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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
"F" Names for the City of St. John's
FACEY Hugh typewriter, (Colonial Secy. Office)  
FACEY Ralph clerk, (Ayre & Sons) bds 22 Flower Hill
FACEY Samuel sea captain h 37 Springdale
FAGAN James laborer h 35 Wickford
FAGAN James laborer h 27 Cudihy
FAGAN John engineer h 35 Wickford
FAGAN John laborer h 27 Cuddihy
FAGAN Joseph laborer bds 52 George
FAGAN Michael laborer bds 49 George, w
FAGAN Thomas laborer h 10 Lyons Square
FAHEY Alice wid John h 11 Dunford
FAHEY Alice tailoress bds 22 Monroe
FAHEY Andrew laborer h 21 Monroe
FAHEY Bride dressmaker bds 22 Monroe
FAHEY Kate wid John h 22 Monroe
FAHEY Patrick bookkeeper, (E. Murray) bds 11 Dunford
FALCONER David clerk, (A. & S. Rodger) 
FANE James draper bds 223 Gower
FANNING Edward blacksmith h 1 Lime Kiln Lane
FANNING Edward blacksmith h 1 Flower Hill
FANING Francis keeper (sic) 72 Bannerman
FANNING James shoemaker h 121 Cabot
FANNING Teresa   h 72 Bannerman
FANNING William shoemaker h 23 1/2 Barter's Hill
FARDY Anastasia wid Martin h 211 New Gower
FARDY Catherine wid Patrick h 46 Codner's Lane
FARDY James cooper h 17 Holdsworth
FARRELL Arthur laborer h 91 Signal Hill Road
FARRELL James nail cutter bds 18 Power
FARRELL Joseph tailor, (E. M. Jackson) h 24 Cabot
FARRELL Mary wid James h 91 Signal Hill Road
FARRELL Michael laborer 20 Power
FARRELL Thomas laborer 18 Power
FEAVER Samuel blacksmith h 80 Bond
FEAVER William blacksmith h 162 Gower
FEEHAN Mary J. wid Michael, liquors, 58 Water,h 58 Water
FEEHAN Joseph cooper, 5 Princessh 5 Princess
FEEHAN Joseph cooper, Buchana (sic) h 5 Princess
FEEHAN Patrick cooper, 7 Princess h7 Princess
FEEHAN Patrick cooper, 6 Buchanan h 7 Princess
FEEHAN William cooper bds 5 Princess
FENELON Ellen wid Maurice Sunnyside, Rennie's Mill Road
FENELON John  J. of Winter & Fenelon h Sunnyside, Rennie's Mill Road
FENNESSEY John cooper h South side
FENNESSEY Margaret wid Sgt. Fennessey, groceries, 12 Water h 12 Water 
FENNESSEY Thomas cooper bds South side
FENNESSY Patrick weighmaster, (Baine, Johnston & Co.)  
FENNESSEY Richard cooper bds South side
FENNELL Richard Groceries & Provisions, 34, 130 and 132 Duckworth h 92 Military Rd. See adv.
FERGUSON Daniel roadmaster, (Reid Nfld. Co.) h 26 Cook
FEWER Bridget wid Patrick bds 2 Stanley Place, off King's Road
FEWER James laborer h 47 Lime
FHEDIE John J. seaman h 51 Brazil
FIELD Charles laborer h 40 Prescott
FIELD Edward seaman bds 29 Prescot
FIELD John seaman h 87 Gower
FIELD John laborer h 4 Deady's Lane
FIELD John laborer h 17 1/2 Scott
FIELD Mary wid Thomas h 77 Casey
FIELD Patrick, jr. truckman, (T. M. Winter) bds Torbay Road
FIELD Patrick truckman, (T. M. Winter) h Torbay Road
FIELD Samuel shoemaker, (Smallwood's) h 38 Prescott
FIELD William farmer h 56 King's Bridge Road
FIELD William laborer bds 133 George
FIELD William, jr. truckman, (T. M. Winter) bds Torbay Road
FIELD William, sr. truckman, (T. M. Winter) h Torbay Road
FIEFIELD Alexander seaman 124 Merry Meeting Road
FIFIELD Frederick carpenter h 18 Gill
FIFIELD James carpenter bds 18 Gill
FIEFIELD John printer, (Daily News) h 124 Merry Meeting Road
FINDLATER Allan manager, (T. & M. Winter) h 96 Barnes' Road
FINDLATER Daniel clerk, (T. M. Winter) h 96 Barnes' Road
FINDLATER Miss E.   Queen's Road
FINLAY FREDERICK W. commission merchant, agent Canada Life Assurance Co., 17 Water h Circular Road
FINCH George iron heater h 245 Hamilton Ave
FINN James baker h 20 Finn's Lane
FINN James, jr. seaman bds 20 Finn's Lane
FINN John   h 39 1/2 Job
FINN Lawrence laborer h 7 Lime
FINNEY James pressman, (Daily News) bds Princess
FINNEY Jane wid James h 10 Princess
FINNEY William laborer bds 10 Princes (sic)
FINN William clerk h 23 Water
FINNEY Martin teamster bds 10 Princess
FINDLATER Marmaduke H. student h 96 Barnes' Road
FINN Michael baker bds 20 Finn's Line
FIRTH Margaret wid William bds 43 Hayward Ave
FIRTH Robert clerk, (Jas. C. Baird) h 5 Princess
FIRTH William R. draper h 43 Hayward Ave
FIRTH William R., jr. clerk, H. M. C. bds 43 Hayward Ave
FISCHER Hugh steward, Dundee, (Reid Nfld. Co.) bds 59 Military Road
FISCHER Matilda wid Carl h 59 Military Road
FITZGERALD Alexander seaman h 54 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Alice dressmaker bds 34 Pleasant
FITZGERALD Denis butcher bds 152 Gower
FITZGERALD Edward shoemaker h 126 Bond
FITZGERALD Edward butcher h 30 Victoria
FITZGERALD Edward butcher, 152 Gower h do
FITZGERALD Frederick pedler bds 34 Pleasant
FITZGERALD H. F. Importer and General Dealer, Provisions, Groceries, etc., cor Military Road and Gower h 3 Military Road. See adv.
FITZGERALD James wharfinger, ( C. F. Bennett & Co.) h 65 Brazil
FITZGERALD James tailoress, (E. M. Jackman) 
FITZGERALD James laborer h 58 Barnes' Road
FITZGERALD James fisherman h 36 Convent Square
FITZGERALD John seaman h 54 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD John fisherman h 11 Brennan
FITZGERALD John harnessmaker, (Scott's) h 6 Brennan
FITZGERALD John druggist clerk, (J. Channing) bds Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD John conductor, (R. Nfld. Ry.) bds 30 Victoria
FITZGERALD John machine operator, (Parker & Munroe) 
FITZGERALD Joseph trader h 34 Pleasant
FITZGERALD Joseph fisherman h 32 Convent Square
FITZGERALD Maggie trimmer bds 126 Bond
FITZGERALD Mary emp., Tobacco Factory h 58 Barnes' Road
FITZGERALD Mary Ann wid John h 20 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Mary Ann wid Patrick h 54 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Mary I. tailoress 126 Bond
FITZGERALD Morris laborer h 58 Barnes' Road
FITZGERALD Michael farmer h Topsail Road
FITZGERALD Michael butcher h 30 Cochrane
FITZGERALD Michael laborer h 21 Cuddihy
FITZGERALD Michael laborer h 17 Allan
FITZGERALD Michael cooper h 30 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Nicholas laborer h 58 Barnes' Road
FITZGERALD Patrick watchman, (C. F. Bennett & Co.)  
FITZGERALD Patrick wheelwright bds 11 Brennan
FITZGERALD Patrick shoemaker bds 232 Convent Square
FITZGERALD Patrick emp., B. & S. Fcty. bds 36 Convent Square
FITZGERALD Patrick watchman h 65 Brazil
FITZGERALD Robert blacksmith, emp., J. Miller h off Le Marchant rd
FITZGERALD Stephen laborer h 21 Cuddihy
FITZGERALD Theophilus accountant, (Marshall Bros.) 
FITZGERALD William storekeeper h 49 King's Road
FITZGERALD William barber bds 36 Convent Square
FITZGERALD William sea captain h 11 Bulley
FITZGIBBON Miss Christian clerk, (Knowling) bds Tremont hotel
FITZGIBBON James seaman h 31 Barter's Hill
FITZGIBBON Thomas of O'Flannigan & Co. h 430 Water
FITZGIBBONS Joseph clerk, (Wm. Frew's) bds 70 Duckworth
FITZHENRY James cooper h 23 Moore
FITZPATRICK Andrew cutter, (N. B. & S. Co.) bds Plank Road
FITZPATRICK Bridget wid William h 32 Goodview
FITZPATRICK Edward saddler bds Signal Hill Road
FITZPATRICK Miss Ellie dressmaker, (Mrs. A. Mitchell) Signal Hill Road
FITZPATRICK Frederick grocery, 35 1/2 Cabot h 35 1/2 Cabot
FITZPATRICK James cabman bds 338 Water
FITZPATRICK John emp., Col. Cordage Co. h 180 1/2 Pleasant
FITZPATRICK John, jr. machinist bds 180 1/2 Pleasant
FITZPATRICK John clerk, (City Works) h Signal Hill Road
FITZPATRICK John machinist h 180 Pleasant
FITZPATRICK John grocer h 119 Gower
FITZPATRICK John T. collector h Signal Hill Road
FITZPATRICK Joseph emp., Col. Cordage Co., Hutchings  
FITZPATRICK Mary Ann wid h 14 Simms
FITZPATRICK Michael engineer h 16 Colonial
FITZPATRICK Theo. harnessmaker, (Fr. J. Connors) h Signal Hill
FITZPATRICK Thomas carpenter h 232 Water
FITZPATRICK William watchman, (Bowring Bros.) h 10 Plank Road
FITZSIMMONS May wid h 49 George
FLANNERY John J. Clerk of the Peace h 44 Prescott
FLAVIN Joseph tinsmith h 46 Cookstown
FLEET George watchman h 13 Cook
FLEET John guard, H. M. penitentiary h 5 Long's
FLEET Kenneth machinist h 15 Allan
FLEET Manassa mason bds 200 New Gower
FLEET Rachel wid William h 1 Young
FLEET William packer, (G. Knowling) h 10 Spencer
FLEET William tinsmith, (W. J. Clouston), 184 Water h 1 Young
FLEET W. clerk, (G. Knowling)  
FLETT Thomas grocer, 138 Gower h 138 Gower
FLEMMING Alice wid Nicholas h 54 King's Road
FLEMING Ann dressmaker, 15 Bond  
FLEMMING Benjamin tanner, McCaffrey & Johnson h Duckworth
FLEMING Benjamin tanner h 41 Goodview
FLEMING Charles seaman bds 44 Duckworth
FLEMING John shoemaker h 14 Duggan
FLEMING John carpenter and contractor h 21 Flavin
FLEMMING Johanna wid Patrick bds 46 King's Road
FLEMMING John laborer h 24 Bond
FLEMING James laborer h 12 Bond
FLEMING Mary wid James h 24 Bond
FLEMING Mary wid Richard h 190 Water
FLEMMING Mary tailoress 21 Flavin
FLEMING Mary emp., Parker & Munroe  
FLEMING Mathew accountant h 33 Plymouth
FLEMMING Michael carpenter bds 21 Flavin
FLEMING Michael teamster, (Marshall Bros.) h 11 Boggan
FLEMING Michael laborer bds 24 Bond
FLEMING Patrick laborer h 41 Princess
FLEMMING William clerk, (G. Knowling) h 15 Convent Square
FLETCHER Charles clerk, (Steer Bros.) bds 121 Hamilton
FLING Benjamin butcher bds 20 Hagarty
FLING Thomas laborer bds 20 Hagarty
FLOOD Mary   h 1 Princess
FLOOD Michael cooper bds 1 Princess
FLOOD Patrick   bds 1 Princess
FLYNN Alice wid Robert h 5 Simms
FLYNN Ann   h 35 Job
FLYNN Anastasia tailoress bds 29 1/2 Flower Hill
FLYNN Benjamin butcher, (W. Campbell) bds 20 Pleasant
FLYNN Miss Bert dressmaker bds Topsail Road
FLYNN Bride machinist, (Nfld. B. & S. Co.) bds 8 Brennan
FLYNN Bride schoolteacher bds 49 William
FLYNN David clerk, (R. Nfld. Co.) bds 5 Brazil
FLYNN David police constable bds Fire Station, 50 Duckworth
FLYNN Edward cooper h 28 Brazil
FLYNN Ellen tailoress bds 29 1/2 Flower Hill
FLYNN Gregory janitor bds 56 George
FLYNN James cooper h 20 Hagarty
FLYNN James cooper h 20 Pleasant
FLYNN James fireman, (Bowring Bros.) h 31 Hayward Ave
FLYNN Jean wid Thomas h 8 Brennan
FLYNN John cooper Topsail Road
FLYNN John accountant, (Jackman, tailor) bds 372 Water
FLYNN John laborer h 10 Wood
FLYNN John carman bds 8 Brennan
FLYNN John cooper h 42 King's Road
FLYNN John shoemaker h 56 George
FLYNN Joseph seaman h 24 Hamilton
FLYNN Lizzie dressmaker bds 10 Wood
FLYNN Miss Maggie clerk, (W. J. Halley) bds 24 Adelaide
FLYNN Miss Mary liquors, 372 Water h 372 Water
FLYNN Mary wid James h 56 George
FLYNN Margaret wid James h 8 Pleasant
FLYNN Michael cooper h 41 Hamilton
FLYNN Michael laborer h 24 James
FLYNN Patrick fisherman h 26 James
FLYNN Patrick laborer h 15 Damarel's Lane
FLYNN Patrick cooper h 22 Stephen
FLYNN Patrick laborer h 49 William
FLYNN Patrick laborer h 29 1/2 Flower Hill
FLYNN Richard laborer bds 23 Rossiter's Lane
FLYNN Miss Rose dressmaker bds Topsail Road
FLYNN Thomas carpenter bds h 20 Pleasant
FLYNN Thomas upholsterer, (Callahan & Glass) h Queen's Road
FLYNN William laborer h 24 Damaril's Lane
FLYNN William boilermaker bds 24 Hamilton
FOGARTY John laborer h 22 Pennywell Road
FOGARTY Michael turnkey h 104 Military Road
FOGWELL Miss Bessie clerk, (Royal Stores) bds 23 Victoria
FOGWELL Miss Lilian clerk, (J. E. Orner) bds 23 Victoria
FOGWELL Richard steward h 36 Colonial
FOGWELL Samuel cashier, (Harvey's) h 22 Victoria
FOGWELL William accountant h 177 Gower
FOLEY Miss Anne   h 10 Hayward Ave
FOLEY Anne wid James, 5 Livingstone h 5 Livingstone
FOLEY Daniel laborer h Ropewalk
FOLEY Edward carpenter bds 13 Simms
FOLEY Edward cabinetmaker, (Martin's) bds 17 Simms
FOLEY Ellen dressmaker bds 11 William
FOLEY James accountant bds 11 William
FOLEY James typewriter, (Bowring Bros.)  
FOLEY James ship carpenter h 35 Pleasant
FOLEY John plasterer h 87 Patrick
FOLEY John emp., Gas Works bds 21 Water, w
FOLEY Joseph laborer h 7 Plymouth Road
FOLEY Margaret wid James h 11 William
FOLEY Mary wid John h 246 Water, w
FOLEY Michael cooper h 13 Simms
FOLEY Mrs. R. dressmaker, 164 Gower h 164 Gower
FOLEY Thomas baker, (Browning's) bds 246 Water
FOOTE James boarding house h 11 Queen's
FOOTE SAMUEL J. K.C., Barrister-at-Law, Water bds Crosbie Hotel - See adv.
FOLEY Patrick clerk bds 7 Plymouth Road
FOLEY Piercy constable h 1 Quidi Vidi Road
FORAN James emp. Rennie bds 9 Gorman's Lane
FORAN John sailmaker, (Thos. Foran) h 18 George
FORAN Nell emp., Nfld. B. & S. Co. bds 294 Water, w
FORAN Peter laborer bds 9 Gorman's Lane
FORAN Thomas sailmaker, 66 George h 35 Barter's Hill
FORAN Thomas reporter, (Daily News) h 54 Alexander
FORBES Robert clerk, (Tessier) bds 246 Hamilton Ave
FORBES Robert E. draper, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.)  
FORBES Archibald clerk, Bishop & Monroe bds 246 Hamilton Ave
FORBES Edward clerk, (Ayre & Sons) bds 11 Queen's
FORBES James engineer bds 246 Hamilton Ave
FORBES John engineer h 31 Waldegrave
FORBES ------ (sic) wid Robert h 246 Hamilton Ave
FORD Ernest engineer, (Terra Nova Fdy.) bds 36 Water
FORD James cooper h South side, e
FORD James R. barber bds 7 British Square
FORD John clerk, (Hutchings & Blackwood) bds 36 Water
FORD J. D. emp., Anglo-Amer. Tel. bds 47 Military Road
FORD Richard cooper h South side, e
FORD Robert hairdresser bds British Square
FORD Walter J. fisherman bds 37 Le Marchant Road
FORD William J. seal skinner, 36 Water h 36 Water
FORESTELL Eva wid Richard bds 2 Flavin
FORSEY Alexander cash boy, (Bishop & Monroe) bds 10 Dicks'
FORSEY Francis grocer h 2 Gilbert
FORSEY George clerk, (Bishop & Monroe) bds 10 Dicks'
FORSEY Nellie clerk, (Wood's Candy Store) bds 10 Dicks'
FORSEY Richard draper h 10 Dicks'
FORSYTH EDWARD of Evans & Forsyth h 19 Holdsworth
FORSYTH James carpenter h 19 Holdsworth
FORSYTH Martin saddler bds 19 Holdsworth
FORSYTH William fireman bds 19 Holdsworth
FORTUNE Edward fisherman h 187 New Gower
FORTUNE Mrs. Edward grocer, 187 New Gower h 187 New Gower
FORTUNE & SHARPE (P. J. Fortune, W. J. Sharpe) General Importers Dry Goods, 431 Water  
FORTUNE P. J. of Fortune & Sharpe h 79 Military
FORWARD Alexander engineer h 6 King's Road
FORWARD George sailmaker h 33 McDougall
FORWARD Marmaduke carpenter h 29 Cook
FORWARD MISS MARY Prop., Cochrane Hotel , 45 Cochrane See adv. above
FOSTER Catherine wid Henry H. h 2 Plymouth Road
FOSTER James shipwright, (P. Saunders) h 39 Water
FOSTER Henry H. engineer h 2 Plymouth Road
FOSTER William cooper h 12 Lime
FOSTER William shipwright, (P. Saunders) bds 39 Water
FOWLER Fanny wid James h 79 Lime
FOWLER John packer, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.) 
FOWLER Thomas laborer h 14 Sebastian
FOWLOW Alonzo clerk, ( A. & S. Rodger) 
FOWLOW Ellen tailoress, (Martin & Doyle) bds 69 Harris
FOWLOW John clerk, (Ayre & Sons) bds 92 McFarlane
FOWLOW Lorenzo clerk, (Marshall Bros.) bds 11 Queen's
FOX Elizabeth wid John h 24 William
FOX James constable h 4 Hayward Ave
FOX James W. clerk, (Bank of Montreal) bds Rennie's Mill Road
FOX John F. clerk, H. M. C. h 12 Gower
FOX Sarah wid Wm. h 89 Signal Hill Road
FRAMPTON Robert shipwright h 36 Brazil
FRANCIS James cooper h 44 Spencer
FORWARD Roland collector, (Daily News) bds Cook's
FOSTER Annie wid James, grocer h 4 1/2 Brine
FRANCIS John cooper h South side
FRANCIS Margaret charwoman h 58 McFarlane's
FRANCIS Mary wid Ebenezer h 55 Prescott
FRANCIS Robert emp., Henry Pope h Casey's
FRANKLIN & CO. (W. H. Franklin, manager) Coal and Commission Merchants, 433 Water 
FRANKLIN W. H. of Franklin & Co. h Waterford Bridge Road
FRASER Alexander laborer h 20 Stephen
FRASER James O.   h 54 Circular Road
FRASER H. H. emp., Reid Nfld. Co. Torosay, Circular Road
FRASER John clerk, G. P. Office h 27 Brazil
FRASER J. McL. Manufacturers' Agent, 246 Water bds Duckworth - See adv.
FRASER Hector General Post Office  
FRASER H. K. emp., R. Nfld. Co. 54 Circular Road
FRASER Hugh accountant bds 54 Circular Road
FRASER NUTTING S. Physician h 236 Duckworth
FRASER William B. accountant, (J. & W. Pitts) h 181 Gower
FREE PRESS OFFICE Robinson & Currie proprietors, 310 Water See adv.
FREEMAN John H. manager, Nfld. Brewery bds 382 Water
FREEMAN Robert bookkeeper, (Browning's) h 7 Victoria
FREEMAN Stephen shoemaker, 102 Gower h102 Gower
FREEMAN Thomas J. grocer, 382 Water h 382 Water
FREEMAN William mail clerk, General Post Office 
FREEMAN William carpenter h 11 Balsam
FREDICKSON (sic) Frank seaman h 83 Hamilton
FRENCH Eta clerk, (Summers) bds Balsam
FRENCH Emily tailoress, (John Maunder) bds 130 New Gower
FRENCH John printer, (Telegram) h 20 Young
FRENCH John teacher h 81 King's Road
FRENCH Peter cabman h 10 Pennywell Road
FRENCH Robert sea captain h 55 Signal Hill Road
FRENCH Selina tailoress, (John Maunder) bds York
FRENCHARD Charles H. M. C. h 24 Cook
FRENCHARD Kenneth draper, (Bowring Bros.) h 24 Cook
FREW WILLIAM General Importer, 179 Water, e h 47 Cochrane. See adv.
FREW William draper h 129 Military Road
FREW William dry goods, 162 Duckworth h 38 Military Road
FREW William, jr. clerk, (Wm. Frew) bds 47 Cochrane
FREW W. S. clerk, (Wm. Frew) 
FRIELICH Solomon drafter, (Nfld. Clothing Fcty.) bds Duckworth
FROUD Edgar accountant bds 2 Maxse
FROUD Edgar accountant, (Dicks & Co.) bds Hayward Ave
FROUD Eliza wid William h 59 Brazil Square
FROUD Herbert seaman bds 59 Brazil Square
FROUD Levi fireman h 59 Brazil Square
FROUD J. packer, Royal Stores, Ltd., 
FROUD Nathaniel messenger h 17 Maxse
FROUD Philip fisherman h 34 Cabot
FRY Walter laborer bds 18 Gilbert
FRY William draper, (Jackson & Co.) bds 18 Gilbert
FRY William teamster h 83 McFarlane's
FRY W. A. clerk, (Jackson & Co.) 
FRY William F. carpenter h 18 Gilbert
FULLER William tinsmith bds 9 Larkin's Square
FULLER ------ (sic) wid Nathaniel h 9 Larkin's Square
FURLONG Archibald stone cutter, (Standard Marble Works) 
FURLONG Alexander, sr. shoemaker h 5 Bulley
FURLONG Alexander, jr. laborer bds 5 Bulley
FURLONG Ann wid Jeremiah h Battery Road
FURLONG Catherine wid Peter h 4 Bulley
FURLONG Dennis tailor, (Jackman) bds 52 Cookstown Road
FURLONG Edward constable h 56 Cookstown
FURLONG Edward accountant bds 52 Colonial
FURLONG Edward T. clerk, (T. M. Winter) bds Colonial
FURLONG Frederick baker bds Smithville, Long Pond Road
FURLONG James baker bds Smithville, Long Pond
FURLONG John baker bds Smithville, Long Pond Road
FURLONG John pilot h 12 York
FURLONG John fish culler h 3 Goodview
FURLONG Lawrence prop., Smithville Htl. h Smithville, Long Pond
FURLONG HON. L. O. B. commission merchant, 246 Water h? Cochrane
FURLONG MARTIN Barrister 239 Duckworth
FURLONG Mary wid Thomas h 52 Colonial
FURLONG Mary wid James h 8 Allan
FURLONG Mary dressmaker h 57 Cabot
FURLONG MISS MARY Millinery, 282 Water h 282 Water - See adv. above
FURLONG Michael laborer h 4 James
FURLONG Patrick farmer bds Smithville, Long Pond
FURLONG Peter clerk, (Board of Health Office) h 37 Young
FURLONG Peter wheelwright h 27 Flower Hill
FURLONG Peter laborer h 24 Spencer
FURLONG Richard cabman h 10 Belvidere
FURLONG Walter grocer, (P. J. Shea) bds 3 Goodview
FURNESS Frances wid Thomas, grocery, 7 Waldegrave h 7 Waldegrave
FURNESS WITHY & CO. steamship owners J. & W. Pitts, agents, 2 Water 
FURNESS JOHN E. proprietor of Herald h 38 Monkstown Rd
FURNEAUX Samuel sea captain h 8 Monroe
FURZE Martha wid Samuel h 5 Queen

415 Entries - Complete
McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Paul Flint

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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