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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
"K" Names for the City of St. John's
KALES James laborer h 47 Goodview
KALES Richard laborer h 47 Goodview
KANE Edward laborer bds 18 Nunnery Hill
KANE Johannah  bds 18 Nunnery Hill
KANE Maurice laborer h 18 Nunnery Hill
KANE Michael laborer bds 224 Water
KANE Maurice laborer h 224 Water
KANE Patrick capt., fire brigade h 40 Job
KANE Patrick laborer bds 224 Water
KANE Stephen laborer h 4 Pleasant
KANE Sylvester seaman h 132 George
KANE Thomas laborer 18 Nunnery Hill
KANE Thomas weighmaster, (S. Marsh & Sons) h Barnes' Place
KANE William tinsmith, (J. Pennock) h Lime
KARIWAN James fisherman h 236 Hamilton Ave
KARIWAN Nora clerk, (Parker & Monrooe) bds South side
KARIWAN Thomas clerk bds 236 Hamilton Ave
KARIWAN Thomas cooper bds South side
KAVANAGH Agnes saleslady bds 23 Colonial
KAVANAGH Annie dressmaker bds 124 Bond
KAVANAGH Arthur watchman h 183 LeMarchant Road
KAVANAGH Cornelius engineer h 233 New Gower
KAVANAGH Edward laborer h 28 Bond
KAVANAGH Edward laborer h 237 New Gower
KAVANAGH Edward laborer h 23 Dicks'
KAVANAGH Edward oiler bds 222 Water
KAVANAGH Garrett mineral waters h 91 Military Road
KAVANAGH Harold clerk bds 15 Balsam
KAVANAGH James druggist h 23 Colonial
KAVANAGH James laborer h 1 Gorman's Lane
KAVANAGH James laborer bds 28 Dicks'
KAVANAGH James laborer h 1 Kitchen Place
KAVANAGH Jennie clerk bds 23 Colonial
KAVANAGH John emp., N. B. & S. Co. bds 233 Lewis' Place
KAVANAGH John cooper h 35 York
KAVANAGH John laborer bds 1 Kitchen Place
KAVANAGH John laborer h 28 Bond
KAVANAGH John laborer bds Job's Lane
KAVANAGH John laborer h 10 Hutchings'
KAVANAGH John machinist h 37 New Gower
KAVANAGH Joseph cooper bds 10 Hutchings'
KAVANAGH Joseph fisherman h 222 Water
KAVANAGH Martin Laborer h 59 Monkstown Road
KAVANAGH Mary wid. John bds 18 Beaman's
KAVANAGH Maurice laborer bds 28 Bond
KAVANAGH Patrick cooper h 13 Flower Hill
KAVANAGH Patrick clerk bds 23 Colonial
KAVANAGH Patrick laborer h 222 2 New Gower
KAVANAGH Patrick shoemaker bds 23 Dicks'
KAVANAGH Peter weighmaster, (Franklin & Co.) h 11 Cook
KAVANAGH P. clerk, ( Hearn & Co.) 25 Colonial
KAVANAGH Simon laborer bds 42 New Gower
KAVANAGH Thomas Druggist, 132 Water h 250 Duckworth
KAVANAGH William fireman, (Reid Nfld. Co.) bds 25 Livingstone
KAVANAGH William shoemaker bds 16 Flemming
KAWAJA Assab (of Kawaja & Sons) h 292 Water
KAWAJA Assab & Son, dry goods and jewellery (Kawaja, Assab, Kawaja George) 292 Water
KAWAJA George (of Kawaja & Son)   bds 292 Water
KEAN Abraham sea captain h 25 Prescott
KEAN David laborer h 23 Simms
KEAN James tanner, (McKeen's Tannery) bds 255 Water, w
KEAN John shoemaker h 91 Monkstown Road
KEAN John shoemaker h 87 Lime
KEAN J. clerk, (Geo. Knowling)  
KEANE Richard laborer h South side
KEAN Morris laborer, (Bowring Bros.) h 224 Water, w
KEARLEY James laborer h 43 LeMarchant Road
KEARLEY Moses laborer h 43 LeMarchant Road
KEARNES Patrick laborer h 5 Signal Hill Road
KEARNEY Edward laborer h 36 Plank Road
KEARNEY George clerk, (Bowring Bros.) bds 53 Military Road
KEARNEY John laborer bds 36 Plank Road
KEARNEY John emp., Cordage Co. h Mundy Pond Road
KEARNEY Joseph fisherman bds 31 Barter's Hill
KEARNEY J. J. Prop., Army and Navy, liquors h 119 Duckworth
KEARNEY Mary, wid. John h 53 Military Road
KEARNEY Michael sailmaker bds 83 Monkstown Road
KEARNEY Peter laborer, Cordage Co. h Munday Pond Road
KEARNEY Richard fireman h 4a Lime
KEARNEY Richard machinist h 12 Allan
KEARNEY Richard sea captain h 83 Monkstown Road
KEARSEY Frank truckman, (Martin Bros.) h Freshwater
KEARSEY James expressman, (Knowling) h 25 Boncloddy
KEARSEY John teamster h 37 LeMarchant Road
KEARSEY J. teamster (Knowling) ** type is difficult to read
KEARSEY Thomas laborer bds Mullock
KEATING Catherine, wid. Thomas h 46 Prescott
KEATING Esr?? nurse, General Hospital ** type difficult to read
KEATING James shoemaker, (J. Maarshall's) bds 16 Hagarty's Lane
KEATING John cooper, ( Patrick Feehan) bds ___ Hagarty's
KEATING John laborer h 103 New Gower
KEATING Nora school teacher, h 8 York
KEATING Sarah matron h York
KEEFE Andrew H. stonemason beds 3 William
KEEFE C. clerk, (P. C. Driscoll) bds 68 Patrick
KEEF Frederick J. tailor, (W. P. Shortall) bds Patrick
KEEFE James laborer, Gas Co. h 68 Livingstone
KEEFE John blacksmith, (Con. Fdy.) h 15 Waldegrave
KEEFE John blacksmith h 26 Colonial
KEEFE John clerk, (Reid Nfld. Co.) bds 84 Duckworth
KEEFE John stonemason h 3 William
KEEFE Lawrence shoemaker, (Shoe Factory) bds 68 Patrick
KEEFE Michael blacksmith, (T. J. Walsh) bds Patrick
KEEFE Michael butcher h 68 Patrick
KEEFE Michael fireman, (Govt. House) h 84 Duckworth
KEEFE Michael shoemaker h 132 Water
KEEFE Michael wheelwright, (Nash) bds 68 Patrick
KEEFE Patrick carpenter, (Horwood's) bds 12 Water
KEEFE Richard police constable h 27 Hayward Ave
KEEFE Thomas cooper, 412 Water h 412 Water
KEEGAN Lawrence physician h 38 Rennie's Mill Road
KEEGAN L. E. physician h 332 Duckworth
KEILS George laborer bds 18 John
KEILS John carpenter h 18 John
KEILS Joseph laborer h 18 Lyons' Square
KEELS Michael laborer h 204 Water
KEEPING Ben J. Fruit, Groceries, Confectionery, Etc., 112 Water, w h 112 Water
KEEPING Hugh sea captain h 219 Gower
KEHOE Edward ship carpenter h 54 Victoria
KEHOE Fanny wid. James h 74 Barnes' Road
KEHOE James carpenter h 11 Pennywell Road
KEEHOE John carpenter bds 54 Victoria
KEHOE Margaret wid. John h 15 Murray
KEHOE Patrick trackman, Street Railway  
KELABER Mary wid. Phillip h 115 Bond
KELLAND George laborer bds 8 Sebastian
KELLIGREW Mrs. boarding house h 74 Cochrane
KELLEY Abraham trader, 71 New Gower h 71 New Gower
KELLY Anne dressmaker, (Knowling's) bds 62 George
KELLY Catherine wid. James bds 1 Boggan
KELLY D. O. Walter bookkeeper, (W. J. Ellis) h 8 Cook
KELLEY D. O. W(of Wood, Kelly & Mews) h 47 Freshwater
KELLEY D. W. accountant h 14 Pennywell Road
KELLY Edward laborer h 36 Carter's Hill
KELLY Edward laborer bds 13 Colllege Square
KELLY Edward keeper, ( Lunatic Asylum) h 346 Water
KELLY Edward shoemaker bds 12 Barnes' Road
KELLY Elizabeth, wid. James bds 5 Dunford
KELLY Frank brakeman h South side
KELLEY Mrs. Fanny  h 61 Gower
KELLEY Geoffrey turnkey 50 2 King's Bridge Road
KELLY George watchmaker, (J Roper) bds Georgetown
KELLY George watchmaker h 12 Barnes' Road
KELLY Gertrude saleslady bds 29 Colonial
KELLY Mrs. Hannah stenographer bds 38 Colonial
KELLY Henry shoemaker h 29 LeMarchant Rd
KELLY James clerk, (R. Johnston) bds Barnes' Road
KELLY James cooper h 64 Bannerman
KELLY James cooper h 2 Young
KELLY James fisherman bds 340 Duckworth
KELLY James laborer h 192 Water
KELLY James laborer h 61 Casey
KELLY James shoemaker h 14 Bell
KELLY James Anatomical Boot and Shoe Maker, 12 Barnes' Road h 12 Barnes' Road
KELLY James tailor bds 12 Barnes
KELLY John cabman h 50 Cochrane
KELLY John cooper, (N. Consens) bds 62 George
KELLY John laborer, (Bowring Bros.)  
KELLY John laborer h 16 Brine
KELLY John liquors h 338 Water
KELLY John stonecutter h 10 Atlantic Ave
KELLY John tailor, ( P. Kenney ) bds Victoria
KELLY J. shoemaker, Jas H Evans h 14 Bell
KELLY J P asst teacher, Methodist Col. bds 47 Military Road
KELLY John P foreman, Bowring Bros h South Side
KELLY Lawrence boilermaker, Angel & Co h Brazil's Field
KELLY Mark tailor h 14 Bell
KELLY Mary dressmaker bds 2 Boggan
KELLY Mary, wid. John h 57 Prescott
KELLY Matthew cabman h 1 Boggan
KELLY Michael blacksmith, (Carnell's Car Fcty) h College Sq
KELLY Michael cabman bds 1 Boggan
KELLY Michael laborer h 38 Carter's Hill
KELLY Michael teamster h 9 College Square
KELLY Moses cooper h 2 Boggan
KELLY M. J. tailor, 2008 Water h Duckworth
KELLY Nicholas cooper at Bowring's h 62 George
KELLY Patrick clerk h 49 Parade
KELLY Patrick draper, Sclater's  
KELLY Patrick tinsmith h Sand Pit Road
KELLY P W accountant, (Wood, Kelly & Mews) h Pennywell Rd
KELLY Richard cooper, 125 George h 125 George
KELLEY Sarah wid. Edward h 52 Wickford
KELLY Thomas bookbinder, (Dick's & Co.) 
KELLY Thomas baker, 5 Adelaide h 5 Adelaide
KELLY Thomas baker, 2 Georges h 5 Adelaide
KELLY Thomas cooper h 26 Bond
KELLEY Thomas laborer h 83 Lime
KELLY William, jr fisherman bds 340 Duckworth
KELLY William, sr fisherman h 340 Duckworth
KELLY Wm. O. D. of Wood, KELLY, & Mews h 47 Freshwater Road
KELLEY William laboorer h Mundy Pond Road
KELLY William shoemaker h 12 Barnes Road
KELLY William laborer bds 13 College Square
KELLEY William clerk h 50 Victoria
KELLEY William sailmaker h 8 James
KENDALL Gertie school teacher, Methodist College bds 41 John
KENDALL Harry accountant, (Paterson, Downing & Co) h John
KENDALL Rev. WM. Methodist, 41 John  
KENDRICK John sea captain h 37 Water (West)
KENNA James farmer h Torbay Road
KENNEDY Arch laborer, (Job Bros) South Side
KENNEDY A P Christian Brother bds Mount St Francis
KENNEDY A W druggist, 170 Duckworth h 170 Duckworth
KENNEDY Benjamin laborer, (Job Bros) South Side
KENNEDY Daniel printer, Daily News bds Hamilton
KENNEDY Daniel printer h 235 New Gower
KENNEDY David seaman bds Ropewalk
KENNEDY Douglas clerk, (Knowling's) 
KENNEDY Douglas fisherman h 29 Goodview
KENNEDY Edmund J contractor h 38 Henry
KENNEDY Edward fisherman h 6 Lyon's Square
KENNEDY Edward laborer h 5 Kitchen Place
KENNEDY Edward laborer, (Bowring Bros) h Job's Lane
KENNEDY Ellen, wid. James h 88 Circular Road
KENNEDY Francis draper h 16 Duggan
KENNEDY Fred drug clerk, (A. W. Kenedy) bds 170 Duckworth
KENNEDY George seaman h 17 Rossiter's Lane
KENNEDY George teamster h 12 York
KENNEDY Hugh shoemaker h 26 Plank Road
KENNEDY H. shoemaker, (D. Thistle) h Brine
KENNEDY Ira planter h Brazil's Field
KENNEDY James bookkeeper, (J. & W. Pitts) h 13 Hutchings
KENNEDY James clerk h 188 Duckworth
KENNEDY James laborer h 3 Howe Place
KENNEDY James cooper h 235 New Gower
KENNEDY James cooper 34 Colonial
KENNEDY James laborer 17 Bambrick
KENNEDY John laborer h 20 Brennan
KENNEDY John netmaker h Ropewalk
KENNEDY John seaman h 4 British Square
KENNEDY John seaman h 17 Waldegrave
KENNEDY John twine maker, (Cordage Co.) Mundy Pond Road
KENNEDY John cooper, (McGrath Bros) bds 7 Queens
KENNEDY Joseph watchman, Cordage Co. Mundy Pond Road
KENNEDY Lawrence Tailor h Hawthorne Cottage, off Carter's Hill
KENNEDY Mary wid Terrence h Ropewalk
KENNEDY Michael E. contractor h 38 Henry
KENNEDY Nicholas jr. seaman bds 9 Queen's
KENNEDY Nicholas carpenter 7 Queen's
KENNEDY Patrick tailor, 193 Gower h 193 Gower
KENNEDY PATRICK Tailor, 276 Water h 88 Queen's Road - See adv
KENNEDY Miss S Dressmaker, Royal Store, Ltd  
KENNEDY Thomas wharfinger, J & W Pitts 35 Duckworth
KENNEDY Thomas jr.   bds 35 Flower Hill
KENNEDY Thomas laborer h 35 Flower Hill
KENNEDY Thomas clerk, ( J & W Pitts) bds 188 Duckworth
KENNEDY Thomas C book agent h 89 Hamilton
KENNEDY Timothy plumber, ( Moore & Co) bds 7 Queens
KENNEDY William laborer h 8 Sebastain
KENNEDY William F. physician, 195 Gower h 195 Gower
KENNELLY James mason h 277 Water (West)
KENNELLEY Patrick gardener h 8 Allan's
KENNY David cooper, (Shen & Co.) h 8 ½
KENNEY Frank emp., Caruell's Car Factory h 28 Cochrane
KENNEY James wheelwright, 15 Springdale h 111 Hamilton
KENNEY James carpenter h 86 George
KENNY James cooper h 13 William's lan
KENNEY James F. wheelwright, 15 Springdale h Hamilton
KENNY John engineer, ( McLean's Tannery)  
KENNEY John engineer, (McLean's) h 259 Water, w
KENNY Michael sailmaker h 75 Pleasant
KENNY Patrick accountant, (Steer Bros) h 39 Hamilton
KENNY Sarah wid Frederick h 29 Livingston
KENNY Walter cooper bds 13 William's lane
KENNY William draper, ( J. Anderson)  
KENNY William laborer bds 84 George
KENNY William F. cooper h 36 Henry
KENT Anne wid John h 40 Hutchings'
KENT Charlotte wid Wm bds 133 Bod
KENT Danel emp., Civil Service h 30 Gower
KENT Daniel F. clerk, (Registry Office ) h Gower
KENT Hanna machinist, (Parker & Mnroe) bds 87 Patrick
KENT James barrister h 13 Monkstown Road
KENT Martha   bds 13 Monkstown Road
KENT Mary emp., Imperial Tobacco Co. bds 87 Patrick
KENT Mary Jane wid Wm h 113 Quidi Vidi Road
KENT Matthew wheelwright h 350 Water
KENT Michael liquors,, 1 Freshwater Road h 1 Freshwater road
KENT Michael liquor dealer h 3 Le Marchant Road
KENT Ncholas teamster h 21 Plymouth road
KENT Patrick accountant bds 13 Monkstown Road
KENT Peter fisherman h 23 Princess
KENT Peter laborer h 2 Murphy's Square
KENT Philip clerk, ( J. J. Phelan) h 89 Carter's Hill
KENT Phillip J. clerk bds 89 Carter's Hill
KENT P. J. stenographer, (Job Bros & Co. ) h Monkstown Road
KENT Thomas jr road contractor h 20 Quidi Vidi Road
KENT Thomas sr. farmer bds 20 Quidi Vidi Road
KENT William clerk h 63 New Gower
KENT William laborer, (Bowring Bros ) bds Patrick
KENT William seaman h 87 Patrick
KENT William shoemaker, (Parker & Monroe) bds 87 Patrick
KENT W. J. manager, Evening Herald h 133 Bond
KEON Miss Ellie tailoress bds 355 Water, w
KEON James sr gardener h 355 Water, w
KEON James jr tganer bds 355 Water, w
KEON John grocer, (Knowling) bds 355 Water, w
KEON Michael cabman bds 355 Water, w
KEON Patrick baker bds 355 Water, w
KEON Miss Pollie tailoress bds 355 Water, w
KEOUGH Edward cooper bds 14 Chapel
KEOUGH George commission agent h 71 Patrick
KEOUGH John carpenter, (E. Ellis) bds 54 Victoria Road
KEOUGH Joseph clerk bds 14 Chapel
KEOUGH Michael seaman h Power Ave. Signald Hill Road
KEOUGH William cooper h 14 Chapel
KEPPEL George engineer h 4 Forest Row
KERLAND George brass moulder, (Reid Nfld. Co.) h Hamilton Ave
KERR Alexander farmer h 48 Mullock
KERIVAN Norah emp., Parker & Monroe  
KERIVEN Patrick clerk, ( J. Barron & Co.)  
KERRIVEN Patrick laborer 27 Stephen
KEREVAN P. porter, (Bowring Bros.)  
KERRIVAN Thomas J. clerk, (T. J. Allan) bds Hamilton Ave
KERIVAN James cooper h South side
KERSEY Thomas clerk h 21 Mullock
KERWAN J. emp., R. Nfld. Co. h 3 Winter Ave
KESNER S. B. accountant, (Canadian Iron & Metal Co.)  
KIDNEY Jerry cooper, (Bowring Bros.) h 31 Adalaide
KIDNEY John cooper bds 31 Adelaide
KIELLY Alice wid John bds 39 Buchanan
KIELLY Ann wid Michael h 34a Colonial
KIELLY Ed J. liquor dealer, 72 Prescott  
KIELLY James clerk, T. J. Edens h 283 Duckworth
KIELLY James baker h 164 LeMarchant road
KIELLEY James customs officer h 3 Knight's
KEILY John butcher bds 9 College Square
KIELLY John drug clerk, (T. Kavanagh)  
KIELLY Margaret wid James h 4 Signal Hill Road
KIELLY Margaret wid John h Port Cove Road
KIELLY Margaret wid William h 17 Cuddihy
KEILLEY Matthew grocer h 3 Knight
KIELLY Sarah, wid Michael liquors, 380 Water h 380 Water
KIELLY William laborer, (Bowring Bros)  
KIELLY William cabinet maker h 17 Cuddihy
KIELEY William painter h 66 New Gower
KIERSTAD William H. dyer bds 271 Gower
KING Alexander farmer h 50 ½ Monkstown Road
KING Alexander watchmaker, Water h South side
KING Alfred seaman h 12 Barter's Hill
KING Azeriah clerk, (W. H. Horwood ) 32 Tessier Place
KING Daniel planter h 92 Casey
KING David carpenter h 134 Duckworth
KING David fisherman h South side
KING MRS. DAVID Prop. Harbor View House 13 ½ Duckworth
KING Ernest messenger, (J. Squire) bds 67 McFarlane's
KING George rigger h 138 Casey
KING George laborer h 100 Barnes' Road
KING Henry picture framer h 88 Springdale
KING James laborer bds Allendale
KING James laborer h 34 Quidi Vidi Road
KING James shoemaker bds 92 Casey
KING James laborer h 51 Colonial
KING James carriage smith bds Monkstown Road
KING Jennet wid John h 26 Cabot
KING Johanna wid Edward h 92 Casey
KING John cooper, (Monroe's) h 73 George
KING John farmer h Torbay Road
KING John joiner h 97 Monkstown Road
KING John mason h 21 Spencer
KING Keziah wid William H. h 67 McFarlane's
KING Maggie clerk, (Jno. Summer) bds Brazil's Square
KING Michael plasterer h Field
KING Reuben messenger, (R. Callahan)  
KING Richard laborer h 1 William's Lane
KING Richard fisherman h 51 Colonial
KING Robert laborer h 100 BaRNS' Road
KING Solomon seaman h 120 Casey
KING Stephen laborer h 51 Colonial
KING Virtue wid Robert h Torbay Road
KING William farm servant, (D. Galway) bds 332 Water
KING William fisherman h South side
KING William fisherman h 51 Colonial
KINSELLA Daniel miner and prospector h 50 King's Road
KINSELLA John clerk, G.P.O. King's Bridge Road
KINSELLA John W. clerk, Post Office  
KINSELLA Mary tailoress, 6 Flavin bds 6 Flavin
KINSELLA Patrick J. clerk, Nfld. Furnish, Co. bds 109 N Gower
KINSELLA William janitor, A. A. Tel. Co. h 6 Flavin
KINSMAN Ida wid John h 232 Water
KIRBY Philip cooper h 9 Barron
KIRKPATRICK A. G. stone cutter h 9 Pennywell Road
KIRLAND George brass moulder h 261 Hamilton Ave
KITCHEN Mary wid h 45 Hayward Ave
KITCHEN REV. WILLIAMRoman Catholic St. Patrick's Palace, St. Patrick's
Klondike Store William Moffatt, George Bills, sr, Proprietors, 177 New Gower  
KNIGHT Alex messenger, (A. A. Tel Co.) bds Henry
KNIGHT Alfred seaman h 64 Livingstone
KNIGHT Alice saleslady bds 27 William
KNIGHT Allan builder h 2 Brazil
KNIGHT Archibald H. contractor h 20 Henry
KNIGHT Arthur B accountant, (F. W. Knight) bds 175 Gower
KNIGHT A. W. barrister-at-law, Gazette building, Water h 47 Hamilton
KNIGHT Charles ship carpenter h 27 William
KNIGHT Charlotte clerk bds 2 Brazil
KNIGHT Ebenezer joiner h 13 Bond
KNIGHT Edwin com. Agent h 139 LeMarchant
KNIGHT Edwin J. grocer, 28 Brazil Square h 137 LeMarchant Road
KNIGHT Francis H. M. C. h 26 King's Road
KNIGHT Fanny milliner bds 2 Brazil
KNIGHT Fred engineer bds 206 Duckworth
KNIGHT F. W. insurance agent, Sec., Nfld. Board Fire Underwriters, Gazette Building, Water h South side
KNIGHT George clerk, (Knowling)  
KNIGHT Herbert barrister h Circular Road
KNIGHT H. S. accountant, (Savings bank) h 1 Barnes' Road
KNIGHT James R. commission merchant h 36 Queen's road
KNIGHT Janet typewriter bds 2 Brazil
KNIGHT Miss J. typewriter, (Bishop & Monroe)  
KNIGHT J. R. commission agent 311 Water
KNIGHT Lizzie clerk bds 13 Bond
KNIGHT Miss A. clerk, (S. E. Garland)  
KNIGHT Miss L. clerk, (S. E. Garland)  
KNIGHT MICHAEL M. H. A. h 70 Circular Road
KNIGHT M. clerk, (Franklin & Co.)  
KNIGHT Roland joiner bds 13 Bond
KNIGHT Silas manufacturer b 175 Gower
KNIGHT Stephen chief Engineer h 26 Pennywell Road
KNIGHT Stephen manager, Savings bank h 1 Barnes' Road
KNIGHT Stephen clerk, (P. Lurney) bds 26 Pennywell Road
KNIGHT Walter sub-agent, (Sun Life Assur.) bds 2 Brazil
KNIGHT William blacksmith, Reid Nfld Fdv.) h Mundy Pond rd
KNIGHT William clerk bds 13 Bond
KNOWLING GEORGE, Jun hardware foreman h ?? Queen's Road
KNOWLINGHON GEORGE General Importer and Exporter, 211-217 Water, e, and 387-391 Water, w h Silverton, Waterfordbridge Road - See adv.
KNOWLIN Jerry laborer h 4 Moore
KNOWLING John laborer, (Reid Nfld. Co.) h Water,w
KNOWLING May (N. B. & S. Co.) bds 27 Patrick
KNOWLING Philip accountant, (George Knowling) bds "Silverton", Waterfordbridge Road
KNOWLING W. clerk, (Knowling) 
KNOX Bart laborer, (Bowring Bros) h Bambrie's Lane
KNOX James laborer h 14 Wickford
KNOX Patrick laborer h 12 Lime
KNOX William laborer h 4 Nunnary Hill
KNOX William cook h 15 Field
KOCH Ernest tailor (R. Johnston) h 261 Water, w
KOUGH Daniel fisherman h 52 Pleasant

438 Entries - Complete
McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Donna Randell

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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