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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
"D" Names for the City of St. John's
DAILY NEWS OFFICE Hy.Y. Mott and Thos. M. WhiteManagers, 276 DuckworthSee adv
DALE John messenger, Meth. College bds 16 Sebastian
DALTON ------ Mrs., grocer, 46 Pleasant h 44 Pleasant
DALTON Bridget wid Micheal h 63 Hayward Ave.
DALTON Frederick fisherman h 45 Alexander
DALTON John storekeeper, T & M. Winter h 29 Barnes' Road
DALTON Mathew laborer h Walsh Lane
DALTON Patrick accountant h 30 Queen's Road
DALTON Patrick clerk, Marshall Bros.  
DALTON Patrick shoemaker, Nfld. B. & S. Co. h 32 Belvidere
DALTON Patrick laborer 23 ½ Maxse
DALTON P. J.   h 127 Bond
DALTON Richard steward, Reid Nfld. Co. h 29 Barnes' Road
DALTON Susanna wid William bds Port Cove Road
DALTON William teamster, J. D. Ryan 46 Pleasant
DALTON William plumber, W.J. Ryan bds Barnes' Road
DALTON William shoemaker, Boot & S. Fcty. bds 63 Hayward Av
DALTON William porter, Ryan's Grocery h 44 Pleasant
DALTON William plumber, Ryan's h 29 Barnes' Road
DALY James clerk, G. Knowling h 36 LeMerchant Road
DALY John laborer bds 40 Casey
DALY John shoemaker, Nfld. B. & S. Co. h 2 Larkin's Square
DALY Joseph blacksmith h 18 Bond
DALY Lawrence shoemaker h 17 Mullock
DALY Mary dressmaker h 18 Bond
DALY Patrick laborer h 36 Prescott
DALY Patrick laborer h 40 Casey
DANIEL Thomas printer h 14 Tessier Place
DANIELS William messenger, Klondike bds Carter's Hill
DAREY Michael tailor, 41 New Gower h 41 New Gower
DAVEY Edward H. of E. H. & G. Davey h Topsail Road
DAVEY, E. H. & G. Edward H. Davey , George Davey Builders and Contractors, 111 Bond  
DAVEY Frederick joiner h 107 Bond
DAVEY George A. of E. H. & G. Davey h Queen's Road
DAVENPORT Jennet wid William h 51 Military Road
DAVEY John joiner h 105 Bond
DAVIDSON Malcolm tobacconist h 59 Patrick
DAVIDSON M. tobacconist, 248 Water h 51 Patrick
DAVIDSON William H. commission agent, 367 Water 
DAVIS Charles teamster bds 18 Bloncoddy
DAVIS Eliza wid Patrick h 34 Cabot
DAVIS George moulder bds 18 Bloncoddy
DAVIS James clerk, Job Bros. & Co. h 158 Duckworth
DAVIS James brass finisher, Reid Nfld. Fdy. h Patrick
DAVIS James laborer bds 18 Bloncoddy
DAVIS James engineer, Reid Nfld. Co. h 51 Patrick
DAVIS James J. bookkeeper, M. Morey bds 47 Military Road
DAVIS John J. accountant, Morey & Co. h 34 Military Road
DAVIS John J. fireman h 10 Casey
DAVIS Julia dressmaker bds 7 College Square
DAVIS Miss Lizzie dressmaker, Mrs. A. Mitchell h New Gower
DAVIS Mary wid Saml h 18 Bloncoddy
DAVIS Mary wid John h 10 York
DAVIS Samuel seaman h 6 Hamilton
DAVIS Samuel hairdresser, 238 ½ Gower h 5 Burton's Pond
DAVIS Thomas piano tuner h 5 Queen's
DAVIS Thomas painter h 66 Brazil
DAVIS Walter moulder h 32 Barter's Hill
DAVIS William laborer h 7 College Square
DAWE Agnes clerk bds 85 Bond
DAWE Alfred emp., Horwood Lum. Co. h 172 LeMarchant Road
DAWE Eli, M.H.A. Minister of Agr. and Mines h LeMarchant
DAWE Emma wid George h 85 Bond
DAWE E. Miss Queen's Road  
DAWE Henry carpenter h 11 Murray
DAWE Henry joiner h Brazil's Field
DAWE Isaiah fisherman h Battery Road, Chain Rock
DAWE John seaman h 38 George
DAWE John carpenter h 56 Pleasant
DAWE John apprentice, Barnes and Co. 
DAWE John laborer h 17 Barron
DAWE Miss L. clerk, S. E. Garland bds 85 Bond
DAWE Maud Miss clerk, Geo. Knowling bds 56 Pleasant
DAWE, Robert customs h clerk h 39 Merry Meeting Road
DAWE Robert clerk, Knowling  
DAWE Robert cashier, Ayre & Sons, Ltd. h 239 Gower
DAWE Robert clerk bds 127 Military Road
DAWE Ronald delivery department, Ayre & Sons, Ltd.  
DAWE Samuel detective, Reid Co. h 6 Cabot
DAWE Samuel shoemaker h 22 Sebastian
DAWE Thomas H. M. Customs h 121 Bond
DAWE William laborer bds 38 George
DAWLEY Eliza sales lady bds 8 Prospect
DAWSON John grocer, 275 Water, w d 275 Water
DAWSON John emp, Gas Co. h 45 Angel Place
DAWSON REV. J.L.   h 180 Gower
DAY Benjamin constable h 22 Cochrane
DAY Charles laborer h 71 Lime
DAY Edward laborer h Battery Road
DAY Elias carpenter h 12 Gilbert
DAY Ernest messenger, Reid Co. h 41 Gower
DAY F. W. Professor of Mathematics  
DAY George carpenter h 43 Cook
DAY Isabella wid John h 29 ½ Angel Place
DAY Thos. electrician, Power House, Reid Co., h York
DAY John laborer h 55 Gower w
DAY Joseph carpenter bds 43 Cook
DAY John laborer h 55 George
DAY Mary wid Charles h 31 Holloway
DAY Richard shoemaker h 32 Signal Hill Road
DAY Samuel carman h 31 Holloway
DAY William police constable bds 50 Duckworth
DAYMOND Emma schoolteacher bds 155 Gower
DAYMOND Joseph cabinet maker, 274 Duckworth h 274 Duckworth
DAYMOND William cabinet maker h 155 Gower
DEADY Miss Alice saleslady, Jackson & Co. 
DEADY Ann wid Simon h 385 Waterford Bridge Road
DEADY E. M. clerk, C. L. Marsh  
DEADY Miss K. dressmaker bds 385 Waterford Bridge Road
DEADY Michael baker, Browning h 385 Waterford Bridge Road
DEADY Thomas accountant h 31 Springdale
DEAN John carpenter h 14 Cabot
DEAN Nellie candy shop, 25 Barnes Road h 25 Barnes Road
DEAN Samuel laborer h 14 Carew
DEAN Thomas laborer bds 14 Dunford
DEAN William messenger h 13 Carew
DEARIN Hannah wid Joseph h 2 Pennywell Road
DEARIN Joseph fireman bds 2 Pennywell Road
DE BOURK Edward blacksmith h 70 Forest Road
DE BOURKE Patrick painter bds 82 Duckworth
DE BOURKE Richard cabinet maker h 82 Duckworth
DEE Jeremiah shoemaker, Water Water
DEER John joiner h 28 Quidi Vidi Road
DEER Mary wid John h 40 Quidi Vidi Road
DEGAN Patrick laborer bds 12 Nunnery Hill
DE GRISH Miss Jessie clerk, Knowling's bds 81 Pleasant
DE LACEY John laborer h 114 LeMarchant
DELANEY Charles electrician, Power House bds Duckworth
DELANEY Emma , Miss   h Port Cove Road
DELANEY Margaret seamstress bds 44 Pleasant
DELANEY Mathew seaman h 30 Pilot Hill
DELANEY Patrick motorman, Reid Co. h 344 Duckworth
DELANEY Patrick jr. electrician bds 344 Duckworth
DELGADO A.A. variety store 222 Water h 222 Water
DELAHUNTY David laborer h 20 Balsam
DELAHUNTY William laborer, T.M.Winter h Pilot's Hill
DEMPSTER James E. clerk, Geo. Knowling  
DEMPSEY John cooper h 71 Cabot
DEMPSEY John laborer h 117 Signal Hill
DEMPSEY Patrick J. clerk, Thomas Smyth h 71 Cabot
DENIEF Edward fireman h 24 Quidi Vidi Road
DENIEFFE James keeper, Lunatic Asylum h 47 Cuddihy
DENIEF John laborer h 9 New Gower
DENIEF Mrs. John huxter shop, 9 New Gower h 9 New Gower
DENIEF Patrick clerk h 26 Quidi Vidi Road
DENNIHEY Michael carpenter h 4 Gilmore
DENT Joseph shoemaker bds 27 Monkstown
DESGAN John seaman h 36 Casey
DE VANNA Michael cooper, R.N. Foundry  
DE VANA Richard watchmaker, A.    Mc Namara bds 15 Bell
DEVEREUX Edward laborer h 319 Water
DEVEREUX Edward supt., Reg. Parcel Post Office h 169 Gower
DEVEREUX Edward leather dealer, 117 New Gower h 100 New Gower
DEVEREAUX Henry boarding-house h 6 Williams Lane
DEVERAUX Mary wid William h 5 Carter's Hill
DEVEREAUX Patrick police constable h 68 Brazil
DEVEREAUX William laborer h r Water West
DEVEREAUX William printer bds 5 Carter's Hill
DEVINE Johannah Miss   h 313 Water West
DEVINE John, draper bds 131 Gower
DEVINE Louis clerk, J.D. Ryan bds 94 Hayward Avenue
DEVINE Morris A. of Devine & O'Mara h King's Bridge Road
DEVINE & O'MARA Morris A. Devine, Michael J. O'Mara Props. Trade Review, 270 Duckworth See adv opp
DEVINE Thomas stenographer, M. & Fisheries bds King's Bridge Road
DEVINE P.K. book agent, 315 Duckworth h Hayward Avenue
DEVINE Patrick K. reporter, Telegram office h 74 Hayward Avenue
DEVINE Richard watchmaker h 15 Bell
DEVLIN Elizabeth wid James h 111 Circular Road
DEWLING Joseph clerk, Samuel Miller  
DEWLING Thomas boatman h 44 William
DIAMOND Horatio L. shoemaker, 3 King's Road h 19 William
DIAMOND James cabman h 18 ½ Flemming
DIAMOND John laborer h 18 ½ Flemming
DIAMOND Levi tinsmith, 270 Water Street - See adv h 201 Gower
DIAMOND L. A. accountant h 186 Queen's Road
DIAMOND Peter joiner h 19 William
DIAMOND Samuel teamster bds 18 ½ Flemming
DIAMOND Solomon foreman tailor, J. Maunder h Quidi Vidi Road
DIAMOND William laborer h 14 Field
DIAMOND William blacksmith h 33 Young
DICKINSON G. H. com merchant, Rennie's Mill Road h 4 Park Row
DICKINSON Harry K. accountant, bds 4 Park Row, Rennie Road
DICKS Alexander stone mason bds 22 Waldegrave
DICKS Bertram clerk, H. C. Burchell bds 20 Flower Hill
DICKS Jacob shipwright h 20 Flower Hill
DICKS & Co. J. Leaman Prop. booksellers etc, 245 Water See adv.
DICKS Jacob shipwright h 20 Flower Hill
DICKS John apprentice, J. W. Dooley, Water bds 75 New Gower
DICKS Reginald carpenter bds 20 Flower Hill
DICKS Walter stone cutter h 75 New Gower
DILLON Anne wid Matthew h 58 Alexander
DILLON Edward emp., Reid Nfld Railway bds 50 Alexander
DILLON James laborer h 6 Pleasant
DILLON Mary wid Richard h 14 Brennan
DILLON Matthew seaman h South Side
DILLON Peter tinsmith h 7 Prospect
DILLON Thomas emp., Rennie Bakery bds 50 Alexander
DINGLE Edward sea capt. h 22 Dicks
DINGLE Ida clerk, W. E. Bearns bds 22 Dick's Square
DINN Anastasia emp, Harvey's Tobacco facty. bds Battery Road
DINN Dennis laborer h Battery Road
DINN John laborer bds Battery Road
DINN Patrick laborer h 14 Pleasant
DINN Richard steward bds Battery Road
DIOCESAN SYNOD Gazette Building Water  
DE VANNA Michael laborer bds 10 Princes
DIXON Charlie porter, Reid Nfld Co. bds 134 Duckworth
DIZZARD Arthur laborer h 16 Gilbert
DOBB Richard laborer, Reid Nfld Co. h 30 Barnes Road
DOBBIN David laborer h 115 Signal Hill Road
DOBBIN Dennis laborer bds Lower Battery Road
DOBBIN Francis   bds Lower Battery Road
DOBBIN James shoemaker, Parker & Munroe h 56 Bond
DOBBIN John clerk, R. Templeman  
DOBBIN Mary wid Richard h 83 Signal Hill Road
DOBBIN Mary Ann wid Richard h Lower Battery Road
DODD Hannah dressmaker bds Portugal Cove Road
DODDS John cabman h 28 Mc Dougall
DODD Maggie dressmaker bds Portugal Cove Road
DODD Thomas cabman h 14 Bloncody
DOHANEY Edward miner h 137 Gower
DOHANEY Mary wid Patrick h 17 Prospect
DOHANEY Margaret tailoress bds 17 Prospect
DOHANEY Thomas cooper h 21 Prospect
DOHERTY Catherine wid James h 17 Duggan
DOHERTY John laborer h 24 Sebastian
DOHERTY Thomas laborer bds 17 Duggan
DONAVAN Elizabeth A. wid William h 60 Mc Farlane
DONOVAN James laborer h 16 Knight
DONOVAN John blacksmith, Reid Nfld Fdy. 
DONOVAN John   h 20 Hayward Ave
DONOVAN John plasterer bds 15 Quidi Vidi Road
DONOVAN John blacksmith h 39 Buchanan
DONOVAN Margaret wid John h 15 Quidi Vidi Road
DONOVAN Michael fisherman h 14 George
DONOVAN Thomas   bds 14 George
DONOVAN Thomas waterman h 64 Spencer
DONOVAN Patrick laborer h 22 Casey
DONOVAN Patrick seaman h 56 Carter's Hill
DONOVAN Mrs. Prop. Saint Ann's Hotel, Topsail Road See adv.
DONOHUE Johannah wid James h 51 Flemming
DONOHUE John laborer h 11 Simms
DONNELL William laborer bds 11 College Square
DONNELLY Arthur cashier, Baine, Johnson & Co. bds 1 Devon Row Duckworth
DONNELLY Fergus accountant, York Mines  
DONNELLY Frank commission agent h Mount Scio Road
DONNELLY H. C. sec. Prince Wales Rk. bds 1 Devon Row Duckworth
DONNELLY James clerk, Geo. Knowling bds 109 Military Road
DONNELLY Jeremiah laborer h 82 Mc Farlane's
DONNELLY John, sea captain h 14 King's Road
DONNELLY John plumber h 23 Mullock
DONNELLY John cabman h 87 Circular Road
DONNELLY Joseph cabman h 87 Circular Road
DONNELLY Michael J. clerk, J. D. Ryan bds 109 Military Road
DONNELLY Minnie   h 13 Monkstown Road
DONNELLY Thomas stonecutter h 35 William
DONNELLY William L. Asst. Auditor-General bds 1 Devon Row
DONNELLY William laborer h 45 Wickford
DONNELLY William bricklayer h 4 Bond
DONNELLY Wm. clerk, Hon. Geo. Knowling h 109 Military Road
DONNELLY William barber h 87 Circular Road
DONNELLY Hon. W. J. S. Inspector of Customs h Devon Row
DOOLEY Denis butcher, 176 Duckworth h 176 Duckworth
DOOLEY Edward butcher, 192 Gower h 192 Gower
DOOLEY Francis baker h 11 Howe Place
DOOLEY James shipwright h 61 Prescott
DOOLEY James prop., Waverly Hotel h 206 Duckworth
DOOLEY John laborer h 13 Bambrick
DOOLEY John cabman h Port Cove Road
DOOLEY Michael butcher, Patrick Dooley bds 57 New Gower
DOOLEY Michael gardener, Sir James Winter  
DOOLEY Michael butcher, 14 Cook h 14 Cook
DOOLEY M. J. butcher, Dennis Dooley h 51 Prescott
DOOLEY Patrick butcher, 57 New Gower h 57 New Gower
DOOLEY Stephen truckman h Port Cove Road
DOOLEY   fireman, S. S. Glencoe h 72 Duckworth
DOOLIN Charlotte wid. William h 93 Carter's Hill
DORAN Edward carpenter h 38 Barnes' Road
DORAN Eliz. wid John h 41 Duckworth
DORAN James joiner h 8 Catherine
DORAN John tanner, McLean's Tannery bds 271 Water
DORAN John laborer h 38 Barnes' Road
DORAN Michael clerk, A. Le C. Berteau bds 39 Duckworth
DORAN Patrick laborer, Bowring Bros. h Victoria
DORAN Thomas druggist h 11 Prospect
DORAN William laborer h 38 Barnes' Road
DORAN William carpenter h 39 Duckworth
DORMADY John sailmaker h 239 Hamilton Avenue
DORMADY Patrick sailmaker bds 239 Hamilton Avenue
DORMADY R. wharfinger, Bowring Bros. Ltd. 
DORMADY William fireman h 82 Casey
DORIEN T. J. drug clerk, A. W. Kennedy bds 11 Prospect
DOVE Minnie schoolteacher, Methodist College bds South Side
DOVE Wilfrid R. accountant, Steer Bros. South Side 
DOVE Rev. William Methodist h South Side
DOUGLAS Angus plasterer h 5 Long
DOUGALL William stonecutter bds 140 Gower
DOWDEN Allen mason h 13 Mullock
DOWDEN Annie clerk bds 8 Dunford
DOWDEN Edward blacksmith, J. C. Oake bds Pleasant
DOWDEN George carpenter, Col. Cordage Co. h Pleasant
DOWDEN Jennie saleslady bds 13 Mullock
DOWDEN John teamster h 69 Signal Hill Road
DOWDEN Lena clerk bds 8 Dunford
DOWDEN Miss M. milliner bds William
DOWDEN Reginald reporter, Daily News bds 13 Mullock
DOWDEN Richard teamster h 9 Walsh Square, Signal Hill Road
DOWDEN Thomas tinsmith, 11 Mullock  
DOWDEN William teamster h 32 Signal Hill Road
DOWDIN William watchman, Job Bros. h 13 Mullock
DOWNS Archibald shoemaker h Mundy Pond Road
DOWNS Charles tanner, McLean's h ----- Casey
DOWNS George cashier, Sun Life Insurance bds 34 Hamilton
DOWNS John tailor h 95 Carter's Hill
DOWNS Robert laborer h 34 Hamilton
DOWNEY Daniel shoemaker, John. J. Kean h 32 Carter's Hill
DOWNEY Elias teamster, Globe Laundry bds 101 Atlantic Ave
DOWNEY Francis carpenter h 101 Atlantic Ave
DOWNEY John laborer bds 32 Carter's Hill
DOWNEY Maggie tailoress, John Maunder bds Prospect
DOWNEY Michael laborer bds 32 Carter's Hill
DOWNEY William laborer bds 31 Buchanan
DOWNTON Aaron janitor h 41 Flemming
DOWNTON Edward carriage blacksmith bds 178 Pleasant
DOWNTON Edward clerk h 43 Flemming
DOWNTON Frederick joiner h 37 Flemming
DOWNTON George carpenter h 178 Pleasant
DOWNTON Mark blacksmith h 17 Bloncody
DOYLE Agnes cash keeper, Royal Stores bds 13 Flavin
DOYLE Agnes schoolteacher bds 9 William
DOYLE Alan clerk h 9 William
DOYLE Allan stenographer, Harvey & Co. bds 7 William
DOYLE Anne schoolteacher bds 52 Patrick
DOYLE Anastasia wid Robert h 6 Rossiter's Lane
DOYLE Edward Registrar- General Departmental Building 128 Gower
DOYLE Edward teamster bds 4 Bond
DOYLE Elizabeth wid James h Bond
DOYLE Mary Francis clerk, Royal Stores bds 13 Flavin
DOYLE Francis J. Nautical School, Theatre Hill, 272 Gower See adv
DOYLE James laborer h 211 New Gower
DOYLE James cooper h 49 Casey
DOYLE James miner h 58 Pleasant
DOYLE John J. shoemaker, Nfld. B. & S. Co. h 52 Patrick
DOYLE John emp., Reid Nfld. h 9 Wood
DOYLE John accountant bds 52 Patrick
DOYLE Katie schoolteacher h 49 Quidi Vidi Road
DOYLE Katie schoolteacher bds 52 Patrick
DOYLE Margaret clerk, Vey's Studio bds 52 Partick
DOYLE Martin J. tailor, 143 Gower h 143 Gower
DOYLE Mary clerk bds 52 Patrick
DOYLE Mary wid John h 13 Flavin
DOYLE Mary wid Peter h 70 Hayward Ave.
DOYLE Mary A. dressmaker, Royal Stores bds 9 William
DOYLE Patrick laborer bds 3 Plank Road
DOYLE Patrick laborer, Bowring Bros. bds 4 Plank Road
DOYLE Patrick gardener bds 56 Mullock
DOYLE P. J. manufacturers' agent, Com. Chambers h 4 Maxse
DOYLE Robert laborer, Bowring Bros. h 4 Plank Road
DOYLE Rose milliner bds 58 Pleasant
DOYLE Rose dressmaker bds 9 Pleasant
DOYLE Sarah wid James h 10 James
DOYLE Sarah wid Michael bds 122 Water
DOYLE Susan wid John h 3 Plank Road
DOYLE Thomas cooper h 115 Bond
DRAKE Richard sea captain h 69 Gower
DRAYTON W. V. mus. instrument and music dlr. 256 Water h 256 Water
DRISCOLL Absalom fisherman h 24 Field
DRISCOLL Absalom fisherman h 24 Bond
DRISCOLL Charles fisherman h 30 Field
DRISCOLL Eli fisherman h 30 Field
DRISCOLL Elias sailmaker h 4 Colonial
DRISCOLL George carpenter h 36 Field
DRISCOLL John shoemaker h 3 Princess
DRISCOLL K. laborer h 22 Bloncody
DRISCOLL Richard fisherman h 30 Field
DRISCOLL William laborer h 11 James
DROVER Arthur fireman h 40 Brazil
DROVER Archibald joiner h 13 William
DROVER James boilermaker h 209 Hamilton Ave
DRODGE John messenger, Sidney Woods  
DROVER Nathaniel shipwright h 22 Brazil
DROVER Thomas laborer h 25 Scott
DRUDGE John packer, Sidney Woods h 71 Lime
DRUKEN John laborer bds 77 ½ Casey
DRYER George barber, 64 George  
DRYER Henry B. money order office, P. O. h 239 Duckworth
DRYER John P. general variety store, 362 Water h 1 Waldgrave
DRYER John hair dressing saloon, George h George
DRYER William E. clerk, H. M. C. bds 239 Duckworth
DUDER E. J. general dealer, 353 Water h Carpassion, Duder Ave.
DUDER Henry surveyor h 26 Queen's Road
DUDER Henry J. surveyor, Agr. & Mines h Colonial
DUDER William bookkeeper, Job Bros. h Port Cove Road

accountant, Royal Stores

DUDLEY Minnie dressmaker bds 26 Mcdougall
DUFF Edward cooper h 68 Cabot
DUFF John J. drug clerk, L. Hannaford bds Mundy Pond Road
DUFF John grocer, Water bds 10 Queen's
DUFF John J. grocer, 68 Water h 8 Queen
DUFF John farmer h Mundy Pond Road
DUFF David D. city ticket agent, Nfld. Express Co. h LeMarchant Road
DUFF P. M. clerk, R. N. Co. bds 12 Victoria
DUFFY A. drug clerk, T. McMurdo h Cookstown Road
DUFFEY Edward painter h 29 Cookstown
DUFFEY Michael clerk, Parker & Munroe h 26 Cookstown
DUFFEY Miss M. milliner, Knowling's 
DUFFIT George watchman h 41 Spencer
DUFFIT Harry truckman bds 35 Spencer
DUFFIT Alexander expressman, Wood's Store bds 35 Spencer
DUFFIT John sexton, C. of  E. Cathedral h 35 Spencer
DUFFIT Lily tailoress, John Maunder bds Spencer
DUFFIT Thomas shoemaker h 14 Gilbert
DUFFIT Thomas laborer bds 35 Spencer
DUFFIT W. clerk, Hon. George Knowling  
DUGGAN Miss Bridget liquors, 202 Water h 202 Water
DUGGAN Daniel laborer h 25 York
DUGGAN James warden, H. M. Penitentiary h 215 New Gower
DUGGAN James watchman h New Gower West
DUGGAN James cooper, Harvey & Co. bds 25 York
DUGGAN Thomas seaman h 14 ½ Walsh Square, Signal Hill Road
DUGGAN Timothy shoemaker, D. Thistle h 25 York
DUGGAN William checker, Reid Nfld. Co. bds 25 York
DUGGAN William clerk, Civic Department h 213 New Gower
DULEY Thomas J. of T. J. Duley h 51 Rennie's Mill
DULEY T. J. & Co. (Thomas J. Duley), Watchmakers and Jewellers, 216 Water See adv. p. 148
DULLANTLEY Belle emp., Tobacco Factory bds 14 Gill
DULLANTLEY Thomas laborer h 14 Gill
DUKE Mary wid John h 77 Lime
DUKE Patrick shoemaker h 48 Cabot
DUNBAR Jessie Miss schoolteacher bds 46 Queens Road, School, do 
DUNCAN Elisa milliner, Miss Mary Furlong's bds 96 Pleasant
DUNCAN John accountant h 96 Pleasant
DUNCAN John G. physician h 234 Duckworth
DUNCAN Josephine dressmaker, Mrs. J. Burt bds 96 Pleasant
DUNCAN William hairdresser, 312 Water bds 96 Pleasant
DUNCAN Mary B. clerk, Geo. Knowling bds 96 Pleasant
DUNFIELD John   bds 4 Allan
DUNN Alice tailoress bds 2 Hayward Ave.
DUNN Annie, Miss   h 6 Colonial
DUNN Arthur clerk, Richard Fennell bds 6 Colonial
DUNN Henry grocer h 15 Hayward Ave.
DUNN Harry truckman bds 2 Hayward Ave.
DUNN James truckman h 2 Hayward Ave.
DUNN John laborer bds Mundy Pond Road
DUNN John clerk, R. Callahan h 90 Queen's Road
DUNN John baker h 48 Victoria
DUNN John laborer h 56 Gower
DUNN John truckman bds 53 Hayward Ave.
DUNN John F. bookbinder, Bowden & Co. bds 45 Mullock
DUNN Miss Kate Prop. Dunnsmere Hotel, Topsail Road See adv
DUNN Maggie dressmaker bds 2 Hayward Ave.
DUNN Margaret wid Jeremiah h 35 Goodview
DUNN Mary wid Dennis h 43 Goodview
DUNN Mary wid James h 6 Colonial
DUNN Michael I. engineer h 6 Colonial
DUNN Michael supt., fire dept. h 138 New Gower
DUNN Michael A. printer, Bowden & Co. bds 45 Mullock
DUNN Patrick farmer h Mundy Pond Road
DUNN Patrick cooper, Baird's h 6 Spencer
DUNN Percy clerk, Richard Fennell h 6 Colonial
DUNN Pierce clerk h 6 Colonial
DUNN Robert horseshoer, McDonald & Smith bds 45 Mullock
DUNN Thomas blacksmith, Pope's Forge h 15 Prospect
DUNN Thomas engineer h 6 Colonial
DUNN William cabman h 15 Hayward Ave.
DUNN William clerk, Henry Dunn h 15 Hayward Ave.
DUNN William joiner h 45 Mullock
DUNN William machinist, Ropewalk bds Mundy Pond Road
DUNN Rev. W. T. D. Methodist Parsonage 119 Hamilton
DUNNSMERE HOTEL Miss Kate Dunn   Topsail Road
DUNPHY John accountant bds 101 Gower
DUNPHY Michael seaman h 4 Lyons Square
DUNPHY Patrick seaman h 23 Parade
DUNPHY Patrick cooper h 29 Duggan
DUNPHY William S. Government official h 118 Military Road
DUNSTERVILLE James tailor h 107 New Gower
DUTOT Charles clerk, Royal Stores bds 45 Quidi Vidi Road
DUTOT Charlotte wid Charles h 45 Quidi Vidi Road
DUTOT Fred G. letter carrier bds 45 Quidi Vidi Road
DUTOT Gaudin clerk bds 45 Quidi Vidi Road
DWYER Alice dressmaker bds 6 Gilmore
DWYER Ambrose laborer h 12 Prospect
DWYER Eli carpenter h 25 Dicks'
DWYER Geo. Co., George Dwyer watchmaker, 264 Water h 91 Long's Hill
DWYER George watchmaker, Water h 91 Long's Hill
DWYER Harry watchmaker bds 25 Dicks'
DWYER Miss Lizzie saleswoman, Ayre & Sons , Ltd.  
DWYER James teamster h Mount Scio Road
DWYER James carpenter bds 82 Springdale
DWYER Mrs. Jane wid h 82 Springdale
DWYER James laborer h 18 Catherine
DWYER John truckman h 34 Scott
DWYER John joiner bds 12 Prospect
DWYER John gardener, McDougall's h 6 Patrick
DWYER Michael general importer,  291 Water h 9 Parade
DWYER Margaret wid William h 50 Colonial
DWYER Michael weightmaster bds 82 Springdale
DWYER Michael laborer h 6 Gilmore
DWYER Minnie  132 Bond 
DWYER Philip wheelwright h 170 Gower
DWYER Rodey wheelwright h 128 Pleasant
DWYER Thomas laborer bds 18 Catherine
DWYER William laborer h 50 Colonial

504 Entries - Complete
McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Mike Howlett

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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