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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's pages 354 to 393
ROBERTS Job H. clerk bds 53 Long's Hill
ROBERTS James bricklayer h 25 Balsam
ROBERTS James seaman h South Side
ROBERTS John fisherman h 37 LeMarchant Road
ROBERTS John laborer h 20 Simms
ROBERTS Joseph laborer h Boat House Lane, off Quidi Vidi Rd
ROBERTS Nathaniel fisherman h 95 Pleasant
ROBERTS Samuel cooper h 23 Brazil's Square
ROBERTS Samuel joiner h 42 Belvidere
ROBERTS Samuel seaman h 22 Pope
ROBERTS Thomas carpenter h 66 Springdale
ROBERTS Thomas seaman h 16 Gills Place
ROBERTS Thomas shoemaker h 22 Pope
ROBERTS Wm h 42 Belvidere
ROBERTS Wm fisherman h 88 Hamilton
ROBERTS Wm laborer h Southside
ROBERTSON Alexander clerk h 55 Long's Hill
ROBERTSON REV A. Presbyterian h 1 Devon Row, Duckworth
ROBERTSON Elizabeth wid John bds 296 ½ Water
ROBERTSON John messenger h 11 Pope
ROBERTSON John pressman, Daily News h 100 Barnes Road
ROBERTSONJOHN R. Broker and Commission Merchant, office and wareroom 276 Water h 59 Queen's Road See adv per index
ROBERTSONMichaellaborer h 11 Pope
ROBERTSONRobtengineerh 76 New Gower
ROBERTSONWmstore keeperbds 100 Barnes Road
ROBINSONAlexanderclerkh Long's Hill
ROBINSON & FOXexporters & importersCabot Bldg, Water 
ROBINSONJasseamanh 36 Cabot
ROBINSONJohnclerkbds Custom House Hill
ROBINSONJohnseamanh 100 Barnes Road
ROBINSONHON J. AlexColonial sec'y, departmental bldgh Church Hill
ROBINSONWmclerkbds Barnes Road
ROCHERev David C BMt St. FrancisNewtown Road
ROCHEJohncarpenterh 4 Boggan
ROCHEPatkclerkh 101 King's Road
ROCHFORDJohnlaborerh 10 Gorman's Lane
RODGERSAbrahamfishermanh 40 Field
RODGERAlexof Marshall and Rodgerh 84 Barnes Road
RODGERSAlfredfishermanh 40 Field
RODGERSAmbrosefishermanbds 4 Flemming
RODGERSHenry B.bakerh 58 Alexander
RODGERSClaraclerkbds 23 Freshwater Road
RODGERSEdwlaborerh 44 Barter's Hill
RODGERSEdwmoulderh 60 Alexander
RODGERSHenry h 38 Field
RODGERS Henry fisherman h 41 LeMarchant Road
RODGER Herbert clerk bds 84 Barnes Road
RODGER Hubert F. Student bds 82 Barnes Road
RODGERS Jas fisherman h 3 Stephen
RODGERS Jas laborer h 14 Catherine
RODGERS Jas stevedore h Southside
RODGERS Jas watchman, ropewalk h 56 Alexander
RODGERS Jas jr. laborer bds 56 Alexander
RODGERS Jas P. cooper h Southside
RODGERS John fisherman h Sebastian
RODGERS John laborer h 72 Casey
RODGERS John J. stevedore h Southside
RODGERS Joseph accountant bds 1 Goodview
RODGERS Lavinia wid Wm h 327 Duckworth
RODGERS Margaret wid Patk h 126 Barnes Road
RODGERS Mary wid Thos h Sheehan's Shute
RODGERS Noah fisherman bds 40 Field
RODGERS Richd cooper h 8 Hutchings
RODGERS Robt fisherman h 76 Pleasant
RODGERS Richd wharfinger h Southside
RODGERS Samuel fisherman h 14 Mullock
RODGER Stanley H. clerk bds 82 Barnes Road
RODGERS Stephen fisherman h 5 Plymouth Road
RODGERS Stephen laborer h 86 Casey
RODGERS Stephen laborer h 53 McFarlane's Lane
RODGERS Stephen section man h Plymouth Road
RODGERS Stephen wharfinger h Southside
RODGERS Susan wid Samuel h 14 Mullock
RODGERS Timothy fisherman h 4 Flemming
RODGERS Wm laborer h 36 Codner's Lane
RODGERS Wm R. agent bds 327 Duckworth
RODGERS Willis fisherman h 9 Hayward Ave
ROGERS Jas laborer h 181 LeMarchant Road
ROGERS Jas machinist h 22 Hutchings
ROGERS John engineer, ropewalk h 22 Hutchings
ROGERSON Hon Jas J. of P Rogerson & Son h 2 Queen
ROGERSON P & SON General Commission and Coal Merchants 405 Water See adv per index
ROGERSON W P, MHA of P Roberson and Son h 168 Gower
ROIL Fredk student bds 25 Maxse
ROIL Jas bailiff h 25 Maxse
ROLLS Alphonsus fisherman h 26 Rossiter's Lane
ROLLS John clerk bds 4 Chapel
ROLLS Michael plumber bds 4 Chapel
ROLLS Michael shoemaker bds 23 Field
ROLLS Thos laborer h 4 Chapel
RONANE Jas laborer bds 122 Signal Hill Road
ROONEY Alex accountant, ropewalk h 159 LeMarchant Rd, w
ROONEY Jas engineer h 45 Hamilton
ROONEY John gasfitter & plumber, Water, e h 45 Hamilton
ROOST Andrew fireman h r 121 Long's Hill
ROOST Wm laborer h Pleasant
ROPER Ann wid Henry h 24 Dicks Square
ROPER Joseph watchmaker & Optician, Water h 26 Dicks Square
RORKE Elizabeth wid Michael h 52 Gower
RORKE John boatman bds 52 Gower
RORKE Michael laborer h 9 Sebastian
RORKE Thos cooper h 27 Bannerman
RORKE Wm carpenter bds 52 Gower
ROSCOE John accountant h 8 Battery Road
ROSE Alex carpenter h 13 Signal Hill Road
ROSE Alex machinist bds Signal Hill Road
ROSE Alfred sawyer h 13 Signal Hill Road
ROSE Edw laborer h 52 Patrick
ROSE Edw tinsmith h 22 Charlton
ROSE Fredk store keeper h 17 John
ROSE Geo clerk h 18 Charlton
ROSE John fisherman h New Line, off LeMarchant Road
ROSE John fisherman h 230 Water, w
ROSE John fireman h 22 Charlton
ROSE Leonard laborer h 26 Wickford
ROSE Marmaduke seaman h 42 Gilbert
ROSE Mary wid Wm h 134 New Gower
ROSE Robert fisherman h 22 Charlton
ROSE Stephen trader h 153 Gower
ROSE Thos clerk h 21 Cookestown Rd (sic)
ROSE Thos surveyor bds 13 Signal Hill Rd
ROSE Wm coachman bds 13 Signal Hill Rd
ROSE Wm farmer h Simms' Lane, Old Portugal Cove Rd
ROSE Wm fisherman h 17 Simms
ROSE Wm laborer h 22 Charlton
ROSS Miss Eliza clerk bds Quidi Vidi Rd, n s
ROSS Forbes clerk bds 177 Gower
ROSS Hugh M. clerk bds City Hotel
ROSS John clerk bds City Hotel
ROSS Jos L. farmer Quidi Vidi Rd, n s
ROSSITOR Ann wid Thos h 37 Wickford
ROSSITOR John clerk bds 37 Wickford
ROSSITOR John laborer h 234 New Gower
ROSSITOR Mark laborer h 31 Bannerman
ROTCHFORD Michael laborer h 4 Hayward Ave
ROTHWELL & BOWRING Commission, Wholesaler and General Merchants Holdsworth See adv per index
ROUD Chas clerk h 93 Hamilton
ROURKE Michael laborer h 13 Bambrick's Lane
ROURKE Wm cooper 12 Hamilton
ROUST Wm fireman h 44 Cookstown Rd
ROUTLEDGE Paul baker h 18 Pilot's Hill
ROWE Benj laborer h South Side
ROWE Chas porter h 30 Barnes' Rd
ROWE Chas cooper h 1 Bulley
ROWE Edw J. accountant h 29 Henry
ROWE Fredk cooper, 49 Barter's Hill h 54 Barter's Hill
ROWE Geo R. watchmaker bds 29 Henry
ROWE G .J. prof music h 31 Victoria
ROWE G. M. music teacher bds 31 Victoria
ROWE Isaac carpenter bds 13 Simms
ROWE Jacob laborer h 72 Cabot
ROWE John accountant h 26 Codner's Lane
ROWE Loyal bds 56 Mullock
ROWE Maria wid Wm h 29 Henry
ROWE Michael carpenter bds 48 Casey
ROWE Moses laborer off LeMarchant Rd
ROWE Wm carpenter h South Side
ROWE Wm fisherman h 67 Cabot
ROWE Wm shipwright h 15 Cabot
ROWSELL Uriah joiner h 15 William
ROYAL John fisherman h 103 Freshwater Road
ROYAL Joseph laborer h 18 Cabot
ROYAL Samuel clerk h 86 Circular Road
ROYAL Samuel fisherman h 20 Cabot
ROYAL STORES Dry Goods and Groceries, 137 and 139 Water McPherson & Job, props See adv per index
ROYAL W. Pooks clerk bds 31 Barnes Roa>
RUBY Kenneth tinsmith bds Brewery Lane
RUDD Edward laborer h 36 Quidi Vidi Road
RUDGE Robt E. servant bds Rectory, Gower
RUMSEY Alexander clerk bds 144 Hamilton
RUMSEY Elizabeth wid John h 29 Livingstone
RUMSEY Francis printer bds 40 Pleasant
RUMSEY George master mariner h 45 Brazil's Square
RUMSEY Henry seaman h 75 Lime
RUMSEY Henry seaman h 40 Pleasant
RUMSEY John seaman h 110 Casey
RUMSEY Thos master mariner h 144 Hamilton
RUSK Wm laborer h 41 Goodview
RUSSELL Arthur seaman h 91 Bond
RUSSELL Edward bds 23 Boncloddy
RUSSELL Edward engineer h 23 Boncloddy
RUSSELL Edward painter h Newtown Road
RUSSELL Edward watchman h South Side
RUSSELL Edward clerk bds 166 LeMarchant Road
RUSSELL James cooper h 19 Boncloddy
RUSSELL Miss Lillian clerk bds 34 Bannerman
RUSSELL Patrick baker bds 378 Water
RUSSELL Robt customs officer h 34 Bannerman
RUSSELL Wm clerk bds 23 Boncloddy
RUTHVEN James engineer h 313 Water, w
RYALL Joseph laborer h 20 Carter's Hill
RYALL Margaret, wid Richard keeper Colonial Building
RYALL Mary wid Wm h 35 Hayward Ave
RYALL Patrick Mgr laundry h 23 Forest Road
RYALL Samuel clerk h 84 Circular Road
RYALL Thomas tailor bds 15 Gower
RYALL Valentine clerk h 112 Military Road
RYALL Wm laborer h 27 Mullock
RYALL Wm messenger bds 20 Carter's Hill
RYALL Wm J. musician bds Colonial Building
RYALL Wm V. bds 18 Cabot
RYAN Agnes wid Martin h 1 Deady's Lane
RYAN Andrew warden h Waterford Bridge Road
RYAN Ann operative bds 257 Water, w
RYAN Bridget wid Patrick h 18 Finn's lane
RYAN Bridget wid Patrick h 11 Holdsworth
RYAN Miss Catherine b 11 Holdsworth
RYAN Miss Kitty h 45 LeMarchant Road
RYAN Charles road inspector h 1 Carter's Hill
RYAN Rev Dean R C Palace Riverhead
RYAN David laborer h 26 Cabot
RYAN Edward farmer bds Logy Bay Road
RYAN Edward fireman bds 4 Boggan
RYAN Edward laborer h 85 Casey
RYAN Edward laborer h 19 Flower Hill
RYAN Ellen wid Charles bds 8 Lion Square
RYAN Ellen wid Patrick h 59 Casey
RYAN Frederick cooper h 23 Prospect
RYAN Hannah wid Wm h 57 Merry Meeting Road
RYAN James farmer h Logy Bay Road
RYAN James fisherman h 20 Plank Road
RYAN James foreman h Cabot Place, Topsail Road
RYAN James shipwright bds 30 York
RYAN James tailor h 105 Hamilton
RYAN James tinsmith bds 45 LeMarchant Road
RYAN JAMES General Merchant, Importer and Exporter, Bonavista and King's Cove - See adv per index
RYAN J. D. grocer, provisions, etc, 281 Water h 267 Duckworth
RYAN Rev John C. B., Mt St. Francis Newtown Road
RYAN John acting city engineer Municipal Council h Newtown Road
RYAN John salesman h 10 Water
RYAN John Constable, E E fire station h 18 Prospect
RYAN John fisherman h 22 Plank Road
RYAN John fisherman h 20 Plank Road
RYAN John laborer h 31 Scott
RYAN John Laborer h 15 Bates
RYAN John planter, South Side h 227 Gower
RYAN John printer h 22 Barter's Hill
RYAN John saddler bds 85 Forest Road
RYAN John sailmaker h 20 Livingstone
RYAN John seaman h 41 Signal Hill Road
RYAN John F. clerk bds 47 LeMarchant Road
RYAN John J. police-watchman h 18 Prospect
RYAN Joseph book-keeper h 343 Duckworth
RYAN Joseph fisherman h 224 Water, w
RYAN Kate wid Wm h 387 Waterford Bridge Road
RYAN Lawrence student bds Hamilton
RYAN Marie wid John h 62 King's Road
RYAN Martin carpenter h Hamilton Ave
RYAN Martin jr. carpenter bds Hamilton Ave
RYAN Mary wid John h 93 Bond
RYAN Mary wid Michael h 72 Long's Hill
RYAN Mary wid Michael h 70 Barnes' Road
RYAN Mary wid Wm h 229 Gower
RYAN Michael baker h Portugal Cove Road
RYAN Michael carman h Newtown Road
RYAN Michael fisherman h 7 Topsail Road
RYAN Michael tailor h 4 Boggan
RYAN Michael jr. laborer bds 4 Boggan
RYAN REV Michael T C. B., Mt St Francis Newtown Road
RYAN Miss Minnie clerk bds 47 LeMarchant Road
RYAN Nicholas tailor h 10 Bond
RYAN Miss Norah shop keeper, 12 Water, w h 12 Water, w
RYAN Patrick fisherman bds 7 Topsail Road
RYAN Patrick fisherman h 20 Plank Road
RYAN Patrick laborer bds 243 Water, w
RYAN Peter G. student bds 229 Gower
RYAN Richard boarding house, 17 ½ Flower Hill h 17 ½ Flower Hill
RYAN Richard chief warden penitentiary h 85 Forest Road
RYAN Richard laborer bds 85 Forest Road
RYAN Richard shipwright h 30 York
RYAN Samuel pilot h 21 Cochrane
RYAN Samuel jr. clerk bds 21 Cochrane
RYAN Miss Theresa clerk bds 24 Cochrane
RYAN Thomas boarding house, 10 Water, w h 10 Water, w
RYAN Thomas student h 62 King's Road
RYAN Thomas clerk bds 45 LeMarchant Road
RYAN Thomas cooper bds 26 Pennywell Road
RYAN Thomas farmer h Long Pond Road
RYAN Thomas fisherman h South Side
RYAN Thomas keeper, Agricultural stables h 2 Brine
RYAN Thomas laborer h 26 Cabot
RYAN Thomas printer h 70 Barnes' Road
RYAN Thomas tailor bds 4 Boggan
RYAN Thomas upholsterer bds 21 Cochrane
RYAN Timothy printer h 85 forest Road
RYAN Mrs. Wm h Water, w, opp Bennett's Brewery
RYAN Wm carman h Waterford Bridge Road
RYALL Wm clerk h 31 Barnes' Road
RYAN Wm cooper h 26 Pennywell Road
RYAN Wm farmer bds Newtown Road
RYAN Wm farmer h Waterford Bridge Road
RYAN Wm fisherman h Boat House lane, off Quidi Vidi Road
RYAN Wm laborer h South Side
RYAN Wm plumber and gas fitter h 21 Cochrane
RYAN W. J. plumber, 34 Prospect h Victoria
RYAN Wm seaman bds 26 Pennywell Rd
RYAN Wm shipwright bds 30 York
RYAN Wm shoemaker h 33 Buchanan
RYAN Wm tailor bds 70 Barnes' Rd
SAGE Chas miner bds 84 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
SAGE Chas of Sage & Wallace h 56 Colonial
SAGE Jas grocer, 45 Bannerman h 45 Bannerman
SAGE John cabman h 5 York
SAGE John ex-policeman h 56 Colonial
SAGE Mary Anne wid Wm h 82 Queen's Rd
SAGE & WALLACE Boot & Shoe Manufacturers 312 Water
SAGE Wm shoemaker h 48 Bannerman
ST. BONAVENTURE'S COLLEGE R C Cathedral Grounds Military and Newtown Rd
ST. BRIDE'S ACADEMY Sisters of Mercy Littledale Waterfordbridge Rd
ST. CLAIR Geo laborer h 42 Barter's Hill
ST. CLAIR Wm master mariner h Southside
ST. CROIX Edw fisherman h Southside
ST. GEORGE Jas cabinet maker h 59 Carter's Hill
ST. GEORGE James cabinet maker bds 11 Spencer
ST. GEORGE Terrence cabinet maker bds 11 Spencer
ST. GEORGE Thos carpenter h 11 Spencer
ST. HILL Richard accountant h 135 LeMarchant Road
ST. JOHN Bernard clerk bds 31 Young
ST. JOHN Catherine wid Francis h 21 Hayward's Ave
ST. JOHN'S GAS LIGHT COMPANY Gazette Building Water See adv per index
ST. JOHN'S General Hospital Hy Shea, M D, Superintendent Quidi Vidi Road
ST. JOHN James laborer h 17 Simms
ST. JOHN John carman h 6 Prince
ST. JOHN John butcher h 112 Water, w
ST. JOHN John Jas laborer bds 6 Prince
ST. JOHN John J. Provisions and Groceries, 136 & 138 Duckworth, 7 & 9 LeMarchant Road h 107 Military Road - See adv per index
ST. JOHN Mary C. wid Timothy varieties, 79 Hamilton h79 Hamilton
St. John's Nail Manufacturing Co. Ltd off Hamilton
ST. JOHN'S SCHOOL OF ART J. W. Nichols, F S A, Principal 17 Prescott - See adv per Index
ST. JOHN Thomas tailor bds 6 Prince
ST. JOHN Thos laborer bds 17 Simms
St. John's Training School Miss J. Radford Sup 30 Monkstown Road
ST. JOHN Walter laborer bds 17 Simms
ST. JOHN Wm butcher h 112 Water, w
St. Patrick's Hall cor Queen's Road and Garrison Hill
SALMON Thos confectioner bds 128 George
SALTER Albert H. clerk bds 60 Colonial
SALTER Miss Julia clerk bds Military Road
SALTER Thos carman h 37 Flower Hill
SALTER Elizabeth wid Wm h 60 Colonial
SANDYES Edward seaman bds 113 New Gower
SAMBRIDGE John seaman bds 2 Stapleton
SAMIT C. of US Picture and Portrait Co. h Water, e
SAMIT Louis clerk h 18 Prescott
SAMPSON Wm clerk bds 36 Codner's Lane
SAMUEL Mary wid Alex bds 14 Bond
SAMUELSON Alfred cooper h South Side
SAMUELSON Samuel seaman h 46 Water, w
SAMWAYS George H. accountant bds 28 Victoria
SAMWAYS Wm M. accountant h 71 Springdale
SATURLEY John seaman h South Side
SATURLEY Thos seaman h South Side
SAUNDERS Alexander tel operator h 51 Quidi Vidi Road
SAUNDERS Bridget wid John h 51 Quidi Vidi Road
SAUNDERS Bridget wid Solomon h 27 Field
SAUNDERS Charles clerk h 30 Duggan
SAUNDERS Hannah wid Charles h 30 Duggan
SAUNDERS Harry shipwright bds 12 Balsam
SAUNDERS Henry tel operator bds 51 Quidi Vidi Road
SAUNDERS James shipwright h 42 Water, w
SAUNDERS John book-keeper bds 51 Quidi Vidi Road
SAUNDERS John shipwright h 12 Balsam
SAUNDERS John stoker h Southside
SAUNDERS Peter shipwright h 1 Saunder's Place, Carter's Hill
SAUNDER'S Wm laborer h 30 Duggan
SAUNDER'S Wm shipwright bds 1 Saunder's Place, Carter's Hill
SAVAGE Coleman accountant bds Fort Townsend
SAVAGE Miss Hannah clerk bds Fort Townsend
SAVAGE Jeremiah E. store keeper h 6 Bannerman
SAVAGE John clerk h 130 Bond
SAVAGE Margaret wid Michael h Fort Townsend
SAVAGE Michael police fireman h Fort Townsend
SAVAGE Thomas engineer h Fort Townsend
SAVIN Wm J. store keeper h 26 Temperance
SAVIN Wm J. jr, messenger tel office bds 26 Temperance
SCAMMEL John laborer h 92 Hamilton
SCAMMEL Michael laborer h 92 Hamilton
SCAMMEL Wm laborer h 92 Hamilton
SCANDRETT Edward W. clerk bds 278 Gower
SCANLAN Catherine wid Daniel h 30 Buchanan
SCANLAN Catherine wid Thomas h 53 Rennies Mill Road
SCANLAN Daniel seaman h 30 Buchanan
SCANLAN David laborer h 30 Buchanan
SCANLAN Edward seaman h 16 Henry
SCANLAN Edward K. tel clerk bds 51 Rennies Mill Road
SCANLAN J. J. teller, merchants, bk Halifax bds 51 Rennie's Road
SCANLAN Rev Matthew C. B., Mt. St. Francis Newtown Road
SCANLAN Stephen student bds 44 Freshwater Road
SCAPLIN Edward engineer h 5 King's Road
SCAPLIN George Coachman h 107 Long's Hill
SCAPLIN John cabinet maker h 8 Williams Lane
SCAPLETON Geo coachman h Southside
SCARLETT George accountanant (sic) h 10 Mullock
SCARLETT Geo W. cabinet maker h 10 Mullock
SCHOEFIELD Margaret wid Wm h 3 James
SCHOEFIELD Goodman & Sons, hardware, metals, &c W Clouston agent, Water
SCLATER'S Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes, etc, 361 Water See adv per Index
SCLATER David H. of Sclater's h 199 Gower
SCLATER Jas B. of Shears & Sclater h Southside
SCLATER Wm A. B. of Sclater's h 130 Military Road
SCORE John lime burner, florist, &c, 200 Duckworth h Battery Rd
SCORE Robt P. florist bds Limeville, Battery Rd
SCORE W. florist bds Battery Road
SCOTT ALEXANDER Millinery and Dry Goods, 18 New Gower h 18 New Gower - See adv per index
SCOTT Alice wid Jas C. h 80 Bornes' Rd (sic)
SCOTT Miss Ann h 64 Barnes' Rd
SCOTT Archibald machinist bds 33 Henry
SCOTT Denis J. agent, Cabot Building, Water bds 29 Cochrane
SCOTT Edw laborer Foot's Lane, off Prince
SCOTT Edw laborer h 26 Hutchings' Lane
SCOTT Miss Eliza dress-maker h 14 Flemming
SCOTT Miss Fanny h 14 Flemming
SCOTT Francis chief signal officer, signal station h Signal Hill
SCOTT Geo fisherman h Cochrane
SCOTT Geo laborer h 26 Hutchings Lane
SCOTT Geo stonecutter h 49 Hamilton
SCOTT Hannah wid Chas h 14 Plymouth Road
SCOTT Henry blacksmith h Southside
SCOTT Henry engineer bds Signal Hill
SCOTT Henry laborer h 27 Casey
SCOTT Jas blacksmith h 14 Duggan
SCOTT Jas B. engineer bds 33 Henry
SCOTT John h 33 Henry
SCOTT John fisherman h 16 Stephen
SCOTT John fisherman h 29 Cochrane
SCOTT John harness-maker, 40 New Gower h 89 Monkstown Road
SCOTT John A. printer bds 80 Barnes Road
SCOTT Right Rev Mgsr J admsr, R C Cathedral, res Palace
SCOTT Miss Mary h 64 Barnes Road
SCOTT Mary wid Michael h 25 Hutching's Place
d>SCOTT Peter agent bds 29 Cochrane
SCOTT Ralph student bds 80 Barnes Road
SCATT (sic) Walter engineer bds Signal Hill
SCOTT Wm civil engineer h Sunnyside, Monkstown Road
SCOTT Wm fisherman h Cochrane
SCOTT Wm laborer h 26 Hutching's Lane
SCOTT Wm F druggist, 14 New Gower h 14 New Gower
SCULLY Patrick porter h New Gower
SCULLY W. T. physician, 280 Duckworth bds 177 Gower
SCURREY James sailor h 6 Hamilton
SCURREY John laborer h 6 Hamilton
SCURREY Lawrence laborer h 6 Hamilton
SCURREY Michael Jos messenger h 107 New Gower
SCURREY Patrick laborer h 167 New Gower
SEARLE Aaron laborer h 6 Field
SEARLE Henry T. farmer h Searle Farm, Pennywell Road
SEARLE James bds 6 Field
SEARLE Jas fisherman h Southside
SEARLE John joiner h 8 Belvidere
SEARLE John jr. bds 8 Belvidere
SEARLE Moses watchmkr & jewlr, Cabot bldg, Water h S Side
SEARLE Thos farmer h Searle Farm, Pennywell Road
SEARLE Wm R. builder & contractor, 5 Bell h 28 Henry
SEARLE Wm T. joiner h 8 Belvidere
SEARS Jas seaman h 82 New Gower
SEARS John laborer h 14 Finn's Lane
SEARS Wm laborer h 82 New Gower
SEARS Wm laborer h 16 Simms
SEAWARD Joseph laborer h 7 Murray
SEAWARD Matthias laborer h 33 Cabot
SEDGEMAN Francis seaman h 112 George
SEELY Fredk baker h 8 Pilot's Hill
SEERUP Agustave E. watchmaker bds 82 Bond
SENIER Wm sailor h 63 ½ New Gower
SERGEANT Fredk seaman h 5 Larkin's Square
SEVIOUR Arthur fireman, N. N. & W. Rwy bds 32 Bond
SEVIOUR Chas waiter rwy dining car h 137 Gower
SEVIOR John laborer h 34 Bond
SEVIOR John shoemaker bds Sebastian
SEVIOR Thos seaman h 3 Pleasant
SEXTON John ex-keeper, Lunatic Asylum h 261 Water, w
SEXTON Robert wheelwright h 108 Barnes' Road
SEYMOUR Gertrude wid John h 40 William
SEYMOUR Henry clerk h 50 Prescott
SEYMOUR Henry storekeeper bds Bond
SEYMOUR James planter bds 47 Alexander
SEYMOUR Miss May clerk h 40 William
SEYMOUR Sarah wid Henry W. bds 50 Prescott
SEYMOUR Solomon laborer h 92 Duckworth
SEYMOUR Thos J. clerk bds 40 William
SHALLOW Richard seaman h 210 Water, w
SHAMBLER Albert sailmaker h 10 Prospect
SHAMBLER George sailmaker h 21 Prescott
SHAMBLER Mary wid John bds 21 Prescott
SHAUGHAROO (sic) Daniel seaman h 30 Duckworth
SHANNA Douglas tinsmith h Southside
SHANNAHAN James laborer bds 12 Pope
SHANNAHAN John tailor h 9 Holdsworth
SHANNAHAN Joseph laborer h 63 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
SHANO Alfred iron worker bds 61 Power
SHANO Wm accountant h 18 Boncloddy
SHANO Wm carpenter h 61 Power
SHANO Arthur W. clerk, P.O. bds 61 Power
SHARPE John D. brigadier, S Army h 4 Brazil's Square
SHARPE John manuf and com agent, 307 Water h 13 Garrison Hill
SHARP Wm of Fortune & Sharpe h 24 Brazil's Square
SHAW Alfred cutter, boot and shoe factory bds Pleasant
SHAW Ambrose shoemaker bds Shaw
SHAW Edward steam fitter bds Shaw
SHAW George packer, shoe factory bds 21 Patrick
SHAW Henry boiler maker h Hamilton Ave
SHAW Henry moulder h Shaw
SHAW Herbert moulder bds Shaw
SHAW James pattern maker h Shaw
SHAW John laborer h Hamilton Ave
SHAW Samuel foundry h Pleasant
SHAW Wm carpenter Shaw's Lane, Riverhead
SHAW Wm laborer h Hamilton Ave
SHAW Wm K. sr. lighthouse keeper h Shaws (sic)
SHAWNER Archibald fisherman h 57 Alexander
SHAWNER Kenneth fisherman bds 57 Alexander
SHEA & Co. Agents Allen Line, Dobell Line, Ross Line, & North British Mercantile Insurance Co. Water See adv per index
SHEA David accountant h 33 Lime
SHEA Edw barrister, Temple Bldg, Duckworth bds King's B Rd
SHEA HON Edward Dalton President Legislative Council Cashier Saving's Bank h King's Bridge Road
SHEA Ellen wid James h 194 Gower
SHEA Hon Geo, M H A of Shea & Co. bds King's B Road
SHEA Henry, M D supt gen hospital, Quidi Vidi Rd h Quidi Vidi Rd
SHEA James blacksmith bds Logy Bay Road
SHEA Jas laborer h 194 New Gower
SHEA John laborer bds 96 Circular Road
SHEA John P. furrier h 271 Water, w
SHEA Joseph P. barrister, etc, of Winter & Shea bds Hospital, Quidi Vidi Road
SHEA Mary wid Michael h 384 Waterford Bridge Road
SHEA Mary Ann wid Patk h Portugal Cove Road
SHEA Michael farmer h Logy Bay Road
SHEA Patk farmer h 35 McDougall
SHEA Patrick J. Wines & Spirits, 314 Water h 314 Water - See adv per index
SHEA Wm laborer h 93 Carter's Hill
SHEARAN Mrs. Ellen wid h 29 Barnes Road
SHEARS Alfred H. clerk h 12 Cook
SHEARS & SCLATER Brokers, Commission and Manufacturer's Agents Water See adv per index
SHEARS G. D. of Shears & Sclater h 8 Victoria
SHEARS W. J. H. teller, svgs bnk bds Custom House Hill
SHEAS Martha wid Wm h 319 Water, w
SHEEHAN Bryan fisherman h Grant's Lane
SHEEHAN Edw laborer bds 347 Water, w
SHEEHAN Thos laborer h 347 Water, w
SHEEHAN Anastatia wid Peter h 17 Barnes Road
SHEEHAN Edw seaman h 11 Howe Place
SHEEHAN John J. tinsmith, 16 Adelaide h 16 Adelaide
SHEEHAN Laurence laborer h 52 Alexander
SHEEHAN Mary wid John h 10 Sheehan's Shute
SHEEHAN Thos fisherman h Battery Road
SHEEHAN Ellen wid Bryan h 2 Bannerman
SHEPPARD Austin lighthouse keeper h Southside
SHEPPARD Edw laborer h 7 Jobs
SHEPPARD Mrs. Ellen W. C. T. U. h 8 Adelaide
SHEPPARD John carpenter bds Signal Hill Road
SHEPPARD Robt master mariner h Signal Hill Road
SHEPPARD Samuel fisherman h 14 Stephen
SHEPPARD Willis seaman h 31 Charlton
SHINNERS Henry laborer h r 9 Damaril's Lane
SHORT Miss Fanny clerk bds 33 Gower
SHORT Geo storekeeper h 33 Gower
SHORT Geo Cray (sic) Wharfinger h 53 Gower
SHORT Jas shoemaker, 39 Spencer h 36 Spencer
SHORT Samuel carpenter h 36 Spencer
SHORTALL John clerk bds 372 Waterfordbridge Road
SHORTALL John clerk bds 22 Brine
SHORTALL Jas cooper h 20 Brine
SHORTALL Michael shoemaker h 120 Barnes Road
SHORTALL Peter cooper h 41 Jobs
SHORTALL Richd farmer h 372 Waterfordbridge Road
SHORTALL Richd h Waterfordbridge Road
SHORTALL Robt laborer h 41 Jobs
SHORTALL Thos cooper h 22 Brine
SHORTALL Thos farmer h 372 Waterfordbridge Road
SHORTALL Thos fisherman h 8 Lion Square
SHORTALL Thos laborer h 22 Brine
SHORTALL Thos J. clerk bds 24 Water, w
SHORTALL Wm P. tailor's cutter h 3 Hamilton
SHORTIS Henry F. P. O. clerk h 124 Bond
SHOUGRUE Bridget wid Michael h Long Pond Road
SHOUGRUE John farmer h Long Pond Road
SHOUGRUE Michael farmer bds Long Pond Road
SHOUGRUE Timothy farmer h Long Pond Road
SHUTE Wm laborer bds Woods' Place, Hoylestown
Signal Station and Block House Signal Hill
SILLARS John laborer h 113 Cabot
SILLARS Samuel fisherman h 9 Gilbert
SILVEY Jas laborer h 31 Bambrick
SILVEY Patk painter h 31 Bambrick
SIMMONDS Annie wid Robt P. h 65 Lime
SIMMONDS Jas carpenter h 25 Young
SIMMONDS Jas laborer h 63 Lime
SIMMONDS Jas E. laborer bds 63 Lime
SIMMONDS Josiah painter h 47 William
SIMMONDS Lorenzo coachman bds 63 Lime
SIMMONDS Samuel coachman h 33 Flemming
SIMMONDS Wm shipwright h 67 Lime
SIMMONS Chas E. cabman h Hamilton Ave
SIMMONS Geo R. cabman h Hamilton
SIMMONS Lemuel shipwright h 63 Lime
SIMMONS Levi blacksmith h Hamilton Ave
SIMMONS Lucinda wid Joseph h Hamilton Ave
SIMMS Abraham carpenter h 13 Dunford
SIMMS Alfred accountant h King's Bridge Road
SIMMS Alfred auctioneer bds 39 King's Bridge Road
SIMMS Frank H. dairy farmer h Torbay Road
SIMMS Henry beer saloon, New Gower h New Gower
SIMMS Henry cooper h 18 Duggan
SIMMS John h 18 Notre Dame
SIMMS John auctioneer h 39 King's Bridge Road
SIMMS John jr. clerk bds 39 King's Bridge Road
SIMMS Julia wid Wm h 38 Queen's Road
SIMMS Robt shipwright h 46 Brazil's Square
SIMMS Robt H. accountant bds 39 Queen's Road
SIMPSON John laborer h 232 New Gower
SIMPSON Mary wid Robt h 28 Victoria
SIMPSON Robt carman h 8 Brennan's Lane
SIMPSON Thos M. clerk h 94 Freshwater Road
SINCLAIR Wm seaman h 21 John
SING LEE Chinese Laundry, 35 New Gower h 35 New Gower
SINNOTT Edw provisions, groceries, etc, Water h Water
SINNOTT Ellen wid Peter h 14 Queen's Road
SINNOTT Jas laborer h Battery Road
SINNOTT Miss Mary Ann tailoress h 111 George
SINNOTT Wm laborer h Battery Road
SINYARD Abel steward h 9 Spencer
SINYARD Thos nailmaker h 136 Hamilton
SKEANS Jas blacksmith h 31 Field, cor Merry Meeting Road
SKEANS Jas teamster h 5 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Rd
SKEANS John laborer h 40 Duckworth
SKEANS John shoemaker bds 24 Carter's Hill
SKEANS John Wharfinger h Boat House Lane, off Quidi Vidi Rd
SKEANS Mary wid John h 8 Gorman's Lane
SKEANS Robt plumber bds 24 Carter's Hill
SKEANS Thos laborer h 24 Carter's Hill
SKEANS Wm laborer h 35 Adelaide
SKEANS Wm laborer bds 8 Gorman's Lane
SKEANS Wm laborer h 21 Young
SKELTON Hon Geo, M. L. C., M. D. King's Bridge Road
SKIFFINGTON Edw night watchman h 20 ½ Colonial
SKIFFINGTON John joiner h 13 John
SKINNER Edw joiner h 5 Knight
SKINNER John engineer h Southside
SKINNER John marble worker, 329 Duckworth h 333 Duckworth
SKINNER John J. engineer h 38 Hayward Ave
SKINNER Mortimer barber bds 5 Knight
SKINNER Thos livery stables 63 Queen's Rd
SKINNER Walter cabman bds 101 Circular Rd
SKIRVING David engineer h Southside
SKIRVING Peter clerk bds Quidi Vidi Rd
SLADE Geo fisherman bds 19 Rossitor's lane
SLADE Geo fisherman bds 30 Thomas
SLATTERY Mss Ann h 200 Duckworth
SLATTERY Jas boiler maker h 32 ½ Colonial
SLATTERY Jas surveyor h 90 Duckworth
SLATTERY John L. secty Municipal Council bds 90 Duckworth
SLEATER Chas student bds 98 Pleasant
SLEATER Robt A. bds 98 Pleasant
SLEATER ROBT L. watchmaker & Jeweller, 421 Water h 98 Pleasant See adv per index
SLESSOR James of Horwood & Slessor h Water
SLOAN Edward fisherman h 59 Casey
SLOAN James laborer h 10 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
SLOAN James tailor h 104 George
SLOAN Mrs. Mary nurse, general hospital Quidi Vidi Road
SMALE Miss Lilian clerk bds 1 Murray
SMALE Wm shoemaker h 1 Murray
SMALLCOMBE John seaman h Buchanan
SMALLWOOD David shoemaker bds 49 Quidi Vidi Road
SMALLWOOD Frederick Boot & Shoe Manufacturer and Importer, 340 Water h 49 Quidi Vidi Road - See adv per index
SMART Margaret wid Wm h 11 Pennywell Road
SMIDICK Ann wid Michael bds 12 Codner's Lane
SMITH Albert farmer bds Grove Hill Farm, Waterford B Road
SMITH Alfred grocer h 118 Pleasant
SMITH Alfred G. of A G Smith & Co. h 4 park Place, Rennie's rd
SMITH A G & Co ship & gen brokers, 9 commer'al Cham, Water
SMITH Amelia wid Nathaniel h 31 Parade
SMITH Arthur carpenter h 47 Patrick
SMITH Arthur laborer h 28 Cabot
SMITH Bridget wid John h 12 Duckworth
SMITH Bridget wid John h Legro's Cottage, Rennie's Mill Road
SMITH Charles oil manufacturer h Blackmarsh Road
SMITH Duncan clerk h 45 William
SMITH Miss Ellen h Clyde Cottage, Mundy's Pond Road
SMITH Frederick J. bds 16 McDougall
SMITH Frederick clerk bds 61 Prescott
SMITH George cooper h 49 Gower
SMITH George J. storekeeper h 16 McDougall
SMITH George W. seaman h 121 Signal Hill Road
SMITH James fireman h 133 Cabot
SMITH James laborer h Southside
SMITH John h 47 ½ William
SMITH John laborer bds 51 Cabot
SMITH John laborer h 30 Pleasant
SMITH James T. h 51 LeMarchant Road
SMITH Michael laborer h 46 Signal Hill Road
SMITH Michael jr. laborer h 44 Signal Hill Road
SMITH Patrick laborer h 31 Flower Hill
SMITH Robt mason h Hamilton Ave
SMITH Robt C. accountant h Logy Bay Road
SMITH Samuel seaman h 58 Colonial
SMITH Sarah wid George h 22 Dick's Square
SMITH Thos clerk h 46 New Gower
SMITH Thos R. h 358 Water
SMITH Mrs. Tolson J. widow h 39 Monksrown Road (sic)
SMITHWICK Annie wid Wm h 12 Carter's Hill
SMITHWICK Wm fisherman h 44 Quidi Vidi Road
SMITHWICK Wm J. laborer bds 44 Quidi Vidi Road
SMITH Wm baker h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Road
SMITH Wm carpenter h 33 Adelaide
SMITH Wm clerk h 47 ½ William
SMITH Wm laborer bds 28 Cabot
SMITH Wm B. stair builder h 176 LeMarchant Road
SMITH Wm G. accountant bds 16 McDougall
SMITH Wm R. clerk bds 47 ½ Wm
SMYTHE Hedley V. accountant bds 42 Freshwater Rd
SMYTHE MICHAEL F. Machinist Agent, Singer Sewing Machines and Pianos, 286 Water h 286 Water - See adv per index
SMYTHE Michael F. clerk bds Water, e
SMYTHE R. shoemaker h Water, e
SMYTHE Thos cooper h 46 Gower
SMYTHE Thos jr. clerk bds 46 Gower
SMYTHE Thos J. clerk bds Water, e
SNELGROVE Eliza wid Wm h 46 Carter's Hill
SNELGROVE Gilbert cooper h 6 Young
SNELGROVE John sailor h 53 Goodview
SNELGROVE Levi fisherman h 46 Carter's Hill
SNELGROVE Samuel store keeper h 6 Belvidere
SNELGROVE Thos fisherman h 46 Carter's Hill
SNOOK Edward sailor h 59 Carter's Hill
SNOOK James laborer h New Line, off LeMarchant Road
SNOOK Joseph sailor h 59 Carter's Hill
SNOOK Wm seaman h 7 Cuddihy
SNOW Abraham police officer h 23 Hayward Ave
SNOW Abraham storekeeper h 140 Casey
SNOW Alfred spinner h 22 Brazil's Square
SNOW Chas shoemaker h Water, w
SNOW Chas watchmaker h Casey
SNOW Edmund fisherman h Boat House Lane, off Quidi Vidi Rd
SNOW Edw T. clerk bds 140 Casey
SNOW Edw T. mariner h 45 William
SNOW Edwin clerk bds Casey
SNOW Ernest G. laborer h Brazil's Field
SNOW Francis h Casey
SNOW Geo cabinet maker, cor Colonial and Bond h cor Colonial and Bond
SNOW Gilbert clerk bds 140 Casey
SNOW Geo blacksmith, Springdale h 50 Gilbert
SNOW Geo seaman h 37 York
SNOW Henry harness maker h Quidi Vidi Village
SNOW Isaac joiner h 27 Barnes' Rd
SNOW Isaac laborer h 119 Long's Hill
SNOW Jacob laborer h off Flemming
SNOW Jas cooper h 47 Alexander
SNOW Jas cooper h Southside
SNOW James hair dresser, 22 Prescott h 29 Mullock
SNOW James seaman bds 13 Holdsworth
SNOW John laborer h 48 Field
SNOW John laborer h 14 Spencer
SNOW John master mariner h 57 Military Road
SNOW John trader h 29 Mullock
SNOW John C. mate h New Line, off LeMarchant Road
SNOW Joseph laborer h 50 Spencer
SNOW Julia wid Joseph h 45 McDougall
SNOW Mary wid John h 10 Freshwater Rd
SNOW Matilda wid Wm h Water, w
SNOW Nathaniel clerk h 19 Freshwater Road
SNOW Solomon shipwright h 29 Rossiter's Lane
SNOW Wm carpenter h 60 George
SNOW Wm clerk h 29 Mullock
SNOW Wm cooper h South Side
SNOW Wm cooper h Beaumont
SNOW Wm fisherman h Beaumont, off head Pleasant
SNOW Wm fisherman h 35 Buchanan
SNOW Wm jr. cooper bds Beaumont, off head Pleasant
SNOW Zachariah laborer h South Side
SOAPER Mary J. wid James bds 152 Hamilton
SOPER Albert clerk h 34 Cook
SOPER Diana wid Samuel h 32 Cook
SOPER George W. clerk bds 32 Cook
SOPER James B. clerk bds 32 Cook
SOPER Samuel H. student bds 32 Cook
SOPER Thos clerk bds 32 Cook
SOPER Wm clerk bds 32 Cook
SOPER Wm polisher, iron foundry h 97 Hamilton
SOPP Annie wid Wm h 58 Cochrane
SOUTHCOTT John T. architect h 12 Maxse
SOUTHCOTT Miss Mary h 26 Monkstown Road
SOUTHCOTT Miss Rebecca h Exon Cottage, Lond (sic) Pond Road
SOUTHERBY John R. tailor h 10 Colonial
SPARKES Abner seaman h 23 Barnes Road
SPARKS Allan T. clerk h 8 Charlton
SPARKS Charlotte wid John h 25 Goodview
SPARKS David joiner h 23 Barnes' Road
SPARKS Ebenezer laborer h 31 Moore
SPARKS Edward C. printer bds 14 Allan Square
SPARKS George cadet, S Army h 47 Hamilton
SPARKS Henry coachman bds Southern Place, King's B Road
SPARKS Isaac clerk bds 14 Allan Square
SPARKS John J. clerk h 8 Charlton
SPARKS Joseph hairdresser bds 14 Allan Square
SPARKS Nathan laborer h 7 Gilbert
SPARKS Nathaniel laborer 14 Allan Square
SPARKS Miss Sarah clerk bds 135 Springdale
SPARKS Simeon fisherman h 8 Charlton
SPARKS Stephen accountant h 39 Brazil's Square
SPARKS Wm blacksmith bds 4 York
SPARKS Wm fisherman h 37 Goodview
SPARKS Wm laborer h 42 Spencer
SPARKS Wm J. cook h 136 Casey
SPARKS Wm R. blacksmith h 8 Charlton
SPARROW Robert police sergeant h 12 Queen's Road
SPEARNS Alfred seaman h 24 Tessier Place
SPEARNS Bernard seaman h 26 Tessier Place
SPEARNS Catherine wid Michael h 26 Tessier Place
SPEARNS Martin laborer h 28 Colonial
SPEARNS Thomas laborer h 30 Colonial
SPENCER Charles carpenter h 112 Casey
SPENCER Isaac laborer h 87 Casey
SPENCER John shipwright h 15 Barter's Hill
SPENCER John W. hair dresser h 15 Barter's Hill
SPENCER Levi miner h 29 Hayward Ave
SPENCER Wm laborer h 59 Monkstown Road
SPENCER Wm shoemaker h 83 Harris, cor McFarlane's Lane
SPOONER Archibald seaman h 35 LeMarchant Road
SPOONER John teamster h 32 Boncloddy
SPOONER Thomas laborer h 33 Cookstown Road
SPOONER Wm master mariner h 29 Goodview
SPRACKLIN John fisherman h 173 New Gower
SPRACKLIN Nathaniel fisherman h 14 Flower Hill
SPRACKLIN Thos sexton h 173 New Gower
SPRATT Bartley mason h 25 Jobs
SPRATT Jas mason bds 6 Codner's Lane
SPRATT Thos mason h 6 Codner's Lane
SPRY Edw carman h 10 Spencer
SPRY Edw laborer h 50 McFarlane's Lane
SPRY John H. clerk bds 55 Monkstown Rd
SPRY John W. agent h 55 Monkstown Rd
SPRY Mary wid John h 12 Haggerty's Lane
SPRY Patk laborer h 50 McFarlane's Lane
SPRY Robt W. S. accountant bds 55 Monkstown Rd
SPURRELL Chas painter bds 93 Bond
SPURRELL Edw printer bds 60 Livingstone
SPURRELL John cabinet maker h 69 Long's Hill
SPURRELL Levi sexton h 34 Livingstone
SPURRELL Moses caretaker Bannerman Park h 93 Bond
SPURRELL Moses coachman h 60 Livingstone
SPURRELL Wm shoemaker h 81 Harris
SPURRELL Wm storekeeper h 93 Bond
SPURVEY Jas laborer h Ropewalk Range
SPURVEY Matthew laborer bds Ropewalk Range
SPURVEY Patrick laborer h Ropewalk Range
SPURVEY Richard laborer bds Ropewalk Range
SQUIRES Allan clerk bds 76 Duckworth
SQUIRES Andrew laborer h 9 Flavin's
SQUIRES Benjamin carpenter h South Side
SQUIRES Ebenezer shipwright h 7 Tessier Place
SQUIRES Harry fisherman bds 113 Signal Hill Road
SQUIRES John clerk h 47 Spencer
SQUIRES John laborer h 9 Bannerman
SQUIRES John laborer bds 70 Portugal Cove Road
SQUIRES John shoemaker h 68 Cookstown Road
SQUIRES Patrick laborer h 70 Portugal Cove Road
SQUIRES Richard fireman h 7 Damaril's Lane
SQUIRES Solomon fisherman h 113 Signal Hill Road
SQUIRES Thos laborer h 10 Queen's Road
SQUIRES Walter shipwright h 9 Tessier Place
SQUIRES Wm engineer h 44 Wickford
SQUIRES Wm laborer bds 10 Queen's Road
SQUIRES Wm laborer h 3 Young
SQUIRES Wm shipwright h Monroe
STABB Miss Ellen princ girl's depart orph'ge, Military Rd h Military Rd
STABB Fredk F. A., physician, 55 New Gower h 269 Duckworth
STABB Hy J. of H. J. Stabb & Co. h 75 Cochrane
STABB H J & Co. general merchants, Water, e
STACEY Edwin laborer h 8 Codner's Lane
STAFFORD James laborer h 15 Bambrick
STAFFORD John shoemaker 15 Bambrick
STAFFORD John jr. laborer h 15 Bambrick
STAFFORD Terence bds 73 Military Road
STAFFORD Thos laborer h South side
STAFFORD Thos jr. shoemaker h South Side
STAFFORD Wm bds 67 Cochrane
STAFFORD Wm tinsmith h 47 Job's
STAMP James cabman h 35 Lime
STAMP James fireman h Brazil's Square, off Mundy's Pond Road
STAMP James laborer bds Pennywell Road
STAMP John laborer bds Battery Road
STAMP John laborer h 39 Cuddihy
STAMP John laborer h 242 New Gower
STAMP Jos fireman h Lion Square
STAMP Jos laborer h 46 Barter's Hill
STAMP Phillip farmer h Pennywell Rd
STAMP Philip laborer bds Pennywell Rd
STAMP Richard carter h 29 Lime
STAMP Simon laborer bds Pennywell Rd
STAMP Thos farmer h Pennywell Rd
STAMP Thos laborer h 242 New Gower
STAMP Thos soap maker h Battery Rd
STAMP Thos jr. fireman bds Battery Rd
STAMP Thos jr. laborer bds Pennywell Rd
STANKUM John carman h 63 Freshwater Rd
STANLEY Chas farmer h Topsail Rd
STANLEY Chas jr. carman bds Topsail Rd
STANLEY Jas farmer h Topsail Rd
STANLEY Jas jr. carman bds Topsail Rd
STANLEY John farmer h Topsail Rd
STANLEY Joseph farmer h Topsail Road
STANLEY Wm farmer h Riverside Cottage, Waterford B Road
STANLEY Wm farmer h Topsail Road
STANLEY Wm seaman h 87 Monkstown Rd
STANAFORD Bridget wid Thomas h 133 New Gower
STANAFORD James laborer h 329 Water, w
STANSBURY Annie L. wid Henry bds 43 Duckworth
STANSBURY Francis R. laborer h 28 Mullock
STANSBURY George laborer h 28 Mullock
STANSBURY John laborer h 28 Mullock
STANSBURY Sarah wid John h 28 Mullock
STAPLETON Ellen wid John h 29 Cabot
STAPLETON James fisherman h 48 Livingstone
STAPLETON John fisherman h 50 Livingstone
STAPLETON Michael plasterer h 23 Adelaide
STAPLETEN (sic) Michael plasterer h 10 Flower Hill
STAPLETON Patrick carpenter h 35 Wickford
STAPLETON Peter shoemaker h 32 off Lime
STAPLETON Thos plasterer h Signal Hill Road
STAPLETON Thos seaman h 94 Lime
Star of the Sea Hall Henry occupied by supreme court
STAVERT Wm E. mngr bk N S h 3 Musgrave Terrace, Gower
STEAD Catherine wid Wm bds 39 King's Bridge Road
STEAD Wm J. accountant h 5 Cochrane
STEAKLUM Robt cooper h 51 Freshwater Road
Steam Screw Tug Co. capt J Greene, mgr 385 Water
STEED Andrew laborer h 115 New Gower
STEED Job Steward h 15 Damaril's Lane
STEEL Angus shoemaker h 39 Bannerman
STEELE Samuel O. clerk h Mundy's Pond Road
STEER BROS General Merchants and Grocers, Wholesale and Retail 379 to 383 Water See adv marginal lines
STEER Chas R. of Steer Bros h 121 Hamilton
STEER F. H. of Steer Bros h 379 Water, sum res Hope Cottage, Belvidere
STEER John bds The Maples, Patrick
STEER John E. of Steer Bros 379 Water, sum res Hope Cottage, Belvidere
STEPHENS Chas laborer h 73 Plymouth Road
STEPHENSON Alfred sanitary laborer h 16 Flemming
STEPHENSON Catherine wid John h 9 Monkstown Road
STEPHENSON John engineer h 42 LeMarchant Road
STEPHENSON Margaret wid Patrick h 48 Mullock
STEPHENSON Wm storekeeper h 106 Casey
STERLING George collector h 56 Livingstone
STERLING James painter bds 56 Livingstone
STEVENS Azariah storekeeper h 65 Brazil's Square
STEVENS James painter h 64 Hayward Ave
STEVENSON Arthur laborer bds 50 Field
STEVENSON Charles accountant h 324 Duckworth
STEVENSON Ellen wid Edward h 53 Cabot
STEVENSON Nina clerk h 106 Brazil's Square
STEVENSON Phoebe wid John h 39 Barter's Hill
STEVENSON Rebecca wid Joseph h 18 Carew
STEVENSON Richard laborer bds 50 Field
STEVENSON Susanna wid John h 39 LeMarchant Road
STEVENSON Thomas laborer h 31 Bannerman
STEVENSON Wm fireman h 4 Young
STEVENSON Wm sanitary carman h 50 Field
STEWART Colin clerk h 149 New Gower
STEWART Jas clerk bds 12 Victoria
STEWART Jas Ropewalk h Pleasant , off Mundy's Pond Rd
STEWART Robt bds Pleasant
STEWART Robt musician h 15 Quidi Vidi Rd
STEWART Thos engineer h 116 Water, w
STICK James R. clerk h 11 Victoria
STICK Joseph clerk bds 11 Victoria
STIDSTONE John painter h 15 Dicks' Square
STIRLING Arthur student 1 Bee Orchis Terrace, Queen's Road
STIRLING Emily G. teacher B F C bds 10 Mullock
STIRLING Frederick clerk bds 1 Bee Orchis Terrace, Queen's Rd
STIRLING Herbert organist bds 1 Bee Orchis Terrace, Queen's Rd
STIRLING W. R. statistical clerk, H. M. C. h 1 Bee Orchis Terrace
STONE Charles seaman h 38 Belvidere
STONE Henry farmer h Summer Hill Farm, Cockpit Road
STONE James cooper h 17 Dicks' Square
STONE Wm plumber h 2 William
STORY Elizabeth wid Rev G. P. h The Maples, Patrick
STORY Harold clerk bds The Maples, Patrick
STORY Morley clerk bds The Maples, Patrick
STOTT David supt ry telegraphs bds Portugal Cove Road
STOTT James grocer, 125 Water h 125 Water, sum res, Portugal Cove Rd
STOWE Hannibal blacksmith h 179 LeMarchant Road
STOWE James carpenter h 24 Bannerman
STOWE John moulder h 179 LeMarchant Road
STOWE Wm joiner h 36 Mullock
STRAFFORD John cooper h 2 Pleasant
STRANG John C. wines and spirits, 331 Water h 331 Water
STRANGER Chas clerk bds 13 Freshwater Road
STRANGER James M. E. clerk bds 13 Freshwater Road
STRANGER Wm clerk bds 13 Freshwater Road
STRANGER Wm A. surveyor h 13 Freshwater Road
STRAPP Rev Bro J. V. St. Bonaventure's College
STREET Miss Emma clerk bds 14 King's Road
STREET John fisherman h 27 Moore
STREET Wm fisherman h 34 Goodview
STRINGER Jabez fisherman h 38 Cabot
STRINGER Robt laborer h 55 McFarlane's Lane
STRINGER Susan wid Joseph h 55 McFarlane's Lane
STROBRIDGE Elvina wid Samuel h 74 Cabot
STROBRIDGE Henry cooper bds 74 Cabot
STROBRIDGE John bookbinder bds 74 Cabot
STRONG Albert laborer h 70 Cabot
STRONG John fisherman h 12 Flower Hill
STRONG Wm boot & shoe mkr h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's pnd rd
STRONG Wm master mariner h South Side
STUCKLESS Alfred bds 35 Flemming
STUCKLESS Edwin M. joiner bds 35 Flemming
STUCKLESS Mark coachman h 35 Flemming
SULLIVAN David customs officer h 10 Prospect
SULLIVAN Miss Elizabeth Alendale Road
SULLIVAN Florence laborer bds 21 Carter's Hill
SULLIVAN Jas carman h 18 Convent Lane
SULLIVAN Jas caretaker, Belvidere h 121 Circular Road
SULLIVAN Jas laborer h 43 McFarlane's Lane
SULLIVAN Jas messenger h 34 Plank Road
SULLIVAN James jr. laborer bds 18 Convent Lane
SULLIVAN Jeremiah carman h 34 Plank Road
SULLIVAN Jeremiah laborer h 12 Boncloddy
SULLIVAN Johannah wid Patrick h 43 McFarlane's Lane
SULLIVAN John h 121 Circular Road
SULLIVAN John laborer h 18 Convent Lane
SULLIVAN John supt constabulary, Fort Townsend h Fort Townsend
SULLIVAN John sexton h 66 Portugal Cove Road
SULLIVAN John wheelwright h 48 Bannerman
SULLIVAN Michael carman h 18 Convent Lane
SULLIVAN Michael shoemaker h 121 Circular Road
SULLIVAN Michael S. surveyor h 52 Alendale Road
SULLIVAN Patrick gardener h 121 Circular Road
SULLIVAN Thomas carman h 15 Rossiter's Lane
SULLIVAN Thomas laborer h 22 Livingstone
SULLIVAN Thomas laborer h 34 Colonial
SULLIVAN Thomas apprentice bds Fort Townsend
SULLIVAN Thos P Solicitor, etc, 38 Henry bds 52 Allendale Road See adv per index
SULLIVAN Timothy seaman bds 22 Livingstone
SULLIVAN Wm baker h 21 Carter's Hill
SULLIVAN Wm carman h 6 Flavin's
SUMMERS Denis accountant bds 70 Prescott
SUMMERS James fruit & Groceries, 116 Military Road h 116 Military Road
SUMMERS John butcher h 320 Water
SUMMERS John clerk h 2 Saunders Place, Carter's Hill
SUMMERS M. J. General Dealer, Crockryware, (sic) etc., 330 Water h 330 Water - See adv per index
SUMMERS Patrick carman h 28 Signal Hill Road
SUMMERS Patrick cooper h 68 George
SUMMERS Patrick A. steward h 116 Military Road
SUMMERS P. J. barrister, etc, Renouf Building h 70 Prescott
SUMMERS T. accountant h 70 Prescott
SUMMERS Wm accountant bds 70 Prescott
Supreme Court Star of the Sea hall, Henry
SUTHERGREEN Wesley S. student bds 2 Freshwater Road
SUTTON Allan printer bds 18 Walsh's Square
SUTTON Ann wid Wm h 121 Long's Hill
SUTTON Catherine wid James h 81 New Gower
SUTTON Elkenah steward bds Walsh's Square
SUTTON John T. clerk bds 39 William
SUTTON Peter tidewaiter H. M. C. h 18 Walsh's Square
SUTTON Peter jr. accountant bds 18 Walsh's Sq, off Sig. Hill Rd
SUTTON Richd mason bds 39 William
SUTTON Thos farmer h 39 William
SUTTON Wm mason bds 39 William
SWANSON Chas shoemaker h 68 Alexander
SWATERIDGE Hugh fisherman h Mundy's Pond Road
SWEENEY Augustus laborer bds 140 Signal Hill Road
SWEENEY Anthony laborer h 140 Signal Hill Road
SWEENEY Michael butcher bds 106 Military Road
SWEENEY Thos laborer bds 106 Military Road
SWEET Michael trader h 85 New Gower
SWEETAPPLE Wm laborer h 66 Hayward Ave
SYME Chas clerk, Bank Montreal bds Waterfordbridge Road
SYME Frank A. clerk bds Waterfordbridge Road
SYME Graham clerk bds Waterfordbridge Road
SYME John broker & Com merchant h Waterfordbridge Road
SYMINS John laborer bds 70 Portugal Cove Road
SYMONDS Wm T. cabman bds 102 ½ Barnes Road
TAAFFE Edw male nurse res general hospital, Quidi Vidi Road
TAAFFE Jas clerk h 11 Hamilton
TAAFFE Joseph clerk h 11 Hamilton
TAAFFE Wm drug clerk bds Quidi Vidi Road
TAIT Archibald Campbell h 237 Duckworth
TAIT J. Sinclair physician, 237 Duckworth h 237 Duckworth
TAITE Mary wid Henry h 70 Forest Road
TALBOT Hon Thos, M. L. C. bds St. Bonaventure College
TAPPER Henry grocer, 240 Gower and 104 New Gower h do - See adv per index
TAPPER Miss Lizzie clerk h 46 Casey
TARAHAN Miss Catherine h 56 Victoria
TARAHAN John mngr O'Mara's drug store bds 2 Queen's Rd
TARAHAN Patk accountant h 17 Pennywell Road
TARGETT Chas ex-sergt police h 72 Spencer
TARRANT Jas laborer h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Rd
TARRANT Patk laborer h Signal Hill Road
TARRAVIN Joseph laborer h 6 Flavins
TAYLOR Abraham shipwright h 13 Cabot
TAYLOR Absalom laborer h 52 George
TAYLOR Albert carpenter h 32 Buchanan
TAYLOR Albert grocer, 174 Pleasant h 174 Pleasant
TAYLOR Alex bds 28 Victoria
TAYLOT Ann wid Robt h 55 Freshwater Road
TAYLOR Miss Annie h Barnes road
TAYLOR Anthony ironworker h 69 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
TAYLOR A. F. accountant h 1 Colonial
TAYLOR Benjamin carpenter h 5 Brazil's Square
TAYLOR Caroline wid Jacob h 5 Gilbert
TAYLOR Chas clerk bds 35 Alexander
TAYLOR Chas fisherman bds 176 Pleasant
TAYLOR Edw clerk bds LeMarchant Rd
TAYLOR Elizabeth wid Wm h 67 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
TAYLOR Miss Elizabeth clerk bds 67 Harris, off McFarlane's
TAYLOR Enos carpenter bds 174 Pleasant
TAYLOR Eugene T. book-keeper bds 23 Victoria
TAYLOR Fredk laborer h 35 Alexander
TAYLOR Frazer lumberman h 176 Pleasant
TAYLOR Geo carpenter h Springdale
TAYLOR Geo clerk h 48 LeMarchant Road
TAYLOR Geo moulder h Springdale
TAYLOR Geo seaman h 5 Gilbert
TAYLOR Geo A. laborer h Southside
TAYLOR Geo P. clerk h 12 Atlantic Ave
TAYLOR Giles accountant h 71 Pleasant
TAYLOR Guy watchmaker bds LeMarchant Road
TAYLOR Henry watchmaker h 65 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
TAYLOR Henry C. laborer h 34 Spencer
TAYLOR Horatio cooper h Southside
TAYLOR Howard J. accountant bds 84 Pleasant
TAYLOR Jacob cooper h 5 Gilbert
TAYLOR Jas printer h 50 Barnes road
TAYLOR Jas tinsmith bds 15 Flower Hill
TAYLOR Jonathan laborer h 21 John
TAYLOR John 16 George, e
TAYLOR John carpenter h Springfield
TAYLOR John engineer h South Side
TAYLOR John laborer h 52 George
TAYLOR John laborer h Mundy's Pond Road
TAYLOR John lumberman h 178 Pleasant
TAYLOR John master mariner h 2 Cabot
TAYLOR John shipwright h 107 Cabot
TAYLOR John C. machinist h 178 Pleasant
TAYLOR John H. clerk bds 29 Henry
TAYLOR John W. clerk h 40 LeMarchant road
TAYLOR Joseph clerk h 5 Brazil's Square
TAYLOR Leonard wharfinger h South Side
TAYLOR Levi laborer h South Side
TAYLOR Miss Lilly clerk bds Harris
TAYLOR Michael shoemaker h 15 Flower Hill
TAYLOR Joseph P. laborer bds 55 Freshwater Road
TAYLOR Plemon (sic) cooper h 23 John
TAYLOR Miss Rhoda clerk bds 65 Harris
TAYLOR Robt laborer h 65 Harris, off McFarlane's Lane
TAYLOR Stephen shipwright h 123 Cabot
TAYLOR Stephen jr. boiler maker bds 123 Cabot
TAYLOR Theadore (sic) carpenter h Springdale
TAYLOR Thos fisherman h Mundy's Pond Road
TAYLOR Wm laborer h 52 George
TAYLOR Wm laborer h South Side
TAYLOR Wm sailmaker h 123 Cabot
TAYLOR Wm sea captain h 54 Springdale
TAYLOR Wm seaman h 5 Gilbert
TAYLOR Wm shipwright h 21 Brazil's Square
TAYLOR Wm H. land surveyor bds 29 Henry
TAYLOR Wm J. fisherman h Pleasant
TEARENS Patrick laborer h 5 signal Hill Road
TEEN Timothy fisherman h 4 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
TEEN Timothy laborer h 36 Thomas
TEMPLETON Arthur student bds 280 Gower
TEMPLETON ROBERT General Merchant and Importer, 337 Water h 280 Gower - See adv per index
TEMPLETON Thos teamster h 170 Pleasant
Terra Nova Fdry engine & boiler works, Water, J. McKinley, m
Terra Nova Laundry Martin & English, props, 96 King's Road
Terra Nova Marble Works 333 Duckworth
TESSIER Chas G. bds Germondale Cottage, Waterford Brdg Rd
TESSIER Chas W. General Merchant, Importer & Exporter, &c, Water, w h Germondale, Waterford Bridge Road - See adv per index
TESSIER Harold student bds Germondale, Waterford Bridge Rd
TESSIER Isabella wid john h 63 Rennie's Mill Road
TESSIER James C. M H A h 150 LeMarchant Road
TESSIER Peter G. h Weston Cottage, 150 Water, w
THACKERY Rev Joseph Congregational h 115 Gower
THEROUIN Louis teacher bds 49 LeMarchant Road
THISTLE Albert laborer h 45 Pleasant
THISTLE Alex laborer h South Side
THISTLE John shoemaker, 280 Water h 280 Water
THISTLE John shipwright h 43 Brazil's Square
THISTLE John R. clerk h 16 Barnes Road
THISTLE Levi fisherman h 18 Charlton
THISTLE Mary wid Thos h Water
THISTLE Thos shoemaker h Water, e
THISTLE Wm fireman h 40 Cabot
THISTLE Wm laborer h 28 Goodview
THOMAS Bates jr. tinsmith bds 49 Military Road
THOMAS Charles blacksmith h 42 field
THOMAS David J. tailor bds 96 Lime
THOMAS Elizabeth wid Chas h 117 Signal Hill Road
THOMAS Frederick carman h 37 Hayward Ave
THOMAS George carman bds 69 Freshwater road
THOMAS Henry accountant bds 6 Queen's
THOMAS Henry builder h 11 Barnes Place
THOMAS Henry carman bds 69 Freshwater Road
THOMAS Henry farmer bds 96 Lime
THOMAS James farm servant bds 96 Freshwater Road
THOMAS James H. builder h 23 ½ Hayward Ave
THOMAS John policeman h 51 Carter's Hill
THOMAS Matthew cabman h 69 Freshwater Road
THOMAS Nathaniel barber, 427 Water h 6 Queen's
THOMAS Denis cook h 30 Cabot
THOMPSON C. R. Boot and Shoe Factory h Sudbury Hall, Water, w - See adv per index
THOMPSON Elizabeth wid Dr. Henry h 20 Carter's Hill
THOMPSON Elizabeth wid Jas h 45 Monkstown Rd
THOMPSON Fred drug clerk bds 233 Water, w
THOMPSON Geo pensioner h 233 Water, w
THOMPSON Jas laborer h 8 Wickford
THOMPSON Jas S. cooper bds 45 Monkstown Rd
THOMPSON Margaret wid Wm h 29 William
THOMPSON Mary wid John h 89 New Gower
THOMPSON Theodore F. warden Penitentiary h Quidi Vidi Rd
THOMPSON Wm boot and shoe agent h 45 Patrick
THOMPSON Mrs. Wm bds Sudbury, Water, w
THOMPSON Wm seaman h Southside
THOMPSON Wm surveyor h 28 Joy Place, off Prince
THOMPSON W. A. watchmaker h 11 Cookstown Road
THORBURN M. broker, cor Water & Holloway h 22 Monkstwn Rd
THORBURN Robt farmer h Bennett's lane, off Hamilton Ave
THORBURN SIR ROBT, K. C. M. G. Insurance Agent, etc, Water h King's Bridge Rd - See adv per index
THORBURN Wm accountant bds King's Bridge Rd
THORBURN Mrs. Wm bds Circular Road
THORNE Chas laborer h 12 Wickford
THORNE Geo fisherman h 34 Tessier Place
THORNE Henry laborer h 42 Quidi Vidi Rd
THORNE Jos J. candy maker bds 12 Wickford
THORNE Laurence laborer bds 42 Quidi Vidi Rd
THORNE Richard joiner h 15 Flemming
THOMS Daniel master mariner h 19 Parade
THORPE Catherine wid David h 287 Water, w
THORPE David laborer bds 287 Water, w
THORPE Mary wid Benj bds 4 Flavins
TIBBO Caleb clerk bds 12 Victoria
TIBBO John fisherman h 21 Cuddihy
TIBBO Miss Mary E.   bds 51 Cuddihy
TIBBO Richard laborer h 4 Sheehan's Shute
TIBBO Thos laborer 66 ½ Livingstone
TIBBS John laborer h 8 Pleasant
TIBBS Michael cooper h 8 Pleasant
TILLY Edw laborer bds 8 Duckworth
TILLY Hugh fisherman bds Damaril's Lane
TILLEY James baker h 62 Bannerman
TILLEY James clerk bds 53 Queen's Road
TILLEY James fisherman h 14 Brennan's Lane
TILLEY James laborer h 62 Bannerman
TILLEY John fisherman h 8 Duckworth
TILLEY Joseph laborer h 14 Damaril's Lane
TILLEYWmengineerh 17 Temperance

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

[McALPINE'S Directories]

Transcribed by Don Tate, Palm Bay, Florida

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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