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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's pages 408 to 419

NOTE: If the surname in the list is a link, clicking on it will provide information as to a possible error in the original publication of this Directory.

Page 408 is Advertisements
Page 409
WEBBERW.G.acountantbds Prescott
WEEKSJohnclerkh 24 Cabot
WEEKSRobertlaborerh 24 Cabot
WEIREdwcarpenterbds Newtown Road
WEIRJasfarmerh Newtown Road
WEIRJas jrfarmerbds Newtown Road
WEIRWmcooperbds Newtown Road
WEIRWmstevedoreh 24 Carew
WEIRWm Tcabinet makerh 49 Parade
WELLMANElizabethwid Edwbds 136 Glower
WELLMANMosespainter and paper hanger136 Glower, h do
WELLSEdw Hwharfingerh 27 Cohrane
WELLSNathanielwatchmanh 35 Cabot
WELLSPatkfishermanh 23 LeMarchant Road
WELLSTheophilusshoemakerbds 35 Cabot
WELLSThosconstableE E Fire Station, bds do
WENTZALEdwinboarding house112 Ducksworth, h do
WETHERTONRobtsailmakerh 48 Longs Hill
West End Club  water, w, cor Springdale
WESTWalter BInsurance AgentMcBride's Hill, h 151 LeMarchant Road
WESTCOTTLeonardsailorbds 10 Lion Square
WESTCOTTMarywid Wmh 84 Harris, off McFarlene's Lane
WESCOTTWm Jascarpenterh Prospect
WEYChascom agenth 24 Freshwater Road
WEYLewisclerkh water, w
WHALENCatherinewid Johnh 4 william
WHALENEdwlaborerbds 12 Simms
WHALENElizabethwid Jash 16 Powers
WHALENJaslaborerh 16 Powers
WHALENJaslaborerbds 12 Simms
WHALENJohnfishermanh 38 George, e
WHALENJohnseamanh 37 Angel Place, off Alexander
WHALENMary Annwid Walterh 12 Simms
WHALENMichaelshoemakerh 5 Fergus Place
WHALENWmcarpenterbds Hamilton Ave
WHEATLEYGeoLloyd's surveyorh 14 Glower
WHELANAnastatiawid Stephenh 37 McFarlene's Lane
WHELANMiss Bridgetwines & spirits388 water, bds 9 James
WHELANCatherinewid Thosh 82 Voy, off George
WHELANEdwfiremanh 132 New Glower
WHELANElizabethwid Jaswater, w
WHELANElizabethwid Thosh 8 Buchanan
Page 410 is Advertisements
Page 411
WHELANGeoseamanh 12 Balsam
WHELANJaslaborerh 8 Buchanan
WHELANJaslaborerh 39 Glower
WHELANJaslaborerbds water, w
WHELANJohnvarities154 Duckworth, h do
WHELANJosephlaborerh 83 Signal Hill Road
WHELANMargaretwid Andrewh 20 Brezil's Square
WHELANMarywid Jash 178 LeMarchant Road
WHELANMatthewlaborerh 9 Howe
WHELANMichaelclerkbds 83 Signal Hill Road
WHELANMichaelfishermanh 9 James
WHELANMichaellaborerh 39 Glower
WHELANMichaelshoemakerh 5 Fergus Place
WHELANPeterblacksmithh 4 York
WHELANSamuellaborerh 20 Carter's Hill
WHELANStephenlaborerh 37 McFarlene's Lane
WHELANThosfishermanh 9 James
WHELANWmfishermanh 15 Howe Place
WHEELERArthurtailorh 28 Barnes Road
WHEELERJamesshipwrighth 79 Long's Hill
WHEELERJosephwater worksh 28 Barnes Road
WHEELERSimeonfishermanh 40 Lime
WHEELERWmpolicemanh Ft Townsend
WHITLERAlexharness makerh South Side
WHILANThos Pclerkbds 61 Prescott
WHITEAlfredfishermanh 39 Young
WHITEAlfred JN N & W Rybds 61 Military Road
WHITEAnnwid Thosh 303 water, w
WHITEArthursuryeyor, Dept Agriculture and Minesh 132 Glower
WHITEBertramclerkbds 35 Hannerman
WHITECatherinewid Georgeh 61 Military Road
WHITECatherinewid P Dh 59 Military Road
WHITEChaslaborerh 35 Alexander
WHITEChas M Caccountanth 59 Military Road
WHITEDanielplumberbds 353 water, w
WHITEDenisfishermanbds 303 Water, w
WHITEDeniswheelwrighth 22 Buchanan
WHITEDouglasclerkh 95 Hamilton
WHITEEdwardmaster marinerh South Side
WHITEEdward jrclerkbds South Side
WHITEEdwardlaborerh 41 Flower Hill
WHITEMrs Ellenprovisions & groceriesh 41 Alexander, h do
Page 412
WHITEEltonblacksmithh 95 Hamilton
WHITEEmmawid Dugaldh 29 Dick's Square
WHITEE M3rd clerk H M Ch 8 Brazil's Square
WHITEFannywid Johnh 39 Young
WHITEFredkclerkbds 35 Bannerman
WHITEGeoblacksmithh 16 Cathedral
WHITEGeoprinterh 85 Long's Hill
WHITEGeomaster marinerh 7 Charlton
WHITEMiss Gertiedress makerh 13 Queen
WHITEMiss Hannah h Barnes' Rd
WHITEJascooperh 6 Allan Square
WHITEJaslaborerh 90 Casey
WHITEJas Ggenl blacksmithSpringdale, h 95 Hamilton
WHITEJohnaccountanth Freshwater
WHITEJohnblacksmith344 Duckworth
WHITEJohnclerkbds 109 Military Rd
WHITEJohncooperh 37 Angel Place
WHITEJohnH M Customsh 35 Bannerman
WHITEJohnlaborerbds 10 Pleasant
WHITEJohnlaborerh 90 Casey
WHITEJohnshoemakerh 332 water, w
WHITEJohnstoer keeperh 353 water, w
WHITEJohntannerbds 353 water
WHITEJohnseamanh 37 Angel's Place
WHITEBseamanh 60 King's Rd
WHITEJohn Wsolicitor, etc36 Henry St, h do
WHITEJosclerkbds 224 Glower
WHITELaurenceclerkh 112½ Military Rd
WHITELucywid Andrewbds 79 Harris, conr McFarlene's Lane
WHITEMiss Margaret bds 16 Cuddihy
WHITEMarthawid Thosbds 16 Prospect
WHITEMartinseamanh 16 Catherine
WHITEMartineturnerbds 11 Prince
WHITEMiss Mary h Grant's Lane
WHITEMarywid Johnbds 6 Damaril's Lane
WHITEMiceaeltinsmithbds 353 water, w
WHITEPetermoulderbds 303 water, w
WHITERichardInspector of Light Housesh Southside
WHITERichardsaddlerh 49 Military Rd
WHITESarahwid Henryh 23 Barron
WHITEStanleyclerkbds 112½ Military Rd
WHITEThosmaster marinerbds 21 New Glower
Page 413
WHITET Mundertaker6 Notre Dame, h cor Bond & Cathedral
WHITETclerkh 95 Hamilton
WHITEWmbrokerbds 41 Alexander
WHITEWmclerkbds Southside, w
WHITEWmmaster steam launchh 10 Pleasant
WHITEWmclerkbds 40 Precott
WHITEWmclerkbds Angel Place
WHITEWmfishermanbds 303 water, w
WHITEWmlanding waiter H M Ch Southside
WHITLEYA Lclerk H M Cbds 5 Military Road
WHITLEYGeorgeclerkbds 5 Military Road
WHITLEYW Hgeneral dealer, Labradorh 5 Military Road
WHITEMARSHWmcarpenterh 55 Paradise
WHITEWAYEdwardclerkbds 12 Brazil's Square
WHITEWAYElilumber surveyorh 81 Springdale
WHITEWAYEmmawid Georgeh 81 Casey
WHITEWAYF H C bds Riverview
WHITEWAYH M K bds Riverview
WHITEWAYJESSIEDry Goods & Millinery, Groceries & Provisions349 water & New Glover, h 75 Springdale See adv per index
WHITEWAY & JOHNSONbassisters & etc.Garland Blgwater
WHITEWAYR HGeneral Dry Goods, Clothing etc315 water, h do See adv per index
WHITEWAYSolomonteacherbds 28 Victoria
WHITEWAYWalterclerkh 81 Springdale
WHITEWAYWmmason & contractorh 69 New Glower
WHITEWAY Rgt HonSir Wm VP C, K C M G, D C L, Q C, and of Whiteway & Johnsonh Riverview, Rennie's rd
WHITTENAlbertcooperh 76 Duckworth
WHITTENAllanseamanh Southside
WHITTENArthurfishermanh Southside
WHITTENCharlescooperh 44 King's Road
WHITTENDanielseamanh Southside
WHITTENDrucillawid Walterh 67 Long's Hill
WHITTENEdwardclerkh John
WHITTENEdwardstorekeeperh 10 John
WHITTENMiss Emmaclerkh 44 Kings Road
WHITTENGeorgefishermanh Southside
WHITTENGeorge Bplanterh Southside
WHITTENGeorge Cseamanh Southside
WHITTENHenrycarpenterh 24 Colonial
WHITTENJamesfishermanh 39½ Job
Page 414
WHITTENJameslaborerh Southside
WHITTENJohnfishermanh Southside
WHITTENJohncarmanh South Side
WHITTENJohn h 27 Prince
WHITTENJohn Twatchmanh South Side
WHITTENJosephboilermakerh 48 wickford
WHITTENKennethlaborerh South Side
WHITTENMiss Marynurse general hospitalbds Quidi Vidi Road
WHITTENMary A Twid Georgeh 26 Hayward Ave
WHITTENMary Janeclerkbds 44 King's Road
WHITTENPetershoemakerh 43 Job
WHITTENRobtfishermanh South Side
WHITTENRobt Bballiff Superior Courth 81 Glower
WHITTENJamesSamuelh South Side
WHITTENTheodoreengineerh South Side
WHITTENThomaslaborerh South Side
WHITTENWmengineer Lunatic Asylumh 212 New Glower
WHITTENWmcooperh 11 Prince
WHITTENWmlaborerh 17 Sheehan's Shute
WHITTENWm Hfishermanh South Side
WHITTLEMarywid Davidh 9 Buchanan
WHITTLEMarywid Peterh 37 Buchanan
WHITTLEPatrickmasonh 26 Stephen
WHITTLEPetershoemakerh 43 Job's
WHITTLERichardcarmanh 9 Buchanan
WHITTYEdwardcarpenterh 223 New Gower
WHITTYEdwardclerkbds 233 Gower
WHITTYEdward Jclerkbds 233 New Gower
WHITTYJohnshoemakerh 23 Job
WHITTYRichardmessangerh 233 New Glower
WHITTYSylvestercooperbds 233 New Glower
WHYTECOMBEElizabethwid Josephh 127 Quidi Vidi Road
WICKENEllenwid Jamesh Freshwater Road
WICKENKatewid Martinh Freshwater Road
WICKFORDJohn h wickford
WICKHAMFrankteamsterh 84 Casey
WICKHAMJameslaborerh 44 Casey
WICKHAMJames Jschool inspectorh 131 Military Rd
WICKHAMJohannawid Patrickh 12 James
WICKHAMJohnbrewerbds 12 James
WICKHAMJosephseamanbds 12 James
WICKHAMMargaretwid Thosh 84 Casey
WICKHAMMartinlaborerh 84 Casey
Page 415
WICKHAMRichard h 44 Casey
WICKHAMThoslaborerh 44 Casey
WICKSChasgrocer136 New Gower, h do
WICKSJohnclerkh 24 Cabot
WILCOXBenjfishermanbds 17 Signal Hill Rd
WILCOXFrancisfishermanh 17 Signal Hill Rd
WILKINSONChasblacksmithbds 40 Hamilton
WILKINSONElizawid Jash 7 Prospect
WILKINSONMarthagroceries, etc.146 Hamilton, h do
WILKINSONSamuelblacksmithh 40 Hamilton
WILKINSONWmpropriter British House2 New Gower, h do
WILKINSONWmmoulderh 148 Hamilton
WILLARArchibaldsailmakerh 14 Holloway
WILLARMrs. Elizabeth h 75 Queens Rd
WILLARSidneysailmakerh 45 Wickford
WILLETTJohn Hclerkh 39 Monkstown Rd
WILLIAMSAlfredfishermanh Southside
WILLIAMSMrs. Annecrockeryware, etc.184 Duckworth, h do
WILLIAMSArthur Gclerkh 32 Parade
WILLIAMSBenjaminclerkh Logy Bay Road
WILLIAMSEllenwid Patrickh 75 New Gower
WILLIAMSErnest Gjoinerbds 46 william
WILLIAMSMiss Fannyclerkbds 150 Hamilton
WILLIAMSFredrickclerkh 12 John
WILLIAMSGeorgewharfingerh 81 Bond
WILLIAMSGeorgelaborerh 33 Barter's Hill
WILLIAMSGeorge jrcash keeperbds 81 Bond
WILLIAMSGeorge Atinsmithh 46 william
WILLIAMSGeorge Raccountanth 184 Duckworth
WILLIAMSHenry bds 81 Bond
WILLIAMSHenrysailmakerbds 10 Pleasant
WILLIAMSJamesshoemakerbds 11 Prince
WILLIAMSJeremiahlaborerh 29 water, w
WILLIAMSJeremiahteamsterbds 29 water, w
WILLIAMSJohannawid Martinh 3 Kitchen Place
WILLIAMSJohndraperh 29 Parade
WILLIAMSJohn jrclerkbds 29 Parade
WILLIAMSJohncooperh 150 Hamilton
WILLIAMSJohnpainterh 244 New Gower
WILLIAMSJohnporterh 91 Bond
WILLIAMSJohn Aclerkh 16 Barnes Road
WILLIAMSJames Jcrockeryware &c298 Water, h do
WILLIAMSLouiselectricanh 78 Bond
Page 416
WILLIAMSMartinlaborerbds 3 Kitchen Place
WILLIAMSMiss Maryclerkbds 150 Hamilton
WILLIAMSMiss Maudschool teacherh King's Bridge Road
WILLIAMSMichaelpainterbds 3 Kitchen Place
WILLIAMSMosesfishermanh 58 Mullock
WILLIAMSPeter Wclerkbds 56 william
WILLIAMSPhiliplaborerh 150 Hamilton
WILLIAMSPhiliplaborerh 33 Parade
WILLIAMSRichardcabmanh 13 Spencer
WILLIAMSRobertcarpenterh 35 Parade
WILLIAMSRobert Hclerkbds 46 william
WILLIAMSStephencarmanbds 3 Kitchen Place
WILLIAMSStephenjoinerh 31 Hayward Ave
WILLIAMSThomasfishermanh 33 Barter's Hill
WILLIAMSWalter Bstudentbds 184 Duckworth
WILLIAMSWalter Wprinterbds 29 Parade
WILLIAMSWm h 58 Mullock
WILLIAMSWmstorekeeperh 22 off Parade
WILLIAMSWm Gplanterh South Side
WILLIAMSONGeorgeclerkbds 177 Gower
WILLIAMSONJames Stailor's cutterbds 223 Gower
WILLSArthur Wtel operatorbds 85 Military Road
WILLSDavidfiremanbds 51 Lime
WILLSEdwardaccountantbds 234 Gower
WILLSEverett Hwharfingerh 27 Cochrane
WILLSFrankcom agenth 27 Cochrane
WILLSGeorgestewarth 39 Signal Hill Road
WILLSHenrylaborerh 51 Lime
WILLSJamesfarmerh Mundy's Pond Road
WILLSPascoecarpenterh 220 New Gower
WILLSRichard Rforeman printerh 118 Military Road
WILLSRichardplumberh 8 Rennie's Mill Road
WILLSRobert Hbakerh 234 Gower
WILLSSamuelfarmerh Mundy's Pond Road
WILLSWalter Wclerkbds 234 Gower
WILLSW Aaccountanth 85 Colonial
WILLSW Hplumber148 New Gower, h do
WILSONAlexanderteamsterh 8 King's Road
WILSONAndrewchief mateh 52 Cater's Hill
WILSONAndrewpripl Presby'an Acadamyh 90 Freshwater Rd
WILSONCatherinewid Wmh 8 King's Road
WILSONDaniellaborerh 21 Carter's Hill
WILSONJamesmaster marinerh 15 Cochrane
Page 417
WILSONJohnengineerh 8 King's Road
WILSONMarywid Josephh 49 Long's Hill
WILSONRev. Thomasepiscopalianh Rectory, Gower
WILSONThomasengineerh 8 King's Road
WILSONWmgrocer2 Colonial and 64 Gower, h do
WILTSHIRESamuelseamanh 63 Cabot
WINSBOROWFrankclerkh 40 william
WINSLOWGeorgehead constableh 68 Spencer
WINSLOWGeorgeshoemakerh 96 Circular Road
WINSLOWJohnseamanbds 68 Spencer
WINSLOWMichaelmessangerbds St George's Hos, Signial H Rd
WINSORChas Aseamanh 68 Spencer
WINSORDanieltinsmithh 11 Knight
WINSORFordcapt fire dept Central Stationh Ft Townsend
WINSORForddoorkeeper H Assemblyh 11 Knight
WINSORHenryseamanbds Brazil's Field, off Mundy Pond Rd
WINSORHowardropemakerbds do do do
WINSORJamesjewellerh 8 Colonial
WINSORJohnminerh 22 Pennywell Road
WINSORLemuelphotographer228 Duckworth, h do
WINSORPeter h 49 Victoria
WINSORPetership riggerh Brazil's Field, off Mundy Pond Rd
WINSORPetershoemakerbds do do do
WINSORThomascarpenterh 73 Cookstown Road
WINTERSIR JAMES Q.C., M.H.A., Premier and Attorney Generaland of Winter & Sheah Pringledale, off Portugal Cove Road
WINTERJohn bds Tremont Hotel, water
WINTERMarmadukeof T & M WINTERh 68 Circular Rd
WINTER & SHEAbarristers, solicitors, etcrooms 1, 2 and 3Commercial Chambers, water
WINTERTHOMASCommission MerchantDuckworth, head McBride's Hill, h 2 Park Place, Rennie Rd See adv per index
WINTERT & MWholesale Provisions MerchantsDuckworth See adv per index
WISEMANCharlessaddlerh Scott
WISEMANFrankpainterbds 13 Damaril's Lane
WISEMANHenryclerkh 34 Casey
WISEMANHenry Pprinterh 231 Gower
WISEMANJamesfishermanh 11 Carter's Hill
WISEMANJamesfishermanh 20 Pilot's Hill
Page 418
WISEMANJameslaborerh Brazil's Field off Mundy Pond Rd
WISEMANJameslaborerh 5 Young
WISEMANJohntailorbds 5 Young
WISEMANMary Annwid Thomash 57 Merry Meeting Road
WISEMANSilas Gprinterh 50 Hayward Ave
WISEMANWmlaborerbds 20 Pilot's Hill
WISEMANWmlaborerh 14 Young
WISEMANWmjoinerh 50 Hayward Ave
WITHERSJohn WEditor and prop, Royal Gazette and Queen's printerGazette Bldg, water, h Circular Road
WITHYCOMBEChas Wmjoinerbds 182 Duckworth
WITHYCOMBEJohn Djoinerh 182 Duckworth
WITHYCOMBEWmtrunk makerh South Side
WITTENThosfisherman3 Rowe Place
WOOLRIDGECharlottewid Richardh 60 Kings Road
WOODFORDJohnoperatorh 50 Patrick
WOODFORDW WMinister Pub Works, Department Buildingh 202 Gower
WOODLEYWm NE E road inspectorh Quidi Vidi Road, N Side
WOOLGARAlbert Raccountanth 64 Patrick
WOOLGARMarywid Capt Richardh 182 LeMarchant Road
WOODAlbertbook-keeperbds 34 Rennie Mill Road
WOODBwid James Bh 72 Rennie Mill Road
WOOD'SCandy and Fruit StoresCity Club Bldgwater, e and water cor Queens's
WOODSChesleypiano & organ agency13 Gower, h do
WOODFrancisfiremanh 35 Flower Hill
WOODFRED Bprop Wood's Candy & Fruit StoresCity Club Bldg, water, and water, cor Queen's, h 21 Prescott. See adv per index
WOODSGeorgestone cutterh 43 Hamilton
WOODHallie Fwid Rev A C Fh 34 Rennie Mill Road
WOODSHenryseamanh 82 Voys Lane, off George
WOODSH J Bof John Woods & Sonsh King's Bridge Road
WOODSJohn & Sonscoal merchants5 water
WOODSJosephcullerh 43 Hamilton
WOODSJosephporterh Hamilton
WOOD & KELLYBarristers, Solicitors, NotariesTemple BldgDuckworth, See adv pre index
WOODSMary Annwid Richardh 10 william
WOODMiss Minnie Jclerkbds 21 Prescott
WOODRichardlaborerh 43 Hamilton
WOODR Rmaster B F Collegebds College, Colonial
Steer Bros.Sell the celebrated D & A CORSET. Prices to
suit customers. St. John's N.F.
Page 419
WOODSThomas h 43 Hamilton
WOODSThomaslaborerh 10 william
WOODSWilliamlaborerh 21 Flower Hill
WOODEof Wood & Kellyh 284 Duckworth
WORRALLAlfred Rclerkh 73 Sprindale
WORRALLMiss Isabellaclerkbds 73 Sprindale
WORRALLJasclerkbds 73 Sprindale
WOUNDYThosshipwrighth 20 Gilbert
WRIGHTAndrewprinterbds 49 Victoria
WRIGHTRbtauctr & comm merCabot bdg, water, h 328 Duckworth
WRIGHTRobt, jrclerkbds 328 Duckworth
WRIGHTWmshoemakerh 3 Plymouth Road
WYLEYR Jdry goods & millinery291 water, h 54 Freshwater Rd
WYLLIEWmpainterh 49 Monkstown Road
WYATTArthurblacksmithh 7 Barter's Hill
WYATTBrucepainterh 7 Barter's Hill
WYATTHenryaccountantbds 7 Barter's Hill
WYATTWmblacksmith7 Barter's Hill, h do
YABSLEYErnestlaborerbds 89 Bond
YABSLEYHerbertporterbds 89 Bond
YABSLEYRichdcooperbds 89 Bond
YARNHartholemewfishermanh 3 Goodview
YARNELLJohnseamanh 52 Hamilton
YETMANJosephlaborerh 19 Flower Hill
YETMANSolomonlaborerh 35 Prince
YOUDENEdwlaborerh 76 Lime
YOUNGFredkseamanh 46 Hayward Ave
YOUNGHiramclerkh 46 Hayward Ave
YOUNGJaslaborerh off Merrymeeting Road
YOUNGJohnbakerh 14 Queens Road
YOUNGJoseph Dclerkbds Southside
YOUNGLouismaster marinerh 76 Hayward Ave
YOUNGRobtclerkh Quidi Vidi Road
YOUNGWmengineerh 16 Cabot
YOUNGWm jrboilermakerbds 16 Cabot
YOUNGWm Tclerkbds 76 Hayward Ave
ZIMMERMANChristianteamsterh Blackmarsh Road
ZIMMERMANC Fsaddlerh Blackmarsh Road
ZIMMERMANFredkharnessmakerbds Blackmarsh Road

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

418 Entries (Completed)

McALPINE'S Directories

Transcribed by Bill Crant, Elmsdale, NS Canada

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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