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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
"G" Names for the City of St. John's
GADE Elizabeth, wid Frederick, h 214 Water
GADE Minnie, emp., N. B. & S. Co., bds 214 Water, w
GALE Albert, baker, (Thomas Gale), bds 120 Duckworth
GALE THOMAS W. Baker and Confectionery, 278 Water and 120 Duckworth, h 120 Duckworth. See adv.
GADEN G. M. chief operator, Anglo?Amer. Tel. Co., h 35 Queen's rd
GALGAY Nicholas, moulder, bds 217 New Gower
GALGAY Richard, clerk, (Bennett's Brewery), bds 245 Water
GALGAY William, fisherman, h 217 New Gower
GALLAGHER Elizabeth, wid James, bds 31 Hayward Ave
GALLAGHER Frank, moulder, (Con. Fdy.) h 14 Alexander
GALLANT Miss Clementine, dressmaker, h 2 Queen's Road
GALLISHAW John, pilot, h 16 Bannerman
GALLISHAW Miss, milliner, (Miss Carbery), 
GALLIVAN Agnes, tailoress, (Shortall's), bds 9 Cochrane
GALLIVAN John, cooper, h 36 Duckworth
GALLIVAN John, cooper, h 35 Plymouth Road
GALLIVAN May, dressmaker, bds 9 Cochrane
GALLIVAN Michael, cooper, bds 9 Cochrane
GALLIVAN Michael, cooper, h South side
GALLIVAN Peter, cooper, bds 36 Duckworth
GALLIVAN Peter, cooper, bds 35 Plymouth Road
GALLIVAN William, clerk, (J. J. St. John), h 32 Duckworth
GALVIN William, cooper, bds 28 Duckworth
GALLIVAN William, cooper, bds 36 Duckworth
GALLIVAN William, cooper, bds 35 Plymouth Road
GALLIVAN W. H., clerk, (J. J. St. John), h 32 Duckworth
GALLOP Alfred, mason, h 45 Goodview
GALLOWAY James, bookkeeper, h 281 Victoria
GALLOWAY Mary, machinist, Parker & Mundoe (sic) bds 6 Hayward Ave
GALOWAY Thomas, undertaker, bds 6 Hayward Ave
GALLOWAY --------, ----------- h 6 Hayward Ave
GALWAY Mrs. Bridget, wid Dennis, bds 332 Water
GALWAY David, stonemason, bds 22 Waldegrave
GALWAY Denis, tailor, bds Blackmarsh Road
GALWAY Dennis, tailor, 332 Water, h 332 Water
GALWAY Ellie, emp., Parker & Munroe  
GALWAY James, clerk, (Richard Fennel), h 28 Victoria
GALWAY Miss Johanna,  h 63 George
GALWAY John, laborer, h 28 Wickford
GALWAY John, stonemason, bds 22 Waldegrave
GALWAY John, truckman, h ????? Lewis Place
GALWAY John, truckman, (G. Neal), h off New Gower
GALWAY Mary, emp. Parker & Munroe
GALWAY Michael, cooper, h 4 Hamilton
GALWAY Michael, tailor, bds Blackmarsh Road
GALWAY Michael, tailor, (D. Galway), bds 332 Water
GALWAY wid Denis,  h Blackmarsh Road
GAMBURG Bridget, wid Charles, h 5 Allan
GAMBURG George, painter, h 43 Victoria
GAMBURG John, painter, h 53 Cookstown
GAMMEL James, clerk, bds 61 Prescott
GAMMELL Mary, wid Wm., h 8 Prospect
GARDINER Edward, laborer, h 62 Mullock
GARDINER George, salesman, (Horwood's), h 24 Pleasant
GARDNER Henry, clerk, (F. B. Woods), h 47 Le Marchant
GARDINER James, laborer, bds 62 Mullock
GARDINER Richard, boilermaker, h 50 Cabot
GARDENER Samuel, laborer, bds 24 Pleasant
GARDNER Thomas, emp., Horwood's Factory, h 17 1/2 Cabot
GARDNER Walter, hardware, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.) 
GARF Charles, emp., Reid Nfld. Co., h 25 Angel Place
GARLAND Annie, clerk, (Wm. Frew's) bds 3 Charlton
GARLAND Benjamin, shoemaker, h 50 Carter's Hill
GARLAND Eli, laborer, h 46 Spencer
GARLAND & CO. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Books, Stationery, etc., 221 Water, opp. Post Office. See adv.
GARLAND Frederick, joiner, h 22 Bond
GARLAND George, lumber salesman, 24 Pleasant  
GARLAND George, cashier, (Anglo?Amer.), bds 29 Monkstown Road
GARLAND Hannah, dressmaker, h 11 York
GARLAND Herbert, packer, (G. Knowling), h 75 Lime
GARLAND H., clerk, (Hon. G. Knowling) 
GARLAND James, clerk, (Marshall Bros.), h 25 Hayward Ave
GARLAND James, shoemaker, h 50 Carter's Hill
GARLAND Jane, wid Levi, h 94 Barnes' Road
GARLAND John, clerk, h 94 Barnes'
GARLAND John, laborer, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.)  
GARLAND John, laborer, h 46 Spencer
GARLAND John A., clerk, (S. E. Garland) 
GARLAND Joseph, fisherman, h South side
GARLAND Josiah, messenger, h 163 Gower
GARLAND Maud, clerk, bds 22 Bond
GARLAND May E., typewriter, (Registry Office), bds 22 Bond
GARLAND Sadie, clerk, (Miss Carburry), bds 22 Bond
GARLAND SAMUEL E., Stationer, 177 Water, e, h 27 ??. See adv.
GARLAND Samuel, clerk,. H.M.C., 32 Mullock  
GARLAND Stephen, storekeeper, (Marshall Bros.). h 42 Carter's Hill
GARLAND Stewart, fisherman, h Battery Road, Chain Rock
GARLAND Thomas, barber, (Walter Reid), h 94 Barnes' Road
GARLAND Walter, joiner, bds 22 Bond
GARLAND William, laborer, h 26 Cabot
GARLAND W., clerk (Hon. Geo. Knowling) 
GARNEAU P., FILS & CIE,. Wholesale Dry Goods, Etc, Quebec. See adv.
GARRETT Henry, seaman, h 49 Field
GARRETT Samuel, contractor, h 2 Duckworth
GARRETT Thomas, laborer, h Brazil's Field
GAS LIGHT CO. Hon. Jas. Baird, pres.; Hon. E. R. Bowring vice-pres.; W. H. Rennie, secy., Gazette Building, Water  
GATHERALL Margaret, wid William, h 22 Simms
GATHERALL Miss Mary, grocer, 21 Water, w, h 21 Water
GATHERALL Thomas, fisherman, h South side
GAUL Edward clerk, (Jos. Barid's) bds 72 George
GAUL Edward  clerk, (Baird, Gordon & Co.), h 72 George
GAUL Ellen wid Thomas h 72 George
GAUL  Martha Dressmaker bds 72 George
GAUL  Thomasblacksmith, (McLaughlan's) bds 72 George
GAULTON  Ann  wid Patrick bds 224 Water
GAULTON Charles, mason, h 18 Plymouth Road
GAULTON Thomas, mason, h 8 1/2 Plymouth Road
GAZE Ernest, clerk (Steer Bros.), bds 121 Hamilton
GAZE Walter E., grocer, (Steer Bros.), 121 Hamilton
GEAR & CO. (H. Gear, A. J. Barnes), Steam and Gasfitters, Plumbers, etc., Importers of Hardware, 349 Water  
GEAR Charles, H.M.C., h 24 King's Road
GEAR Hon. Henry, of Gear & Co., h 131 Le Marchant
GEAR John, shoemaker, bds 188 New Gower
GEAR Joseph, engineer, h 15 Gower
GEARAN Eliza, wid Laurance, h 199 New Gower
GEARAN James, seaman, h 5 Long Hill
GEARY Alexander, laborer, h 91 Bond
GEARY Sarah, wid Joseph, h 36 Young
General Protestant Cemetery,   Topsail Road  
GENT John, laborer, h 6 Cummings, off King's Road
GEORGE Pleman, carpenter, h Brazil's Field
GEORGE Miss R. K., milliner, (Marshall Bros.) 
GERMAN Consul, Robert A. Prowse, h 3 Queen's
GIBBONS John, carpenter, h 16 Bell
GIBBONS John, machinist, h 12 New Gower
GIBBONS Mark, traveller, h 27 Henry
GIBBONS Pierce, emp., Callahan & Glass, h 16 Bell
GIBBONS Samuel, carpenter, h 16 Bell
GIBBS Archibald G., clerk, (Ayre & Sons), h 11 Garrison Hill
GIBBS John, draper, (Bishop & Monroe), bds 153 New Gower
GIBBS Margaret, wid John, h 153 New Gower
GIBBS M. P., Barrister. Etc., Gazette Building, 13 1/2 Monkstown Road. See adv.
GIBBS J., clerk, (Bishop & Monroe)  
GILES Harriet A., dressmaker, bds 35 Mullock
GILES John, watchmaker, bds 138 Hamilton
GILES John B., moulder, h 37 Mullock
GILES Mahalah, wid Richard, h 37 Mullock
GILES Mark, apprentice, (G. Langmead), bds Hamilton
GILES Martha, wid Wm., h 35 Mullock
GILES Samuel, seaman, h 138 Hamilton
GILL Charles, shoemaker, h 7 Long's
GILL Fred, messenger boy, (Whiteway & McGrath), bds 7 Long's
GILL Minnie, wid Fred., boarding house, h 59 Cochrane
GILL Susan, wid Frank, bds 22 Balsam
GILLS William, grocer, 75 Cookstown, h 75 Cookstown
GILLARD Bessie, wid John, h 4 Barnes' Road
GILLARD Elias, carpenter, h 63 Brazil
GILLATLEY Alexander, boilermaker, h 33 Lime
GILLINHAM John, fisherman, h 137 Cabot
GILLION William, liquor saloon, South, h South
GITTLESON Elias ?., (U. S. P. & P. Co.), h 72 Le Marchant Road
GITTLESON Harry, clerk (U.S. P. & P. Co.), bds 72 Le Marchant Rd
GLADNEY Edward, furrier, bds 94 New Gower
GLADNEY James, coachman, Government House, Military Road  
GLADNEY John, laborer, bds 39 Cuddihy
GLADNEY JOHN, Cabman, h Portugal Cove. See adv.
GLADNEY Martin, tailor, 94 New Gower, h 94 New Gower
GLADNEY Mary, emp. B. & S. Co., bds 39 Cuddihy
GLADNEY Mary, wid Patrick, h 39 Cuddihy
GLADNEY Matthew, drug clerk, bds 94 New Gower
GLADNEY Patrick, freight clerk (Reid Nfld. Co.), bds 21 Water, w
GLADNEY Richard, bds 94 New Gower 
GLADNEY William, clerk (Sun Life Ins. Co.), bds 94 New Gower
GLASGOW John, Butcher, 396 Water, h 396 Water
GLASGOW Laurence, butcher, sic  
GLASGOW Julia, wid Frederick, h 93 Quidi Vidi Road
GLASGOW Michael, harness maker, bds 396 Water
GLASGOW Thomas, butcher, (John GLASGOW), bds 396 Water
GLEESON Carrie, dressmaker, bds 53 Freshwater
GLEESON Patrick, clerk, poultry market, h Freshwater Road
GLEESON Patrick, manager Cold Storage, bds 53 Freshwater
GLEESON P. John, journalist, h 53 Freshwater
Globe Steam Laundry and Dye Works   Carter's Hill  
GLYN Cornelius, seamen, bds 27 Pleasant
GLYN Frank, ship carpenter, h 27 Pleasant
GLYNN Frank, laborer, bds South side
GLYNN Matthew, harnessmaker, (Scott's) bds 27 Pleasant
GLYNN Richard, laborer, h South side
GODDEN Bertram, accountant, bds 61 Hayward Ave
GODDEN Clar., (Harvey & Co.), bds 27 Cook
GODDEN Garfield, cashier, Royal Stores, Ltd. 
GODDEN REV. GEORGE R.,  bds 2 Forest Road
GODDEN Samuel, clerk, (Reid Nfld. Co.), h 61 Hayward Ave
GODDEN Thomas, clerk, (Wm. Frew), 
GODDEN Thomas, emp., Harvey & Co., bds 27 Cook
GODDEN William, clerk, h 27 Cook
GODLY William, emp., Terra Nova Marble Works, bds Duckworth
GOFF Richard, emp., Furniture Co., h 15 Prescott
GOFF William, accountant, bds 34 William
GOFF William, clerk, (R. G. Rendell & Co.). 
GOLDSTONE Israel, trader, h 21 Barter's Hill
GOOBY Andrew, clerk, (Morey & Co.), h 248 Hamilton Ave
G00BEY Bernard, fish culler, h South side, e
GOOBY Bernard, laborer, (Job Bros.), h South side
GOOBY John, sea captain, h 24 Cochrane
GOOBY Katie, clerk, bds 24 Cochrane
GOOBY Miss K., clerk, Royal Stores  
GOOBY Simon, laborer, (Job Bros.), South side
GOOBY Wallace, clerk, bds 24 Cochrane
GOOBY William, clerk, Royal Stores, Ltd. 
GOOBEY William, clerk, (Steer Bros.), h South side, e
GOOBY William, fisherman, h South side
GOOBY William Edward, laborer, bds South side
GOOBEY William H., fisherman, h South side
GOODE Herbert, fisherman, bds Merry Meeting Road
GOODE John, fisherman, h Merry Meeting Road
GOOD William, laborer, h 33 Scott
GOODALL James, carman, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.)  
GOODALL John, baker, (J. T. Eagen), bds Cuddihy
GOODCHILD James, gardener, h 26 Forest Road
GOODFELLOW & Co. fish stores,  South side
GODLAND Catherine, wid John, h 18 Hayward Ave
GOODLAND Ernest I., news agent, (Reid Nfld. Co.), bds 17 William
GOODLAND James, cooper, h 33 Prospect
GOODLAND W. H., of Gray & Goodland, h 32 William
GOODRIDGE ALAN, accountant, h Florence Grove, Duder Ave
GOODRIDGE ALAN & SONS, (A. F. Goodridge. J. R. Goodridge), General Importers and Exporters of Produce, Etc., 325 Water. Retail Store, 317 Water, w. See adv.
GOODRIDGE A. F., of Alan Goodridge & Sons, h 4 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Road
GOODRIDGE A. J., accountant, (Goodridge & Sons), bds Rennie's Mill Road
GOODRIDGE H. H., accountant, (A. Goodridge & Sons), bds Rennie's Mill Road
GOODRIDGE J. R., of Alan Goodridge & Sons, h Rennie's Mill Road
GOODRIDGE R. F., accountant, (A. Goodridge & Sons), h 11 Maxse?
GOODRIDGE Thos. B., accountant,  h Florence Grove, Duder Ave
GOODWIN Grover, clerk, (Imp. Tobacco Co.), bds 59 Cochrane
GOODWIN J., manager, (Imp. Tobacco Co.), bds 59 Cochrane
GOODYEAR Peter, laborer, h 51 Carter's Hill
GOODYEAR William, carpenter, bds 36 Brazil
GORDON George, laborer, (Job Bros.), South side
GORDON JAMES, of Baird, Gordon & Co., h 90 Military Road
GORDON Victor, clerk, Bank of Montreal, bds 90 Military Road
GEORGE John, laborer, bds 230 New Gower
GORHAM Margaret, machine operator, (Parker & Monroe) 
GORMAN Edward, laborer, h 52 Bannerman
GORMAN George, ship carpenter, h 6 Convent Lane
GORMAN John, laborer, h 7 Duckworth
GORMAN Lizzie, tailoress, bds 7 Duckworth
GORMAN Thomas, laborer, h 20 Damaril's Lane
GORMAN Virtue, wid Thos., h 52 Bannerman
GOSLING W. G., accountant, (Harvey & Co.), h 77 Le Marchant
GOSS David A., liquors, 74 New Gower, h 74 New Gower
GOSS George, carpenter, bds 5 Carter's Hill
GOSSE James, conductor, street cars, h 22 Waldegrave
GOSS James, fireman, Gas Works, h 30 Goodview
GOSS James, fireman, Gas Works, h 38 Goodview
GOSS John, plumber, h 48 Brazil
GOSS Joseph, sea captain, h 142 Gower
GOSS Mary Ellen, wid Edward, h 97 Long's Hill
GOSS Mrs.,  h 47 Gower
GOSS Patrick, engineer, bds 142 Gower
GOSS Thomas, carpenter, h 40 1/2 Gower
GOSS Vincent, tailor, h Water
GOSS William, apprentice, (E. M. Jackman)  
GOSS William, fisherman, h 36 George
GOSS William, laborer, (Bowring Bros.), h New Gower
GOSS William, road inspector, bds Duckworth
GOUDIE William H., liquors, h 113 Duckworth
GOUGH Frederick R., joiner, h 49 McFarlane's
GOUGH Samuel, shipwright, bds 49 McFarlane's
GOULD James, storekeeper, h 53 New Gower
GOURLEY John, printer, (Trade Review), h 77 Pleasant
GOURLEY John, printer, bds 77 Pleasant
GOURLEY May, wid John, h 77 Pleasant
GOVER Edward, plumber, (Moore & Co.), bds 16 Carew
GOWANS Andrew, accountant, h 35 Springdale
GOWANS Miss Prudence B., saleswoman, (Ayre & Sons Ltd.) 
Gower House Alex. Parsons, prop., 31 New Gower 
GRACE Honoria, wid Thomas, h 211 New Gower
GRACE John, storekeeper, City Works, h 85 King's Road
GRACE John P., collector, h 10 Knight
GRACE Mamie, clerk, (Wm. Frew), bds 36 New Gower
GRACE Mary, clerk, bds 36 Gower
GRACE Michael, clerk, bds 36 Gower
GRACE Mrs.,  h 36 Gower
GRACE Nicholas, shoemaker, h 8 Spencer
GRACE Patrick, carpenter, (Bennett Co.), h 7 Patrick
GRACE Richard, accountant, bds 36 Gower
GRACE Richard, clerk, (G. Browning & Son) 
GRADY Harvey, seaman, h 344? Buchanan
GRAHAM Charles, painter, h 8 Damaril's Lane
GRAHAM Thomas, drug clerk, bds 43 Parade
GRAHAM Thomas, laborer, h 22 James
GRAHAM Thomas, messenger, (R. Templeman) 
GRAHAM Thomas J., clerk, (M. Connors), bds 43 Parade
GRAHAM William, clerk, (John Anderson), h 43 Parade
GRAHAM William F., draper, (J. Anderson) 
GRANDFORD Frank, laborer, h South side, e
Grand Lake Steamship Company, Ltd., 43 Water, e,A. Harvey & Co., managers
GRANT Agnes, emp., Shoe Coy., bds 3 Leslie
GRANT Charles, clerk, bds 21 Bond
GRANT Frederick C., bookkeeper, bds 12 Atlantic Ave
GRANT Harry, cutter, (B. & S. Co.), bds 3 Leslie
GRANT James, brewer, h 40 Bannerman
GRANT James, fireman, h 315 Water, w
GRANT John, clerk, (M. Connors), bds Bannerman
GRANT John, laborer, 3 Leslie
GRANT Robert, joiner, h 21 Bond
GRANT Susie D. C., wid Richard, dressmaker, h 12 Atlantic Ave
GRANT Thomas, shoemaker, h 301 Water, w
GRANT W. James, lumber merchant, h 20 Freshwater
GRAY & GOODLAND (W. N. Gray, W. H. Goodwin), booksellers and printers, 206 Water 
GRAY Joseph, janitor, British Hall, h 13 Flavin
GRAY William N.,of Gray & Goodland, h 134 Gower
GREAVES A. H., emp., R. Nfld. Co., h 96 Freshwater Road
GREAVES Henry, draper (Bowring Bros.), h 96 Freshwater
GREAVES Stanley, Reid Nfld. Co., bds 96 Freshwater
GREEN Alexander, laborer, h 61 Merry Meeting Road
GREEN Archibald, policeman, bds Eastern Fire Station, 50 Duckworth
GREENE D. C., Barrister, Henry, h 54 Queen's Road
GREENE D. Joseph, K.C., Barrister, 33 Henry, h 34 Queen's Road
GREEN Edmund, shoemaker, h 39 Le Marchant Road
GREEN Edward, emp., B. & S. Co., bds 39 Le Marchant Road
GREEN Elizabeth, wid Wm., h 21 Walsh Square, Signal Hill Road
GREEN Fanny,   h 13 Pennywell Road
GREEN George, carpenter, (W. Ellis), h 41 Freshwater
GREEN Harold, clerk, (Bishop & Monroe), bds 7 Parade
GREEN James, carpenter, h 41 Freshwater
GREEN James, laborer, h 32 Young
GREEN JOHN, sea capt.; man. Tug Co., h 149 Le Marchant Road
GREENE John, laborer, h 26 Carter's Hill
GREEN John, secy., Nfld. S. S. T. Co., h Le Marchant Road
GREEN John W., clerk, (Royal Stores, Ltd.), bds 206 Duckworth
GREEN Joseph D., Barrister and Solicitor, Henry, h 54 Military Rd
GREEN Louisa, wid Hezekiah, h 39 Le Marchant Road
GREENE Maurice, carpenter, h 114 1/2 Military Road
GREEN M. J., accountant, h 2 Custom H Hilll
GREEN M. K., accountant, h 49 Precott
GREEN Patrick, cooper, h 57 Brazil
GREEN Randolph, printer, bds 7 Parade
GREEN Robert, engineer, (D. P. Ingraham), h 170 Pleasant
GREEN Thomas, fish culler, h 1 Damaril's Lane
GREENE Thomas, laborer, bds 26 Carter's Hill
GREENE Thomas J., accountant, h 118 Gower
GREEN Tobias, laborer, (Nfld. Brewery Co.), h 113 Circular Road
GREEN William, clerk, 200 Water, h 11 Bell
GREENE William, printer, h 83 Long's Hill
GREEN William, tidewaiter, H.M.C., h 7 parade
GREENING Patrick, laborer, h 26 Pleasant
GREENSLADE John, coachman, h 31 Parade
GREENSLADE J., carman, (T. McMurdo & Co.), h Parade
GRIBBLE Miss Mary A., dressmaker, h 51 Queen's Road
GRIEVE C. Robt., clerk, (Baine, Johnston & Co.) bds Gower
GRIEVE W. B., general importer, h 19 Gower
GRIFFIN Ann, tailoress, h 79 Hayward Ave
GRIFFIN James, laborer, h 4 Stephen
GRIFFIN John, fishermen, h 79 Hayward Ave
GRIFFIN John, laborer, h 15 Signal Hill Road
GRIFFIN John, laborer, h 92 Hamilton
GRIFFEN John, shoemaker, h 10 Stephen
GRIFFIN Joseph, carpenter, h 26 Buchanan
GRIFFIN J., foreman, (Aerated Water Works), h 124 Barnes' Road
GRIFFIN Lawrence, Bennett's Brewery, h 124 Barnes' Road
GRIFFIN Mathew, laborer, bds 15 Signal Hill Road
GRIFFIN Maurice, laborer, h 66 Carter's Hill
GRIFFIN Minnie, nurse, General Hospital  
GRIFFIN Patrick, shoemaker, (Parker & Munroe) 
GRIFFIN Patrick, shoemaker, h 79 Springdale
GRIFFIN Stephen, fisherman, bds 92 Hamilton
GRIFFITHS Alexander, laborer, h 24 Carnell
GRIFFITHS John, cooper, bds 30 Power
GRIFFITHS John, shoemaker, (Jas. Brennan), bds South side
GRIFFITHS Miss Lizzie, dressmaker, (Mrs. A. Mitchell), h Hamilton
GRIFFITHS William, moulder, h 30 Power
GRIFFITHS William, jr., upholsterer, bds 30 Power
GRIFFITHS William, messenger  
GRILLS John, sea steward, h 21 Bannerman
GRILLS Michael, cooper, h 21 Bannerman
GRILLS Michael, seaman, h 21 Bannerman
GRILLS William, steward, h 21 Bannerman
GRINES George F., draper, (Knowling), h 93 Gower
GRIMES Minnie, tailoress, (John Maunder), bds Port Townsend
GROUCHEY A., cash boy, (Marshall Bros.)  
GROUCHY Eli, laborer, h 12 Gorman's Lane
GROUCHY John, laborer, bds 13 Holloway
GROUCHY Martha, wid Francis, h 46 Goodview
GROUCHY Phillip, boarding house, 7 Adelaide  
GROUCHY William, fisherman, 13 Holloway
GROUCHY William, laborer, h 8 Howe Place
GROVES Elizabeth, wid James, bds 4 Plymouth Road
GROVES George, machinist, h 8 Plymouth Road
GROVES Richard, laborer, h 16 Gill
GROVES William, laborer, h 4 Plymouth Road
GRUBERT William, shoemaker, 65 New Gower, h 65 New Gower
GUEST James, fisherman, h South side
GUEST Robert, fisherman, h South side
GUEST William T., fisherman, h South side
GULLIVERD Mary Ann, wid James, h 59 Colonial
GUNN John, clerk, bds 34 Henry
GUNN C., clerk, Royal Stores  
GUNN John, teamster, (Bennett Co.), bds George
GUNNERSON Elizabeth, wid David, huxter shop, 181 N Gower, h 181 N Gower
GUSH Alma, dressmaker, bds 46 Quidi Vidi Road
GUSH James, steward, bds 46 Quidi Vidi Road
GUSH William, baker, bds 46 Quidi Vidi Road
GUSH William, steward, h 46 Quidi Vidi Road
GUSHUE Francis, tinsmith, 21 Pilot's Hill, h 39 Bannerman
GUSHUE HON. GEORGE W., Minister of Public Works, h 12 Gower
GUSHUE James, mail clerk, General Post Office 
GUY Philip, mason, bds 194 Pleasant
GUZZELLE James, emp., N. B. & S. Co., bds 12 Convent Square
GUZZELL James, teamster, bds 40 Water
GUZZELLE Jean, emp., N. B. & S. Co., bds 10 Convent Square
GUZZELL William, farmer, h 40 Water
GUZZELL Charles, tinsmith, (Pippy's), bds 12 Convent Square
GUZZELL John, laborer, h 12 Convent Square

410 Entries - Complete
McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Paul Flint

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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