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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
"H" Names for the City of St. John's
HACKETT David Tanner h 52 George
HACKETT Elizabeth wid Thos. bds 12 Catherine
HACKETT John Clerk h 120 Bond
HACKETT John Clerk, (H. Tapper) bds 52 George
HACKETT Mary Ann wid James h 120 Bond
HADDON Miss B Clerk, (Marshall Bros.)  
HADDON Fred. E. Clerk, (J. Anderson)  
HADDON John Accountant h 58 Monkstown Road
HADDON John Sea Captain h 106 Barnes' Road
HAGERTY Bartholomew Saw Filer h 15 Queens
HAGERTY James Saw Filer bds 15 Queens
HAGERTY Patrick Cabinetmaker h 15 Queens
HALDANE   Sea Captain h 224 Gower
HALFYARD Aubrey Carpenter h 100 Barnes Road
HALFYARD Ira Shoemaker h 100 Barnes Road
HALFYARD John Ship Carpenter h 129 Cabot
HALFYARD Joseph Clerk h 29 1/2 Hayward's Avenue
HALFYARD Joseph D. Storekeeper 18 (a) Hayward Avenue
HALFYARD Kenneth Laborer h 100 Barnes Road
HALFYARD Silas Sea Captain h 90 Pleasant
HALFYARD Stephen Carpenter h 100 Barnes Road
HALL Archibald Clerk, (Baird, Gordon Co.) h 121 Casey
HALL Charles Seaman h 21 Cookstown
HALL Francis Clerk, (Capt. John Green) h 35 Young
HALL George Gardener h Circular Road
HALL George H. Draper, (Knowling) h 18 Holloway
HALL George Clerk, (Horwood's Office) h 21 Cookstown
HALL John Laborer h 13 Rossiter's Lane
HALL Malcolm Tailor, (J. Adrain's)  
HALL Samuel Carpenter h 35 Field
HALL Thomas Seaman h 21 Cookstown
HALLANAN Edward Laborer h 45 Cook
HALLORAN Catherine wid James h 53 Prescott
HALLERAN Catherine wid Terence h 21 Monkstown Road
HALLERAN James Laborer h Battery Road
HALLERAN James Laborer h 10 1/2 Duckworth
HALLERAN John Laborer h 29 Holloway
HALLERAN Michael Laborer h 16 Nunnery Hill
HALLERAN Morris Laborer, (Bowring Bros.) h King's Road
HALLERN Maurice Carpenter h 46 King's Road
HALLETT George Accountant, (E.J. Horwood) bds 26 Balsam
HALLETT Hettie Music Teacher bds 26 Balsam
HALLETT John Laborer h 26 Balsam
HALLETT SMITH T.L. Hallett,   T.R. Smith Dentists, 241 Water  
HALLETT Thomas Accountant bds 87 Gower
HALLETT T.L. Dentist, of Hallett Smith h Water
HALLEY Edmund Agent h 91 Hamilton
HALLEY Ellen wid William h 98 Barnes Road
HALLEY Ellen wid James h Battery road
HALLEY Emily   bds 14 Stephen's
HALLEY George Accountant, (J. McCormack) h 43 Monkstown Road
HALLEY Kate Dressmaker h 12 Catherine
HALLEY William Messenger h 22 Colonial
HALLEY William J. Dry Goods Merchant, 106 New Gower,  h 28 New Gower. See adv.
HALLIDAY Mary wid John h Mount Scio
HALLIGAN Edward Employee of Reid Nfld. Co. h 8 Murphy's Square
HALLIGAN Patrick Tinsmith h 22 Prospect
HALPIN W. Teamster, (Knowling)  
HAMILTON James Laborer h 46 Codner's Lane
HAMILTON William E. Clerk, (Reid Nfld. Co.) h Lemarchant Road
HAMLIN Franklin Hair Dresser, 142 Water h 142 Water
HAMLIN James Clerk 10 Bond
HAMLYN Alex Blacksmith bds 16 Holloway
HAMLYN Arthur Boilermaker, (Reid Nfld. Foundry) h Shaw's Lane
HAMLYN Charles Moulder h Shaw's Lane
HAMLYN Charles Blacksmith h 242 Hamilton Avenue
HAMLYN Charles Steward bds 16 Holloway
HAMLYN Phoebe wid Paul h 16 Holloway
HAMLYN William Steward 16 Holloway
HAMLYN William Carriagesmith, (Carnell's Car F'ty) h 4 Belwade
HAMMOND Charles Clerk, (Dicks Co.) bds 32 York
HAMMOND C. Clerk, (Hon Geo. Knowling)  
HAMMOND George Joiner, Cook's Hill h 6 Plymouth Road
HAMMOND Henry Employee, (Harvey Co.) bds 8 Wood
HAMMOND Catherine wid William h 32 York
HAMMOND Richard Orderly h Wood
HAMMOND Robert Employee of Harvey Co. h 8 Wood
HAMMOND Thos Locksmith h 15 Bond
HAMMOND Thomas Machinist h 53 Colonial
HAMMOND Mrs. wid William h 81 Gower
HAMMOND Wm R. Clerk, (Martin Hardware Co.) bds 53 Colonial
HAMPTON George Clerk, (Ayre & Sons) h 12 Bell
HAMPTON Mac Block Maker h 107 Cabot
HANCOCK Mrs. Martha   h 47 LeMarchant Road
HAND Catherine wid John bds 11 Long's
HAND Ellen wid Wm. h 18 Prospect
HAND John Painter bds 18 Prospect
HAND Margaret Dressmaker bds 18 Prospect
HANLEY James H.M.C. bds 5 King's Road
HANLEY James Fireman h 70 Patrick
HANLEY John Painter h 94 George
HANLEY John Cabinetmaker h 16 Henry
HANLEY Philip Painter 5 King's Road
HANLON James Fireman h 9 Kickham Place
HANLON Johanna wid Lawrence h 30 Carter's Hill
HANLON John Laborer bds 9 Kickham Place
HANLON John Cooper h 10 Simms
HANLON John Laborer h 73 Merry Meeting Road
HANLON Michael Laborer bds 9 Kickham Place
HANLON Robert Farmer h Mount Scio Road
HANLON William Laborer bds 9 Kickham Place
HANLON William T. Mason h 63 Plymouth Road
HANN Christina wid Thomas bds 2 Chapel
HANN Frederick Clerk, (A. Kawaja Son) bds 10 Bulley
HANN Frederick Emp., Harvey Co. h 51 Spencer
HANN John Laborer h 8 Catherine
HANN Thomas Carpenter h 10 Bulley
HANN William Laborer h 2 Chapel
HANNA Miss Nurse h 7 Long Hill
HANNIFORD Edward Cooper h 1 Stephen
HANNAFORD Lawrence Druggist, 48 Water,  h 48 Water. See adv.
HANNAFORD Lucy Nurse, General Hospital  
HANNEBURY George Printer h 59 Colonial
HANNIGAN Daniel Plumber, (R. Callahan) bds 8 Murphy's Sq.
HANNIGAN William Emp., Reid Nfld. Co. bds 8 Murphy's Square
HANNON James Laborer bds 16 Simms
HANNON James Emp., Col. Cordage Co.  
HANRAHAN Edward Laborer bds 61 Plymouth Road
HANRAHAN Mrs. Julia   h 41 Princess
HANRAHAN Julia wid Nicholas bds 15 Garrison Hill
HANRAHAN Maud Operator, Telephone Dept. bds Garrison Hill
HANRAHAN Patrick Policeman h 49 Barter's Hill
HANRAHAN Thomas Laborer h 61 Plymouth Road
HANRIGAN Patrick Tinsmith, (R. Callahan)  
HANSEL H.J. Clerk, (Nfld Timber Estates) bds 11 Queen
HANTSFORD George Engineer h 112 Casey
HAPGOOD Lilian Tailoress, (John Maunder) bds 33 Carter's Hill
HAPGOOD Richard Apprentice, (T.N. Mble Wks) bds Carter's Hill
HAPGOOD William Carpenter h 33 Carter's Hill
HAPPELLA George Sea Captain h 9 Balsam
HAPWOOD Charles Laborer bds 47 Cook
HAPWOOD William Laborer h 47 Cook
HARBOR VIEW HOUSE Mrs. David King Prop., 134 Duckworth See adv.
HARDING Edward Laborer h 58 George
HARDING James Laborer h 64 Carter's Hill
HARDING William Carpenter h 4 Convent Lane
HARTLEY Charles Clerk, (A.A. Tel Co.) bds 23 Princess
HARDY George Laborer h 88 Casey
HARDY James Weighmaster, (A. Goodridge & Sons) h 40 Brazil
HARDY John Laborer h 73 McFarlane's
HARDY John Watchman, (C.F. Bennett & Co.)  
HARDY Sarah wid Francis bds 40 Brazil
HARE Harriet, wid Edmund Sudbury Cottage, Water,w  
HARE John Coachman h 126 Hamilton
HARE Mary   bds Mahon
HAROLD Martin Clerk, (H.F. Fitzgerald) h 3 Military Road
HAROLD Norman Seaman h 9 Boncloddy
HARRETT George Bookkeeper, (Templeton) h 67 Long's Hill
HARRINGTON S.T. Vice-Princip, Meth. Coll. bds 137 LeMarchant Rd
HARRIS Albert Clerk bds 274 Water
HARRIS Bertram B. Clerk bds 15 1/2 Prospect
HARRIS Carrie Emp., N.B. & S. Co. bds 30 Hutchings
HARRIS Daniel Cutter, (N.B. & S. Co.) h 46 Charleston
HARRIS Eli Engineer, (Reid Nfld. Co.) h 30 Hutchings
HARRIS Frederick F. Clerk bds 154 Prospect
HARRIS Fred. W. Clerk, (Martin Hardware Co.)  
HARRIS George Pedler h 34 Flower Hill
HARRIS George B. Dry Goods, 51 Water, w h Duckworth
HARRIS James Acting Secretary, Public Works h Prescott
HARRIS John Laborer h 4 Monroe
HARRIS John jr. Clerk bds 12 Mullock
HARRIS John Dry Goods, 274 Water, h 274 Water
HARRIS John Laborer h 68 McFarlane
HARRIS Hon. John of Hearn & Co. h 42 Rennie's Mill Road
HARRIS John A. Printer bds 15 1/2 Prospect
HARRIS John M. Cooper, (Baird's) h 6 McFarlane's Lane
HARRIS J. Clerk, (Marshall Bros.)  
HARRIS Mary Emp., Woods' Candy Store bds 34 Flower Hill
HARRIS Richard Barber bds 278 Water
HARRIS Solomon B. Printer bds 15 1/2 Prospect
HARRIS Thomas Bookkeeper, (Hearn & Co.) bds 39 Monkstown Rd
HARRIS William Cooper, (Bowring Bros.) h Brine
HARRIS William Cooper, (Bowring's) bds 30 Brine
HARRIS William Cooper, (Goodridge & Sons) h 49 Alexander
HARRIS William Shoemaker, (Parker & Munroe) bds 49 Alexander
HARRIS William Cashier, (Hearn & Co.) h 15 Monkstown Road
HARRIS William Seaman h 15 1/2 Prospect
HARRIS William sr Builder h 39 Monkstown Road
HARRIS William G. Clerk h 15 Monkstown Road
HARRIS William J.   h 12 Mullock
HART Bessie Cash Girl, (Knowling) bds 21 Allan
HART George Accountant, (R. Templeman) h 67 Long Hill
HART John Clerk h 62 Brazil
HART John Carpenter h 1 Lime
HART John Carpenter h 6 New Gower
HART Joseph Laborer h 30 Hutchings' Lane
HART Patrick Laborer h 138 Water
HART Walter Draper, (R. Templeman) h 21 Allan Square
HART William Clerk bds 21 Allan
HARTEARY Francis Clerk, (Dennis Dooley) bds Carter's Hill
HARTERY Jeremiah Sailmaker bds 122 Bond
HARTEARY John Farm Hand, (Dennis Dooley) h Merry Meeting Rd
HARTERY John Truckman h 63 Merry Meeting Road
HARTERY Mary, wid Edward Huxter Shop, 3 New Gower,  h 3 New Gower
HARTERY Michael Carpenter h 7 Pope
HARTERY Stephen Sailmaker h 122 Bond
HARTERY Thomas Engineer h 17 Howe Place
HARTERY Walter Seaman h 42 Barter's Hill
HARTERY William Laborer h 44 Quidi Vidi Road
HARTFORD Bart. Laborer h 32 Brazil Square
HARTGERLY John Clerk, H.M.C. h 342 Duckworth
HARTLEY C. Messenger, (A.A. Tel. Co.) bds Princess
HARTLEY John Baker, (Woods' Candy Store) bds 23 Princess
HARTLEY Michael Seaman h 23 Princess
HARTLEY William Harnessmaker, (J. Molloy's) bds 23 Princess
HARTWELL Mary Clerk, (John J. O'Brien) bds 45 Job St.
HARVEY Alex. J. of Harvey & Co., Belair King's Bridge Road
HARVEY A. of A. Harvey & Co., Bell-Air King's Bridge Road
HARVEY Alice Typewriter, Royal Stores bds 118 Pleasant
HARVEY Anne wid William h 130 George
HARVEY Archibald Cooper bds South side
HARVEY A.J. Physician, 228 Duckworth  h 228 Duckworth
HARVEY A. & CO. A. Harvey, Steamship Agents, 13 Water east  
HARVEY'S BAKERY James Carnell Foreman 41 Water
HARVEY & CO   Steamship Agents, 87 Water, e  
HARVEY Charles of H.J. Stabb & Co. h 23 Gower
HARVEY Charles Cooper bds South side
HARVEY Mrs. wid Charles h 60 Hamilton
HARVEY C. McK. of H.J. Stabb & Co. h Musgrave Terrace
HARVEY Daniel Fireman, (Knowling) h South side
HARVEY Edward Cooper h South side, e
HARVEY Edward Cooper bds South side
HARVEY Edward Clerk, Royal Stores bds 60 Hamilton
HARVEY Edward Accountant, (Harvey & Co.) bds King's Bridge Rd
HARVEY Elizabeth wid Augustus h King's Bridge Road
HARVEY Frederick Messenger, (Bishop & Monroe) bds 11 Queen's
HARVEY Gerald Accountant, (A.Harvey & Co.) Bell-Air King's Bridge Road
HARVEY Harry Engineer, (Reid Nfld. Co.) bds 55 patrick
HARVEY James Clerk, (Ayre & Sons) bds 60 Hamilton
HARVEY James Laborer h 72 1/2 Barnes' Road
HARVEY Rev. James C.   h 171 Gower
HARVEY John Civil Engineer, Reid Nfld. Co. h 36 Rennie's Mill Rd
HARVEY John Cooper h South side
HARVEY John Fisherman h South Side, e
HARVEY John (Harvey & Co.) bds King's Bridge Road
HARVEY Peter Laborer h 13 Howe Place
HARVEY Richard Broker Winter Avenue
HARVEY Richard Fireman, (Dry Dock) h South side
HARVEY Richard Collecting Agent 275 Water
HARVEY William Laborer h 126 Pleasant
HARVEY William Laborer h South side, e
HATCHER Charles Clerk, (Ayre & Sons) bds 29 1/2 Hayward Ave
HATCHER Charlotte wid Joseph h South side, e
HATCHER George W. Laborer h South side
HATCHER Phoebe Emp.;. N.B. & S. Co. bds South side
HATHEWAY Charlotte wid h 55 LeMarchant
HATTON P.J. Drug Clerk, (J. Kavanagh) h 170 Duckworth
HANION Thomas Brakesman h 71 Cookstown
HAW James Liquors, 28 New Gower h 28 New Gower
HAW John Laborer h 5 Plank Road
HAW Mary wid William bds 5 Plank Road
HAWES Alice wid William bds 12 Stephen
HAWKINS Edward Accountant h 31 Gower
HAWKINS Eldred Accountant, (Harvey & Co.) h 33 Gower
HAWKINS Samuel J. Bookbinder, (Dicks & Co.) h 52 Barter's Hill
HAWLEY J. Clerk, Royal Bank of Canada  
HAMLYN Miss Edith Clerk, Royal Stores  
HAMLYN Robert Blacksmith, (George Snow) h Hamilton Ave
HAY Gordon Farmer bds 7 Convent Square
HAY William Stone Cutter h 7 Convent Square
HAY William jr. Stone Cutter bds 7 Convent Square
HAYDEN Catherine wid Patrick bds 8 Plank Road
HAYDEN James Laborer, (Bowring Bros.) h South side
HAYDEN John Laborer, (Bennett Brewing Co. Ltd.) h 222 Water
HAYDEN John Fisherman h 221 Water
HAYDEN Lawrence Laborer h 8 Plank Road
HAYDEN Martin Laborer h 114 Bond
HAYES Anastasia   bds 28 Dicks' Square
HAYES Annie Landlady h 28 Dicks' Square
HAYES Miss Catherine   h South side
HAYES Edward Baker h South side
HAYES John Cooper bds Port. Cove Road
HAYES John Farmer h Blackmarsh road
HAYSE John Teamster h Sand Pit Road
HAYES John Laborer h 39 1/2 Brazil Square
HAYSE John Laborer h 60 Mullock
HAYSE John Jr. Laborer bds 60 Mullock
HAYES John W. Grocer h 68 King's Bridge Road
HAYES Jeriah wid John h 96 George
HAYES Margaret wid Richard h 68 King's Bridge Road
HAYES Margaret wid Richard h Cornwall, Port. Cove Road
HAYES Martin Baker bds South side
HAYES Mary wid Michael J. h 8 Tank Lane
HAYES Mary Ann wid Samuel h 186 Water
HAYES Michael Laborer h 8 Tank Lane
HAYES Michael Road Inspector bds 104 Military Road
HAYES Patrick Emp, Water Works h 50 Bannerman
HAYES Richard Furrier h 29 Waldgrave
HAYES William Baker bds South side
HAYFIELD Richard Coachman Shaw's Lane
HAYNES Chesley Truckman bds 147 Pleasant
HAYNES Edward K. Shoemaker h 4 Brazil
HAYNES Eli Laborer h 25 Scott
HAYNES James Fisherman h 30 Scott
HAYES Thomas Keeper, Poor House h 147 Pleasant
HAYNES William Laborer h 28 Scott
HAYTER James Tinsmith, (J. Phillips) bds 40 Mullock
HAYTER William Laborer h 40 Mullock
HAYTER William R. Barber bds 40 Mullock
HAYWARD Arthur Bookkeeper, (Rendell & Co.) h 17 Sheehan
HAYWARD Arthur Accountant, (C.F. Bennett & Co.)  
HAYWARD Arthur Wine Merchant, Water h 10 Victoria
HAYWARD A.O. Barrister, (Brazilian Consul), 266 Duckworth. h Pennywell Road
HAYWARD BROS. (H.S. Hayward) Collecting Agents, 278 Water  
HAYWARD Charles H. Clerk, (Knowling) h 168 LeMarchant Rd.
HAYWARD Frederick W. Cashier, Bowring Bros. h 96 Military
HAYWARD Frederica wid Harrison h 71 Rennie's Mill Road
HAYWARD George J. Broker h 25 Monkstown Road
HAYWARD Harry S. of Hayward Bros. h 60 Springdale
HAYWARD Herbert Accountant, (Harvey Co.) bds 17 Forest Rd
HAYWARD Hubert Accountant, (A. Harvey & Co.) h 17 Sheehan
HAYWARD John C.M. Insurance Agent bds 60 Springdale
HAYWARD Mary wid Henry h 10 Victoria
HAYWARD Oliver Accountant h 17 Forest Road
HAYWARD Thomas Trader h 48 Casey
HAYWARD Thomas B. Grocer bds 60 Springdale
HEALE Elizabeth wid John h 126 Casey
HEALE Herbert Carriage Smith, (Carnell's) bds 126 Casey
HEALE May Tailoress, (John Maunder) bds Casey
HEALE William Caretaker, C.E. Cemetery h 41 Forest Road
HEALEY Edward Laborer h South side
HEALY Edward Laborer bds 53 Flemming
HEALEY Henry Motorman, (Reid Nfld. Co.) h 20 Hutchings
HEALEY James Shoemaker, (J. Healey) bds South side
HEALEY Jeffrey Fireman h 53 Flemming
HEALEY Jeremiah Shoemaker, 34 Water, bds South side
HEALEY John Tinsmith bds South side
HEALEY John Tinsmith, (W.G. Pippy) h South side
HEALEY John J. Grocer, 66 Water,  h 68 Water - See adv.
HEALEY Kate wid Martin h 62 McFarlane's
HEALEY Matthew Shoemaker h South side
HEALEY Maurice Fisherman h 5 Barron
HEALY Michael Cooper bds 4 Plank Road
HEALEY Michael Cooper bds 2 Plank Road
HEALEY Michael Laborer h 8 Cookstown
HEALEY Nicholas Cooper bds South side
HEALY Patrick   h 13 Pleasant
HEALEY Peter Fisherman h 20 Lime
HEALEY Philip Shoemaker, (N.B.&S. Co.) h 345 Water, w
HEALEY Thomas J. Laborer bds 53 Flemming
HEALEY Thomas Fisherman 2 Plank Road
HEARNEY William Emp, Butterine Factory h 46 Barnes' Road
HEARN & Co. General Importers 131 Water See adv.
HEARN Denis Fisherman h 55 McFarlane's
HEARN Ellen wid James h 60 LeMarchant Road
HEARN James Seaman 55 McFarlane's
HEARN James Laborer, (Bowring Bros.) h South side
HEARN Jeremiah Laborer h 226 Water
HEARN John Liquors, 124 Duckworth, h 124 Duckworth
HEARN John F.   h 60 LeMarchant Road
HEARN Patrick Laborer bds 55 McFarlane's
HEARN Peter Truckman bds 16 1/2 Brine
HEARN Richard Teamster h Walsh Lane
HEARN Wm. Laborer h 119 Signal Hill Road
HEART Joseph Teamster, (T. Walsh) h Thomas
HEATER Henry Watchman, (Horwood Co.) h Mundy Pond Road
HEATER Norman Prop. Boarding House h 182 Duckworth
HEATER William Journeyman, (Hamlin) bds Water
HEATH Albert Barber, (W. Duncan) bds 50 Springdale
HEATH Arthur Clerk bds 50 Springdale
HEATH Miss Edith Clerk, (G.L. Inkpins) h 56 Springdale
HEATH George Clerk, (G. Knowling) bds 56 Springdale
HEATH Hannah wid 50 Springdale
HEATH Samuel Gauger, H.M.C. h 56 Springdale
HEAVIN Ann wid Laurance h 101 Monkstown Road
HEAVIN Johannah Dressmaker bds 101 Monkstown Road
HEFFERN Linard Fisherman h Battery Road, Chain Rock
HELLYER Thomas Shoemaker, 198 Duckworth,  h, 198 Duckworth
HENDERSON Charles Clerk, (Reid Nfld. Co.) bds 320 Duckworth
HENDERSON Charles Mason h 104 Freshwater
HENDERSON Charles W. Emp, R. Nfld. Co. h 320 City Terrace
HENDERSON Effie Clerk, (H.A. Morine) bds 320 Duckworth
HENDERSON E.S. Emp, R. Nfld. Co. bds 320 City Terrace
HENDERSON Henry Foreman, (Wm. Frew) h 320 Duckworth
HENDERSON James H. Broker bds Tremont Hotel
HENDERSON Miss Jessie Milliner bds Terrace Place, 320 Duckworth
HENDERSON John of Hearn & Co. h Musgrave Terrace, Gower
HENDERSON & POTTS   Manufacturers of Paints, Varnish, Etc. Halifax, N.S.
HENDERSON L.U. Emp, Reid Nfld. Co., City Terrace, Duckworth  
HENDERSON Lizzie Clerk, (E.P. Gibbs) bds 320 Duckworth
HENDERSON Robert Cooper h 16 Plymouth Road
HENDERSON Thomas Telegraph Operator bds 16 Plymouth Road
HENEBURY George Cooper h 30 King's Road
HENNEBURY James Cooper bds 15 Pennywell Road
HENEBURY John Cooper h 42 Young
HENNEBURY Maria wid Richard h 15 Pennywell Road
HENNEBURY Richard Carpenter bds 15 Pennywell Road
HENEBURY Thomas Truckman, Royal Stores Ltd  
HENNEBURY William Joiner h Freshwater Road
HENNESSEY Dennis Repairer, Tel. Co. h Signal Hill
HENNESSEY Dennis Coachman h 16 Walsh Square, Signal Hill Road
HENNESSY Ellen   h 3 Cumings
HENNESSY Johanna wid Wm. h 65 Signal Hill Road
HENNESSY John Emp., N.B.&S. Co. bds 2 Princess
HENNESSY John Laborer, (Bowring Bros.) bds Water, w
HENNESSEY Kate   bds 82 Bond
HENNESSY Patrick Laborer h Water, w
HENNESSEY Robert Clerk bds 31 Prescott
HENNESSEY R. Porter, (Job Bros.)  
HENNESSY Sarah wid Patrick h 85 McFarlane's
HENNESSEY Thomas Laborer bds 31 Prescott
HENNESSY William Telegraph Repairer bds 16 Walsh Sq., Sig Hill
HENRY William Tailor, (John Maunder) bds Port. Cove Road
HEPBURN John C. Accountant, (Baine & Johnston) h Church Hill
HEPBURN John C. Accountant, (Baine Johnston) h 1 Church Hill
HEPPARD George Mason bds 23 Tessier Place
HERALD George Sea Captain h 79 McFarlane's
HERBERT Sydney Accountant, (Elec. Department) bds Pleasant
HERBERT Sydney Clerk, (Reid Nfld. Co.) bds 98 Pleasant
HERDER David Clerk, Royal Stores  
HERDER Douglas Accountant, Royal Stores bds 40 Rennie's Mill Road
HERDER W. James Manager, Evening Telegram h 40 Rennie's Mill Road
HEARDER R. Clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling)  
HEWERDINE William Shoemaker h 51 Bannerman
HEBBS William Cooper, (R. Moore) b 52 Livingstone
HIBBS Wiliam Cooper, (Goodridge & Sons) h 52 Livingstone
HICKEY Catherine wid William h 123 George
HICKEY James Carter h 48 Barter's Hill
HICKEY James Emp, Ropewalk bds 123 George
HICKEY James Shoemaker h 7 Lime Kiln Lane
HICKEY James Shoemaker h 7 Flower Hill
HICKEY John Laborer, (Bowring Bros.) h Water,w
HICKEY John Emp, (D.J. Greene) bds 30 Angel Place
HICKEY Lawrence Cooper h 18 Spencer
HICKEY Lawrence Laborer h 47 Barter's Hill
HICKEY Michael Shoemaker, (N.B. & S. Co.) h 30 Angel Place
HICKEY Michael Tailor, 61 New Gower, h 61 New Gower
HICKEY Nicholas Carpenter h 43 Cabot
HICKEY Patrick Boarding House h 16 Queen's
HICKEY Patrick jr. Coachman bds 119 Circular Road
HICKEY Patrick Gardener, (Govt. House) h 119 Circular Road
HICKEY Patrick Shipwright h 118 Bond
HICKEY Patrick Tailor, (R. Johnston) h 70 New Gower
HICKEY Patrick J. Grocer, 141 New Gower bds 41 New Gower
HICKEY Richard Laborer h 13 Murray
HICKEY Miss S. Clerk, (Geo. Knowling)  
HICKEY William Oiler h 50 Barter's Hill
HICKEY William J. Shoemaker h 57 Monkstown Road
HICKS Archibald Laborer h 25 Flemming
HICKS Archibald Laborer bds Carpassion Farm, Duder Ave
HICKS Aubrey Seaman h 19 Larkin's Square
HICKS Sylvester Truckman bds 19 Larkin's Square
HICKS William Truckman bds 19 Larkin's Square
HICKLEY William Blacksmith bds 118 Bond
HIERLIHY George Apprentice, (Hallett & Smith)  
HIGGINS Edmund Accountant bds 95 Military Road
HIGGINS Hannah wid John h Sunnyside
HIGGINS James Prospector h 95 Military Road
HIGGINS William Laborer, (Bowring Bros.)  
HIGGINS William Typewriter, (Reid Nfld. Co.) bds 95 Military Road
HIGGINS W.J. Emp., R. Nlfld. Co. 95 Military Road
HIGHMORE Joseph Fireman h 146 LeMarchant Road
HILL A. Stanley Commission Agent bds Cathedral
HILL C.R. Teller, (Bank of Nova Scotia) bds 137 LeMarchant Rd
HILL Harris Tinsmith bds 55 Merry Meeting Road
HILL James Cooper bds 55 Merry Meeting Road
HILL Jane wid John h 25 Cochrane
HILL John Grocer, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd)  
HILL Roland Architect bds 223 Gower
HILL Thomas Cooper h 55 Merry Meeting Road
HILL William T. Hardware, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd)  
HILLYARD Lucy Clerk bds 8 John
HILLYARD John Teacher h 107 King's Road
HINDS Annie (B. & S. Co.) bds 8 Stephen
HINDS John Seaman h Walsh's Lane
HIPDICH Michael Laborer bds Battery Road
HIPDICH Richard Laborer bds Battery Road
HIPSON William Engineer h 118 Quidi Vidi Road
HIPTAGE John Laborer h 7 Damaril's Lane
HIRST Joseph E. Manager, Clothing Factory h 103 Bond
HISCOCK Arthur Bookkeeper, (Bishop & Monroe) h 57 Long's Hill
HISCOCK A. Mgr, hardware department, (Bishop & Monroe)  
HISCOCK Edward Laborer, (Job Bros.), South side  
HISCOCK Edward C. Laborer South Side
HISCOCK Eli Laborer 18 Stephens
HISCOCK Frederick Clerk, Gen. P.O. h 13 Bell
HISCOCK Frederick Laborer h South side
HISCOCK George Sea Captain h 143 Gower
HISCOCK Henry Cooper, (Knowling's) h 72 New Gower
HISCOCK James Conductor, Street Railway  
HISCOCK James Laborer, (Reid Nfld. Co.)  
HISCOCK John Laborer h 118 Duggan
HISCOCK John Laborer h South side
HISCOCK J.A. Engineering Student  
HISCOCK Mary Ann wid h 11 New Gower
HISCOCK Patience   h 29 Carnell
HISCOCK Peter Baker, (J.T. Eagan) h 18 Power
HISCOCK Peter Cook h 53 Cook
HISCOCK Susie Clerk, (F.B. Wood) bds 72 New Gower
HISCOCK William Cooper, (Bowring's ) bds 72 New Gower
HITCHCOCK John Clerk, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd) h 3 Balsam
HITCHCOCK William Draper, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd)  
HITCHINGS Mary C. T. Head Mistress, Prep. Dept. Forest Road  
HOBBS David Laborer, (Cousen's Cooperage) bds 75 Long's Hill
HOBBS John Laborer bds 75 Long's Hill
HOBBS Joseph Carpenter h 77 Long's Hill
HODDER Ely Fisherman 7 Damaril's Lane
HODDER William   h 26 Goodview
HODDER William Painter h 89 Gower
HODDINOTT Louisa wid bds 87 Springdale
HOFFMAN Charles Sailmaker h 30 Codner's Lane
HOGAN D.M. Bookkeeper, (James J. Tobin) h 88 Duckworth
HOGAN Joseph Porter, (S.E. Garland) bds 26 Duggan
HOGAN Mary wid Patrick bds 38 Buchanan
HOGAN Patrick Carpenter h 26 Duggan
HOGAN Patrick Clerk, (Bowring Bros.) h 158 LeMarchant Road
HOGAN Thomas Draper bds 26 Duggan
HOGAN Thomas Laborer h 12 Tank Lane
HOGAN William Laborer h 37 Goodview
HOLDEN John Clerk, (Municipal Offices) bds Topsail Road
HOLDEN John Laborer, (Bowring Bros.) h South side
HOLDEN Miss Mame Biscuit Packer bds 259 Water, w
HOLDEN Richard Clerk, (Bowring Bros.) h 328 Duckworth
HOLDEN Thos. Seaman h 259 Water, w
HOLDEN Vincent Shoemaker, (N.B. & S.Co.) bds 259 Water, nw
HOLLAHAN John Laborer, (Bowring Bros.)  
HOLLAHAN Solomon Fisherman h 28 Cabot
HOLLAND John M. Shoemaker, 49 New Gower h 51 New Gower
HOLLETT Anne wid James  h South side
HOLLETT Joseph Laborer h 8 Hunt's Lane
HOLLETT Robert Teamster, (N. Cousen's ) h South side
HOLLETT Thomas Carman, (Ayre & Sons)  
HOLLETT Thomas Laborer h 116 Casey
HOLLETT Thomas Truckman, (Ayre & Sons) h 83 Patrick
HOLLETT William Fisherman h 15 Temperance
HOLLETT William Joiner h 38 Quidi Vidi Road
HOLLEY Rhode wid William h 31 Buchanan
HOLOWAY Prof. Robert E.   h Long's Hill
HOLMAN William Footman, (Govt. House), Military Road  
HOLWELL Alfred Laborer bds 4 Gill
HOLWELL Augustus Laborer h 17 Pilot's Hill
HOLWELL Bertha  emp., Tobacco Factory bds 17 Pilot's Hill
HOLWELL Edward Laborer bds 4 Gill
HOLWELL George Fisherman h 4 Gill
HOLWELL George Fisherman h South side
HOLWELL Henry Laborer bds 17 Pilot's Hill
HOLWELL John Fisherman h South side
HOLWELL Mathew H. Laborer h 34 Quidi Vidi Road
HOLWELL William Cooper bds 4 Gill
HOLWELL William Fisherman h South side
HOOK E.J. Clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling)  
HOOKEY James Laborer h 3 Duggan
HOOKEY John Broom-maker h 90 McFarlane's
HOOKEY John, jr. Broom-maker h 90 McFarlane's
HOKEY Joseph Laborer h 12 Carew
HOOKEY Joshua Telephone Oper. bds 11 Queen's
HOKEY Samuel Farmer h 12 Carew
HOOPER Eliza wid Charles h 18 Damaril's Lane
HOOPER Thomas Seaman h 128 George
HOOPER William Laborer h 134 Casey
HOPKINS Alexander Motorman, Street Railway  
HOPKINS Arthur Seama h 70 McFarlane's
HOPKINS Canser & Hopkins Hardware Merchants, McBride's Hill  
HOPKINS G. Henry Tailor h 17 Cabot
HOPKINS Hedley Draper bds 47 New Gower
HOPKINS Maggie Tailoress bds 12 Belvidere
HOPKINS Mrs. Richard Prop., Victoria House, 47 New Gower  
HOPKINS Richard Shipwright, Victoria House, 47 New Gower See adv.
HOPKINS Richard Laborer h 12 Belvidere
HOPKINS Robert Carpenter bds 47 New Gower
HOPKINS R. Motorman, (Reid Nfld. Co.) h Water, w
HOPKINS Sylby Conductor, St. Railway h 267 Water, w
HOPKINS William Laborer h 85 Lime
HOYLES A.L.   bds Crosbie Hotel
HORAN Patrick Draper h 10 Mullock
HORNILL Maria wid James h 109 Bond
HORWOOD Adelaide   h 109 Bond
HORWOOD Ada M. Stenographer, Horwood Co. bds 1 Barter's Hill
HORWOOD Albert Grocer, 66 Barter's Hill h 99 Cabot
HORWOOD Albert Lumber Surveyor h 99 Cabot
HORWOOD Charles Tailor bds 22 Gilbert
HORWOOD Edward A. Tailor, 35 Prescott h 35 Prescott
HORWOOD Eliza wid George h Leslie
HORWOOD Ethel Bookkeeper, (Knowling) bds 22 Gilbert
HORWOOD E.J. General Importer. Provisions and Groceries, 133 Water, e h 17 Prescott. See adv.
HORWOOD Fanny Tailoress bds 8 Dunford
HORWOOD Frances (Horwood Factory) h South side, e
HORWOOD Frank Foreman, (Horwood Match Co.) h Cabot
HORWOOD John P. Hardware, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.)  
HORWOOD Joseph Fireman h 9 Allan
HORWOOD J. Clerk, (Hon G. Knowling)  
HORWOOD LUMBER Co. LIMITED. W.F. Horwood, Pres. Reuben F. Horwood, Secy. Springdale. See adv.
HORWOOD May Clerk, (Cross & Co.) bds 8 Bond
HORWOOD Reuben F. Secy., Horwood Lumber Coy. h Leslie
HORWOOD R.E. Carpenter h 32 Wickford
HORWOOD William  (Horwood Factory) h South side, e
HORWOOD William  Bookkeeper, (Horwood Co.) bds 22 Gilbert
HORWOOD William F. Prest., Horwood Lumber Co., Balsam Cottage Water, w
HORWOOD Hon. William H. Chief Justice h 11 Church Hill
HORWOOD Wiliam W. Salesman, (Horwood Lum Co.) h 22 Gilbert
HOSKINS Daniel Grocer Clerk, (John Ryan) bds 10 Water
HOSKINS David Storekeeper, (Rendell) h 10 Gill
HOSKINS John Mason and Contractor h 40 Livingstone
HOWLAHAN Bessie Clerk bds 29 Colonial
HOWLAHAN Elizabeth Dressmaker h 14 George
HOULAHAN Elizabeth Dressmaker bds 14 George
HOULAHAN John Laborer h 26 Hutchings' Hill
HOWLAHAN Mary wid John bds 61 Long's Hill
HOWLAHAN Michael Laborer bds 10 Catherine
HOULAHAN Samuel Laborer h 15 Buchanan
HOUSE Job Draper, (Wm. Frew) h 41 Brazil
HOUSE John  Fisherman h South side
HOUSE Joseph Chief Steward, (Glencoe) h 26 Water
HOWARD Patrick Pilot h 8 Bond
HOWARD Samuel Pedler bds 78 New Goweer
HOWE James Teamster h Battery Road
HOWE James R. Accountant h Howe Place
HOWELL Abraham Carpenter h 44 Wickford
HOWELL Charles Laborer h 60 1/2 Brazil
HOWELL Leo Carpenter h 135 Cabot
HOWELLS Thomas Seaman h 6 Tank Lane
HOWELL William Janitor, Presbyterian Church h 5 Long's Hill
HOWEY Azriel Laborer h 20 Bannerman
HOWLEY James M.F. Clerk, Royal Bank Canada bds 15 Military
HOWLEY James P. F.G.S., director Geol. Dept. h 15 Military Road
HOWELY W.R. Barrister h 336 Duckworth
HOWLEY Right Rev. M.F. Roman Catholic Bishop of St. John's res R.C. Palace, Military Road
HOWLEY William R. Barrister-Solicitor bds 15 Military Road
HOWLETT Charles Messenger, (A.B. Lehr)  
HOWLETT Charles J. Dentist bds 82 Circular Road
HOWLETT Edward Laborer bds 30 Duckworth
HOWLETT Ernest Laborer bds 30 Duckworth
HOWLETT Frank Brakeman, (Reid Nfld. Ry.) bds 15 York
HOWLETT Stephen Conductor, (Reid Nfld. Ry.) h 15 York
HOWLETT Thomas Laborer h 30 Duckworth
HOWLETT William Cabinet Maker h 82 Circular Road
HUDSON Beatrice Clerk bds 92 Circular Road
HUDSON Bettie Clerk, (T. Hudson bds 92 Circular Road
HUDSON Edward clerk, G.P.O. bds 4 Gilbert
HUDSON Elizabeth wid Phillip h 16 William
HUDSON Elsie Tailoress, (John Maunder) bds Balsam
HUDSON Emma Clerk, (G.T. Hudson bds 92 Circular Road
HUDSON George Turnkey, Penitentiary h 92 Circular Road
HUDSON George Laborer h 4 Gilbert
HUDSON Gideon Emp., Harvey's Factory bds 8 Sebastian
HUDSON G.T. Dry Goods, 148 and 367 Duckworth h 367 Duckworth. See adv.
HUDSON James Laborer 3 College Square
HUDSON James Emp., Bennett Brewing Co. h 13 Boggan
HUDSON John Laborer bds 33 Rossiter's Lane
HUDSON John  Cabinetmaker h 4 Gilbert
HUDSON Matthew Laborer h 8 Hamilton
HUDSON Maud Tailoress, (John Maunder) bds Wickford
HUDSON Phillip Foreman, (Ayre & Sons) h 31 Victoria
HUDSON Ralph Bookkeeper bds 180 1/2 Pleasant
HUDSON Roland Clerk, (Ayre & Sons) bds 92 Circular Road
HUDSON Samuel Laborer h 130 Casey
HUDSON William Clerk, (Ayre & Sons) h 99 George
HUDSON William Upholsterer, (Ayre & Sons)  
HUESTIS H.E. Civil Engineer, (R. Nfld. Co.) h 56 LeMarchant
HUGHES Edward Engineer, (R. Nfld. Co.) bds Whitten's Hotel
HUGHES Robert E. Sanitary Supervisor h 20 Belvidere
HUMPHREYS Thomas Clerk, (Ayre & Sons) bds 29 1/2 Hayward Ave
HUNT Bridget wid Henry h 182 Water
HUNT C.E. A.A., Art Student h Barnes' Road
HUNT & CO. (J.G. Hunt) Commission Agents and Brokers, 311 r Water See adv.
HUNT George   h 88 Barnes' Road
HUNT G.G. Clerk, (Hunt & Co.) bds 88 Barnes' Road
HUNT Harry Plumber bds 182 Water
HUNT James Butcher, (W. Campbell) h 65 Cookstown Road
HUNT James G. of Hunt & Co h 88 Barnes' Road
HUNT John Laborer bds Port Cove Road
HUNT John Seaman bds 3 Long's
HUNT John Seaman h 3 Long's 
HUNT Joseph Boilermaker, (Reid Nfld. Co.)  
HUNT Joseph Engineer bds 182 Water
HUNT Sarah wid Leo Port Cove Road
HUNT William Laborer bds 182 Water
HUNTER Edward Accountant, (B.& S. Co.) h 127 Lemarchant Rd
HURL David laborer h 48 Field
HURL John Harness Maker, (F.J. Connor) h 48 Field
HURL William Wheelwright h 48 Field
HURLEY Bridget Tailoress bds 8 Bannerman
HURLEY Catherine wid Robert  h 51 George, w
HURLEY Miss Kate   h 6 Queen's Road
HURLEY Mary wid William h 8 Bannerman
HURLEY Michael Teamster, (Oke's Factory) h 51 George, w
HURLEY Michael Wheelwright bds 51 George, w
HURLEY Robt Clerk, (Parker & Munroe)  
HURLEY Robert Pressman, (Royal Stores) h 31 Patrick
HURLEY Thomas Teamster, (J.D. Ryan) bds New Gower
HURLEY William   h 10 Queen's Road
HURRELL Ann wid William h 31 LeMarchant Road
HURRELL William Carter h 31 Lemarchant Road
HUSK Charles H. Tailor h 77 Springdale
HUSKINS Edmund Emp., Reid Nfld. Ry. h 151 Gower
HUSSEN John Emp., Col. Cordage Co. h Mundy Pond Road
HUSSON Ralph J. Clerk, (Percie Johnson) bds 180 1/2 Pleasant
HUSSEY Anie Tailoress bds 22 Pleasant
HUSSEY Annie Tailoress bds 24 Hagarty
HUSSEY James Clerk bds 13 William
HUSSEY John Laborer h 41 Field
HUSSEY J. Clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling)  
HUSSEY Joseph Cooper h 47 Parade
HUSSEY Joseph Laborer h 177 LeMarchant Road
HUSSEY Nathaniel Carpenter, (Reid Nfld. Co.) h 23 Goodview
HUSSEY Thomas Laborer, (Job Bros.) South side
HUSSEY William Carpenter h 22 Pleasant
HUSSEY William Carpenter  h 24 Pleasant
HUSSEY William Laborer, (Baine & Johnston) h Hagarty's Lane
HUSSEY William Laborer h 43 McDougall
HUSTINS James Packer, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.)  
J.P. Blackwood
Barristers, Temple Building Duckworth
HUTCHINGS Charles Clerk, (Geo. Knowling) h 45 Hamilton
HUTCHINGS CHARLES H. of Hutchings & Blackwood, Deputy Minister of Justice h 125 LeMarchant Road
HUTCHINGS Eliakim Printer, (Free Press) h 7 Tessier Place
HUTCHINGS G.B. Clerk, (Bank of Montreal)  
HUTCHINGS G.P. Clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling)  
HUTCHINGS H.V. Engineering Student Musgrave Terrace
HUTCHINGS James Sanitary Dept. h 52 Field
HUTCHINGS James Carpenter bds 48 Pleasant
HUTCHINGS Jane wid Richard h 33 Rossiter's Lane
HUTCHINGS John Carpenter bds 2 New Gower
HUTCHINGS Mrs. Clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling)  
HUTCHING Miss Minnie Teacher, Field College bds Victoria Cottage, Forest Road
HUTCHINGS P. George Draper, (G. Knowling) h 46 Scott
HUTCHINGS Samuel Fisherman h 48 Pleasant
HUTCHINS G.A. Clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling)  
HUTCHINS H. Clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling)  
HUTCHINS Phillip H. Clerk, (Knowling) h 2 Mullock
HUTTON Charles Professor Music h Military Road
HUTTON & Co.   Music Dealers and Branch P.O., 212 Duckworth  
HYNES Agnes Clerk, (Ayre & Sons) bds 73 New Gower
HYNES Ann wid Llaurance h 73 New Gower
HYNES Anastasia wid James h 24 Stephen
HYNES Ellen wid Patrick h 8 Stephen
HYNES George Laborer bds 9 Temperance
HYNES Hezekiah Laborer h 63 Signal Hill Road
HYNES Isaac Joiner h 9 Temperance
HYNES James Laborer bds 24 Stephen
HYNES John Laborer h 12 Flower Hill
HYNES John Laborer bds 24 Stephen
HYNES John Laborer h 41 LeMarchant Road
HYNES John Laborer h 28 Hutchings' Lane
HYNES John Laborer bds 9 Temperance
HYNES Kate Saleslady bds 29 Colonial
HYNES Kate clerk, (Samuel Milley) bds 73 New Gower
HYNES Lemeo Laborer bds 27 1/2 Mullock
HYNES Michael Clerk bds 8 Stephen
HYNES Michael Laborer h 30 Brazil
HYNES Michael Seaman h 29 Young
HYNES Thomas Laborer h 27 1/2 Mullock
HYNES William Clerk, (Newman & Co.) h 17 Cochrane
HYNES William Laborer h 2 Hunt Lane
HYNES William H. Accountant, (Franklin & Co.) h 17 Cochrane
HYMONS John  Fireman C.F.S.  

701 Entries - Complete
McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Dan Breen

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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