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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
Harbour Main District
ACREMAN John   fisherman
ACREMAN Samuel   fisherman
BARTLETT Wm H   fisherman
BARRETT Jn of Moses fisherman
BARRETT G of Abram fisherman
BARRETT Elisha of Jacob fisherman
BADCOCK Isaac of Josiah fisherman
BADCOCK Josiah of Josiah fisherman
BADCOCK Richd of Elijah fisherman
BADCOCK Elijah of Josiah fisherman
BADCOCK Esau of John fisherman
BADCOCK Esau of Esau fisherman
BADCOCK Chas of Richd fisherman
BADCOCK Jn of Jn fisherman
BADCOCK Geo of Richd fisherman
BARRETT Arch of Moses fisherman
BADCOCK Stephen of Hy fisherman
BADCOCK Thos of Wm fisherman
BADCOCK Eli of Thos fisherman
BADCOCK Jesse of Nathan fisherman
BADCOCK Geo of Wm fisherman
BADCOCK Robt of Hy fisherman
BADCOCK Jn of Henry fisherman
BADCOCK Hy W. of Jn fisherman
BARTLETT Wm H Mrs Prop. Bay
Roberts House
BADCOCK Nath of Jn fisherman
BADCOCK Nath of Nathan fisherman
BADCOCK W Of Nathaniel fisherman
BISHOP Henry of John fisherman
BARTLETT Lucinda wid Wm  
BISHOP John of Hy fisherman
BARRETT Wm of Robt fisherman
BRADBURY Abram of R fisherman
BRADBURY Alex of Abram fisherman
BRADBURY Wm of Thos fisherman
BRADBURY Edw of Thos fisherman
BRADBURY John of Edw fisherman
BRADBURY Isaac of Jos fisherman
BRADBURY Robt of Edw fisherman
BRADBURY Robt of Robt fisherman
BRADBURY Solo of Richd fisherman
BRADBURY Jn J of Solo fisherman
BRADBURY Abr of Joshua fisherman
BRADBURY Jacob of Joshua general dealer
BRADBURY Ste of Hy fish'man
BRADBURY Jn of Stephen fish'man
BRADBURY Edw of John fish'man
BRADBURY Eli of Jona fish'man
BARTLETT Wm   sea captain
BRADBURY Isaac of Elijah fish'man
BRADBURY W H of Elijah fish'man
BRADBURY Jacob of Elijah fish'man
BRADBURY Jona of Elijah fish'man
BRADBURY Joshua of Josh fish'man
BRADBURY Wm of Joshua fish'man
BRADBURY Isaac of Wm fish'man
Bay Roberts House Mrs Wm H Bartlett Proprietress
BESANT Hy of Jn general dealer
BISHOP Robt of C fisherman
BAGGS Jas of Richd fisherman
BAGGS Hy of Richd fisherman
BAGGS Richd of Richd fisherman
BAGGS Jas G of Richd fisherman
BAGGS Wm J of Richd fisherman
BADCOCK Nath of Wm fisherman
BARNES Arthur of John Principal, Church of
England Acadamy
BARTLETT Wm of Wm fisherman
BARTLETT Wm of Isaac sea capt
BUTT Wm of Wm general dealer
BUTT Jn of Wm fisherman
BUTT Wm of Robt fisherman
BURSELL W H G of Wm general dealer
BADCOCK Edw of Geo fish'man
BADCOCK Jn of Geo fish'man
BURSELL Wm H of Geo gen dealer
BROWN Jn of Thos fisherman
BROWN Thos of Jn fisherman
BROWN Richd of Jn fisherman
BROWN W H of Jas fisherman
BROWN Saml of Jas fisherman
BROWN Jas of Jas fisherman
BROWN Jn C of Jas fisherman
BROWN Stephen of Thos fisherman
BROWN Stephen of Ste fisherman
BROWN Wm T of W fisherman
BRENNAN Jas of Walter fisherman
BRENNAN Jn of Walter fisherman
BRENNAN Walter of Wal fisherman
BRENNAN Richd of Wal fisherman
CAREVAN Noah of Jn fisherman
CAREVAN Ed T of Noah fisherman
CAREVAN Jn C of Noah fisherman
CAREVAN Jn of Jas fisherman
CAREVAN Thos of Jn fisherman
CHURCHILL Wm of Jabez fisherman
CHURCHILL Jas of W fisherman
CHURCHILL Jno of W fisherman
CRANE Isaac of Geo fisherman
CRANE Geo of Geo fisherman
CRANE Wm of Geo fisherman
CRANE Jos of Stephen fisherman
CRANE W H of Jos fisherman
CAREVAN J R of Thos fisherman
CRANE Geo of Geo fisherman
CALPIN Chas of Chas blacksmith
CALPIN Agustus of C blacksmith
CALPIN Thos of Chas blacksmith
CALPIN Josiah of Chas blacksmith
CAVE Henry of Henry fisherman
CAVE Geo of henry fisherman
CAVE Chas of Geo fisherman
CAVE Geo of Chas fisherman
CAVE Edw of Hy blacksmith
CAVE Edw of Edw fisherman
CAVE Stephen of Edw fisherman
CRITCH Geo of Wm fisherman
CRITCH Hedley of Hy fisherman
CLEARY Daniel of Thos fisherman
CLEARY Thos of Thos fisherman
CLEARY Wm of Thos farmer
CULLETON Patk of Jas laborer
CULLETON Jas J of Jas laborer
CULLETON Mark of Jas laborer
CHURCHILL Isaac of R fisherman
CHURCHILL Robt of Robt fisherman
DALE Robt of Jn fisherman
DALE Nathaniel of J fisherman
DAWE Henry of Saml gen dealer
DAWE Stephen of Hy fisherman
DAWE Chas of Robt of
C. A. Dawe
DAWE Robt of Chas clerk
DAWE Azariah of Robert, of
C & A Dawe
DAWE Wm of Elijah Merchant
DALEY Jas of Mich fisherman
DELANEY Jas of Martin fisherman
DELANEY Martin of Martin fisherman
DELANEY Wm of Mar fisherman
DELANEY John T of Mar fisherman
DELANEY Patk of Mar fisherman
DELANEY Wm of Mark fisherman
DELANEY Mark of W fisherman
DAWE C & A (Charles Dawe,
Azariah Dawe
general importers
and exporters
DELANEY Patk of Richd fish'man
DELANEY Edw of Patk fish'man
DELANEY Richd of Patk fish'man
DELANEY Jas of Patk fish'man
DELANEY Jos of patk fish'man
DELANEY Wm of Rich fish'man
DELANEY Richd of Jos fish'man
DELANEY Thos of Patk fish'man
DELANEY Fredk of Thos fish'man
DELANEY Mark of Thos fish'man
DELANEY Patk of Jos fish'man
DELANEY Jn of Joseph fish'man
DELANEY Mark of Mark fish'man
DELANEY Mark of Matt fish'man
DELANEY John of Jas fish'man
DELANEY Jas of Jas fish'man
DELANEY Mich J of Jas fish'man
DELANEY Thos of Mark fish'man
DAWSON Jas of Richd fisherman
DAWSON Thos of Richd fisherman
DAWSON Jn of Richd fisherman
DAWSON Patk of Jas fisherman
DAWSON Geo of Jas fisherman
DAWSON Jas E of Thos fisherman
DAWSON Jn of Jas fisherman
DAWSON James of Jn fisherman
DAWSON Thos of John fisherman
DAWSON Wm of Jas fisherman
DAWSON Thomas of Jas fisherman
DAWSON Thos of Wm fisherman
DAWSON Jn of Wm fisherman
DAWSON Jas of Wm fisherman
DAWSON Jas of Jas fisherman
DAWSON Jn jr of Jas fisherman
DAWSON Stephen of jas fisherman
DAWSON Jas of Stephenq fisherman
DAWSON Wm of Stephen fisherman
EARLE Nathaniel of W fisherman
EARLE Moses of Wm fisherman
EARLE Stephen of Moses fisherman
EARLE W. C. of W H book-keeper
EARLE Ebenezer of T fisherman
EVANS Henry of Wm shoemak'r
EVANS Jn of Wm fisherman
ELMS John of John fisherman
ELMS Wm of John fisherman
ELMS Wm H of Wm clerk
ENGLISH Jn of Ed fisherman
ENGLISH Edw of Jn fisherman
ENGLISH Jn of John fisherman
EVANS Eliza Mrs dry goods
FRENCH Lorenzo of C fish'man
FRENCH Solomon of Sol fish'man
FRENCH Geo of Solomon fish'man
FRENCH Solomon jr of Sol fish'man
FRENCH Wm of Solomon fish'man
FRENCH Nathan of Wm fish'man
FRENCH Elizah of Wm fish'man
FRENCH Jacob of Sol fish'man
FRENCH John of Saml fish'man
FRENCH Nathaniel of Jn fish'man
FRENCH Abram of Jn fish'man
FRENCH John C of Abram fish'man
FRENCH Saml of Jn fish'man
FRENCH Isaac of Saml fish'man
FRENCH John J of Solo fish'man
FRENCH Wm of Solomon fish'man
FRENCH Saml of Edw fish'man
FRENCH Wm J of Thos fish'man
FRENCH Richd of Wm fish'man
FRENCH Wm of Wm fish'man
FRENCH Wm of Chas fish'man
FRENCH Thos of Chas fish'man
FRENCH Albert of Thos fish'man
FRENCH Francis of Jona fish'man
FRENCH James of Thos fish'man
FRENCH Wm of Jas fish'man
FRENCH Geo of Jas fish'man
FRENCH Henry T of Jas fish'man
FRENCH Geo of Solomon fish'man
FRENCH Nath of Edw fish'man
FRENCH Thos of Abram fish'man
FRENCH Charles of Chas fish'man
FRENCH Albert J of C fish'man
FRENCH Chas of Abram fish'man
FRENCH Geo of Abram fish'man
FRENCH Isaac of Abram fish'man
FRASER Donald G. of W druggist
FLEMING Jas of Jas fisherman
FLEMING Jas jr of Jas fisherman
FLEMING Patrick of Jas fisherman
FLEMING Jas of Michael fisherman
FLEMING Thos of Mich fisherman
FITZPATRICK Jas of Jn fisherman
FITZPATRICK Patk of Thos fisherman
FITZPATRICK Patk of Patk fisherman
FITZPATRICK Thos of T fisherman
FITZPATRICK Stephen of T fisherman
FLEMING Thos of Jas fisherman
FLEMING John of Jas fisherman
FITZPATRICK Matt of Patk fisherman
FITZPATRICK Patk of J fisherman
FITZPATRICK Jn of Patk fisherman
FITZPATRICK Thos of Jn fisherman
FITZPATRICK Jas of Jn fisherman
HOOD Wm of Jas fisherman
HOOD Charles of Philip fisherman
HAYSE Robt of Benj fisherman
HAYSE John of Robt fisherman
HARDY Wm of Thos fisherman
JARDINE John of Robt gen dealer
JARDINE Geo of John clerk
KEARLY Wm of Wm clerk
KEARLY John of Jas clerk
KEARLY Wm of Jas clerk
KEARLY Abram of Abram clerk
KEARLY Thos of Abram clerk
KEARLY Chas of Thos clerk
KEARLY Thos of John clerk
KEEFE Edw of Thos clerk
KEEFE Jas of Edw clerk
KEEFE Thos of Thos clerk
KEEFE John of Thos clerk
KEEFE Thos of John clerk
LAWRENCE Wm of Wm clerk
MINCHEON Abram of Luke clerk
MINCHEON Josiah of Luke clerk
MINCHEON Thos of Josiah clerk
MINCHEON Jn of Josiah clerk
MERCER Nathaniel of Samuel sea captain
MERCER Isaac of Thos fish'man
MERCER Thos of Isaac fish'man
MERCER James of Seth fish'man
MERCER Wm J of Jas fish'man
MERCER John C of Seth fish'man
MERCER Wm of Solomon fish'man
MERCER George of Eli fish'man
MERCER Eli of George fish'man
MERCER Levi of Seth fish'man
MERCER Wm of Joshua fish'man
MERCER Solomon of Seth fish'man
MERCER Isaac of Wm fish'man
MERCER Thos of Wm fish'man
MERCER Joshua of Thos fish'man
MERCER Alfred of Moses fish'man
MERCER Isaac of Moses fish'man
MERCER Isaiah of Edw fish'man
MERCER Isaac of Isaiah fish'man
MERCER Elijah of Elijah fish'man
MERCER Nathan of Eli fish'man
MERCER Nath of Nath fish'man
MERCER Jn C of Saml fish'man
MERCER Saml of Saml fish'man
MERCER Thos J of Robt fish'man
MERCER Stephen of Edw fish'man
MERCER Jn of Stephen fish'man
MERCER Hezekiah of T fish'man
MERCER John of Moses fish'man
MERCER Mancel of Moses fish'man
MERCER Israel of Israel fish'man
MERCER Nathan of Israel fish'man
MERCER Paul of israel fish'man
MERCER Cyril of israel fish'man
MERCER Jesse of Richd fish'man
MERCER Saml of James fish'man
MERCER Wm of Thos fish'man
MERCER Thos of Thos fish'man
MERCER Wm C of Chas fish'man
MERCER Jas of Richd fish'man
MERCER Jn of Jas fish'man
MERCER Richd S of Jas fish'man
MERCER Azariah of W fish'man
MERCER Geo of Geo fish'man
MERCER Wm of Geo fish'man
MERCER Geo jr of Geo fish'man
MERCER Jas of Geo fisherman
MERCER Wm of Wm fisherman
MERCER Wm of Nath fisherman
MERCER Hy of Nath fisherman
MERCER Jos of Nath fisherman
MERCER Francis of Jos fisherman
MERCER Henry W of F fisherman
MERCER Wm of Wm fisherman
MERCER Tobias of Tobias fisherman
MERCER Edw of Tobias fisherman
MERCER Richd of Richd fisherman
MERCER John of Richd fisherman
MERCER Jn of Wm fisherman
MERCER Absa of Saml fisherman
MERCER Isaac of Saml fisherman
MERCER Wm J of Alfred fisherman
MOSDELL Jas of Wm fisherman
MOSDELL Jas C of Jas fisherman
MOSDELL Jn of Wm fisherman
MOSDELL Edw of John fisherman
MOSDELL Stewart of John fisherman
MOSDELL Saml of Wm fisherman
MOSDELL Wm of Richd fisherman
MOSDELL Henry W of W fisherman
MOSDELL Wm sr of W fisherman
MOSDELL Noah of Wm fisherman
MOSDELL Jas of Wm fisherman
MERCER Saml of Alfred fisherman
MERCER Albert of Alfred fisherman
MERCER Wm of Jas fisherman
MERCER Stafford of Jas fisherman
MERCER Jas of Stafford fisherman
MERCER Jas J of Chas fisherman
MERCER Chris of Chas fisherman
MERCER Manuel of Chas fisherman
MERCER Abram of Chas fisherman
MERCER Jos of James fisherman
MERCER Elijah of Chris fisherman
MERCER Chris of Chris fisherman
MERCER Isaac of Chas fisherman
MERCER Robt of Ebenezer fisherman
MERCER W B of Eben fisherman
MERCER John of Eben fisherman
MERCER Jas of Jas fisherman
MERCER Wm of Chas fisherman
MERCER Chas E of Wm fisherman
MERCER Jas of Jas fisherman
MERCER Geo of Jas fisherman
MERCER Eli of Absalom fisherman
MERCER John of Eli fisherman
MERCER Robt of Chas fisherman
MERCER Esau P of Chas fisherman
MERCER Chas of Robt fisherman
MERCER Alf T of Chas fisherman
MERCER Wm of Benj fisherman
MERCER Jn of Benj fisherman
MERCER Benj of Benj fisherman
MERCER Henry of Benj fisherman
MERCER Benj of Simeon fisherman
MERCER Thos B of Saml fisherman
MERCER Wm of Thos fisherman
MERCER Chas of Chas fisherman
MERCER Abram of Saml fisherman
MERCER Saml of Abram fisherman
MERCER Chas of Saml fisherman
MERCER Nathan of Chas fisherman
MERCER Eli of Chas fisherman
MERCER Simeon of Wm fisherman
MERCER Isaac of Isaac fisherman
MERCER Robt of Isaac fisherman
MERCER Saml of Isaac fisherman
MERCER Wm of Isaac fisherman
MERCER Isaac of Saml fisherman
MERCER Ste of Israel fisherman
McLEOD Thos C of Hugh physician
MERCER Isaac of Benjamin MHA and
general dealer
MERCER E W of Abram fish'man
MOSDELL Thos of Wm fish'man
MOORE Jn of Jos fish'man
MERCER Saml of Nath fish'man
MERCER Thos G of Saml fish'man
MARSHALL Jn of Wm fish'man
MARSHALL Wm of Wm fish'man
MARSHALL Edw of Wm fish'man
MARSHALL Wm of Edw fish'man
MURPHY Anna Miss gen dealer
NORMAN W of Azariah fish'man
NORMAN Hy of Jethro fish'man
NORMAN Saml of jethro fish'man
NORMAN Nath of Jethro fish'man
NORMAN Abram of John fish'man
NORMAN Thos of Abram fish'man
NORMAN Azariah of Ab fish'man
NORMAN Hy of Azariah fish'man
NORMAN Jethro of Az fish'man
NORMAN Isaac of Saml fish'man
NORMAN Jas of Saml fish'man
NORMAN Hy of Henry fish'man
NORMAN Saml of Saml fish'man
NORMAN Daniel of Saml fish'man
NORMAN Edw of Thos fish'man
NORMAN Thos of Thos fish'man
NORMAN Wm of Thos fish'man
NEIL Michael of Mich fish'man
NORTH Geo of John fish'man
PARSONS Geo of Jos fish'man
PARSONS Geo of Saml fish'man
PARSONS Saml of Saml fish'man
PARSONS Chas of Chas fish'man
PARSONS Moses of Thos fish'man
PARSONS Thos of Moses fish'man
PARSONS Jas of Chas fish'man
PARSONS Henry of Isaac fish'man
PARSONS Albert of Hy fish'man
PARSONS Wm of Hy fish'man
PARSONS Jos of Isaac fish'man
PARSONS John of Isaac fish'man
PARSONS Abram of Esau fish'man
PARSONS Richd of Jos fish'man
PARSONS Richd of Richd fish'man
PARSONS Isaac of Chas fish'man
PARSONS Jn of Esau fish'man
PARSONS Wm of Wm fish'man
PARSONS Wm of Jos fish'man
PARSONS Edw of Jacob fish'man
PARSONS Isaac of Jos fish'man
PARSONS Geo of Nathan fish'man
PEPPER Geo of Robt fish'man
PARSONS Wm of Stephen fish'man
PARSONS Stephen of Ste fish'man
PARSONS Isaac of Ste gen dealer
PARSONS Ste of Robt fisherman
PARSONS John of Jas fisherman
PICOTT A W of Elias Preventive Officer,
H M Customs
PARSONS Esau of Jn fisherman
PARSONS Jas C of Esau fisherman
PARSONS Selby H of Esau fisherman
PIKE Timothy of Eli fisherman
PEPPER Jas of Robt fisherman
RUSSELL Saml of Abram fisherman
RUSSELL Abram of Moses fisherman
RUSSELL Chas of Abram fisherman
RUSSELL Isaac of Geo fisherman
RUSSELL Geo H of Isaac fisherman
RUSSELL Geo of Geo fisherman
RUSSELL John of Geo fisherman
RUSSELL John of Ste fisherman
RUSSELL John of John fisherman
RUSSELL Edw of Henry fisherman
ROACH Stephen of Edw fisherman
RUSSELL Wm of Henry fisherman
RUSSELL Jas of Wm fisherman
RUSSELL Henry of Ste fisherman
RUSSELL Albert of Ste fisherman
RUSSELL Edw of Stephen fisherman
RUSSELL Saml of Ste fisherman
RUSSELL Robt of Edw fisherman
RUSSELL John of Isaac fisherman
RUSSELL Saml of Abram fisherman
RUSSELL Stephen of Abr fisherman
RUSSELL John J of Abra fisherman
RUSSELL Isaac of Edw fisherman
RUSSELL Wm of Edw fisherman
RUSSELL Edw of isaac fisherman
ROBERTS W J of Wm fisherman
SPARKES Edw of Jas fisherman
SPARKES W J of Edw fisherman
SPARKES Albert of Edw fisherman
SPARKES Thos of Edw fisherman
SPARKES Jesse of Jos fisherman
SPARKES J C of Jos fisherman
SPARKES Edw of Jn fisherman
SHEARS W C of JOHN, REV Church of England
SEARLE Moses of Jas jeweller
SNOW John of Lot fisherman
SNOW Lot of Lot fisherman
SNOW Jos of Lot general dealer
SNOW Isaac of Jos fisherman
SNOW John of Abner fisherman
SNOW Ernest of Abner fisherman
SNOW Jepthan of Abner fisherman
SNOW Edw of Abner fisherman
SNOW John of Abner fisherman
SNOW Jas E of Jepthan fisherman
SNOW Wm of John fisherman
SNOW Wm of Chas fisherman
SNOW John of Wm fisherman
SNOW Wm jr of Chas fisherman
SNOW Jos of John fisherman
SNOW Edw of John fisherman
SNOW Henry of Ewd fisherman
SNOW Elijah of Henry fisherman
SNOW Jas of Edw fisherman
SNOW Chas of Edw fisherman
SNOW Edw of Jas fisherman
SNOW John of Chas fisherman
SNOW Henry of Jas fisherman
SNOW Jonathan of Jas fisherman
SNOW Geo C of Jas fisherman
SNOW Wm J of Jona fisherman
SNOW Edw of Jonathan fisherman
SNOW Henry C of Chas fisherman
SNOW Henry of Jos fisherman
SNOW Dennett of Jos fisherman
SPARKES Isaac of Wm fisherman
SPARKES Wm of Wm fisherman
TRENCHARD Isaac of Isaac fisherman
TAYLOR J Ed of R H gen dealer
TAYLOR Leonard of W H fish'man
WALSH Martin of Ste fish'man
WALSH Wm of Ste fish'man
WALSH Peter of Ste fish'man
WELLS Robt J of Rbt constable
WHITE Saml of Jas constable
WHITE John of Jas constable
WILCOX Thos of Benj cabman
WILCOX Arch of Benj cabman
WHELAN Thos of Thos cabman
WILCOX Mrs Benjamin   general dealer
VEY Stephen of Wm fisherman
YETMAN Jos of Thos fisherman

539 Entries Complete
[ McAlpine's 1904 Directory Index ]

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1904 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Cindy Petrowski

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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