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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
Twillingate District
ANSTEY John Birchy Island lobster packer
ANSTEY Stephen Eastern Harbor fisherman
ANSTEY Abraham Eastern Harbor fisherman
ANSTEY Charles Eastern Harbor fisherman
ANSTEY Johathan Indian Arm sawyer
ANSTEY Abel Glenwood laborer
BALL Robert Glenwood cooper
BRENTON William Birchy Island fisherman
BAKER James Eastern Harbor fisherman
BAKER Levi Eastern Harbor fisherman
BALFOUR Walter Lewisport bookkeeper
BRADBURY Edward Lewisport laborer
BOONE Richard Lewisport pilot
BOONE Robert Lewisport laborer
BENNETT George Lewisport laborer
BENNETT James Indian Arm laborer
BROWN G Philip Indian Arm laborer
BROWN George Lewisport laborer
BURSEY T Henry Salt Pond fisherman
BURSEY Joseph Salt Pond Fisherman
BURSEY Stanley Salt Pond Fisherman
BUDDEN Ezekiel Michael's Harbor laborer
BUDDEN Joseph Michael's Harbor laborer
BRIDGER James Campbellton laborer
BLACKMORE Daniel Glenwood Foreman
BLACKMORE Henry Glenwood laborer
BUDGELL David Glenwood fisherman
BRADLEY WM Glenwood Customs Officer
BUDGELL John Glenwood teamster
BALL Henry Glenwood laborer
BYRNE Michael Glenwood clerk
BARRY E B Lewisport fisherman
BAIRD Wm Campbellton mgr sawmill
COUNRAN Michael Lewisport Ry foreman
CAMPBELL R H Lewisport outdoor agt R N Co
CALLAHAN Moses Michael's Harbor laborer
CALLAHAN Samuel Michael's Harbor laborer
CLANCE John Michael's Harbor laborer
CURTIS Amos Campbellton Sawyer
CURTIS Andrew Campbellton laborer
CLARKE John Campbellton laborer
CLARKE Richard Campbellton laborer
COOK William Campbellton laborer
FORD Thomas Campbellton tel operator
DAY Thomas Campbellton tel operator
FRAMPTON Stanley Birchy Island lobster pckr
FREAKE John lewisport laborer
FREAKE Uriah Lewisport general dealer
FREAKE H William Lewport laborer
FREAKE Parmenas Lewisport laborer
GILLINGHAM James Lewisport laborer
DOUDY Elijah Glenwood laborer
HAYDEN Joseph Glenwood laborer
HAYDEN Joseph Little Burnt Bay laborer
HAYDEN Robert Little Burnt Bay laborer
HAYDEN Archibald Lewisport laborer
HAYDEN George Greenwood laborer
HAMLIN Wm Lewisport Gov. tel op. & Postman
HAYDEN John Little Burnt Bay tel operator
HANN John Lewisport tel operator
HANN George Lewisport tel operator
HANN Isaiah Lewisport foreman
HEATER William Lewisport cook
HODDER Allan Lewisport laborer
HODDER Charles Lewisport carpenter
HODDER Stephen Lewisport carpenter
HODDER Thomas Lewisport carpenter
HARRIS Charles Lewisport laborer
HILL Ambrose Campbellton carpenter
HILL Joseph Campbellton fisherman
HILL G William Campbellton fisherman
HARNOTT Cornelius Campbellton laborer
HILLIARD Edgar Campbellton laborer
HILLIARD James Campbellton laborer
HILLIARD John Campbellton laborer
HILLIARD Thomas Campellton laborer
HILLIARD William Campbellton laborer
HOLLINGSWORTH Debert Glenwood Laborer
JANES Thomas Campbellton sawyer, also prop. Lewisport Hotel
JANES Mark Campbellton sawyer, also prob. Lewisport Hotel
JANES Stephen Lewisport laborer
JURE A Joseph Lewisport laborer
JURE Thomas Salt Pond laborer
JENKINS Eilas Glenwood laborer
JURE Murdock Lewisport laborer
KERRYMAN John Lewisport fisherman
KELLEY Garrett Lewisport fisherman
KELLEY F Gregory Lewisport fisherman
KELLEY John Lewisport fisherman
KELLEY John L Lewisport fisherman
KELLEY John, of Bryan Lewisport fisherman
KELLEY Maurice Lewisport fisherman
KING Benjamin Lewisport fisherman
KING Parmenas Lewisport laborer
KING Matthew Lewisport laborer
KING John Lewisport laborer
LEATE Albert Lewisport laborer
LEATE James Lewisport laborer
KEATE John Lewisport laborer
LUSH Benjamin Michael's Harbor laborer
LUSH John Glenwood laborer
LUSH William Glenwood laborer
LANE Alfred Glenwood laborer
LATE Arthur Lewisport laborer
LUFF William Glenwood laborer
MANUEL George Lewisport carpenter
MANUEL Parmenas Lewisport stevedore
MANUEL Samuel Campbellton fisherman
MANUEL John Campbellton fisherman
MANUEL James Campbellton fisherman
MANUEL Ambrose Campbellton fisherman
MANUEL George Lewisport fisherman
MANUEL Caleb Lewisport general dealer
MOYLES Charles Lewisport laborer
MOYLES Robert Lewisport foreman
MOSS William Lewisport foreman
MEWS Edward Lewisport laborer
MARTIN Eli Lewisport fisherman
MANUEL Azariah Salt Pond ship builder
MARTIN Edward Salt Pond laborer
MARTIN Francis Salt Pont laborer
MARTIN George Salt Pond laborer
MARTIN Arthur Lewisport laborer
MARTIN Richard Lewisport laborer
MARTIN Robert Lewisport laborer
MONROE Alex Glenwood laborer
MAHER James Glenwood laborer
MOORE REV E Lewisport Methodist min
McCUE Edward Lewisport fisherman
McDONALD Edward Lewisport fisherman
McRAE Daniel Lewisport fisherman
MANUEL Ford Lewisport clerk
MANUEL Robert Lewisport carpenter
MOORE Frederick Lewisport general dealer
NORTHCOTT George Lewisport fisherman
NORTHCOTT Henry Lewisport fisherman
NORTHCOTT Joseph Lewisport fisherman
NOSEWORTHY John Lewisport fisherman
NORMORE John Glenwood laborer
OSMOND James Lewisport laborer
POWER Frederick Lewisport engineer
PENDER Garrett Lewisport engineer
PRESS W George Lewisport tel operator
PILLEY Herbert Lewisport Ry. sec. Foreman
PILLEY Joseph Lewisport laborer
PILLEY John Little Burnt Bay laborer
PILLEY James Little Burnt Bay laborer
PILLEY Moses Campbellton laborer
PILLEY Samuel Campbellton laborer
PILLEY J William Glenwood laborer
PORTER Andrew Glenwood clerk
PERRY Jabez Glenwood laborer
PERRY Abram Campbellton lumberman
PERRY Alfred Campbellton fisherman
PERRY George Campbellton fisherman
PERRY John sr Campbellton fisherman
PERRY John jr Campbellton fisherman
PERRY Peter Campbellton fisherman
PARDY John Little Burnt Bay fisherman
ROBERTS Azariah Glenwood laborer
ROWSELL William jr Glenwood fisherman
ROWSELL William sr Glenwood fisherman
ROWSELL John Glenwood fisherman
ROWSELL George Campbellton fisherman
ROWSELL Robert Salt Pond fisherman
ROWE Eli Lewisport fisherman
RUSSELL William Lewisport fisherman
RUSSELL Henry Lewisport fisherman
SNOW Edgar Lewisport fisherman
SPOONER Archibald Lewisport fisherman
SMALL Robert Lewisport fisherman
SARGEANT George Lewisport fisherman
SNOW George Lewisport fisherman
SNOW Wm, of Jasper Lewisport fisherman
SNOW Jos sr Little Burnt Bay fisherman
SNOW James jr Little Burnt Bay fisherman
SNOW Saul Little Burnt Bay fisherman
SNOW J William Salt Pond fisherman
SNOW Ebenezer Campbellton fisherman
SNOW James Campbellton fisherman
SNOW Jesse Campbellton lobster packer
SNOW Mark Campbellton fisherman
SNOW Wm of Jas Campbellton fisherman
SMALL Joseph Campbellton fisherman
SNELGROVE Eli Birchy Island lobster packer
SMITH H Charles Glenwood laborer
SMITH Gilbert Glenwood laborer
SIBLEY Henry Glenwood laborer
STICKLAND John Glenwood laborer
SPENCE Wm Lewisport Ry conductor
TAYLOR W Ernest Lewisport tel operator
VINEHAM Edward Cambellton tel operator
VINEHAM George Campbellton fisherman
VINEHAM John Campbellton fisherman
VINEHAM Frederick Glenwood fisherman
WOOLFREY Abner, of Jas Lewisport fisherman
WOOLFREY T Abner Lewisport fisherman
WOOLFREY Aquila Lewisport carpenter
WOOLFREY Alfred Lewisport carpenter
WOOLFREY Alphaeus Lewisport carpenter
WOOLFREY Ephraim Lewisport fisherman
WOOLFREY Geo. of W G Lewisport laborer
WOOLFREY G Fredk Lewisport carpenter
WOOLFREY John Lewisport cooper
WOOLFREY Josiah Lewisport cooper
WOOLFREY Joseph Lewisport fisherman
WOOLFREY Robert Lewisport laborer
WOOLFREY Reuben Lewisport laborer
WOOLFREY Willis Lewisport fisherman
WOOLFREY G W of Rbt Lewisport fisherman
WOOLFREY G Wm of J Lewisport fisherman
WHALEN Thomas Lewisport fisherman
WELLS William Lewisport fisherman
WALL William Lewisport fisherman
WEBB John Glenwood fisherman
YOUNG Alfred Lewisport suyveyer and prop Summerset Hotel

216 Entries Complete
[McAlpine's Directories ]

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Maureen Taylor

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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