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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
Harbour Grace District
BABB Jn, of Thos fisherman
BABB Edw, of John fisherman
BABB Thos, of John fisherman
BABB Wm, of John fisherman
BRIFFETT Fliel, of Thos fisherman
BRIFFETT Jacob, of Eliel fisherman
DUGGAN Edw, of Jas fisherman
DUGGAN Jere, of Edw fisherman
HAYSE , of John fisherman
HAYSE Jn, of Jn fisherman
HEARN Jas, of John fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Selby   fisherman
JAMES Amb, of Danl fisherman
JAMES Isaac, of Danl fisherman
JAMES Arch, of Daniel fisherman
JAMES Wm Hy, of Israel fisherman
KIDNEY Patk, of Tim fisherman
KIDNEY Jas, of Timothy fisherman
KIDNEY Jn, of Timothy fisherman
MORGAN Jacob, of Edw fisherman
MORGAN Jacob, of Jacob fisherman
MORGAN Abram, of Jacob fisherman
NORCOTT Patk, of Wm fisherman
NORCOTT Wm, of Patk fisherman
NORCOTT Jn, of Patk fisherman
NORCOTT Patk, of Patk fisherman
NORCOTT Abram, of Mich fisherman
NORCOTT Mar, of Abram fisherman
NORCOTT And, of Abram fisherman
NORCOTT Mich, of Timothy fisherman
NORCOTT Jas, of Tim fisherman
NORCOTT Tim, of Timothy fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Jacob, of G fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Moses, of T fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Eben, of M fisherman
NOSEWORTHY E, of Moses fisherman
NOSEWORTHY G, of Jn fisherman
NOSEWORTHY R, of George fisherman
NOSEWORTHY G jr, of Geo fisherman
NEIL Chas, of Rich fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Noah, of W fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Nath, of E fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Leander, of E fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Hy, of Thos fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Jona, of Hy fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Alex, of Hy fisherman
NOSEWORTHY C, of Hy fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Ber, of Hy fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Rich, of J fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Wal, of J fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Ern, of Aug fisherman
NOEL Jn, of Fredk fisherman
NOEL Alex, of Fredk fisherman
NOSEWORTHY T, of Jas fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Jas, of T fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Selby, of C fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Jacob, of T fisherman
PARSONS Geo, of Ed fisherman
PARSONS Geo, of Geo fisherman
PARSONS Amb, of Geo fisherman
PARSONS Chas, of Geo fisherman
PARSONS Amb, of Edw fisherman
STONE Jn, of Thos fisherman
STONE Wm, of Thos fisherman
STONE Jas, of Wm fisherman
STONE Jn, of Wm fisherman
STONE Alex, of Thos fisherman
STONE Thos, of Thos fisherman
STONE Geo, of Thos fisherman
STONE Amb, of Geo fisherman
STONE Geo, of Geo fisherman
STONE Albert, of Thos fisherman
STONE Edward, of Geo fisherman
SHEPPARD Josiah, of Mar fisherman
WHELAN Michael, of Tim fisherman
WHELAN Jas, of Timothy fisherman
WHELAN Wm, of Bryan fisherman
WHELAN Patk, of Bryan fisherman
WHELAN Mich, of Bryan fisherman
YETMAN Hy of Thos fisherman
YETMAN Geo, of Hy fisherman
YETMAN Nath, of Thos fisherman
YETMAN Hy, of Thos fisherman
YETMAN Moses, of Jn fisherman
YETMAN Wm, of Jn fisherman
YETMAN Robt, of Thos fisherman
YETMAN Jos, of Wm fisherman
YETMAN Francis, of W fisherman
YETMAN Thos, of Jos fisherman
YETMAN Thos jr, of T fisherman
YETMAN Mark, of Jn fisherman
YETMAN Joshus, of Jn fisherman
YETMAN Hy, of Hy fisherman
YETMAN Jas, of Hy fisherman
YETMAN And, of Hy fisherman
YETMAN Wm Hy, of Hy fisherman
MARTIN John S   fisherman

97 Entries Complete
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The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Cindi Petrowski

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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