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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
Twillingate District
ARMSTRONG Mich Indian Bight fisherman
ARMSTRONG Thomas Indian Bight fisherman
ASPIL John Indian Bight fisherman
ASPIL Peter Indian Bight fisherman
BLANDFORD John B. Indian Bight Stip. Magistrate
BUZAN Michael St. Patrick's fisherman
BUZAN Richard St. Patrick's fisherman
BUZAN James R. St. Patrick's fisherman
BUZAN Thomas sr St. Patrick's fisherman
BUZAN Thomas jr St. Patrick's fisherman
BUZAN James St. Patrick's fisherman
BUZAN John St. Patrick's miner
BAKER Charles St. Patrick's fisherman
BAKER Philip St. Patrick's miner
BAKER Solomon St. Patrick's fisherman
BAKER Francis St. Patrick's fisherman
BAKER John St. Patrick's fisherman
BARTLETT Stephen St. Patrick's fisherman
BOYLES Benjamin Shoal Arm general dealer
BROWN Philip Shoal Arm fisherman
BARTLETT Wm Shoal Arm fisherman
BARTLETT Robt sr Shoal Arm fisherman
BARTLETT Robert jr Shoal Arm fisherman
BOYDE James Shoal Arm general dealer
BOYDE Thos sr South Side miner
BOYDE Thos jr South Side sawmill
BENSON Jonathon South Side sea captain
BENSON Arthur South Side seaman
BIGNAL James Shoal Arm fisherman
BRETT Azarilla Stafford's Town fisherman
BREEN John Indian Bight fisherman
BURSEY Joseph Indian Bight miner
BURSEY John Indian Bight fisherman
BURKE Patrick Indian Bight general dealer
BROWN John Indian Bight fisherman
BROWN Lawrence Indian Bight fisherman
BOYDE Henry Indian Bight fisherman
CURREN Patrick St. Patrick's fisherman
COTTNER William St. Patrick's fisherman
CRAWFORD David St. Patrick's fisherman
CAREY Andrew St. Patrick's fisherman
COLBOURNE Joseph St. Patrick's fisherman
CASK Joseph St. Patrick's fisherman
CONNORS Thomas St. Patrick's fisherman
CLARKE Josiah Shoal Arm fisherman
CLARKE Frederick Shoal Arm fisherman
COADY Edward Shoal Arm school teacher
COADY Patrick Shoal Arm fisherman
CLARKE George Shoal Arm fisherman
CHARD James Loading Wharf fisherman
COADY Nicholas Stafford's Town fisherman
CORBYN Richard Stafford's Town fisherman
COLEMAN John sr Indian Bight fisherman
COLEMAN John jr Indian Bight fisherman
COLEMAN Bartholomew Indian Bight fisherman
COLEMAN Peter Indian Bight fisherman
CHUBB John Indian Bight miner
CONNORS Martin Indian Bight fisherman
CORBYN James Indian Bight fisherman
CROKE James Indian Bight fisherman
CROSSE Ronald Indian Bight constable
CARPENTER George Indian Bight fisherman
CARPENTER James Indian Bight fisherman
CAKE Charles South Side fisherman
COLBOURNE Thomas South Side fisherman
DUNPHY Patrick Indian Bight fisherman
DONOUGH William Indian Bight fisherman
DENNIHY John Indian Bight miner
DENNIHY Thomas Indian Bight miner
DENNIHY Daniel Indian Bight miner
DONOVAN James Indian Bight miner
DUDER Willis Indian Bight H.M. Customs
DUDER Ernest Indian Bight fisherman
DUDER Albert Indian Bight fisherman
DOWELL Richard Indian Bight fisherman
DOYLE John St. Patrick's fisherman
DELANEY John St. Patrick's fisherman
DELANEY Edward St. Patrick's fisherman
DILLON John Strafford's Togn (sic) fisherman
DONOUGH Malachi Strafford's Togn (sic) fisherman
EDISON John St. Patrick's fisherman
ENGLAND Thomas Indian Bight fisherman
ENGLAND George Indian Bight fisherman
EAGAN John Indian Bight fisherman
FOLKES William Shoal Arm fisherman
FOLKES Matthew Shoal Arm fisherman
FUREY James Otter Island fisherman
FUREY Edward Otter Island fisherman
FORAN Wm Indian Bight agt Reid & Co
FORAN Patrick sr Indian Bight miner
FORAN Patrick jr Indian Bight fisherman
FORAN John Indian Bight fisherman
FOLEY Terrance Indian Bight fisherman
FLYNN Michael Indian Bight fisherman
FRY John Indian Bight fisherman
FOWLOW Thomas Indian Bight school teacher
FOOTE Giles Indian Bight fisherman
FOOTE Robert Indian Bight general dealer
FOOTE William Indian Bight fisherman
FOOTE Charles Indian Bight fisherman
GILLARD Henry St. Patrick's fisherman
GILLARD George St. Patrick's fisherman
GILLARD Andrew St. Patrick's fisherman
GILLARD Theophilus St. Patrick's fisherman
GILLARD Joshua St. Patrick's fisherman
GILLARD John St. Patrick's  fisherman
HAYSE William St. Patrick's fisherman
HAYSE Patrick, of Wm St. Patrick's fisherman
HAYSE John, of Wm St. Patrick's fisherman
HAYSE James, of Wm St. Patrick's fisherman
HAYSE William, of Wm St. Patrick's fisherman
HEAD Thomas St. Patrick's fisherman
HEAD Sylvester, of T. St. Patrick's fisherman
HEAD James St. Patrick's fisherman
HYNES Patrick Indian Bight fisherman
HUSSEY John sr Indian Bight fisherman
HUSSEY Jn jr., of Jn sr Indian Bight fisherman
HAYSE William Indian Bight fisherman
HEARN Thomas Indian Bight general dealer
HOWSON Joseph B. Indian Bight land surveyor
HOWSON Philip, of J.B. Indian Bight fisherman
HURLY Daniel St. Patrick's fisherman
HURLY Martin Shoal Arm fisherman
JOY Richard St. Patrick's fisherman
JOY John St. Patrick's fisherman
JOY William St. Patrick's fisherman
JAMES John Indian Bight fisherman
KELLEY Robert Stafford's Town fisherman
KENNEDY Hugh Indian Town miner
KEATING Michael Indian Town fisherman
KEEFE Edward Indian Town fisherman
KEEFE Wm., of Edw Indian Town fisherman
LYNCH JOHN, REV Indian Town Roman Catholic
LEARY Patrick Indian Town tinsmith
LOADER David Indian Town fisherman
LIND Jas, of Lind Bros Indian Town general dealer
LIND Hy, of Lind Bros Indian Town general dealer
LIND Wm., of Lind Bros Indian Town general dealer
LIND Jas, of Lind Bros Indian Town general dealer
LIND BROS (Henry Lind, Wm Lind, Jas Lind) Indian Town general dealers
LUFFMAN Henry Shoal Arm fisherman
LUFFMAN Joseph Shoal Arm fisherman
MERCER John sr St. Patrick's fisherman
MERCER Jn jr., of Jn sr St. Patrick's fisherman
MERCER William St. Patrick's miner
MERCER Walter St. Patrick's fisherman
McDONALD Richard St. Patrick's fisherman
MURPHY William Shoal Arm fisherman
MAY William Shoal Arm fisherman
MAY Mark Shoal Arm fisherman
MAY Charles South Side fisherman
McCARTHY John Indian Bight fisherman
NEVILLE Thomas St. Patrick's fisherman
NEVILLE Thos, jr, of T. St. Patrick's fisherman
OKE David Shoal Arm fisherman
OKE Charles Shoal Arm fisherman
PIKE John Shoal Arm fisherman
PIKE Timothy Shoal Arm fisherman
PIKE Thomas Shoal Arm fisherman
PIKE Edward Shoal Arm fisherman
PIKE William Shoal Arm fisherman
PIKE Mark Shoal Arm fisherman
PENNEY Philip St. Patrick's fisherman
PENNEY Richard St. Patrick's fisherman
POWER Edward St. Patrick's fisherman
POWER Jno, of Edw St. Patrick's fisherman
PARR Robert St. Patrick's fisherman
POWER William Indian Bight fisherman
RIDOUT Joseph Stafford's Town fisherman
RIDOUT Mark Stafford's Town fisherman
RYAN Thomas Indian Bight fisherman
RICHARDS John Indian Bight fisherman
RICHARDS Isaac Indian Bight fisherman
RICHARDS Temple Indian Bight fisherman
SHEA Joseph St. Patrick's fisherman
SHEA James St. Patrick's fisherman
SNOW William Shoal Arm fisherman
SWEENY Owen Shoal Arm fisherman
SHEPPARD George Indian Bight fisherman
SHEPPARD James Indian Bight fisherman
SIMMS James South Side fisherman
SIMMS Reuben South Side fisherman
TRASK Adam Shoal Arm fisherman
TAVERNER Joseph Shoal Arm fisherman
THOMAS Christopher Shoal Arm fisherman
TILLEY Robert Indian Bight fisherman
TILLEY Charles Indian Bight fisherman
TOMBS Chas Indian Bight fisherman
TOBIN John Indian Bight fisherman
VERGE Thomas Shoal Arm engr steam mill
VERGE Silby Shoal Arm timekpr steam mill
VERGE Fredk Shoal Arm fisherman
WALKER John St. Patrick's fisherman
WEBSTER Thomas St. Patrick's fisherman
WARREN James St. Patrick's fisherman
WARREN John St. Patrick's fisherman
WARREN Solomon St. Patrick's fisherman
WARREN Edward Shoal Arm fisherman
WARREN Joseph Shoal Arm fisherman
WELSH James Shoal Arm fisherman
WELSH John Shoal Arm fisherman
WHELAN John Indian Bight fisherman
WHELAN Michael Indian Bight fisherman
WHELAN James Indian Bight fisherman
WALSH Richard D. Indian Bight tel operator
WALSH Patrick Indian Bight fisherman
WELLS Thomas E. Indian Bight farmer
WELLS Edward D. Indian Bight fisherman
WALKER William Indian Bight fisherman
WALBOURNE Herbert South Side fisherman
YOUNG John South Side fisherman
YOUNG Alexander South Side fisherman
YOUNG Samson South Side fisherman
YOUNG Archibald South Side fisherman
YOUNG Frederick Indian Bight fisherman

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The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Dan Breen

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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