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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
"E" Names for the City of St. John's
EADIE William Draper h 121 Quidi Vidi Road
EALES James Boilermaker, (Reid Nfld. Co.) h 21 Angel Place
EAGEN C.P. Clerk, (T.J. Edens) h Theatre Hill
EAGAN James Laborer h 10 Codner's Lane
EAGAN John Baker bds 3 Stephen
EAGEN John Currier, (McCaffrey & Johnson) bds Duckworth
EAGAN John Laborer 14 Alexander
EAGAN John sr. Pilot h 98 Duckworth
EAGAN John Seaman h 25 Cookstown
EAGAN John jr. Tanner, (McCaffrey & Johnson) bds 98 Duckworth
EAGAN J.G. St. Patrick's Hall Queen's Road
EAGEN John T. Baker, 32 Water h 32 Water
EAGEN Patrick Laborer h 19 James
EGAN P.M. Instructor bds Mount Cashel, Torbay Road
EAGAN William Seaman h 25 Cookstown
EARLES Arthur Fisherman h Battery Road, Chain Rock
EARLE Arthur Goldsmith and Engraver h 61 Military Road
EARLE  A.E. Jeweller, (T.J. Duley) h Military Road
EARLE Benjamin Ship Carpenter h South side, e
EARLE Bridget wid George h 23 Holloway
EARLE Chesley Draper, Clerk, (Geo. Knowling) bds 61 Military Rd
EARLES Edward Laborer h Battery Road
EARLE Edward Stevedore bds 23 Holloway
EARLE Frederick Ship Carpenter h South side, e
EARLE George Seaman h 137 Cabot
EARLES George Laborer h Battery Road
EARLES George Laborer h 20 1/2 York
EARLES James Fisherman bds Battery Road, Chain Rock
EARLE John Baker h 4 Allan
EARL John Fisherman h Lower Battery Road
EARL John Fisherman bds Lower Battery Road
EARLES Joseph Fisherman 32 1/2 Lime
EARLES Mark Fisherman h Battery Road, Chain Rock
EARLE Mary wid Richard h 34 Wickford
EARLE Richard Laborer bds 23 Hololway
EARL Nathan Fisherman bds Lower Battery Road
EARLE Patrick Laborer bds 20 Holloway
EARLE Robert Fisherman h Battery Road, Chain Rock
EARL Samuel Fisherman bds Lower Battery Road
EARLES Solomon Fisherman h 5 Cabot
EARLE Solomon Boulder h Beaumont
EARLES William Laborer h Battery Road
EARLE William Laborer bds 23 Holloway
EARLES William Teamster h 75 McFarlane's
EARLEY James Seaman h 82 Carter's Hill
EARLEY Thomas Fisherman h 179 Pleasant
EASTERBROOK A.J. Clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling)  
Eastern Fire Station   50 Duckworth  
EBBS Catherine wid Thos h 35 William
EBBS Edward Teamster h 2 1/2 William
EBBS John Cabman h 4 Flemming
EBBS Thomas Farmer h Torbay Road
EBSARY Albert Carpenter h South side, e
EBSARY Albert Cooper bds Mundy Pond Road
EBSARY Alan Cooper h Mundy Pond Road
EBSARY Allan Plumber, (Gas Works) h South side, e
EBSARY Arthur Clerk, (Baird, Gordon & Co.) h South side
EBSERY A.P. Foreman, (Baine, Johnston) h South side
EBSERY Edward Cooper h South side, e
EBSERY James Seaman h South side, e
EBSARY John Cooper h South side
EBSARY Newman Engineer h South side
EBSARY Samuel Clerk, (Steer Bros.) South side
EBSARY Samuel Laborer h South side, e
EBSARY Stephen Cooper h South side, e
EBSARY Walter Grocer, (Steer Bros.) South side
EBSARY William Cooper bds Mundy Pond Road
EBSARY William Laborer h South side, e
EDDY Charles Clerk, (Bishop & Monroe) h 8 Murray
EDDY Reuben Teamster h 27 Plymouth Road
EDENS Thomas J. Grocery and Provisions Merchant, 151 Duckworth East; Branch; corner Monkstown and Military Rd h 39 Queen's Rd - See adv.
EDGAR Elizabeth wid John h 70 Carter's Hill
EDGAR Mrs. Haviland Milliner, 369 Water  
EDGAR Joseph Draper h 24 Victoria
EDGAR S. Clerk, (S. Milley)  
EDGAR Walter J. Accountant, Gas Co. bds 70 Carter's Hill
EDGECOMB Albert Cooper h 11 Hamilton
EDGECOMBE Frederick Packer, (Bowring Bros.) h 22 Spencer
EDGECOMBE George Seaman h 36 Cabot
EDGECOMBE Reuben Carpenter h 15 Young
EDNEY John T. Bricklayer h 15 William
EDNEY Samuel Stone Mason h 18 William
EDNEY William Bricklayer bds 15 William
EDSTROM Elizabeth, wid James Huxter Shop, 183 New Gower h 183 New Gower
EDSTROM Emily Clerk, (E.M. Jackman) bds 183 New Gower
EDSTROM Peter Plumber h 116 Bond
EDSTROM Thomas Seaman bds 183 New Gower
EDSTROM William Laborer bds 183 New Gower
EDWARD Andrew Carpenter h 43 Job
EDWARD James Blacksmith h 9 Mullock
EDWARDS James Cutter, Royal Stores Clothing Factory  
EDWARDS Joseph Painter h 43 Job
EDWARDS Lena Employee, Clothing Factory bds 43 Job
EDWARDS Patrick Shoemaker, (B. & S. Factory h 43 Job
EDWARDS Robert Cutter bds 181 Gower
EDWARDS Thomas Liquors, 12 Queen's h 12 Queen's
EFFORD John Carpenter h South side, e
EFFORD Thomas Laborer, Floating Dock h South side
EFFORD William Laborer h South side, e
ELENAKETH Hobbs wid William h 75 Long's Hill
ELLICOCK Mary Ann wid Thomas h 10 Pope
ELLIOTT John Seaman h 38 Goodview
ELLIOTT Mary wid James h 82 Bond
ELLIOTT Samuel Mason 21 Walsh Square, Signal Hill Road
ELIOTT Stanley Draper bds 238 Gower
ELLIOTT Sydney Draper, Ayres & Sons, Ltd.  
ELLIS Miss Annie Dressmaker, (A. Mitchell) New Gower
ELLIS Bessie Nurse, General Hospital  
ELLIS Charles Bookkeeper, (Chaplin) h 12 Brazil
ELLIS Charles Engineer bds Circular Road
ELLIS Charles E. Clerk, (Mark Chaplin)  
ELLIS C.A. Engineer, Floating Dock h 37 Patrick
ELLIS Edward Assistant Supt., Gas Works Brazil's Square
ELLIS Edwin Plumber and Gas Fitter, (Gas Works) h 11 Brazil
ELLIS G.W. Supt Gas Works h 1 Water, w
ELLIS Henry Hardware Agent, McBride's Hill h 20 Holloway
ELLIS James Engineer h Leslie
ELLIS John Contractor h 20 New Gower
ELLIS John Laborer h 84 McFarlane's
ELLIS John Watchman, Dry Dock  
ELLIS Joseph Mason h 46 Brazil
ELLIS Joseph Shopkeeper h 265 Water
ELLIS Samuel Gardener, The Lodge, Bannerman  
ELLIS William Contractor, 21 Adelaide h New Gower
ELLIS William Cutter, (B.& S. Fcty)  bds 1 Leslie
ELLIS William Grocer h 117 Gower
ELLIS William J. Contractor and Builder, 21 Adalaide h 162 New Gower - See adv.
ELLISON Robert Waiter, (Reid Nfld. Co.) h 9 Field
ELNER John Laborer h 180 Beaumont
ELWARD James Fisherman h 21 Job
ELYWARD Ellen, wid John Grocer, 20 1/2 Pleasant h 20 1/2 Pleasant
EMBERLEY James Fisherman bds 32 Brazil
EMBERLEY James Joiner h 60 Bannerman
EMBERLEY Jane wid Patrick h 32 Brazil
EMBERLEY Maria Tailoress, (H. Vasey)  
EMBERLEY Morris Cutter, (B.&S. Fcty) h 48 Wickford
EMBERLEY Phillip Trunk Maker h 60 Bannerman
EMBERLEY Sarah Tailoress, (h. Vasey)  
EMBERLEY Stephen Brewer h 60 Bannerman
EMBERLEY Stephen Clerk, Aerated Water Wks bds 60 Bannerman
EMERSON Charles Barrister, Law Chambers, Duckworth h Winter Avenue
EMERSON Hon. George H. Judge h 65 Rennie's Mill Road
EMERSON Mary Ann wid Edgbert h 3 Duckworth
EMPIRE HOUSE Mrs. George Snow Prop., 112 Duckworth See adv.
EMPIRE Book and Novelty Company J. MacArdle Manager, 353 Water See adv.
ENGLAND Charles Laborer h 20 Bloncody
ENGLAND Charles Stone Cutter h 67 Lime
ENGLAND C. George Coachman h 22 Field
ENGLAND George Coachman, (Sir Robert Thorburn) bds Field
ENGLAND James Painter 40 Colonial
ENGLAND John Blacksmith h 45 Long's Hill
ENGLAND J. George Gardener h 22 Field
ENGLAND Kenneth Cook h 22 Field
ENGLAND Thomas Trader h 236 New Gower
ENGLAND Walter Clerk, (P. Wright & Son) h 22 Field
ENGLAND William Shoemaker h 68 Long's Hill
ENGLAND W Joseph Printer h 22 Field
ENGLISH Allan Boilermaker h 12 1/2 Hamilton
ENGLISH Miss Annie Prop., Terra Nova Hand Laundry bds 75 King's Road, East End - See adv.
ENGLISH Bridget wid Richard h 75 King's Road
ENGLISH Edward Laborer h 15 Flower Hill
ENGLISH Elizabeth wid James h 4 Balsam
ENGLISH Miss E. Clerk, (F.B. Wood's) bds 365 Duckworth
ENGLISH James Tallyman h 79 King's Road
ENGLISH Jemima Restaurant, 23 Adelaide h 363 Duckworth
ENGLISH Joseph Caretaker, Dept Building h 50 Long's Hill
ENGLISH Joseph Clerk bds 50 Long's Hill
ENGLISH Joseph Janitor, Dept Building, Duckworth  
ENGLISH Margaret widow John h 57 Bannerman
ENGLISH Mary Clerk, (Byrne's Book Store) bds 50 Long's Hill
ENGLISH Mary Clerk bds 75 King's Road
ENGLISH Mary Tailoress bds 4 Balsam
ENGLISH Michael Sailmaker h Brazil's Field
ENGLISH Miss M. Clerk, (Garrett & Byrne)  
ENGLISH Richard Laborer h 1 William
ENGLISH Richard J. Clerk 75 King's Road
ENGLISH Thomas Baker h 53 Signal Hill Road
ENGLISH William Clerk, (T.J. Edens) h 22 Hayward Ave
ENGLISH William Printer, (Free Press) h 24 Boncloddy
ENGLISH William Storekeeper, (T.J. Edens)  
ENGLISH William Watchmaker, 17 1/2 Adelaide h Freshwater Road
ENGLISH William J. Foreman, (Free Press) h 21 Boncloddy
ENGLISH   Laborer Merry Meeting Road
ENNIS Miss Julia Dressmaker h 179 New Gower
ENNIS J.S. Instructor bds Mount Cashel, Torbay Road
ENNIS Mary wid h 24 Henry
ERICK STEAMSHIP CO. LTD Water Job Brothers, Agents  
ESCOLL Albert Emp, (B.&S. Co.) h 67 Harris
ESCOT Albert Shoemaker h 76 McFarlane's
ESCOTT George Clerk h 21 Hamilton
ESCOTT John Shoemaker h 106 Casey
ESCOTT Maggie Dressmaker bds 21 Hamilton
ESCOT Mary Ann wid James h 3 Gilbert
ESCOT Phillip Laborer bds 3 Gilbert
ESCOTT William Laborer h 3 Lime Kiln Lane
ESCOTT William Laborer h 3 Flower Hill
ESMOND Johanna wid Michael h 17 Hayward Ave
ETCHCOMBE Frederick Porter, (Bowring Bros. Ltd.)  
EVANS Bart Blacksmith, (S.G. Collier) h 96 New Gower
EVANS Bart Wheelwright, (S.G. Collier) bds 96 New Gower
EVANS Miss C. Clerk, (Geo. Knowling)  
EVANS Felix of Evan Forsythe, 12 New Gower h 29 Scott
EVANS & FORSYTHE Felix Evans, Edward Forsythe Harness Saddlery, 12 New Gower See adv.
EVANS George Cooper bds 30 Barter's Hill
EVANS George C. Shoemaker, (James H. Evans) bds LeMarchant
EVANS Henry Sailmaker h 214 Water
EVANS Henry Shoemaker bds 214 Water
EVANS Herbert Painter bds 5 Parade
EVANS James H. Boot and Shoe manf. h 133 LeMarchant Road
EVANS Jarus Fisherman h 5 Parade
EVANS Jethro Laborer h 83 1/2 Casey
EVANS John Brewer h 93 Monkstown Road
EVANS John Carpenter h 35 LeMarchant
EVANS John Carpenter h 30 Barter's Hill
EVANS John Laborer h 37 Cookstown
EVANS John Laborer bds 8 Sebastian
EVANS John J. Brewer, (Benet Brewing Co. Ltd.) h 260 Water
EVANS John J. Printer and Publisher 34 Prescott, h 34 Prescott
EVANS Joseph Messenger, (A. Rendell) h 96 New Gower
EVANS Julia wid Thomas h 28 Brazil
EVANS Mary wid Wm h 43 Mullock
EVANS Mary wid William h 19 Hayward Ave
EVANS Michael Emp, Bennett Brewery Co. h 49 Angel Place
EVANS Nathan Carpenter h 81 Lime
EVANS Patrick Laborer h 31 Field
EVANS Patrick Shoemaker, (Parker Monroe) bds 214 Water
EVANS Robert Tinsmith h 5 Parade
EVANS Silas Laborer bds 28 Casey
EVANS Solomon Laborer h 28 Casey
EVANS, SON, LESCHER WEBB of Liverpool, Water J.B. Mitchell, Agent  
EVANS Thomas Carpenter h 15 Pope
EVANS Thomas Carpenter h 29 Scott
EVANS William Blacksmith bds 96 New Gower
EVANS William Blacksmith (B??kers) h 62 New Gower
EVANS William Brewer h 126 Hamilton
EVANS William Fisherman h 27 Scott
EVANS William Laborer bds 5 Parade
EVANS William Laborer 19 Hayward Ave
EVANS William Clerk (S. Woods) h 32 Spencer
EVANS William R. Clerk (J.H. Evans) bds 133 LeMarchant Road
EVANS Miss Winnie Milliner, (Hy. Blair)  
EVELLY Isaac J. Mail Clerk h 20 Atlantic Ave
EVENING HERALD OFFICE J.E. Furneaux Prop. R.T. McGrath, Editor: Mr. Kent, Business Manager Prescott
EVENING TELEGRAM W.J. Herder Manager, 15 1/2 Water  
EVERETT Peter Painter h 76 Cabot
EVOY Andrew Laborer h 7 Goodview
EVOY Michael Laborer h 44 Cuddihy
EWING Alexander Supt. Gen. Post Office h 150 Pleasant
EWING Alexander Clerk-in-charge of Post Office  
EWING A.J. Mason bds 43 Duckworth
EWING John Free Press Office h 10 Cook
EWING Thomas Sanitary Inspector h 43 Duckworth
EWING William H. Taxidermist h 61 Pleasant
EXPRESS CO. NFLD City Ticket Office R.G. Reid, Manager, 234 Water  

258 Entries - Complete
McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Dan Breen

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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