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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
St. Barbes District
Complete List of Communities
Anchor Point
Baker's Brook
Bartlett's Harbor
Bear Cove #1
Bear Cove #2
Berry Head
Big Brook
Big Cat Arm
Big Cove
Big Island
Bill Down's Point
Birchy Head
Bird Cove
Black Harbor-Goose Cove
Black Duck Cove
Brent's Cove
Brig Bay
Broom Point
Brown's Cove
Camel Island Harbor
Canada Harbor
Cape Norman
Cape Rouge Harbor
Cat Cove
Coachman's Cove
Cook's Harbor
Cow Head
Currant Island
Curzon Villiage
Daniel's Harbor
Deadman's Cove
Deepwater Cove
Duggan's Cove
Eddie's Cove
Fishot Island
Flower's Cove
Forrester's Point
Gooseberry Island
Goose Cove
Grandfather's Cove
Great Braha
Green Island Brook
Green Island Cove
Green Point
Green's Pond
Grey Island
Griquet Bay
Gull Marsh
Ha Ha Bay
Harbor Deep
Hauling Cove
Hay Bay
Harbor DeVeaux
Harbor Round
Hillier's Harbor
Hooping Harbor
Horse Island
Ireland Bight
Jackson's Arm
King's Cove
L'Anse Meadow
La Scie
Little Braha
Lobster Cove
Lobster Harbor
Lock's Cove
Long Point
Little Cooney Arm
Martin's Point
Middle Arm
Muddy Brook
Nameless Cove
New Ferolle
Noddy Cove
Norris' Point
Parson's Pond
Pine's Cove
Pond Cove
Ponds River
Portland Creek
Port Saunders
Rocky Harbor
Sally's Cove
Sandy Cove #1
Sandy Cove #2
Savage Cove
Seal Cove #1
Seal Cove #2
Seal Cove #3
Shallow Bay
Sheep Island
Ship Cove
Shoal Brook
Shoal Cove
Sops Island
South Arm
Spiller's Cove
Spirity Cove
St. Anthony Bight
St. Anthony Harbor
St. Carol's
St. John's Island
St. Joseph's Cove
St. Julian's
St. Leonard's Bay
St. Paul's
Trout River
Waterman's Harbor
Weekly Cove
Western Cove
White Cape Harbor
Wild Bight
Wild Cove #1
Wild Cove #2
Woody Point

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