seaman h 289 Water West
POWER Richard tanner h 50 Colonial
POWER Robert clerk, (Thomas J. Smith) bds 12 Hutchings
POWER Robert (H. M. Customs) h 128 Military Road
POWER Sarah wid. John h 17 Princes
POWER Miss Theresa music teacher h r 331 Water West
POWER Thomas operator, (Anglo-Am. Tel. Co.) bds 61 Brazil
POWER Thomas accountant, (Job Bros.) bds 69 Rennie's Mill Rd.
POWER Thomas cabman h 10 Barrow
POWER Thomas boiler-maker h 70 Bannerman
POWER Thomas carpenter bds 37 Victoria
POWER Thomas laborer h 23 Tessier Place
POWER Thomas laborer bds 74 Patrick
POWER Thomas laborer, (Bowring Bros.) 
POWER T. J. insurance clerk, (Job Bros. & Co.) h Rennie's Mill Road
POWER William cooper, (Byone's) bds 113 George
POWER Wm. Blacksmith, (Consolidated Iron Fdy.) h 105 George
POWER William laborer bds South Side
POWER William laborer, (Bowring Bros.) h South Side
POWER William seaman h 4 Hunt's Lane
POWER William seaman h Mundy Pond Road
POWER William pilot h 5 Cochrane
POWER William laborer h 42 Barter's Hill
POWER William laborer h 29 Field
POWER William Horwood Lumber Co. Factory h 31 Scott
POWER William laborer h 232 New Gower
POWER William F. manager, Atlantic Book Store bds 59 Prescott
POWER William. Mrs. h 79 Hamilton
PRATT Arthur M. emp., R. N. Co. bds Leslie West
PRATT George clerk, (Job Bros. Co) bds Balsam Place, Barnes Rd.
PRATTS Jamesbookkeeper, (Bishop & Monroe) bds Leslie
PRENDERGRAST William cooper h 7 James
Presbyterian School Queen's Road  
Presentation Convent Cathedral Square Military Road 
PRESTON John shoemaker h 56 Gower
PRESTON John (H. M. Customs) h 54 Colonial
PRETTY A. emp., R. N. Co. 160 Le Marchant Road
PRETTY Charles laborer bds 71 Lime
PRICE Arthur laborer h 113 Signal Hill Road
PRICE Frederick laborer h Power Ave, Signal Hill Road
PRICE Joseph laborer h 69 Signal Hill Road
PRICE Reuben laborer h 67 McFarlane's
PRIDE Miss Principal Queen's Road
PRIDEAUX Arthur clerk bds Poor Asylum
PRIDEAUX Mrs. Isabela matron, Poor Asylum 
PREDEAUX William Supt., Poor Asylum Sudbury
PRIDEAUX William J. R. engineer bds Poor Asylum
PRIMM Joseph cooper h 156 Water
PRITCHER Stewart picture-framer, 227 Gower h 227 Gower
PROWSE Algernon H. general broker, 177 Water h 320 Duckworth
PROWSE A. H. ship's broker h 129 Le Marchant Road
PROWSE Charles laborer h 59 Bannerman
PROWSE Charles lighthouse-keeper h 22 Belvidere
PROWSE D. W. (K. C.) secretary, (M. & Fisheries, H. M. Customs) h Torbay Bay Road
PROUSE John tinsmith 22 Carew
PROUSE John J. grocer bds 22 Carew
PROWSE J. J. clerk, (J. J. St. John's) bds Carew
PROWSE Ken. R. of Robert Prowse & Sons h 75 Le Marchant Rd.
PROWSE Robert H. of Robert Prowse & Sons h 75 Le Marchant Rd.
PROWSE & Sons Robert, (Robert H. Prowse, Kenneth R. Prowse) general agents, 3 Queen 
PROWSE William tinsmith h 120 Pleasant
PUBLIC WORKS James Harris Acting Secretary, Duckworth 
PUDDICOME Robert fireman bds Ropewalk
PUDDICOMB R. stoker, (Col. Cordage Co. Ltd.) h Mundy Pond Rd.
PUDDICOME William laborer h Ropewalk
PUDDISTER James laborer bds 8 Howe Place
PUDDISTER John laborer h 20 Scot
PUDDISTER Jordan fireman, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.) 
PUDDISTER Stephen laborer h 8 Howe Place
PUDDISTER Thomas messenger, (Jackson & Co.) 
PUMFREY William J. side-waiter, (H. M. Customs) h 14 Barnes
PURCELL James Laborer h 4 Stephens
PURCELL Mary wid. Edward bds 33 McDougall
PURCELL Michael boiler-maker bds 24 Prospect
PURCELL Peter laborer h 35 McDougall
PURCELL Peter baker bds 4 Stephens
PURCELL Peter laborer h 33 Adelaide
PURCELL Richard brewer h 24 Prospect
PURCELL Timothy laborer h 12 Pilot's Hill
PURCELL Timothy painter bds 12 Pilot's Hill
PURCELL Walter hardware clerk, (Royal Stores) 
PURCHASE Annie wid Jonas E. h 50 Le Marchant Road
PURCHASE Miss Honora saleswoman, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.) 
PURCHASE James laborer h 146 Le Marchant Road
PURCHASE Lilly nurse, General Hospital  
PUSKIE William conductor, (Reid Nfld. Ry.)h 167 Gower
PYNN Ann, Mrs.  h 6 Bannerman
PYNN Daniel painter h r Water West
PYNN Emanuel seaman bds 6 Bannerman
PYNN Henry laborer, (Job Bros.) bds South Side
PYNN Joseph wood turner, (Thistle & Co.) h 34 Livingstone
PYNN Kate wid. William h Port Cove Road
PYNN Margaret wid. Richard 50 Plank Road
PYNN Marion dressmaker Port Cove Road
PYNN Selby foreman, Lumber Factory (D. Thistle & Co.) 

619 Entries - Complete
McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by G Hussey and Donna Randell

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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