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McAlpine's 1898 Directory
Twillingate District
Twillingate (North and South Islands)
SurnameGiven NameLocationOccupation
This section transcribed by Laura Lordan
ADAMSWmNorth sidefisherman
ANSTEY PhilipNorth sidetailor
ANSTEY Saml, srParadisefisherman
ANSTEY Saml, jrParadisefisherman
ANSTEY EliasParadiselaborer
ANSTEY StephenBack hrfisherman
ANSTEY JasBack hrfisherman
ANSTEY RobtBack hrfisherman
ANSTEY JohnBack hrfisherman
ANSTEY WalterBack hrfisherman
ANDREWS JohnCrow headfisherman
ANDREWS ChasCrow headfisherman
ANDREWS MarkCrow headfisherman
ANSTEY ThosPurcell's hrfisherman
ANSTEY JasPurcell's hrfisherman
ANSTEY ThosBluff hd cvefisherman
ANSTEY FredkBluff hd cvefisherman
ADAYJohnSouth sidefisherman
ASHBORNEWmSouth sidegenl mer
ASHBORNEArthurFarmer's armgeneral merchant
ADAMSArthurFrench bchfisherman
ADAMSThosLittle harborfisherman
ADAMSWmLittle harborfisherman
ADAMSReubenLittle harborfisherman
ANSTEY AlfredPurcell's hrfisherman
ANSTEY EdwardPurcell's hrfisherman
ANSTEY WmPurcell's hrfisherman
ANSTEY WillisPurcell's hrfisherman
ANSTEY AndrewPurcell's hrfisherman
ANSTEY PhilipPurcell's hrfisherman
ANSTEY PeterPurcell's hrfisherman
ANSTEY Mary, wid JohnPurcell's hr 
ARNOLDAde, wid JohnGilland's cve 
ANSTEY Eliz, wid JohnChurch hill 
ASHBORNEMary, wid ThosFarmer's Arm 
BAIRDSamuel J.North sidelate magistrate at Fogo
BARRETTGeoNorth sidecarpenter
BARRETTAndrewNorth sideprinter
BERTEAUFrancis, JPNorth sidestipendiary magistrate
BLACKMOREReubNorth sidefisherman
BOYDEJasNorth sidefisherman
BOYDEThosNorth sidefisherman
BOYDEJosNorth sidefisherman
BOYDEEliasNorth sidefisherman
The following section transcribed by Vera Short
BUTLEREleazer ANorth SideTeacher
BRIDGERWmCat Covefisherman
BRIDGERJohnCat Covefisherman
BRIDGERAlfredCat Covefisherman
BRIDGERRichardCat Covefisherman
BRETTBobt  (sic)Paradisefisherman
BUTTAlexNorth sidegenl dealer
BAIRDWm, srBack hr rdblacksmith
BAIRDWm, jrBack hr rdblacksmith
BLACKLERJas, srBack hrfisherman
BLACKLEREdwardBack hrfisherman
BLACKLEREliasBack hrfisherman
BLACKLERDanielBack hrfisherman
BLACKLERAmosBack hrfisherman
BLACKLERJas, jr.Back hrfisherman
BLACKLERArthurBack hrfisherman
BARRETTWmOld house cvefisherman
BARRETTWmOld house cvefisherman
BROWNINGRev W JSouth sideMethodist
BLANDFORDGeoSouth sideagent
BUTCHERAmbroseSouth sidefisherman
BROMLEYJasFarmer's Armfisherman
BROMLEYSamuelFarmer's Armfisherman
BROMLEYOliverFarmer's Armfisherman
BYRNEWmDurrell's armgn dealer
BATHGeoLit French beachfisherman
BATHFredkLit French beachfisherman
BOURDENJosFrench Beachfisherman
BOURDENFredkFrench Beachfisherman
BOURDENWmJenkins Covefisherman
BOURDENJno, srDurrel's armfisherman
BOURDENSamuelDurrel's armfisherman
BOURDENJohnDurrel's armfisherman
BOURDENIsaacDurrel's armfisherman
BOURDENSamlManuel's cvfisherman
BOURDENJohnManuel's cvfisherman
BARNESJohnRagged Pointfisherman
BARNESJasRagged Pointfisherman
BARNESGeo HRagged Pointfisherman
BAGGSRichdBluff hd covefisherman
BAGGSEdwBluff hd covefisherman
BLAKEWmDurrel's armfisherman
BLAKEJasDurrel's armfisherman
BLAKEBartholomewDurrel's armfisherman
BLAKEGeoDurrel's armfisherman
BURTONAlfredDurrel's armfisherman
BURTONJohnDurrel's armfisherman
BURTONJasDurrel's armfisherman
BURTONThosDurrel's armfisherman
BURTONLeviDurrel's armfisherman
BURTONJohnDurrel's armfisherman
BURTONWmDurrel's armfisherman
BURTONEliHart's cvfisherman
BURTONAbelHart's cvfisherman
BURTONArthurHart's cvfisherman
BULGINJasFarmer's armfisherman
BULGINAbramFarmer's armfisherman
BULGINWmFarmer's armfisherman
BULGINFredkFarmer's armfisherman
BULGINAdamFarmer's armfisherman
BULGINJohnFarmer's armfisherman
BULGINWmFarmer's armfisherman
BULGINAbram, srFarmer's armfisherman
BULGINMatthewFarmer's armfisherman
BULGINJosephFarmer's armfisherman
BULGINRobtFarmer's armfisherman
BURTSilasWild covefisherman
BURTRichdWild covefisherman
BURTWmWild covefisherman
BURTSilas, jrSouth sidefisherman
BURTJonthnPurcill's hbrfisherman
BROWNEdwCod Jack's cvfisherman
BROWNTheophelusCod Jack's cvfisherman
BROWNWmBluff hd cvfisherman
BROWNManuelBluff hd cvfisherman
BROWNWm GeoBluff hd cvfisherman
BISHOPMary, wid ChasPath end 
BRETTElizabeth, wid JohnParadise 
BOYDEMary A, wid JnoNorth side 
BOYDEPhoebe, wid AndrewNorth side 
BULGINSusan, wid ArchFarmer's arm 
BROMLEYMary, wid SamlFarmer's arm 
BLAKEDiana, wid JohnFarmer's arm 
BAGGSJane, wid ThosBluff hd cove 
RATESKaziah, wid JnoDurrell's arm 
COLBOURNEJosiahNorth Sidepost-master
COLBOURNEArthurNorth Sideclerk
COLBOURNEEdwinBack hr roadex-preventive officer
COOKJohnNorth sidesailmaker
COOKLukeNorth sidecarpenter
COOKPeterNorth sidecarpenter
CURTISJohnNorth sidegen dealer and saw mills
CURTISAlfredNorth sidelaborer
CURTISThomas (ANorth sidelaborer
CURTISEdwardNorth sidefisherman
CURTISJohn, srSnelling's covefisherman
CURTISJohn, jrSnelling's covefisherman
CURTISThomasSnelling's covefisherman
CLARKFrancisBack Harborfisherman
CLARKSamuelBack Harborfisherman
CLARKReubenBack Harborfisherman
CLARKLeviBack Harborfisherman
CLARKWmBack Harborfisherman
CLARKAmosBack Harborfisherman
CLARKJohnBack Harborfisherman
CLARKArthurBack Harborfisherman
COOPERGeoBack Harborfisherman
COOPERThosBack Harborfisherman
COOPERWmBack Harborfisherman
COOPERAndrewBack Harborfisherman
COOPEREliasBack Harborfisherman
COOPERJohnBack Harborfisherman
COOPERJas, srFarmer's Armfisherman
COOPERPhilipFarmer's Armfisherman
COOPERJohnFarmer's Armfisherman
COOPEREliFarmer's Armfisherman
COOPERSamuelFarmer's Armfisherman
COOPERGeoFarmer's Armfisherman
COOPERJas, jrFarmer's Armfisherman
COMPTONJnoLit French bchfisherman
CHURCHILLThosFarmer's Armfisherman
CHURCHILLJasFarmer's Armfisherman
CHURCHILLPhilipFarmer's Armfisherman
CHURCHILLJohn, srFarmer's Armfisherman
CHURCHILLPhilipFarmer's Armfisherman
CHURCHILLJohnFarmer's Armfisherman
CHURCHILLFrederickFarmer's Armfisherman
CHURCHILLIsaacFarmer's Armfisherman
CHURCHILLWmFarmer's Armfisherman
CHURCHILLHannibalFarmer's Armfisherman
CLARKRichardFarmer's Armfisherman
CLARKPeterFarmer's Armfisherman
CLARKFrederickFarmer's Armfisherman
CLARKWmFarmer's Armfisherman
CLARKJonasFarmer's Armfisherman
CLARKWmFarmer's Armfisherman
COLBOURNEJasDurrell's Armfisherman
COLBOURNEJnoDurrell's Armlob pkr
COLBOURNEJosiahDurrell's Armlob pkr
COLBOURNEJasDurrell's Armlob pkr
CONWAYA.JManuel's covefisherman
CHAPPELSamlKettle covefisherman
CHAPPELGeoKettle covefisherman
CHAPPELRobtKettle covefisherman
CHAPPELEliasKettle covefisherman
CHAPPELReubenKettle covefisherman
CHAPPELArthurKettle covefisherman
COLBOURNEMary, wid ThosDurrell's arm 
COOPERMary, wid ThosFarmer's Arm 
CHAPPELMary, wid SmlKettle Cove 
COOKJane, wid JohnNorth side 
COOK Jane, wid Mark North side  
CHIPMAN Susan, wid Wm Sleepy Cove  
COOPER Ann, wid Thos South side  
DALLEY Jas French beach fisherman
DALLEY Geo French beach fisherman
DALLEY Thos French beach fisherman
DALLEY Mark French beach fisherman
DALLEY John French beach fisherman
DALLEY Robt French beach fisherman
DALLEY Thos Durrel's arm fisherman
DALLEY Wm Durrel's arm fisherman
DALLEY Elias Durrel's arm fisherman
DALLEY Samuel Durrel's arm fisherman
DOVE Israel Jones' cove fisherman
DOVE Geo Crow head fisherman
DOVE David Snelling's cove fisherman
DOVE John Lower head fisherman
DOVE Robt Crow head fisherman
DOVE Samuel Crow head fisherman
DOVE Michael, sr Crow head carter
DOVE Michael, jr Crow head fisherman
DOVE Jas Crow head fisherman
DOVE John Crow head fisherman
EARLE John, sr Farmer's arm fisherman
EARLE John, jr Farmer's arm fisherman
EARLE Thos Farmer's arm fisherman
EARLE Geo French beach fisherman
EARLE Wm South side fisherman
ELLIOTT John South side fisherman
ELLIOTT Abram South side fisherman
ELLIOTT Matthew Robin's cove fisherman
ELLIOTT Robt Robin's cove fisherman
ELLIOTT Abram Platter's hd fisherman
ELLIOTT Eli Little Harbor fisherman
EVALEIGH John Purcill's hr fisherman
ELLIOTT Mary, wid John South side  
ELLIOTT Hannah, wid Ed South side  
EARLE Isaac Farmer's arm fisherman
ELLIOTT Reuben Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Andrew Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT John Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Arthur Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Isaac Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Benjamin Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Levi Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Jonas Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Geo Crow Head fisherman
ELLIOTT Joseph Sleepy Cove fisherman
ELLIOTT John Wild Cove fisherman
FACEY Silas South side tinsmith
FIFIELD Jas North side carpenter
FIFIELD John North side fisherman
FIFIELD Geo North side blacksmith
FIFIELD Elias North side fisherman
FIFIELD Eli North side fisherman
FIFIELD Levi North side fisherman
FIFIELD Joseph North side laborer
FORD Thos North side genl dealer
FRENCH Joshua Back hr rd shoemaker
FOX Stanley Back Harbor fisherman
FOX Jas Back Harbor fisherman
FOX Fredk Back Harbor fisherman
FOX John, sr Back Harbor fisherman
FOX John, jr Back Harbor fisherman
FREEMAN Wm, sr Back Harbor fisherman
FREEMAN Francis Back Harbor fisherman
FREEMAN Philip Back Harbor fisherman
FREEMAN Geo R Back Harbor fisherman
FREEMAN Wm, jr Back Harbor fisherman
FROUD Wm Hart's cove fisherman
FROUD Chas Hart's cove fisherman
FROUD John W Hart's cove fisherman
FROST Jas Jenkin's cove fisherman
FROST Eli Jenkin's cove fisherman
FLYNN Jas Bass cove fisherman
FIFIELD Maria, wid Jos North side  
FLYNN Ann, wid Wm Kettle cove  
FOX Eliza, wid Wm Back Harbor  
FOX Tamar, wid Saml Back Harbor  
FREEMAN Mary, wid Geo Back Harbor  
FROUD Martha, wid Jas Hart's cove  
FIFIELD Rebecca, wid John N side  
GILLINGHAM R T South side acc'nt
GUY Fredk, sr South side fisherman
GUY Geo South side fisherman
GUY Jas South side fisherman
GUY Stephen South side fisherman
GUY Robt South side fisherman
GUY Chas South side fisherman
GUY Alex South side fisherman
GUY Fredk, jr South side fisherman
GUY Thos South side fisherman
GEDGE John Durrel's arm blksmith
GEDGE Jas Durrel's arm fisherman
GEDGE Joseph Durrel's arm fisherman
GILLETT Geo Farmer's Arm shopkeeper
GILLETT Jas Farmer's Arm fisherman
GILLETT Lousia Farmer's Arm fisherman
GILLETT Martin Farmer's Arm carpenter
GILLETT Jas Durrell's Arm fisherman
GILLARD Jno Gillard's cove fisherman
GILLARD John, jr Gillard's cove fisherman
GILLARD Elijah Gillard's cove fisherman
GILLARD Isaac Gillard's cove fisherman
GILLARD Wm. Gillard's cove fisherman
GILLARD Jas Gillard's cove fisherman
GILLARD Chas Gillard's cove fisherman
GILLARD John Gillard's cove fisherman
GILLARD Joseph Gillard's cove fisherman
GILLARD Alfred Gillard's cove fisherman
GLEESON Richd Manuel's cove fisherman
GREENHAM Richd Manuel's cove fisherman
GREENHAM Isaac Manuel's cove fisherman
GREENHAM Andr Manuel's cove fisherman
GREENHAM Elijah Manuel's cove fisherman
GREENHAM Henry Manuel's cove fisherman
GRANVILLE Henry Wild Cove fisherman
GRANVILLE Robt Wild Cove fisherman
GRANVILLE John Wild Cove fisherman
GILLARD Susan, wid Thos Gillard's cove  
GATES Eliza, wid Jas Ragged Point  
GINN mrs Mary, wid Wild Cove  
GRAY Andrew N side clerk
GUARD George N side cooper
GUARD Thomas N side clerk
GILLETT James N side seaman
GUY Joseph Wild cove fisherman
GUY John Wild cove fisherman
GUY Wm Wild cove fisherman
HAMLIN Fanny, wid Wm Wild Cove  
HAMLIN Henry Crow Head fisherman
HAMLIN Daniel Crow Head fisherman
HAMLIN Uriah Crow Head fisherman
HAMLIN George Crow Head fisherman
HAMLIN Samuel Crow Head fisherman
HARBIN Henry N side mas mar
HARBIN Stephen N side storekeeper
HARBIN Wm N side wharfinger
HARBIN Hannah, wid Jos N side  
HOUSE Joseph N side fisherman
HOUSE Frederick, sr N side fisherman
HOUSE Frederick, jr N side fisherman
HOUSE Wm N side fisherman
HODGE Richd D N side mer agent
HODDER James N side lobster pkr
HODDER Edgar N side lobster pkr
HYNES Robert Back Hbr fisherman
HAMLIN James Crow Head fisherman
HAMLIN Maria, wid Job Crow Head  
HAWKINS Hy Jenkin's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Stephen Jenkin's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Edgar Jenkin's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Josiah Jenkin's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Wm. Jenkin's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Hedley Jenkin's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Mart Cod Jack's c fisherman
HAWKINS Saml Cod Jack's Cove fisherman
HAWKINS Louisa, wid Wm Cod Jack's Cove  
HAYWARD Mathias S side cooper
HAYWARD Robert S side fisherman
HANRAHAN James S side fisherman
HODDER George, sr South side cooper
HODDER John South Side blacksmith
HODDER George, jr South Side shoemaker
HODDER James C South Side cooper
HUGHES Wm South Side cooper
HULL George S side fisherman
HULL Andrew S side fisherman
HITCHCOCK Wm S side clerk
HULL Elizabeth, wid Geo S side  
HULL John Bluff head cove fisherman
HULL Arthur Bluff head cove fisherman
HYNES Wm. Manuel's cove fisherman
HYNES Andrew Manuel's cove fisherman
HICKS Thomas Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS James, sr Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS James, jr Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS John, sr Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS John, jr Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS Wm Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS Samuel Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS Archibald Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS Joseph Durrell's Arm fisherman
HICKS James Burt's cove fisherman
HOWLETT Hary Durrell's arm clerk
HORWOOD James Durrell's arm fisherman
HILLIER James Durrell's Arm fisherman
HILLIER John Durrell's Arm fisherman
HOPEWOOD Emily, wid J Durrell's arm  
HILLIER Jos French beach fisherman
HILLIER John Platter's head fisherman
HILLIER George Platter's head fisherman
HILLIER Frederick Platter's head fisherman
HILLIER Charles Platter's head fisherman
HILLIER Thomas Platter's head fisherman
HILLIER Israel Platter's head fisherman
HARVEY Samuel Ragged Point fisherman
HALLETT Ambrose Little Hbr fisherman
HOPKINS Henry Kettle cove fisherman
HOPKINS George Kettle cove fisherman
HOPKINS Charles Kettle cove fisherman
HOPKINS Caroline, wid G Kettle cove  
INDER Samuel Wild Cove fisherman
INGS Geo Farmer's arm fisherman
INGS Edw Farmer's arm fisherman
INGS Edw Durrell's arm fisherman
INGS Theophelus Durrell's arm fisherman
INGS Reuben Kettle cove fisherman
INGS Jas Wild Cove fisherman
JANES Moses N side SA officer
JANES Robt Back hbr fisherman
JANES Jas Back hbr fisherman
JANES Samuel Back hbr fisherman
JANES Wm Back hbr fisherman
JANES Ann wid Jas Back hbr
JACOBS E Hart's cv cabinet maker
JACOBS Kenneth Hart's cv cooper
JACOBS Caroline, wid Thos    
JENKINS R. French cv fisherman
JENKINS Elijah French cv fisherman
JENKINS Nathl Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Robt Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Jas Jenkin's c> fisherman
JENKINS Fredk Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Obadiah Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Abram Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Andrew Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Titus Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Geo Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Elias Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Elijah Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Jas, jr Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Jas, sr Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Jacob Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Jos Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS John Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Samuel Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Peter Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Thos Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Alfred Jenkin's cv fisherman
JENKINS Rebecca, wid Peter    
JENKINS Isaac Durrell's arm fisherman
JENKINS Elias Durrell's arm fisherman
JENKINS Ann, wid Geo    
JENKINS Hannah, wid Wm North side  
JENKINS Edg Farmer's arm fisherman
KENDALL Elijah Hart's cove fisherman
KENDALL Paul Hart's cove fisherman
KEEFE Abram Little hbr fisherman
KEEFE Samson Little hbr fisherman
KEEFE Samuel Little hbr fisherman
KEEFE John, sr Little hbr fisherman
KEEFE Geo Little hbr fisherman
KEEFE Jasper Little hbr fisherman
KEEFE Jas D Little hbr fisherman
KEEFE John, jr Little hbr fisherman
KEEFE Thos, jr Wild cove fisherman
KNELL Walter Ragged pt fisherman
KINGSBURY Jno D Button's cove fisherman
LAMBERT Andrew South side fisherman
LAMBERT Thos South side fisherman
LOYTE Wm Hart's cove fisherman
LOYTE Geo Hart's cove fisherman
LOYTE Joshua Durrell's arm fisherman
LINFIELD And South sde genl dealer
LINFIELD Thos Jenkin's cove fisherman
LINFIELD Robt Jenkin's cove mstr mar
LINFIELD Alfred Jenkin's cove seaman
LINFIELD John, jr Jenkin's cove fisherman
LINFIELD Albert Jenkin's cove fisherman
LEWIS Jas Jenkin's cove fisherman
LEGGE Matt Farmer's arm fisherman
LEGGE Geo Farmer's arm fisherman
LEGGE Jas Farmer's arm fisherman
LEGGE Fredk Farmer's arm fisherman
LEGGE Andrew Farmer's arm fisherman
LEGGE Simeon Farmer's arm fisherman
LEGGE Robt Farmer's arm fisherman
LEGGE Eliz, wid Mat Farmer's arm  
LANGDOWN Geo Durrill's arm fisherman
LANGDOWN Eli Lowland cove fisherman
LANGDOWN Willis Lowland cove fisherman
LOWE Mary, wid Geo Indian's cove  
LOVERINGE Andw North side fisherman
LOVERINGE Geo North side fisherman
LINFIELD Fredk North side genl dealer
LINFIELD Maria, wid Alf Linfield's cove  
LINFIELD Mary, wid John Linfield's cove  
LEWIS Harnold, wid John Linfield's cove  
LOCK John North side mas mar
LUNNEN John North side wharfinger
LUNNEN Andrew North side printer
LACEY Thos Back hbr fisherman
LACEY Alfred Back hbr fisherman
LUTHER Job Back hbr fisherman
LUTHER Mark Back hbr fisherman
LUTHER Theodore Back hbr fisherman
MAYNE Chas North side mer agent
MOORES Jacob North side fisheman
MANUEL Obediah North side sailmaker
MANUEL Titus W North side carpenter
MANUEL Alfred North side carpenter
MANUEL Arthur North side genl dealer
MOSS Robt North side carpenter
MINTY Jane, wid Mat North side  
MOORES Martha, wid John North side  
MAY Eliz, wid Thomas Wild cove  
MAY Richard Paradise fisherman
MAY James Paradise fisherman
MAIDEMENT Eliz, wid Stpn French beach  
MOXHAM Fanny, wid Chas S side  
MURRAY Sarah, wid Esau Back hbr  
MINTY Rachl, wid Geo Darrill's arm  
MANUEL Uriah Snelling cv laborer
MOORES Robt, sr Back hbr fisherman
MOORES Robt, jr Back hbr fisherman
MURRAY Geo Davy Button's c fisherman
MUDFORD Isaac Crow Head fisherman
MUDFORD John Crow Head fisherman
MUDFORD Thos Crow Head fisherman
MUDFORD Alfred Crow Head fisherman
MUDFORD Joseph Crow Head fisherman
MILLS John Sleepy cove fisherman
MOYLES John South side fisherman
MOYLES Joseph South side fisherman
MOYLES Wm Manuel's cove fisherman
MUDFORD Bernard Manuel's cove fisherman
MITCHARD John Manuel's cove fisherman
MITCHARD Wm Manuel's cove fisherman
MITCHARD Thos Manuel's cove fisherman
MITCHARD Andrew Manuel's cove fisherman
MITCHARD Geo Hart's cove fisherman
MITCHELL Peter South side fisherman
MITCHELL Jas Durrell's arm fisherman
MINTY John, sr Durrell's arm farmer
MINTY John, jr Durrell's arm fisherman
MINTY Jos, sr Durrell's arm fisherman
MINTY Jos, jr Durrell's arm fisherman
MINTY Samuel Durrell's arm fisherman
MINTY Wm Durrell's arm fisherman
MINTY James Durrell's arm fisherman
MINTY Geo Durrell's arm fisherman
MINTY Albion Durrell's arm fisherman
MINTY Henry Durrell's arm fisherman
MAIDMENT Saml French bch fisherman
MAIDMENT John French bch fisherman
MAIDMENT Eli French bch fisherman
MAIDMENT Elijah French bch fisherman
MAIDMENT Stanley French bch fisherman
MORGAN Jas French bch fisherman
MARSH Chas Purcill's hbr fisherman
MARSH Wm Purcill's hbr fisherman
MAY Alfred Manuel's cve fisherman
MAY Elijah J Manuel's cve fisherman
MOORES Saml Ragged pt fisherman
MOORES Mark Sandy cove fisherman
MOORES Saml Bass hbr fisherman
NEWMAN Fredk N side fisherman
NEWMAN Henry N side mariner
NEWMAN Richard N. side gen dealer
NEWMAN Wm N. side clerk
NEWMAN Stephen N. side fisherman
NEWMAN Edgar N. side mariner
NEWMAN Samuel N. side planter
NEWMAN James N. side mariner
NEWMAN Charles N. side planter
NEWMAN Alfred N. side carpenter
NOTT George S side clerk
OAKLEY James N side shoemaker
OXFORD Thomas N side fisherman
OXFORD John N side fisherman
OWEN J W N side gen mercht
OXFORD James N side fisherman
OXFORD Henry Farmer's arm fisherman
OAKE Wm Farmer's arm fisherman
OAKE Lot S. side fisherman
OSMOND Horatio Robin's cv fisherman
OSMOND James Robin's cv fisherman
OSMOND Jacob Robin's cv fisherman
PEYTON Thos Back har surveyor & Notary Public
PEYTON Ann, wid Jas Back Harbour  
PETTEN Nathaniel N side Hd const
PAYNE Samuel, sr N side laborer
PAYNE Samuel, jr N side clerk
PAYNE George Wild cove laborer
PEARCE Henry N side carpenter
PEARCE Andrew J N side sub collectr
PRESTON Alfred N side laborer
POLLARD James Cat cove mariner
PRESTON Jas, jr Wild cv rd storekeeper
PRESTON Jas, sr Long Point ast lighthouse keeper
PEARCE Abraham Bk hbr Carpenter
PEYTON Elias Bk hbr Carpenter
PEYTON Henry Bk hbr Carpenter
PEYTON Wm Bk hbr Carpenter
PRIDE Wm Bk hbr fisherman
PRICE John Bk hbr fisherman
PRICE Wm Bk hbr fisherman
PURCHASE Wm T Bk hbr fisherman
PURCHASE Thomas Bk hbr fisherman
PURCHASE James Bk hbr fisherman
PURCHASE Walter Bk hbr fisherman
PURCHASE George Bk hbr fisherman
PURCHASE Mary A, wid Ab Bk hbr  
PRICE Elizabeth, wid Jas Bk hbr  
PEARCY Suan, wid Robt Bk hbr  
PRIDE Mary A, wid Jno Bk hbr  
PRIDE Susan, wid Jno Bk hbr  
POND Edw Farmer's arm fisherman
PHILPOT Susan. wid Jas Crow Head  
PHILLIPS James, sr S. Side fisherman
PHILLIPS James, jr S. Side fisherman
PHILLIPS Joseph S. Side fisherman
PHILLIPS Martin S. Side fisherman
PIPPPY Phillip S. Side fisherman
PIPPPY Charles S. Side fisherman
PIPPPY John S. Side fisherman
PIKE James Ragged point storekeeper
PIKE Jabez Ragged point fisherman
PRIMMER George Hart's cove fisherman
PRIMMER Henry Hart's cove fisherman
PRIMMER James Hart's cove fisherman
PRIMMER Robt Farmer's arm fisherman
PRIMMER Richd Jenkin's cove fisherman
PARSONS Peter Jenkin's cv fisherman
PARSONS Stanley Jenkin's cv fisherman
PARSONS Bemister Jenkin's cv fisherman
PARSONS John Jenkin's cv fisherman
PENNELL Saml Farmer's arm fisherman
PENNELL Robert Farmer's arm fisherman
POND Adam Farmer's arm gen dealer
POND Phillip Farmer's arm fisherman
POND Thomas Farmer's arm fisherman
POND Obediah Farmer's arm fisherman
POND Pierce Farmer's arm fisherman
POND Isaac Farmer's arm fisherman
POND Wm Farmer's arm miner
POND Wm, sr Farmer's arm fisherman
POND George Farmer's arm fisherman
POND Abel Farmer's arm fisherman
PELLEY Chas, sr Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY Kenneth Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY Thomas Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY George Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY Chas, jr Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY Stephen Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY John Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY Wm Sandy Cove fisherman
PELLEY Samuel Sandy Cove fisherman
PEARCE Joseph Bluff hd cove fisherman
PEARCE Alfred Bluff hd cove fisherman
PECKHAM Joseph Jones' cve fisherman
PARDY Stephen Little har fisherman
PARDY John Little har fisherman
PARDY James Little har fisherman
PARDY George Little har fisherman
PARDY Samuel Little har fisherman
POOL George Little har fisherman
POOL Wm Purcill's Har fisherman
PHILIPS John South side fisherman
PHILIPS Fred South side fisherman
PHILIPS John, jr South side fisherman
PARDY Ann, wid John Little Harbor  
PARSONS T wid, Thos Linfield's cove  
PECKHAM Ann, wid Elias Manuel cove  
POWELL Susan, wid North side  
PRESTON E'beth, wid Jos North side  
PIKE Sarah, wid John Ragged pt  
PHILLIPS Tryph, wid Jno South side  
PITTMAN Martha, wid Jas South side  
REID Peter Farmer's arm fisherman
REID Geo Farmer's arm fisherman
REID Matthew Farmer's arm fisherman
RICHARDS Isaac Durrell's arm fisherman
RODGERS Thos Durrell'S arm fisherman
RODGERS Obadiah Durrell'S arm fisherman
RODGERS Jas French Beach fisherman
RODGERS Jno Little French b fisherman
RODGERS John, jr Little French b fisherman
RICE John Durrell'S arm fisherman
RICE Thos, sr Durrell'S arm fisherman
RICE Thos, jr Durrell'S arm fisherman
RICE Wm Burt's cv fisherman
RICE Wm Little Hbr fisherman
RICE John (W Little Hbr fisherman
RICE Samuel Little Hbr fisherman
RICE Thos Little Hbr fisherman
RICE John Little Hbr fisherman
The following Transcribed by Don Tate
RICE Martin Little hr fisherman
RICE Geo Little hr fisherman
ROSE Stephen Farmer's Arm fisherman
ROSE Jos Bluff Head cv fisherman
ROBERTS John Bluff Head cv fisherman
ROBERTS Geo Bluff's Head cv fisherman
ROBERTS Jabez Bluff's Head cv fisherman
ROBERTS Wm G. Bluff's Head cv fisherman
ROBERTS Jas Bluff's Head cv fisherman
ROBERTS John Bluff's Head cv fisherman
ROBERTS Albert Bluff Head cv fisherman
ROBERTS Elias, jr. Bluff's Head cv fisherman
ROBERTS Elias, sr. Bluff's Head cv fisherman
ROBERTS Archibald Bluff's Head cv fisherman
ROBERTS Stephen Bluff Head cv fisherman
ROBERTS Louis Bluff Head cv fisherman
RIDOUT Robt Bluff's Head cv fisherman
RIDOUT John Bluff's Head cv fisherman
RENDALL Isaac South Side cv fisherman
RENDALL Geo South Side fisherman
RENDALL Levi South Side fisherman
RENDALL Wm South Side fisherman
RENDALL Robt South Side fisherman
REID John Farmer's Arm fisherman
REID Jos Farmer's Arm fisherman
REID Jacob Farmer's Arm fisherman
REID Stephen Farmer's Arm fisherman
RIDOUT John, sr. Back Harbor fisherman
RIDOUT Geo Back Harbor fisherman
RIDOUT John Back Harbor fisherman
RIDOUT Jos Back Harbor fisherman
RIDOUT Mark Back Harbor fisherman
RIDOUT Henry Back Harbor fisherman
RIDOUT Wm Back Harbor fisherman
RIDOUT Fredk Back Harbor fisherman
RIDOUT Wm Back Harbor fisherman
RIDOUT John Back Harbor fisherman
RIDOUT Jos Back Harbor fisherman
RIDOUT Jas Back Harbor fisherman
RIDOUT George Lower Head fisherman
RIDOUT Zachariah Lower Head fisherman
RIDOUT Fredk Lower Head fisherman
RIDOUT Philip Wild Cov fisherman
RIDOUT Thos Wild Cove fisherman
RYALL Robt North Side shoemaker
ROBERTS John W. North Side mas marnr
ROBERTS Adw, sr. North Side carpenter
ROBERTS Adw, jr. North Side mas marnr
ROBERTS Francis North Side clerk
ROBERTS Geo North Side editor 'Sun'
ROBERTS Edw North Side trapper
ROBERTS Edw North Side fisherman
ROBERTS Mark North Side fisherman
ROBERTS John, sr. North Side fisherman
ROBERTS Thos Northside fish'man
ROBERTS Jos North Side fish'man
ROBERTS John, jr. North Side fish'man
ROBERTS Thos, sr. North Side fish'man
ROBERTS Jas North Side fish'man
ROBERTS Geo North Side fish'man
ROBERTS Francis North Side carpenter
ROBERTS Josiah North Side carpenter
ROBERTS Benj North Side fisherman
ROBERTS Robt Lighthouse lt keeper
ROSSITER Benj Back hbr fisherman
ROSSITER Amos Back hbr fisherman
RIDEOUT Mary Ann, Wid J. C. Back hr  
RIDEOUT Hannah, wid Thos Back hr  
ROBERTS Flora, wid John Bluff hd c  
ROBERTS Louisa, wid Wm Bluff hd c  
ROBERTS Rebecca, wid Stepn Bluff hd c  
ROBERTS Mary Ann, wid Jas Bluff hd c  
ROBERTS Mariah, wid Saml Wild cve  
ROBERTS Mrs, widow Farmer's Arm  
ROBERTS Mariah, Wid J. W. Farmer's Arm  
ROSE Mary Ann, wid Stephn Farmer's Arm  
RENDELL Ann, Wid Levi South side  
RENDELL Susan, wid Wm South side  
RICE Mrs, widow Little hbr  
ROBERTS Selina, wid Wm T. N. N Side  
SAMWAYS Peter N side accountant
STUCKLESS Jos N side fisherman
STUCKLASS Saml N side tinsmith
STUCKLESS John N side fisherman
STUCKLESS Albert N side fisherman
STUCKLESS Wm N side fisherman
SCOTT Wm J. N side genl dealer
SMITH Owen V. N side physician
SWEETLAND Edgar N side blacksmith
SPENCER Jos Back hbr fisherman
SPENDER Wm Back hbr fisherman
SPENCER Reuben Back hbr fisherman
SPENCER Josiah Back hbr fisherman
SPENCER Eli Back hbr fisherman
SPENCER Mark Back hbr fisherman
SPENCER Henry Back hbr fisherman
SIMMS Robt Back hbr fisherman
SIMMS John Bck hbr fisherman
SIMMS Geo Back hbr fisherman
SIMMS Jos Wild cove kpr hosptl
SIMMS Geo Wild cove fisherman
SHEPPARD John Wild cove fisherman
SHEPPARD Jos Wild cove fisherman
SHEPPARD Saml Wild cove fisherman
SMITH Benj, sr Wild cove fisherman
SMITH Geo Wild cove fisherman
SMITH Benj Wild cove fisherman
SMITH Robt Wild cove fisherman
SHARP Uriah Crow head fisherman
SHARP James Crow head fisherman
SHARP Wm Crow head fisherman
SHARP Richard Crow head fisherman
SHARP Fredk Crow head fisherman
SHARP John Crow head fisherman
SHARP John, jr. Crow head fisherman
SHARP Jonathan Crow head fisherman
SHARP Robt Crow head fisherman
SHARP Jas Crow head fisherman
SHARP Saml Crow head fisherman
SMITH Robt Jenkin's cove fisherman
SMITH Edw Jenkin's cove fisherman
SMITH James Jenkin's cove fisherman
SMITH Caleb Jenkin's cove fisherman
SMITH John Durrell's Arm fisherman
SMITH James Durrell's Arm fisherman
SMITH John Little hbr fisherman
SMITH Geo, sr. Little hbr fisherman
SMITH John Little hbr fisherman
SMITH Geo J. Little hbr fisherman
SMITH Francis Little hbr fisherman
SAUNDERS Geo Farmer's Arm fisherman
SIMMONS Henry French bch fisherman
STUCKLESS Joseph Jenkin's cv fisherman
STUCKLESS Geo Jenkin's cv. fisherman
STUCKLESS David Main Tickle fisherman
STUCKLESS Thos Main Tickle fisherman
STUCKLESS Fredk Main Tickle fisherman
STUCKLESS Jonath Bluff hd cv fisherman
STICKLAND Jos Robin's cve laborer
SPENCER John Littlr hbr fisherman
SUGG Andrew Jone's cve fisherman
SAMSON Peter Robin's cve fisherman
STAFFORD Fredk R. South side physician
STUCKEY Titus South side fish'man
STOCKEY Geo South side fish'man
STOCKLEY Jas South side fish'man
STOCKLEY Thos South side fish'man
STOCKLEY Archibald South side fish'man
STOCKLEY Arthur South side fish'man
STOCKLEY Fredk South side fish'man
STOCKLEY Jasper South side fish'man
STOCKLEY Robt Hart's cove fish'man
SKINNER John Hart's cove fish'man
SKINNER Thos Hart's cove fish'man
SKINNER Saul Hart's cove carpenter
SKINNER Geo Hart's cove carpenter
SNOW Geo Durrell's Arm fish'man
SNOW Wm Durrell's Arm fish'man
SNOW John Durrell's Arm fish'man
STRONG Jas Jenkin's cove fish'man
SLADE Fredk Jenkin' cove fish'man
SLADE Geo Jenkin's cove fish'man
SLADE Jas Jenkin's cove fish'man
SLAD Edw Jenkin's cove fish'man
SIMMS Ann, wid Jas Back harbor  
SIMMS Eliza, wid John Back harbor  
STUCKLESS Hannah, wid John S side  
SPENCER Ann, wid Saml Back hrbr  
SHEPPARD Sophia, wid Chas Wild c  
SHARP Susan, wid Is. Crow head  
SLADE Ann, wid Edw Durrell's Arm  
SEALEY Mary A, wid Ed French bch  
STRONG Louisa, wid Geo Linfield's c  
TEMPLE Rev Cannon North side Rural Dean-Episcapalian
TIZZARD Wm Back harbor fish'man
TIZZARD Zachariah Back harbor fish'man
TIZZARD Geo Back harbor fish'man
TIZZARD John Back harbor fish'man
TROKE Jas Durrell's Arm fish'man
TROKE John, sr. Durrell's Arm fish'man
TROKE John Durrell's Arm fish'man
TROKE Geo Durrell's Arm fish'man
TALBUT mrs Margaret, wid N side  
TUCKER Elizabeth, wid John N side  
VATCHER Eli Wild cove fisherman
VATCHER Amos Wild cove fisherman
VATCHER Wm Wild cove fisherman
VATCHER John Wild cove fisherman
VATCHER Geo, sr. South side fisherman
VATCHER Geo, jr. South side fisherman
VATCHER John South side fisherman
VATCHER Thos South side fisherman
VATCHER Ethelbert South side fisherman
VERGE Fredk Jenkin's cove fisherman
VERGE Thos Jenkin's cove fisherman
VINEHAM Chas Durrell's Arm fisherman
VINEHAM Eliz, wid Jas Durrell's Arm  
VERGE Diana, wid Geo Linfield's cv  
VERGE Martha, wid Thos Linfield's cv  
VATCHER Alice, wid John Wild cove  
WELLS Robt North side fisherman
WELLS Wm J. North side gen dealer
WELLS Thos H. North side carpenter
WHITE John North side mariner
WHYATT John North side fisherman
WHYATT Andrew North side fisherman
WHYLES Jas N side carter
WILLIAM Geo G. North side gen dealer
WELLS Edw Back harbor laborer
WELLS Thos Back harbor fisherman
WELLS Wm Back harbor fisherman
WELLS Philip Back harbor fisherman
WELLS John Back harbor fisherman
WARR Simon Back harbor fisherman
The following Transcribed by Vera Short
WARR Geo Back Harbor fisherman
WHITFIELD Edw Wild cove fisherman
WEIR Jas Farmer's arm blacksmith
WEAKLEY Jas Durrell'S arm fisherman
WATKINS Job Durrell'S arm fisherman
WATKINS Abraham South side fisherman
WHITE John South side fisherman
WHITE Chas Farmer's arm Teacher
WHITE Thos Farmer's arm fisherman
WHITE Edw Farmer's arm fisherman
WHITE Jas, sr Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Archibald Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Abram Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Jas, jr Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Theodore Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Thos, sr Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Thos, jr Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Chas Ragged Point fisherman
WHITE Abner Ragged Point fisherman
WITT Elijah Kettle cove fisherman
WITT Alfred Kettle cove fisherman
WITT Thos Kettle cove fisherman
WARR Solomon Jones' cove fisherman
WARR Mark Little Harbor fisherman
WARR Jas Little Harbor fisherman
WARR Edgar Little Harbor fisherman
WHITEHORN Jas South side fisherman
WHITEHORN Geo South side fisherman
WHITEHORN Archibald South side fisherman
WHITEHORN John South side fisherman
WHEELER Joel South side carpenter
WHEELER David South side fisherman
WHEELER Arthur South side fisherman
WHEELER Noah South side fisherman
WHEELER Geo South side fisherman
WHEELER Elias South side carpenter
WHEELER M Farmer's arm fisherman
WHEELER David Farmer's arm fisherman
WALSH Saml Durrell's arm fisherman
WATERMAN Wm Durrell's arm fisherman
WATERMAN John Durrell's arm fisherman
WEIR Francis Durrell's arm fisherman
WEIR Thos Farmer's arm fisherman
WATKINS Mary, wid Hugh South side  
WARR Rebecca, wid Thos Back hbr  
WELLS Martha, wid Geo Back hbr  
WEARE Abigale, wid Wm Farmer's arm  
WELLS Caroline, wid John North side  
WELLS Sophia, wid Wm North side  
WYATT Ann, wid Edw North side  
YOUNG Eve, wid Simon South side  
YOUNG E'beth wid Thos South side  
YOUNG Thos North side carpenter
YOUNG Stephen North side fisherman
YOUNG Andrew North side fisherman
YOUNG Robt North side fisherman
YOUNG Archibald North side fisherman
YOUNG Samuel North side fisherman
YOUNG Wm North side fisherman
YOUNG Levi North side fisherman
YOUNG Chas South side fisherman
YOUNG Eli South side fisherman
YATES Wm South side fisherman
YATES Noah South side fisherman
YATES Samuel South side fisherman
YATES Eli South side fisherman
YATES Shem South side fisherman
YATES Paul Buff hd cv fisherman
YOUNG Abram Farmer's arm fisherman
YOUNG Isaac Farmer's arm fisherman
YOUNG Peter Farmer's arm fisherman
YOUNG Wm Robin's cove fisherman
YOUNG Edgar Robin's cove fisherman
YOUNG Jas South side fisherman
YOUNG Arthur South Side fisherman
YOUNG Jos South Side fisherman
YOUNG Simeon South Side fisherman
YOUNG Wm South Side fisherman
YOUNG Philip South Side fisherman
YOUNG Jos South Side fisherman
YOUNG John South Side fisherman
YOUNG Fredk South Side fisherman
YOUNG Geo South Side fisherman
YOUNG Lewis South Side fisherman
YOUNG Walter South Side fisherman
YOUNG Stephen South Side fisherman
YOUNG Elias South Side fisherman
YOUNG Philip South Side fisherman
YOUNG Andrew South Side fisherman
YOUNG Joseph South Side fisherman
YOUNG Andrew South Side fisherman
YOUNG Obadiah South Side fisherman
YOUNG Levi South Side fisherman
YOUNG Daniel South Side fisherman
YOUNG Abraham, sr South Side fisherman
YOUNG Abraham, jr South Side fisherman
YOUNG Matthew South Side fisherman
YOUNG John South Side fisherman
YOUNG David South Side fisherman
YOUNG Henry G South Side fisherman
YOUNG Wm South Side fisherman
YOUNG Elijah South Side fisherman

1000 Entries Complete
[McAlpine's Directories]

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Laura Lordan

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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