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McALPINE'S 1898 Directory
City of St. John's District
St. John's City pages - 194 to 207
DUNPHYWmbrakeman bds 8 Rennie's Mill Road
DUNPHY Wm engineer bds 23 Parade
DUNPHY Wm J.asst clerk dept Public Charities h 24 Cochrane
DUNSTERVILLE James tailor h 101 New Gower
DURNEY Anistatia wid John bds 14 Queen's Road
DuTOT Charlotte wid Chas h 17 Cook
DuTOT Fredk letter carrier bds 17 Cook
DuTOT Wmcarpenter bds 17 Cook
DWYER Alexpoliceman h 85 Bond
DWYER Miss Agnesmilliner bds 53 Military Road
DWYER Ambrose laborer h 12 Prospect
DWYEREiss (sic)Bridget h Oak Farm, off Circular Road
DWYER Henry watchmaker bds 25 Dick's Square
DWYER James carpenter h 8 Freshwater Road
DWYER James farmer h Oxen Pond Road, Freshwater
DWYER James carpenter h 82 Springdale
DWYER James laborer h 18 Catherine
DWYER Janewid Henry h 82 Gilbert
DWYER Miss Johanna nurse bds General Hospital, Quidi Vidi Rd
DWYER John farmer h Oak Farm, off Circular Road
DWYER John laborer h 7 Spencer
DWYER John carman h 34 Scott
DWYER John carpenter h 66 Bannerman
DWYER Josephboiler maker h 20 John
DWYER Miss Margaret Oak Farm, off Circular Road
DWYER Martin farmer h Freshwater Road
DWYER Martin farm servant h Simms' Lane, Old Portugal c rd
DWYER M clerk h Gilbert
DWYER Michael farmer h Freshwater Road
DWYER Michael tallyman h r 89 Carter's Hill
DWYER Michael Wharfinger h 82 Springdale
DWYER Philip wheelwright bds 7 Spencer
DWYER Rodiah wheelwright bds 7 Spencer
DWYER Thomas laborerbds 18 Catherine
DYER Catherine J.wid George h 9 Parade
DYER Margaret wid Wm h 111 Signal Hill Road
DYER Michael JDry Goods, etc, 322 Water bds 9 Parade
DYERWm J. laborer h 111 Signal Hill Road
DYMOND Johncarman h 22 Henry
DYMOND John jr.carmanbds 22 Henry
DYMOND Samuel carman bds 22 Henry
EAGANC. P.clerk h 105 George
EAGAN John Baker and Confectioner, 32 Water, eh 32 Water, e - See adv per index
EAGAN John laborerbds 25 Cookstown Road
EAGAN Michael tailorbds 98 Duckworth
EAGAN Wm J.seaman h 25 Cookstown Road
EARLEArthur watchmaker bds 63 Pleasant
EARLEBenjamin shipwrighth South Side
EARLE Delphinewid Henry h 15 Spencer
EARLE Edwardfisherman h Battery Road
EARLE Edwardcarpenter h Hamilton Ave
EARLEEliza wid Jas h Boat House Lane, off Quidi Vidi Road
EARLE Frederick shipwright h South Side
EARLES George fisherman h Battery Road
EARLES George carman h 40 Quidi Vidi Road
EARLES Georgestevedore h 23 Holloway
EARLE George laborer h 43 Cabot
EARLE Miss Ida clerk bds George
EARLE Jacob carpenter h 192 Beaumont, off Pleasant
EARLE John biscuit maker h 4 Allen's Square
EARLE John jr. fisherman bds 53 Field
EARLE John laborer h 53 Field
EARLES Marywid Edward h Battery Road
EARLESRichard seaman h 34 Livingstone
EARLE Robert laborer bds Boat House Lane, off Quidi Vidi Rd
EARLE Robert fisherman h 55 Field
EARLE Robert mason bds 4 Cabot
EARLE Solomon moulder h 190 Beaumont, off head Pleasant
EARLE Thomas store keeper bds 55 Lime
EARLE Thomas sailmakerh 7 Cookstown Road
EARLE Wm sailor h 92 Lime
EARLES Wmfisherman h Battery Road
EARLES Wm jr.fisherman h Battery Road
EARLEY James seaman h 84 Carter's Hill
EASMOND Johnannah wid Michael h 17 Hayward Ave
EAST END FIRE STATIONDuckworth, e near rwy station
EASTERBROOK Archibald clerk bds 23 Prescott
EBBS Edward S. coachman bds 53 William
EBBS John cabman h 32 Scott
EBBS Thomas farmer bds Torbay Road
EBBS Thomaslaborer h 35 William
EBBS Wm sailor h 7 Goodview
EBSARY Allan cooper h Mundy's Pond Road
EBSARY Arthurclerkh 206 New Gower
EBSARY Belindawid bds Mundy's Pond Road
EBSARYEdwin cooper h South side
EBSARY Henry laborer h South side
EBSARY James laborer h South side
EBSARY John cooper h South side
EBSARY Julius cooper h South side
EBSARY Newman stoker h South side
EBSARY Richard laborer h 46 Mollock
EBSARY Stephen Wharfinger h South side
EBSARY Walter grocer bds South side
EBSARY Wm Farmer bds Mundy's Pond Road
EDDY Charles bookbinder h 6 Murray
EDDY Eliher shipwright h 6 Gilbert
EDDY John carpenter bds 42 Barter's Hill
EDDIE Maria wid James h 33 Monkstown Road
EDDY Priscilla wid Martin h 6 Gilbert
EDDY Reuben teamster h 29 Plymouth Road
EDDY Richard coal dealer h 6 Murray
EDENS George book keeper h 44 Circular Road
EDENS T. J., Grocer and Provisions,151 Duckworth and 112 Military Roadh 39 Queen's Road - See adv per index
EDGAR Mrs. E. Haviland Millinery and Fancy Goods, 369 Water h 369 Water
EDGAR Johncaptain tug "Favorite" h 70 Carter's Hill
EDGAR Walteraccountant bds 70 Carter's Hill
EDGECOMBE Albert cooper h 35 Job's
EDICOTT Henry carman h Ropewalk Range
EDICOTT Mary Ann wid Thos h 13 Sheehan's Shute
EDNEY Samuel mason h 18 William
EDSTROM Peter plumber h 36 Hutchings
EDSTROM Thos laborer h 183 New Gower
EDSTROM Wm shoemaker h 183 New Gower
EDWARDS Andrew carpenter h 43 Job's
EDWARDS Jas clerk h 45 Bannerman Road
EDWARDSJas blacksmith h 9 Mullock
EDWARDS Jos painter h 34 Buchanan
EFFORD John clerk bds 64 King's Road
EFFORD John laborer h Southside
EFFORD Robt shoemaker bds 64 King's Road
EFFORD Robt laborer h 64 King's Road
EFFORD Thos laborer h Southside
EFFORD Wm stationer bds 64 King's Road
EGAN Abigail wid Jas h 9 Waldegrave
EGAN Miss Agnes school teacher bds 9 Waldegrave
EGAN Cornelius clerk bds 105 George
EGAN Jas laborer h 8 Pleasant
EGAN Jas laborer h 12 Gorman's Lane
EGAN John pilot h 98 Duckworth
EGAN John clerk bds 98 Duckworth
EGAN John laborer h 24 Alexander
EGAN John baker, 197 New Gower h 197 New Gower
EGANJohn baker h 9 Fergus Place
EGAN Patrick fisherman h 105 George
ELECTRIC LIGHT WORKS T. S. Pooke, Mgr Cor Bond and Flavin
ELFORD Aaron carpenter h 3 Barter's Hill
ELLARDS Miss Mary Ann 41 Hayward's Ave
ELLIOT Elizabeth wid Samuel h 21 Walsh's Square, off Signal H Rd
ELLIOTMary wid Jas h 30 Prescott
ELLIOT Samuel teamsterh 21 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill Road
ELLIS Chas Archerengineer, floating dry dock h 150 Pleasant
ELLIS Chasgas fitter & plumber, 292 Water h 292 Water
ELLIS Cyprian engineerh Circular Road
ELLIS Egbertgas fitter & plumber bds 292 Water
ELLIS Geo W. mgr Gas Worksh Gas Works, Water
ELLIS Henry Agent, Cabot Building, Water h 20 Holloway
ELLIS Jas engineer h Warbbury Cottage , Leslie
ELLIS John J.builder & contractor h 25 New Gower
ELLIS John fisherman h 83 Lime
ELLIS Mary wid David h 162 New Gower
ELLIS Samuel Gardner h Bannerman
ELLIS Simeon laborer LeMarchant Road, w
ELLISWmstone cutter bds "Warbury," Leslie
ELLIS Wm accountant h 117 Gower
ELLISWm J.Builder and Contractor, Commercial Chambers, Water h 162 New Gower - See adv per index
ELMS Johnfisherman h 180 Beaumont
ELRINGTON Rev H Methodist h 17 Sheehan
ELWARD Thos carpenter h Signal Hill Road
ELWARD Wm stone mason h 141 Gower
EMBERLY James carpenter h 62 Bannerman
EMBERLY James laborer h 54 Barnes Road
EMBERLY Mary Ann wid Patrick h 118 Water, w
EMBERLEY Mary wid James h 11 Casey
EMBERLY Maurlee shoemaker h 114 New Gower
EMBERLYMary wid Patrick h 54 Barnes Road
EMERSON Arthur laborer bds 3 Duckworth
EMERSON Chas H.barrister, Duckworthh Brook Ldg. Rostellan
EMERSONHON GEO H Judge S Courth 65 Rennie's Mill Rd
EMERSONJulia wid Prescott h 2 Devon Row, Duckworth
EMERSON Mary Anne wid Robt h 3 Duckworth
EMERSON Otto engineer bds Circular Road
EMERSON Sophia wid Lewis W bds 65 Rennie's Mill Road
EMERSON Wm laborer bds 3 Duckworth
ENDICOTT Arthur butler bds Government House, Military Road
ENGLAND Chas Gardner h 20 Boncloddy
ENGLAND Chas F. stone cutter bds 22 Field
ENGLAND David laborer h 34 Field
ENGLAND Diana wid John h 5 Cabot
ENGLAND Eliza wid Geo h 22 field
ENGLANDGeo jr. baker bds 22 Field
ENGLAND Geo coachman h 22 field
ENGLAND Jas messenger bds 22 Field
ENGLAND John chimney sweeper h 22 Field
ENGLAND John blacksmith h 34 Young
ENGLAND Kenneth teamster bds 22 Field
ENGLAND Wm shoemaker h 65 Harvey Road
ENGLAND Wm J. bds 29 Boncloddy
ENGLISH Allan boiler maker bds 24 Hamilton
ENGLISH Arthur cabinet maker bds 66 Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH Bridget wid Richard h 121 Gower
ENGLISH Edward chief examiner masters and mates, Customs Building h Quidi Vidi Road
ENGLISH Edward jr. seaman bds Quidi Vidi Road
ENGLISH Edward clerk bds 378 Water
ENGLISH Elizabeth wid Jas h 4 Balsam
ENGLISH Ellen wid Wm, bakery and confec'ry, 378 Water h 378 Water
ENGLISH Honorah wid Thomas h 124 Hamilton
ENGLISH James wharfinger bds 121 Gower
ENGLISH James plasterer bds 66 Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH Jane wid John h 52 Patrick
ENGLISH Joseph printer h 71 Queen's Road
ENGLISH Joseph jr. clerk bds 71 Queen's Road
ENGLISH Mary wid Joseph h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's P Rd
ENGLISH Margaret wid John h 57 Bannerman
ENGLISH Michael shoemaker h Balsam
ENGLISH Patricksanitary carman h 66 Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH Patrick jr. farmer bds 66 Merry Meeting Road
ENGLISH Richard clerk h 121 Gower
ENGLISH Richard fisherman h 22 Hayward Ave
ENGLISH Richard laborer bds 75 Plymouth Road
ENGLISH Thomas baker h 41 Signal Hill Road
ENGLISH Wm laborer h 22 Hayward ave
ENGLISH W.watchmkr, 249 Water, w & 14 Adelaideh Fwtr Rd
ENGLISH Wm J.foreman printer h 56 Spencer
ENNIS Miss Juliamantle and dress maker h 179 New Gower
ENNIS Mary wid John h 24 Henry
EPSEY Sarahwid Johnh 210 Water, w
ESBORNE Mary wid Philip h 15 Brennan's Lane
ESBORNE Joseph laborerh 15 Brennan's Lane
ESCOTTAlbert shoemaker h 3 Gilbert
ESCOTT Elizabeth wid Richard h 183 New Gower
ESCOTT George laborer h 40 Pleasant
ESCOTT John shoemakerh 106 Casey
ESCOTT Thomas salesman h 29 Charlton
ESCOTT Wmfisherman h 3 Flower Hill
ESTERBROOK Archibald clerk bds Prescott
EVANS Allan student bds 66 Carter's Hill
EVANS Anthony laborer h 61 George
EVANS Bartholomew wheelwright h 61 George
EVANS Ellen Matron Methodist OrphanageMundy's Pond Road
EVANS Fanny wid Robert h 32 Spencer
EVANS Felix saddler h 29 Scott
EVANS Felix app saddler bds 29 Scott
EVANS Georgesailmakerh 4 Field
EVANS George C. cooper bds 30 Barter's Hill
EVANS Henry sailmaker h 214 Water, w
EVANS Herbert app painterbds 66 Carter's Hill
EVANS Isaac seaman bds 412 Water
EVANS Jabez laborer h 66 Carter's Hill
EVANS James laborer h 32 Spencer
EVANS J. H.boot and shoe maker, 170 LeMarchant Rd, w h 170 LeMarchant Rd
EVANS John Brewer h 244 Water, w
EVANS John laborer h 37 Cookstown Road
EVANS John laborer h 14 Sebastian
EVANS John J. printer h 34 Prescott
EVANS John R.fisherman h Barter's Hill
EVANS Jos messenger h 61 George
EVANS Luke fisherman h 43 Mullock
EVANS Michael brewer h 31 Angel Place, off Alexander
EVANS Patrick app sadler bds 29 Scott
EVANS Patrick laborer h 61 George
EVANS Patrick shoemaker bds 214 Water, w
EVANS Robt clerk bds 32 Spencer
EVANS Robt fisherman bds 66 Carter's Hill
EVANS Solomon laborer h 26 Casey
EVANS Theophilus laborer h 34 Tessier Place
EVANS Thos carpenter h 52 Spencer
EVANS Thos laborer h 29 Scott
EVANS Thos jr. laborer bds 29 Scott
EVANS Wm machinist bds 32 Spencer
EVANS Wm, Wm laborer h 66 Carter's Hill
EVANS Wm barber h 170 LeMarchant Rd, w
EVANS Wm shoemaker bds 214 Water
EVANS Wmblacksmith h 61 George
EVANSWm laborer h 19 Hayward's Ave
EVANS Wm J. h 43 Mullock
EVELEY Isaac J. letter carrier h 29 John
EVENING HERALD newspaper,prop J. E. Furneaux 16 Prescott
EVENING TELEGRAMWater, c J. W. Herderpublisher
EVERETT Miss Mary bds 25 Pennywell Road
EVERETT Peter Steward h 61 Cabot
EVOY Elizabeth wid John h 7 Goodview
EVOY Michaelcabinet maker bds 7 Goodview
EWING Alexander P O clerk h 180 LeMarchant Road
EWING Arnold mason bds 5 Duckworth
EWINGJohn printer bds 5 Duckworth
EWING Mrs. Jas prop " Cabot House", 159 Gower
EWING Thos sanitary inspector h 5 Duckworth
EWING Wm joiner bds 5 Duckworth
EWING Wm H. taxidermist, 61 Pleasanth 61 Pleasant
FACEY John janitor C of E Institute349 Duckworth
FACEY Samuel master mariner h 57 Springdale
FAGAN Catherine wid Peter h Springfield Farm, Cockpit Road
FAGAN James laborer h 48 Wickford
FAGAN Michael farmer bds Springfield farm, Cockpit Road
FAGAN Richard tinsmith h 20 Convent Square
FAGAN Thos laborer h 20 Convent Square
FAHEY Caroline wid Edw h 11 Dunford
FAHEY Jas seaman h 11 Dunford
FAHEY John laborer h 26 Stephen
FAHEY John laborer h 11 Dunford
FAHEY Thos blacksmith h 26 Stephen
FALCONER Arthurfootman bds Government House
FALCONER David clerkbds 127 Gower
FANNING Edward blacksmith h 5 Sebastian
FANNING Francis lumber surveyor h 200 New Gower
FANNING Mrs. Honora,Matron, St. George's Hospital Signal Hill
FANNING Jas shoemaker h 25 Barter's Hill
FANNING Wm shoemaker h 25 Barter's Hill
FARDY Anastatia wid Martin h r 211 New Gower
FARDY Andrew h r 211 New Gower
FARDY Andrew laborer h 9 Carter's Hill
FARDY Catherine wid Patk h 46 Codner's Lane
FARDY Jas cooper h 4 ½ Lime
FARRELL Jas accountant h 18 Power
FARRELL Jos tailor h 16 Pilot's Hill
FARRELL Michaelcarpenter h 17 Pleasant
FARRELL Michael laborerh 20 Power
FARRELL P. J.shoemaker h 76 Gower
FARRELL Thomas watchman h 18 Power
FARRER Wm sailor h 355 Water, w
FAWCETT James shoemaker h 123 New Gower
FEEHAN Joseph cooper h 5 Prince's
FEEHAN Michael cooperh 123 George
FEEHAN Mrs. M. J.Wines, Spirits and Cigars, 58 Water ,w h 58 Water, w - See adv per index
FEEHAN Patrick cooper h 7 Prince's
FENLER Wm plumber h 41 Victoria
FENELN Sarah wid Patrick h 68 Portugal Cove Road
FENNELL Mary wid Richard h 109 New Gower
FENNELL R. Provisions & Groceries, 34, 130 & 132 Duckworth h 92 Military Road - See adv per index
FENNELL Wmshipwright h 49 Cabot
FENNESSEYRev C, C Brothers bds St. Bonaventure's Col
FENNESSEY John cooper h 107 George
FENNESSEY Margaret varieties, 16 Water, w h 16 Water, w
FENNESSEY Patrick cooper bds 107 George
FENNESSEY Richard app cooper bds 107 George
FENNESSEY Thomasapp cooper bds 107 George
FENTON Marywid Chas h 56 Cabot
FENWICK Rev Mark Methodist Long's Hill
FERGUS Wm salesman h 5 Queen
FEAVER Samuel blacksmith bds 162 Gower
FEAVERWm accountant bds 162 Gower
FEAVERWm blacksmith h 162 Gower
FEWER Bridget wid Patrick bds 7 Holdsworth
FIELD Charles master marinerh 38 & 40 Prescott
FIELD Edward 2nd Officer s s "Regulus," bds 38 Prescott
FIELD John laborer h 17 ½ Scott
FIELD John laborer h 52 Pleasant
FIELD John mason h 21 Angel Place, off Alexander
FIELD John seaman h 8 Bulley
FIELD Michael laborer bds 2 College Square
FIELD Richard laborer h r 2 Brine
FIELD Samuel shoemaker h 36 Prescott
FIELD Thomas laborer h 47 Pleasant
FIELD Walter carpenterh 21 Hutchings
FIELD Wm farmer Devon Farm, Old Cove Road
FIFIELD Alfred seaman h 124 Merry Meeting Road
FIFIELD Frederick carpenter h 16 Gills Place
FIFIELD John printer bds 124 Merry Meeting Road
FINCH George W. Ironworker h Hamilton ave
FINDLATER Allen accountant h 96 Barnes' Road
FINLEY F. W. Commission MerchantWater, e h 4 Maxse - See adv per index
FINLEY James carpenter h 21 Cuddihy
FINN James laborerh Newtown Road
FINN James tinsmith bds Newtown Rd
FITZPATRICK Joseph jr.laborer bds 14 Simms'
FITZPATRICK Mary Ann wid Joseph h 14 Simms'
FITZPATRICK Michael engineer h 16 Colonial
FITZPATRICK Michael laborer h Colonial
FITZPATRICK Richard cabman bds 338 Water, w
FITZPATRICK Thomas coachman bds Pennywell Road
FITZPATRICK Wm watchman h 14 Plank Road
FITZPATRICK Wm jr. laborer bds 14 Plank Road
FINN John cooper h 48 Water, w
FINN Lawrence laborer h 7 Lime
FINN Miss Mary bds 120 Military Road
FINN Mary wid John h Ropewalk Range
FINN Wm Wharfinger h 23 Water, w
FINNERTY Michael laborer h 75 Hamilton
FINNICAN James laborer bds 35 Cook
FINNICAN Johanna wid John h 35 Cook
FINNICAN John laborer bds 35 Cook
FINNICAN Patrick laborer h 35 Cook
FIRE STATIONS: East End, Duckworth, n railway station; West End, junction New Gower & Hamilton; Central, Fort Townsend; S Side, Long Bridge, See Alarm Notice per index
FIRTH Margaret wid William h 43 Hayward Ave
FIRTH Robt J. clerk bds 43 Hayward Ave
FIRTH Wm R. clerk bds 43 Hayward Ave
FISHER Matilda wid Carl private boarding house, 177 Gower
FITZGERALD Andrew cooper h Prince
FITZGERALD Andrew fisherman h 32 Convent Square
FITZGERALD Miss Annie wines and spirits, 374 Water h 374 Water
FITZGERALD Bridget wid Michael h 30 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Catherine wid John h 17 Allan Square
FITZGERALD Catherine wid Patrick h 7 Sebastian
FITZGERALD Cecillia clerk bds 374 Water
FITZGERALD Denis 150 Gower, cor Victoria
FITZGERALD Denis laborer h 54 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Edward shoemaker h 126 Bond
FITZGERALD Edwardbutcher, 150 Gower, cor Victoria h 150 Gower, cor Victoria
FITZGERALD Ellen wid Edward h 33 Casey
FITZGERALD Ellen wid John h 30 Sudbury
FITZGERALD Fredk trader bds 92 George
FITZGERALD James fisherman h 36 Convent Square
FITZGERALD James laborer bds 58 Barnes Road
FITZGERALD James wharfinger h 32 Brazil's Square
FITZGERALD John butcherbds 150 Gower
FITZGERALD John cooper h 16 Duggan
FITZGERALD John fireman bds 54 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD John fisherman 11 Brennan's Lane
FITZGERALD John shoemaker h 259 Water, w
FITZGERALD Joseph fisherman h 36 Convent Square
FITZGERALD Joseph trader bds 92 George
FITZGERALD Mary, wid Johngroceries, 20 Carter's Hill h 20 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Mary Ann wid Patk h 54 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Maurice laborer h 58 Barnes' Road
FITZGERALD Michael bds 20 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Michael butcher h 30 Cochrane
FITZGERALD Michael clerk bds 374 Water
FITZGERALD Michael cooper h 30 Carter's Hill
FITZGERALD Michael farmer h Cockpit Road
FITZGERALD Micahel laborer bds 18 Finn's Lane
FITZGERALD Micahel laborer h 17 Allan Square
FITZGERALD Nicholas laborer h 58 Barnes Road
FITZGERALD Patk laborer h 348 Duckworth
FITZGERALD Patk shoemaker h 138 Water, w
FITZGERALD Patk watchman h 32 Brazil's Square

The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1898 directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

404 Entries (Completed)

McALPINE'S Directories

Transcribed by Don Tate, Palm Bay, Florida

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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