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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's City pages 274 to 301
LeMESSURIERHUGH AccountantBDS Riverside, 8 Winter Ave.
LeMESSURIER H. W. asst col H. M. C.H 8 Winter Ave
LeMESSURIERJohncom agenth 28 Freshwater Road
LeMESSURIERP. Frederickclerk h 205 New Gower
LeMESSURIERPeter F.clerkh 207 New Gower
LENNOXJamescarpenter h 29 Bannerman
LENNARDPatrickstoker, gas worksh Barron
LENNOXSarahwid Andrewh 51 Military Road
LeSHANA Chasshoemakerh 84 Carter's Hill
LeSHANAWmlaborerh 68 Carter's Hill
LeSHANAWmshoemakerh 18 Boncloddy
LESEMAN Henry Geo master mariner and of Bowden & Coh 33 Temperance
LESTERCharlesJewellerh 49 Hamilton
LESTERWm cabmanbds 40 Water, w
LeSTRANGEBridgetwid Peterh 204 Pleasant
Le SUEURCharlesmusic teacherbds 29 Queen's Road
Le SUEURPeter music teacherbds 29 Queen's Road
LETHBRIDGENathaniellaborerh 38 Lime
LETHGOWWm W.seamanh 52 Carter's Hill
LEWISCharlesengineerh 20 Gower
LEWISCharleslaborerbds Hamilton Ave
LEWISE. B.piloth 9 King's Road
LEWISEleazerblacksmithbds 19 Field
LEWISElizawid Charlesh 10 Duckworth
LEWISElizabethwid Wmh 34 Cochrane
LEWISEusebiusboatman H M Ch 6 Duckworth
LEWISFrederickpiloth 34 Cochrane
LEWISGeorgepilotbds 70 Duckworth
LEWISHenry P.engineerbds 23 York
LEWISJamescarpenter17 Field
LEWISJohnlaborerh Hamilton Ave
LEWISJohnlaborerh 54 Bannerman
LEWISJohn H. ironworkerh 39 Job's
LEWISMiss Kathleenclerkbds 73 Military Road
LEWISMosesfisherman19 Field
LEWISPatrickfiremanbds Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Rd
LEWISRichard 1st officer s s Bruceh 1 Spencer
LEWISWalterprinterbds 1 Spencer
LEWISWmboatmanbds 70 Duckworth
LEWISWm H.piloth 23 York
LEWIS Wm J.carpenterh 17 Field
LIDDY Wm H. station master, Nfld ryh Quidi Vidi Road
LIDSTONEFrancis G. W. clerkbds 35 Young
LIDSTONENathaniellaborerh 35 Young
LIDSTONEWmlaborerh 3 Plymouth Road
LILLY F. D.barrister, etc, Blackwood Blg, Duckworthh Circular rd
LILLYGeorge A.surveyor and carpenterh 3 British Square
LILLYThomasship's stewardh 38 Belvedere
LINDBERG John sr. brewer and of Lindberg & Lambh Castle Lindberg, Signal Hill Road
LINDBERGJohn F.brewerh 3 Cathedral Hill
LINDBERG & LAMB Watchmaker & Jewellers, Water, foot of PrescottSee adv per Index
LINDSAYAlexanderbakerh 38 Goodview
LINDSAYArchibaldbook keeperh 12 Cathedral
LINDSAYEugenebook keeperbds 12 Cathedral
LINDSEYGeorgeclerkh 88 Pleasant
LINDSTROMA. Watch maker and Engraver, 334 Waterh 334 Water
LINDSTROMHenryseaman39 Plank Road
LINDSTROMJohnwatchmakerbds 334 Water
LINEGAREllenwid Jamesh 62 George
LINEGARLukecarpenterh 20 Queen's Road
LINEGARMichaelcooperh 228 Gower
LINEGARThomasfarmerh Freshwater Road
LINEGARWmcooperbds 228 Gower
LISTONEdwardfishermanbds 128 Bond
LISTONJohnfishermanh 128 Bond
LISTONJohn jr.fishermanbds 128 Bond
LITTLE HON Joseph I. chief justicebds 59 Cochrane
LLOYDG. Browneclerk P. O.h 145 Pleasant
LLOYDHenryapprenticebds 51 Freshwater Road
LLOYDJameslaborerbds 18 Gower
LLOYD Rev W. F.vice principal, Bishop Field Collegebds Llewellyn Place, 25 Forest Road
LISTONThomas W.fishermanh 61 ½ Lime
LOCKE Archibaldlaborer h 24 Bambrick
LOCKECharlesteamsterh 166 Pleasant
LOCKEDavidlaborerh 24 Bambrick
LOCKEGeorgelaborerbds 24 Bambrick
LOCKEHenryex-light house keeper h 177 Pleasant
LOCKEJameslaborerbds 24 Bambrick
LOCKYER John clerkh 3 Allan's Square
LOCKEJohncooperh 83 Patrick
LOCKEJohnlaborerbds 24 Bambrick
LOCKYERKeziahwid Johnh 3 Allan Square
LODGEElizabeth wid Jamesh 212 Gower
LODGEEzrateacherh 212 Gower
LONG Allan F. and surveyorh 67 Springdale
LONGArthurmessengerbds Cabot
LONGEdwardporterh 73 Cookstown Road
LONG E. Frederickdruggist clerkbds 86 Duckworth
LONG Eleazer bds Mundy's Pond Road
LONGGeorge app carpenterbds Mundy's Pond Road
LONGHarryapp barberbds 13 Field
LONGMiss Johanna h 4 Wickford
LONGJohntailorbds 4 Convent Square
LONGJohn T. printer's pressmanh 65 Cabot
LONGJosephcarpenterh Mundy's Pond Road
LONGMary Ellentailoressbds 13 Cookstown Road
LONGPatrickpedlarh 4 Convent Square
LONGThosDeputy Minister Agriculture and Minesh 48 Prescott
LONGWilfredclerkbds 67 Springdale
LONGWm h 86 Duckworth
LONGWm P.agentbds 48 Prescott
LONGWm T. police constableh 42 Spencer
LOONEY Timothyseamanh 31 barter's Hill
LOVYSJohn T.carpenterh 44 Gilbert
LOWJasseamanh 32 Thomas
LOWJohnlaborerh 32 Thomas
LOWWmfishermanh 32 Thomas
LOWARYDavid stonecutterbds 358 Water, w
LOWEGeorgefishermanh 93 Monkstown road
LUBYAndrewlaborerh 6 Nunnery Hill
LUCASFredk tilermakerh 75 ½ Pleasant
LUKINSFredk T. laborerh 15 Bell
LUMSDENAndrew K.clerkh 215 Gower
LUMSDENThosstudentbds 215 Gower
LUNDRIGANJas jr.laborerbds Ropewalk Range
LUNDRIGANJasfishermanh Ropewalk Range
LUNDRIGANMarywid Peterh 61 Casey
LUNDRIGANMary Annwid Wmh 275 ½ Water, w
LUNDRIGANMauricelaborerbds Ropewalk Range
LUNDRIGANPeterlaborerbds Ropewalk Range
LUNDRIGANRobtplumberbds 275 ½ Water, w
LUNDRIGANSamuelmaster marinerh 323 Water, w
LUNDSTROMJohn A.masonh 15 Boncloddy
LUNDSTROMMiss Mayclerkbds 15 Boncloddy
LUNDSTROMMiss Lillianclerkbds 15 Boncloddy
LUNDSTROMEllenwid Nich, wines and spirits, 122 Duckworthh 122 Duckworth
LUSCOMBEAndrewcooperh 9 British Square
LUSCOMBEAmeliawid Geobds 9 British Square
LUSCOMBE Davidcarmanh 78 Gower
LUSCOMBEJohnbaker, 40 King's Roadh 40 Kings Road
LUSH Alex A.clerkbds 23 Cuddihy
LUSHAlfredjoinerbds 41 Forest Road
LUSHArthurgrocerbds 41 Forest Road
LUSHAustinsextonh 41 Forest Road
LUSHChasjoinerbds 41 Forest Road
LUSHJas plumberbds 41 Forest Road
LUSHJohnlaborerh 49 McFarlane's Lane
LUTHERWmlaborerh 6 Fergus Place, off New Gower
LYON EDWIN W. Photographer, 21 Victoria h 21 Victoria - see adv per index
LYONH. B.watchmaker and jeweler, 1 Buckley's Lane h 1 Buckley's Lane
LYONSWmmachinistbds 11 Queen
LYNCHCatherine wid Thosh 30 Livingstone
LYNCHEllenwid Davidh 7 Signal Hill Road
LYNCHMiss Elizabeth dress and mantle makerh 8 Prince
LYNCHFrankfireman electric light worksh 14 Prospect
LYNCHJas jr.studentbds Jersey Cottage, Waterfordbridge Road
LYNCHJasmstr marinerh Jersey Cottage, Waterfordbridge Road
LYNCHJohnlaborerh 71 Merry Meeting Rd
LYNCHJohnlaborerh 7 Signal Hill Road
LYNCHJoslaborerbds 96 New Gower
LYNCHMichaelclerkbds 7 Flavins
LYNCHRichardtanner bds Jersey Cottage, Waterfordbridge Rd
LYNCHThosbarberbds Jersey Cottage, Waterfordbridge Rd
LYNCHThos police firemanbds East End Fire Hall, Duckworth
LYNCHThosseamanh 30 Livingstone
MABENHenryaccountantbds 27 Adelaide
MADDENGeostorekeeperh 10 Fergus Place
MADDENJaslaborerbds 64 Pleasant
MADDENLukefishermanh 64 Pleasant
MADDENLouisawid Johnh 5 Stephen
MADDENMiss M. F. bread and cake store, 191 Duckworthh 191 Duckworth
MADDENMarywid Jash 122 Water, w
MADDENMarywid Peter h 28 Casey
MADDENPatricklaborerh 122 Water, w
MADDONTimothylaborerh 28 Casey
MADDIGANAlicewid Michaelh 37 Lime
MADDIGANFrancisfishermanh 6 Brennan's Lane
MADDIGAN Jameslaborerbds 20 Damaril's Lane
MADDIGANJamestailorbds 314 Water , w
MADDIGANJohnfishermanh 33 Bambrick's
MADIGANMichaelfiremanbds 314 Water, w
MADDIGANMichael fishermanh 20 Sebastian
MADDIGANRichardFireman s s Grand Dakeh 283 Water, w
MADDIGANWmfishermanh 314 Water, w
MADDIGANWmlaborerh 20 Sebastian
MADDOCKWm plumber and gas fitter, 89 King's Rdh 91 King's Rd
MAGUIREMichaellaborerh 5 Holdsworth
MAHANEY Annwid Richardh 51 George
MAHANEYCornelius carpenterh 15 John
MAHANEYDenislaborerh Voys Lane, off George
MAHANEYThoscarpenterh 15 John
MAHERBridgetwid Jamesh 21 Waldegrave
MAHERCatherine h 11 Holloway
MAHERCatherinewid Edwardh 24 Codner's Lane
MAHERDaniel h 64 Mullock
MAHERDaniellaborerh 1 William
MAHEREdwardporter h 32 Lime
MAHEREdwardtraderh 7 Allan Square
MAHERElizawid John, prop Cochrane Househ 45 Cochrane
MAHER Ellen wid Richardbds 1 Deady's Lane
MAHERJameslaborerbds 22 James
MAHERJameslaborerh 128 Pleasant
MAHERJames laborerbds Wood's Place
MAHERJamesshoemakerh 2 Fergus Place
MAHERJames 7 Allan Square
MAHERJanewid Edwardh 65 Rennie's Mill Road
MAHERJohnengineerbds 7 Allan Square
MAHERJohnfishermanh Battery Road
MAHERJohnfishermanh 2 Fergus Place
MAHERJohnlaborerh 11 Waldegrave
MAHERJohnseamanh 98 New Gower
MAHERJuliawid Jash 64 Mullock
MAHERMichaelbarberbds 11 Waldegrave
MAHERMosesshoemakerh 9 Catherine
MAHERNeillaborerbds Wood's Place
MAHERPatrickpainterh 1 William
MAHERPeterlaborerbds 22 James
MAHERPeterminerh 29 Cuddihy
MAHERP. manufacturer boots and shoes, 146 Duckworthh 146 Duckworth
MAHERRichardtinsmithh 98 New Gower
MAHERSarah h 32 Casey
MAHER Sylvesterlaborerh 5 Flower Hill
MAHERThomasreporter, Daily Newsbds 45 Cochrane
MAHERWmdrug clerkh 1 William
MAHERWmlaborerh 22 James
MAHERWmlaborerh 1 William
MAHERWmlaborer58 McFarlane's Lane
MAHERWmmasonh 16 Boncloddy
MAHONAnastatiawid Michaelh Simms' Lane, Old Cove Road
MAHONJamesstonecutterbds 358 Water
MAHONJohnteamsterh 65 Signal Hill Road
MAHONMichaelfarmer bds Simms' Lane, Old Cove Road
MAHONRichardfarmerh Portugal Cove Road
MAHONWinifredwid Michaelh 61 Harvey Road
MAHONEYWmshoemakerh 11 Allan's Square
MAHONEY Patrickseaman h 46 Spencer
MAHONEYPhilipshipwrighth 19 Larkin's
MAIDMENTEdmundprinterh 85 Long's Hill
MAIDMENTHannahwid Johnh 85 Long's Hill
MAJORElizabethwid Johnh 45 Pennywell Road
MAJORElizabeth wid Wmh 84 Forest Road
MAJORRobertcabmanh 24 William
MAJORWmmaster marinerh 84 Forest Road
MALCOLMMarywid Wmh 18 Duggan
MALCOLMWmtinsmith, 400 Waterh 400 Water
MALEY Davidfishermanh 10 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
MALEYJamesfishermanbds 10 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
MALEYJohnfishermanbds 10 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
MALEYThomasfishermanbds 10 Murphy's Square, off Alexander
MALLAMEmmawid Georgeh 146 Gower
MALLARDBenjaminfishermanh 49 Field
MALLARDDenis laborerh 18 Gower
MALLARDElizabethwid Denisbds 18 Gower
MALLARDFrancislaborerh 54 Barnes' Road
MALLARDJohnlaborerh 60 Gower
MALLARDPatklaborerbds 54 Barnes Road
MALLARDWmpaverh 350 Duckworth
MALONEEdwcooperbds Water, w
MALONEEdw J.tailor & furnisher. 208 Waterh 336 Duckworth
MALONEJascooperh Water, w
MALONEJaslaborerh 52 Bond
MALONEJohnclerkh 65 Gower
MALONEJohn T.clerkh Southside, e
MALONEMartinlaborerh 31 Hayward Ave
MALONEMartinlaborerh Southside
MALONEMauricewines and spirits, 410 Waterh 410 Water
MALONEMichaelgrocer, 69 King's Roadh 69 King's Road
MALONEMichaellaborerbds 52 Bond
MALONEMichaelseamanh 15 Signal Hill Road
MALONE Patk tel line repairer h 50 Colonial
MALONE Thos cooper h 17 Barnes Place
MALONE Thos cooper bds Water, w
MALONEY Johannah wid Jos h 299 Water, w
MALONEY John blacksmith h 299 Water, w
MANCY Francis carpenter h 96 Lime
MANCY Francis fisherman h 3 Patrick
MANN Allan butcher, 196 Duckworth h 196 Duckworth
MANN Jas book-keeper h 63 Prescott
MANNARD Edw laborer h 71 Merry Meeting Road
MANNING Jas master mariner h 26 Victoria
MANNING Mary Ann wid Patk h 27 Dick's Square
MANNING Michael constable bds East End Fire Station
MANNING Michael app plumber bds 27 Dick's Square
MANNING Michael J. printer h 26 Victoria
MANNING Patk seaman h 26 Victoria
MANSFIELD Jas laborer h 185 New Gower
MANSFIELD John laborer h 185 New Gower
MANSFIELD John miner h 2 Hunt's Lane, Hoylestown
MANUEL Anne church cleaner h 32 John
MANUEL Elias seaman h 13 Bannerman
MANUEL Hayward fisherman h 31 Goodview
MANUEL John customs officer h 93 Gower
MANUEL Joseph carpenter h 42 Goodview
MANUEL Josiah J. P. General merchant Exploits Harbor, Burnt Island, Notre Dame Bay - See adv per index
MANUEL Moses laborer h 42 Barter's Hill
MANUEL Solomon shipwright h 6 Dunford
MANWARING Jas shoemaker h 20 Cuddihy
MARCH Albert clerk bds 51 Spencer
MARCH Alexander constable h 83 Pleasant
MARCH Miss C. clerk bds 26 Barter's Hill
MARCH C. L. bookseller and stationer, 429 Water h 94 Pleasant
MARCH Eleazar tinsmith h 48 Freshwater Road
MARCH Elias baker bds 26 Barter's Hill
MARCH George boilermaker h 53 Plymouth Road
MARCH Fredk bds 51 Spencer
MARCH Herbert fisherman bds 71 Plymouth Rd
MARCH John baker bds 26 Barter's Hill
MARCH John W. book-keeper bds 50 Circular Road
MARCH Nathaniel of S March & Sons h 50 Circular Road
MARCH Stephen fisherman h 71 Plymouth Road
MARCH Stephen of S March & Sons h 11 Garrison Hill
MARCH S & SONS, Coal Merchants and Ship Owners Water, e See adv per index
MARCH Victoria wid William h 26 Barter's Hill
MARCH Walter S. editor Daily News h 25 Henry
MARCH Wesley of March S & Sons bds 50 Circular Road
MARCH Wm constable h 51 Spencer
MARCH Wm joiner bds 71 Plymouth Road
MARCH Willis printer bds 48 Freshwater Road
MARCH Zachariah laborer bds 71 Plymouth Road
MARE Robt L. broker and notary public, Water h 98 Military Road
MARKEY Peter mason h 108 Duckworth
MARLES Anthony laborer h 72 Portugal Cove Road
MARLINE Joseph laborer bds 20 Finn's Lane
MARNELL John accountant h 67 Cochrane
MARIOTT Fred teacher bds Synod Building, Queen's Road
MARIOTT J. W. C. E. school inspector h Synod Building, Queen's Road
MARS P. C. clerk h 177 Gower
MARSHALL Alexander sr. h 49 Rennie's Mill Road
MARSHALL A. jr. bank clerk bds 49 Rennie's Mill Road
MARSHALL David F. printer h 99 Bond
MARSHALL George master mariner h 11 Pilot's Hill
MARSHALL Henry cooper h 103 Bond
MARSHALL John butcher bds 88 Queen's Road
MARSHALL John, Groceries and Provisions, 39 New Gower h 51 Goodview - See adv per index
MARSHALL John laborer bds 4 Cook's Hill
MARSHALL John shoemaker h 23 Carter's Hill
MARSHALL John stonemason h 12 Gills Place
MARSHALL Joseph shoemaker bds 51 Goodview
MARSHALL J. C. of Marshall & Roger h 49 Rennie's M Rd
MARSHALL Mark laborer h 10 Buchanan
MARSHALL Mark laborer h 46 Signal Hill Road
MARSHALL Mary wid Ambrose h 51 Goodview
MARSHALL Matthew clerk bds 51 Goodview
MARSHALL Philip laborer h 101 Bond
MARSHALL Philip jr. laborer bds 101 Bond
MARSHALL Richard laborer h 10 Buchanan
MARSHALL Richard hardware clerk h 3 LeMarchant Road
MARSHALL Robert G. cooper h 13 Long's Hill
MARSHALL & ROGER General Importers, Dry Goods, Groceries, Etc. Water, e See adv front cover
MARSHALL Samuel butcher, 88 Queen's Road h 88 Queen's Road
MARSHALL Thomas mason h 133 Gower
MARSHALL Walter laborer h 10 Buchanan
MARSHALL Wm baker bds 103 Bond
MARSHALL Wm joiner h 17 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Road
MARSHALL Wm A. of Marshall & Roger 49 Rennie's Mill Road
MARTIN A. H. of Martin Bros. h 8 Gower
MARTIN Alfred machinist h 56 Barter's Hill
MARTIN Ann wid Patrick h 75 New Gower
MARTIN Arthur laborer bds Portugal Cove Road
MARTIN Arthur W. clerk G. P. office h 69 New Gower
MARTIN Azariah fisherman h North Battery
MARTIN Azariah jr. fisherman bds North Battery
MARTIN Bridget wid Edw h 15 Barron (?)
MARTIN BROS Commission Merchants, Lumber, Etc. PEI and Nova Scotia Produce Wharves, Stores and Offices Water, c - See adv per index
MARTIN Catherine wid Richd h Portugal Cove Road
MARTIN Caroline wid Wm h Boat House Lane, off Quidi Vidi rd
MARTIN Edith tailoress bds King's Bridge Road
MARTIN Edw baker h 41 Signal Hill Road
MARTIN Elisha cooper bds 9 British Square
MARTIN Elizabeth wid Jonathan 105 King's Road
MARTIN Elizabeth wid Robt h Signal Hill Road
MARTIN Ellen wid Edw h 34 Belvidere
MARTIN Enoch fisherman h North Battery
MARTIN Ernest Geo Carpenter h 8 Notre Dame
MARTIN Frank of J. H. Martin & Co, h 130 Gower
MARTIN Fredk moulder bds 52 Barter's Hill
MARTIN Geo carman h 40 Barter's Hill
MARTIN Geo laborer h 78 Lime
MARTIN Henry laborer h 118 Circular Road
MARTIN Hugh W. clerk h 52 Barter's Hill
MARTIN James cabman h 13 John
MARTIN James laborer h 118 Circular Road
MARTIN James laborer 24 Casey
MARTIN James laborer h 15 Barron
MARTIN James T. Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer & Undertaker, 38 New Gower h 38 New Gower - See adv per index
MARTIN John cabman h 6 Pennywell Road
MARTIN John fisherman bds 38 New Gower
MARTIN John sailmaker h 28 King's Road
MARTIN John teamster h 48 Signal Hill Road
MARTIN J. H. of J. H. Martin & Co. h 100 Water
MARTIN Mrs. J. H. crockery and earthenware, 100 Water h 100 Water
MARTIN J. H. & Co., Hardware Importers of Sporting Goods, &c Water, e - See adv per index
MARTIN Lenora wid James h 44 New Gower
MARTIN Miss Maud clerk bds 52 Barter's Hill
MARTIN Michael teacher St. Bonaventure College
MARTIN Michael G. accountant bds 105 King's Road
MARTIN Patrick laborer h Pleasant
MARTIN Peter laborer h 188 Circular Road
MARTIN Robert fisherman h 8 Pilot's Hill
MARTIN Robt laborer h 24 Forest Road
MARTIN Robt laborer h 70 McFarlane's Lane
MARTIN Samuel seaman h 11 Gilbert
MARTIN Sarah wid Wm h North Battery
MARTIN Sarah Ann wid Chas h 135 New Gower
MARTIN Soloman watchman h 20 Duggan
MARTIN Thomas laborer h 20 Finn's Lane
MARTIN Thomas seaman h 8 Gilmore
MARTIN T. Robt saddler, 44 George h 44 Gower
MARTIN Wm clerk h 103 King's Road
MARTIN Wm of J. H. Martin & Co. h 18 Rennie's Mill Road
MARTIN Wm ironworker h 214 New Gower
MARTIN Wm laborer bds Portugal Cove Road
MARTIN Wm laborer h 28 Spencer
MARTIN Wm seaman h 15 Barron
MARTIN Wm J. of Martin Bros h 9 Maxse
MARTIN Wm J. agent bds 201 New Gower
MARTIN Wm steward h 16 Cuddihy
MARTIN Wm watchman h 34 Belvedere
MARTIN Wm H. reporter, Evening Herald h 43 Duckworth
MARTTEY Augustus seaman h 48 Hamilton
MASSEY G. H. c engineer R. G. Reid bds 45 Cochrane
MASON Thomas stoker, gas works h Hamilton Ave
MATTHEWS Albert wheelwright h 56 Belvedere
MATTHEWS Esau laborer h 56 Belvedere
MATTHEWS Wm sawyer h 56 Belvedere
MATTHEWSON James clerk h 6 Carnell
MATTHEWSON John clerk bds 40 Queen's Road
MATTHEWSON J. D. foreman, wholesale dept, Ayres & Sons h 233 Gower
MAUNDER George shoemaker h 35 Young
MAUNDER Henry shoemaker h 34 Pleasant
MAUNDER John Tailor & Clothier, 281 Duckworth h 281 Duckworth - See adv per index
MAUNDER Thomas lime burner h Logy Bay Road
MAY Anastatia wid Thomas bds 69 Merry Meeting Road
MAY Andrew laborer bds 69 Merry Meeting Road
MAY Lawrence laborer bds 69 Merry Meeting Road
MAY Michael fisherman h 69 Merry Meeting Rod
MAYERS Joseph ready made clothing, 274 Water h 274 Water
MAYNARD Frank wines and spirits, 51 Harvey Road h 51 Harvey Road
MAYO Jas varieties, 156 Duckworth h 156 Duckworth
MAYO John L. laborer h 5 Cabot
MAYO Wm laborer h 31 Cookstown Road
MAYO Wm laborer h 8 Pilot's Hill
McALLISTER Julia wid Wm h 19 Brennan's Lane
McALLISTER Michael laborer h 19 Brennan's Lane
McALLISTER Wm laborer h 19 Brennan's Lane
McBAY Samuel shoemaker h 31 Cook
McCAFFREY Patk J. tanner h 94 Duckworth
McCALLUM Sir H. E., Leiut-Col., K.C.M.G., R. E. Governor of Newfoundland and Its Dependencies res Government House, Military Road
McCANDIE Wm Foreman, Jackson & Co. h 39 Patrick
McCARDLE Wm J. of J. McCardle & Co., Bds 15 Adelaide
McCARDLE J. & Co. books, stationery and fancy goods Water, e
McCART Geo upholsterer h 3 Pennywell Road
McCARTHY Chas laborer h 22 Sebastian
McCARTHY Charles carpenter h 5 Cabot
McCARTHY Frank fisherman h 15 Carter's Hill
McCARTHY John grocer, 438 Water h Leslie
McCARTHY John jr. law student bds Leslie
McCARTHY Joseph grocer h 189 New Gower
McCARTHY Martin clerk bds Leslie
McCARTHY Martin laborer h 32 Casey
McCARTHY Michael clerk bds Leslie
McCARTHY Patrick Leslie
McCARTHY Thomas h 13 Victoria
McCARTHY Thomas grocer, 439 Water h 439 Water
McCARTHY Thomas laborer h 32 Casey
McCARTHY Walter clerk bds Leslie
McCARTHY Wm laborer h 228 ½ New Gower
McCORMACK Edward laborer h Southside
McCORMACK James farmer h Southside
McCORMACK James sailor h Southside
McCORMACK Mark carman h Southside
McCOUBREY Adam tinsmith h 97 Pleasant
McCOUBREY Adam jr. tinsmith bds 97 Pleasant
McCOUBREY Andrew G. Stoves and Tinware, Water h 17 Gower
McCOUBREtd>Clara Isabella wid R. A. h 49 Victoria
McCOUBREY George engineer h 12 Brine
McCOUBREY Geo tinsmith, Water h 17 Gower
McCOUBREY H. T. h 331 Water
McCOUBREY James clerk bds 97 Pleasant
McCOUBREY J. W. printer bds 60 Colonial
McCOUBREY Mary wid Geo, crockeryware, 406 Water h 406 Water
McCOURT Philip general dealer, 190 Duckworth h 190 Duckworth
McCOWEN John R. Inspector General of Constabulary h Harvey Road
McCRENDELL David engineer h 32 Duckworth
McCRENDELL David jr. engineer bds 32 Duckworth
McCRUDDEN Patrick painter h 10 King's Road
McDERMOTT Henry sergeant-police h 28 Bannerman
McDERMOTT Patk H. asst ordly govt house h Bannerman
McDONALD Catherine wid Michael h 23 Waldegrave
McDONALD Daniel engineer h 9 Queen's
McDONALD George boilermaker h 30 Belvidere
McDONALD Harry clerk bds 39 Prescott
McDONALD Henry carpenter h 66 Livingstone
McDONALD James cabman h 42 Hayward Ave
McDONALD John laborer h 43 McFarlane's Lane
McDONALD John laborer bds 43 McFarlane's Lane
McDONALD Joseph master mariner h 60 Water, w
McDONALD Margaret wid Michael h 2 Flavin's
McDONALD Miss Mary h James
McDONALD Michael laborer h 5 Damaril's Lane
McDONALD Michael laborer h 218 Water, w
McDONALD Michael tinsmith bds 23 Waldegrave
McDONALD M. L. wid Henry h 7 King's Road
McDONALD Peter clerk bds 39 Prescott
McDONALD Peter clerk h 60 Water, w
McDONALD Robert G. drug clerk bds 7 King's Road
McDONALD R. teacher bds St. Bonaventure's College
McDONALD Samuel laborer h 21 William
McDONALD Stephen laborer bds 14 Barter's Hill
McDONALD Susie, wid Nelson varities, 26 Brazil's Square h 26 Brazil's Square
McDONALD Thomas seaman bds 23 Waldegrave
McDONALD Wm laborer bds 43 McFarlane's Lane
McDONALD Wm plasterer bds British House, 2 New Gower
McDONALD Wm tinsmith h 6 British Square
McDONALD Wm wood turner h 243 Water, w
McDONNELL Daniel seaman h 33 Barter's Hill
McDONNELL Jas seaman h 4 Fergus Place
McDONNELL Margaret wid Jas h 19 Thomas
McDONNELL Stephen laborer h 40 Thomas
McDOUGALL Alex h Topsail Road, off Water
McDOUGALL Arthur accountant bds 123 Hamilton
McDOUGALL E. B. Broker & Commission Agent, McBrides hill h LeMarchant Road - See adv per index
McDOUGALL Harold accountant bds 123 Hamilton
McDOUGALL Harold E. book-keeper bds LeMarchant Road
McDOUGALL Margaret wid John h 123 Hamilton
McDOUGALL Thos clerk bds 56 Prescott
McDOUGALL Wilfred clerk bds 123 Hamilton
McEACHREN Angus messenger, H. A. h 13 Allan Square
McELVINE Mary wid Hugh h 4 Fergus Place
McEVOY Michael J. clerk h 61 Queen's Road
McFARLANE Jas master cooper h 47 McFarlane's Lane
McFARLANE John engineer h 31 Duckworth
McFARLANE John clerk bds 31 Duckworth
McGETTIGAN Jas engineer h 332 Water, w
McGETTIGAN Matthew engineer h 47 Patrick
McGILLVERY Mary wid Thos h 55 Gower
McGILLVERY Thos laborer bds 55 Gower
McGILLVERY Wm carpenter h 135 Gower
McGINN Catherine wid Wm h 12 ½ Duckworth
McGINN Fredk baker bds 12 ½ Duckworth
McGINN Patk fireman h 32 Duckworth
McGOREY David machinist h 13 Waldegrave
McGRATH Andrew laborer h 129 New Gower
McGRATH Ann wid John h 2 Bulley
McGRATH Bridget, wid John wines and spirits, 10 Queen h 10 Queen
McGRATH Denis tailor bds 45 Angel Place, off Alexander
McGRATH Edw laborer h 90 Voys Lane, off George
McGRATH Edw shoemaker h 109 Hamilton
McGRATH Ellen wid Roger h 184 LeMarchant Road, w
McGRATH Ellen wid Thos h 40 Carter's Hill
McGRATH Ellen wid Thos h 29 Cuddihy
McGRATH Thos F. bds Riverside Cottage, Long Pond Road
McGRATH Jas cooper h 97 New Gower
McGRATH Jas doorkeeper H A h 84 Casey
McGRATH Jas laborer h 109 Hamilton
McG/TD> Jas laborer h 12 Sebastian
McGRATH Johannah wid Thos Prop, Tremont Hotel, Water
McGRATH Jas tailor h 6 Brazil's Square
McGRATH Jas F. superintendent penitentiary h Forest Road
McGRATH Jas J. solicitor bds Riverside College, Long Pond Rd
McGRATH John carpenter h 109 Hamilton
McGRATH John laborer h 80 Casey
McGRATH John laborer h 20 Barnes Road
McGRATH John laborer h 37 McFarlane's Lane
McGRATH John laborer h 18 Brine
McGRATH John laborer h 355 Water, w
McGRATH John steward h 52 Carter's Hill
McGRATH John student bds 41 Springdale
McGRATH John tailor h 190 ½ New Gower
McGRATH John laborer h 9 Cookstown Road
McGRATH John teamster h 2 Finn's Lane
McGRATH John tidewaiter, H. M. C. h 32 Henry
McGRATH Joseph cooper h 9 Dunford
McGRATH Margaret wid John h 6 Brazil's Square
McGRATH Margaret wid Thos h 10 William
McGRATH Margaret varities, 44 Water, w h 44 Water, w
McGRATH Michael fisherman h 12 Sebastian
McGRATH Michael laborer bds 52 Carter's Hill
McGRATH Nicholas tailor h 2 Bully
McGRATH Patk cooper h 41 Springdale
McGRATH Patk fireman h 92 Hamilton
McGRATH Patk fisherman bds 355 Water, w
McGRATH Patk fisherman h 12 Sebastian
McGRATH Patk laborer h 52 Carter's Hill
McGRATH Patk laborer bds 29 Cuddihy
McGRATH Patk jr. cooper h 41 Springdale
McGRATH Philip steward ss Virginia Lake h 97 New Gower
McGRATH P. T. editor Evening Herald h 56 Prescott
McGRATH Thos clerk bds Long Pond Road
McGRATH Thos machinist h 41 Springdale
McGRATH Thos rigger h 22 Codner's Lane
McGRATH Thos J. blacksmith h 46 Water, e
McGRATH Timothy joiner h Riverside Cottage, Lond (sic) Pond Road (sic)
McGRATH Wm cooper h 107 Pleasant
McGRATH Wm fisherman h 14 Sebastian
McGRATH Wm laborer h 60 Pleasant
McGRATH Wm S. Harness & Saddlery, 210 Duckworth h 210 Duckworth - See adv per index
McGREGOR Edwin letter carrier bds 104 Queen's Road
McGREGOR Emily wid Edw h 104 Queen's Road
MacGREGOR James Tailor, Gents' Furnishing, City Club Building, Water h 49 Queen's Road - See adv per index
McGUIRE Anastatia wid Matthew h Angel Place, off Alexander
McGUIRE Bernard shoemaker bds 22 Water, w
McGUIRE Bridget h 219 Water, w
McGUIRE Jas accountant h 38 Angel Place, off Alexander
McGUIRE Jas sailmaker bds 22 Water, w
McGUIRE John B. sailmaker h 22 Water, w
McGUIRE Thos clerk bds Angel Place, off Alexander
McHALE Edw foreman with R. G. Reid h 4 Flavin
McINTYRE Angus carpenter bds 75 King's Road
McINTYRE Hector carpenter h 75 King's Road
McINTYRE JAMES Standard Marble Works, 4 New Gower h 4 New Gower - See adv per index
MacKAY A. M. gen supr Anglo-Am Tel Co, Ltd h 47 Duckw'th
McKAY Edw laborer bds 28 Stephen
McKAY Edw wines and spirits, 380 Water bds 14 Adelaide
McKAY Eric tel operator bds 47 Duckworth
McKAY Geo wines and spirits, 269 Water, w h 269 Water, w
McKAY Jas policeman h 62 Gower
McKAY Jane wines and spirits, 318 Water h 318 Water
McKAY Laurence fisherman h 13 Pope
McKAY Michael fisherman h 28 Stephen
McKAY Michael clerk bds cor Springdale and George
McKAY Wm agent, S. M. Brookfield bds City Hotel
McKAY Wm stevadore h 49 Wickford
McKAY Wm tel constructor bds 47 Duckworth
McKAY Wm J. wines and spirits, Water h Water
McKEAN Adam mgr tannery h Sudbury Cottage, Water, w
MacKEEN Anderson mgr tannery h Waterford Bridge Road
McKOEN Rev Edward, C B Mt St. Francis Newtown Road
MACKEY James constable, E E Fire Station h 62 Gower
MACKEY John laborer h 16 Carew
MACKEY Michael constable h 89 Carter's Hill
MACKEY Thos blacksmith h 19 Waldegrave
MACKEY Wm seaman h 5 Quidi Vidi Road
McKELLOP James fisherman h Mundy's Pond Road
McKELLOP John, fisherman h Mundy's Pond Road
McKELLOP John laborer h Ropewalk Range
McKELLOP Patrick laborer bds Ropewalk Range
McKELLOP Thos carpenter h Mundy's Pond Road
McKELLOP Thos laborer bds Ropewalk Range
McKENNY Leonard steward h 14 Colonial
McKENZIE Alex lobster merchant h 53 Patrick
McKENZIE Miss Anna bds 296 Water
McKENZIE Duncan stone cutter h 34 Barnes Road
McKENZIE K. D. physician, 265 Duckworth h 265 Duckworth
McKENZIE Mary Ann wid Thos h 296 Water
MACKIN Bridget wid James h Deady's Lane
McKINLEY Alex engineer h Forest Lane
McKINLEY Joseph book-keeper h 95 Quidi Vidi Road
McKINNON Mary J. wid Wm h 63 Rennie's Mill Road
McLAUGHLAN Alan drug clerk bds 54 Prescott
McLACKLAN Alex engineer Roseneath h Le Merchant Rd w
McLACHLAN Alf vet surgeon, 280 Water bds 144 Le Marchant Rd
McLAUGHLIN Hon James M L C h 82 Water
McLAUGHLIN Michael bds 82 Water, w
MCLAUGHLIN Michael carpenter h 15 Waldegrave
McLEAN, Alex, Adjutant Salvation Army h 47 Hamilton
MacLEAN Edward M. of J J McLean & Sons h Warbury Cottage, Leslie
MacLEAN J. J. & Sons Tanners, Water, w See adv per index
McLEAN Jardine tanner bds Sudbury
McLEAN Thomas printer bds 55 Gower
McLELLAN Alexander engineer h 101 Military Road
McLELLAN Hugh engineer h 51 Military Road
McLOUGHLAN Allan drug clerk bds 52 Cookstown Road
McLAREN A. H. insurance agent bds Crosbie Hotel
McMAHON Richard cooper h 18 Dick's Square
McMANUS Lawrence fireman h 5 John
McMURDO THOS & CO, Chemists and Druggists, Water See adv per index
Mc NAIRN James V. surgeon bds 96 Gower
McNAMARA Alfred watchmaker bds 17 Garrison Hill
McNAMARA Francis accountant h 43 Monkstown Road
McNAMARA Johanna wid Austin h 17 Garrison Hill
McNAMARA John book keeper h 31 Gower
McNAMARA Joseph clerk bds 17 Garrison Hill
McNAMARA Terrance attendt lunatic asylum h 223 New Gower
McNEIL Hector book keeper bds Water
McNEIL James wheelwright h off Merry meeting Road
McNEIL John clerk bds Water
McNEIL Mary Thos McMurdo & Co) h Water, summer residence, Waterford Bridge Road
McNEIL Samuel jr. lumber surveyor h 47 Merry Meeting Road
McNEIL Thos of T. McMurdo & Co. h Water, summer residence, Waterfordbridge Road
McNEIL W. W. & CO. druggist, 309 Water
McNEILY Alexander J. W., Q C barrister, & c, 6 Disk's Square h 6 Dicks' Square
McNEILY Alex R. G. accountant bds 6 Dicks' Square
McNEILY Alice wid Isaac Robt h King's Bridge Road
McNEILY Jas clerk bds Henry
McNEILY Jas J. R. accountant bds 6 Disk's Square
McNEILY J. A. W. W. law student bds 6 Dick's Square
McNEVIN Alex foreman, shoe factory h 17 Hutchings
McNIVEN Fredk machinist h 40 Angel's Place
MacPHERSON Archibald of Royal Stores, Limited h 32 Queen's Road
MacPHERSON Campbell of Royal Stores, Limited h Mundy's Pond Road
McPHERSON Cluny student bds Mundy's Pond Road
McPHERSON Jas clerk bds 11 Queen's
McPHERSON Samuel J. moulder h 11 Atlantic Ave
McPHERSON Wm h 11 Atlantic Ave
McRAE Mrs. E. A. fruit and confectionery, 308 Water h 308 Water
MEADUS Henry laborer h 26 Scott
MEADUS James laborer bds 93 Long's Hill
MEADUS John laborer bds 93 Long's Hill
MEADUS Wm laborer h 93 Long's Hill
MEAGHER R. A. broker h 54 Cochrane
MEALEY Miss J. post mistress 344 Water, w
MEALEY Margaret wid John h 125 New Gower
MEALEY Patrick butcher h Long Pond Road
MEALEY Richard master mariner h 344 Water, w
MEALEY William baker h 125 New Gower
MEALEY Wm carter bds Barter's Hill
MEALS James farmer bds Springfield Cottage, Topsail Road
MEANEY Daniel fisherman h 49 Flemming
MEANEY Denis cooper h 7 Cabot
MEANEY Denis seaman h 22 Duggan
MEANEY Edward laborer h 232 New Gower
MEANEY Elizabeth wid Wm h Sebastian
MEANEY Francis laborer h Sebastian
MEANEY James fisherman h 383 Waterford Bridge Road
MEANEY James laborer bds 39 Victoria
MEANEY James jr. laborer bds 383 Waterford Bridge Road
MEANEY John tanner bds 383 Waterford Bridge Road
MEANEY Sylvester laborer bds 383 Waterford Bridge Road
MEANEY Miss Teresa teacher h 21 Livingstone
MEARLS Samuel blacksmith h 36 Belvedere
MEARNS A. wid Capt A. h Balmoral Cottage, Patrick
MEARNS Frederick laborer h 28 Hutchings Lane
MEARNS Mary wid Frederick h 28 Hutchings Lane
MEDDLETON Richard painter bds 38 Duckworth
MECHANIC'S BUILDING cor Water and Custom House Hill
MEEHAN Chas E. accountant munpl council h 15 Monkstown Road
MEEHAN James varieties, 77 Military Road h 77 Military Road
MEEHAN John varieties, 77 Military Road h 77 Military Road
MEEHAN Miss Lucy sec council higher education bds 16 Chapel
MEEHAN Mary wid John F. h 16 Chapel
MEEHAN W. J. barrister, Blackwood bldg, Duckworth h Mkstwn rd
MELEE Mary wid Wm h 45 McFarlane's Lane
MELEE Thomas laborer h 45 McFarlane's Lane
MELLVILLE Thomas cooper h 50 Victoria
MELVIN Arthur shoemaker h 22 Spencer
MELVIN Caroline wid Geo h 22 Spencer
MELVIN Herbert tinsmith bds 22 Spencer
MELVIN John shoemaker bds 59 Pleasant
MELVIN J. W. accountant h 298 Water
MENTION Luke seaman h 42 Cabot
MERCER Albert sailor bds 78 Lime
MERCER Benjamin laborer h 7 Gorman's Lane
MERCER Chas farmer h Topsail Road
MERCER Chas farmer bds Waterford Bridge Road
MERCER Chas laborer h Woods Place, Hoylestown
MERCER Eli clerk h 24 Livingstone
MERCER Geo carpenter h 17 Bambrick
MERCER George fisherman bds Mundy's Pond Road
MERCER Isaac laborer bds Woods Place, Hoylestown
MERCER Israel laborer h 24 Livingstone
MERCER James fisherman bds 6 Chapel
MERCER James laborer bds Mundy's Pond Road
MERCER Jonothan fireman h 59 Pleasant
MERCER John cooper h 48 Spencer
MERCER John farmer h Mundy's Pond Road
MERCER Margaret wid John h Springdale
MERCER Michael laborer bds Wood's Place, Hoylestown
MERCER Patience wid Edward bds Mundy's Pond Road
MERCER Robt printer bds ? Cochrane
MERCER Samuel bds 159 Gower
MERCER Samuel carpenter h 35 Buchanan
MERCER Stephen farmer bds Waterford Bridge Road
MERCER Thos fisherman h Mundy's Pond Road
MERCER Wm carpenter h 35 Buchanan
MERCER Wm fisherman h Mundy's Pond Road
MERCER Wm laborer h 16 James
MERCER Wm machinist bds Mundy's Pond Road
MERCER Wm seaman bds Wood's Place, Hoylestown
MERCANTILE MARINE OFFICE Robt Carter, supt, P. O. Sq, Water
MERNER James servant bds Torbay Road
MERNER John teamster h Bennett's Lane, off Hamilton Ave
MERNER Martin teamster Water, w
MERNER Patrick farm servant bds Belvidere Lodge
MERRY John shoemaker bds 47 Flemming
MERRY Mary M. wid John h 26 Plank Road
MERRY Michael laborer h 47 Flemming
MESHER John C. P. O. clerk h 16 Young
METROPOLITAN HOUSE Mrs. D. Gross, Prop, 359 Water See adv per index
MEWS Arthur deputy Col Secretary h 33 King's Bridge Road
MEWS Ashton clerk h 82 Pleasant
MEWS Edwin clerk h 10 Atlantic Ave
MEWS Fred A. solicitor, &c, 1, 2, and 3 Commercial Chambers bds 3 Rennie Mill Road
MEWS Frank E. accountant h 3 Park Row, Rennie's Mill Road
MEWS Geo accountant h 107 Hamilton
MEWS Geo W. Secty Department Public Works h 3 Park Row
MEWS Harold clerk G P O bds 82 Pleasant
MEWS Jas C. clerk bds 11 Atlantic Ave
MEWS Jas L. manufacturers' agt, 437 Water h 160 LeMarchant
MEWS Wm accountant h Rennie Mill Road
MEWS Wm grocer, 435 Water h 82 Pleasant
MEWSWm J. h 2 Park Row
MICHAELS A L & Co., Watchmakers and Jewellers Commercial Chambers Building, WaterSee adv per index
MILEA John fisherman h Buchanan
MILEA Thomas   h 35 Buchanan
MILES Francis clerk bds 31 Young
MILES Frank clerk bds 21 Cookstown Road
MILES Wm cabinet maker h 81 Lime
MILLER Arthur W. groceries and dry goods, 41 Young h 41 Young
MILLER Benjamin tidewaiter h 15 Balsam
MILLER C. of U S Picture and Portrait Co.h Water
MILLER Chesley R. pattern maker, foundry bds 154 Pleasant
MILLER Charles ship Steward 20 Mullock
MILLER Eliza wid Mark h 27 Livingstone
MILLER Ellen wid Nath h Wood Bine Cottage, Long Pond Road
MILLER Henry shipwright h 44 Water, w
MILLER Hugh C. clerk bds 41 Young
MILLER James bds Wood Bine Cottage, Long Pond Road
MILLER James laborer bds 50 Signal Hill Road
MILLER James plumber 50 Signal Hill Road
MILLER John clerk h 20 Mullock
MILLER John laborer h 329 Water, w
MILLER John laborer bds 27 Livingstone
MILLER John laborer h Southside
MILLER John jr. laborer h 329 Water, w
MILLER Joseph blacksmith h 103 Cabot
MILLER Joseph cooper bds 15 Balsam
MILLER Joseph shoemaker h 81 Hayward Ave
MILLER Joseph J. genl blacksmith, 61 George h 103 Cabot
MILLER Lewis H. of Callahan, Glass & Co. h 26 Power
MILLER Martin laborer bds Woodbine Cottage, Long Pond Road
MILLER Matthew brewer h 15 Hayward Ave
MILLER Michael laborer bds 50 Signal Hill Road
MILLER Nathaniel carpenter h 5 Bully
MILLER Thos blacksmith h 16 ½ Brine
MILLER Thos shoemaker h 43 New Gower
MILLER Wm laborer h 14 Belvedere
MILLER Wm laborer h 16 ½ Brine
MILLEY Alexander messenger h 31 Pleasant
MILLEY Elijah laborer h 42 Carter's Hill
MILLEY Elizabeth wid Jas h 76 Hamilton
MILLEY Frank carpenter h 58 Lime
MILLEY Jas fisherman h 33 Cuddihy
MILLEY John clerk h 79 Flower Hill
MILLEY John fisherman h 15 Hamilton
MILLEY John laborer h 12 Pope
MILLEY John B. tidewaiter H M C h 42 William
MILLEY John wharfinger h 31 Pleasant
MILLEY John F. Carpenter h 200 Water, w
MILLEY Samuel fisherman h 3 Long's Hill
MILLEY Samuel dry goods & millinery, Water h 35 Bond
MILLEY Solomon fisherman h 42 William
MILLEY Wm carpenter h 79 Flower Hill
MILLEY Wm J. clerk h 42 William
MILLEY Wm cooper h 31 Pleasant
MILLIGAN Rev Geo S. L. L. D, Supt Methodist schools h 55 LeMarchant Road
MILLIGAN Geo S. sr. bookseller 297 Water h 57 LeMarchant Rd
MILLS Frank cabinet maker bds 76 Forest Road
MILLS Fredk teamster h 4 Plymouth Road
MILLS Joshua laborer h 8 Pilot's Hill
MILLS Joseph Laborer bds 27 Quidi Vidi Road
MILLS Robt laborer h 34 Quidi Vidi Road
MILLS Thos fisherman h 76 Forest Road
MILLS Thomas fisherman h 27 Quidi Vidi Road
MINNONETTE John coachman bds 12 Spencer
MINONETTE John laborer h 20 Sheehan's Shute
MINONETTE Jos laborer h 13 Sheehan's Shute
MINONETTE Peter laborer bds 12 Spencer
MINONETTE Timothy cabman h 25 Pleasant
MIRON Patk blacksmith h 1 Pennywell Rd
MIRON Thos boiler maker h 58 Lime
MISKLE Frank laborer h 8 Finn's Lane
MITCHAM Geo accountant h 94 New Gower
MITCHAM Samuel shipwright h 94 New Gower
MITCHAM Wm carpenter h 94 New Gower
MITCHELL Agnes, wid Jas millinery, Water h Water
MITCHELLEmanuellaborerh 78 Lime
MITCHELL Geo laborer bds 78 Lime
MITCHELL Henry laborer h 10 Chapel
MITCHELL & HIGGINS   dressmakers, 66 Prescott h 66 Prescott
MITCHELL Jas seaman h 47 Lime
MITCHELL John carpenter h Hamilton Ave
MITCHELL Mary wid Alfred h 91 Signal Hill Road
MITCHELL Mrs. Mary of Mitchell & Higgins h 66 Prescott

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

McALPINE'S Directories

Transcribed by Don Tate, Palm Bay, Florida

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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