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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
"C" Names for the City of St. John's
CADWELL Elizabeth, wid John. h 124 Pleasant
CADWELL James, lab, h 4½ Wickford
CADWELL James, seaman h 6A Lime
CAHALL Charles section master, R. Nfld. Rly., h 17½ Princes
CAHILL Cyril J., clerk (Frank D. Lilly), bds Circular Road
CAHILL Edward F., clerk, Martin Hardware Co. 
CAHILL Fredk., clerk (Thomas Symth), bds 84 Circular Road
CAHALL John, book keeper, h 49 Gower
CAHIL John, blacksmith, bds 25 Pleasant
CAHILL Miss Maude, dressmaker, Mrs. A. Mitchell, h Circular Road
CAHILL Michael, gas fitter, Gas Works  
CAHIL Peter, wheelwright, J. C. Oake, h 77 King's Road
CAHILL William seaman h 30 Pleasant
CAINES James, seaman h 28 James
CAINES John, lab, bds 3 Kickham Place
CAINES John, lab, h 20 Gill
CAINES John, victualler, (H. M. warships), bds 206 Duckworth
CAINES Jonathan, laborer, h 41 McDougall
CAINES Levi, fireman, Eastern Fire Station, h 1 York
CAINES Robert, clerk, W. E. Bearns, bds 1 York
CAINS Thomas, lab, h 9 Barnes Place
CAINES Thomas shoemaker, bds 20 Gill
CAISH Edward, carpenter, h 47 Brazil
CAISH George, draper, bds 47 Brazil
CAISH Samuel, clerk, bds 47 Brazil
CAKE Allan G., clerk, T. M. Winter, bds 131 New Gower
CAKE George, clerk, Gov. House, bds 131 New Gower
CAKE Richard, carpenter, h 131 New Gower
CAKE Stanley, clerk, Parker & Monroe, bds 131 New Gower
CALBERT James A., cutter, (John Maunders), h 10 Boncloddy
CALDWELL James, foreman, Consolidated Foundry, h 62 Patrick
CALDWELL James, moulder, Consolidated Foundry, bds 62 Patrick
CALDWELL John, moulder, Consolidated Foundry, bds 23 Angel Place
CALDWELL Susan, wid Elias, h 23 Angel Place
CALL W. F., barber, h Water, West
CALLAHAN Cornelius, sea captain, h City View, Battery Road
CALLAHAN Ellie, dressmaker, Mrs. A. Mitchell, bds 159 New Gower
CALLAHAN Elizabeth,  h 404 Water
CALLAHAN Glass & CO, Furniture Dealers 352-4 Duckworth See adv p 110
CALLAHAN Jeremiah, pilot, h 63 George
CALLAHAN John of Callahan Glass & Co, h 214½ Gower
CALLAHAN John, brakesman, bds 79 Pleasant
CALLAHAN John, clerk, J. D. Ryan, bds Duckworth
CALLAHAN John, Jr., clerk, R. Calanhan,  
CALLAHAN Nichols, lab, h 159 New Gower
CALLAHAN Richard, tinsmith, (R. Callanhan). 
CALLAHAN Rodger, groceries and provisions, 404 Water, h LeMerchant Road
CALLAHAN Rodger, tinsmith, 384 Water, h 90 LeMerchant Road
CALLAHAN William, lab, h 169 New Gower
CALLAHAN William, lab, bds 28 Joy Place
CALLAHAN William H., cooper, bds 159 New Gower
CALLAHAN Ellen, wid James J., h 160 Water
CALLAHAN Frederick, clerk, bds 160 Water
CALLANAN James, bookkeeper, h 71 Pleasant
CALLANAN John J. Groceries & Provisions, 160 Water h 160 Water
CALVER John, clerk, J. H. Martin, 162 Duckworth
CALVER John, far, h New Gower Road
CALVER James, tailor, h 10 Bloncody
CAMERON Alex W. Watchmaker and Jeweller, Wedding and Engagement Rings a specialty, 171 New Gower, (cor Buchanan) bds 61 Springdale
CAMPBELL Albert, draper, Steer Bros., Waldergrave
CAMPBELL Archibald, store keeper, h 20 Waldergrave
CAMPBELL A., baker, h 50 Monkston
CAMPBELL Colin manager Patterson, Downing & Co, h 122 Hamilton
CAMPBELL Colin, accountant, bds 10 Maxse
CAMPBELL Daniel, lab, h 8 Balsam
CAMPBELL Florence, boot and shoe machinist, bds 8 Balsam
CAMPBELL James, clerk, bds 59 Prescott
CAMPBELL James, clerk, Post Office  
CAMPBELL J A Veterinary Surgeon, 24 George bds 206 Duckworth - See adv p 112
CAMPBELL John, clerk, H. J. Stabb & Co., h 25 Colonial
CAMPBELL John, accountant, bds 101 Gower
CAMPBELL J, Prop Avalon Hotel, North Sydney, CB. See adv
CAMPBELL Mary, wid Neil, h 10 Maxse
CAMPBELL Mrs. David,  h 101 Gower
CAMPBELL Richard, butcher, bds 8 Balsam
CAMPBELL William, see Postmaster-General, h 164 Pleasant
CAMPBELL William Victualler, 350 Water h 350 Water - See adv p 110
CAMPBELL William, accountant, F. W. Findlay, h 42 Freshwater
CANADA LIFE ASSURANCE Co., F. W. Findlay, agent, Water 
CANADIAN IRON AND METAL Co., T. J. Allan, A. Volensky, L. Frenchman, 8 Water 
CANADIAN HOUSE, James T. Ryan, prop, 10 Water West See adv p. 112
CANDOW, David, engineer, N.F.R., h 9 Signal Road
CANDOW, Wm., laborer, bds 9 Signal Hill Road
CANNA John,  h 63 Haywards Ave
CANNING A. E., grocer, (E. J. Horwood), 32 Quidi Vidi Road  
CANNING Ernest, clerk, (G. M. Barr), bds 374 Water
CANNING Ernest, typewriter, bds 236 Gower
CANNING Francis, wid h 236 Gower
CANNING Fredrick, clerk, (G. M. Barr), bds 374 Water
CANNING Frederick, accountant, bds 236 Gower
CANNING Hannah, wid Francis, h 374 Water
CANNING John, clerk, h 56 Cochrane
CANNING John T., accountant, A. S. Rendell & Co., bds Water
CANNING Mary, supt. boys, ch. of Eng. Orphanage
CANNING W F of Canning & Sullivan, bds Quidi Vidi Road
CANNON Wood Hall   
CANTWELL James, cooper, bds 32 Livingstone
CANTWELL Mary, wid John, h 83 Military Road
CANTWELL Michael, signal man, Cabot & Tower, h Signal Hill Road
CANTWELL Redmond, cooper, Franklin & Co., h 32 Livingstone
CANTWELL Thomas, lab, h 55 Lime
CANTWELL William, printer, G. S. Milligan  
CAPE COPPER CO. OF LONDON, LTD, R. G. Rendell, agent, Water  
CARBERY Charlotte, clerk, Geo. Knowlings, bds South Side
CARBERRY Edward, cooper, h 2 Nunnery Hill
CARBEREY Edward, waiter, Reid N. F. Co., bds South Side
CARBERY Miss Ellen, milliner, 199 Water  
CARBEREY Gilbert, tel. operator, bds South Side
CARBERRY James, shoemaker, N. B. & S. Co., bds 76 George
CARBERRY James, cook, Reid Nfld. Co., h 145 Pleasant
CARBERRY Kate, bds 2 Nunnery Hill
CARBERRY Maud, employee, N. B. & S. Co., bds 76 George
CARBERRY Maurice, cutter, Boot & Shoe Fact., h 76 George
CARBERRY Michael, cooper, bds 2 Nunnery Hill
CARBERY Richard, lab, Job Bros., h South Side
CARBERRY Richard, carpenter, h South Side
CARBERRY William, lab, h 6 Fleming
CARDELL Laurence, lab, bds 25 Pleasant
CAREW Thomas, clerk, S. Rankins, h 7 Cooks
CAREW Alfred, porter, W. Frew, bds 109 Hamilton
CAREW Augustus, lab, h 3 Hanley Place
CAREW Catherine, wid James, h 52 Colonial
CAREW David, lab, Bowering Bros. Ltd., h 33 Patrick
CAREW James, policeman, h 10 Bully
CAREW Joan Miss, telephone operator, bds Brazil Square
CAREW John, cabman, h 36 Barnes Road
CAREW John, stenographer, bds 10 Bully
CAREW John, seaman, h 38 McFarlane
CAREW John, contractor, h 10 Carew
CAREW John, lab, h 1 Kickham Place
CAREW Josie, bds 11 Prospect
CAREW Mary, milliner, bds 99 Pond
CAREW Minnie, telephone operator, bds Brazil Square
CAREW Robert, lab, bds 1 Kickham Place
CAREW Sarah, wid John, h 34 Wickford
CAREW Spurgeon, lab, h 34 Wickford
CAREW Thomas, carpenter, h 247 Water, West
CAREW Thomas, rep. Evening Herald, h 24 Barter's Hill
CAREW Thomas, grocer, h 7 Cook
CAREW William, seaman, 3 Hanley Place, off King's Road
CAREW William, lab, h 19 Simms
CAREW Ester, wid Stephen, h 12 Pleasant
CARL Richard, clerk, h Torbay Road
CARLSTON William, painter, h 9 Brazil
CARMICHAEL Jas. A., draper, I. Anderson  
CARNELL Andrew G, Manager Carnell Carriage Factory, bds 18 Cochrane
CARNELL Archibald, carp., h 49 Spencer
CARNELL Mrs Eliz, wid John T. prop Carnell's Carriage Factory, h 16 Cochrane
CARNELL Frederick, clerk, nail factory, bds 22 Buchanan
CARNELL Fredk., engineer,  bds 37 Power Ave., Signal Hill Road
CARNELL F. accountant, Royal stores  
CARNELL George, painter, h 49 Spencer
CARNELL Gilbert, clerk (Callahan Glass & Co), bds 47 Signal Hill Rd
CARNELL G. T., accountant, (Callahan Glass & Co.), h 182 LeMerchant Road
CARNELL Henry, clerk, J. McGregor, bds 22 Buchanan
CARNELL John, builder, h 79 Quidi Vidi Road
CARNELL John J., baker, h 37 Power Ave., Signal Hill Road
CARNELL Mary, wid Henry, h 22 Buchanan
CARNELL Mrs., wid h 121 Gower
CARNELL Thomas, wheelwright, 116 George, h 18 Carnell
CARNELL William, clerk, bds 3 Power Ave, Signal Hill Road
CARNELL Wm., inspector roads, h 79 Quidi Vidi Road
CARNELL Wm., clerk, bds 79 Quidi Vidi Road
CARPENTER George, lab, Job Bros., South Side
CARPENTER Josiah, lab, Job Bros., South Side
CARPENTER Rev C Church of England, h Cathedral Hill
CARRIGAN James, fisherman, h 54 Cabot
CARIGAN John, lab, h 10 Lime
CARRIGAN William, blacksmith, Con. Cordage Co., Ltd.), Mundy Road
CARIGAN William, cooper, Baine & Johnson, h 21 Livingstone
CARROLL Bridie, dressmaker, bds 89 Patrick
CARROLL, Catherine, wid Patrick, h 12 Hutching's
CAROLL, Daniel, woodcarver, h 89 Patrick
CARROLL, Daniel, clerk, (Geo. W. B. Ayre), bds Livingstone
CARROLL, Eliza, dress maker, bds 89 Patrick
CARROLL, Ellen, wid James, h 22 Livingstone
CARROLL, Francis, lab, h 25 Holloway
CARROLL, James, seaman, bds 12 Hutching's
CARROLL, John, clerk, bds 13 Kickham Place
CARROLL, John, lab, Bowering Bros., Ltd. 
CARROLL, John F., clerk, Sydney Woods  
CARROLL, Joseph, grocer, (T. Walsh), h 18 Water
CARROLL, Maggie, dressmaker, 13 Kickham Place
CARROLL, Michael, bookkeeper, (at Whaling Co.,) h 68 New Gower
CARROLL, Mrs. widow, h 178 Gower
CARROLL, Patrick, laborer, h 25 Holloway
CARROLL, Richard, cooper, h 56 Signal Hill Road
CARROLL, Silvester, laborer, bds 12 Hutchings
CARROLL Thomas, laborer, h 13 Kickham Place
CARROLL Thomas, laborer, bds 25 Holloway
CARROLL William, seaman, bds 33 Plymouth Road
CARROLL W J, clerk, bds 56 Signal Hill Road
CARROLL William J. deputy sheriff, h Torbay Road
CARROLL , tailoress, (John Maunder), bds Gower
CARSON Lucy, dressmaker, bds 52 Gilbert
CARTER Charles, upholsterer, Water, h 125 Hamilton
CARTER Edward F., general dealer, 30 New Gower, h 30 New Gower
CARTER Edwin, blsmith, (Angel Engineering Co), h 76 Patrick
CARTER Edwin S., Hillsboro, King's Bridge Road
CARTER George E., clerk, (Reid Nfld. Co.), bds Whitten's Hotel
CARTER George J., merchant, h Riverdale, 77 Rennie's Mill Road
CARTER Hugh, cooper, h 5 Colonial
CARTER H. D., accountant, Bank of Montreal, h Church Hill
CARTER HUGH H., Barrister, h 334 Duckworth - See adv. p 116
CARTER JAMES, High Sheriff of Colony, bds Balsam Place, Barne's Road
CARTER James, Governor's orderly, Govt Lodge, Military Road
CARTER Jessie, wid G B, h 44 Rennie's Mill Road
CARTER John, cooper, bds 32 York
CARTER John, coachman (A. J. Harvey), h King's Bridge Road
CARTER J C, (of W. D. Morrison & Co.),  h 125 Hamilton
CARTER Mary, wid Robert, Hillsboro, King's Bridge Road
CARTER Patrick J, acct, Reid Nfld. Co, bds The Lodge, Military Road
CARTER Thomas, acct, A .S. Rendel Co., bds The Lodge, Military Road
CARTER William, cooper, h 32 York
CARTER William, laborer, h 13 Walsh square, Signal Hill Road
CARTER W. F., Supt. Merean Marine,  h Hillsboro, King's Bridge Road
CARTWRIGHT Rev. Canon. Church of England, Cathedral, h Church Hill
CARTWRIGHT Peter, fisherman, h 16 Lime
CARTWRIGHT S. T., agent, Baird & Peters, McBride's Hill  
CARTY George T., barrister, h 51 Cochrane
CARTY Philip, police inspector, bds 51 Cochrane
CASE Fred M., accountant, bds 271 Gower
CASEY Elizabeth, wid Patrick, sausage maker, 38 Water, h 38 Water
CASEY John, butcher, h 176 Water
CASEY Martin, baker, h 291 Water West
CASEY Mary, wid Andrew, h Flower Hill
CASEY Miss Mary, clerk, (J. B.. Ayres), bds 296 Water West
CASEY Mary Ann, tailoress, (Galway's), bds 1 Flower Hill
CASEY Patrick, butcher, (Hamilton) bds 38 Water
CASEY Peter, butcher, bds 38 Water
CASEY William, Meat and Vegetable Market, 197 New Gower, h 197 New Gower
CASH Anthony, laborer, bds 59 Monkstown Road
CASH Francis, teamster, h 59 Monkstown Road
CASH James P., Tobacconist, 172 Water, h 172 Water - See adv. p 116
CASHEN William, h 32 Adelaide
CANDO Walter, shoemaker, h 9 Cabot
CAUL Michael, grocer, h 24 Colonial
CAULE James, cutter (N.B. & S Co.), bds 24 Flower Hill
CAVANAUGH Mary, tailoress, (Michael Darcy), bds Pleasant
CAVE Jennie, employee, boot and shoe, bds 37 George
CAVE Joseph, carpenter, h 37 Cabot
CAVE Robert, seaman, bds 31 Johns
CAVE Robert D., sea capt, h 31 John
CAVE Thomas, engineer, (Reid Nfld. Co.), h 137 George
CAVE Thomas, fireman, (Angels' Fdy), h 137 George
CHADDER James, sea capt, h 51 Harvey Road
CHAFE Alfred, Supervisor, Lunatic Asylum, h 39 Long's Hill
CHAFE Arthur, printer, (G. S. Milligan) 
CHAFE Miss B., clerk, (Knowling's) 
CHAFE David, grocer, 55 Colonial, h 55 Colonial
CHAFE David M., wheelwright, 124 George, h Topsail Road
CHAFE Ethelbert, clerk, C. E. Baird)  
CHAFE Fredk. G., clerk, h 15 Maxse
CHAFE Isaac, laborer, (Job Bros.), h South Side
CHAFE Jacob, laborer, h 28 Goodview
CHAFE Jacob, coachman, (Dr Fraser), h 3 Cabot
CHAFE Jacob, fireman, (Job Bros) 
CHAFE Jacob, liquors, 134 Water , h 134 Water
CHAFE Jacob, cooper, h 140 Casey
CHAFE Jane, 120 George 
CHAFE Joseph, laborer, h 22 Barne's Road
CHAFE Leonard, clerk, (O. Whiteway) 
CHAFE Margaret, wid William, beer shop, 390 Water, h 390 Water
CHAFE Philip, laborer, h South side
CHAFE Philip, emp, Board of Health, h 25 Field
CHAFE Samuel, teamster, (Aerated Water Works), h 91 Gower
CHAFE Solomon, laborer, (Job Bros.), South side
CHAFE Thomas, laborer, h 46 George
CHAFE T., clerk, (Bishop & Monroe) 
CHAFE William, fisherman, bds 390 Water
CHAF William, fisherman, h 5 Cabot
CHAFFEY James, clerk, (Ayre & Sons), bds 29 Dicks'
CHANCEY Carl, engineer, bds Pennywell Road
CHANCEY Eliza, wid Charles, h Pennywell Road
CHANCEY James, machinist, (Reid Nfld. Fdy), bds Alexander
CHANCEY Lloyd, barber, h 57 Carter's Hill
CHANCEY L. T.,  h 7 Monkstown Road
CHANCEY Robert, storekeeper, h 90 Freshwater
CHANCEY William, clerk, (Royal stores), h Pennywell Road
CHANCEY William, asst accountant, Reid Nfld Fdy., bds Alexander
CHANCEY W., clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling) 
CHANCEY Wilkins, emp, Reid Nfld Co., h 52 Alexander
CHANCEY William, emp, Reid Nfld. Co., h 44 Alexander
CHANCEY Willis, foreman, Victoria Fdy.
CHANNING James, cabman, h 13 Convent Square
CHANNING Jas J., Druggist, 150 New Gower, h 145 New Gower. See adv. p 119
CHANNING Louis, shoemaker, 152 New Gower, h 107 Hamilton
CHAPLIN Edwin, tailor, 7 Knight  
CHAPLIN Eliza, wid Mark, h 7 Knight
CHAPLIN Henry, engineer, h 10 Plymouth
CHAPLIN James, clerk, h 121 Gower
CHAPLIN James A., clerk, (Gear & Co.), h New Gower
CHAPLIN John F., clerk, (Gear & Co.), h 10 Plymouth Road
CHAPLIN Lloyd, tailor,, (M. Chaplin), bds Prescott
CHAPLIN Mark, tailor,, 64 Prescott  
CHAPLIN Mark, Merchant tailor, 175 Water, h Park Place, Rennie's Mill Road. See adv. p 116
CHAPLIN Samuel, tailor, (M. Chaplin), h 10 Gilbert
CHAPLIN William, carman, 243 Water, w
CHAPMAN George, laborer, bds 18 Flemming
CHAPMAN Henry, laborer, bds 18 Flemming
CHAPMAN Mary Ann, wid John, h 18 Flemming
CHAPTER Joseph, laborer, h 16 Gorman's Lane
CHARD William, clerk (Reid Nfld. Co.), h 42 Brazil Square
CHARLES, Morriss. sea captain, bds 16 Holloway
CHARLES Thomas, liquors, Water, h 208 Duckworth
CHARLES William, bookkeeper (G. Neal), h 208 Duckworth
CHARLINTON Dr. h 63 Military Road
CHASTEY John, cooper, h 32 Adelaide
CHASTEY John, cooper, (Bowring Bros.), bds 32 Adelaide
CHASTEY Richard, laborer, bds 32 Adelaide
CHASTEY William, tinsmith, 32 Adelaide, bds Pilot's Hill
CHEARNLEY William J., barber, (John P. Dryer), h 9 Princes
CHEATER Edmond, butcher, 135 New Gower, h 22 John
CHEESEMAN Bridget, wid Robert, h 21 Simms
CHETWYND C. D., mfrs' agent, Law Chambers, Duckworth, h 45 Freshwater Road
CHICKS George, laborer, h 43 Barter's Hill
CHIDLEY Joseph, shoemaker, h 26 Casey
CHIPMAN Miss Alice R., school teacher, bds 29 Monkstown Road
CHIPMAN William, lineman, (An-Amer. Tel Co.), h 1 Barter's Hill
CHIPMAN William, laborer, h 24 Pleasant
CHISHOLM'S BOOK STORE Mrs. Jno. F. Chisholm, prop., 201 Water  
CHISHOLM Mrs John F., wid h Water
CHISLETT Frederick, stonecutter, bds 79 New Gower
CHISLETT George, sr., shipwright, h 79 New Gower
CHISLETT George, jr., shipwright, bds 79 New Gower
CHISLETT Nicholas, ship carpenter, h 21 Pleasant
CHOWN Francis, bookkeeper, h 31 King's Bridge Road
CHOWN N. W., cabinet maker, 37 Prescott, h 37 Prescott
CHRISTIAN Archibald, clerk, h 86 Pleasant
CHRISTIAN James E., shoemaker, h 21 Bond
CHRISTIAN William, clerk, (Geo. Knowling), h 72 Hayward's Ave
CHRISTIAN Wm., laborer, h 15 Howe Place
CHRISTOPHER Bridget, wid John, h 5 Howe Place
CHRISTOPHER Ellen, wid Thomas, h 9 Bannerman
CHRISTOPHER Garrett, printer, h 28 Prospect
CHRISTOPHER James, foreman McKeen's Tannery, bds 348 Water, w
CHRISTOPHER Martin, engineer, h 348 Water
CHRISTOPHER Patrick, first mate, h 30 Flavin's
CHRISTOPHER Richard, laborer, h 11 Bannerman
CHRISTOPHER Thomas, teamster, h 174 Water
CHURCHILL, Ambrose, engineer, h 157 Gower
CHURCHILL Charles, messenger, (Royal Stores), h 81½ Pleasant st
CHURCHILL Earnest, engineer, Terra Nova Fdy., bds 26 Freshwater
CHURCHILL Elizabeth, wid Jacob, bds 56 Carter's Hill
CHURCHILL Hannibal, packer (Geo Knowling), h 44 Hayward Ave
CHURCHILL Miss Jessie, saleswoman (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.)  
CHURCHILL John, seaman, bds 25 New Gower
CHURCHILL Richard, butcher, h 2½ William
CHURCHILL Richard, butcher, (Dennis Dooley), h Mullock st
CHURCHILL Robert, laborer, h 12 Stephen
CHURCHILL Solomon, laborer, h 13½ Larkin's Square
CHURCHILL William Supt. Public Works. h 26 Freshwater
CHURCHILL W. J., truckman, (J. J. St. John's), h 72 Barnes' Road
CLANCY Dennis, laborer, bds 3 Mullock
CLANCEY Dennis I., clerk, bds 31 Prespoect
CLANCY Ellen, wid Wm., h 3 Mullock
CLANCY Ellen, wid Wm., h Hanley Place, off King's Road
CLANCEY Hannah, dressmaker, bds 31 Prospect
CLANCEY James, caretaker, T. A. Hall, h 41 Prescott
CLANCEY James, laborer, h 13 College Square
CLANCEY John, laborer, h 31 Prospect
CLANCY John, laborer, bds Hanley Place, off King's Road
CLANCY John, laborer, bds 3 Mullock
CLANCY Patrick, laborer, bds 3 Mullock st
CLANCY Patrick J., storekeeper, bds 31 Prospect
CLANCEY Richard, accountant, h 218 Gower
CLANCEY Richard F., painter, bds 31 Prospect
CLANCEY Robert, fireman, bds 48 Barter's Hill
CLANCY Thomas, sanitary inspector, h 70 Hayward Ave
CLANCEY William, laborer, h 31 Prospect
CLANCEY William, seaman, bds 3 Mullock
CLANCY William, seaman, bds Hanley Place, off King's Road
CLAPP William M., barrister, Law Chambers, h 60 Cochrane
CLARE Anne, wid John, h 15 Barrow
CLARE John, emp., Bennett's Brewery Co., h 37 Angel Place
CLARE Robert, paper roller, (Bowden & Co.), h 34 Adelaide
CLARKE Ambrose, blacksmith, (Pope's Forge), h 110 Queen's Road
CLARKE Bridget, wid John, h 3 Long's
CLARKE Edwin, mason, h 26 William
CLARK Eli, laborer, h 16 Pleasant
CLARKE Eli, laborer, h 16 Hagarty
CLARKE Ellen, wid Noah, h 35 LeMarchant Road
CLARKE Emma, wid Wm., h 17 Flemming
CLARKE Enos, grocer, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.)  
CLARKE George, machinist, (Reid Nfld. Fdy.), h 81 Pleasant
CLARKE George, mason, bds 26 William
CLARKE Hannah, clerk, bds Topsail Road
CLARKE James, planter, h Topsail Road
CLARKE James, carpenter, bds Topsail Road
CLARKE James, fireman, (Reid Nfld. Co.), h 38 Hutchings'
CLARKE James, laborer, h 3 Young
CLARKE Jessie, wid Benjamin, h South side
CLARK John, fireman  
CLARKE John, seaman, h 7 Sebastian
CLARKE John, barber, (H. P. Reid)  
CLARKE John, foreman, Rope Walk, h 144 Pleasant
CLARKE John, machinist, (Reid Nfld. Fdy.) bds Pleasant
CLARK John F.,  (Devonshire Inn), liquors, 112 Water, h 112 Water
CLARK John H., P.O. clerk, h Allandale Road
CLARKE Joseph, clerk, (F. Smallwood), bds 3 Long's
CLARK Mary Ann, wid Robert, restaurant, 364 Water, h 364 Water
CLARKE Matthias, laborer, h 2 Tank Lane
CLARKE Moses, H.M.C. h 58 Gower
CLARKE Patrick, grocer, 196 New Gower, h 196 New Gower
CLARKE Reuben, seaman, h 34 Lime
CLARKE Richard, truckman, h 3 Cookstown
CLARKE Robert, laborer, h Carpassion Farm, Duder Ave
CLARKE Robert, laborer, bds 24 Hutchings'
CLARKE Samuel, printer, 26 William
CLARKE Thomas, machinist, h 387 Waterford Bridge Road
CLARKE Thomas, machinist, (Con. Cordage Co., Ltd.), Water, w  
CLARKE William, emp., Imp. Tobac. Factory, h 35 LeMarchant
CLARKE William, laborer, h 7 Williams Lane
CLARK W., clerk, (Bowring Bros., Ltd.)  
CLARY John, truckman, Gas Works  
CLATONEY Daniel, clerk, (E. J. Horwood), h Batetry Road
CLATONEY Daniel, janitor, R.C. Church, h 16 Pilot's Hill
CLATONEY Eliza, wid John, h Battery Road
CLATONEY Patrick, laborer, h 18 Pilot's Hill
CLAYTON Henry, seaman, h 30 Pilot's Hill
CLEAR John, laborer, h 34 Codnor's Lane
CLEARY John, laborer, h Barne's Lane, off Military Road
CLEARY John, laborer, h 71 Plank Road
CLEARY John, laborer, h 10 Nunnery Hill
CLEARY John N., barrister, Park Rowe, h 1 Rennie's Mill Road
CLEARY Michael, laborer, h 45 Barter's Hill
CLEARY Michael, laborer, h 34 Barnes Road
CLEARY Patrick, seaman, h 45½ Long's Hill
CLEARY P. I., emp., Reid Nfld. Co., h 3 Monkstown Road
CLEARY Phillip,   h 31 Monkstown Road
CLEARY Phillip J., accountant, h 3 Monkstown
CLEARY Vincent, clerk, (Bank of Montreal), bds 31 Monkstown Road
CLEMENT & CO., Importers Dry Goods and Dealers in Salt Water Fish and Cod Liver Oil, Channel, Newfoundland. See adv.
CLIFFORD Anne, wid James, bds 6 Flavin
CLIFFORD Martin, laborer, h 8 Bulley
CLIFT Charles, merchant, h 71 Rennie's Mill Road
CLIFT Jas. A., barrister, K. C., 226 Duckworth, h 100 Military Road
CLIFT Thomas B., manufacturers' agent, h 64 Le LeMarchant Road
CLINTON, Bridget, wid John, h 9 Cookstown
CLOONEY James, laborer, h 24 Stephen
CLOONEY John, shoemaker, (Nfld B. & S. Ftry.), bds 24½ Stephen
CLOONEY Patrick, cooper, bds 24 Stephen
CLOONEY Thomas, laborer, h 10 Catherine
CLOUSTON Edward, clerk, (Geo. Knowling), bds 48 Duckworth
CLOUSTON John W., tinsmith, (W. J. Clouston), h 95 Forest Road
CLOUSTON Thomas, tinsmith, (W. J. Clouston), h 48 Duckworth
CLOUSTON Walter, manufacturers agent, h 106 Pleasant
CLOUSTON Walter B., clerk, (W. J. Clouston), h 77 Queen's Road
CLOUSTON Wm. J., Tinsmith, 184 Water, h 77 Queen's Road- See adv. p. 123
CLUNY John, weighmaster, H. J. Stabb & Co.), h 66 King's Bridge
COADY Andrew, fisherman, h 8 Princess
COADY Annie,   h 12 Chapel
COADY Bridget, tailoress, bds 12 Chapel
COADY Bridget, tailoress, bds 5 Walsh Square, Signal Hill Road
COADY David, mail clerk, Post Office
COADY Francis, shoemaker, (F. Smallwood), h 12 Dunford
COADY Fred, seaman, bds 12 Dunford
COADY James, blacksmith, bds 5 Walsh Square, Signal Hill Road
COADY James, mason, h 73½ New Gower
COADY James, student, bds Pennywell Road
COADY James, wharfinger, (A. Goodridge & Sons), h 219 N Gower
COADY John, laborer, h 6 Chapel
COADY John, laborer, h 6a Lime
COADY John, liquors, 272 Water, h 58 Pennywell Road
COADY John, seaman, bds 6a Lime
COADY Joseph, laborer, h 79 Casey
COADY Maggie, wid William, h 29 James
COADY Margaret, wid Michael, h 5 Walsh Sq., Signal Hill Road
COADY Mary, grocer, 61 Queen's Road, h 61 Queen's Road
COADY Michael, seaman, h 80 Casey
COADY Michael, stone mason, h 32 Codner's Lane
COADY Nicholas J., grocer, 28 Duggan, h 28 Duggan
COADY Richard, laborer, h 14 Buchanan
COADY Richard, laborer, bds 8 Princess
COADY Thomas blacksmith, bds 24 York
COADY Thomas, clerk, (G. Knowling), bds Pennywell Road
COADY Thomas, laborer, h 82 Casey
COADY Thomas, laborer, 79 Casey
COADY Thos., liquors, 272 Water, h 58 Pennywell Road
COADY Thomas, manager, John Coady, bds Pennywell Road
COADY Walter, laborer, h 216 New Gower
COADY William, blacksmith, h 24 York
COADY William, letter carrier, bds 12 Dunford
COADY William, seaman, bds 6a Lime
COADY William F., letter carrier, General P. O.  
COAKER John, joiner, h 30 Mullock
COBBLE Stewart, machinist, 173 Custom Hill
COCHRANE Andrew J., stenographer, h 1 Kimberley
COCHRANE HOUSE, Miss Mary Forward, prop, 45 Cochrane. See adv.
COCHRANE John J., mason, bds Kimberley
COCHRANE Mary, grocery, h 26 John
COCHRANE Thmoas J., clerk, (E. P. Morris)  
COCHRANE Thomas, laborer, (Bowring Bros., Ltd.)  
COCHRANE William, farmer, h Allandale
COCHRANE William, janitor, Court House, h 1 Kimberley
COCKSHUTT William, pork and sausages, 4 New Gower, h 4 New Gower
CODNELL William, shawl maker, h 18 Wickford
CODNER John, laborer, h 26 Pleasant
CODNER Miguel, truckman, (G. Neal), h off New Gower
CODNER Patrick, tallyman, bds 73 Gower
CODNER William, emp., Nfld. Boot & Shoe F'cty, h 18 Wickford
CODNER William, tallyman, h 73 Gower
COEFIELD Edward, laborer, bds 1 Coefield Lane
COEFIELD Margaret, wid William, h 1 Coefield Lane
COEFIELD Mary, dressmaker, bds 1 Coefield Lane
COEN George C., deputy minister finance, h 7 Maxse
COFFEY Ann, wid Dennis, h 30 King's Road
COFFEY Catherine, grocer, 52 King's Road, h 52 King's Road
COFFEY James, ironworker, bds 104 Gower
COFFEE James A., machinist, (Reid Nfld. Fdy.).  
COFFEY Jeremiah, seaman, h 104 Gower
COFFEY John, messenger, (Anglo-Amer. Tel Co.), bds 104 Gower
COFFEY Kate, clerk, bds 104 Gower
COFFEL William, farmer, h Hope Farm, Sand Pit Road
COFFIN A. E., school teacher  
COFFEN Charles, collector, (R. Nfld Ry.), bds 16 New Gower
COFFIN Charles, jeweller, h 44 Bannerman
COFFIN George B., engineer, h 42 Bannerman
COFFIN Henry, victualler, 16 New Gower, h 16 New Gower
COFFIN John, clerk, (G. Knowling), h 27 Parade
COFFIN Thomas, H.M. Customs, h 44 Bannerman
COGAN Rev. C. J. C., Church of England, h South side
CAKE Stanley, clerk, (Parker & Monroe)  
COLBERT Maurice, tailor, h Leslie
COLBERT Robert, tailor, bds Leslie
COLE Catherine, Miss,   h 12 Rennie's Mill Road
COLE Grace, wid Peter, h 18 Allan Square
COLE George, teamster, (R. Templeman), h 23½ Adelaide
COLE James, steward, bds 14 John
COLE James, laborer, h 6 Tank Lane
COLE John, baker, h Cookstown
COLE John, carman, bds 60 King's Bridge Road
COLE John, wheelwright, (David Chafe), h 7 Dunford
COLE Martin, farmer, bds 60 King's Bridge Road
COLE Mary, wid William, h James, h 6 Tank Lane
COLE Mary, wid William, h 16 John
COLE Nellie, milliner, bds 60 King's Bridge Road
COLE Robert, farmer, h 60 King's Bridge Road
COLE Solomon, teamster, h 92 McFarlane
COLE Susie, music teacher, bds 16 John
COLE Uriah, cabman, h 355 Water, w
COLE William, shoemaker, 26 Henry, bds 16 John
COLEMAN Ann, wid Edward, h 27 Quidi Vidi Road
COLEMAN Edward, tinsmith, h 27 Quidi Vidi Road
COLEMAN Elizabeth, wid Edward, h 49 Carter's Hill
COLEMAN George, cooper, h 93 Monkstown Road
COLEMAN Jeremiah, laborer, bds 27 Quidi Vidi Road
COLEMAN John, shoemaker, bds 49 Carter's Hill
COLEMAN J., shoemaker, (D. Thistle), bds Barter's Hill
COLEMAN R. J., Manufacturers Agent and Commission Merchant, 104 Water, h 51 Duckworth - See adv. p 123
COLEMAN Sarah, wid Patrick, h 99 New Gower
COLERIDGE Peter, Prop. Victoria House, Catalina. See adv.
COLFORD James, shoemaker, h 104 George
COLFORD Miss Margaret, dressmaker, h 95 New Gower
COLFORD Michael, laborer, bds 15 Cuddihy
COLFORD Nellie, Miss, tailoress, (E. Jackman)  
COLFORD Richard, beer depot, 127 New Gower, h 127 New Gower
COLFORD Richard, inspector, pickled fish, h 45 New Gower
COLLIER Fred, painter, bds 6 Victoria
COLLIER Fred. K., painter, Forest House, Forest Road
COLLIER John, clerk, (Geo. Knowling), bds 1 Carnell
COLLIER John, clerk, h 39 Hayward Ave
COLLIER John, painter, h 6 Victoria
COLLIER N. J., wheelwright, Victoria House, Forest Road
COLLIER Samuel G., wheelwright, 8 Waldergrave, h 1 Carnell
COLLINGWOOD Francis E., accountant, bds 263 Gower
COLLINGWOOD John, sr, laborer, h 33 Scott
COLLINGWOOD Thomas, accountant, bds 263 Gower
COLLINGWOOD William, clerk, h 263 Gower
COLLINGWOOD William, storekeeper, h King's Road
COLLINS Amelia F., wid John, h 17 Barter's Hill
COLLINS Augustus, clerk, bds 83 Monkstown Road
COLLINS Bernard, laborer, bds Battery Road
COLLINS Catherine, wid Ignatius, h 17 Holloway
COLLINS Ernest, engineer, (T. N. Boiler Wks.), h 227 Water, w
COLLINS Francis, laborer, h 32 Buchanan
COLLINS George, laborer, h 16 Hayward Ave
COLLINS George A., Hairdresser and Manufacturers Agent, 427 Water, h 427 Water - See adv. p. 129
COLLINS James, laborer, bds 16 Stephen
COLLINS James, pilot, h 61 Gower
COLLINS James J., clerk, (Parker & Monroe), bds Balsam
COLLINS J. J., liquors, 250 Water, h 250 Water
COLLINS James J., notary public, 164 New Gower, h 164 New Gower
COLLINS Johannah, wid Robert, h 16 Stephen
COLLINS John, joiner, h 7 Mullock
COLLINS John J., clerk, h 16 Balsam
COLLINS John T., clerk, bds 32 Prescott
COLLINS Joseph, fisherman, h 38 Barter's Hill
COLLINS Joseph, laborer, h 16 Stephen
COLLINS Kate, wid John, h 48 King's Bridge Road
COLLINS Margaret, charwoman, bds 4 Queen's Road
COLLINS Martin, joiner, h Battery Road
COLLINS Michael, sea captain, h 17 Victoria
COLLINS Michael W., accountant, (Bowring Bros.), bds 17 Victoria
COLLINS Miss Annie J.,   h 32 Prescott
COLLINS Patrick, baker, (Mitchell's) h 4 Queen's Road
COLLINS Patrick, clerk, (Marshal Bros.), bds 17 Victoria
COLLINS P. H., reporter, (Telegram), Waverley Hotel
COLLINS Richard, barber, h 123 Duckworth
COLLINS Thomas,   h 194 Pleasant
COLLINS T. R., surveyor, h 37 Bannerman
COLLINS William, clerk, (Bowring Bros., Ltd.),  
COLLINS William, laborer, h 4 Duggan
COLLINS William, laborer, bds 4 Queen's Road
COLLINS William, printer, bds 37 Bannerman
COLLIS Henry G., beer saloon, 69 Queen's Road, h 69 Queen's Road
COLTESS Myles, laborer, h 80 Patrick
COLTON Edward,   h 10 Barnes' Road
COLTON Ethelbert, cashier, H. M. C., h 126 Water
COYLE, John C., clerk, (W. MacAndie)  
COMFORD John, laborer, h 13 Barnes' Place
COMERFORD Michael, letter carrier, General Post Office  
COMERFORD Richard, cooper, h 58 Cabot
COMERFORD W. B., clerk, (Geo. Knowling), bds 106 Military Road
COMERFORD William, clerk, h 106 Military Road
CONFEDERATION LIFE ASSOCIATION CO., G. O'Neill Conroy, Gen. Agent, Law Chambers, Duckworth. See adv. above
CONCENTINE Peter, baker, h 23 Duggan
CONDON Mary, wid Patrick, h 55 New Gower
CONDON Robert, shipcarpenter, bds 322 Duckworth
CONDON Samuel, clerk (P. Laracy), bds 26 Finn's Lane
CONDON Teresa, wid, h 322 Duckworth
CONDON William H., clerk, (T. J. Eden), Military road
CONNELL Mary, wid Edward, h Mount Scid Road
CONELL Patrick, laborer, (Bowring Bros., Ltd.), bds Victoria
CONNELL Thomas, engineer, h 39 Cochrane
CONNOLLY Edward, tailor, (M. Chaplin), h 10 Wickford
CONNOLLY Frank G., barrister, bds 106 Military Road
CONNOLLY James, steward, (S. S. Bruce), h 10 Wickford
CONNOLLY James, teamster, h 174 Water
CONNOLLY Jeremiah, laborer, bds 42 Barter's Hill
CONNOLLY Jeremiah, laborer, h Lower Battery Road
CONNOLLY John, cabinet maker, h 4 James
CONNOLLY John, laborer, bds Lower Battery Road
CONNOLLY John, painter, h 46 Colonial
CONNOLLY John, shoemaker, bds 15 Patrick
CONNOLLY John J., butcher, bds 106 Military Road
CONNOLLY John J., cabinet maker, 192½ New Gower, h 192½ New Gower
CONNOLLY Lawrence, painter, h 90 Circular Road
CONNOLLY Leo, emp., Nfld Shoe Factory, bds 15 Patrick
CONNOLLY Michael, butcher, h 203 Duckworth
CONNOLLY Michael, butcher, 106 Military Road, h 106 Military Road
CONNOLLY Michael, laborer, h 5 Howe Place
CONNOLLY Patrick, engineer, (S. S. Glencoe), h 10 Wickford
CONNOLLY Thomas, laborer, h 48 Goodview
CONNOLLY William, fisherman, h 15 Patrick
CONNORS Bernard, laborer, h 8 Pilot's Hill
CONNORS Frank J., Harness maker, 162 Water, bds Water.See adv. p 131
CONNORS James, seaman, h 10 Tank Lane
CONNORS John, cooper, 7½ Brazil
CONNORS John, hand spinner, h Mundy Pond Road
CONNORS John, laborer, bds 34½ Buchanan
CONNORS John, laborer, h 47 Wickford
CONNORS John, laborer, h 84 New Gower
CONNORS John, seaman, h 10 Tank Lane
CONNORS Lizzie, Miss, tailoress, (E. M. Jackman)  
CONNORS Margaret, wid Owen, h 5 Holdsworth
CONNORS Mary, wid of Timothy, liquors, 376 Water, h 376 Water
CONNORS Mary, wid, h 51 Flower Hill
CONNORS Mary Ann, wid John, h 10 Tank Lane
CONNORS Mary E., dressmaker, bds 33 Victoria
CONNORS Michael, laborer, bds 234½ New Gower
CONNORS Michael, watchman, (Post Office), h 158 New Gower
CONNORS Michael, laborer, h 9 Cudihy
CONNORS Michael, butcher, 254 Water, h 254 Water
CONNORS Michael, Druggist, 358 Water, bds Crosbie Hotel - See adv.
CONNORS Michael, printer, h 28 McDougall
CONNORS Michael, seaman, h 43 Lime
CONNORS Michael, ropemaker, (Con. Cord Ltd.), h Mundy Pond Road
CONNORS Michael, laborer, bds 9 Cuddihy
CONNORS Patrick jr., line maker, h Mundy Pond Road
CONNORS Patrick sr., ropemaker, h Mundy Pond Road
CONNORS Patrick, butcher, h 35 Victoria
CONNORS Patrick jr., laborer, bds 33 Victoria
CONNORS Patrick, cooper, h 5 Brazil
CONNORS Patrick, butcher, bds 254 Water
CONNORS Thomas P., roadmaster, (Reid Nf Ry), h 168 Gower
CONROY Charles O'Neill, Barrister, Manager Confederation Life Assoc., Law Chambers, Duckworth, h 130 Gower - See adv. p 127.
CONROY Hon. James G., Judge, C. D. Court, h King's Bridge Road
CONROY John, broom-maker, (Hookey's Factory), h Brazil Field
CONSTANTINE John, seaman, h 23½ Flower Hill
CONSTANTINE Mary Ann, wid James, h 23½ Flower Hill
CONSTANTINE Moses, laborer, h 7 Kitchen Place
CONSTANTINE Moses, laborer, (Job Bros.), South side
CONSTANTINE Peter, baker, (Mitchell's), h 21 Duggan
CONSTANTINE Philip, laborer, h 23 Flower Hill
CONWAY Dennis, fisherman, h 5 Queen's Road
CONWAY Dennis, plasterer, h 17 Monkstown Road
CONWAY George, mason, h 66 King's Bridge Road
CONWAY James, fisherman, bds 5 Queen's Road
CONWAY John, plasterer, h King's Bridge Road
CONWAY John, laborer, h 61 Lime
CONWAY John, fisherman, bds 5 Queen's Road
CONWAY John, plasterer, h 39 Gower
CONWAY John, plasterer, h Lake Avenue
CONWAY J. A., member, Christian Bros., Mount St. Francis
CONWAY Thomas, plasterer, h King's Bridge Road
CONWAY     h 57 Queen's Road
COOK Alex, supplier, bds 2 New Gower
COOK Alexander, laborer, h South side, e
COOK Miss Bessie, clerk, (J. B. Ayre), bds 51 Flower Hill
COOK Charles, cooper, (Henry Long), h 41 Angel Place
COOK Douglas, butcher, (Wm. Cook), bds 266 Water
COOK Duncan, machinist, 84 Springdale
COOK Frederick, laborer, h South side e
COOK George, cooper, h 95 Hamilton
COOKE George, cooper, (Bowring Bros., Ltd.), h South side
COOK George, carpenter, h 20a Hayward Avenue
COOK George H., teamster, h 22 Signal Hill Road
COOK James, carpenter, h 16 bds 266 Water
COOK James, cooper, (Job Bros.), South side
COOK John, clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling)  
COOK John R., joiner, h 36 Bannerman
COOK John A., laborer, (Job Bros., Ltd.), h South side
COOK Joseph, fisherman, h South side, e
COOK Joseph, machinist, (Bremn & Co.), h 1 Cochrane
COOK Joseph, shoemaker, (Nfld. B. & S. Co.), bds 32 Angel Place
COOK Philip, messenger, (P. J. Shea), h 94 McFarlane
COOK Richard, laborer, h 31 Wickford
COOK Sandy, clerk, (Hon. Geo. Knowling)  
COOK Tasker, manager, J. Pennock, h 284 Water
COOKE Thomas, keeper, Lunatic Asylum, h 71 Gower
COOK William, carpenter, (Angel's), h South side, e
COOK William, locksmith, h 31 Wickford
COOKE William, cooper, (Bowring Bros.), h South side
COOK William, carpenter, (Reid Nfld. Fdy.)  
COOK W., messenger, (M. Macandie)  
COOK William, butcher, 266 Water, h 266 Water
COOKSLEY William, emp., Dry Dock, h Job's Bridge
COONAN Margaret, Miss,   h 66 Duckworth
COONEY Mary, wid Peter, h 8 Simms
COONEY James, cooper, h 59 Springdale
COONEY James, jr, cooper, bds 59 Springdale
COONEY William, laborer, (Bowring Bros., Ltd.)  
COONEY William, laborer, bds 8 Simms
COOPER Catherine, wid Henry, h 8 Barron
COOPER Edward, laborer, h 21 Field
COOPER Edward, photographer, (S. H. Parsons), h 8 Barron
COOPER Eli, messenger, (Royal Stores), h 4 Monroe
COOPER Francis, laborer, h 2 Stephen
COOPER James, cooper, h 21 Field
COOPER John, laborer, h 23 Pennywell Road
COOPER John, fisherman, h 21 Field
COOPER John, carpenter, h 44 Scott
COOPER John, laborer, h 29 Baindrick
COOPER John, stoker, (Gas Works)  
COOPER Miss, dressmaker, Royal Stores  
COOPER Peter, laborer, h 27 Waldgrave
COOPER Peter, clerk, (T. J. Freeman), bds 27 Waldgrave
COOPER Richard, Henry Pope, h Buchanan
COOPER Theophilus, shoemaker, bds 2 Stephen
COOPER Thomas, messenger, (Fortune & Sharpe)  
COOPER Thomas, laborer, h 45 Spencer
COOPER William, carpenter, h 21 Field
COOPER William, laborer, h 43 Spencer
CORBETT Joseph, police sergeant, h 11 Tessier Place
CORBETT Patrick, (Perlin & Co.), bds Carter's Hill
CORBETT Patrick T. J., clerk, (Perlin & Co.), bds 11 Tessier Place
CORBETT Rose, dressmaker, bds 15 Holloway
CORCORAN Lawrence, jr., cooper, bds 18 Hutchings
CORBET Susan, wid George, h 16 Wickford
CORBY Jane, wid William, h 37 Flower Hill
COREY Esther, wid Stephen, h 12 Hagarty
CORCORAN Isabella, tailoress, bds 18 Hutchings
CORCORAN Lawrence, cooper, h 18 Hutchings
CORCORAN Lawrence, jr., cooper, bds 18 Hutchings
CORCORAN Phillip, bookkeeper, (Vey's Studio), h 46 Livingston
CORCORAN William, fisherman, h 32 Goodview
CORMACK H. S., emp., R. N. Co., bds Cochrane Hotel
CORMACK James, clerk, H. M. Customs, bds h 47 Queen's Road
CORMACK John, agent, Queen Insurance Co., h 47 Queen's Road
CORMICK William, manager, Cond. Fdy, Ltd., h 87 Longdale
CORNELIUS C. C., American Consul, 197 Water, bds Crosbie Hotel
CORNEW Susie, schoolteacher, bds 179 Gower
CORNICK Amelia, wid Fredk, h 30 William
CORNICK Elizabeth, wid Fredk., h 30 William
CORNICK Fred., clerk (Harvey & Co.), bds Cook
CORNICK Frederick, clerk, bds 30 William
CORNICK Henry, clerk, (Reid Nfld. Co.), bds 45 Cochrane
CORNICK H. J., carpenter, (E. G. Martin), h 25 Parade
CORNICK John, moulder, (Con. Fdy.), h 148 Pleasant
CORNICK John, carpenter, h 25 Parade
CORNICK Thomas, mechanic, lighthouse, h Mundy Pond Road
CORNICK William, engineer, h 70 Hamilton
CORNISH Andrew, carman, h 17 Pennywell Road
CORRIGAN Peter, storekeeper, (Tessier & Co.)  
COSH Mary, wid Samuel, h 57 Carter's Hill
COSH George, clerk, (J. Whiteway)  
COSH Samuel, printer, (Gazette), bds 47 Brazil Square
COSTELLO Elizabeth, wid Matthew, h 12 Gilmore
COSTELO James, laborer, h 40 Wickford
COSTELLO John, seaman, h 25 Cudihy
COSTELLO Michael, laborer, h 39 Plymouth Road
COSTELLO Richard, carpenter, h 47 Field
COSTELLO William, clerk, h 243 Gower
COSTELLO William, shoemaker, (Parker & Monroe)  
COSTELLO William J., tailor, (W. P. Shortall), bds John
COTTER Dennis, teamster, h Mount Scio Road
COTTER John, clerk, (M. Connors), bds 74 Duckworth
COTTER N. J. janitor, Gazette building, h 236 Water
COTTER W. P. clerk, (T. J. Eden) bds Duckworth
COUCH Clement, sea captain, h 33 Springdale
COUGHLAN Anthony, farmer, h Allandale Cottage, Allandale
COUGHLANE James, journeyman, (W. H. Bartlett)  
COUGHLAN James, clerk, Post Office  
COUGHLAN John, mail contractor, h Allandale, Allandale
COUGHLAN Maud,   bds 9 Monkstown Road
COUGHLAN William, farmer, h "Allandale Cottage", Allandale
COULTAS Joseph, foreman, Broom Room, penitentiary
COULTAS Miss, milliner, (Mrs. Haviland Edgar)  
COULTON May, dressmaker, (Louisa Bindon), bds Logy Bay Road
COURT AVALON, No. 1955, 158 Water  
COURT HOUSE, Water    
COURT TERRA NOVA, No. 4040, 158 Water  
COURTNEY Police Sergeant,   h 23 Cook
COURTNEY Catherine, wid Richard, h 418 Water
COURTNEY David, butcher, 418 Water, bds 418 Water
COURTNEY'S DRUG STORE, H. Courtney, Manager, 423 Water, See adv
COURTNEY Henry, Manager, Courtney's Drug Store, bds 137 LeMerchant
COURTNEY William, druggist, 423 Water  
COUSINS Bertie, of N. Cousens & Son, bds South side
COUSENS Lucy, wid James, h 31 Dicks'
COUSENS Ludiah, wid George, h 402 Water
COUSENS N. & Son, coopers, South side
COUSENS Nicholas, manager, N. Cousens & Son, h South side
COUSENS Robert, cooper, h Dicks' Square
COUSENS Robert, cooper, bds 31 Dicks'
COUSENS Thomas, cooper, h 52 Gilbert
COVE Samuel, laborer, h 15 Larkin's Square
COWAN & CO. (John Cowan), Manufacturers' Agents & Commission Merchants, 256-258 Water See adv
COWAN & Co., (P. H. Cowan, John Cowan), commission Merchants, 96 Water  
COWAN Daisy, dressmaker, bds 13 Brazil
COWAN Elizabeth, dressmaker, bds 13 Brazil
COWAN Henry, accountant, (Anderson's), h 65 Prescott
COWAN John, of Cowan & Co., h 37 Queen's Road
COWAN John, of Cowan & Co., bds 236 Duckworth
COWAN Mary, dressmaker, bds 13 Brazil
COWAN Peter H., of Cowan & Co., bds 37 Harbor View, Queen's Road
COWAN Robert, cooper, h 13 Brazil
COWARD Samuel, sea captain, h 77 Pleasant
COWLEY James, emp, Royal Stores, bds 55 Flower Hill
COOPERTHWAITE, Rev. H. P., Methodist, h 62 Cochrane
COX Charles, draper, (Ayre & Sons), bds 127 Military Road
COX Garnet, clerk, (Cox, Water), bds 143 Hamilton
COX George, laborer, bds 21 ½ Barter's Hill
COX James, mail clerk, h 34 Henry
COX William, barber, h 1 Cochrane
COX Z., General Importer, Provisions & Groceries, 345 Water, h Hamilton - See adv.  p 134
COYELL Egbert, cooper, h 52 Springdale
COYEL Thomas, cooper, h South side
COYSH George, seaman, h Battery Road
CRAM Raymond W., draper, (Ayre & sons, Ltd.), h 238 Gower
CRANE Alice, wid John, h 22 Lime
CRANE Fenwick, accountant, h 107 Gower
CRANE Fenwick, 1st accountant, (Job Bros & Co.), h Prescott
CRAN James, laborer, h South side
CRANE James Kelly, packer, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.)  
CRANE John, cooper, (Rennie Bakery Co.), 124 Barnes' Rd  
CRANE John, fisherman, h South side, east
CRANE Mark, seaman, h 9 Princes
CRANE Miss Mary, clerk, (J. B. Ayre), bds Lime
CRANE Stanley, machinist, (Reid Nfld. Fdy).  
CRANE William, apprentice, (D. Galway), bds Lime
CRAMFORD Albert, cooper, (Job Bros), h South side
CRAMFORD Frank, laborer, (Baine, Johnston & Co.), h South side
CRAWFORD Henry, Purchasing Agent, Reid Co., h 10 Gower
CRAWFORD H., jr, emp R. N. Co., bds 10 Gower
CRAMFORD Henry, laborer, (Job Bros.) h South side
CRAWFORD James, accountant, bds 10 Gower
CRAWFORD Margaret,   bds 12 Hagarty
CRAWFORD Mary, wid John, h 12 Hagarty
CRAWFORD Miss, charwoman, h 12 Pleasant
CRAWFORD William, engineer, h 16 Allan
CRAWLEY   packer, Royal Stores, Ltd.
CREBER Samuel, seaman, h 16 Barter's Hill
CRICKETT Thomas, shoemaker, N. F. Boot and Shoe Factory, h 16 Hutchings
CRIMP Robert, laborer, (Bowring Bros., Ltd.), h 46 Long's Hill
CRIMP William, laborer, (Bowring Bros., Ltd.) h 44 Long's Hill
CHRISTOPHER, Sarah, wid William, h 54 Barnes' Road
CRITCH Ambrose, seaman, h 51 Brazil
CRITCH Jabez, laborer, h 47 Quidi Vidi Road
CRITCH John, cook, h 58 Spencer
CROAKE John, laborer, h 11 Wood
CROAKE Thomas, laborer, h 11 Wood
CROCKER A., wharfinger, (Bowring Bros., Ltd.), h 12 Colonial
CROCKER A. G. Boyd, draper, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.), bds 119 Bond
CROCKER'S CARRIAGE FACTORY, W. H. Crocker, Prop., 30-32 George. See adv. p 134
CROCKER Frederick, clerk, bds 119 Bond
CROCKER Harold, clerk, Royal Stores  
CROCKER Harrison, letter carrier  
CROCKER Heber, tailor, (W. Shortall), bds 30 Brine
CROCKER John, laborer, h 31 Rossiter's Lane
CROCKER John, jr. laborer, bds 31 Rossiter's Lane
CROCKER John, laborer, (Job Bros. & Co.)  
CROCKER William H., Prop. Car Fac., h 30 Brine
CROCKER Wm. S., clerk, h 119 Bond
CROKE Edward, jr. emp., Rod. Callahan, bds 125 New Gower
CROKE, Edward, sr. seaman, h 125 New Gower
CROLEFORD, William, laborer, h South side
CROSBIE & CO., (J. C. Crosbie), Importers of Produce, etc., 2 water, See adv p 134
CROSBIE HOTEL, M. E. Bell, prop., 218 Duckworth  
CROSBIE J. C., of Crosbie & Co., manager, h Victoria
CROSS & Co., (Frank Cross), dry goods, h 180 Duckworth
CROSS Francis, draper, h off Holloway
CROSS Frank, of Cross & Co., h 180 Duckworth
CROSS George F., clerk, (Hon. George Knowling), h 5 George
CROSS William, sr., sea captain, h 1 Willicott's Lane
CROSS William R., jr., sea caprain, h 1 Willicott's Lane
CROSSMEN Frederic, clerk, (Knowling's), bds 73 Long's Hill
CROSSMAN James, cabinet maker, h 210 Duckworth
CROSSMAN John, engineer, bds 210 Duckworth
CROSSMAN Moses, engineer, bds 210 Duckworth
CROSWELL Robert, engineer, h 28 Cookstown
CROATY Catherine, wid Patrick, h 74 Duckworth
CROTTY Daniel, joiner, Battery Road
CROATY John, druggist, (M. Cromer, Water), bds 74 Duckworth
CROTTY J. P., commission broker, bds Signal Hill Road
CROTTY Miss M. A., liquors, 64 Water, h 64 Water
CROTTY Maurice, farmer, h Mundy Pond Road
CROTTY Michael, seaman, h 14 Nunnery Hill
CROTTY Patrick, coachman, bds 10 Duggan
CROTTY Patrick, coachman, h Rennie's Mill Road
CROTTY Thomas, farmer, bds Mundy Pond Road
CROTTY William, jr., accountant, h 12 Walsh Square, Signal Hill Road
CROTTY William, fisherman, h 8 Signal Hill Road
CROTTY William, laborer, bds Mundy Pond Road
CROTTY William, emp., Col. Cordage Co., Ltd., h Mundy Pond Road
CROOTY William, clerk, (T. J. Eden), bds 74 Duckworth
CROUCHER Archibald, clerk, (Baine, Johnston & Co.)  
CROWAN Edward, accountant, soap factory, h 71 Military Road
CROWAN Mary, Miss, oil clothing department, bds 71 Military Road
CROWDELL James, clerk, (J. D. Ryan), h 32 Henry
CROWDELL James J., clerk, (J. D. Ryan), bds Freshwater Road
CROWDY Charles T., clerk, (Bank of Nova scotia), bds 358 Water
CROWDY William, fisherman, h 132 Water
CROWDY Wm. H., mgr, Royal Bank of Canada, h 358 Water
CROWE John, laborer, h 27 Mullock
CROWLEY Jeremiah, moulder, h 220 Hamilton Ave
CROWLEY Mary, wid John, huxter shop, 5 New Gower, h 5 New Gower
CRUMMEY Agnes, tailoress, h Vaseys
CRUMMY Richard, seaman, h 12 Brine
CRUTE Augustus, farmer, h 412 Water
CUDDEHY Catherine, wid John, h 12 Catherine
CUDDEHY John, clerk, Tessier & Co,  
CUHIDDY John, mason, h 33 Flower Hill
CUHIDDY Michael, laborer, bds 33 Flower Hill
CUDDIHY Michael, shoemaker, h 15 Cuddihy
CUDIHY, Thomas, laborer, h 193 New Gower
CUDDIHY William, joiner, h 12 Cudihy
CULLEN, A., messenger, Anglo American Tel Co, bds Long's Hill
CULLEN, Anne, wid John, h 8 Hayward Ave
CULLEN, Bride, clerk, bds 8 Hayward Ave
CULLEN, James, wharfinger, (Baine, Johnston), h 9-11 Bell
CULLEN, John, emp Col. Cordage Co., Ltd., h Mundy Pond Road
CULLEN, Joseph, fisherman, h 45 Power Ave, Signal Hill Road
CULLEN, Martha, nurse, General Hospital  
CULLEN, Stanley, clerk, (Baine, Johnston & Co.)  
CULLEN, Thomas, wharfinger, (Baine, Johnston & Co.)  
CULLEN, William,   h 6 Queen's
CULLEN, William, printer, (foreman Daily News), h 39 Henry
CULLETON, Ellen,   h 15 Rosister's Lane
CULLETON, James, baker, h 12 King's Road
CULLETON, James, grocer, bds 119 Long's Hill
CULLETON John, planter, h 14 Hutchings
CULLETON, W., clerk, (Bowring Bros.)  
CULLETON, William, cooper, h 48 Gower
CULTON, John, laborer, h 7 Simms
CULTON, William, laborer,   h 9 Simms
COMERFORD William, draper, h 102 Military Road
COMERFORD William B., clerk, bds 102 Military Road
CUMMINGS Ambrose, bookbinder, (Dick's & Co.), bds 18 Tessier pl
CUMMINGS Edward, clerk, bds 59 Prescott
CUMMINGS George, fisherman, h 18 Tessier Place
CUMMINS George, carpenter, h 1 Gilbert
CUMMINS John, grocer, 120 Military Road, h 120 Military Road
CUMMINS Mary, nurse, Poor Asylum  
CUNINGHAM Edward, steward, h 40 Signal Hill Road
CUNNINGHAM Ellen, wid, h 39 LeMerchant Road
CUNNINGHAM Henry, laborer, h 31 Water, w
CUNNINGHAM John, shoemaker, 31 Princes, h 31 Princes
CUNNINGHAM John, teamster, h 194 Water
CUNNINGHAM Maggie, tailoress, (E. M. Jackman)  
CUNNINGHAM Martha, wid Patrick, h 37 Flower Hill
CUNNINGHAM Mary, machinist, boot & shoe, bds 315 Water, w
CUNNINGHAM Patrick, seaman, bds 23 Holdsworth
CUNNINGHAM Polly, Miss, machine operator, bds 317 Water, w
CUNNINGHAM Thos., gardener, h r Water, w
CURBEY Stephen, laborer, h 3 Mullock
CURNEW Isaac, carpenter, h 36 Adelaide
CURNEW John, laborer, h 11 Cabot
CURNEW William, fisherman, h Lower Battery Road
CURNEW Wilfred, laborer, bds 36 Adelaide
CURRAN James, laborer, h 10 Wickford
CURRAN John, shoemaker, h 1 Flower Hill
CURRAN John, tailor, 110 Water, h 110 Water
CURRAN Michael, seaman, h 41 Hamilton
CURRAN Thomas, blacksmith, 2 Holdsworth, 14 Balsam
CURRAN Thomas, seaman, h 126 George
CURRIE John S., of Robins & Currie, h 80 Freshwater
CURRIE William, accountant, h 276 Gower
CURRIE W. G., clerk, (Colonial Secy office), h New Gower
CURTIN Daniel, jr., clerk, bds 99 King's Road
CURTIN Daniel, sr., fisherman, h 99 King's Road
CURTIN John, clerk, (Richard Sennell), h 99 King's Road
CURTIN John, laborer, 4 Carew
CURTIN John, grocer, h 93 King's Road
CURTIN J. P., druggist, (T. McMurdo) h Hayward Ave
CURTIN S. J., clerk, (J. J. St. John's), bds King's Road
CURTIS Archibald, laborer, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.), h 28 Joy Place
CURTIS George, laborer, bds 37 York
CURTIS H. B., emp., R. N. Co., h 38 Queen's Road
CURTIS James, machinist, (Reid Nfld. Fdy), h South side
CURTIS James, engineer, h 180 Water
CURTIS Jane, wid William, h 37 York
CURTIS John, laborer, bds 37 York
CURTIS John J., clerk, (R. N. R. Co.), 168 Water
CURTIS Joseph, carpenter, bds 28 Joy Place
CURTIS Kate, wid Patrick, bds 180 Water
CURTIS Rev. L., D.D., Supt., Meth. Board of Education, h 52 Prescott
CUSTOM HOUSE, Duckworth    
CUTHBERTSON, Thomas, clerk,   bds 181 Gower
CUTLER, Absalom, seaman, h 16 Carew
1027 Entries - Complete
McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by James Roberts

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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