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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
Bay St. Georges District
ALLEN Henry fisherman
ALLEN William fisherman
ALLEN Samuel fisherman
ALLEN George fisherman
BAGG Wm H J.P., general dealer
BAGG John clerk
BAGG Joseph clerk
BAGG Augustus E clerk
BAGG Ulric N clerk
BALLAM Samuel sea captain
AYRE & SONS, LTD.  General Dealers
BALLAM Manoah fisherman
BATTOCK John fisherman
BELLOWS Robert fisherman
BOLAND Maurice general dealer and postmaster
BOLAND Maurice sr lighthouse kpr
BOLAND Edward sr fisherman
BOLAND Thomas fisherman
BOLAND Edward jr fisherman
BOLAND Eleanor Miss asst Postmistress
CARBERY John fisherman
CONDON William fisherman
CONDON John fisherman
CORNER Arthur H gen dealer
CANNING John fisherman
CANNING Alexander fisherman
CANNING Joseph fisherman
DUGGAN Joseph fisherman
DUGGAN James fisherman
FURLONG John fisherman
GILLIGAN George fisherman
HARTSEN John fisherman
HARTSEN James fisherman
KEHOE Michael shoemaker
BANK OF MONTREAL Alfred Petersmanager
KEHOE M Joseph shoemaker
KENNEDY William fisherman
KENNEDY Thomas fisherman
KNIGHT Thomas fisherman
KNIGHT Edwin fisherman
KNIGHT Marriot fisherman
LEGGO John fisherman
LEGGO Reuben fisherman
LEMEAUR Louis tinsmith
LEMOINE John fisherman
LYNN Frank T clerk, Ayre & Sons, Ltd.
McDONALD Stephen fisherman
McDONALD Thos fisherman
McECHREN Angus Sub. Col. H.M. Customs
McHUGH James laborer
MARCH Levi J.P., Stipendiary Magistrate
MARCH Walter S editor and prop "Western Star"
MESSERVY Wm sr sea captain
MESSERVY Joseph fisherman
MESSERVY Wm jr fisherman
MESSERVY John fisherman
MESSEAU Charles laborer
NOSEWORTHY Absalom fisherman
NOSEWORTHY Wm fisherman
PENNELL James clerk
BARRY James fisherman
FARNELL Augustus contractor
BARRY Mary Mrs. wid
BARRY George fisherman
BARRY Veronica Miss restaurant
PETERS Alfred mangr Bank of Montreal
JACKSON & CO (J. H. Baggs, mangr)general dealers 
BAGGS James H manager Jackson & Co.
LONG'S COOPERAGE Henry Long Manager
LONG Henry Manager, Long's Cooperage
LONG Arthur cooper
AYRE & SONS, LTD general dlrs
O'BRIEN Thos sr sea captain
O'BRIEN Thomas jr sea captain
O'BRIEN Peter seaman
O'ROURKE M L carpenter
PARSONS Chas. E & Bros. (Chas. E Parsons sr, Richd Parsons, Chas E Parsons jr) lumber manufacturers
PARSONS Chas E sr of Chas E Parsons & Bros.
PARSONS James fisherman
PARSONS Chas E jr of Chas E Parsons & Bros.
PARSONS J Richard of Chas E Parsons & Bros.
PARSONS Joseph laborer
PARSONS William laborer
PEGG Rev H. G. Church of England
PENNELL Joseph lineman
PENNELL Clement lineman
PENNELL Jn A sportsman's guide
PENNELL Chas H fisherman
PENNELL Wm sportsman's guide
PIKE Arthur sportsman's guide
PYNN Henry sportsman's guide
PIKE Victor carpenter and contractor
RYAN Alexander laborer
SAUNDERS Geo land surveyor
SEARS Rev Andrew Roman Catholic
SHEPPARD Levi laborer
SHEPPARD Joshua section foreman railway
SHEPPARD Stewart clerk (Ayre & Sons Ltd.)
THORNE James T manager Ayre & Sons Ltd.
TUCKER Simon fisherman
TUCKER Joseph fisherman
WEBBER George druggist
WELLS John fisherman
WELLS Thomas fisherman
WELLS Absalom fisherman
WHITE Peter fisherman
WILLIAMS Willis fisherman

109 Entries Complete
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The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Robert J. Jacobson

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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