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McAlpine's 1898 Directory
Twillingate District
Tilt Cove and Vicinity
SurnameGiven NameLocationOccupation
ADAMS Abel   general dealer
AMBROSE Rev Wm   Methodist
ANSTEY John   laborer
ANTHONY Wm   laborer
ANTLE John   miner
ANDREWS John   miner
AUSTIN Peter   miner
ASHFORD Jas   trammer
BARTLETT Wm J   miner
BARTLETT Abraham   carpenter
BARTLETT Geo   miner
BARTLETT Wm   miner
BARTLETT Albert   miner
BARTLETT Joseph   trammer
BARTLETT Isaac   trammer
BARTLETT John   miner
BARTLETT Wm, jr   miner
BURT Esau   miner
BURT John   trammer
BRITT Azariah   trammer
BATSTONE Stephen   miner
BROWN Wm   laborer
BARNES Ebenezer   blacksmith
BARKER John   miner
BOONE John   miner
BOONE Kenneth   miner
BULL Absalom   miner
BYRNE John   laborer
BLACKMORE Martin   accountant
CARROL Thos   laborer
COOK Chas   engine driver
CURTIS Wm   miner
CHAPMAN Jas   trammer
CROTTY Thos   laborer
COLBOURNE Samuel   laborer
COLBOURNE Alfred   mining Captain
COLBOURNE Francis   time-keeper
COLBOURNE Augustus   accountant
COLBOURNE Robt   laborer
CROAK Jas   laborer
CHANT John   laborer
CHANT Geo   laborer
COLEMAN John   laborer
COLEMAN Arthur   trammer
CULLEN John   trammer
CURTIS Wm   trammer
COOPER Wm   miner
COOPER Levi   laborer
COOPER Chas   laborer
COOPER Geo   laborer
COLLIN Brian   laborer
CLARKE John   laborer
CLUETH Daniel   laborer
CUNNINGHAM Wm   postmaster, collector customs and tel opr
DELGADO Andrew A   groceries & c.
DWYER Robt   miner
DICKS Geo   laborer
DOYLE Wm   laborer
DOYLE Edw   laborer
DOVE Jas   miner
DECKER David   laborer
DAY Leonard   miner
DAY Ernest   laborer
DRISCOLL Michl   laborer
DOWNEY John   miner
DOWE Jas   trammer
DYER Geo   laborer
EAGAN Stephen   laborer
ETRIDGE Thos   miner
EVELEY Alfred   miner
EVELEY Chas   miner
EDGECOMBE Chas   miner
EVELEY Jos Venon's bight fisherman
FAHEY Maurice   miner
FOLKS Matthew   laborer
FOLKS Wm   miner
FOLKS Chas   miner
FUDGE Fredk   laborer
FENNESSEY Denis   miner
FURLONG Andrew   watchman
FURLONG Lawrence   blacksmith
FITZGERALD John   miner
FRECKER Alexander   miner
FRECKER Geo   miner
FOWLOW Jas   miner
FUDGE Chas   trammer
FOOTE Nicholas   laborer
FRECKER mrs, wid    
FOOTE Thos Venon's bight fisherman
FRECKER Samsan Venon's bight fisherman
GULLEN Andrew   engineer
GILLETT Wm   laborer
GRAHAM Francis   miner
GRAHAM Chas   miner
GILES Henry   foreman
GILES Wm   miner
GREEN Wm   laborer
GRIFFIN Michl   laborer
GRAY Richd   copper dresser
GYNN Lewis   laborer
GUNN Pierce   miner
GREGORY Peter   miner
GATES Robert   miner
GOSSE John   laborer
GOSSE Geo   trammer
GOULD mrs, wid    
HURLEY Jacob   miner
HOUSE John   laborer
HIBBS Henry   laborer
HIBBS John   laborer
HIBBS Joseph   miner
HIBBS Joshua   miner
HIBBS Thos   laborer
HINDS Jas   laborer
HICKEY Patk   laborer
HANDCOCK John   miner
HOUSE John   laborer
HOUSE Fredk   laborer
HOUSE Geo   laborer
HART Esau   miner
HOWLETT Jas   clerk
HEAD Wm, sr   laborer
HEAD Wm, jr   laborer
HORNEY Robt   laborer
HORNEY Henry   miner
HORNEY John   laborer
HOGAN Jas   laborer
HEARN John   laborer
HOGAN Thos   laborer
HARTERY Wm   laborer
HARTERY Lawrence   laborer
HISCOTT Richd   miner
JACKMAN M J   general dealer
JACKMAN Francis   miner
JACKMAN Andrew   miner
JUDGE Patk   fisherman
JEANS John   blacksmith
JOHNSON John   miner
JOY Michael   trammer
JOY Thos   laborer
KEEPING Thos   laborer
KIELLY Michael   miner
KING Henry   laborer
KING Patk   miner
KING Albert   miner
KING John   laborer
KING Abner   miner
KING Jas   miner
KING Wm   laborer
KING Thos   miner
KEHOE Patk   miner
KEHOE Richd   miner
KENNEDY Wm   miner
KENNEDY Patk   miner
KENNEDY Thos   laborer
KENNEDY Geo   laborer
KIELLY Jas   laborer
LOCKE Wm   miner
LUDLOW Joseph   laborer
LUDLOW Arthur   miner
LUDLOW Andrew   miner
LUDLOW Abel   miner
LUDLOW John   miner
LUDLOW Enos   miner
LISCOMB Samuel   miner
LISCOMB Joseph   miner
LISCOMB Thos   laborer
LOUIS John   trammer
MARTIN Wm   clerk
MARTIN Thos   cashier
MARTIN Nathaniel   laborer
MARTIN Wm   miner
MARTIN Albert   laborer
MATTHEWS Robt   laborer
MURPHY Jas   laborer
MANNING Patk   miner
McDONALD Jas   laborer
McDONALD John   laborer
McCARTHY John   laborer
McMANUS John   laborer
McDOUGALL Neil   miner
MILES Archibald   miner
MILES Darius   laborer
MOORES Isaac   trammer
MOORES Geo   laborer
MOORES Edw   trammer
MOORES Kenneth   laborer
MOORES Wm   laborer
MURPHY John   miner
MURPHY Thos   miner
MARTIN Arthur   miner
MATTHEWS John   laborer
MATTHEWS Michl   laborer
MOREY Geo   miner
MOREY Robt   miner
MUGFORD Geo   laborer
MOSS Wm   laborer
MANSFIELD Patk   miner
MANSFIELD Anthony   miner
MOORES Maria, wid Geo    
MAY Maria, wid Thos    
NEWMAN Alfred   carpenter
NEWMAN Mark   Salvation army
NEWMAN Wm   laborer
NEWMAN Go   laborer
NORMAN Joseph   laborer
NOSEWORTHY Edred   miner
NOSEWORTHY Thos   miner
NEWHOOK Chas   miner
OAKLEY Fredk   foreman mine
OSMOND Edw   miner
OSMOND John   miner
OSMOND John, sr   miner
OSMOND Thos   laborer
O'ROURKE Jeremiah   laborer
O'ROURKE John   laborer
OAKE John   trammer
PITTMAN Rev Arthur   Episcopln
PYNN Thos   fisherman
PIERCE Alfred   clerk & storekeeper
PIERCE Geo   clerk & storekeeper
PHILLIPS Thos   mining captain
PHILLIPS Leander   foreman mine
PEACH Samuel   wharf manager
PROWSE Wm   miner
PROWSE John   miner
PROWSE Thos   laborer
POWER Michael   miner
POWER Edw   miner
POWER Wm   miner
POND John   miner
PARSLEY Wm   laborer
POOLE Job   engineer
QUIRK Jas   miner
RICHARDS John   miner
RANDALL Fredk   miner
ROWSELL Solomon   laborer
RUTFORD Geo   miner
RIDOUT Geo   miner
RIDOUT Henry   miner
RIDOUT Solomon   trammer
ROGERS Zebedee   laborer
RANDALL Job   miner
RANDALL Adam   miner
ROLFE Robt   miner
ROLFE Geo   miner
RICE Theophilus   smelter
ROBERTS Elias   machinist
RIDOUT Sophia, wid Alfred    
ROBERTS Martin   carpenter
ROBERTS Wm   carpenter
ROWSELL Absalom   miner
RYAN Francis   laborer
ROLFE mrs, wid Andrew    
SPENCER Alfred   miner
SAUNDERS Richd   laborer
SAUNDERS John   miner
SAUNDERS Jas   trammer
SMART John   miner
SMART Albert   trammer
SULLIVAN Jas   laborer
SULLIVAN Patk   laborer
SHEPPARD Jas   blacksmith
SPENCER Levi   laborer
SMITH Jas   miner
SMITH Joseph   miner
SMITH Elias   engineer
SMITH Walter   miner
SLATTERY Patk   miner
SLATTERY Edw   miner
SNOW Wm   laborer
SNOW Mark   miner
SNOW John   miner
SNOW Joseph   miner
SNOW Albert   miner
SULLIVAN Thos   miner
SHORT Benjamin   miner
SUGG Levi   miner
SINNOTT David   miner
SERGEANT Alexander   trammer
SMALL Reuben   laborer
SAGE mrs, wid Chas    
SWYERS Jas Venon's bight fisherman
TILLEY Henry J   laborer
TILLEY Eli   miner
TILLEY Geo   blacksmith
TILLEY Augustus   miner
THOMAS Chas   miner
THOMAS Wm   trammer
THOMAS Christopher   laborer
THOMAS Samuel   laborer
THOMAS Chas   laborer
THOMAS Robt   laborer
TINES John   time-keeper
VICKERS Thomas   miner
VICKERS Wm   miner
VICKERS Michael   miner
VOKEY John R Venon's bgt fisherman
WINSOR Jas   fisherman
WINSOR Theophilus   fisherman
WINSOR Isaac   fisherman
WINSOR Peter   fisherman
WINSOR Geo   miner
WINSOR Wm   shopkeeper
WELLSTOOD Thos   laborer
WARFORD Geo   miner
WARFORD Henry   miner
WALSHMAN Abraham   miner
WEBBER Robt   miner
WEBBER Andrew   miner
WEBBER Andrew, jr   miner
WHEELER John   blacksmith
WHEELER John H   miner
WILLS John   blacksmith
WILLIAMS Francis J   mine mangr
WARREN John   miner
WARREN Thos   miner
WALTERS A P   physician
WATKINS Ephraim   laborer
WISEMAN Edw   trammer
WHITE mrs Mary, wid    
WHITE John Venon's bight fisherman
YOUNG Samuel   trammer
YOUNG Ananias   laborer

324 Entries Complete
[McAlpine's Directories]

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

This page transcribed by Laura Lordan

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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