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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
"J" Names for the City of St. John's
JACK Elizabeth wid Alexander h 65 Military Road
JACKMAN A. sea captain bds Whitten's Hotel
JACKMAN Catherine wid Thomas h 41 Wickford
JACKMAN THE TAILOR Gents Furnisher, 343 Water See adv.
JACKMAN HON EDWARD M Minister of Finance and Customs h White House, LeMarchant Road
JACKMAN George laborer h 18 Balsam
JACKMAN Frank pilot h 33 Angel Place
JACKMAN Frank tailor, (E. M. Jackman) h 203 New Gower
JACKMAN Job fireman h 13 ½ James
JACKMAN James draper, (Steer Bros.  
JACKMAN James clerk, (Bowring Bros.) h 32 Brine
JACKMAN James M. clerk, (Bowering Bros.) h 28 Brine
JACKMAN John blacksmith, (S. G. Collier) h 38 Pleasant
JACKMAN John sea captain h 15 Freshwater
JACKMAN John sea captain h 142 Pleasant
JACKMAN John blacksmith h 38 Pleasant
JACKMAN Miss Josie tailoress, (E. M. Jackman)  
JACKMAN J. clerk, (Bowring Bros.)  
JACKAMN Maggie   bds 105 Hamilton
JACKMAN Philip laborer h 5 Gilmore
JACKMAN Philip emp. Board of Health h 38 Pleasant
JACKMAN Philip wharfinger, (Steer Bros.)  
JACKMAN Philip wharfinger, (Steer Bros.  
JACKMAN Peter seaman h 35 Angel Place
JACKMAN Thomas clerk, H. M. C. h 3 Convent Lane
JACKMAN Thomas, clerk, H. M. C. h 1 Brine
JACKMAN Tobias drug clerk bds 5 Gilmore
JACKMAN Tobias laborer h 35 Angel Place
JACKMAN T. P. H. M. C.  
JACKMAN William laborer h 15 Princess
JACKMAN William H. manager, Cleaning and Pressing House bds 23 Holdsworth
JACKMAN'S CLEANING, PRESSING AND DYE WORKS Wm H. Jackson  manager, 378 Water  
JACKSON Albert laborer bds 17 Barron
JACKSON Arthur accountant bds 120 Gower
JACKSON A. S. R. clerk, (Bank of Nova Scotia) bds Circular Road
JACKSON James laborer bds 17 Barron
JACKSON JOHN Commission Agent, 291 Water bds Crosbie Hotel See adv.
JACKSON & Co. (James Black) General Importers, Dry Goods., 359-361 Water See adv.
JACOBS Emily clerk, (G. T. Hudson) bds 17 College Square
JACOBS Elsie clerk bds 17 College Square
JACOBS James shoemaker h 17 College Square
JACOBS John carpenter h 1 ½ Brazil
JACOBS Joseph carpenter bds 1 ½ Brazil
JAMES Bertram laborer bds 1 Barter's Hill
JAMES Frank clerk, (Geo Knowling's) bds Beaumont
JAMES George clerk, (John Maunder) h 1 Spencer
JAMES Patrick F. grocer, 55 Flower Hill h 55 Flower Hill
JANES Alexander seaman h 46 Wickford
JANES Alexander tinsmith h 36 Goodview
JANES Amelia wid Reuben h 54 Pleasant
JANES A. C. accountant, (Daily News ) bds 24 Cohran
JANES Bernard laborer h 1 South Side (East)
JANES Charles laborer h 46 Wickford
JANES Edward carpenter h 65 Long's Hill
JANES Eli joiner h 8 Pilot's Hill
JANES Eliza Tailoress bds 54 Pleasant
JANES Frederick employee Horwood Lumber Co. h 51 Pleasant
JANES Frederick cooper h 11 Barter's Hill
JANES F. clerk, (Knowling)  
JANES George draper h 21 Penywell Road (sic)
JANES George P. clerk, (Royal Stores, Ltd)  
JANES Harry baker h 307 Water, w
JANES Henry cooper h 11 Barter's Hill
JANES Henry laborer h 14 ½ Wickford
JANES James fisherman h 10 Convent Lane
JANES James clerk, (Terra Nova Laundry) h South Side
JANES Josiah coachman h 81 LeMarchant Road
JANES Leonard clerk h 14 Bannerman
JANES Isaac draper, (M. Dwyer) h 30 Angel Place
JANES James fisherman h South side
JANES John fisherman h 38 Casey
JANES John clerk h 68 Cochrane
JANES Moses R. cooper h 14 Bannerman
JANES R. W. express agent, Nfld. Express bds Cochrane
JANES S. packer, (Martin Hardware Co.)  
JANES S. E. clerk, Bank of Nova Scotia bds 61 Prescott
JANES Thomas seaman bs 54 Pleasant
JANES Thomas fisherman h 68 Bannerman
JANES Thomas clerk, (Reid Nfld. Co.) bds 68 Cochrane
JANES William carpenter h 31 Goodview
JANES William uphosterer, (Callahan & Glass) h Goodview
JARDINE Charles clerk, (Hearn & Co.) bds 48 Plank Road
JARDINE Frederick clerk, (R. Templeton) bds 48 Plank Road
JARDINE Harvey J. accountant h 47 Monkstown road
JARDINE James clerk h 18 Cochrane
JARDINE John C. brewer h 6 Maxse
JARDINE Mrs. William wid h 48 Plank Road
JARDINE Walter J. accountant, (Bank of N. S.) h 26 Monkstown
JEANS Alexander tinsmith, (Diamond) h 36 Goodview
JEANS Bernard laborer South side
JEANS Eli carpenter, (Job Bros.) h Pilot's Hill
JEANS Elizabeth wid Moses h 14 Bannerman
JEANS John laborer South side
JEANS John tidewaiter h 145 Gower
JEANS Stephen mail clerk, General post Office  
JEANS William laborer h 116 Water
JEANS William laborer h South side
JEFFERS Thomas porter, (Richard Fennell) bds 24 Field
JENKINS Annie wid Wm h 89 Bond
JENKINS Bertram clerk, General Post Office  
JENKINS Malcolm grocer, (Knowling) bds 29 Dicks'
JENKINS Matthew clerk, G. P. O. bds 29 Dicks'
JENKINS M. clerk, (Knowling)  
JENKINS Mrs. M. L. boarding house 29 Dicks' Square
JENKINS John laborer bds 89 Bond
JENKINS Joseph laborer h 116 Casey
JENKINS Selina wid Samuel h 116 Casey
JENKINS Williams laborer bds 89 Bond
JENNINGS Edward laborer bds 52 George
JENNINGS George laborer bds 52 George
JENNINGS George storekeeper h 26 Prospect
JEVANNELL F. clerk, (Bishop & Monroe)  
JEWER Robert cash boy, (Baird, Gordon & Co.)  
JEWER Henry J. sea captain h 39 John
JOB BROS. & CO. (William C. Job, Robert B. Job) General Exporters of Fish, Oil, Etc. r 137 Water - See adv.
JOB ROBERT B. of Job Bros. & Co. h 20 Gower
JOB WILLIAM C. of Job Bros. h 5 Devon Row, duckworth
JOHN August sea captain h 30 Young
JOHNS George   bds 30 Young
JOHNS Herbert seaman h 123 George
JOHNS Miss Jessie dress maker, (Mrs. A. Mitchell) Carter's Hill
JOHNSON Abram fireman h 81 Long's Hill
JOHNSON Andrew fisherman h 45 LeMarchant Road
JOHNSON Anne wid John h 42 McFarlane's Lane
JOHNSON Edward joiner h 8 Hunt's lane
JOHNSON Francis laborer h 25 ½ Rossiter's Lane
JOHNSON GEORGE Judge, S. C. h Torbay Road
JOHNSON Jacob carpenter h 115 Circular Road
JOHNSON James R. contractor h Mount Scio Road
JOHNSON John baker bds 8 Gill
JOHNSON Joseph laborer h 2 Stephen
JOHNSON Joseph laborer h 21 Stephen
JOHNSON Joseph laborer bds 128 Casey
JOHNSON John emp., N. B. & S. Co. bds 18 Cook
JOHNSON Nicholas clerk bds 72 Cochrane
JOHNSON Patrick laborer bds 42 McFarlane's
JOHNSON PERCIE Fire Insurance Agent, law Chambers, Duckworth h King's Bridge Road - See adv.
JOHNSON Robert fisherman h 45 LeMarchant Road
JOHNSON Wm J fisherman h Battery Road, Chain Rock
JOHNSON Mrs. Anne dressmaker h 146 New Gower
JOHNSON Edward ship carpenter h 42 Goodview
JOHNSON Harry peddler h 25 Princess
JOHNSON J. W. N. emp., R. Nfld. Co., Circular Road  
JOHNSON Miss Mary dressmaker h 146 New Gower
JOHNSON Robrt G. tailor, 302 Water h 282 New Gower
JOHNSON Thomas tannery h 18 Cook
JOHST Henry clerk, (Court House) bds 72 Cochrane
JOLIFFE James sea captain h 152 LeMarchant Road
JONES Albert laborer h 28 James
JONES Colin teacher, Bishop Field's College  
JONES Colin student bds 6 Cummins Place, off King's Road
JONES Rev. Lewellyn, D.D. Bishop of Newfoundland, Bishop's Court King's Bridge Road
JONES Lizzie dressmaker bds 21 William
JONES Herbert emp Thistle h 78 Lime
JONES Johannah wid. James h 21 William
JONES Richard sea captain h 16 Brazil
JORDAN P. W. merchant tailor, 132 Water h 160 Gower
JOSEPH Abraham pedler h 78 New Gower
JOSEPH Antonio grocery and dry goods, 340 Water h 340 Water
JOSEPH Antonio dry goods h 1 Adelaide
JOSELYN William foreman, (Carnell Carriage Fey.) h 102 Queen's
JOY Amelia wid. Richard bds 29 Livingstone
JOY James sea captain h 5 Victoria
JOY Samuel cooper h 198 New Gower
JOY James G. operator, (A. A. Tel Co.) bds 5 Victoria
JOY John laborer h 36 Cuddihy
JOY John, jr. laborer bds 36 Cuddihy
JOY Joseph laborer h 24 Springdale
JOY J. night watchman h 52 Freshwater
JOY Patrick plumber, (W. J. Ryan) bds Freshwater Road

170 Entries - Complete
McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Dan Breen

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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