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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
"A" Names for the City of St. John's
ABBOTT Absolom Teamster h 12 Stuart avenue
ABBOTT Anna wid John h 18 York
ABBOTT Chester clerk bds 12 Stuart avenue
ABBOTT Ester wid Wm h 43 Bannerman
ABBOTT Henry laborer h 45 Cabot
ABBOTT Herbert laborer h 39 Cabot
ABBOTT James seaman 18 York
ABBOTT James tanner h 55 Goodview
ABBOTT James tanner, Thompson's Tannery
ABBOTT Mark laborer h 20 Simms
ABBOTT William laborer h 18 York
ABBOTT William tanner, McKeen's tannery bds South side
ABBOTT William teamster h 12 Stuart avenue
ABRAHAM Richard employee, Reid, N.F. Co. bds 10 Alexander
ADAMS Albert T. sailmaker, Issac Morris h Adams
ADAMS Alice M. h 3 Maxese
ADAMS Drusilla wid Abraham h 3 Maxe
ADAMS Eli seaman h 76 Carter's Hill
ADAMS Ellen wid h 8 Convent sq
ADAMS George I. Clerk, Supreme Court h 3 Maxe
ADAMS John seaman h 23 Scott
ADAMS Joseph sailmaker, Issac Morris h. 8 Adam
ADAMS Joseph truckman h. 24 Scott
ADAMS Minnie clerk, J.B. Ayres bds 8 Convent Sq
ADAMS R. engineering student bds 38 LeMerchant Road
ADAMS Thomas farmer h. Mount Scio Road
ADAMS Thomas larborer h. 43 Field
ADAMS William cooper h. 49 Field
ADAMS William stevedore h. 59 Merry Meeting Road
ADAMS William teamster, J.B. Ayres bds 8 Convent Sq
ADEY Charles accountant, Bowering Bros h. 8 Gilbert
ADEY Martha wid Eliker h. 6 Gilbert
ADRAIN John merchant tailor, 165 Water h. 38 LeMerchant road
AERATED WATER WORKS John R Bennett, prop 166 Duckworth see adv opp
AINSWORTH William gardener h.Water West
AITKEN Robert clerk, Bishop & Monroe h. 51 Hamilton
AITKEN William clerk bds 51 Hamilton
ALCOCK Clement H.M. Customs h. 83 Military Road
ALDERDICE Frederick accountant, Col. Cordage Co Ltd. h. 153 LeMerchant Road
ALDERDICE Fred C. sub. Manager, Col. Cordage Co Ltd. h. Lemerchant Road
ALDERDICE Norman accountant, Col. Cordage Co, Ltd. h. 66 LeMerchant Road
ALLEN Archibald teamster bds 92 McFarlane's
ALLEN Patrick farmer h. Allendale Road
ALLAN Patrick teamster (T.I. Allan) h. Walshes Lane
ALLAN Thomas larborer, Bowering Bros. h. Carter's Hill
ALLAN Thomas talleyman, Bowerings h. 11 Cookstown
ALLAN Thomas J. groceries and provisions, 24 Water h. 26 Cookstown
ALLAN Wilfred clerk bds 1 ½ Brazil
ALLAN William watchmaker bds 322 Duckworth
ALLAN Wm. J. watchmaker, 295 Water h. City Terrace Duckworth
ALSOP Carteret surveyor h. 70 Freshwater
ALSOP Eva Miss dressmaker, Mrs. A. Mitchell Freshwater Road
ALSOP Robert Court House bds 70 Freshwater
ALWARD Thomas larborer bds 9 Signal Hill Road
ALYWARD Francis larborer h. 34 Georges
ALYWARD Miss Francis clerk, J. Whiteway
ALYWARD John messenger, W.D. Morris & Co.
ALYWARD Joseph miner h. 13 Princes
ALYWARD Matthew plumber, Gas Co. bds 23 Livingstone
ALYWARD Michael pressman, Daily News bds Princes
ALYWARD William mason h. 141 Gower
AMERSON Arch. larborer, Job Bros.
AMMINSON Alex upholster, Daymonds bds Duckworth
ANDERSON Alfred porter, Crosbie Hotel
ANDERSON G.I. Flour & Commision Agent, Duckworth h. 72 Cochrane
ANDERSON George grocer, 161 Gower h. 72 Cochrane
ANDERSON James agent h. 72 Cochrane
ANDERSON James laborer h. 83 Gower
ANDERSON John Dry Goods Merchant, 271, 281, 283 Water h. Rennie Mill road
ANDERSON John MHA bds 29 Monks Town Road
ANDERSON John seaman h. 39 Flower Hill
ANDERSON & URQUHART George A. Anderson, JB Urquhart flour and commission merchants, Duckworth
ANDREWS Charles larborer bds 12 Brennan
ANDREWS Charles printer, Daily News h. 31 Spencer
ANDREWS Charles tinsmith bds 67 Merry Meeting Road
ANDREWS Delpeen clerk h. 101 Quidi Vidi Road
ANDREWS Ernest truckman bds 67 Merry Meeting Road
ANDREWS E. Kate clerk, Mrs Sarah J Andrews h. 29 York
ANDREWS George apprentice, (Free Press) bds 31 spencer
ANDREWS George M. watchman, Geo Knowling h. 123 pleasant
ANDREWS G. teamster, Hon. Geo. Knowling
ANDREWS Henry carpenter h. 80 McFarlane's
ANDREWS James ship carpenter h. 74 Cabot
ANDREWS John larborer h. 101 Quidi Vidi Road
ANDREWS Kenneth tailor bds 101 Quidi Vidi Road
ANDREWS Mary Jane tailoress bds 123 pleasant
ANDREW Nathaniel Street Car inspector h. 39 Parade
ANDREWS Nathan (1) Street Car Inspector h. Hamilton
ANDREWS Robert larborer h. 12 Brennan
ANDREWS Robert tinsmith h. 67 Merry Meeting Road
ANDREWS Sarah J. wid William, commission agent, 29 York h. 67 Merry Meeting Road
ANDREWS Stephen truckman h. 31 Spencer
ANDREWS Walter painter bds 67 Merry Meeting Road
ANDREWS William larborer h. 53 Cabot
ANDREWS William seaman bds 67 Merry Meeting Road
ANGEL F.W. mgr, Angel Engineering Co, Ltd h. 132 Hamilton
ANGEL Herbert larborer bds 3 Temperance
ANGEL James fisherman h. 15 Simms
ANGEL James, HON h. 132 Hamilton
ANGEL J E of Angel Engineering co., Ltd. h. 130 Hamilton
ANGEL John baker bds 87 Hamilton
ANGEL John cooper bds 7 Bambrick
ANGEL John cooper, employee, Boggan's h. 7 Bambrick
ANGEL John engineer, (foreman, Angel Co) h. 130 Hamilton
ANGEL John larborer h. 2 Deady's Lane
ANGEL Joseph ship rigger h. 3 Temprance
ANGEL Minnie assistant, Boot & Shoe bds 196 New Gower
ANGEL Nichols clerk bds 44 Hamilton
ANGEL N. clerk, (P.C. O'Driscoll) bds 44 Hamilton
ANGEL Richard laborer h. 87 Hamilton
ANGEL Samuel clerk, Jackman, the Tailor
ANGEL Samuel laborer h. 44 Hamilton
ANGEL Stephen laborer h. 9 Bambrick
ANGEL Stephen laborer h. 196 New Gower
ANGEL Stephen Jr. clerk, J.V. O'Dea bds 196 New Gower
ANGEL Thomas laborer h. 7 Bambrick
ANGEL Thomas wharffinger Tessier & Co
ANGEL William coachman h. 9 Bannerman
ANGLO AMERICAN TELEGRAPH CO. LTD. A.M. MacKay Genl Supt., 244 Water See adv p 78
ANTHONY Abraham laborer h. 11 Barron
ANTHONY Elizabeth h. 21 John
ANTHONY John laborer bds 11 Barron
ANTHONY John laborer, (Baine Johnson & Co.) h. Alexander
ANTHONY John laborer h. 50 Brazil
ANTHONY John laborer h. 94 Hamilton
ANTHONY Joseph inspector, street cars bds 14 Johns
ANTHONY Joseph (2) street car inspector bds Pleasant
ANTHONY Laura Miss milliner, Steer Bros.
ANTHONY Mildred milliner bds 21 Johns
ANTHONY Nettie clerk, (John W. Taylor) bds 21 Johns
ANTHONY Solomon tailor Forest Road
ANTHONY Thomas carpenter h. 9 Boggan
ANTHONY Thomas laborer bds 64 Brazil
ANTHONY William wheelwright, (employee D. Crafe) h. 11 Barron
ANTHONY William fireman h. 95 Bond
ANTHONY William laborer h. 36 Buchanan
ANTHONY William laborer h. 64 Brazil
ANTHONY William wheelwright bds 11 Barron
ANTINORIO Angelo tinsmith h. 5 Dunford
ANTINORIO Mary tailoress h. 5 Dunford
ANTLE Andrew laborer h. 20 James
ANTLE Henry baker h. 25 Quidi Vidi Road
ANTLE John sea captain h. 11 Pilots Hill
ANTLE Thomas moulder h. 166 LeMerchant Road
ANTLE Willis fireman h. 13 Barters Hill
ARCHIBALD Alfred Bank of Montreal clerk bds 47 Military Road
ARKLIE Thomas clerk, Newfoundland Timber Estates
ARMSTRONG George watchman bds 99 Bond
ARMSTRONG Isabell dressmaker, (G. Knowlings) bds 91 Carter's Hill
ARMSTRONG James cabinet-maker bds 91 Carter's Hill
ARMSTRONG James laborer h. 91 Carter's Hill
ARMSTRONG Miss B. clerk, Hon. Geo.Knowling
ARMSTRONG Thomas engineer h.99 Bond
ARMSTRONG Thomas F. electrician, power house h. Bond
ARMSTRONG Timothy machinist bds 91 Carter's Hill
ARMSTRONG William shoemaker h. 24 Young
ARMY AND NAVY DEPOT Wines and Spirits 119 Duckworth See adv above
ARNOLD Lee clerk, Bank Montreal bds h 27 Queen's Road
ARNOLD N.M. teller, Bank Montreal bds 27 Queen's Rd
ARNOLD Thomas shoemaker, Boot & Shoe Co. bds 25 Hutchings
ARNOTT Edward street car conductor, (Reid Nfld. Co.) bds 25 Hutchings
ARNOTT George clerk, Knowlings h. 25 Hutchings
ARNOTT Thomas shoemaker, (Nfld. Boot & Shoe Factory) bds 25 Hutchings
ASH Geo. carpenter bds 158 Pleasant
ASH Gordon larborer h. 37 Spencer
ASH James fisherman h. 16 Gilmore
ASH James larborer, Ayres & Sons Ltd.
ASH Jessie school teacher bds 134 Bond
ASH John larborer bds 37 Spencer
ASH J. carpenter, (E.J. Martins) h. 158 Pleasant
ASH Richard accountant, (Bowering Bros.) bds 29 Henry
ASH Richard larborer h. 34 Spencer
ASH Robert sailor, seaman h. 37 Spencer
ASH William clerk h. Ropewalk
ASH William cooper, (Ayre & Sons) h. 158 Pleasant
ASH William wharfinger, (Ayre & Sons Ltd)
ASHBOURN John seaman h. 25 New Gower
ASHLEY Daniel moulder h.69 Patrick
ASHLEY James moulder h. 9 Atlantic Avenue
ASHLEY John cooper h.365 Duckworth
ASHLEY John stone cutter, (C.F. Muir) bds 9 Atlantic Avenue
ASHLEY Laura milliner, (Royal Stores) bds 9 Atlantic Avenue
ASHLEY Maud Miss dressmaker,(Mrs.A.Mitchell) h. South Side
ASHLEY Thomas laborer h. South Side
ASHMAN Elizabeth wid Thomas h. 26 McDougall
ASHMAN Mary A. h. 25 Bond
ASHMAN Patrick laborer h.8 Hunt's Lane
ASHMAN Thomas laborer h. 30 Wickford
ASPELL James laborer bds Battery Road
ASPELL John laborer h. Battery Road
ASPELL John laborer h. 33 Buchanan
ASPELL Patrick laborer h. Battery Road
ASPELL Richard fireman h. 14 Moore
ASPELL Thomas fisherman h. 23 Cuddihy
ASPELL William laborer bds Battery Road
ATEEL William G. letter carrier, Post Office
ATKINS Frank laborer bds 107 New Gower
ATKINS James shoemaker bds 107 New Gower
ATKINS John laborer h. 107 New Gower
ATKINS Thomas shoemaker bds 107 New Gower
ATKINSON Albert E. assistant parcel clerk, General Post Office
ATKINSON Edward clerk, G.P.O. bds 17 Dicks
ATKINSON William accountant, (Ayre & Sons) bds 17 Dicks
ATLANTIC BOOK STORE Garrett Byrne, prop 138 Water See adv
ATTFIELD Stephen fisherman h. 26 Hutchings
ATWELL John plumber bds Brazil's Field
ATWELL Samuel carpenter h. Brazil's Field
ATWELL Emily wid Richard bds 39 Brazil
ATWELL Hattie wid William h. 39 Brazil
ATWELL Mabel clerk, (Trapnel's) bds 39 Brazil
ATWELL Mrs. A. milliner, (J. Whiteway)
ATWELL William letter carrier, G.P.O. bds 39 Brazil
ATWELL William G. Ninth letter carrier, G. P. O.
AUCHINLECK Alexander carpenter h. Merry Meeting Road
AUSTIN Charles tailor h. 30 Spencer
AUSTIN Chesley plumber bds 16 Tessier Place
AUSTIN Chesley plumber h. 16 Tessier Place
AUSTIN Edward brakesman, (Reid F.L.Co) h. 22 Young
AUSTIN James carpenter bds 16 Tessier Place
AUSTIN John teamster h. 122 Casey
AUSTIN Samuel gauger, H.M.C. h. 28 Forest Road
AUSTIN Walter coachman bds 16 Tessier Place
AUSTIN William carpenter h. 16 Tessier Place
AUSTIN William laborer h. 33 Spencer
AVALON FLOWER STORE Miss A. Neville 142 Duckworth
AVALON STEAM COOPERAGE CO. LTD. Factory Lane See adv p. 82
AVERY Abram laborer h. 154 New Gower
AVERY Adam laborer h. 85 Casey
AVERY Anna wid William boarding house, 284 Duckworth
AVERY Archibald laborer h. Brazil's Field
AVERY Gilbert engineer bds 20 Walsh Square, Signal Hill
AVERY James H.M. Customs h. 20 Walsh Square, Signal Road
AVERY Norman laborer h. 106 Casey
AYLWARD Edward laborer bds 9 Signal Hill Road
AYLWARD James farmer h. 23 Livingstone
AYLWARD James grocer (T.J. Edens) bds 45 Merry Meeting Road
AYLWARD James L. clerk (T.J. Edens) bds Military Road
AYLWARD John tailor (with Timothy) bds 428 Water
AYLWARD John laborer bds 9 Signal Hill Road
AYLWARD John carpenter h. 45 Merry Meeting Road
AYLWARD Johannah tailoress bds 9 Signal Hill Road
AYLWARD Margaret wid Thomas h. 9 Signal Hill Road
AYLWARD Mary candy maker bds 9 Signal Hill Road
AYLWARD Maurice laborer h. 3 Howe Place
AYLWARD Michael mail clerk bds 428 Water
AYLWARD Timothy tailor h. 428 Water
AYRE Charles P. of Ayre & sons, Ltd Burnt Brea Cottage, Waterford Bridge
AYRE Frederick of Ayre & Sons, Ltd h. Northview Cir rd
AYRE George W. B. barrister, 266 Duckworth bds New Gower
AYRE Gertrude wid Chesley h. "Brookdale", Circular Road
AYRE Harold book-keeper, (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.) bds "Northview"
AYRE James S. clerk (Ayre & Sons, Ltd.) bds "Northview", Circular Road
AYRE John clerk, (Baird's dry Goods) h. 58 New Gower
AYRE Hon John B. of Ayre & sons, Ltd. h. Thornlea Cottage, Waterford Bridge road
AYRE John B. Baker and Confectioner, 204 Water h. 46 New Gower - See adv above
AYRE Mary H. wid C.N. Ayre h. 12 Rennie's Road
AYRE & SONS, LTD Gen Merchants and Importers 231, 233, and 235 Water See marginal lines
AXFORD Fredrick H. sea captain h. South Side

264 Entries - Complete
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